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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Qurupeco Guide. Qurupeco can be a big challenge. We'll tell you what you need to know about this monster parrot. Like us on. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate strategy pdf download official game guide free digital book walkthrough prima monster hunter 4 ultimate walkthrough pdf, monster. Monster Hunter Tri isn't divided into proper chapters, but there are general points where the difficulty ramps up, where you fight major monsters.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Official Strategy E-Guide - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Official Guide for. Welcome to the GamerGuides Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Strategy Guide! What you have here is not the most conventional of guides. A typical. For Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U, a GameFAQs message board Really, any tips on how to make viewing/using the guide easier.

Much like the Moga Woods Armory. Negate Paralysis: Continue to: Fire Herb x5 Sunspire Jewel x1. I don't mind having to scroll to fully see each page and not being able to view the guide full screen. Catalyst x2.

Ice Crystal x3 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Rhenoplos Scalp x1 Sunspire Jewel x1. Diablos Carapace x2 Lazurite Jewel x1. Bnahabra Spine x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Gobul Kingwhiskr x1. Fertile Mud x1 Sunspire Jewel x1. Nibelsnarf Claw x1. Duramboros Hump x1. Fearsome Maw x2 Lazurite Jewel x1. Commendation x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Baggi Claw x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Barroth Ridge x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1.

Lagombi Auricle x2 Adamant Orb x1. Baggi Scale x2 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Agnaktor Beak x1. Agnaktor Shell x3 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Pinnacle Coin x1 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Dragonite Ore x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Rathian Spike x1 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Altaroth Stomach x1 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Humspun Conch x1. Diablos Ridge x2. Blossom Cricket x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Rheno Carapace x2. Pale Extract x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Monster Bone M x1 Lazurite Jewel x1.

Rath Carapace x2. Nibel Carapace x2 Sunspire Jewel x1. Bnahabra Wing x2 Adamant Orb x1. Deviljho Fang x1. Bnaha Carapace x2. Mega Armorskin x2 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Ludroth Crest x1 Adamant Orb x1. Quality Fin x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Monster Keenbone x2 Sunspire Jewel x1. Dragon Toadstool x2 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Firecell Stone x3 Sunspire Jewel x1. Diablos Carapace x1. Stoutbone x2 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Hard Mossplate x2 Lazurite Jewel x1. Mega Dash Juice x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1.

Barroth Talon x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Mohran Carapace x1. Carbalite Ore x3 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Rathian Scale x2 Adamant Orb x1.

Nargacuga Tailspike x2. Rathalos Tail x1. Speed Rec. Bnahabra Wing x3. Rathian Scale x1. Sharpened Fang x2. Wroggi Scale x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Iron Ore x1 Sunspire Jewel x1. Jaggi Hide x2 Sunspire Jewel x1. Barioth Cortex x1 Adamant Orb x1. Gigginox Hide x1. Barroth Shell x2 Sunspire Jewel x1. Agnak Carapace x1.

Brach Carapace x1. Crushing Fang x2. Smoke Bomb x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1.

Guide monster ultimate hunter 3 pdf

Zinogre Carapace x2. Killer Beetle x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Firestone x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Ludroth Claw x1. Gigginox Claw x1. Rathalos Ruby x1 Sunspire Jewel x1. Duramboros Shell x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Conflagrant Sac x1. Rathian Shell x2 Lazurite Jewel x1. Volvidon Cortex x2 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Lagom Plastron x2. Piscine Coin x1 Adamant Orb x1. Plum Spongy Hide x2 Lazurite Jewel x1. Rathian Ruby x1 Sunspire Jewel x1. Diablos Shell x1. Nargacuga Razor x1 Lazurite Jewel x1.

Lagombi Ear x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Bari Carapace x2 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Nibelsnarf Scalp x1. Monster Bone M x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Rathian Cortex x2. Lagi D-Shocker x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Brach Ebonshell x2. Vile Fang x1 Adamant Orb x1. Baggi Hide x2 Adamant Orb x1. Rathalos Fellwing x2 A. Uragaan Jaw x1. Monster Bone L x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1.

Guide ultimate pdf monster hunter 3

Monster Bone L x3 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Barioth Claw x2. Sleep Sac x1 Sunspire Jewel x1. Adamant Orb x1. Lagi D-Shocker x2. Dracophage Bug x2. Aqua Sac x2. Agnaktor Cortex x2 Adamant Orb x1. Wanchovy x2.

