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Oxford English for Information Technology 2nd - (PDFy mirror). The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser. Oxford English for ♢ f Information Technology 0 i Eric H. Glendinning John McEwan Second Edition Contents Page Unit /Title Language Work Reading Listening. OXFORD. Information. Technology. Eric soundofheaven.infonning | John . STARTER. Work in groups. Share information on how you use computers.

If you are engaging in an iIIegaI your photograph will be taken. This process takesaboutthreeminutes. The recent introduction of digital TV " mean better picture and now sound quality. More than one answer is sometimes possible. This is calledpacketswitching. I was on their help desk. If a fire happens,it is important that the structurecan withstand high temperatureswithout buckling.

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What two features of E-skin would be important in bathing ababy? Englneersat the Universityof Tokyohave developedan artificialskin for robots which is sensitive to pressureand temperaturethanks to a large numberof sensors. T h i s means it can be used to cover moving parts liReJoints, This E-skinopens the way for much more sensitiverobots.

For example, walkingrobots could use feedbackfrom their feet to adjust to different surfaces. Robots in future may be able to grasp differenttools and use t h e m a s h u m a n s d o. They wouldalso be less likelyto damage themselves. Beforerobotscan act like humans,they need to have brainslike humans. Swiftsuit d Fastskin,Swiftsuit,Straplessgoggles andsecurity Crime-fighting 1 A 1 Advancedtaser gun z Police 1 3 1 It reducesbody temperature and therefore the risk ofheat injury.

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B 2 Becausesharks are famously fast swimmers of the fish world. The vibration is wasted energy. These deliver an electric shock which causes temporary paralysis.

A server matches these movements to places and reports automatically to the police if the offender enters forbidden areas. Item Quantity S-metremetal or bamboo poles 3 x 20 mm toothed wheels 3 2 joining: It can direct passengersto the car which will get them to their destination fastest,and will prevent any car which is overloadedfrom moving.

Medicaltechnology 1 a Administeringmedicalhelpfrom adistance b Looking after people from a distance c Operating on people from a distance 2 the Internet,satellite phones,video links, digital cameras people living, working, or travelling remote from medicalhelp places,and be sensitive to touch and temperature. Which cities are they in? It shows some of the components of a skyscraper.

Match a-f below with in the diagram. I - Theverticalsteelcolumnsthatformthebase of the building's main frame are frxed to the foundations. Reading How skyscraperrare built Put these stagesin the construction of a skyscraperin the correct order. Then work in small groups and compare answers.

Skyscraperconstruction Skyscrapersstartwith a very largehole in the ground which will containthe foundations,severalfloors,and possiblyevena metro or subwaystation. Thetype of foundationsdependonthe natureofthe ground. Another methodis to drive steelpiles,as much as twenty metresin length,into the ground.

A thick raft of concreteis laid on top ofthe piles. Verticalsteelcolumnsareboltedto the foundations. Eachcolumn restson a platform of steelto spreadthe Ioad. Steelgirdersarefixed horizontallyfrom column to columnby SteelErectorsto form a strong framework.

Metal deckingis laid acrossthe girdersand frlledwith lightweight liquid concretewhich is pumpedup from the ground. When it sets,it forms the floors. Ductsareinstalledbelow the floorsto carry all services: All exposedmetalworkis fireproofed. If a fire happens,it is important that the structurecan withstand high temperatureswithout buckling. Thesameprocessis repeatedasthe buildingrises.

In someconstructionmethods,entirefloorsarebuilt at groundlevel and hoistedinto positionby cranes. The outsideof the building is coveredin cladding. This consistsof prefabricatedpanelsof materialssuch as stainlesssteel,aluminium,and glass. Take turns to explain the signs in I to a trainee.

English technology.pdf information oxford for

More general safety advice is given in handbooks on safety and on safetytraining programmes: Don't wearflammable clothingwheretheremay be openJlames. Safety signs give direct commands to the reader: No smoking.

Do not smokehere. You must not smokehere. Wear a safety helmet Safety helmets must be worn. We use always andneverto strengthen safety advice: Always checkthe guards beforeusing an unfamiliar machine. Don't usean unfamiliar machinewithout checking theguards. Never use defectivetools. Ear protectorsmust be worn in this area. Protectivefootwear must be worn in this area.

