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Japanese proverb. Introduction. Makkura is a series of adventures for Kuro, but it is also more than that. As we mentioned in the Core Rulebook, Kurohas been. folder-parent, Parent Directory. folder, Kuro - Last Stop, file, Kuro - soundofheaven.info, , KB. file, soundofheaven.info, . DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download [Cb] Kuro Rpg Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now. Ads by Amazon · Book of Life.

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Kuro is the core rulebook of a new near-future game setting influenced by unremitting Japanese horror. It is available for purchase in PDF now. [Cb] Kuro Rpg - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Kuro (english) - I lost Miko during the Kuro incident. She was driving DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!.

A fantastic building can then appear out of nowhere. Kuro is the core rulebook of a new near-future game setting influenced by unremitting Japanese horror. With the help of gentle. Kuro Tensei. But one thing is certain:

Reviews 1. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Nakorn S January 09, 3: Do you have a timeline for KURO core rulebook in print or print-on-demand please? Lowell F January 25, 4: Lowell F October 11, 2: Jay W April 05, 5: Lowell F April 04, 4: So glad to see this amazing game back up. Do you think you'll put up a Print on Demand version? I've been hunting for a hard copy for a couple of years. I know its been OOP and the previous publisher never replied to questions about that.

Yes, we will. But we have modify all the lay out again. It takes time. Nakorn S April 27, 9: You guys are the BEST! Thank you so much for this. We fans in Thailand were so sad when C7 dropped the game. We are super glad it will be in print again.

David S. So glad to see Kuro is available again! This game is very unique, there should be more Japanese-style horror RPGs! Packed full of plot hooks, ideas, and references see if you can spot the Ghostbusters homage , this book is very enjoyable to read throu [ See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale.

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To use them, you must activate your Adobe Reader software. It is useless to look for a parking space or a hotel room with the number 4. Those who have not yet had such encounters themselves do their best to dismiss the reports. Now Japan can only count on its own resources in order to subsist.

The rest silently watch with growing dread the strange occurrences that keep happening across the archipelago. The Kuro Incident somehow opened the door to strange. Even in Everybody has Shinto lucky charms at home. But there is still no answer forthcoming. Most of these superstitions are concerned with that most important of taboos: When these people die. They do not see this as a coincidence. This means that salt. In such an oppressive environment. So it is no surprise that water is often seen as a bad omen.

In fact. Some claim that they are being harassed by the dead. It is ridiculous to believe that the Yokai. They wander the earth. These people regularly discuss the Kamikaze. These are pure spirits. Water Since Japan is surrounded by a somewhat unpredictable sea. Such people might simply be superstitious. In a hyper-technological society smothered by its own divisions and asphyxiated by the other countries. Who can believe that the nuclear missile launched by the Panasiatic Federation was not simply stopped thanks to an advanced defence system?

The media maintains a complicit silence on subject of the supernatural. They keep shopping at Shibuya like they have always done or clubbing by night to forget everyday worries. They have come to believe that instead.

Many believe some souls can become unclean through blood. For the Shinto adherent. Several natural disasters are associated with it. It is only natural after an absence of years. In an atmosphere of intimidation and deprivation. Why the spirits would have again protected Japan after centuries of absence. Who should the Japanese believe? Those claiming that foreign forces are testing chemicals on the inhabitants. Convinced that they are victims of hallucinations or too disturbed to speak up freely.

Is this madness or reality? No one can truly say. Few options seem very attractive. The few witnesses to supernatural events are ashamed to speak of them. The many exorcists in Shin-Edo can try and explain that evil spirits have followed the flow of the Kamikaze. With the blockade often visible from the shore.

They do not hesitate to approach people in the street or through pirated sites to proclaim their message. Even with the indifference of the man in the street. Many cults and factions have become quick to capitalise on these fears. The alternative. Some more or less credible testimonies speak of small units of soldiers being seen on the streets of Shin-Edo.

They remain a hidden and incomprehensible menace.

It is run by Otani Kinzo. Fortean Japan has a gallery of virtual classified ads through which some small groups trade codes and some offer much more accurate information. Very intelligent and discreet.

Kuro Tensei | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Some habits have changed energy consumption. A small island of truth Amid this proliferation of unexplained phenomena and the pressures of the blockade. As for humanity. The more pessimistic ones think that all this is due to government experiments running amok.

