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Read Nine and a Half Weeks by Elizabeth McNeill for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Nine and a half weeks by Elizabeth McNeill, , Dutton edition, in English - 1st ed. Nine and a Half Weeks book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The powerfully erotic memoir that inspired the legendary fil.

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Nine And A Half Weeks A Memoir Of A Lov · Read more Five Weeks in a Balloon. Read more Billiards at Half-Past Nine (The Essential Heinrich Böll). The classic erotic memoir of an intense and haunting relationship that spawned the is a love story so unusual, so passionate, and so extreme in its. In checking out Nine And A Half Weeks: A Memoir Of A Love Affair By Elizabeth McNeill, now you might not likewise do conventionally. In this modern-day era.

It is a book of contrasts. Directly before me are three children under six, all with dripping Italian ices, the woman to my right waves a falafel with dangerous gusto, a guitarist has joined the drummer and their audience stands enthralled, immobile with food and fresh air and goodwill. Original Title. This is a street fair, the first of the season, says the voice at my left ear. And the answer to that was to escape life's bitchness. I hate the idea of killing a couple of hours, period, I wish I had some work with me. The consent factor was never explicitly laid out—I guess we're supposed to let the orgasms speak for themselves?

It is almost as though McNeill removed herself to write it. Her w Buddy-read with the lovely Heather coming up approximately September 23 depending on the Canadian postal services Monday, September Her words are like drops of wax on the page, finite and absolute. This is not a story one soon forgets. I admit, I find myself vexed that it found it's way into print in !

This memoir is as different as it gets from feel good "Mommy Porn" like FSoG - which I am reading shortly to formulate a cohesive opinion of. Although, i would encourage any person seeking to explore that sexual world to first read this memoir, if only to come to terms with how simple it is to get lost in your own surrender.

In fact, I would argue that it is almost a natural course of events. One that has to be fought and controlled to maintain balance. Pain is grounding whilst pleasure is non-sensical, in this way a measure of pain intermingled with a sexual act can become like a railroad tie centering you into reality. One quick note: View all 13 comments. May 31, Lala rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I love this book so much.

It's so depressing and sexy and foul and totally engrossing. I rarely read books and go, "Goddamn, why can't I meet someone who will dress me in boys underpants, make me pack a cock and then bitchslap me around? I had no idea this was a book, much less that this was a memoir written in the 70's under a pen name.

The book was very hard to put down. I was up until four in the morning reading this knowing I had to get up by seven. I definitely felt like I needed a cold shower after this one. It was hard not picture the young Mickey Rourke and myself as I read this. But somewhere down the line, this relationship started to feel a little uncomfortabl 3.

But somewhere down the line, this relationship started to feel a little uncomfortable. The author was losing complete control of herself and the choices she made. It was sexy to a point, but when this man requires you to be handcuffed every night to the table, to the bedpost, to the sink He starts requiring her to steal something from a store but when he scoffs her for the wimpy way she stole the item he pushes her to assault and rob someone in an elevator.

I would imagine a relationship like this would get boring real soon and the players would have to up the ante every time. This is what ends up happening. The stakes start getting higher, the demands more humiliating. What more can this relationship be based on after that? The book was written in a very detached way that added to the tension felt throughout the book.

I thought it was the perfect style for this story. The reader is like a spectator, not there to make judgement, but to question themselves how far they would let this relationship go if they were in the author's place. View all 14 comments. I classic written in Just not capturing their connection.

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Really struggling here! Oct 25, Rag added it Shelves: No rating This book was not what I expected. Don't get me wrong I knew this was a memoir, but when it finally set in that this actually happened to somebody, I felt uncomfortable.

I couldn't enjoy it nor dislike it, I just wanted to finish it and get it over with. I was confused as shit half of the time, and the writing wasn't all that great either. It was long and had some unnecessary things.

Pdf a half weeks nine and

It also took me long to finish because I wasn't looking forward. It also made me question, Why do we read No rating This book was not what I expected. It also made me question, Why do we read books? And the answer to that was to escape life's bitchness.

