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in the s to almost 1, per year in The third category of predictions in Wilkerson's vision he labeled “A Flood of Filth.” Again, keep in. The Vision by David Wilkerson (In Honor Of David's Life in Christ), PDF · Print David Wilkerson went home to be with the Lord recently. The vision by David R. Wilkerson, , Pillar Books edition, in English.

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The Vision & Beyond by David Wilkerson. , written 36 years ago. David Wilkerson's statements are followed by media references (in. that these things be true. DAVID WILKERSON.. THE VISION Published by Pyramid Publications for David Wilkerson Youth Crusades Second printing May. David Wilkerson Libro La Vision PDF - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

They will be advertised as legiti- mate re-enactments. Beneath all the piety and behind all the false fronts are secret affairs being carried on. All but a few of the radio and television ministries will have to be abandoned. One thing is certain. II Corinthians 5: God will be the judge and nothing my friends or enemies say can hinder me in my course to warn readers that these things be true.

Be prepared to hear of world trade agreements "policed " by an international governing committees. Strict guidelines for international trade will develop and a "world market" will be closely monitored by big power interest. There is much more to this vision Or you may want to purchase the book in a used form from Amazon. Earthquakes coming to United States. The United States is going to experience in the not-too-distant future the most tragic earthquakes in its history. One day soon this nation will be reeling under the impact of the biggest news story of modern times.

It will be coverage of the biggest most disastrous earthquake in history. It will cause widespread panic and fear, Without a doubt, it will become one of the most completely reported earthquake ever. Television networks will suspend all programming and carry all day coverage. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind about this forthcoming massive earthquake in our continent. I am not at all convinced that this earthquake will take place in California.

This terrible earthquake may happen in an area that is not known as an earthquake belt. It will be so high on the Richter scale that it will trigger two other major earthquakes.

Famine is coming Snowless winters will bring dismal crop production and famine conditions in central and western Russia, India, Pakistan , all of southeast Asia and Africa will especially hard hit. The forty-month drought in Africa and the prolonged dry spell in Brazil will both end temporarily.

There will be some relief but conditions will worsen. In Africa, millions will face starvation. American food reserves will dwindle partially due to drought and flood in this country. Wheat, rice and soybean reserves will be completely exhausted. The demand for corn, rice and wheat will not be met.

More details in book The Beginning of Sorrows. Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and hailstorms will occur more frequently. More than one-third of the United States will be designated a disaster area within the next few years. Floods, hurricanes and tornadoes will destroy crops, animals and much wildlife driving prices even higher and causing some experts to suggest that nature is losing its balance.

Weather will become increasing difficult to forecast. Sudden storms will appear without warning. Southernmost regions will be gripped by record cold waves and northern areas will experience record heat waves.

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But more violence, far worse will soon follow. Airline pilots will be reporting the worst flying conditions in aviation history. The most intense hurricanes is coming. Many parts of the world face the most violent winters of all times. Europe faces the worst winter lashings ever.

Depletion of Relief funds. Relief and disaster funds will become nearly depleted. Insurance companies will face huge losses. Unlimited funds are not available and the people of each nations will soon learn there will be no one left to turn to but God.

More details in book Outbreaks of Epidemics Mankind faces the threat of new epidemics. There will a major cholera epidemic sweeping through various underdeveloped countries. Another wave is coming. I abhor it and pray that God will spare us. The coming economic confusion will ig- nite another round of demonstrations.

These cutbacks. No preacher. More Riots and Demonstrations — 12 The rioting and demonstrating. This time I see Puerto Ricans. The truth is that all the positive thinking in the world will not change the fact that we are going to have a major recession.

But the riots are not over. Social aid programs are going to be cut back and curtailed. But more than ever I am convinced that the worst is yet to come. From this day on. Drastic troop withdrawals from Europe will cause even more confusion. Leaders of the Europe- an Common Market will capitalize on this anti- American sentiment to establish a firmer power base and grip on world trade.

Only God Himself knows the future—I have received only a hazy glimpse beyond the next decade. I seem to see a picture of a partial and almost complete recovery from the com- ing recession—but the world economy will continue in confusion until the time of the Antichrist. In the next decade. France will become one of the most vicious anti-American nations in the world. The world's economic power base will shift to Europe. South America will become a powder keg. Recovery from Recession — 14 There may be a full recovery from the coming re- cession.