Uragaan Cortex x2 Adamant Orb x1. Lightning Sac x1. Dragonfell Berry x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Uragaan Scale x2 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Pelagicite Ore x3 Sunspire Jewel x1. Rathalos Lash x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Agnak Tail x1 A. Ludroth Crest x1 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Hercudrome x2 Lazurite Jewel x1. Ludroth Scale x1. Nargacuga Lash x1 S. Dragonite Ore x2 Sunspire Jewel x1. Lagiacrus Talon x2 Sunspire Jewel x1.

Dragonbone Relic x1. Wyvern Fang x5 Lazurite Jewel x1. Lagi Hardhorn x2. Thunderbug x3 Sunspire Jewel x1. Diablos Chine x1. Omniplegia Sac x1 Sunspire Jewel x1. Fearsome Maw x2 Deific Fang x1. Ice Crystal x5 Sunspire Jewel x1. Agnak Carapace x2. Barroth Ridge x1 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Lava Nugget x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Paralysis Sac x1 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Stout Horn x1.

Guide ultimate pdf monster hunter 3

Fire Herb x5 Sunspire Jewel x1. Gracium x2 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Lightcrystal x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Ceadeus Coat x1. Ceadeus Shard x1. Lagombi Pelt x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Rath Cortex x2. Rathalos Shell x2 Sunspire Jewel x1. Fire Herb x4 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Barroth Cortex x1 Adamant Orb x1. Whetfish x5 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Poison Sac x1 Sunspire Jewel x1.

Zin Dragonhair x2 Alatreon Scute x2. Popfish x5 Lazurite Jewel x1. Nibelsnarf Shell x2 Sunspire Jewel x1. Plesio Shard x2 Adamant Orb x1. Machalite Ore x1 Adamant Orb x1. Nitroshroom x5 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Uragaan Ruby x1.

Diablos Carapace x2 Adamant Orb x1. Lrg Wyvern Stone x1 H. Shell Shocker x1. Immature Sponge x1 Sunspire Jewel x1. Uroktor Scale x2. Barroth Lash x1. Amber Tusks x2. Rathian Ruby x1 Lazurite Jewel x1. Isisium x2. Stoutbone x1 Sunspire Jewel x1. Flame Sac x2. Dragonfell Berry x2 Adamant Orb x1.

Deviljho Ripper x2 Miralis Fireclaw x1. Lagombi Claw x2. Deviljho Gem x1 G. Zinogre Carapace x1 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Monster Keenbone x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Jaggi Claw x1. Barroth Scalp x1. Jhen Shard x2. Monster Bone M x2 Sunspire Jewel x1. King Scarab x2 Sunspire Jewel x1. Adamant Orb x1 Alatreon Talon x2. Barioth Carapace x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Lagombi Fur x2 Sunspire Jewel x1. Uragaan Shard x2 Adamant Orb x1.

Uragaan Scute x1. Rathalos Wing x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Unknown Skull x2 Sunspire Jewel x1. Fine G. Brach Carapace x2. Lifepowder x2 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Immature Sponge x1. Dash Extract x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Chum-Chum Ticket x4. Golden Egg x2 G. Plesio Shard x1 Sunspire Jewel x1. Plesioth Head x1 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Lagiacrus Piel x1. Ceadeus Fur x1. Duram Shell x1 Adamant Orb x1. Duram Hardtail x3 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Flintstone x1. Strange Beak x1.

Small Goldenfish x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Chum-Chum Ticket x3. Durambolite x1. Gobul Lantern x2. Nibelsnarf Hide x1. Book of Combos 1 x1. Airweed x5 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Big Fin x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1.

Big Fin x5. Isisium x1. Vivid Feather x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Urag Carapace x2 Adamant Orb x1. Avian Stoutbone x2. Arzuros Brace x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Duram Mossplate x2 Adamant Orb x1. Deviljho Fang x2. Arzuros Cortex x3. Well-done Steak x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Field Horn x1 Sunspire Jewel x1. Spongy Hide x3 Bloodrun Jewel x1.

Raw Meat x2 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Commendation x1. Chum-Chum Ticket x1. Small Goldenfish x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Zin Electrofur x1 Lazurite Jewel x1. Imperial Frill x2. Heavy Mossplate x2. Rath Gleem x1 G. Rath Surspike x2. Kelbi Horn x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Barroth Lash x1 Adamant Orb x1. Plesio Shard x1 Adamant Orb x1. Zinogre Talon x2. Plesioth Head x1. Binoculars x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Altaroth Stomach x1. Barioth Spike x2 Alatreon Scute x1.