To have at least a couple hours in dreamland. And because this was actually someone's life and problems View all 10 comments. Aug 24, boogenhagen rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. This one is interesting. The story of a "New Woman" in the 's having an extreme power exchange affair that breaks a lot of social and moral limits. Some parts of it are brutal, but the woman is clearly enjoying herself and enjoying the release she gets from not having to live up to what she built for herself in the 'real world'. I get that, this lady was super successful in her job in a time when women were still being told to go to college to get a MRS not a MBA.

As all things that start wit This one is interesting. As all things that start with a conflagration do, this one ended when the lady ended up not being able to keep her fantasy love affair and her real life compartmentalized.

The lady has a nervous breakdown and we are told her lover drops her off at the hospital, where she undergoes treatment and that is the end of the affair and the story. What is more interesting to me, besides the power dynamics the lady is so entranced with, is how many people assume her lover abandoned her at the end of the book.

I don't think he did. I think she was the one who ended the affair, probably based on the fact that any psychologist would have diagnosed the woman as having a mental illness at that time period and that probably caused her to conclude that to keep her 'real life' going, she would have to give her big love up.

To me the book reads like an eulogy to a deeply regretted choice, the choice to give up what really made her happy to satisfy the outward appearance demands of a world that clearly wouldn't condone what really made her feel free and fullfilled.

I do believe she had regrets, but the regret was she bowed to convention and society and therefore lost what probably was the best experience of her life. Given that the author of this book committed suicide several years later and wrote under a pseudonym so her daughter wouldn't suffer any backlash, I feel a deep sense of sadness for the lady who was so clearly devastated by the after effects of her affair.

It has been many years since I read this one, but this book has made a lasting impression as a reminder that there is always different strokes for different folks and just because something isn't your cuppa, it doesn't mean you should judge others for their particular brand of tea.

View all 4 comments. Sep 16, DoctorM rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was a brand-new undergraduate, and the first part of the book was excerpted in Playboy. I sat in my rooms at university stunned and amazed. This was It was darker than "O. I knew I had to go out and get a copy of the full book. All these years later, I still know nothing about the author, or about how seriously we're to take the claim that this is a memoir. But I do know that as soon as I read the first line "The first time we were in bed together he held my hands pinned down above my head.

I liked it. The prose is spare, crisp, hard. The mood is of course one of deepening obsession. In some ways it's about a self-destructive affair that engulfs both McNeill and her nameless lover, but in other ways Yes, I know the film.

Easy enough to laugh at these days, though John Taylor's song on the soundtrack is excellent, and the young Kim Basinger was seriously hot when stripdancing to Randy Newman. The film takes away from the book, from the darkness and obsessiveness. But there was a time in the mid-'80s when every girl I knew was left wet-and-breathless by some of the scenes.

I love moments in the book McNeill going through her lover's closet, analysing him from his clothes; the first time her lover slaps her during sex; McNeill dressing up as a boy for her lover and mugging a stranger at knifepoint to prove her own abandon and courage.

There's a moment where her lover takes her to an English riding shop and shocks the saleswoman by trying out a riding crop on McNeill's bare thigh right like that would ever be unusual in a high-end riding gear shop in NYC! Let's just say that the riding crop scene prompted phone calls from girls and feverish checking out the Yellow Pages under "equestrian" And that the scene where McNeill dresses up as a boy for her lover suit and fedora prompted trips to Goodwill with leggy co-eds.

Yes, then: Let's make a note of that. The book itself is originally from A different world now. Obsession and compulsion have been stripped of any glamour, even dark glamour. That a successful, thirty-ish professional might lose herself in an affair like this would now be something for therapists to moralise over and for feminists to become angry about. Oh, I can hear all the arguments about consent and "self-respect" and violence and "subjectivity".

I can hear all of that. I can hear the voices saying that McNeill needed help, that she'd obviously suffered from some childhood trauma and been brought up in a society where "rape culture" is normal, yadda yadda yadda.

But let's also say that this is one of the Hot Reads I've kept with me in different editions all through the years. It's a fine read, and romantic in more ways than I can say. Go find it. Read it. Yes it's about as hot coldly intellectually hot as well as pure-raw-sex hot as it gets View all 12 comments.

