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TO KILL A. MOCKINGBIRD. Dramaturgy & Glossary created by Brooke Viegut. Repertory .. It's likely that the young Harper Lee heard her parents and other. Authors: Harper Lee ts: PDF Format Ids: Douban n Books, By turns funny, wise, and heartbreaking, To Kill a Mockingbird is one classic that . For almost four decades, Harper Lee has declined to comment on her popular— and only—novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, preferring instead to let the novel speak.

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“To Kill a Mockingbird” By Nelle Harper Lee 2. Part One. Chapter 1. When he was nearly thirteen, my brother Jem got his arm badly broken at the elbow. When it. Through the young eyes of Scout and Jem Finch, Harper Lee explores with rich humor and [PDF] To Kill a Mockingbird PDF by Harper Lee - Pirated Ebooks. Lee, Harper—To Kill a Mockingbird TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee DEDICATION for Mr. Lee and Alice in consider.

He may have lost the unfair fight, but he won something bigger: M LH '2! I 2"o that! L'a" yo3 'o1 h r a 1i"3t! Got to go "o. I a"ta 2 p it that ay.

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Harper a pdf to lee kill mockingbird

M LDo"Ht yo3 a b i. Tr3 "o3gh! LTha"2 yo3 1aHa1. M LDo yo3 thi"2 th yHr tr3! LA ' ar! LFi "ot. M L8o3 a H. LCa"Ht g t it o00 th po! LF ar goi"g to gi. That ' arIM LA right th ". I0 a"yo" 'a1 a o"g! M LFhat r yo3 tryi"g to gi. Fhat Mr.

M Fhat Mr. LF r "Ht 1a2i"N 03" o0 hi1! Do"Ht ight that thi"g! LR '2o" b tt r at'h 0or Mr. A"g May. LI 2"o hat! LNot a br ath b o i"g! LFh r to! M LOh. LAhCI o" N 1 0ro1 hi1! M LDi! IH1 go""a a2 hi1 3p! Litt Thr. H "t th ba'2 ay! I o"Ht t yo3. LNo yo3 ai"Ht! LIH1 goi"N a0t r H 1! L8o3 'a"Ht. I a"ta 2 p it that ay.

L8a rit! Th "ight. M F "t ho1. Lb3t ". Th gir. LFh " I "t ba'2! M L8o3H. I0 it ai"Ht go" th "! H ta2 it! LDo"Ht ta2 it! M LIH t hi1 0or yo3. L8o3 2"o! M LNo! I r '2o" "ot. Th 0o o i"g 2 th 2"ot. Mayb I 'a" 0i4 it. Fh " "t ho1! M LAr. LH 'ar. LDo"Ht yo3 'ry! I 1 a" 'ar. LitH ". LF appr 'iat th C"o! FhyIM LMr. LDo yo3 it'h! M LFhat tr! Loo2 at th a.

LA0t r hi. LMor"i"g G 1! LCo1 o" i"!

To Kill a Mockingbird - PDF Free Download

N 4t 1or"i"g I a o2! M LI 2"o hat! LI thi"2! I 'a"Ht t hat yo3Hr goi"g to b Ca" "gi" r! G 1IM LNo! LAr go""a ha. M LIH 1a2 N 1 bigg r. M LAi"Ht a 'hara't rt3r!

Lb3t 0ro1 "o o" IH ". I ai"Ht. LH o"Ht b b a'2 o"g! R3" "o. H3rry "o. LThat boo2. Th y r "o o"g r 'arryi"g 03r"it3r.

M Th 1 " o0 May'o1b! LIt ai"Ht ti1 to orry y t. Th " Mr. I thi"2. L8o3Hr right. H 1ight ha. Natha" p3t ' 1 "t i" that tr! I r '2o"! T yo3 th tr3th! IH 1a2 hi1 a La" 'a2. IH ha.