Gobul Fin x1 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Mystery Slime x1 Miralis Hellwing x1. Qurupeco Scale x1. Chum-Chum Ticket x2. Monster Bone L x1. Jaggi Hide x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Shock Trap x1 Sunspire Jewel x1. Hydro Hide x5. Iron Ore x2 Adamant Orb x1. Monster Bone S x2 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Peco Wing x1. Ancient Potion x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Lagi Shard x2. Rhenoplos Shell x1. Felvine x3 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Dazzling Fluid x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1.

Lazurite Jewel x1 Skypiercer x1. Quality Fin x5. Velvety Hide x1. Warm Pelt x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Agnaktor Scale x2 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Rath Gleem x1 Ghostly Quartz x3. Imperial Frill x2 Adamant Orb x1. Plesi Fin x1 A. Duram Hardtail x1 Adamant Orb x1. Qurupeco Feather x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Max Potion x2 Lazurite Jewel x1. Kelbi Horn x1 Aquaglow Jewel x1. Arzuros Cortex x2 Adamant Orb x1. Sushifish x1. Ceadeus Coat x2 Adamant Orb x1. Hard Mossplate x1. Zin Cortex x2 Adamant Orb x1.

Golden Egg x2 Adamant Orb x1.

Lazurite Jewel x1. Zin Hardhorn x2. Lagi Piel x2. Catalyst x2. Earth Dragongem x1 Adamant Orb x1. Lazurite Jewel x1 Miralis Fireback x2.

Lagia Hardhorn x1 Alatreon Plate x2. Pawprint Stamp x2 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Duramboros Tailcase x1 Bloodrun Jewel x1. Monster Bone M x1 Sunspire Jewel x1. Skills grant unique properties to your hunter—some skills simply raise your stats or protect you from status ailments while others can speed up your weapon sheathing.

Armor Skills Each piece of armor has a set of skills it can potentially bestow on you. Check out our skill list to see the vast array of skills that you can apply to your hunter.

Most armor pieces only give skill points toward a skill. You can check progress toward a skill. AND S. Moga Woods elcome to Moga Village!

This quaint fishing town serves as a base during your Monster Hunting adventures. While small, Moga has a wide array of features and attractions making it the perfect home for the enterprising Hunter.

In Moga Village, you can find facilities to improve your weapons and purchase new items, as well as a personal fishing fleet to send on their own adventures!

Make sure to constantly keep in touch with the Moga inhabitants! After you take a Quest, move to the Pier and press A to be on your way! You become very familiar with the Quest Counter and the Guild Sweetheart that works there over your Monster Hunter adventures. Talk to the Guild Sweetheart and choose your Quest to get started. The Canteen is a tiny kitchen run by the Itinerant Cook, a Felyne with ambitions of becoming a master chef.

At the Canteen, you can purchase food before every Quest that grants you various Felyne skills as well as increases your Health and Stamina. In the accompanying table you can find information on the following: The two ingredients chosen for a meal. Cooking Style: Stat Bonus: The stat bonus provided for eating the meal. You get larger Boosts as you reach higher difficulties. The kitchen upgrades when you reach High-Rank, and then again when you reach G-Rank. Added Skill: The skill added by the ingredient combo.

Some skills are always given while others are selected randomly from a pool, depending on whether the meal is from food or drinks.

The list of random skills is located in the Daily Skills section. Daily Skills Many of the Felyne skills you can earn are only granted randomly.

Also, certain skills are only available when you eat a meal with drinks and some are only available after reaching certain difficulties. The accompanying table provides information on the following: Skill Name: Name of the skill earned. Skills marked with 1 can only be earned at High-Rank difficulty while skills marked with 2 are only obtainable at G-Rank difficulty. The wise Village Chief is your main contact for new story developments in Moga Village.

Be sure to chat with him once and a while; you might learn something! Your House is where you store extra items and equipment. The Red Box in your room holds your stored items and equipment, so go there if you need to unload some materials or put on a new weapon.

If you want to gussy up the place, you can talk to the Chamberlyne and get some fancy decorations for display. The Armory is a little store where you can purchase weapons and armor with straight cash, no materials required. The Wyverian Artisan at the Smithy will quickly become one of your best pals, as you need to chat with him whenever you want to upgrade weapons or purchase new armor.

