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and 78 reviews. shriman yogi by ranjit desai 7. shreeman yogi pdf ranjit desai book that you order?. kindle shriman yogi book by ranjit. shreeman yogi pdf in marathi - wordpress - yogi?this is a marathi मरठ book पसतक शरमन यग shrimana yogi shrimana yogi. shreeman yogi. shreeman yogi pdf in marathi - wordpress - shreeman yogi pdf in marathi shriman shriman yogi ranjit author: book pdf subject: free.

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Shrimanyogi is a biographical work on the life and the achievements of the great Maratha Vijay Rayasam You get it in any local book stores or local libraries. Shriman Yogi Free Pdf ->>->>->> shriman yogi shriman yogi pdf shriman yogi marathi book pdf download shriman yogi writer shriman yogi in . Shriman Yogi - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Shriman Yogi Ranjeet Desai.

After 27 long and painful years all he could achieve was to see half a million Mughals killed, crores of rupees blown and the once mighty Mughal Empire crumbling. Expansion of rule and strength with every new conquest, sustaining force and grit in defeat, this new history started with Shivaji. Ssmes Deens. Jewleeietve ceer peele veener. Keeve legUpeehetjuee Deeuee.

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Shriman Yogi (श्रीमान योगी)

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Book shriman pdf yogi

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Shriman Yogi

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JeeIeerCe ceejueerle. Deecner Demelees. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Shrimanyogi is a biographical work on the life and the achievements of the great Maratha king, Chatrapathi Shivaji. Shivaji has been a legendary figure in the Indian history. Shivaji was one of the major influences on the revival of nationalism and Hindu culture during a period when centuries of rule by Muslim invaders had induced a condition of apathy and indifference in t Shrimanyogi is a biographical work on the life and the achievements of the great Maratha king, Chatrapathi Shivaji.

Shivaji was one of the major influences on the revival of nationalism and Hindu culture during a period when centuries of rule by Muslim invaders had induced a condition of apathy and indifference in the people. The author has done his best to build this book just on facts. And the facts alone are interesting enough to highlight the achievements of this legendary king. Shivaji was a man who built a dynasty starting from nothing.

His motivations were always immense pride in his culture and love for his motherland. However, he was not a bigot and treated all his subjects equally well, irrespective of their religion and other divisions.

His battles were mostly with Muslim rulers, but he never showed any animosity towards the Muslim inhabitants of his kingdom. The author has presented Shivaji as he really was, with no embellishments. Shivaji was a dynamic leader, a warrior, and a nobleman. He was religious without being fanatic, he was a believer, but not superstitious, he was courageous but not foolish.

He was a visionary who dreamt of building a Hindu kingdom in a region that was surrounded by Muslim dynasties. Yet, he was extremely practical. Shivaji was a courageous warrior and a great tactician. At the same time, he was also a very good administrator and the kingdom he was building up became stronger under his rule.

He suffered many defeats too, but he never gave up his vision, and ultimately, he did succeed in making his dream a reality. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. More Details Original Title. Shivaji Bhosle. Other Editions 8. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Shriman Yogi , please sign up. How to read this book?

Amit Available on Kindle. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [i am not getting this book anywhere and online it is out of stock can anyone help where would i get this book??????

Shriman Yogi by रणजित देसाई

Vijay Rayasam You get it in any local book stores or local libraries. Otherwise try purchasing online from bookganga. See all 13 questions about Shriman Yogi…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Wonderful book to read about Shivaji and his personality.

The book shows the depths to which the author has gone to find details about the life of the Great Shivaji Maharaj. A fabulous read about life of Shivaji Maharaj, depicted with every minute detail of his personal life, warfare, his bonding with subordinates. The way the book is written by Ranjit Desai is awesome, while reading book whole histor Wonderful book to read about Shivaji and his personality.

The way the book is written by Ranjit Desai is awesome, while reading book whole history play in front of your eyes and you just feel you are with Shivaji Maharaj in his Life Journey. He has the nack of capturing the right essence of the scene just through powerful dialogues and words, and the whole appears live in front of the reader. Each and every scene is explained in details, this shows how much research writer has done while writing this book.

Book pdf yogi shriman

He even met people who showed weapons that were use during that time. The author has done a commendable job of bringing to the readers viewpoint that even Shivaji Maharaj was a human being of flesh and blood. Desai took 4 years researching the book. This book starts out a bit slow, but draws you in as the story progresses.