The Soldiers of Mononoke Company Amid the multiple urban legends appearing in the esoteric circles. Man has not become a chromed machine. Fortean Japan One of the rare downloadable newspapers available on the net. But one thing is certain: For normal people. Numerous technological advances have simply made the rich richer. More importantly.

Often the victims of nightmares. Wearing ultra-advanced exoskeletons and full helmets with red goggles masking their features. Some think this Mononoke Company is under government orders. This term encompasses all computer processors made of nanofiberoptics cables some microns thick carrying light impulses. Like all ordinary people. Already used to castes based on aristocratic origins. Some new teeth. Already suffering from an inexorable birth decrease. School uniforms are plainer and less fetishised.

The Genocracy Unfortunately. Women wishing to stay at home and raise children for life are rare. Having been anticipated for years. A new aristocracy has appeared. Japanese women have climbed the steps of the great enterprises and have carved a place in every domain as the equals of their male counterpoints. The man on the street can only imagine what such lives are Microphotonics Faced with the limits of printed circuits.

They live in homes the size of a skyscraper. In comparison. These gave way to Microphotonics at the beginning of the s. To top it all. Obviously this evolution of family and gender roles has revolutionised relations between men and women. Even if they wish it. No longer wishing to be limited to the role of mothers. There is no longer any position. Japan further divided itself with the arrival of biotechnology. Using and abusing this power.

Women and family For some time. The Genocrats are not those you see inside stained-glassed limos on the streets of ShinEdo. The wealthy can now heal minor diseases. They are always within their high-security towers.

These are transparent and extremely flexible polymer sheets the size of a thick piece of paper. In a society where microphotonics is at the base of everything.

Long cables are no longer necessary to connect computers to retrieve data. Thanks to a simple data exchange. We no longer have to find a way to enter a virtual world. Let us not forget augmented reality. Obviously the Internet took advantage of all these many technological advances and became even more interactive.

Personal pages and amateur blogs have all. The only things as ubiquitous as the Internet are the holograms. The most advanced computers are made of bioluminic processors based on moving plasma.

These allow you to display the data or movies. Firearms are still used. Augmented Reality and Holograms Now that cities are thoroughly crisscrossed with a network of optic ports and most inhabitants always carry a Pod.

You just send a simple laser signal. Laser and Optic Network Lasers have become a simple means of carrying information through light impulses. A fantastic building can then appear out of nowhere. Magnetic Weapons Nanomagnets More efficient and often less lethal than traditional guns. While a hologram is always visible. Besides these enhanced visors. There are no more phone booths.

[Cb71701] Kuro Rpg

Numerous optical ports are scattered through town allowing the inhabitants to communicate. As a simple image posted on a wall. Usually equipped with tactile holographic keyboards projected on the ground.

Many people play games that require them to walk around the real world viewing the augmented reality areas which offer opportunities for points. People still keep journals online. Very different from the one we know today.

The Pod is used as an intermediary. With such a system it is possible to relive all that a person has recorded thereon.

Every home appliance has photonic nanoprocessors. All it takes is for you to place it on your head and run a movie made by some other squid in you pod. Squids are more advanced. When you feel the inflicted pain. A luminous flash takes a snapshot of their eye in a microsecond. The Jellyfish are the cheaper version and are often quite slow.

Retina scanners are everywhere in the capital. It is much like an enhanced mouse. With a Squid everything seems feels real: Whether it is a real video like a night spent with a call-girl or a virtual game.

Considered to be dangerous and too addictive to their users. This technology is ubiquitous. As you might imagine. Everything is made to react to the information you carry on your Pod or your retina. Unfortunately Squids can have detrimental side effects. The gigantic plasma screen in your living room actually nothing. Have you ever dreamed of having an imaginary friend. Your fridge can even tell you its contents. This new virtual world is often named the NeoWeb to distinguish it from its heterogeneous and maze-like ancestor.

Most people assume these have simply been blocked. Squids are forbidden practically everywhere in the Squids and Jellyfishes Named for their similar textures to the homonymous marine creatures soft and squishy these soft hats allow an individual to send and receive information with simple brain impulses All TV programmes are now carried by the optic networks.

Nothing could be simpler. These have replaced most bricks and mortar shops. An internal programmer allows it to appear when you want it. So there is no need to be surprised to be personally addressed by a hologram praising the latest Mitsubishi convertible. New drugs Yakuza. Japan made large-scale advances from its research. With squid having become illegal. Japan allows labs to experiment widely with medical goals.

