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that you can report exactly which vaccines your child If your child has a vaccine -preventable disease, when your child is no longer at risk of coming down. This Is the Way One Father Told His Pediatrician “No” to Vaccines My wife and I would like to say it was an absolute pleasure to meet you. We thank . Available online at:”. Saying NO to Vaccines. By Natural News Editors, Natural News. Basic Facts to Know About Vaccinations (Story by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, republished from.

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decline in the number of U.S. cases of the diseases listed below, some of these • Item #P (6/16). In signing this form. The most comprehensive guide explaining how and why vaccines are detrimental to your and your childs health. At a time when the vaccine controversey is. 18 Reasons to “Just Say No!” True story: A school in Massachusetts had a recent flu clinic for students and the community in its gymnasium. A vaccine syringe.

It may even spread from recently vaccinated children to the infants it was intended to passively protect we have received reports of this from parents. Since then I have discovered that many other parents have seen the same sudden regression in their children after receiving vaccinations. Brooklyn, New York, the epicentre of the outbreak, was a mere three miles from Rockefeller Institute, where the polio experiments took place. From to several, but not all mercury-containing vaccines were phased out in the U. The public has been fighting forced inoculation for over a century.

The teachers want to know, why is this happening so much now? Special Ed. After vaccination, a person carries and can potentially spread the disease for weeks to follow. This means that recently vaccinated individuals may be as great a threat to cancer patients, pregnant women, and infants as people with a symptomatic contagious disease!

Polio While killed polio vaccines may increase the risk of paralysis in its recipients, people who receive the live vaccine can spread the disease to others. According the World Health Organization: The region with the highest attack rate had the highest vaccine coverage. The region with the lowest attack rate had the lowest vaccine coverage. They concluded: Animals that received an acellular pertussis vaccine had the bacteria in their airways for up to six weeks and were able to spread the infection to unvaccinated animals.

In contrast, animals that received whole-cell vaccine cleared the bacteria within three weeks. This research suggests that although individuals immunized with an acellular pertussis vaccine may be protected from disease, they may still become infected with the bacteria without always getting sick and are able to spread infection to others, including young infants who are susceptible to pertussis disease.

Vaccines exemptions are legal in all states. Gary Krasner cfic nyct. Unavoidably Unsafe Vaccines are recognized by the U. And are we doing the right thing in assisting the CDC in forcing all children to be vaccinated?

Even if one has concluded that vaccines are important for his own children, is it his responsibility to ostracize families who choose not to vaccinate? There is no scientific basis for the consistent blame unvaccinated children receive for disease outbreaks.

This is pure propaganda intended to recruit parents, healthcare providers, and school administrations in an effort to enforce vaccine compliance. The U. In fact, it is our belief that there is no greater threat to public health than vaccines.

Herd Immunity In order to attain herd immunity, scientists postulated that a certain percentage of the population needs to be immune. This was the basis for mandating vaccines: If vaccines were optional, public health officials feared that too few people would accept them, thereby making disease eradication difficult. Though vaccines have reduced the incidence of measles, mumps, and rubella, outbreaks continue to occur. It is unclear whether even high vaccination rates will ever totally eradicate these diseases.

Finding Someone to Blame With or without a basis, the media has blamed foreigners and unvaccinated for disease outbreaks. Some believe that it is irresponsible and even unethical to reject vaccines, and that those who do so are endangering public health. Should parents who are concerned that vaccines may cause harm be deprived of the option to reject them?

This means that the patient must receive full disclosure about the potential risks and benefits of the treatment and has free choice to accept or reject it. Our right to refuse medical treatment is denied in the name of public health precisely the logic used by the Nazis. According the Merck Manual and U. All this is evident from the vaccine package inserts, and the U. To date, U. Furthermore, unlike exposure to the real disease, vaccination does not usually render permanent immunity.

Unbeknownst to them, many fully vaccinated adults are no longer immune to childhood diseases, leaving them in a very similar state to unvaccinated children. Booster shots may seem like the obvious answer to waning immunity; however antibodies from repeated boosters often wear off quickly. Despite spending more on healthcare per capita and giving more vaccines than any other country in the world, 5 according to the CIA, as of the U.

While not vaccinating may passively expose individuals to disease risks, every child who is vaccinated is being actively exposed to the very real risks of vaccines. Every parent should be fully aware of the risks and benefits of vaccines and then be given the right to accept or reject them.