LT yo3! M LCo1 h r! LDo"Ht pay a"y att "tio" to h r! M LI r '2o" th y 0it a right. Lo"g ago! M o"'! Fh " arri. B3t th o" y ti1 I. L8o3H ha. I at at ho1. LNigg r. M LI 2"o a abo3t hi1! L-3t o" yo3r 'oat! L8o3 go""a ta2 it ba'2! LAi"Ht a"ythi"g th 1att r ith hi1. LDo"Ht yo3 0oo ith 1! LIH ". LI ai"Ht both ri"N yo3! M LIH. M LHo" y! Lyo3 ai"Ht 0air. CM L8o3 go""a gi. M LFhy! LGo a ayRM. N8o3Hr It. M LI 2"o. Th o" y thi"g H. L8o3Hr a g " ratio" o LTh r "o!

B3t I ". M LI 1 a" yo3"g gro ". M LNo1! IH1 thro3gh ta 2i"N to Mr. LTh y o"Ht 'o1 o3t a"y ay! LNo Ca! IH1 go""a t N 1. LDo"Ht yo3. IH1 go""a t Ca. LGi11 Mr.

To Kill a Mockingbird PDF Summary

Ca IM LH o3ghta b h r by "o! LLoo2 at hi1! H '2 Tat got o3t. H 'a"Ht. LGo o". H 1ight 0o o th '3r.

LNot r3""i"N! LTa2 hi1! I" a 0og! V bo 'o 't hi1! LCo1 h r! Fith 1o.

Harper a pdf lee kill to mockingbird

L8o3 r a itt to th right! LF "o! LMayb I 'a" t yo3! L8o3 ha. R3""i"g a0t r it! LFhatI I ' rtai" y a1. LDo"Ht ya 'o1 o. L- ayi"g hoo2y! LLoo2 o3t "o! LCo1 ba'2 h r! At th ti1! I 'a1 ba'2. I 2"o that! Lb3t b 0or I 'a" i. L"igg r. A 1i"3t at r! Lyo3 a go ho1. I a"t yo3 to 2"o that. O" th ay ho1! LI o"Ht b o"g. I thi"2! M LOh! M o" a0t r"oo"! LDo"Ht yo3 13tt r at 1! It 1ay ha. Th Go. Fith hi1! Lyo3 2"o H b ha.

LDo"Ht yo3 0r t too 13'h o. M Ca p3r"ia. F 0orgot h r! M LBaby! L8 ah! LFhat yo3 3p to! A 0 gra. LFhat yo3 a"t! Agai" I tho3ght h r. LNo yo3 a 53it that. M Fith that! LDo"Ht yo3 0r t! Do"Ht pay "o Nt "tio" to L3 a! L8o3 2 p it! Lyo3Hr 1y 'o1pa"y. O" by o"! To o3r a1aP 1 "t! LI" that 0ar. M Li" 0or i"! M LB3t Ca!

LH 'a" 4p ai" it b tt r tha" I 'a". LNa Ca! LTo t yo3 th tr3th! I thi"2 Mr. Th yH. LNo h r. M LFhy "ot! Ca p3r"ia! M LI ' rtai" y a1! M LA"y ti1 yo3 a"t to! It aggra. L8o3 ". LI 1 a" o3r por'h!

M LCa! LIH ta2 it! L-robab y h 0orgot. C rtai" y yo3 ha. LFhat abo3t. LDo"Ht yo3 orry abo3t a"ythi"g! LI 2"o it! My 0ath r ". LApo ogiP to yo3r a3"t! LNo th "! R t3r"i"g! M L8o3 1ay "ot. I0 a"ythi"g! LTh yH. LG 'ra i"g ho. M LNight! H tra. A aba1a! L8o3 o3ghta t h r 2"o yo3Hr h r. Di at! I "t to th 2it'h ".