Politicians and businessmen in Europe and Japan will place the blame on Wash- ington and the American bankers. This is also a time when the Christian must pray about his giving to the church and to missionary causes. Hoarding Will Not Help —15 It is not a time to hoard money. Men's hearts will begin to fail them from fear after they watch the devastating effects of crippled econo- mies. The Bible predicts that in this time of great false prosperity.

Jesus Christ will appear in the clouds to evacuate the Christian. Those who obey God's Word and give willing- ly during the fat years will never have to beg for. It is still possible that we can face the time when even government-insured savings will not be paid.

Every cent that is now given to God's work must be given with a purpose. The only real security is in land. Never again in the history of the world will there be a time of complete confidence and trust in world economies. There will come a time in the future when men will be obsessed with buying. Money that is hoarded will disappear like sand out of a bag with holes in it.

Indiscriminate giving just to ease the conscience or to unload God's tithe on the church will no longer be acceptable to the Lord. Every little boom period will carry with it a strong threat of a bust. Avoid going into debt—at all. Trim your budget and cut your staff down to the bone. Don't buy anything unless it is needed.

Proverbs Sell or trade off all questionable holdings. Keep your books with Heaven well balanced. I believe the advice is from the Lord.

Your future se- purity depends on it. Don't panic—just be very cautious. Those who see the hard times coming and prepare are wise. Give as generously as possible to missions and to the support of legitimate church work. Don't anticipate trad- ing it for a good. No matter what sacrifice is involved. Hold on to it!

By all means. Avoid piling up credit card bills. Credit card debt is extremely dangerous from now on. Get a good reliable car and stick with it. I have some advice for those who believe the mes- sage of this chapter. The message I have received for all true believers is: A prudent man foreseeth the evil. Drastic weather changes are breaking records around the world.

Some experts believe it is caused by volcanic ash from the eruptions in Iceland now being carried by the jet stream in the troposphere. I personally believe that much of the drastic weather we are seeing throughout the world today can be ex- plained up to this point by science. In past centuries the world has witnessed devas- tating major earthquakes, killer heat waves, horri- ble floods, and all kinds of bizarre changes in the weather.

All things have always returned to normal. In my vision, I have seen very little that is super- natural about the drastic weather changes we have experienced up to this time. But I also see very clearly divine intervention about to happen throughout the world. This world had best prepare The United States is going to experience, in the not-too-distant future, the most tragic earthquake in its history.

One day soon this nation will be reel- ing under the impact of the biggest news story of modern times. It will be coverage of the biggest, most disastrous earthquake in history. It will cause widespread panic and fear. Without a doubt, it will become one of the most completely reported earthquakes ever. Television networks will suspend all programing and carry all-day coverage.

Another earthquake, possibly in Japan, may precede the one that I see coming here. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind about this forth- coming massive earthquake on our continent. I be- lieve it will be many times more severe than the San Francisco quake.

I am not at all convinced that this earthquake will take place in California. In fact, I believe it is going to take place where it is least expected. This terrible earthquake may happen in an area that's not known as an earthquake belt. It will be so high on the Rich- ter scale that it will trigger two other major earth-. It is an act of God causing havoc and judg- ment.

Minor earthquakes. It is supernatural intervention into the affairs of men. Concern about earthquakes will be uppermost in forthcoming years. It can strike at any time. Within minutes after this quake hits. The earth is actually going to shake. News about government scandals.

I also believe we are going to see. I believe the recent earthquakes in Nicaragua and Mexico were a warning from Heaven that this is. Thousands will be af- fected with much loss of life and millions of dollars' worth of damage.

Men will just have to stand back in awe and ter- ror as the power of God is demonstrated in the earthquake. Earthquakes will become the number one cause of fear and consternation. This is one kind of judgment that cannot be explained by the scien- tists. The demand for corn. American food reserves will dwindle—partially due to drought and floods in this country.