Forced Vaccination For some parents, the reason they stopped vaccinating is because they have had children injured or killed by vaccines. Most other parents and doctors who have rejected vaccines, only. Vaccination for … Depopulation? In order to make an informed vaccine choice, parents must be presented with more information about vaccines than they currently receive. Since forced vaccination could not possibly be for the benefit of the individual, and is theoretically intended to protect society, the question remains: Has mass vaccination improved public health?

High U. Mortality Rates How many young couples of child-bearing age know that women in America today have more than twice the risk of dying during pregnancy, childbirth, or after giving birth than they did three decades ago? Women having babies are dying of heart failure, high blood pressure and stroke, infection of the blood, diabetes, and blood clots in greater numbers because the maternal death rate in America has been climbing since A baby born in America is twice as likely to die within the first 24 hours as babies born in the European Union.

The Steep Decline U. The unprecedented, unexplained, chronic disease and disability epidemic, 12 marked by chronic inflammation in the body, has gotten worse in the past three decades—with 1 child in 6 now learning disabled, 13 1 in 9 suffering with asthma, 14 1 in 45 developing autism, 15 1 in becoming diabetic, 16 and millions more suffering with severe food allergies, 17 inflammatory bowel disease, 18 mental health.

The health of American adults has also deteriorated during the past three decades compared to other wealthy nations where health is improving 23 and our life expectancy is worse than many other countries as well. Largest consumer of pharmaceuticals What is not on the list of potential causes for this failing public health report card is lack of access to drugs and vaccines. With a population of million people out of 7 billion people on the earth, the U. Every state in the U. It is no wonder that more Americans are asking questions about why our children need so many vaccines and why adults need to get a flu shot every year—even during pregnancy—when our population is already the most vaccinated in the world but far less healthy than other countries that do not mandate or recommend so many vaccines.

In late , the Food and Drug Administration FDA moved toward lowering licensing standards in order to fast track new experimental vaccines targeting pregnant women, who are already being given four vaccines influenza, tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria during every pregnancy even though those vaccines were not tested in or specifically licensed for use in pregnant women. Ask for the Science If you are expecting or already have children, be aware that the American Academy of Pediatrics is urging pediatricians to vaccinate parents when they bring their children in for sick or well-baby visits, especially pregnant women.

Go to NVIC. It was a slow start, and at fi rst few doctors and patients complied with this controversial new procedure. Th is is far from the truth. Incredibly, there is no reliable safety data to back up these new vaccine recommendations.

In the past, pregnant women were almost never offered vaccines, for the obvious reason that they are Category B and C drugs. This means that adequate and well-controlled studies have not been conducted on pregnant women, and it is not known whether these vaccines can cause fetal harm.

However, giving untested vaccines to pregnant women is in essence experimenting on them. To enforce category B and C drugs on healthy or unhealthy pregnant women is tantamount to medical malpractice. Aggressive Marketing Recently, the medical establishment has initiated an intense marketing campaign, focusing mainly on the dangers of the flu and pertussis for pregnant women and infants. They have successfully convinced the majority of doctors of the necessity of these vaccines.

While flu deaths are rare, they contend that it is not worth the risk, when the vaccine offers protection. Taking a shot to protect against even a slight risk of death would make sense, if the TDaP and influenza vaccines had in fact been proven safe and effective.

The Pertussis Vaccine Safety: The pertussis DTaP vaccine has a long history of causing death and disability in infants and children. Even in highly vaccinated populations, whooping cough frequently circulates by the thousands. Ironically, the disease can even be spread by those recently vaccinated.

With new vaccines on the horizon that will target pregnant women, it is critically important that more bad vaccine policy does not precede good vaccine science. The Influenza Vaccine Safety: Is the flu vaccine more harmful than the flu? What if the vaccine caused many miscarriages, and many more deaths than the flu itself? Miscarriages Caused by the Flu Shot In addition to the as-yet unmeasured potential for fetal harm; fetal deaths have been reported, with miscarriages associated with the flu vaccine occurring even in the second and third trimesters.

Mercury in the Flu Shot While the mercury derivative thimerosal has been phased out of some vaccines, it is an ingredient in the injectable flu vaccine. Mercury is the second most toxic element on earth after plutonium. It is particularly neurotoxic i. Many children with autism have been found to have very high levels of toxic metals in their bodies. There is a clear connection between poisoning with toxic metals and autism. While the above should make it obvious that taking a vaccine during pregnancy involves a significant risk, some may claim that the benefits of the vaccine make it worthwhile.

