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When getting the book Grammar Scan By Michael Swan, David Baker by online, you can read them anywhere you are. Yeah, also you are in the train, bus. MICHAEL SWAN DAVID BAKER Grammar Scan Diagnostic tests for Practical English Usage Third Edition OXF ORD. Understanding .. Grammar Scan includes diagnostic tests at Upper-Intermediate (29 tests), Advanced (29 tests) Grammar Scan Answer Key .pdf.

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Documents Similar To Grammar Scan Answer Key. Practice makes perfect - Intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners - 2nd Edition. grammar scan - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. DOWNLOAD PDF Oxford Practice Grammar: Basic: with Answer Key · Read more Grammar Scan: Diagnostic Tests for Practical English Usage · Read more.

He's the oldest athlete ever to win an Olympic gold medal. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Can you play the piano? The food is ready and the drinks are ready. For instance, to find out how much you know about the use of passives:

My sister in law has agreed to baby sit so that we can go to next week's Scotland France rugby match. HEAD 0 F. NONE 0 B.

.pdf grammar scan

COME 0 H. LOSE 0 I. WON 0 E. Use each word just once. Replace the verb control with another verb, if you think it's being used incorrectly. Make the dog leave the bedroom. Replace the word open with another word, if you think it's being used incorrectly. You look tired. I need to change my TV. It didn't work very well recently. It hasn't worked very well recently.

It hasn't been working very well recently. That man has been standing at the bus stop all day. For years the castle has stood on the hill above the village. What would you like to drink? What will you drink? Will you have some more wine? Won't you have some more wine? J 3 Right or wrong? Will you come this way, please? Would you come this way, please? Come this way, would you? J 4 Which replies can be used correctly?

Scan .pdf grammar

We went on a cruise last month. D 5 Which question tag s can end the sentence? Everybody thought that she was clever. That she was clever was thought by everybody. It was thought by everybody that she was clever. J 8 Right or wrong? We believe that he Is dangerous. We believe him to be dangerous. He is believed to be dangerous. They say that he is dangerous. They say him to be dangerous. He is said to be dangerous. J 9 Tell. He was made them everything. If it's wrong. I didn't believe the girl's story.

I can't remember the street's name. I'm afraid the house's roofis leaking. It looks like the dog's leg is broken. I could only get seats at the theatre's back. The plan's importance is clear to everyone. The train's arrival was delayed by an hour. We're expecting Rewrite them as full sentences, with the corred articles inserted.

Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Cambridge Academic English - B1. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Enquiries concerning reproduction outside the scope of the above should be sent to the EIl' Rights Department, Oxford University Press, at the address above You must not circulate this book in any other binding or cover and you must lmpose this same condition on anyacquirer Any websites referred to in this publication are in the public domain and their addresses are provided by Oxford University Press for information only.

Using the tests You can use these tests to check your knowledge of a particular area of grammar or usage. For instance, to find out how much you know about the use of passives: Levels You don't need to choose the same level for all the tests. Don't get obsessed with correctness; otherwise you will end up just learning grammar instead of learning English.

Two important notes for teachers 1. They are not appropriate tools for such purposes, and we should be sorry if our book was used in these ways. Contents 1 verb forms and their names 1 What is another name for progressive? How long has this work been being done? She will be being interviewed tomorrow morning.

J 8 In the text, find one modal verb, one infinitive, one passive verb and one third-person singular form. What have you done with that book that I was looking at when you arrived? Correct the ones that are wrong. I'm siting at the back of the train. He's travelling this week.

Is this train stoping in Birmingham? L--J D. She's showing the new design to her manager. L--J E. I'm hopping she'll arrive on time. L--J F. My sister is always beattiog me at tennis. It's beginning to rain. L--J H. We're developping a new product. L--J 3 Say the words aloud. One word in each list has a different vowel sound. Which word?

Scan .pdf grammar

What are frogs usually eating? The kettle bolls. I'm playing tennis every Wednesday. Alice works for an insurance company. Look - it snows! Fred works as a waiter. Fred is working as a waiter. Why do you work so hard? My dishwasher doesn't work.

My dishwasher isn't working. My dishwasher won't start 0 8 Right or wrong? I'm lildng this wine very much.

L--J B. Of course I'm believing you! L--J C. I'm knowing her very well. Excuse me. How do I get to the station? First I take a bowl and break two eggs into it. First I'm taking a bowl and am breaking two eggs into it. How long do you know her?

Remember to phone me when you arrive.

Do you see those clouds? It'll rain. It's going to rain. His train will arrive at His train arrives at The summer term starts on April lOth. The summer term will start on April lOth. The roads are icy. Be careful while you're driving home tomorrow. Be careful while you'll be driving home tomorrow. I payed him in cash. I'm afraid I've hit your car.

She learnt it. The hot water pipes burst last night. I've never rode a horse before. She's never flown in a helicopter before. The film begun ten minutes ago. I've forgot my keys. She realised she had went the wrong way. The horse has fell at the first fence. They flew to Argentina on Sunday.

He lied in his bed all morning. He was hopeing to leave school next year. They've been sailing and canoeing. She's been lying.

I think he's been dying his hair. He was offerring to help with the gardening. The police were preventing people from entering the building.

The horse was gallopping away from the field. Upper Intermediate. Andy has won a big prize! My friends helped me a lot since I lost my job. My friends have helped me a lot since I lost my job. How long are you here for? How long were you here for? How long have you been here for?

She's been working there I asked Anne to call me at Did she phone today? I haven't heard from Bill since yesterday.

grammar scan

Has he phoned today? Why have not you booked your holiday yet? Why haven't you booked your holiday yet? Why have you not booked your holiday yet? I've been playing a lot of tennis recently. L--I B. I've played tennis three times this week. How long did you know her?