Information for technology.pdf english oxford

High-visibility clothing must be worn in this area. No admittance. Read what he says about the regulations the students must observe and note in the table. Add reasons using the text and your own safety knowledge. Have you all signed in?

Construction sites are dangerous places. You must wear a hard hat and yellow vest all the time you're on site. Can you adjust the internal band of your hard hat now, please? Make sure it fits. Look up, look down. Check it doesn't fall off. If anyone is wearing t Work in pairs. Study the picture of a group of civil engineering students who are visiting a construction site. Discuss what regulations they might be breaking and why they could be in danger. There may be nails or spills anywhere.

Please don't carry any loose papers with you. It'squite windy today, and I don't want papers blowing round the site. You can take pictures but no flash photography on any of the floor levels. It can distract. Their eyes are on the load,they're not looking out for pedestrians.

Always keep with the group and make sure you sign out at the end ofthe tour! Constructionsitesare dangerous.

Youmust protectyour head and be visibleat all times. I Q nsten to the wordsfrom this and earlierunits. Write the numberof svllablesin eachword.

Match your texts to the diagrams below. Use the information to explain to your partner how these types of foundations operate. Suitable when bedrock is near the surface. All the words are used inthis book. Goto p. Splayedbase piers Reinforced concrete piles with expanded or splayed ends. These spread the weight of the building over a larger area. Used when bedrock is not near the surface but where there is a layer of firm soil near the surface. I k n o wk e y t e r m su s e di n s k y s c r a p e r construction I c a nd e s c r i b es a f e t ys i g n sa n d g i v e safetyadvice Webquest I know how to stresslong words Complete the table by finding out information about the tallest building in your country,as well as the ten tallest buildings in the world.

AbioCor artificial he art The AbioCor is an artificial heart made of titanium and plastic. It is for patients with very serious heart problems who are waiting for a heart transplant. It contains a hydraulic pump and a valve which lets the hydraulic fluid move from one side of the heart to the other.

When the fluid moves to the right, blood is pumped to the lungs. When the fluid moves to the left,blood is pumped to the rest of the body. The system has two batteries: The internal battery lasts up to forty minutes.

This is long enough for the patient to have a shower or to change the external battery. The externai battery lasts four to five hours. The external battery provides power using a wireless energy transfer system.

A pacemaker is a devicefor people. Thepeople have heartproblems. We can join these sentencesiike this: The part in bold is a relative clause. Itadds important information - defining or telling us exactly who the people are. In the relative clause you replace Thepeople with who. Whois used for a person or people.

Now study these examples: A page turner is a device. The deviceturns the pages oJ booksor magazines. We can join these sentenceslike this: A page-turner is a devicewhich turns the pages of books ormagazines. Therobotis controlledbythe doctorusinga joystick. What arethe advantagesand disadvantages ofthe robotdoctorT Problem-solving 2 Look at the pictures of the Uitracane.

Who do you think will use it? How do you think it works? Then work in small groups,and compare your answers.

Try to agreeon the best order. Add who when the information describespeople. Add whichfor things. I don't think you're quite right. I think so too. The 2. It uses echo-location,like a bat,to detect obiects Blind peopleor people Ultracane is a new type of cane around the blind person.

Some people call it the Batcane. Thecane transmits ultrasound signals. These are 3. Sensorson the cane receivethe reflectedsignals which are reflectedby objects passedto a microprocessor 4 There are four buttons on the handle ofthe cane - the two s are on the top, and the two which are for objectson the left and right are on the back. These buttons vibrate when an object is detected. The larger the object,the larger the vibration.

People 6say that with a little practicethey can use these vibrations to make a mental map of their surroundings as they walk.

Oxford English for Careers: Technology 1 Student's Book

The engineers new uses of echo-locationto helo the blind. M e d i c a l t e c h n o l o g7y7 Vocabulary Study the extract from instructions for using a medical inhaier. Discuss with your partner if these instructions are easv to understand and follow.

For the flrsttwo weeks,reod theselnstructlo ns out loudos voufollowthem, Getting ready I Takeoffthecapandshakethe inhaler 2 Breatheout allthe way. Take as long a breath as you can,slowly. Hold your breath 6 Holdyourbreathandcountslowlyto ten Study the description of how to charge the batteries for an electric wheelchair.