Unfortunately, most are. With the many hundreds of possible strains of influenza virus, the chance of the vaccine actually matching the circulating flu strain is very low: The idea of preventing influenza or whooping cough in pregnant women may sound appealing.

However, this must be weighed against the questionable effectiveness of these vaccines and their as yet unmeasured potential to cause fetal harm, death, or disability as well as maternal illness. Mysteriously, medical authorities have made no effort to conduct any. They are relying on small, poorly designed studies, data from the manufacturers themselves, and even studies comparing vaccinated groups to other vaccinated groups!

This Is the Way One Father Told His Pediatrician “No” to Vaccines

Unless women begin to advocate for themselves and ask questions when offered risky procedures during pregnancy, millions of unborn infants will become the involuntary guinea pigs for very unsafe medical procedures, with no potential benefit. Ask your doctor why medical authorities are recommending Category B and C drugs during pregnancy, and protect your unborn infant from dangerous and worthless medical procedures.

I encouraged my daughter to accept the offered vaccines. Very soon after that, in her 7th month, she had a still-birth. Now we are hearing that preemies and third-trimester miscarriages have become really common among her friends.

Adequate and well-controlled studies have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy and there is no evidence of risk in later trimesters. Category B: Animal reproduction studies have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women.

Category C: She told him that she was not comfortable getting the shot, but he was very adamant, even accusing her of being selfish.

Within hours, Cathy got severe cramps. She went back to the hospital where her doctor worked, to be told that she was miscarrying. She lost her son. The remaining twin was born severely autistic.

My doctor was so horrified by what happened, he said he would not give any more flu shots to pregnant women. She received her round of vaccinations including the MMR. Right afterward she developed a high fever and we witnessed a change in behavior. In the following weeks, I brought her to the doctor quite a few times; the reactions were severe and I was very worried.

The doctor told me that this kind of reaction could occur as the result of the vaccine, but that it was only temporary, nothing to worry about. Three months later, the doctor wanted to administer another round of vaccines. I was very concerned, due to the strong reaction my daughter exhibited the previous time, but the doctor told me I was being foolish and that it is very dangerous not to receive the vaccines.

I gave in and let him vaccinate her again. This time, her speech and intellectual development stopped and regressed, to the point that she was diagnosed with autism a few weeks later. Many attempt to find a logical explanation utism is a mental disorder for the growing incidence of this disorder. Also, if Not only do most the number of autism cases was unchangautistic children have the normal appearing, then there should be 1 in 50 autistic ance of healthy children, they also usually year-olds.

In fact, the condition is lack a clear genetic abnormality that can very rare in older age groups. Another strange factor is that autism If the increase in prevalence was truly a often appears as a sudden regression after 15 case of missed diagnoses, then new cases a history of normal development. The regression clearly started after the vaccines, but the doctor nonetheless denied the connection.

Since then, I have refused to continue to vaccinate my daughter. Mysteriously, before , autism was virtually nonexistent in China. But by June , over 1. What caused this sudden outbreak of autism in China?

Medical science admits that autism is a new and epidemic problem. Because the rates are growing so quickly, it is strongly suspected that some outside influence must be contributing.

This would explain why the autism rates can vary highly from one country to another. What is causing the brain to swell and malfunction? Neurotoxins Elevated levels of a number of toxic metals have been found to have a strong correlation with autism. The metals of greatest influence were lead, antimony, mercury, tin, and aluminum. Studies show that autistic children tend to have high levels of toxic metals in their bodies, and that higher levels of heavy metals are found in children with more severe cases of autism.

It was recently found that in the first hair clippings of autistic children, mercury levels were much lower than normal. He went completely inside himself, and stopped making eye contact. I felt like I had lost my baby; it was terrifying.

My doctor is a caring man who goes above and beyond the call of duty. His response was a real eye opener for me. Thimerosal Thimerosal is a chemical derived from mercury. In the s and 40s, it was added to the pertussis vaccine and then the DPT, as an anti-bacterial preservative. Starting in , infants received a mercury-filled hepatitis B vaccine just hours after birth.

Only babies whose mothers are infected are at risk of contracting the disease. In the beginning of the 21st century, everyone heard about the infamous thimerosal. Most of us assumed that thimerosal has been removed from vaccines. Here is what actually happened: They therefore urged the CDC against banning this extremely toxic substance.