How long have you known her? How long have you been knowing her? Once upon a time, a beautiful young girl has lived in a forest with her grandmother. AJ1 A. I have to go now. I've got to go now. L--I C. I must go now. You must do your homework before you watch TV, 0 B. You are to do your homework before you watch TV, 0 C. You must have tea with us before you go home. You are to have tea with us before you go home. I did never believe you were lying.

She thinks I don't love her, but I love her. My wife loves dancing Are you having Has your sister got a car? Have you got a credit card? It's important travelling abroad. I'm going to A.

J my hair cut this afternoon. Can I have some more tea, please? Could I have some more tea, please? I help you? What shall we do tomorrow? She be at home. I'll phone home and find out. He could borrow my car if he'd asked. J 6 Which replies can be used?

Has anyone seen Susan?

Grammar Scan: Answer Key - PDF Free Download

I may be going to london tomorrow. I might be going to London tomorrow. We don't know. D 8 Which expression s can end the sentence? She lives in France; that's why When I was young, people smoke in the office. L--J 2 A host is greeting his guests. Which is the best way to complete the sentence? Thanks for coming, Mary. And you Mary's husband. I've heard a lot about you. Liverpool should win the cup this year. I think Liverpool will definitely win. I think Liverpool will very probably win.

You don't have to work tomorrow if you don't want to. Fred, you should go home now: L--l B. Fred should be home soon; he left the office at six. L--J 6 Right or wrong? If wrong, write the correct form. He oughts to understand. Do we ought to go now? She ought see a dentist. L--l 7 Right or wrong? I ought to call you yesterday, but I'm afraid I forgot. I use to smoke 20 cigarettes a day but I really want to give up soon.

I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day but I gave up three years ago. You seem to work, working, to be working harder than usual this month. Why's she so late? She can't still I'm sorry not to come, have come, to have come on lhursday. You should told, have told, to have told me you were coming today.

Try to not be late. Try not to be late. Try to don't be late. I watched her B. In the end, she let me her bags from the baggage hall. Why not a holiday? She wanted that I write to her. She wanted I write to her. She wanted me to write to her. He's the oldest athlete who has ever won an Olympic gold medal. He's the oldest athlete ever to win an Olympic gold medal.

I'd like something that wID stop my toothache. I'd like something to stop my toothache. Did you tell her which pills she should take?

Did you tell her which pills to take? I don't know what to say. I wonder who to ask. I can't decide whether to reply. What should we do if there's a fire? Whatto do if there's a fire? When it was my tum, I stood up to speak. To read documents carefully before signing them is very important.

It is very important to read documents carefully before signing them. I'm very happy Is there anybody for Louise to play with in the village? Knowing not what to do, I went home. J 2 Right or wrong? Fred's smoking really annoyed her. He smoking really annoyed her. His smoking really annoyed her. J 3 Which word s can complete the question correctly?

Do you mind them, their, they smoking? It was so nice you. At last I've managed to stop Upper Intermediate. I've finished reading, to read the book you recommended. I've given up C. Ihope smoking, to smoke. I like the idea to the seaside. Before starting, to start your car, always check the mirrors. He's talking about. You mustn't drive your car without to insure it first.

Can I give you a lift? Did you drive to work? As she walked out, she was smiling. She walked out smiling. I was really interesting, interested in the film I saw yesterday, but the complicated plot made me conjusing, conjused. People have written too many books about the Second World War. Too many books have been written about the Second World War. I have not yet analysed the results of the experiment.

The results of the experiment have not yet been analysed. My husband is preparing lunch now. Lunch is prepared now. Lunch is being prepared now. Lunch is preparing now. The company has promoted Bill.

Bill is promoted by the company. Bill has promoted by the company. Bill has been promoted by the company. We were questioning by the police for several hours. We were put in the police cells overnight. In the morning, we have released. J 7 Change the sentences into passive sentences with the same meaning. We pay them a lot of money for doing very little. They will never tell us the real truth. I was told to wait outside the station at six o'clock. I was told to be waiting outside the station at six o'clock.

She is expected to be released today.

He is thought to have escaped last night. L-J 9 Somebody has paid for your meal in a restaurant. Which passive sentence is right: Has been paid for your meal. Your meal has been paid. Your meal has been paid for. Choose the right word to complete these sentences. This cheese tastes B. This cheese goes C. Bungee jumping looks D. She always looks buys it. The forecast says it will colder tomorrow. Who was it sent? Who was it sent to? Who did you give it? Who did you give it to?

I gave John the keys. I explained Laura the problem. Make me a cup of coffee, please. Can you teach me the guitar next year? Can you describe me the man who attacked you? She sent some flowers to the nurse.

Grammar Scan: Answer Key

She sent to the nurse some flowers. She sent the nurse some flowers. What are you thinking about? About what are you thinking? Listen to! Listen me! Listen to me! You never listen me. You never listen to me. If they're wrong, correct them. The children rode donkeys on the beach. I love going to parties and hate staying at home. A cat is said to have nine llfes. Are we having sandwlchs for lunch? The rooves of the buildings were covered in snow.

They all wore football scarfs with their team colours. Male Female heroine nun widow A. A lot of social problems Is caused by unemployment.

Scan .pdf grammar

Half of his students don't understand a word he says. Some of these people are members of the club and the rest are guests. I have some important.. They are buying fumituresj for their new flat. Did you bring all your gardening tool, tools with you? We've made some important progress, progresses with the building work. You need breathing equipment, equipments if you're going diving. My been lost. A pair of Let's talk: Let's have a talk: Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

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Grammar Scan Answer Key

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