He can also create decorations to augment your skills and equip new attachments on your Bowguns! Be sure to chat with him whenever you defeat a new large monster to check out the possible equipment you can create. Traveling down this path leads to the Moga Woods, a free hunting area where you can hunt as long as you want without fear of losing zenny!

Killing enemies in Moga Woods earns you Resource points, which you can use to fulfill Village Requests, farm for new materials, and send out your Hunting Fleet.

Be sure to drop by the Moga Woods every once and a while. Take out some monsters and build up your Village! As you complete Village Quests, large monsters start to appear. This gives you the chance to hunt them without worrying about fainting. Check the Moga Forecast to see which monsters will be there and at what time of day.

Time of Day: Certain monsters are only found in Moga Woods at particular times of day. Also, the time of day determines the strength of the monsters.

The name of the large monster. Village Level: What Village level you need to reach before the monster unlocks. Unlock Requirement: What Quest or other action you need to complete before the monster appears in the woods. Rare Value: The value, in stars, of the Rare Good the monster drops. These drops are usually useful for trading with the Argosy Captain or using to enhance your crops.

The accompanying table provides the following information: The name of the monster. When you can find the monster. Large Monsters that appear during the Day and Night both have different drops, but some monsters can only be found at one time of day.

How many Resource points you are given for killing the monster. How many Resource points you are given for capturing the monster. What items you can possibly be rewarded after turning in a Hunt Report. Chance you have of receiving each possible reward. KILL pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt.

KILL pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt pt. This Ferry takes you to Tanzia Port, where you can embark on a new series of more difficult Quests. Tanzia Port is also where you can find the series of Arena Quests where you can participate in various Hunting training exercises. Be sure to head there whenever you receive a new Quest! This general store sells a variety of goods needed for your Hunting adventure. The Hunting Fleet is a series of boats that go on their own quests, independent of your hunts, and gather materials from all around the vast ocean.

Sending the Hunting Fleet on a journey requires spending some Resource points, but the materials they bring back are well worth it. In the accompanying table, you can find information on the following: Area Name: The area you are sending your Fleet.

How many Resource points you need to spend to send a Fleet ship on a journey. How many days that need to pass before your Fleet ship returns.

A day passes whenever you go on a Quest and return. Lvl Required: The level your Hunting Fleet ship needs to leave on a Quest. The item, as well as the chance you have of receiving each item. Certain items are only rewarded after the village is built up high enough. A indicates rewards for low-level village while B indicates rewards for high-level village. You can trade items with him to receive a wide array of unique and useful items. You can also trade items found in Moga Woods for other unique and valuable Rare Goods!

He also has items that can upgrade your Hunting Fleet and teach your Shakalaka friends new Dances. Check out the Moga Woods section for info on how to find all of the rare items. In the accompanying table, you can find the following information: The Route the Argosy needs to travel for the item to be available. The name of the item being traded for. The requirement to unlock the item.

In most cases, items are made available as you raise your Village Level. But in a few cases, you need to complete a specific Quest or all Quests! Talk to him to find out the latest happenings in the woods, such as new monsters that can be found there. He can also tell you about Requests from the villagers in town, which can be completed to upgrade your village!

In the table of Requests, you can find the following information: Request Name: Name of the Request. Unlock Requirements: How the Request is unlocked.

Generally this is through raising your village level, but it can also be done after completing certain Quests or filling other Requests. How many Resource points you need to turn in to complete the Request. What items and the amount you need to turn in the Request.

New Insect Box! A Field Trip? New Honey Box! Fluffy Mask Insecti-pride? You can find more information about the farm on the next page. In the accompanying table. If nothing is listed.

The earliest you can find the item. This is where you can grow your own materials. How many points the item is worth. Name of the item you can trade. Farmable Items and Success Rates Items in this table: They work on producing the item you select as long as you tell them to.

You can produce more goods at a time by adding some fertilizer. To start producing goods at the Farm. To start farming you must spend Resources.

The Box used to farm an item—Field. Each of these functions is unlocked shortly after beginning the game. Upgrading the Farm As you progress through the game. Name of the item. This list shows each item that can be farmed. Keeping up with your Farm is important for becoming a master hunter!

Farm Functions The Farm can produce four kinds of materials: Cost in Resource points to cultivate the item for one day. You start out with only a single Felyne farmer. Higher level Boxes can produce items for longer. Fertilizers help you make more items at a lower Resource cost. Different items cost different Resources—the more valuable the item.