From to several, but not all mercury-containing vaccines were phased out in the U. Authorities claimed that this did not reduce new cases of autism. However, they simultaneously added multiple doses of the mercury-containing flu shot to the vaccine schedule, for babies 6 months and up. The CDC even recommended the flu vaccine for pregnant women in their first trimester! In addition, 6 doses of vaccines for pneumococcus and Hep A were added, which contain large amounts of aluminum.

Aluminum is also a known neurotoxin. John Clements, WHO vaccines advisor So even if your doctor tells you that they have removed thimerosal from vaccines, he may not realize that various vaccines still contain this dangerous metal including Hep A and B, meningococcal, and flu.

Some of these vaccines are recommended not only for infants, but for expectant mothers. The pathway from the bloodstream to the brain is direct, making it very likely that toxins as well as vaccinestrain diseases, are finding their way into the brain. Injecting disease into the body in this unnatural manner is a risky procedure that can cause many strange and unanticipated long-term consequences.

Most of us have heard that studies have already proven that vaccines do not cause autism. What is this based on? The following should shed some light on the situation. He found a strong association between exposure to mercury or aluminum from vaccines and brain-development disorders. Vaccines appeared to directly cause developmental delays, speech delays, and attention deficit disorder.

He also reported that studies proved that since , the burgeoning vaccine schedule had caused autism rates to skyrocket. They decided to hand over the VSD database public property, funded by tax dollars to a private organization, so that it would be inaccessible to the public.

Retroactive Studies Proving Vaccine Safety In response to this meeting, the CDC instructed a number of organizations to produce new studies that disproved the link between mercury-containing vaccines and neurological damage. It should be relevant to us that this same study came to the opposite conclusion twice. The CDC never published his original findings.

He analyzed the vaccination records of over , children, using a study protocol approved by the CDC. His findings were published in the Journal of the Neurological Sciences. Incredibly, since that time, the numbers have skyrocketed even fur-. Although they claim that mercury has been removed from vaccines, package inserts indicate that mercury, as well as other neurotoxic metals are still present in vaccines.

Each time more vaccines are added to the schedule whether they contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, or any other myriad of toxic substances , autism rates rise again. Autism Rates in Unvaccinated Children Dr. Mayer Eisenstein was the director of a medical center in Chicago that has seen over 35, children since , the majority of whom are unvaccinated. He and his colleagues reported that among their unvaccinated patients, they have not seen a single case of autism.

Endnote Pharmaceutical and alternative treatments have both been successful in removing heavy metals from autistic patients. Heavy metal detoxification has improved symptoms in many autistic children as well as those with other behavioral conditions, such as ADHD.

Most children will benefit from a gluten- and casein found in dairy free diet. It is worthwhile to seek the guidance of a medical practitioner who has experience treating and curing autistic children. There is no way, no matter how we modify or delay the vaccine schedule, to make them risk free.

The following advice may reduce the chances of a child becoming permanently damaged or killed by vaccines. One at a Time: If a child were exposed to three diseases on one day, the burden on their immune system would be overwhelming.

This rarely occurs in nature and the consequences could be dire. The current vaccine schedule has never been tested for safety. Much evidence shows that multiple vaccines given at once greatly increase the chance of an adverse reaction. This is an unconscionable practice.

The risks are greater even if the diseases come in one injection, such as MMR or DTaP, which continue to be highly reactive combinations.

We are so cautious about which medications we take during pregnancy. Vaccines are Class B and C drugs, which means they are unsafe as compared to A for pregnant women and their fetuses.

There is no solid scientific evidence that proves vaccines to be safe for pregnant women. Protect your unborn child from this very risky practice. Delay Infant Vaccinations: The potentially devastating consequences of vaccinating a child before their immune system is mature are limitless.

However, there is no age when vaccines become risk-free. Adverse reactions occur in all age groups; from children to elderly. Mayer Eisenstein practiced pediatrics from the s until his death in Over the years, he and his colleagues saw over 35, children. The majority of his patients chose not to vaccinate, while a minority delayed vaccination at least 6 months. They realized that in their unvaccinated patients, there was no autism.

There was also very low or no incidence of asthma, allergies, and diabetes compared to the national epidemic of these conditions. This is despite the fact that there are thousands of voluntarily unvaccinated families who would be happy to assist with such a study. Could their real motivation be that a comparative study would reveal the true proportion of vaccine-induced chronic disease that society currently suffers from? Give Nutritional Supplements: Vitamin supplements are most protective when administered starting 1—2 weeks before vaccination and continued 1—2 weeks after the shot.