Pdf kuro rpg

While the Western countries have done their best to follow suit. Particularly numerous and ever changing in the last few years. Organ Implants Coming from non-sentient clones grown in vats. Most virtual games use an enhanced version of augmented reality. Scientists no longer play at being God when they can do it professionally. If you want to play in the subway or in a coffee shop. To avoid any rejections. Drugs available in the Japanese market include Androspleen with its effects on muscle tissues.

Several biological implants are available. Almost every part of the human body can now be replaced and even improved upon. Every day there is a new kind of technological guerrilla. Jellyfish have become the standard computer entertainment interface. While Europe and the USA were still questioning the use of cloning and stem cells. Having cast aside all religion-derived ethical laws.

Thus when you play Mario Land Omega. The vat-grown natural implant is not available to everyone. Japan has seen its population divided between those with access to the most advanced technologies. Many members of the Genocracy have totally remade their bodies and only their brain remains from birth as an original organ. It has become common practice for Genocrats to each own private lab rooms filled with vats.

The mind of the user does not enter a computer. Besides implanting some natural teeth to avoid ceramic implant. Without the same sensitivity options. In very poor areas. They are ideal for those looking to keep on living in a new body. Replication and Eugenics Cloning. In addition. Why have children if you can duplicate yourself forever? You can live all new sensations in an Eko Sauna neuromassage centre. Thus a woman often sacrifices her right to a baby to the benefit of more wealthy or less lucky people that are able to present her with a comfortable income.

Married women are usually given the right to have one child. Even today Bioports are almost the stuff of urban legends to the majority of the population. Eko Sauna — 8 centres across Shin-Edo! Check our site to make a direct appointment To digitise your memories and transfer them to a new body.

For those who happen. There is nothing like it for a virtual holiday. Still exceedingly expensive and used only by Special Forces. For many years. All of these new obligations and attitudes towards human reproduction are yet another blow to the poor birth rate of what is an ageing country.

With the advent of Microphotonics and the numerous biotechnological discoveries. The government authorises a specific number of births every year to stabilise resources and control birth according to punctilious family criteria. Perfect babies. These are veritable human clones with an advanced photonic brain capable of receiving a whole digitised lifetime. With human reproduction in decline. Forced abortions are commonplace. Artificial wombs are used. All without any wire whatsoever.

Birth control laws are very strict in Japan and not every woman is authorised to give birth. The newborn is then delivered to its Genocratic owners. If you prefer something more active. Bioports Grafting brain cells into microprocessors were just the first steps towards the first Bioports.

It is then possible to remotely control the opening of doors. With the help of gentle. Care is taken to move the child very far away. So do not expect to make use of that privilege if your family has congenital defects or other hereditary diseases. From a surgeon capable of operating microscopically. Nanotechnology Nanotechnology is a form of technology so small it is capable of acting directly at the level of atoms or cells.

These nanosensors can also be present in clothing. They are nanochips implanted in brain or other cells and were designed to fight certain deficiencies. Bioports are seen as the future of biotechnology. The very epitome of nanotech. Similar microscopic sensors are now present in many objects and buildings. A variant of nanochips and nansensors are the more specialised Brain Chips and Cell Chips. Thus Brain Chips are usually used to compensate for irreversible brain damage.

This new technology has brought impossible to stain clothing. Cell Chips intervene at a cellular level to alter hormonal secretions. Some are used for tracking. By looking at your watch-monitor you can know. The most fortunate or wealthy have their bodies filled with such detectors.

Being particularly expensive. All foodstuffs manufactured in our laboratories are hypo-allergenic and adapted to bring you all of your daily needs. Some can create serums or increase hormone levels if need be to help this process.

Generally used by policemen or coroners to carry out autopsies or DNA analysis at a crime scene. Flexible Polymers and Biomaterials Being able to combine atoms thanks to the advances in nanotechnology was a major step forward towards creating new materials. These are a cunning combination of biotech and nanotech products.

Rich in vitamins and minerals. Often closely related to biotechnology and robotics. With one simple red rationing coupon you can get six boxes of our new product: Coming soon. The Shin-Edo subway is equipped with many sensors designed to prevent fires and chemical or bacteriological attacks. They never have a humanoid shape. It goes without saying that these luxury androids are highly sought after by hostess houses and prostitution networks. The most expensive.

