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English 900 book 2 pdf

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Description. Descripción: Now completely faithful to the original (color)./Only for transcripts of Braille nonprofit. NEW ENGLISH A Basic Course The complete . This Pin was discovered by qdn Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. NEW ENGLISH Book 2 (Book, Audio, & Video) free download. File type: pdf + audio + video in rar | File size: MB Please share if you find this book useful .

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Now completely faithful to the original (color)./Only for transcripts of Braille nonprofit. NEW ENGLISH A Basic Course The complete series consists of: Student Books 1~6 - Basic Texts Workbooks 1~6 Teacher's: Books 1~6 - Detailed Student Books and answers to books. workbooks, six teacher's books, and reel-to-reel or cas- sette recordings. 2. An Updated Program. This series is a revision of the original ENGLISH English. ÜR book 2. Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc. Collier Macmillan International. New York. Collier Macmillan Publishers. London.

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Are you sure you want to Yes No. Muhammad Abubakar , Business. Omar Abdelhamid. Ye Lin Aung. EngMohsin Uzzal. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. English conversation basic sentences edited 1. Greetings 1 Hello. Classroom expressions 1 6 Come in, please.

Identifying 4 6 What are these? Identifying people by accupation 6 1 Who are you? Jones, this is Mr. John Smith. Day and month of the calender 91 What day is today? Talking about objects 10 6 Do you have a book? Telling time 12 1 What time is it? Jones or Mr. Talking about languages 16 6 Do you speak English?

Jones can read French pretty well. Talking about activities 18 1 What are you doing? Asking about age 19 6 How old are you? Smith is still in his fifties. Talking about daily activities 21 1 What time do you get up every day? Meeting a friend 24 1 Where did you go yesterday? Jones yesterday? Jones, but I saw John Smith. Asking about addressed 27 1 Where do you live? Asking questions 28 6 Where were you yeaterday afternoon? Jones, he was talking with Describing objects 30 1 What color is your book?

Asking people to do things 31 6 Would you please tell Mr. Who is the mystery woman? I give up. It's O. You're wrong. Good luck. It's your turn. We really like each other. What can you do about pollution?

Who Is the mystery womanl mean man! We really 11 like each other. Are you ever seriol. Miguel is writing to his mother. The woman in Pedro's office is going out with him. Tell me. Miguel is talking to Pedro. Miguel is smiling at the woman in the candy store. Billy is laughing at Jack. Combine the example. I can't tell you. Laura is helping her friend. The woman in the candy store is smiling at Miguel. Miguel's mother is writing to Miguel. Pedro is going out with the woman In his office.

Miguel and the woman in the dndy store are smiling at eech other. Pedro is talking to Miguel. Are you seeing her this week? Marta is often serious. Danielle is always busy. Paulo is never nervous. Is she ever on timei a.

One minute she's crazy she's going out 4. Make questions. FoUow the example. Pedro is usually good at games. Choose the right words for the sentences below. Miguel and Pedro are never home in the evening. She's never on time. She's short.

900 book pdf english 2

She's there on weekends. What color is her hairl It's blond. You know her. What's happening. Wait a minute. That tall. She's always asking me about you. What is it? Two 1S What color are her eyes? Dark brown. Is she pretty? He doesn't watch television!

He goes to the store every day. Jim' He thinks about his family and his obligations. That's no way to live. He's father. He never laughs! He never gets angry1'7o fRANK: That's the way he is.

Maybe not. JimIs he happy? Is he sad? I in the library. Yamamoto works. He walks to work. Irregular verb: Yamamoto doesn't usually. Does he walk to work? He doesn't walk to work. Doesn't he walk to work? He drives. Negative Statement: No part of thrs book may be reproduced or transmuted in any form 01 by any means. Inctudtng photocopying. Art Director: Mary Ann Kingston Miller lean A.

New York Collier Macmdlan Canada. Peggy lntrator Contributing Editor: All fights reserved. New York. Assodate Editor: Katnn Tiitsman Editorial Assistilnt: DRilLS Jim watches television every evening. He never Ii. He calls his father every day. She He The family Pedro's friend 2. Slays horne on Sunday. He works in the store. Grandfather doesn't work on Sundays.

He never takes a day off from work. Thil's no way to live. Than no a good a bad a. He never gets angry. I watch television. He never He never That's the way he is. I love Ice cream. His grandfather I don't live in New York. Jim doesn't think about his family and his obligations. She I never relax. Your mother I don't like crowds. What about Grandfather? He thinks about his family and his obliga.

Vim Jim watches television. Ali I like to go to the movies. Change to third person. Answer with affirmative statements. I go to school every day. Crawford 3. Follow the examples. Voana I need a new job. I don't watch television. He doesn't to the movIes. Jim lim doesn't wetctt television. Complete this. She is friendlv. She is working at the bakery now.

New English 900 - Book 2

He is watching television now. He is writing lettero. What about Grandfather! Ali doesn't like vegetables. What about Pedro? He is taking a bus to work now. What about Jim? What about his brother? He is eating breakfast now. She is studying English now. He thinks about his She speaks Japanese ThE.

Change to simple present. He doesn't get angry. Add an adverb. Miguel's mother doesn't live in New York. She is buying flowers now. Crawford doesn't have a small room. What about Joana's mother? Emma isn't sad never We don't work on Thursdays. He eats breakfast every day. Grandfather doesn't watch television. All right It's his way. Why doesn't he like me?