Vitamin A in the form of cod liver oil and C, as well as zinc, are all immune enhancing and can reduce the risk of vaccine damage.

Surveying this huge population of unvaccinated people and then comparing their health to that of vaccinated children seems like an obvious way to find out how vaccines are really affecting public health.

What could be unethical about that? In the s and 70s, a strange phenomenon occurred in Australia, where as many as 1 in 2 aborigine infants were succumbing to infant death. Archie Kalokerinos realized that the deaths corresponded with a recently initiated mass vaccination program. He determined that these babies were severely malnourished, and could not handle the immunological onslaught of the vaccines.

He saved many more babies from similar fate by administering small quantities of vitamin C prior to the injections.

The good news is that studies of this nature have been conducted. The largest one is an independent German study conducted by Dr. Andreas Bachmair. The study compared unvaccinated children to existing health data on vaccinated children labeled KIGGS in the chart below. Survey results show vaccinated children have at least 2 to 5 times more diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children.

Never Vaccinate a Sick Child: When a child is sick or has recently been ill, their immune system is in a weakened state, and may not be able to handle vaccines.

Regardless of reassurance health care providers may give you, vaccinating sick children is dangerous. Wait until seasonal allergies pass as well. If the child or a family member has a history of autism, autoimmune disorders, seizure disorders, severe allergies, or a reaction to a previous vaccine great caution is warranted, and vaccines are likely to be contraindicated. A study on risk factors associated with asthma was conducted in Australia.

They divided the babies into 4 groups: The doctors had assumed that babies who were vaccinated but nursed exclusively would be found. Do Your Own Research: They were amazed to discover that unvaccinated children, even if bottle fed, had less asthma than babies who nursed but received vaccines.

Check out all the references and search further. Once you have all the information, you will be able to make an educated decision. William Thompson. William Thompson, senior scientist at the CDC, coauthored a study denying the relationship between vaccines and autism. In , Thompson filed for whistleblower protection, admitting that the CDC had committed fraud.

But not before Thompsom copied and saved all of it. The CDC has known this since , but never published these findings. In , Dr. Thompson forwarded all the data to Congressman Bill Posey, who has requested a congressional hearing. When investigative health journalist, Del Bigtree, discovered this astounding information, he was sure that it would make headline news. Strangely, no news outlet touched it. We recommend consulting a rabbi who is willing to look at the facts before drawing conclusions.

Up until now, a lot of medical beliefs about vaccines have been accepted as factual. However, consensus among the majority of doctors that vaccines are safe and risk free is not necessarily based on verifiable evidence. In order to render a practical halachic decision about vaccines, the right questions must be asked and much background information is needed. Are we permitted to vaccinate? Even if a disease carries risks, are we permitted to inject healthy people with vaccines that may cause them harm?

The risks of vaccines are magnified when a person is ill. Therefore, doctors who exercise caution will only administer vaccines to healthy people. The exact odds of a vaccine killing or permanently injuring its recipient remain unclear.

However, according to the U. Is it permissible to use vaccines to prevent these diseases in currently healthy people? Is it possible to make this decision without accurate knowledge of the true risk-benefit ratio of vaccines? Can we rely solely on the testimony of doctors to ascertain an accurate picture of vaccine risks? Doctors today are required to strictly adhere to currently accepted medical protocol, which asserts that vaccines are necessary. Medical policymakers consider it acceptable for the individual to be sacrificed for the benefit of society.

Are we obligated to vaccinate? What are the halachic parameters of hishtadlus? Are we permitted to coerce parents to vaccinate their children? If the parents are advised or forced by others to vaccinate their children, who is responsible if the child is injured or killed by the vaccine? Is an individual obligated to sacrifice his own health in order to protect others? Therefore, receiving vaccines can potentially increase the risks to the ill relative.

Does the fact that the majority of society accepts vaccination have any halachic bearing? Since children are defenseless or ignorant and do not make their own medical decisions, can we assume that Hashem will protect them from being injured or killed by vaccines? Pharmaceutical companies lobbied to legalize abortion so that they could use the fetuses for research. Is it acceptable to benefit from a situation where mothers are encouraged to have abortions to enable scientists to use the fetuses in the creation of vaccines?

Assuming that it is possible to benefit from vaccines. Is there a Torah basis for considering unvaccinated children a threat to others? We never learn what goes into making vaccines or how their safety is studied. So, when patients want a little more information about shots, all we can really say as doctors is that the diseases are bad and the shots are good. Robert Sears, Pediatrician. I heard that doctors actually lose money giving vaccines to their patients.