Use it to make a set of clear instructions for a wheelchair user. Give titles to the steps of your instructions. One way of communicating with customers is by instruction manuals or leaflets for your company's products. These need to be written in clear,simple language which cannot be misunderstood. This is particularly important in medical technology,where there is a high degreeof risk to the user or damageto the product if it is used wrongly.


T h i si s indicotedby two red llghtsfloshingot the top of the ioystick. When the chorgeris connected, o c h o r g i n gi n d i c o t o r will show on thecontroloonel. When the green indicotorlights,thisshowsthotthe botteriesore fullychorged. Botteries shouldbe chorgedin o well-ventiloted o r e o u s i n go n l yt h ec h o r g e rs u p p l i e d. Mark any placeswhere the instructionsare not clearenough 7 8 U n i t1 0 lf somebodya few years ago saw the medicaItechnology w e m a k en o w , t h e y 'cda l l u sm i r a c l e w o r k e r s.

S t e a d n r a n lnstituteof Electricaland ElectronicsEngineers Pronunciation keyboard a l l o w st h e o p e r a t o tro k e yi n p a t i e ndt e t a i l sa n do t h e r information prnter p r i n t st h e i m a g e Linkingwords When a word beginswith a vowel sound,the final consonantsound of the word beforelinks to it.

Then read them out loud An ultrasoundmachine is used to t. It consistsof a transducer 6 a domesticappliance probe,computer,LCD,monitor,keyboard,and 2. It also containsa hard disk?. I knowkeytermsin medicaltechnology Icanmakedefinitions withrelative clauses Icanlocateinformation in a diagram andtext Pairwork Work in pairs,A and B. Discussways in which technologycouldprovidea safeenvironmentfor an elderlypersonliving alone and makea list. Eachofyou has a list ofdevicesproducedby a company specializingin telecarefor the elderly.

Make notesin the table and then describeto your partnerwhat you think thesedevicesarefor,and how they work.

StudentA Icanwritea shortdescription My readingandlistening aregood mostofeachtext enoughto understand inthisunit Keywords Goto p. Adjectives artificial hydraulic rechargeable Nouns accuracy coil image joystick scanner sell-bydate ultrasound valve webpage Verbs calculate reflect vibrate NotehereanythingabouthowEnglishis used intechnology thatis newto you.

Find out how your class listen to muslc, apart from live performances. Then complete the table with the percentageof students. Listen and note how Max and Sam listen to music. Max Complete the sentenceswithshould or shouldn't and the words in brackets.

It damages the music industry. Buy a DVD piayer. They're your password to anyone. Give her advice using should or shouldn't andnotes What shouldthe music industrydo? They should go after anyone who downloads illegally. I think you shouldn'tplay violent video games.

Go to Grammat reference p. Exaggerateyour skills. Find out more about working in the video games industry. Make notes about the following information. These sites may help: Bruno Schleef: I took a degreein Computer science,worked for a while, and then did a Master's in Computer games technology. We got into a competition called'Dare to be digital'as a team offive students. Our team won the prize for 'Greatest marketing potential'. That got us noticed and gave us a demo. So that's how I got started.

Another way in is to be a Games Tester. It's the hard way. You play gamesfor eighthours a day, tryingto makethemfail. You can script events inthe game.

I work as part of a development team. A few yearsagoyou only neededa coupleof Programmers and an Artist. Nowwe've got teams of sixty or more. They'renormally trainedIllustratorswho draw 2-Dcharacters. Thereare 3-DArtists who do all the 3-Dmodelling. Thereare also 3-D. A,nimators who makethe charactersmove.

Of course,you haveyour Producer-to oversee,make sure deadlinesarekept,andthe work goesto budget,that kind of thing. Theway it's going is morefllm techniquesare coming into games.

More peoplearegettingbroadbandso online playabilityis important. Massivelymultiplayer online gaming,MMOG. That'salso provingreally popularand is sureto grow. They'rerole-playinggames you play online with otherpeople.

As otherhardware, mobile phones,all that stuff,becomesmore advanced, what you play your gameson will becomeless specific, notjust consoles. It all soundsgoodfun,but there'sa serioussideto games,toc. Using the title, decide which genre each ofthe games belongs to.

Explain the reason for your answers. Newvocabulary Entertainment technology is creating a new use for old words. If so,work in pairs and explain the words to your partner.