We are already too far back to catch up. Catastrophic years lie just ahead. In Africa. In years past. Famine Is Corning — 3 Famine is coming to the world in our generation. There will be some relief. The world has faced famine and drought before —but there is a difference this time. Snowless winters will bring dismal crop produc- tion and famine conditions in central and western Russia. The forty-month drought in Africa and the pro- longed dry spell in Brazil will both end temporarily.

The world. Seismic laboratories are even now recording tremors and aftershocks almost daily around the world. Even the wild animals cry to you for help. More than one-third of the United States will be designated a disaster area within the next few years. Joel 1: The creeks are dry and the pastures are scorched. We have already had too many bad years. The cattle groan with hunger.

Destruction from the Al- mighty is almost here! Our food will disap- pear before our eyes. The situation will only worsen. For the heat has withered the pastures and burned up all the trees.

The seed rots in the ground. This is. Weather will become increasingly difficult to fore- cast. These record-breaking changes will be above and beyond anything experienced in the past.

Southernmost regions will be gripped by record cold waves and northern areas will experience record heat waves. Sudden storms will appear without warning. The haze hanging in the cosmos will turn the moon red and will cause periods of darkness over the earth—almost as though the sun refused to shine. There will be short periods of relief. Nature Will "Go Wild" — 5 Nature will unleash its fury with increasing in- tensity over the next decade.

Earth eruptions. There will be periods of relief when men will say. There is nothing unusual about what is happening. He will eventually melt the very elements with fervent heat. Airline pilots will be reporting the worst flying conditions in aviation history.

He rides King of the flood and Lord of the winds and rains. Short Periods of Relief — 6 Many men will appear to be repentant during the times of violent chastisement by nature.

God will pour out His vials of wrath. God has aroused Himself as one who awak- ens from sleep. The God of nature will use His judgments to reveal His power in warn- ing mankind to flee from His wrath. The most intense.

But more violence. It is almost as though all heaven is crying out.

These violent reactions of nature will clearly be or- chestrated by God to warn mankind of the coming days of wrath and judgment. Many parts of the world face the most violent winters of all times. Americans will be shocked to learn that disaster funds are exhausted.

Un- limited funds are not available. And there is a limit to what national governments can afford. Insurance companies will face huge losses. Europe faces the worst winter lashings ever. India and Pakistan face the threat of untold thousands dying from epidemics and starvation.

Many farmers will face financial disaster. Earthquake damages alone will drain and de- plete nearly all disaster funds. Depletion of Relief Funds — 7 Relief and disaster funds will become nearly de- pleted. A rude awakening is coining in this area. Outbreaks of Epidemics — 8 In the aftermath of famine. Food and relief supplies will not be adequate to combat these overwhelming problems. There will be a major cholera epidemic sweeping through various underdeveloped countries.

Strange Signs in the Heavens —10 The Bible predicts that in the last days unusual signs will appear in the heavens—blood. Watch for reports of intense ice storms and hail- storms in the future. I do not know the full significance of what Joel saw in his vision. It will be a war of nature against man. Hailstorms — 9 The drastic weather changes that are coming in the next decade will bring with them violent hail- storms of unbelievable proportions.

Large chunks of ice will fall from the sky and cause much dam- age. And although God promises never to abandon mankind. For the past three years.

The size of falling hailstones will become almost unbelievable. This will prove to be mankind's biggest war. Medical supplies will reach only a small proportion of those in critical need. These storms will not only destroy crops and smash automobiles. Many prophets over the centuries have seen visions of a huge comet col- liding with the earth.

The Decade of Disaster — 11 When will all of these things take place? Can in- telligent men with rational minds accept the idea of an angry God pouring out wrath upon the earth be- cause of sin and corruption? Will we actually live to see the day that civilized people sit in front of a television set and see the news coverage of disas- trous earthquakes that claim the lives of multiplied thousands. I believe the prophets either saw cosmic storms of such magnitude that they appeared to earth people as balls of fire blazing through the sky.

I have seen no new revelation and I can find no Scripture to corroborate the vision of colliding plan- ets. There will appear strange and baffling signs in the heavens and stars. But what I have seen and can freely share is that the Holy Spirit confirms to my heart that the predictions of the prophet Joel will actually be seen and experienced by this generation. Can we pass over all the present drastic weather changes as being nothing more than a cycle which the world is going through?