If they are not profiting from vaccines, how can we doubt the sincerity of their motives? The belief that doctors lose money on vaccines is based on a survey that took into account vaccine administration fees, but did not calculate doctor visit fees. It is not a crime to earn a living, and there is nothing wrong with doctors making a profit for seeing patients.

What is not acceptable is that the public has been deceived into believing that doctors are vaccinating for free, even sustaining a loss, giving the false impression that doctors have somehow transcended the normal rules of commerce, and are injecting your children due to magnanimity alone.

The question parents should be asking is: If rabbinic authorities have already concluded that vaccines are permissible or required, based on testimony from doctors, and that testimony is later proven incorrect, do those decisions still stand?

Truth vs. They have very diverse, often very personal reasons for not. Therefore, the consensus of major poskim halachic decisors supports the vaccination of children to protect them from disease, to eradicate illness from the larger community through so-called herd immunity, and thus to protect others who may be vulnerable. While the health of children is an important consideration, everyone should consult with his or her religious, medical, and legal advisors in determining what actions to take Andrew Wakefield.

In reality, there are thousands of researchers who have separately discovered that vaccines carry great risks. The public has been fighting forced inoculation for over a century. During which time, many thousands of lives were lost as a result of vaccination.

Wakefield has become a scapegoat whose incrimination is only effective in diverting those who are unfamiliar with the vast evidence against vaccines. X does not allow unvaccinated children into his practice!

Then and there, I decided to stop vaccinating my children. Wastage in this context means lives. Justification is that without a minimal amount of death, there would be far greater casualties. New Jersey. After receiving the DTaP vaccine Miriam gave a jerk, and seemed to go into shock for a moment.

On the way home from the doctor, Miriam was inconsolable. She cried and cried for the rest of the day.

That night, Miriam would not fall asleep, and screamed nonstop through the night, and the next few days. Friday night, three days after the vaccine, she seemed to calm down, and in the morning, a relieved Chaya waited for Miriam to wake up. After some time Chaya decided to check up on her baby.

She picked up Miriam, who did not look like herself at all, and let out a horrifying scream. In , over 26, American babies died before their first birthday.

This amounts to 6 deaths in 1, infants. No one questioned how a sleep position that has been routine for thousands of years suddenly became deadly. However, researchers found that there was a simultaneous You may be surprised to discover that SIDS is a new classification for infant death, first presented in It was quickly becoming the leading cause of infant mortality in the U. The Vaccine Link The increase in infant death rates occurred shortly after the U.

A recent study reveals that developed nations like the U. The infant mortality rate in the U. They were dying after suffering plenty of vaccine reaction symptoms within days of their DPT shot, symptoms like high fever; sudden collapse; hours of persistent crying or high-pitched screaming with arching of the back, which can be a sign of brain inflammation; severe diarrhea; redness, swelling and pain at the injection site; and signs of seizures that too many pediatricians were blowing off as unimportant.

Other babies who received several DPT shots were described by their mothers as suffering a progressive mental and physical deterioration that got worse after each shot before the baby was found dead in the crib.

I quickly revived her and called hatzolah. At her next well-visit, I expressed my concerns to my doctor, and he laughed it off saying it was coincidental. I believed him, and let him give my daughter another round of vaccines. Shortly after that, my daughter turned blue again during her nap. I should have trusted my own intuition and refused to vaccinate her after her first near-death experience.

Boro Park. We decided that it would be prudent to check on the baby every hour throughout that night. We were horrified to find her blue and lifeless in her basinet, but thankfully we were able to revive her and she is still with us today. That was the last time we took any of our children to be vaccinated. Then, immediately after her DPT shot, she fell over with convulsions, high fever, and listlessness, and then never snapped out of it.

Now years later she still cannot smile, focus, gaze, or lift her head, when she could one minute before the vaccine. I recently read an interview with the pediatrician who administered this vaccine to my child. Viera Scheibner, Ph. They found that breathing suppression and cessation were occurring predictably at 2, 4 and 6 months of age, and discovered that the common causative factor was the DPT shot, given at those times.

They observed that vaccination was the single greatest cause of stress in small babies and the single greatest factor preceding infant death in a large number of cases. I recognized what mumps looked like from my childhood. Shortly after that, he became completely and permanently deaf in one ear, and has just partial hearing in the other.