This books take a look at the life of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It doesn't potray him as a God but a human being who overcame tremendous odds to set an example for generations to come. He established an independent kingdom of his own stretching from Salher and Ahiwant in the West Khandesh to Tanjore on the Kaveri, with unchallenged supremacy, erecting for its defence hundreds of forts and several sea bases with extensive market places.

He welded the scattered elements of his people into united body and with their help accomplished his main object. As I was reading I was so taken by the exploits of the man and soon an image developed in my mind. Here was a king; a multifaceted, multitalented and a complete man. He was not only an ideal ruler and a great leader in war, but also good administrator. While he was deeply religious, he was secular and allowed other religions to flourish.

Highly recommended for anybody with an interest in history. Jai Bhavani! Jai Shivaji! View all 14 comments. Scripted by Ranjit Desai, the celebrated Marathi author, Shreeman Yogi along with Swami is considered as the best among his works. Review — Being a Maharashtrian it is extremely difficult for me to critically review any work on the life of Shivaji. Shivaji is revered by us as the greatest among the Indian kings.

So rather than writing ab http: How Small Shivaji Was? Shivaji created a kingdom. History remembers him as the creator of the Maratha dynasty. There are at least known dynasties in India. All had founders. Shivaji is one of them. So how is he different? Almost all the realms were created by exploiting the political turmoil of their time. A strong satrap of a weak king forms his own kingdom, a powerful general or minister dethrones an inept king and starts his own monarchy. This has always been the route of all the founders right from Chandragupta Maurya.

They get ready made royal army, administration and other functionaries. But is there someone like Shivaji who had to build his kingdom from the scratch? It was the period of its biggest expansion for Bijapur. This was the period of the greatest glory of the great Mughal Empire. Shivaji never had powers to defeat his enemies in a straight one to one battle. Whatever he created in 20 painstaking years, he lost in 4 months in In spite of that, after 30 years of toil he created a dynasty.

Give me a king in Indian history to compare with Shivaji on these grounds. Hindu kingdoms had certain peculiarities. They won battles. But that did not mean the enemy was vanquished. In fact it normally meant the powers of the Hindu king got diminished. So annihilation in defeat and loss of strength in triumph was the norm. Remember the battle of Talikota that destroyed the Vijaynagar Empire or the battle of Devagiri that spelt the death knell for the Yadav Empire. Expansion of rule and strength with every new conquest, sustaining force and grit in defeat, this new history started with Shivaji.

Normally Hindu kings were unaware about the moves of enemies. So the enemy will attack and march in their kingdom, destroy the crops and even if defeated will retreat to its own land safely. This history changes from Shivaji. He was always vigilant and carried surprise attacks in enemy territories.

Third thing that changed with Shivaji was trust shown in adversaries. Hindu kings made pacts and their enemies back stabbed them. Shivaji ensnared his rivals, ambushed them and stunned the world. Once I find a couple of kings like this, I can easily compare them with Shivaji and tell you how small he was.

Shivaji was a believer in religion but not a fanatic. He was tough but not cruel. He was audacious but not reckless. He was idealist but not a day dreamer. He was visionary but pragmatic enough to translate his vision into reality.

He lived with grandeur but was not profligate. He was tolerant of other faiths. You can easily compare him with Ashok, Harsh and Akbar for his tolerance. But unlike others Shivaji indulged neither in beauty nor in arts. He did not have money to build great monuments.

He never had time for them nor was it his inclination. Shivaji did not have the panache to build Taj Mahal by spending 20 crores with the power of hunter when millions were dying in famine. He was not devout and pious enough to build temples and inns for the pilgrims while British were slowly swallowing India.

I totally agree with him. Shivaji definitely went to hell. And all of them are in heaven. Akbar is praised for his tolerance towards Hindus. Remember, Hindus were majority in his kingdom. They were paying taxes, were his army, dying for his kingdom. Hindus did not have the history of violence and attack on other faiths, they neither raped nor massacred. A stable system cannot be built without appeasing majority. They were not source of his revenue.

They did not form his army. His enemies were Muslim dynasties constantly on the lookout to annex his kingdom. Aurangzeb was imposing Jizya and yet Shivaji treated Muslims with respect. Not out of fear but due to his benevolence. No doubt Shivaji was a great general, but he was an equally able administrator. He fought many battles but never levied any extra taxes on his subjects.

He built new forts and settlements, offered provisions to farmers, created panchang and vyavaharkosh, reconverted Hindus who were forcefully converted. The irony is neither his friends nor his followers ever understood him. This is true even today. The only person who truly understood Shivaji was Aurangzeb. Shivaji created a navy. During his times Portuguese were the main foreign power.