L8o3 o3ghta t yo3r 1oth r 2"o h r yo3 ar! L'a" yo3 'o1 h r a 1i"3t! LI ai"Ht! I 'a"Ht h p th 1 a"y. L8o3Hr "ot a boy. Th y ai"Ht 1 a". Th y b3y 1. La3ght r bro2 th 1 3p. M I" May'o1b! LDo yo3 r a y thi"2 yo3 a"t to 1o. It b ga" o". A0t r that! H '2 Tat. LTh y r a0t r yo3! LNot 13'h poi"t i" that! M LH '2! LDo yo3 r a y thi"2 that! LFhat ha. H '2IM LCha"g o0. Lat r o"! LIH1 goi"g o3t 0or a hi! Th 0a2 p a' that pr. Fay ba'2 abo3t "i" t ". IH1 goi"H a"y ay! I" th i"t r.

LItH ". LTh " IH1 goi"N ith yo3. I" May'o1b! LDi H a"ta 'o1! C air 1ight ha. Do"Ht a2 hi1 3p. LDo"Ht go to hi1! Lh 1ight "ot i2 it. Attor" y. L8o3 2"o hat a"t! Gia"t 1o"2 y. LH i" th r! M I b ga" agai". LGo ho1! LDo"Ht yo3 r 1 1b r 1!

La r a "i' boy. C3""i"gha1 or "o hat! LI ai"Ht goi"g! Th y o"Ht both r yo3 a"y 1or. LCa" I 'arry it 0or yo3! Th May'o1b Trib3" o00i'. M L8o3 2"o! LLi2 that i" 0ro"t o0 Ca p3r"ia. LDo"Ht ta 2 i2 that i" 0ro"t o0 th 1. M LH 1ight ha. L8o3 i "ot to3'h hi1! LThat pro. LItH b a o.

LI tho3ght Mr. LIH t yo3 h " yo3 ai"Ht. LI a1 "ot. M LTh y ha0ta try hi1 i" p3b i'! LTo th Git" y G3"g. Th ir i. LI a1 "ot! M LIH1 53it a ar o0 that! Th y r go""a ha. To r a'h th 'o3rtroo1! B3t Mr. LFhoa "o! D3ri"g a 'o"tro.

M LLoo2a th r! Att "ti. Th 'o". Nor1a y! Happi y! Bit by bit. Fhit y! Th D3ry! Tat I Tha"2 yo3. M LTha"2 yo3! G a"'i"g b o! A"y ay! LH r 0t. M LFait a 1i"3t! M LNo. Rob rt 6. Gi 1 rIM LTha"2 yo3!

Harper a mockingbird to pdf kill lee

Do it! LC ar y "o! Do yo3 ha. LObD 'tio"! LNot 53it! M H "t to th 'o3rt r port r! L8o3Hr 0t. M LA right! Li2 Mr. H '2 Tat! I 2"o! LCa"Ht t y t! May a ga. No yo3Hr a big gir! LO" th por'h. H hit 1 agi" a"N agi"CM Mr. I gotta "i'2 0or yo3.

L64' pt h " "othi"N! L8o3 1a2i"N 03" oH1 agi"! LDo yo3 r 1 1b r hi1 b ati"g yo3 abo3t th 0a' IM. La "i" t ". LH got it 'a3ght i" a 'otto" gi"! M LA right. LHo Nbo3t it!

NI r '2o" IH ha0ta gi. M LF r yo3 pi'2i"g 'otto" i" No. ICM To1 1o. HNo 1aHa1! L8o3 r both 'o". M LTo1! Lat a"y ti1! May'o1b ga.

Go o"! I, a helpless white teenager, was raped by a black man for no reason whatsoever, other than him being an animal and me being alone. And yes — he hit me repeatedly with his good-for-nothing left hand. I pitied the poor girl. I was always merely trying to help her. She was the one who attempted to seduce me. I am black, and she is white. We are, by definition, worse. His words would have never counted. The jury convicts him. Jem is shaken to the core of his bones.

But before that, as Atticus leaves the courtroom, the crowd on the colored balcony begins to stand up. He may have lost the unfair fight, but he won something bigger: Because amidst the silent display of admiration and respect, Reverend Sykes turns to Scout and says to her: You see, Atticus still has some hope: Like this summary? So enduring, in fact, that its movie version, played by Gregory Peck, was voted the greatest movie hero of the 20 th century by the American Film Institute in , forty years after the movie was made.

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