Not one doctor would admit that it was the MMR vaccine that caused it. They said it was a coincidence. My daughter stopped vaccinating after that.

He watched a cute outgoing 3-year- old boy, change overnight into a silent boy who stopped interacting with the other children.

Vaccines saying no pdf to

One very charming, cheerful boy got his vaccines and the next day, he became a shell of his former self. Why are we allowing vaccines to alter the minds of our precious children?

Did he have a fever? Has this ever happened to him before? I have no idea what it is from. In the subsequent days, his vision got worse and worse, and he started losing his speech and hearing. He is 33 years old now, completely blind, deaf, and mute, and can only communicate through his hands. I have also seen so many infants who are drowning in mucus and can barely breathe. They are wrongly diagnosed with reflux. I trust my doctor with everything, even life-threatening conditions. Why should vaccines be any different?

The information doctors receive regarding vaccines is limited. According to neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M. Doctors are provided with little information regarding adverse reactions. So much so, that many doctors deny that reactions occurring within hours or days of a shot were due to the vaccine.

Unless your doctor chooses to independently investigate the subject, he is unlikely to be aware of the potential dangers of vaccines.

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Who was afraid of chicken pox? We are encouraged to take the DTaP vaccine despite the fact that diphtheria declined before vaccination, tetanus is a rare and non-contagious disease, and pertussis whooping cough continues to be rampant despite mass vaccination! My doctor told me that whooping cough is going around and that it is really dangerous for my infant.

Additionally, doctors do not inform parents of vaccine risks. On the contrary: Any vaccine that is part of the pediatric schedule will be presented to parents without informed consent: A doctor who chooses to diverge from medical protocol and warn parents of vaccine risks may lose his medical license, or worse. I am worried about vaccine safety, but I am also afraid of the diseases they are meant to prevent—how do I choose? We have been presented with a terrifying picture about the dangers of infectious diseases.

We are also sorely uninformed about vaccine safety and efficacy. When fear and misinformation dominate, our ability to make a rational choice is severely hampered. Questions Vaccine decisions cannot be based solely on fear of disease; they must be balanced with a clear understanding of the nature of the diseases, and the true effects that vaccination has on public and individual health.

Vaccines have been around for so many years. Medical journals continuously report adverse reactions to various vaccines. In addition, every year, the U. However, the public is not informed of this; in fact, there has been major effort to prevent this information from reaching the public out of fear that vaccine programs will be rejected.

The informa-. There is no doubt that pertussis is a frightening disease, especially for infants. It is understandable that parents and doctors want to protect children from the dangers of whooping cough. However, we must have accurate information to determine whether vaccination is the best way to protect infants. First, babies are not considered immune to pertussis within their first year of life, despite receiving 4 DTaP vaccines.

Repeated boosters are given for this vaccine because it is very difficult to render immunity. Therefore, some assert that the way to protect infants from pertussis is by making sure that everyone the baby comes into contact with is immune. However, this is not always possible since the pertussis vaccine is not very effective. Thousands of fully vaccinated children and adults continue to contract this disease. The vaccine also has the potential to cause the disease in its recipients.

It may even spread from recently vaccinated children to the infants it was intended to passively protect we have received reports of this from parents. Worst of all are the grave risks that the DTaP vaccine imparts on infants. While whooping cough may cause upwards of 20 infant deaths a year, the DTaP vaccine is responsible for at least 7, infant deaths every year in the U.

See SIDS article for more on this subject. Sadly, these numbers indicate that the dangers of the vaccine by far outweigh the dangers of the disease. Bear in mind that even those infants who survive vaccination are not yet considered protected from pertussis.

Who should I believe? The purpose of this handbook is to encourage parents to use their own judgment and knowledge to make educated health decisions. Now that so much information is at your fingertips, you no longer have to rely on the personal opinion of your doctor, no matter what a terrific person he is.

We encourage you to review the references at the back of this handbook. You can also listen to some of the lectures on the PEACH hotline, or read literature promoting vaccines, balanced by books that criticize vaccines to gain further clarity.

The vaccines for polio, diphtheria, and smallpox all increased disease susceptibility and caused more cases than they prevented. It is possible that mass rejection of the MMR vaccine would result in a resurgence of those diseases, but the same thing would not occur with diseases like polio etc. You the parent? How many children oneself is by attempting to control are permanently damaged or killed nature.