Why does he insult me in front of the customers? It's true.. I don't believe it. PEAR l: He doesn't. He always says. Either he changes or I quit. He doesn't say I give up. Why doesn't he like mel 2. Grandfather loves lim. Does Grandfather insult 11m all the limel week? Why does he insull mel Jim like his grandfather? Grandfather work all day?

Marta like Miguel? They work srudv together every day. None of the people in lite bus How do you knowl -II's in the newspaper.. Two 27 or I quit. Jim Tennis Blue Oranges French fries is are grandchild. The customers know the prices. Joana plays the guitar. Why they? I can take a day off. School opens in September.

Does he love his store? Make questions and use pronouns. He the customers know the prices. Why she? He always tells the truth. Why We're on time. Marta lives in New York. He Jim. Why insult me in front or he believe it says. Why don't your' MRS.

Why you? He's telling the truth. I It's true. Bill has a big family. Yamamoto loves his store. All of the customers are buying fruit today. AU of tiff. Make a new sentence. All of her friends. Change all to "every. All of 'the teachers in our school are good. All of these books are Miguel's. All of the businessmen in my office have briefcases. All of my friends like Marta.

Every student in the class has a notebook. Every student in the ctess has a notebook a. All of the students in the class have notebooks. Change both to "neither.

English conversation basic sentences edited

Both of us speak English. Change ellery to "none. None af the students in the class hss Follow the example. His customers all know the prices. AU of 29 his customers know the prices. Both Both Both Both. All of the offices in this building open at eight o'clock. AU of his friends ilte old. I alian Neither of us speaks tutun. All of the boys at the party are wearing white shirts.

All of the students in my school study EngliSoh. Don't tell the vegetables. Weither Are. What does your family think about itr They're very happy about it. It's yet good for business. Unit 10 There was an article in the paper aboul MI Yamamoto's store. Only a lew Were all of the photogrotphs bad? Is any of tile lettuce good. Do all of the customers know the pricE's? None No.. You're famous! Where's lim today? He's at the Fair. That was a great article about you in the paper.

Was much of Ihe work hard? A lot. None of them knows the prices. I don't really like crowds. My new fame and fortune. Celebrations are for young people. I can understand that. But you can go on MR. But all of us need a day off. Why don't you go to the fair. It's nat so crowded then. Wednesdays or Thursdays.

There are shoes and socks under the bed.

English 900 Book 1

At one end of the room. Pedro likes women very. Is Pedro very rich? Is Pedro's room clean or dirty?

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Are clothes important to Pedro? Is Pedro a photographer or a painter? Why does Pedro have many cameras? What do the pictures tell you about Pedro?

Pdf 2 900 english book

To The Student: There are no wrong. Do you like Pedro's room? What furniture is there in your room? Do you put your clothes on the floor or in your dresser? Do you have any paintings or photographs in your room? Do you like pictures? What do you like to do?

900 book 2 pdf english

Is there a small bed in Pedro's room? What other furniture is there in Pedro's room? Where are the window and the bed?

Is the dirty underwear in the dresser or on the floor? Is the room full of photographs of women or of rnent Inference: You can guess the right. Where are the English books? They're a little old. Answer the questions. These 7 B. Yes A The chocolate ones or the ones With the nuts? Which' B. Yes Thank you. Where are the photographs? This one? Where are the swearers! Where are the shirts? Which cookies do you want? B I want those.

That's right. Where are the shoes? Where is the coat? The Chocolate ones. Use twa prepositions and the words in parentheses. The ones on the second shelf. Where is the dirty underwear? Where are the suits? Where in the closet? Next to the jackets? SUIts the a. Thank you for telling me. There are some dean socks on the floor and soma dirty socks under the bed.

There are a of large. There are some clean sacks on the floor and some dirty ones under the bed. Pedro has two new cameras and three or four old cameras. There are some dean sweaters in the dresser and some dirty sweaters on the chair. There ire a ot new books In the booktase and a. I don't know. Grandma was a kind lovely lady. Grandfather loves his store.

He never talks about his age.

He's around seventy. He was a farmer. He was the pride ot his village. He needs the store. They can't take if away from YOU.

Where were your grandparents from? What do you want to be when you're seventv-frve i 3. Why can't Grandfather Yamamoto lift heavy things now? Does Jim remember his grandmother?

Does Grandfather Yamamoto miss his wife? Does Jim think a lot about the past or the present? There are no wrong flnswe.. Are your grandparents living or dead? Do you think it's easy or difficult to understand people in family? YOLO' 4. How old is Grandfather? Do you think Jim understands his grandfather? Do you remember your grandparents?

Who is the "l" in the second sentence? The answers are de. Who owns the store? You can guess the. It is brown. He lives in the old age white cofer house. Adjectrve Order a. I like my ugly quality old age brown color socks. English speakers say. It is new. Paulo is an ambitious quality young age man. For example: Your friend is wearing a dress. English speakers don't say "She is wearing a brown new dress". Make each phrase a sentence. More about Adjectives Sometimes the adjective order changes after the verb.

Look up the words you need in a dictionary or ask your teacher. I don't like my ugly old black shoes. Use two or three adjectives. It contains material from beginning to advanced levels of study. The series consists of six student textbooks. These sentences cover the basic structures and basic vocabulary of the English language. They are presented in dialogue form as spoken by a cast of fully-drawn characters who use the English language in a natural way to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

You're reading: New English 6 ebooks for learning English. About Techtiplib - Hey, this blog belongs to me! I am the founder of TechTipLib and managing editor right now. And I love to hear what do you think about this article, leave comment below! Thank you so much Hi … I downloaded English and mp3, there is a problem can not find the sync … audio reading does not match the book.