Weeks pdf and nine a half

Mar 07, Alex rated it really liked it Shelves: I read this mostly so I could smugly say to people that I read the version of 50 Shades of Grey that was published 30 years ago and written better. Than the excerpts I've read online, okay? No, I haven't read 50 Shades. I would be happy to hateread it except that by all accounts it's incredibly boring - not even trashy enough to be a decent hateread. Second place goes to Weird Science. This has cau I read this mostly so I could smugly say to people that I read the version of 50 Shades of Grey that was published 30 years ago and written better.

This has caused several problems in my generation, like the idea that adding food to sex isn't gross, and a weird fetish for hats. I don't think I was supposed to be turned on by the bowler hat scene in Unbearable Lightness of Being, and I blame the movie for the fact that I was. The book is different. Darker, yes. Somewhat more extreme. There's no playful blindfolded eating here; instead she's chained to the dude's chair every night, blowing him while he eats dinner.

Which sounds distracting. But both the book and the movie - and 50 Shades, is my impression - draw a murky line between sex play and abuse. It's hard to tell where one ends and the next begins. John Gray yes, he shares a last name with Christian might be an abusive guy who happens to find someone who's into it.

Or he might be escalating the brutality of their sex games because she's so into it. It's hard to tell, more in the book than the movie. That's interesting, and I liked the ambiguity.

In the book she's described as a high-powered career woman, and part of the affair's attraction is the abdication of the power she holds in her day job. In the movie she's an art gallery employee, so the conflict there is removed.

In the era of Dan Savage's "everything goes if it turns you on", this book's uneasy relationship with consent is disturbing - but then, that's the thing with memoirs. When EL James makes it up for 50 Shades, it's annoying; when this lady describes an affair that happened to her, you can't really get mad at her for not agreeing on a safeword.

Life gets messy. Especially when there's food and sex involved. This is a good book. It's super hot, which one can't say about many books. I mean, not always hot - that cross-dressing bit is no less weird here than in the movie - but certainly a lot of the time. It's well-written and it raises some interesting questions. It's like 50 Shades but written 30 years ago.

And better. View all 5 comments. I want to live this book That ending just devastated me. View all 7 comments. Be lo scarichi e cominci a leggerlo. Lei oggetto nelle mani di lui: Lui carnefice ma premuroso che mescola sadismo, dolcezza, attenzione, imposizione, paura, carisma, fascino, violenza. Jun 29, Dorota Skrzypek rated it really liked it.

Is this book different from the movie. Nine and a Half Weeks has always been one of my favorite movies, and then a friend told me it was based on a book. But if you're expecting a more descriptive look into the sexually charged relationship of Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke, you're in for a big surprise.

This book is an intense emotional look into a BDSM journey that continues to push the limits until the main character, Elizabeth, has a psychological breakdown. Rather than erotic like the Wow. Rather than erotic like the movie , it's a hard truth of what can sometimes happen when you find that thing that really turns you on. Reading this short, page novella one evening, I found myself gripping my comforter, intensely enthralled, wondering if Elizabeth would make it out alive.

I was extremely fascinated by the notion that pain could be taken so far to provide pleasure; trying to figure out what type of person would be more predisposed to this type of behavior, and why?

A really great psychological thriller, but don't expect to be able to use it as fodder for masturbation. View 1 comment. Jun 18, Grace rated it really liked it.


This book has left me stunned. I just watched the movie and felt emotionally drained after. This feels worse.

Everything was amplified. The cross dressing scene. The hotel scene was bad enough to watch, until I read the scene and it went further. I want to curl in the fetal position and cry for this woman. I would love to read the male POV on this. Because he treats like he loves her and at the same time, wants to ruin her. We'll never know since his name was never mentioned. More thoughts later. I'm gonna drink a gallon of wine.

Nine and a Half Weeks: A Memoir of a Love Affair

Apr 01, S. I never saw the movie with Mickey Rourke so I won't make any such comparison, but this was an eloquent and disturbing account of a real life BDSM relationship. Be careful of what you wish for fantasize about , or you might end up like Ms. McNeill an emotional breakdown! That is nothing else but a dysfunctional relationship with no future.