After all. Almost every weather forecaster has added to his vocabulary words like "unbelievable. Other disasters predicted are still future but will surely come. They will not all happen simultaneously. When and Why? These vials of wrath that God will pour upon the earth will be orchestrated by God's supernatural hand. Of one thing you can be very sure— there will be nothing but an overall worsening of. Some of the predictions in this particular part of my vision will happen within the next few years.

All that I am really sure of is that the Holy Spirit has prompted me to warn everyone who will listen that these things are coming and conditions will worsen. I believe we have passed the point of no return. That I know to be the truth! And how will Satan attempt to vex and deceive even God's chosen people? I believe he will attempt to reach his goal of seducing man- kind by creating a moral landslide. This moral landslide will surpass anything the human mind can conjure.

Already a demonic spirit of lust is sweeping over many nations. He will open the floodgates of hell and seek to baptize the world in erotic filth. Toplessness will be the new fad of those trying to liberalize the media.

Those on the fence are going to fall flat on their faces. It will be done "tastefully" at first. When the first response of "alarm" at this topless attempt dies down. Christians are soon going to be ex- posed to such violent filth and sensuality that it will take a firm grip on God to survive. The Bible says Lot vexed his soul night and day by the things he saw and heard in Sodom. I predict that network programs will soon attempt bare-breasted scenes. Toplessness on Television — 3 Major TV networks will get caught up in this moral landslide.

Those who do not enter into the ark of God's safety are going to be swept away by this flood of filth. Even certain clergymen will applaud nudity on TV and will try to explain it as a healthy development but little will be actually done to stop it.

The newest kind of sex deviation will be intercourse between demons and humans. These movies are direct from porno producers in Sweden. These dramatic presentations will depict the devil as the father of sexuality. X-rated porno movies will be shown on select cable networks after midnight.

These porno movies will become so perverted and vile that even the most liberal atheist will blush and begin to complain. Cana- da. Cable tele- vision is already the favorite target of pushers of porno films. These vile films feature total nudity.

David Wilkerson Libro La Vision PDF

Along with exploitation of every sex theme. People will pay to have these erotic movies piped directly into their living rooms. Also featured will be movies glamorizing rape.

If left unguarded. In a few major cities in the United States. Also available will be the same triple-X-rated video tapes for private home use.

These video tapes. Pleasure Palaces — 5 A growing number of motels will advertise them- selves as "pleasure palaces. Sex and murder. This will become very popular among high school and college students.

The new big thing in porno movies will be so- called "documentaries" of mass homosexual and thrill murders. We are not far away from the time when R-rated movies will be showing in prime time on network. Porno movies on cable television will become so popular and so much in demand that the major net- works will try to compete by showing films with as much sex and violence as they can show within legal limits.

They will be advertised as legiti- mate re-enactments. It will no longer be necessary for "decent" people to go into a slum-type. Porn parties will become a popular pas- time of suburbanites. Much of the forthcoming pornography will fea- ture a mixture of sexual perversion and occult prac- tices in an effort to attract people who have "seen it all.

These mag- azines will be purchased even by pre-teens and will display full-color nudity and every kind of sex act. Even the most respected national magazines will become more erotic in their advertising and in their copy. Nearly every major city in the United States and Europe already had newsstands and porno shops featuring these very kinds of books. But soon it will be so widespread that the same material can be purchased at the local discount and drugstores.

Sex on the Newsstand — 6 Thousands of newsstands across the nation will soon be selling explicit sex magazines that will make Playboy seem almost puritanical. They will brazenly push their smut. They will open numerous mas- sage parlors. There will be a flood of magazines designed espe- cially to attract the female market. Students will be told that homosexual love is normal and that sex acts between unmarrieds is de- sirable—"if each has a high regard for the other.

Very tame and innocent at first. I predict that the time is not far off when senior high school and college students will be exposed to sex educa- tion films featuring sexual foreplay and intercourse.

They will be advertised as being "very tastefully done" by professionals. Sex Education to Get in on the Act — 7 Sex education classes in senior high school and college will feature the sex act on film. The courts will enact a few laws that seem favor- able to anti-smut forces. It will almost appear to be a national movement.