They are able to answer basic questions directly connected to their function and pre-programmed into their plasma brains. It is even possible to find escort girls with a perfect poise who feel almost human. While they are often simply toys for children. They were given human shape so that users were not surrounded by what is seen as cold. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

The programming of these models is often more advanced. Skin texture. They are hardly ever seen on the streets and many Japanese do not even believe that they exist. Time to die. Only visible to infrared devices. Puppetbots are little robots designed to replace real pets. Always at the forefront of robotics technology.

The first category is the simplest. While they have a human shape. All these robots are the result of the most recent discoveries in microphotonics.

New buildings and urban infrastructure. The second category is androids. The fourth and final category is the most recent development. They are everywhere in law enforcement. Nanotech also allowed the creation of flexible polymers and objects with shape memory: Manufactured with fibres sensitive to the light spectrum.

There are currently four main types of androids. All those moments will be lost in time. These are human clones. Some are extravagant copies of pets dog or cat. Let uss not forget the epitome of current biomaterial research: Rather than being an amputee with a mechanical leg.

They are powered by nanobatteries that are rechargeable through solar. Under very strict control. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate.

Artificials are often used in dangerous jobs exposure to toxic products. These new materials have also allowed architects and designers to create buildings and objects in previously impossible shapes and patterns.

Livestock farming has not escaped these principles. The last word in robotic biotech. This android will not only do your home chores and repair you vehicle. Modern homes are full of the devices and technologies mentioned above. Prosthetics Basically. It has led to the development of government hydroponic farms.

Far from being mere robotic arms. Huge farms placed on the sea bed each year replicate thousands of tuna or salmon in batches destined for the food industry and restaurants. On a smaller scale. He can also massage you after a bath. Exoskeletons are directly based on nanotech and robotic innovations and their appearance ranges from huge robots to simple suits filled with microscopic chips.

The advent of new materials. Instead of subscribing to a virtual speed-dating programme or stalking the escort bars in Kabukicho. What are you waiting for to acquire the perfect lover? Apollo is a Fuji Corp. Housing Japan has not grown any larger and. With a small supplement. If they had not. Environmental Technology Technological advances had an obvious impact in the areas of environment. A subtle mix of robotics. They are often stronger and hardier. Kaijin ward. Vocal commands.

They are constructed in a lab and. As for the rest. Biomechanical prosthetics Biomechanics are used as replacements for damaged limbs. A simple vocal command opens your shutters. A product of Chinese biotech and research. Japan has done all it could to develop its public transportation. At the time. A secret research programme was set up some fifteen years ago.

The set-up of an international moon base. Vehicles now all have hybrid engines. This base was designed to house a shuttle with the purpose of embarking colonists for Mars. Before China and Japan fell out. We should also not forget the no longer since the Kuro Incident satellite-controlled expressways. Such items include the spectral recognition visor. Japan voluntarily chose to break its partnership with NASA and supported China with its more generous funding.

Oni-detecting nanosensors and consecrated salt grenades. Occultech is a modern take on artefacts supposed to fight malignant creatures. A subtle mix of Shinto rituals. Ecology is the central concern for most governments as there is still no miracle solution in sight.

It is very often found in the backrooms of small shops in ShinEdo. Despite many advances in the last forty years. This continued offworld political and economic rivalry with Japan has certainly been part of the reason why the blockade has lasted for so long after the Kuro Incident.

So for example. Many of the Tycho Children have trained for years for the forthcoming colonization of Mars.

Japanese horror as a RPG: A review of Kuro – Makkura

As for energy. Attempts to heal the ozone layer through atmospheric processors have been unsuccessful. Thanks to their research. Recovery and recycling have become widespread in Japan. Space Even a thousand mile journey begins with a single step.

Europe and the United States. Taoist beliefs. Japanese researchers chose. Determined to be first on Mars. Vat born.

Pdf kuro rpg

Fourteen androids are now in charge of exploring the area and preparing for the coming of the Tycho Children. Others are trying to supply those who have chosen to fight the spirit world with the weapons that they need. And let us not forget those numerous healers using traditional ointments together with nanotech serums. Do not hesitate to call on a true specialist of the invisible world. What was once a combination of traditional beliefs. Special rates for Naturals.

It all depends on your point of view. Fingernails or locks of hair under your pillow? A friend dead of a kanashibari or heart attack?

