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SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS 11) Certification Materials GTS SAP Global Trade Services Overview -SAP ERP Central Component EHP SAP GTS is built to support various business trade processes and can generate var- and involves the export of kg of product NL PDF form, Free Download Sap Gts Book only if registered at Our Library. Get Sap Gts SAP PDF Books Free Training Material Download STechies.

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Goals. Understand the benefit and the structure of SAP Global Trade Services; Use Compliance Management, Customs Management and Risk Management for . Our Key SAP Training Products & Services. Documents Similar To SAP GTS Material. SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) - Customs Management_Business Process Procedure. Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd GTS SAP Global Trade Services Overview SAP GTS Integration Settings with SAP

You can find the LOI form here: Public Relations Press Releases. If you prefer having another activity for all the printed messages, assign those printed messages to that separate activity. If you select to do it manually, click the button New entries, then chose the Legal Units to assign the plant from the feeder system. A list of major topics covered in this step-by-step SAP material is below;. Customs Code Lists If you chose to have a single activity for the US export process, add the printed messages into this activity as well.

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SAP GTS Cloud: Globale Trade as a Service

Jobs Jobs at CBS. Public Relations Press Releases. Contact us: Call us: Legally compliant processes in foreign trade Global export monitoring and efficient customs management are complex areas of activity that often present significant challenges.

Customs expertise from Materna and cbs The simplest way to handle all these concerns is to outsource them to an experienced partner. What we offer: Configure the Legal Regulation Legal regulations are the central control elements for services performed in the GTS system.

100 sap pdf gts

Here you define which laws are checked for export and import processes. In addition, you assign different deadline types to each legal regulation and the country groups a legal regulation is valid for. If country groups are used during the license determination, you need to define the country groups first.

Customs Processing 3 The country from which the legal regulation was issued is: Define and Assign the Determination Procedure You have to enter a determination procedure to enable the system to determine the legal regulations for a service.

100 sap pdf gts

To do so, you assign the determination table to the determination procedure. The system can then uses the departure country export and the destination country import to determine the legal regulations.

You can also define for each determination procedure whether the system stops determination as soon as it finds the first active legal regulation or whether it goes through all the available active legal regulations for the service. If your logistics processes involve several countries and legal regulations in a service, this lets you perform the checks and determination for several legal regulations. Activate the Legal Regulation Here you activate the legal regulations for each departure country or country group export and destination country or country group import.

This enables you to specifically define the validity area of a legal regulation. Activate the Legal Regulation for Export Here you activate the legal regulations for each departure country or country group export and destination country or country group import for each service that will be active in the GTS system.

Double click on each message and make sure they are maintained according to the screenshots below respectively. Perform the same action to other printing documents. This can be checked with the menu path: Customs Processing Service Control You specify the possible status, status sequence and time zone for the authorizations.

You also assign process template to a legal regulation. The process template is where electronic messages are attached for entering and sending a Customs Export Declarations. If your export declaration is accepted, the customs authorities send you a confirmation with a registration number confirmation number. Define Activities You can logically group messages into activities for the chosen process.

SAP GTS Certification Materials GTS100 pdf download

Assign Messages to Activities You assign messages to activities. If you chose to have a single activity for the US export process, add the printed messages into this activity as well. If you prefer having another activity for all the printed messages, assign those printed messages to that separate activity. In another words, the printed messages will not be executed until the process of electronic messages is completed.

The delivered customizing only allows you to process the printed messages until the first activity is finished.

If you would like to print regardless of the electronic communication, you can configure a single activity with both electronic and printed messages. The example shown here indicates that printed messages are the fallback procedure. This is specified in default rules of output determination: At a very minimum level, you should select the outbound AES message M ; plus all the printed messages you expect to be processed: You need the customs codes for communications with customs authorities, and in particular for the exchange of electronic messages.

The customs codes are officially valid values which enable customs authorities to precisely identify goods, means of transport and other general attributes for import and export processes. As a first step, a customs code list procedure is created so that custom codes can be assigned to it.

Since the values of import and export are mixed together in the customs code list Declaration Type above, the values of export must be assigned to the export process CUSEX with the following menu path: When upgraded from previous releases to this new release, four new partner functions need to be included in the partner function group PGCEUS.

This partner function is required when filing an export with an employed forwarding agent new functionality for this new release. Fwd Carrier or Freight Forwarder in this new release.

100 pdf gts sap

As a summary, this release supports the following AES filing scenarios: Check if all the partner functions are included as shown in the screenshot below, specifically those highlighted new partner functions. Only one partner profile is needed for the EDI converter. Print Control for Documents The following steps are used to customize the print control that enables you to create and print the Shippers Export Document.

Other customs-relevant foreign trade documents can be customized in the same manner. If you have specified this information, the printer name displays next to the printed message in the customs declaration under the Communication tab.

100 pdf gts sap

Defaulting Data Based on the business rules, the GTS system allows you to default data when generating customs declarations in customs management. Defaulting data significantly speeds up the process of creating customs declaration documents. Sample Messages Messages generated with a customs declaration: The response from the AES system is I Please take a few moments to complete our feedback form.

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Any information you submit will be kept confidential. Training and Event Management: Once you redeem the reactivation code, you will.. Our Expert Trainer will share you all the necessary course material, ppts, videos and pdf.. Please share any PPT or any good material.

SAP Global Trade Services Certification Materials pdf download

Thanks in advance. Acutesoft is a SAP online training institute,. How and where do I get SAP books free? For free.