Problem-solving Studythe pie chartshowingthe best-sellingcomputer gamegenresin the USA,and answerthe questions. Read her email.

If they have Windows Media Player installed, they should: Usefullanguage Do Try doing I suggestyou do P e r s o n ael n t e r t a i n m e n t8 5 Checklist Assessyourprogressin this unit. I k n o wk e y t e r m si n p e r s o n a l entertai n ment technology I can giveadvicein a numberof ways Pairwork Work in pairs,A and B.

Each of you has details of a video game. Find out from each other information to complete the table. Student B GranTurismo4 This is a driving simulator game.

You can buy, modify, and race cars. This version is for the PlayStation 2 console. What uses for information technology can you think of in these places or situations? Match the examples of computer use in column A with the areas of application in column B. More than one answer is sometimes possible. A 1 using barcodesto identify items and prices 2 calculatingtheexact distance to a target 3 producing scale models of new designs 4 identifying an employee by his or her voice 5 checkingcreditcardsusedfor payments B hospital.

What do you think terms mean? Read the text and checkyour answers. The initial reactionwas mixed. A How was it done in the past? She explains to a journalist some of the changes which have taken place in this industry. Work in pairs and compare your answers.

It'smyjob Discuss these questions with a partner. Then read the text to check your answers. Read the text again and answer the questions. We can make each statement into a sentencelike this: Designs wereproduced on paper. Find an expression in the text which means: I work for a large chain which sells building materials to the public and to tradespeople. AImost every business these days,large or small, needs support technicians. When I Ieft college,I got a job through an agency working for a companywhich provided online support to local businesses and individuals.

I was on their help desk. That meant taking calls and providing advice on all sorts of problems. It'sa job where you need not just technical skills but also good'soft skills'.

That means people-handling skills.

Technology.pdf for information oxford english

You need to be able to understand how the caller feels as well as trying to solve their IT problems. You have to keep calm when you're under pressure. In my present job I get to work with people face-to-face. The work is more interesting. It'snot all trouble-shooting. I also get to install software,maintain servers,and advise on the best choice of new hardware.

The money is better too. I find the best wav to find information on problems is to use the Internet. Most of the manufacturers have sites which provide information. I'm planning to get Microsoft certification. My company is prepared to pay for the courses and the exams. It'sgood for them as it means I can do more and it's good for myfuture. They take telephone calls from people with IT problems. They have to: I Study this extract from a problem report form. Find out the meaning of any unfamiiiar terms.

With the help of the completed form take turns at playing the role ofhelp desk technician and the person needing help. What differences do you notice between your versionand the Listeninpscriot? The verbs in column A are used in computing. Match them with an appropriate noun from column B. Put them in the correctcolumns of the table. Click on the presentation. Spreadsheetsare used to calculate-. Cross out the silent letters.

I n f o r m a t i otne c h n o l o g y9 l Checklist Assessyour progressin this unit. I know keytermsfor computeruse in t h e c a ri n d u s t r y I can usethe PastPassive I know how to pronounceth e -edform of verbsand wordswith silentletters Speaking Computerperipherals Work in pairs,A and B.

For information english technology.pdf oxford

Each of you has pictures of four computer peripherals. Don,t ask directly for the names of the peripherals. Student B Go to p. Webquest Find out about the five fastest supercomputersin the world and complete the table.

Compare your answers with others in your class. Order Typeor name 2nd 3rd This site may help: List as many ways as you can to send and receivemessages.

Choose one device each and explain to your partner what it does. A Itfollows an orbit in space. Some satelliteshelp communicationand othersprovideinformation Note the following things. I the number of years he has worked for his company 2 as many items of telecommunicationsequipment as you can 3 as many country names as you can 4 the meaning of VolP Q tisten again and answer the questions.

Name a changehe has experiencedin telecommunications. What doeshe not like? Why is the Past Simple used for sentences and the Present Perfectfor sentences? I travelled a lot when I was in the army. We use the Present Perfectto talk about past experiencesbut not when they happened: I've been to the USA. We use the Present Perfectfor actions which happenedduring a periodfrom the past to the present: He's worked as a technicianfor eightyears.