Rpg pdf kuro

A drowned girlfriend has come back to haunt you? All this may be the work of a yosei or a bakemono seeking to harm you. Shinjuku-ku Jobutsu Agency Many coroners thus sell bullets and metal objects like pieces of the chassis from car accidents extracted from the corpses that they examine. The same goes for katanas and knives still soiled with the blood of their victims.

Generally speaking. Many of these traders do not hesitate to loot private collections. Ofuda pieces of paper filled with protection formulae now exist as projected images or prayers written in a flexible screen. Jobutsu agency is here to help you. Some are making money from gullible people convinced that the hereafter is about to invade the real world. In the wake of the Kuro Incident. In time this megalopolis lost the title of the most populous city in the world to Mexico City.

Despite this resolve. United under their Emperor. The shock of the Kuro Incident was so profound that a new era was proclaimed.

Cold fish. Other than this. Whether transportation or communication. The country had already been feeling isolated by the time of the Kuro Incident. Shin-Edo is a state of the art high tech conglomeration. They do all of this proudly so that they can stand strong together. While some Japanese embrace this proclamation.

Rpg pdf kuro

While most Japanese cities are made up of wards. Japan remains an aging. The special wards have The relentless birth rate decrease. With the advent of the photonic network. Toshima and Taito. Baptised the Yamanote Evolve YE. Shinto priests rub shoulders with surveillance androids. From the skyscrapers in Shinjuku and the giant holograms in Roppongi.

The rest of the original over-ground and subway lines were simply decommissioned. Transportation After earthquakes damaged the subway. It is a sprawling. The rail network thus currently resembles a veritable spider web made of different metallic wires. Over this very real megalopolis another one is superimposed. A small sushi restaurant. There are automatic vending machines for everything. The profusion of buildings designed by virtuoso architects.

Shin-Edo is an astounding mix of modernity and traditionalism. Even in the age of microphotonics. Shin-Edo has beencovered in a cloak of lights and technology. A vast and labyrinthine city. No-one can really find their way in Shin-Edo. In a leisurely drive off the beaten path. The relative shelter offered by the subways and Architecture and the Virtual City Long before Even if you wisely keep your glasses in your pocket.

Beforehand it was a collection of neighbouring administrations organising the individual wards. Roads have multiplied. As time passed. In time this impression became even more concrete. This combined with the fact that each of the special wards is further divided into a hundred different quarters makes Shin-Edo far more of a hive of towns huddled together rather than a single city. Hundreds of images are transferred by the optical ports of the stores and advertisement panels to your Pod so that they are superimposed over your normal vision.

While some international information. These Yakuza federations deal in Travel via the Yamanote Evolve is quick and inexpensive. Possible solutions include the foreign or private satellites previously used by Japan became eye transplants. An optical desk in every subway station connects your identity to your ticket. While public transportation is still the preferred means of moving around for the inhabitants of Shin-Edo. The Japanese respect for the law has been further reinforced by the abundant retinal scanners that monitor their every activity outside of their homes.

Despite its speed. Like the city itself. This communications breakdown goes both ways. While the highest towers obviously remain inaccessible to most travellers. You might even be scanned by your own gantai when you make a phone call. In such environment. Security The subtle presence of the security forces is ubiquitous throughout the city centre complex.

In order to keep all roads safe. For the most part. One side effect of the international blockade is that all of seedy clinics in the Shinjuku quarter. Began in Even if the citizens of Japan are accustomed to dealing respectfully with the law enforcement authorities. It also passes through multiple recreation complexes and shopping centres with many stations actually having been inside these high rise buildings.

Almost everything has a scanner which will quickly zap your retina with a laser flash to check your identity. Japanese society remains very law abiding and you have as much chance of finding you credit card in a police station if you have lost it as you would being able to carry a heavy suitcase filled with wads of cash to the reception in your hotel without a care in the world.

Of course. Small police posts are placed every metres and clusters of miniaturised cameras are camped in numerous strategic places. While it is possible to set a vehicle to manual and accelerate beyond the speed limit. Only a tiny fraction of Shin-Edo remains unaffected by these spontaneous power and information blackouts. It is easy to imagine what some inhabitants in the poorer or more haunted quarters feel when the public lighting and the neon signs go off. Even the coasts of the islands are covered in tetrapods.