Percentage chance the item will successfully be cultivated. If an item fails. Poogie Alongside your Felyne farmers. Three of these are available by default. Approach Poogie and press the A button to interact with him. Wait for the exclamation point to appear. Before he becomes truly yours. You can also change Poogie into one of several different outfits.

Check this to change your equipment and store items. Much like the Moga Woods Armory. Here is where you can set up Quests for yourself and everyone playing in multiplayer. Much like the Canteen in Moga. More info on the Arena is found in the Arena section. The Ferry takes you back to Moga Woods. The Smithy in Tanzia lets you buy and upgrade weapons and armor without needing to travel back to Moga Village.

Here you can set up Arena Quests. Check here when you reach HR2 and HR3 to see what new items they stock. When you interact with the Aptonoth. This is where you need to go to depart on a Quest from Tanzia Port. This Felyne gives you game tips and tells you about various things going on in the MH3U world. There are several sets of armor that can only be obtained here. Much like the Market in Moga Village.

Use this to save the game. The Quests other players buy show up on the Quest Board. Tanzia Port Tanzia Port is a bustling hub where you can meet up with players for multiplayer hunts as well as take advantage of several unique features not normally available in Moga Woods.

Getting certain amounts of StreetPasses might entitle you to a reward! More info on her can be found in the Granny Go-To section. Functions similarly to the Blue Item Box in your House. In Tanzia. This Felyne activates and manages your StreetPass data. The Guildmaster also occasionally hooks you up with VE Tickets.

In the Arena. In this section. The items she sells change every day but follow one of four patterns: Be sure to check her wares often to see what items she has in stock. Some Arena Quests can be played with other Hunters. Current Res Hi. Endless Oxygen. Razor Sharp. Double Stun. Speed Sharpening. Windproof Attack Up S. Weakness Exploit.

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Knockout King. Stam Recov Up. Items Usable Items Gathering Items Over the course of your Monster Hunter adventure you will find thousands of items of various types including insects. These items are generally purchased at the store. Ore is used mostly for creating equipment. Recovery Items There are several items that exist only to keep you alive and fighting. If your Sharpness level decreases two or more times or is bouncing more often than it used to against a monster.

To make a Steak. If so.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Official Strategy E-Guide

Potions restore both red and green life. The best Steak you can make is a WellDone Steak. Gathering bugs serves many purposes. Fish are mostly used to create ammunition. Generally these veins are found in dark. This damage is very low.

Harpooned Fish parts are used mostly for equipment. The normal Horn alerts enemies. Items Stat Boosting Items There are many items that boost your stats. Use the two bombs in tandem to create a massive chain explosion! Knock back one of these to keep fit and able to run around the Tundra for days. Combat Items Many items give you added combat prowess. The Boomerang angles upwards.

Small Barrel Bombs automatically detonate after a few seconds. Moga Village shop. These items are usually strong. Shock Traps set up quickly. There are also horns that heal any allies in an area or even increase their attack for a limited time! Take one of these when you see a monster to take less damage while you figure out their attacks. These Shakalaka allies have a variety of abilities they use to support you through High-Rank missions and beyond.

You are then presented a screen with the following options: This gives you two allies to take on Quests! To interact with one of your Shakalaka pals. Select Abilities This option allows you to set a Shakalaka ability onto a Mask. You them both stronger! Be sure to select this option to ensure they are there when you go on a Quest! By default. Different Masks give the Shakalakas brand new abilities. Use skills to add an Elemental attribute to their attack or give them the ability to focus only on gathering.

Leveling up a Shakalaka gives them access to new abilities and also increases their other stats. The only way they can get special attack values is by equipping an ability that grants them. Stamina This is the maximum Stamina the Shakalaka has at the beginning of a mission. The following explains the features found on this screen: When you select View Stats. Different Dances consume different amounts of Stamina. Cha-Cha and Kayamba are equipped with two separate Dances.

Recovery changes depending on which Mask the Shakalaka has equipped. Dances At all times. The more Health they have. Stamina is consumed whenever the Shakalaka Dances and is restored over time.

This is a list of the possible Dance Effects the Shakalaka can perform with their equipped Dances.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Official Strategy E-Guide | Sword | Leisure

Pick two of the available Dances to create a table of possible effects. A visual representation of how close the two Shakalakas are as friends. When combined. Mastery determines what bonuses are given by a Mask. Ping's Dex is pretty great for viewing weapon paths aswell as armor and drops. I've found one for MH4G but it's all in Japanese: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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