He'sstill a technician. We often start a topic using the PresentPerfectand then switch to the Past Simple: A Have you ever been to Norway? B Yes,I went there in Put the verbs in bracketsin the correctform: Past Simple or Present Perfect.

In just over a hundred years,radio -1 develop into a major form of entertainment and 'z invent a communication. Marconi wirelesstelegraphsystem in This be the birth of radio. Voice transmission start in following the invention of the valve.

The introduction in recent years of digital radios u allow us to enjoy much better sound quality. Colourbroadcasts-' begin in the late s. Sincethe ssatellite 'o allow viewers a wider broadcasting choice of programmes. The recent introduction of digital TV " mean better picture and now sound quality. The Internet 13 make it possible to enjoy radio and television from around the world on our PCs. Thephoneactsas a creditcard. Whenthe phoneis passedovera speciaI reader, it can payfor th i ngs a nd a llow moneyto be some withdrawnfrom a cashmachine.

As well as passwordprotection, phonesusingthe systemhavea fingerprintscanner. Todd About ten ye ars. Each of you has information about a mobile phone. Find out the information you need to complete this table by asking each other. Student A Go to p. You are going to hear one of each pair. MrWatson,come here,I wantyou. Alexander GrahamBell Firstemailmessage,l: Reading VolP phonesystems I Work in pairs and answerthe questions.

Then readthe text and checkyour answers. This is calledpacketswitching. It works like this: Ifyou havea standardphone,you need an extrapieceof hardwareto do this calledan ATA Analoguetelephoneadaptor. Ifyou havean IP phone,it producesa digital signal soyou don't need an adaptor. You can alsouse your PC and a microphoneas a telephone. Ttrey will travel by many different paths. They will anive at differenttimes and somemay evenbe lost.

Becausethe packetsareso smaU,you won't hearthe differenceif somearelost. If you have a wirelessVoIPhandset,you can make and receivecalls anywherenear awireless hotspot.

Some mobile phonesaredual-mode. Put the stepsin the correctorderto make a flowchart showinghowthis typeof VoIPphonesystemworks. Some have fi gure-of-eight orbits. Customercare Webquest Explainingin simpleterms Satellitecommunciationssystems I Studythe diagrams which explain geostationary orbit. Then answer questions Find out more about your device or process,then explain it in simple terms to your partner. Compare your explanation with his. What differences can you find in the language used and the points made?

How many satellitesin geostationary orbit are required to provide global coverage? Why is it an advantageto launch geostationary satellitesfrom countries near the Equator? What are communications satellites used for?

T e l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n9s7 Checklist Assessyour progressin this unit. PastSimplev PresentPerfect 2 Study the information about Milstar U S m i l i t a r cv o m m u n i c a t i o n s N u m b e ro f s a t e l l i t e s Find out similar information about one of these satellite communication systems and complete the formbelow.

PastSimolev PresentPerfect M y r e a d i n ga n d l i s t e n i n ga r eg o o d enoughto understandmost ofeach text i n t h i su n i t Key words Adjectives compatible complex Adverb inorbit Nouns adaptor a ntenna computerfile dish network router satellite screen semiconductor wirelesshotspot Verbs compress data reprace N o t eh e r ea n y t h i n ga b o u th o w E n g l i s hi s u s e d i n t e c h n o l o g y t h aits n e w t o y o u.

Then choosetwo whlch you wouid not like to do. Choose one job description A-C each. Make notes about the job. Then describethe job to others in your group using only your notes. Vrur uork crrrrlrlinvolvc: Instrrllirrg, scttiuq llp, tcstilrq,rrntlrepuilinrl ct1ui1'rnrerrt ' L: Irrstlrllirr g r: Site work can be in difficult areas far from any tovvnor city.

You must be physically fit. You mustn' t be colour -blind. It'sa requir eme nt not to be colour-blind. You should have good organizational skills.

You should be able to cope with long hours. L22 I Write sentencesto describethe requirements for jobs Condidotesmustbe preporedto work irregulorhoursond to trovel. Theotreexperienceon odvontogebutnolessentiol. Johns Weslgofetheotre I MoxwellCourt LondonWC2A 5DD good team player g o o dc o m m un i c a t i o ns k i l s EngineeringConstructionTechnician certificateor diplomain engineering g o o d m a t h e m a t i c aaln d c o m p u t i n gs k i l l s w i l l i n gt o t r a v e l a b l et o e x p l a i nc o m p l e xr e q u i r e m e n ti sn clear terms Find out what the job requirements are for a career you are interested in.