I couldn't stop turning the pages as the hero I never saw the movie with Mickey Rourke so I won't make any such comparison, but this was an eloquent and disturbing account of a real life BDSM relationship. I couldn't stop turning the pages as the heroine slid deeper and deeper into the abyss, putting me on edge, awaiting her inevitable crash and burn.

Very disturbing, raw, yet enlightening. Dec 24, Roxane rated it it was amazing. Either you know why this book is brilliant or you don't but this is an exquisite memoir. Aug 11, Kandice rated it really liked it.

Nine and a half weeks

This was re-read number I have no idea, but the ebook version I read has an afterword by the daughter of the writer. I've read other reviews where the reader states that "McNeill's" narrative doesn't allow the reader distance, but I felt very differently as I read. McNeill opens wit ha doozy of a sentence that lets you see just where this is going. I liked him. He was moody in a way that struck me a This was re-read number He was moody in a way that struck me as romantic; he was funny, bright, interesting to talk to; and he gave me pleasure.

She gives us no names and drops us in the thick of things. To quote Stephen King, to me this is like "a kiss in the night from a stranger. You see what's ahead, almost too slowly, but you can't stop it. Once the ride is in motion you are committed. I love the narrative style in the this book. McNeill makes it clear that although she finds "him" physically attractive, that is the very least of their relationship.

Even the fact that she only ever refers to Him as just that, "Him" speaks volumes. He is the only man, maybe the only person, that matters to her for these nine and a half weeks. That is the most disturbing thing about this novel. She's successful, attractive, if not beautiful, well educated, home of her own, and yet all that falls by the wayside when she encounters "Him. Never "him", always "Him.

Not only does she abandon all that makes her who she is to feel this sick and twisted pleasure he gives her, but she has a child while doing it?

When I read this book as a teen, the actual content flabbergasted me. I just didn't know people did and enjoyed these things. As a middle aged woman, I am not so easily shocked or titillated, but with a child?

That becomes scary, not just interesting. I don't see her as a victim. She has a home of her own, and obviously a life that she eventually returns to. I see this as a summer of personal abandon for her. She states, more than once, that the idea that she is responsible for absolutely nothing in his presence is a delicious one.

That I can kind of understand. Without the beatings, of course.

Half weeks pdf and a nine

Dec 13, Jocelyn Jazmen rated it really liked it. Talk about a sub and her dom, this is the real thing - a true story. What is most shocking about this book is that McNeill wrote her story - and got it published - in the seventies, while this subject-matter is still controversial today.

She reveals her intense experience in a neutrally descriptive way, neither judging nor condoning anyone's behavior, nor making apologies for what she went through. Her true freedom was obtained through her completely voluntary submission and surrender to him, thro Talk about a sub and her dom, this is the real thing - a true story.

Her true freedom was obtained through her completely voluntary submission and surrender to him, through being over-powered, taken, and led to the heights and lows of that submission by him. But ultimately, the relationship ended, and I got the impression that her dom was just too selfish and weak-minded to fully appreciate her. When the intensity becomes overwhelming to the point she becomes drained, she has a breakdown and he abandons her, and that, not the spanking, the bondage, and the other humiliations and power trips, was the real cruelty.

Thank you Elizabeth, for sharing you precious intimate moments with us. For those of you who like erotica - there isn't any blow-by-blow no pun intended descriptions of their lovemaking, but just enough to feel the emotions aroused in the soul of the narrator. Jan 14, YaYa rated it it was amazing. My heart hurts for her. It continues to hurt for her. Aug 13, Cathy rated it really liked it. It has spoilers, and should really be an afterword. Nine and a Half Weeks , as a movie, is one that always turns up as a sort of classic "trashy 80s erotic romance.

It wasn't until I watched the movie that I knew it was at least roughly based on a book of the same title. I read the book because movies like that make me wonder what really happened in those pages that the film-makers were either unable or unwilling to portray. While a few of the events are accurately rendered in the movie, the movie makes excuses for the characters' actions, and the book does not. The characters and their psychology are absolutely not the same.

Some readers see this as a "dark" book, and at moments it is, but it's also suffused with a joyfully wicked, manic, brightly burning passion which contrasts its deadpan prose. It is a book of contrasts. Yet another buddy read with Karly!