Contagious diseases are common. Deaths and injuries from these diseases are not. Ironically, G-d …continued is usually blamed for the consequences of human error: My ity if a child is hurt or killed by a vackids received all their shots on cine. This is deWhile many children get spite the fact that parents are given through vaccination apparentno choice about whether or not to ly unscathed, the procedure remains vaccinate.

Vaccines contain Many parents of vaccine-damaged varying degrees of biological matechildren have lamented that they rials, microorganisms, and chemical were not forewarned of the potenagents. Though not every child will tial consequences. Nor were they be hurt, there is no way to predict informed of the lack of medical and how each vaccine may interact with financial support that injured and disits recipient. There are thouWith awareness of possible vaccine sands of parents in this devastating reactions, it becomes apparent that position today.

See the book, Vaccine most of us do in fact know people Epidemic by Louise Kuo Habakus, and who are suffering permanent vaccine Mary Holland. Vaccines have contributed to or caused many cases of: My kids eat junk food and learning disabilities, and many other take lots of medicine. I just found out that my doctor will not allow unvaccinated children into his practice. He has been our family doctor for nearly 20 years and is considered one of the best doctors around.

What should I do? Regardless of his skill level, a doctor who does not acknowledge the parent as the final medical decision maker, and who is unwilling to give medical assistance to children who have not received vaccines is of questionable integrity. Vaccines have dramatically reduced the incidence of certain diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox. As far as other diseases, vaccines have received undeserved credit for their eradication.

While a healthy diet may protect against disease, vaccines will not keep people on a poor diet healthy. In fact, children with poor nutrition are at the greatest risk of being hurt by vaccines. As Dr. Nutritional deficiency may also be the reason why black baby boys in the U. Poor nutrition puts children at risk; with or without vaccines. I vaccinated all of my children, one is vaccine injured.

Not only do outbreaks occur in fully vaccinated populations, but vaccinated people often spread vaccine-strain diseases to others. Vaccines are immunosuppressant and put children at risk for brain disorders and chronic disease, they do not simultaneously protect the unvaccinated.

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Even if the myth were true, and children who risked receiving vaccines protected others, the thought of using children as a human shield to protect society is deplorable! I always found this practice dumbfounding. As parents, it is not your —Dr. The Akeres Habayis hotline is an excellent source of information and also provides a venue to network. Saying No To Vaccines: Humphries, M. Times and access numbers are posted on the hotline.

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Permissions Icon Permissions. Abstract Vaccine refusal has been a recurring story in the media for well over a decade. Table 1. Adapted from [2, 10, 23]; see Supplemental Information for a list of comprehensive rebuttals. View Large. Table 2. Discredited after an investigation into the study demonstrated undisclosed conflicts of interest and unethical conduct; subsequently, Wakefield lost his medical license.

He currently lives in United States and remains active promoting antivaccine ideas, including the documentary VAXXED see Supplemental Information for books, movies, and web sites from antivaccine thought influencers. Co-founder of the International Medical Council on Vaccination http: Featured in Oprah.

Both organizations suggest that vaccines are a major factor driving the development of autism. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Reported in to have been appointed to lead a vaccine safety commission for President Trump. Fisher began speaking out against vaccines after her son suffered what she believes is a vaccine injury. Via the NVIC, Fisher is active in tracking and responding to local and state vaccine-related legislation. View large Download slide.

Search ADS. Vaccine refusal, mandatory immunization, and the risks of vaccine-preventable diseases.

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Association between vaccine refusal and vaccine-preventable diseases in the united states: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Anti-vaccine activists, Web 2. Factors associated with refusal of childhood vaccines among parents of school-aged children: The influence of vaccine-critical websites on perceiving vaccination risks. I immunise: Going with the grain of cognition: Addressing heterogeneous parental concerns about vaccination with a multiple-source model: Communicating with parents about vaccination: Diagnosing the determinants of vaccine hesitancy in specific subgroups: Vaccine attitudes, concerns, and information sources reported by parents of young children: A systematic review of interventions for reducing parental vaccine refusal and vaccine hesitancy.

The Most Important Playground Conversation: How to Persuade a Friend to Vaccinate. Vast majority of Americans say benefits of childhood vaccines outweigh risks: Pew Research Center. Story and science: Exempting schoolchildren from immunizations: For commercial re-use, please contact journals. Issue Section:. Download all figures.

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Preliminary screening results outside the birth cohort: A forgotten population for hepatitis C? Looking for your next opportunity? Research Associate Position Department of Epidemiology.