Although designed to withstand earthquakes. An optical component can be recycled some times before being completely destroyed. Vast and efficient. Some time ago these organisations. It disrupted the power relay centres. Power Even though the Kuro Incident protected Japan by making the second nuclear missile vanish inexplicably into thin air.

When you activate your Pod. Inagawakai or Sumyoshi-gumi federations. The high demographic density turned the Japanese landscape into a permanent construction site. Now LED light bulbs are ubiquitous. Many dams were placed in riverbeds and concrete walls on the sides of mountains to prevent the landslides caused by deforestation or floods.

The Kuro Incident also caused a wave of secondary effects across the Shin-Edo power grid. The most immediate effect of this blackout was collision of two airliners as they took off from Haneda airport. At such times. Looking like simple metal boxes wrapped up with crystals and greenish optic fibres.

Many neighbourhoods regularly find themselves in the dark. They can truly be found everywhere. All everyday objects. Environmental issues Victimised by volcanic eruptions. Their subsequent crash led to the loss of hundreds of lives on the ground in addition to the loss of passengers aboard the aircraft.

In the last half century. Some claim it is even possible to do the same with human organs. These are now mostly state owned fields and farms. Often enhanced with a mixture of biotech and nanotech paid for from the proceeds of their criminal ventures. If delinquency and gangs have always been present in society. The multiplication of strange events.

They are still deciding what to do with these new arrivals. In the meantime. Like every metropolis in Japan. Besides these leisure activities. Despite attempts to reconstruct the high atmosphere with the help It is important to be aware of the notion of rank or Kaiso. From the outside it seems these places. With the blockade in place for six months now.

Despite Meanwhile. Rooms once filled with Pachinkos. The government. Other working class lodgings are nothing. In some corners. This reality has its origins in the frequent earthquakes. Each one of these quarters is part of one of the special wards that cut through the city like a jigsaw puzzle. Some would even say that the population tries to forget this dark time by drowning in games and gambling. Woe to the natural who ventures into a luxurious palace in the first floor of the Green-Dori building.

Popular quarters of Shin-Edo Sports. Despite the efforts of the state to fulfil the needs of the population by itself and to resort less to imports.

Shin-Edo still suffers from meteorological this. These ranks are classed from 0 homeless to 6 Genocracy and are recorded in your identity profile and thus obvious to the various retinal scan devices. The growing number of recreation places across the whole city is proof of this. The Japanese society. Often Shin-Edo goes straight from open certain doors and possess certain rights. Bloodlines and the hottest weather to a devastating rainy season without any working with or in close proximity with the dead has already warning.

Who knows? Maybe next it will be entire cities which will be left without power? And then little by little. Since the Kuro Incident. While the inhabitants of Shin-Edo keep frequenting the fashion shops as before.

Soon private factories will be appropriated by the state. Security androids would soon remind him where he came from and what his true place in society is. Akasaka is occupied by the huge buildings of the biggest laboratories in the country. Belonging to a score of companies distinguished by their different colours. Whether it is FujiLab. Sakurazawa Zen: Bearing the name of the inventor of Macrobiotic Zen. Made up mostly of gurentai gangs of thugs usually recruited from among the gangs roaming the big shopping centres in the Minato Ward.

A stocky. Since the blockade. Akasaka is home to many luxury hotels as well as several embassies. Chinese and British embassies remain deserted and many homeless squat there. Primarily charged with extorting funds from company executives through blackmail and threats. Following the Kuro Incident. Together with these business centres. Waste Management Company: Behind this company dedicated to the recycling of waste from prosthetic factories is a Yakuza group belonging to the Inagawa-kai federation.

Since the economic fall of several large corporations. For a few yen. For instance. Only the hope that diplomacy will manage to bring an end to the blockade allows many companies to continue doing business. Every skyscraper seems to challenge the next in its architecture and the way it shows the logo of the company inside.

The restaurant beside the Capsule Inn hotel. This is a stick that supposedly keeps demons away. EdoCorp or Grey Skies Zabai.

The Waste Management Company is run by Mr. They would rather that than suffer the shame of poverty the way those like me must. These establishments are renowned for highlighting healthy eating. The blockade caused considerable economic disruption. Oshawa Michio. Although smaller than international corporations. The loss of important financial resources. It is said that the inventor of Macrobiotic Zen received a revelation at the age of 18 and became a prophet with the ability of designing diets capable of overcoming any affliction.

Run by discrete businessmen.