Nine and a half weeks ( edition) | Open Library

We're killing it on the buddy reads. I think this is a case of "it's not you, it's me. And if I don't get emotionally involved in a book, it'll never be a favorite. Maybe the author had to remove herself emotionally in order to write this, because she went through some pretty intense stuff during her brief affair.

T Yet another buddy read with Karly! The consent factor was never explicitly laid out—I guess we're supposed to let the orgasms speak for themselves? These would happen, for example, when she wasn't comfortable doing something the guy had asked her to do, and she would try to explain why. He wouldn't get angry, he would just punish her.

Some of the stuff they did just confused me. Like rob someone at knifepoint in an elevator? That's not nice. The ending was abrupt, but now that I've had time to think about it, I like how it ended. I like to think the author finally realized the abuse that was happening and knew it had to stop. But good god, that last line. I do hope this woman found some fulfillment somewhere in her life, because that line was so sad and brutal.

Apr 29, Booklover Butterfly rated it liked it Shelves: Nine and a Half Weeks is a short memoir that some consider to be erotica. I suppose can see how it could be considered erotic, but for me it was far more disturbing than sexy. It was short and well written, but very troubling.

To me it was a story of abuse, manipulation, and cruelty. The unnamed male completely controls every aspect of the authors life and emotionally manipulates her into doing things she is incredibly uncomfortable with. This isn't a story of two people exploring and pushing th Nine and a Half Weeks is a short memoir that some consider to be erotica.

This isn't a story of two people exploring and pushing their personal boundaries in an environment of respect. It is a story of him controlling her and using her as he sees fit with no regard for her wellbeing or personal limits. That is not the reason for my three star rating, however. I found the authors writing style enjoyable as it was open and honest without being weighed down with unnecessary detail. What I didn't like was the ending.

I feel like it was too abrupt and stopped in a place where I was really wanting to know more. The book ended in what felt like it could have been the middle of the author's story. I wanted to know about the consequences of this relationship for the author and how she coped with it moving forward in her life. The ending seemed incomplete to me, but perhaps the author just wasn't ready to discuss the consequences Mar 14, Evan rated it liked it Shelves: The source for that cheesy erotic movie of the 80s with Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger.

Yeah, so I pulled a perfect condition hardcover of this out of the dumpster of a certain bookseller, and it's just a hair over pages and well-enough written. Most of it seems to be descriptions of apartments and the material goods therein. Vaguely reminiscent of Anais Nin and Marguerite Duras But the style is not quite as poetic, though it does have its swoon moments.

This is an unapologetic memoir by a woman lost in love and lust, to the exclusion of all else, burning bridges heedlessly in throes of her passion, living for the moments of intense pleasure and sensuality.

Written prior to the 80s, yet very 80s. Cohen Greene, with co-author Lorna Garano, has written about sex in a most interesting and surprising way in An Intimate Life Where sex writing is often riddled with attention to its lasciviousness and shock value, Cohen Greene speaks of her forty years of work as a sex surrogate in unadorned, fact-based language, reminding us that sex is more than just spank bank material. Her story is most notable for its adaption to screen in the movie The Sessions , in which writer Mark O'Brien, a journalist and poet who lived his life in an iron lung due to childhood polio, tells his story of having used Cohen Greene as a sex surrogate to finally experience sexual experiences with another person.

Cohen Greene tracks the story of her own sexual coming-of-age amid a repressed Catholic upbringing and how she became a sex surrogate. She clarifies more than once that sex surrogacy work is often misunderstood as prostitution, but a colleague helped her think about it in cooking terms.

If prostitution is serving a meal, then surrogacy is teaching you how to cook. And, indeed, there were times when sex itself wasn't even involved. Instead, the sessions were about teaching comfort with the body, or belief in one's ability to maintain an erection, or just basic self-esteem in the bedroom. While Cohen Greene's memoir was not particularly lyrical or moving in language, I was relieved that it wasn't.

She reminds us that sex is a complicated avenue to intimacy. If one isn't sexually realized, then that person isn't living as a whole person. Ophira Eisenberg has a very different message in Screw Everyone Her memoir is a humorous romp through the simple truth that many women want sex, and they will do whatever they want Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Sex Memoirs. An Intimate Life: But words take us much deeper.