This site mayhelp: I work weII under pressure. At college I organized a class visit bo France Telecom. You can invent work exDeriencefor this task. The number1 rule i n preparing for a job interviewis to researchyourtarget company beforethe interview. The number2 rule in preparing for a job interviewis to researchth e competitionof your target company beforethe interview. CarofFilfipino,RecruitmentConsultant Pairwork 1 Studythe personalitytest designed to help you choose a suitable career.

Which of these expressionsdescribeyou? Check the meaning of any unfamiliar terms in a dictionary. Be positive,but don'texaggerate your qualitiestoo muchl Readyourstatementto yourpartnerand seeifyou can improveit together.

Pronunciation Stressin longwords 2 Work in pairs,A and B. Ask each other the questions in t. Decide which of these adiectivesbest describevour panner. Q Listen to these words from Units Write the number of syllables in each word. List the questions you think the interviewer will ask. Prepareanswers to them. Think ofreasons whyyou enjoyed particular subjects. Explain why your qualifrcations will be important for thejob. What work experiencedo you have? Think about your qualifications,work experience,and interests.

Consider what kind of person you are. List your good points. List any sports or other interests. Think of three questions to askthe interviewer about the job.

What training is therefor thejob? Then change roles so that Student A is the applicant and Student B is the interviewer. Repeat your interview Key words Adjectives colour-blind off-shore Nouns carpentry competences CV experience interview lighting m a i n t e n an c e projectmanagement recordingstudio requirement soundsystem t r ai ni n g Verb supervise N o t eh e r ea n y t h i n ga b o u th o w E n g l i s hi s u s e d in technologythat is new to you.

Decidewhich onesaremostlikelyto happenandwhentheywill happen. Tiny robots will be injected into our bodies to deliver medicine andto perform surgeryfromthe inside. You will be able to interact with characters in a TV programme and follow a storyline of your choice. Planes will be controlled by computers which think like humans and are therefore afraid to crash. Cars will be made of composites,plastic,and fibreglass,and will be assembled in six hours. Cars will automatically drive at safe speeds and safe distances from each other.

You will be able to download your brain to a computer before you die. The company closeddown in Try to work out the answer. The words in bold are phrasal verbs.

Oxford English for Information Technology: Teacher’s Book pdf, epub

Many phrasal verbs have two meanings: Listen to this radio debate between two'futurologists',Lianne Bradley and Stefan Werner. They are discussing technology in the future. Group A Listento Lianne'scomments. Group B Listen to Stefan'scomments. Now work with someone from the other group. Explain to each other your speaker'spredictions. Decide together which predictions you accept.

Study the phrasal verbs used in this book. Put each one in the correctsentence. Will we - cars and use public transport? It,smy job to the concertbegins. OId industries will will take their place. Whathousehold taskswouldyoumostlikea robotto perform Pronunciation Pairwork Linkingin phrasa!

Each of you has information about a future development in technology. Take notes from your text so that you can explain the main points to your partner without looking at the text. Listen carefullyto your partner so you can summarize their text. Student B 10 Turn it on. Work in pairs and say sentences Time each other and see who can say them fastest without making a mistake. Take it out to see if it turns on, then turn it over. Up,and turn it down by turning'Down' - it's simplel 4 8 If we work it out today, we won't have to find it out before we set it up tomorrow.

Thefutureof technology Thetelephone isa wonderful invention. Icanforeseetheday whentherewill beonein everycity. Knowing the meaning of the affix can help youwork out the meaning of the whole word. Studythe examplesfromthis book. How many of theseinformal ways of saying goodbyedo you know? Do they haveequivalentsin your language?

Affix Meaning Example bio life biotechnology outof external between Internet intra inside,within intranet -less without wireless mrcro verysmall mtcrowave small minidisk poly many polyester pre before, earlier prefabricated super above, much grearer supermarket tele far,distant telecommunications 2 Using the table,work out the wordswhich havethe following meanings. Onestudentis the quizmasterand asksthe questionsfor part A.

