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CD-ROMs should be in PDF, or MS Word compatible format. The Responses to the. Requirements should be submitted according to the format outlined in An RFP (request for proposal) is a call for additional or extra resources in an organizational setting. An RFP needs to contain sufficient details in it as it is an. Amendment of RFP. 9. C. Preparation and Submission of Bids. Format and Signing of Bid. Sealing and Marking of Bids. Bid Due Date .

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Request for Proposal (RFP) – EWG 01 A – Gaps Assessment on APEC The Proposal (in PDF format) is to be submitted in the same email message to the. This request for proposal (RFP) template provides recommended headings and language to assist in the issuance of an RFP for electric vehicle charging. RFP SAMPLE TEMPLATE. 2. Participation at the Bidders Meeting is not mandatory, however, it is limited to two (2) people per firm. The purpose of this meeting.

Person[s] authorized to negotiate on behalf of this firm for purposes of this RFP are: Checklist Pretermination. Usage Monitoring Monitor and report on system usage by end users. Be sure to tie the evaluation criteria back to the requirements specifications. Page 7.

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Our Business-in-a-Box software gives you instant access to our entire collection of 1, business and legal document templates. Whether you need to write a business plan, legal contracts, proposals, business letters, board resolutions, policies, spreadsheets or any other business document, simply fill in the blanks and get the job done in minutes! The purpose of this RFP is to identify those suppliers that have the interest.

Insert Organization Name Here shall not accept proposals received by fax. Postal Code Here Example: Indicate how written responses will be addressed. All addenda will be posted to our Web site only.

Insert Organization Name Here will make a good-faith effort to provide a written response to each question or request for clarification that requires addenda within Insert Number of Days Here business days. Training 5. Financial stability of vendor. Insert Criteria Here 5. Technical merit o Integration ability o Report development o Metadata management o Query capability and performance o Analytical capability 2. An example is provided under the technical merit category.

Evaluation Criteria: For each category. Ability of vendor to communicate its vision and capacity for establishing a relationship that addresses current and future needs and trends in the industry.

Insert Criteria Here 2. Insert Criteria Here Example: Be sure to tie the evaluation criteria back to the requirements specifications. Insert Criteria Here 3.

Expressed interest in working with [Insert Organization Name Here]. Capability of vendor to meet or exceed requirements set forth in Scope of Work. Insert Criteria Here 4. Pre-defined Reports A set number of pre-packaged reports are available to the user from the BI system.

Pdf rfp template

Formatting is retained when data is viewed in Excel. Those vendors not selected for the negotiation phase will not be notified. Charts must be drillable. Include a further description for each requirement typically. Report Formats Multiple display options for generated reports e.

Web Report etc. User-defined Reports The user can create their own reports based on their defined set of criteria from within the BI system. Some sample standard requirements are listed and briefly explained below. Written notification will be sent to these vendors via mail.

Checklist Sample Format for Responding to RFP Template – Word & PDF | By Business-in-a-Box

Query Multiple Data Sources The ability to query and present multiple types of data sources Relational. Graphical Capabilities Tool supports a rich variety of graphical displays 2D.

Exception Reporting The ability to generate reports as a result of critical business events e. Easy to modify report layout. Report Prompting The ability to create reports that prompt end users for content and constraints.

Web Services etc. Other prompt features allow prompts to be saved. Document Layout and Cosmetic Control Report formats allow for multiple objects to be viewed in a single document and have columnar. Prompt types include: Complex Queries Page Report linking The ability to link reports to one another e.

Multi-pass SQL Reports can be broken down into to components which can be separately queried but in parallel to improve performance. The ability to enable calculated conditions in queries. High Volume Queries The ability to query and report on more than 64K rows of data.

Metadata Management Tool enables the creation. Page Data Quality Tools The vendor has data quality tools profiling. Intersection… to define queries. Readable and Modifiable SQL Queries are written in easy to understand SQL commands which can be readily modified by ad hoc users to facilitate greater query control. Master Data Management Tools The vendor has master data management tools and methodologies to support the preparation of a system of record for business intelligence applications and reporting.

Ad-hoc Query Generator The user can easily create their own queries based on their own defined set of criteria. Statistical Modeling Tools The system can generate a statistical expression or equation developed to describe the behavior of the dependent variable based on a known independent variable. Data Integration The suite has data integration tools available that enable batch integration e.

Cluster Analysis Page SAP etc. Regression Analysis The system includes a regression analysis tool — it is used to estimate or predict the relative influence of more than one variable on something.

Data Warehouse Write Back The ability to have record changes and write them back to the data warehouse. Batch Updates The system allows users to request records. Interactive Updates The ability to change information in real time. Native Application Integration The toolset integrates seamlessly and natively with other enterprise applications e.

Cluster analysis uses one of several algorithms to group people that are maximally similar to one another and maximally different from other groups. BI Search The ability to search databases to find reports and unstructured data.

9 RFP Templates for Free Download

Dedicated BI Portal Provides users with a dedicated and personalized access to organizational data through a single portal interface. Event-Based Scheduled Reporting The ability to send out reports at key reports to multiple locations after critical business events e.

Enables remote access. The system includes a technique for segmenting respondents without using a predictor dependent variable. Time-Based Scheduled Reporting The ability to send out reports to multiple locations at defined times intervals.

Integration with 3rd Party Portals Page Report Bursting The ability to send out single reports to multiple locations at the same time. Budgeting and Financial Functions Tool enables a standard planning and budgeting operations and calculates standard financial functions e. It identified segments using a variety of data. Column Level Security Controls enable administrators to restrict access to data at the column level in databases.

Usage Monitoring Monitor and report on system usage by end users. Tool can publish reports and data to 3rd Party tools like SharePoint. Document Locking and Check Out Enables documents to be looked and checked out ensuring version control and tracking when reports are modified. Row Level Security Controls enable administrators to restrict access to data at the table level in databases.

Pdf rfp template

User Profile Controls Restrict user access to functionality based on user profiles. Mobile Device Support Tool enables access to data via handheld mobile devices e. Directory Services The tool enables directory services e. Table Level Security Controls enable administrators to restrict access to data at the table level in databases.

Scalability How many concurrent users can be supported on this system? Can the system be scaled across servers? Minimum Hardware Requirements Describe the minimum and recommended hardware requirements for both client and server. An outline of the product line-up they currently support. A brief outline of the vendor company and services offered. Common Metadata Layer Platform contains a single abstraction layer that hides the complexity of the underlying data from end-users via a single metadata and business logic layer for the entire suite.

Development Tools Regression testing tools. An outline of their current and future strategies in the marketplace. Costs should be identified as either capital or non-capital in nature.

Information on current software clients. An outline of their partnerships and relationships to date. If a model is not offered. Contact information for 20 references if possible from projects similar in size.

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A description of their geographic reach and market penetration. If there are fees associated with your user or technical documentation. Other specify Total: Software Licensing: Describe any labor. List and describe any other costs associated with your proposed software solution. Legacy Data Loading: Third-Party Software Middleware: Project Management: If there are project management fees associated with your proposed software.

Describe and cost out any other ongoing costs associated with the operation and maintenance of your proposed software. The undersigned is a duly authorized officer.