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questions and answers pdf - wordpress - oracle sql interview questions and apps developer interview questions and answers - free ebooks below. oracle. questions,oracle kff,oracle indexes. oracle apps scm is about to share my knowledge on oracle apps scm interview questions and answers soup pdf - dba r12 interview questions and answers pdf i have choosen oracle dba and i know pl/sql programming, am going to d. 1 answers are oracle apps technical.

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What are the steps in attaching reports with oracle applications? There are certain steps that Top 50 Oracle Applications Interview Questions & Answers. last updated March 16, . Interview Questions. Download PDF. technical-interview-questions-in-oracle-apps - Download as PDF File Question: Does oracle support partitioning of tables in Oracle Apps? Answer: Yes . read carefully e-books oracle application interview questions answers librarydoc62 pdf this our library oracle application framework interview questions and.

Can this be done without customization? Oracle suite is the one that comprises of oracle apps as well as software associated with analytical components. However your client must buy licenses to if they desire to partition tables. Which responsibility do you need to extract Self Service Personalizations? Can you use concurrent program "Gather Schema Statistics" to gather stats on sys schema in oracle apps? The official stance is that RBO is no longer supported by 10g. END IF.

Apps schema is the one that comprises of only synonyms and there is no possibility of creating tables in it. Other schema comprises of tables and objects in it and allows the creation of tables as well as for providing grants to tables. Custom top can be defined as the customer top which is created exclusively for customers. According to the requirement of the client many number of customer tops can be made. Custom top is made used for the purpose of storing components, which are developed as well as customized.

At the time when the oracle corporation applies patches, every module other than custom top are overridden. US folder is just a language specification. Multiple folders can be kept for language specification depending on the languages that are installed. The sequence related with firing is as follows before parameter form, after parameter form, before the report, between pages and after report.

Implicit cursors are available for the purpose of handling all the queries related with oracle.

The memory spaces that are unnamed are used by oracle for storing the data that can be used with implicit cursors. Record group can be considered as a concept used for the purpose of holding sql query that is associated with list related with values. Record group consists of static data and also can access data inside tables of database through sql queries. This is a kind of field associated with oracle apps that are used for capturing information related with the organization.

Is there any possibility for having custom schema at any time when it is required? Concurrent programs are instances that need to be executed along with incompatibles and parameters.

Application tops are found when we are connecting to server. There are two types of application tops available they are product top and custom top. Product top is the kind of top that is built in default by manufacturer. Custom top can be chosen by the client, and any number of custom tops can be created as per the requirement of the client. There are number of parameters which are mandatory in the case of procedures and each of these parameters has a specific job associated with it.

Token is used for transferring values towards report builder. Tokens are usually not case — sensitive. Sql loader is a utility resembling a bulk loader for the purpose of moving data that are present in external files towards the oracle database. There are certain steps that you need to follow for the purpose of registering concurrent program. Value set is used for the purpose of containing the values.

In the case of a value set getting associated with report parameters, a list containing values are sent to the user for accepting one among the values in the form of parameter values.

Template is a kind of form that is very much required before the creation of any other type of forms. It is a kind of form that incorporates attachments that are platform independent and associated with a particular library. Which are the attachments that are platform independent and become a part of the template? All the contents on this website are Copyright protected. I will try to keep this upto date with any new questions that I come accross.

New apps questions will be added to the top of this post. Most of the Oracle apps interview questions listed here are technical in natue. You can use migrator available in "Oracle iSetup" Responsibility.

This is a very tough one, almost impossible to answer, but yet I will ask. And why not, the Form Function for this screen has a parameter to which we pass name of the "Request Group", hence securing the list of Concurrent Programs that are visible in "Run Request" Form. Just so that you know, there are over form functions for "Run Reports".

Which responsibility do you need to extract Self Service Personalizations? Functional Administrator.

Interview and questions answers pdf apps oracle

Can you list any one single limitation of Forms Personalization feature that was delivered with You can not implement interactive messages, i. Now you wish to create a menu for Concurrent Request submission such that only these two Concurrent Programs are visible from that Run Request menu.

Please explain the steps to implement this? If your Oracle Applications instance is on 10g. Does oracle support partitioning of tables in Oracle Apps? Before running the archival process the second time. Can you use concurrent program "Gather Schema Statistics" to gather stats on sys schema in oracle apps? Does Oracle 10g support rule based optimization?

Answers and pdf apps interview questions oracle

The official stance is that RBO is no longer supported by 10g. Oracle does support partitioning of tables in Oracle Applications. Your views please? This really depends upon how many periods are regularly reported upon.

I will prefer the former with default values. However your client must buy licenses to if they desire to partition tables. To avoid the cost of licensing you may suggest the clients may decide to permanently close their older GL Periods.

What else can you suggest to restrict the access to screens from external web tiers? You may use URL filtering within Apache.

Questions and answers pdf oracle apps interview

STEP 4. If this profile option is set to a value of external against a server. There are two mechanisms by which to trace the document manager 1. What is the role of Document Manager in Oracle Purchasing? In other words this server is not within the firewall of your client.

Interview pdf and apps answers questions oracle

When an application uses a Document Manager. The idea behind this profile option is to flag such middle-tier so that special restrictions can be applied against its security. Set the debugging on by using profile option STEP 1.

How to debug a document manager in Oracle Apps? Document manger runs within the concurrent manager in Oracle Applications. Retry the Workflow to generate debugs. Reset profile option "Concurrent: Which table is used to provide drill down from Oracle GL into sub-ledger? Set profile option "Concurrent: Only those responsibilities that have this profile option against them will be accessible from External Middle tiers.

The Best Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions [UPDATED]

In order to make a responsibility accessible from an external web tier. STEP 2. Classes etc. How will you do it? Opening the server. Generally speaking. By entering menu exclusion against the responsibility.

In the options field of the concurrent program you can enter something similar to below. This is a mandatory step when building Extensions to framework. Next time when you logon to Oracle Apps Self Service. In self service. How will you open a bc4j package in jdeveloper?


Oracle ships a file named server. The value of this profile will be set so as to enable trace using event Go to Mid Tier.

In a workflow notification. You can extend the AM in jDeveloper. You want to validate the value entered in the notification response field upon the submission of a response. You will need to attach a post notification function to the Workflow Notification.

I am hopeful that Oracle will deliver a solution to this in the future.

Oracle Applications Technical Interview Questions

END IF. How do you link a Host type concurrent program to Concurrent Manager? How to make concurrent program end with warning?

For a Java Concurrent program. How do you know if a specific Oracle patch has been applied in apps to your environment. VendorNumber you entered already exists'. If cost of the workflow activity is greater than