Theothertwo studentswork individuallyandwrite their answers. Changerolesfor partsB and C. Becauseit'seasy tomould. What is the noun? Ioavesaretakenout oftheirtins -suction. T2 What do we call a carwith a petrolengine and an electricmotor? AIIexposed metalwork is in case offire. T h ef u t u r eo f t e c h n o l o g yl 0 9 Checklist Assessyour progressin this unit. You-touch aflat screen.

It's easy to damage them. In the past designsproduced on paper. I be with this companyfor 5years. This is called. Wood is used for the core. It also makes the board flexible. The base ofthe board is coveredwith p-tex,a kind of tough plastic which helps the board slide but resists wear. It has a curved steel edge which helps the board to grip the snow. DY 5ELF. You have two possiblegeneratorsfor the customerto hire ModelA and Model B.

Help the customerto make the rlght choice. A typical home uses 2. With al1major appliances on at the same time,this risesto 6. Sensorsare fitted into the handle ofthe gun and trained to recognize only the owner's grip. Hand grips,like fingerprints and iris patterns,are unique. The sensorsreadthe pressureofthe grip in the first second the trigger is pressed. The inventors say it will prevent incidents where police have been shot with their own guns or where children have been killed playing with a parent's gun.

Early results from trials with New Jersey police show the system works. Unit7 p.

Do you needto run thegeneratorall night? Current is applied and a thin layer of silver forms over the glass face. The processis calledelectroforming. It producesa rigid metal negativeto the master which is called the Fathel ll2 Pairworkactivities B The digital signal to be recordedis sent to a laser.

The laser is aimed at a spinning glass disc coated with a photoresist chemical. This produces a clear plastic disc,a substrate,with the pits ofthe original recording accuratelycopied on one side.

Unit 11p. You play the part of a student at a martial arts school. Your village is attacked. You get to explore imaginary worlds and fight with enemies. It was developedby BioWare for Microsoft. It'splayed on an Xbox.

The real-time combat features are particularly good. The piles stay in place because ofthe squeezing force ofthe soil round them. Cood features Floating raft StudentB A raft of reinforced concrete. For situations when the ground is soft or there are tunnels or mines under the ground which could cause collapse. Unit l2 p. Write a list of questions to ask the applicant.

What areyour strengths? Give the candidate a chance to ask you questions about the job. ATOR Unitl? Computerswere lesspowerful in the past. They worked less efficiently.

Comparative adjectives We can addmuch before comparative adjectivesand adverbsto suggesta strongercomparison. Adjective Comparative one-syllable adjectives add -er fast faster one-syllable add -r safe safer Thesesalesfiguresare muchworse than I expected.

That reportwas written much more recently than this one. N or Theprograms today are thepast. Water boils at oC. PresentContinuous Positive I am studying to be an engineer. With the Present Simple,we can use expressionsthat refer to a specific point in time, such as on Tuesday,at nine o'clock or adverbsand expressionsoffrequency such as usually,always,onWednesdays,threedays a week. Short answers Positive finishedthe prototype?

Yes,I am. She'sworking at the Telford office today. I'mstudying to be a surveyor. Remember that we can use most verbs in both the Present Simple and the Present Continuous, except the verbs of thinking and feeling such as know,want,Jeel, think.

Yes,I have. Yes,they will. Doesn't the prototype work? No, it doesn't. We can use how in when,where,why,which, other combinations, such as how much,how many,how long,howfar, how safe, etc. The que stion w or ds what, whi ch, h ow mu ch, and h ow many canbefollowed by a noun. Grammarreferencell7 What do you thinkofthis solution?

Howmany machines has thecompany bought? We use when, as, before,afrer to show clearly the order in which different events happened. The part of the sentencethat begins with the time expression is called the'time clause'. Howmany machines areinhere? One action is an immediate consequence of another.

Note that when the time clause comes first, it must be followed by a comma. Whenyou turn the handle,the wheel startsto move. We use madeof andmadefrom to talk about the materialsthat a productconsistsof. The wh eeI starts to m ove whe n y ou turn the handle. Rubberis usedto makethe pedals. The position of the time clause can change, in the same way asfor when. As the wheeI turns, it g enerates electricity. The wheelgenerateselectricityas it turns. Beforeandafter simply indicatethat one actionhappenedat an unspecifiedtime beforeanother.

Again,the positionof the time clausecan change. Theplastic travels through the barrel.