A Temporary Setback for Smut — 8 Just prior to this moral landslide will come a short-lived movement by conservatives against smut and pornography. The dia- grams now being used will be animated. There will be a few tempo- rary victories in isolated places. Everything within me wishes that this could be so. It will be a shortlived crusade.

And I will cast abominable filth upon thee. It is said that the pendulum swings from one ex- treme to the other. Nahum 3: Articles will appear quite frequently in newspapers and magazines about valiant efforts to fight off the invasion of smut and pornography. But I fully believe that the flood of filth I have seen coming is the same kind of flood spoken of by the prophet Nahum.

Many have been saying op- timistically that we have had all the nudity. The clean-up campaign in the United States and overseas will not be successful. Behold I am against thee. They are going to test every law of the land. Professional smut dealers and pornographers are not going to lie down and give up. A few radio ministers will open- ly campaign against smut—but enthusiasm and support will soon wane.

Mass murders have become commonplace in our generation. The Bible says: We witnessed the television news cover- age of the Olympic massacre. The world is no longer shocked by these tragedies as in the past. Mass murder sprees have become so frequent that they are now almost taken for granted.

These attacks by Sodomite mobs are certain to come. Of all the sins Sodom was guilty of. A Homosexual Epidemic — 10 There are only two forces that hold back homo- sexuals from giving themselves over completely to.

I speak of wild. Twenty-seven boys were murdered in Houston. When that which hinders is taken away. Believe me when I tell you the time is not far off that you will pick up your local newspaper and read sordid accounts of innocent children being attacked by wild homosexual mobs in parks and on city streets. I see them coming in our generation. The floodgates are open. Very clearly. The mass rapes will come just as surely as predicted in the Gospels.

I see homosexuals coming out in mass numbers and deviate sex crimes becoming more numerous and vicious. When so- ciety no longer rejects their sin as abnormal and fully accepts them and encourages them in their abnormality. I have seen these two roadblocks being swept away. This sordid news story is the beginning of many other such tragic outbreaks. You can expect more than one homosexual scan- dal in very high places.

The homosexual community will become so militant and brazen that they will flaunt their sin on network talk shows very shortly. Easy abortion. Lovers of sensuous pleasures will far outnumber the lovers of God. It will be the major cause of a great "falling away. It will lead to carelessness and faithlessness. Be aware and be warned—this is a full-scale war against God's chosen. It will cause the love of many to grow cold.

A growing number of priests will be involved in sexual affairs and will leave the priesthood. A constant barrage of sex and nudity by all the media will vex the minds and souls of the most de- vout children of Christ. Sexual Immorality in the Ministry —12 Divorce and immorality will be more and more commonplace among ministers. Others will continue in the. Those who thought they were beyond temptation will be tempted the most severely. I see coming a day when every true minister and priest of the gospel will face his greatest hour of temptation.

They deplore their sin and they know it can never be ac- cepted as right. Some very "religious" men and women are cheating and indulging in secret sex sins. There is coming a "softening" toward divorce in churches and in the ministry. This is a trend that will not be stopped. I believe that even certain evangelical denomina- tions will soon grant credentials to divorced minis- ters. Unless they are extricated miraculously. Church denominations will continue to "re- view" their opposition to divorce and will become more lenient with every new convention and confer- ence.

An ever- increasing number of Protestant ministers are going to "fall" into sexual sin. God will keep and deliver those who turn to Him with. Divorce among ministers will no longer carry a stigma.

I have had a curtain pulled back and.


Among them are some of the most devout and well-known. Beneath all the piety and behind all the false fronts are secret affairs being carried on. Abraham was very rich in cattle. He is going to camouflage his activities and attempt to deceive Christians with temptations that are le- gitimate within themselves—but that. What I have heard and seen is an urgent message from God's throne room—"There is sin in the camp and it must be purged.

Those who forsake secret sex sins will be renewed and healed. He will cleanse His house and will sanctify His vessels for service in this midnight hour. Those who continue to flirt and in- dulge face a terrible hour of despair and failure. Most of the patriarchs in the Bible were wealthy men. God will soon deal with secret sin with such fury that His judgments will begin to fall on the right and on the left in the lives of those who persist in their sins.

The Bible warns that in the last days many Christians will be halfhearted. The number one temptation for the last Chris- tian will be prosperity. Job was immensely wealthy. There is noth- ing evil or sinful in being prosperous and successful. From going to and fro in the earth and ob- serving the last Christian. But this time he comes to ask permission to tempt the last Christian.

God certainly is not against wealth and prosperity. Have you considered these last-day Christians—how dedicat- ed.

Vision pdf wilkerson david

Job wouldn't forsake You in his poverty—but just increase and bless all the last Chris- tians far beyond anything Job ever had and then see what happens. And the Lord said unto Satan.

Wilkerson pdf david vision

The last Christian is going to be afflicted by prosperity and tested by it more than through poverty. I see millions of Christians being de- ceived by prosperity. I see Satan appearing before God one last time. Where have you come from? Satan answered. How they try to run from your evil plots? Then Satan an- swered the Lord.

Make all these last Christians affluent like Job. Swamp them with. Build them fancy new homes—give them fine automobiles—all the money and gad- gets they need. Here is what I see: Not his house. And it will get you. See what happens to your last Christians when they become full. It ruined Lot's generation. Look at all the well-paid. They will forsake God and be- come self-centered. In my vision I see Satan standing back and laughing with glee: Look at all the money-mad Christians— all the clothes hogs!

Bitten by the securi- ty bug! Making heaps of money! Buying all new furniture! Getting bigger cars! Buying two or three of them! Yet in the midst of all their material- ism. I see thousands of Christians attached to and obsessed by things. God—pour it on them. It's getting to a lot of them. I see automobiles.

The God who owns the cattle of a thousand hills wants nothing that man owns. They are so wrapped up in materialism that they become lukewarm. They have become so busy swing- ing and trying to live a liberated Christian life that they have changed drastically without knowing what they have become.

They are not really sinners before God—just strangers to Him. I see thousands of Christians sitting in theaters exposing themselves to degrading influences they once ab- horred. I see the sin of the future as the misuse of leisure time. This has nothing to do with weeks spent on vacation. Lovers of God find no plea- sure in drugs. They re- ally love God.

They have become socialized gadabouts who can't find one hour any more to talk to God in a secret closet of prayer. The sudden evacuation of Christians from the earth will catch many of them unawares. It's not the time spent touring Europe or. He wants only first place in the hearts of those who call themselves by His name. The devil knows that. Holy Ghost Swingers I see many of the last Christians who were once lovers of God becoming shipwrecked by their obses- sive love for pleasure.

Most of these fleshly pleasures offend and repulse the Christian. They have not given themselves over to any particular sin. I see an ironic development. It's not a hunting or fishing trip. Look at him—hours and hours for soap operas.

He turns God off with a dial. He hunts. Is this the last-day Christian who is supposed to walk by faith? Is this the one whose faith will overcome the world? Is this the one who is to prepare for a coming day of persecution and world chaos? Are these the playboy Christians upon whom the ends of the world will fall?

The greatest sin of the future against God is not abusing the body.

Time that could be spent in reading God's Word. He goes to movies and parties. Time that could be spent in the secret closet talking to the Heavenly Father. These things are all legitimate and good in themselves. I see Satan coming again to accuse the last Christian: Look at the last-day Christian. The greatest sin against God now is simply to ignore Him in a day and age in which He is calling so clearly.

The time that a man has for himself to choose what he will do with. The last Christian. It's not hours spent surfing. I am talking about all the wasted time.

Every statement will be examined and cross-examined. Pastors of churches are going. I believe that Billy Graham and other great gos- pel ministers throughout the world are going to face more and more ridicule. Those ministers and priests who refuse to cheat on their wives. The message of coming judgment and the return of Jesus Christ will not register with so many Christians for the same reason that the message and the pending doom did not get through to Noah's generation—because they were so in love with the pleasures of buying.

Satan is going to raise up "gossip mongers" to harass. Every motive will be questioned and sus- pected. Ministers who thought they had no enemies in the world will wake up to discover that someone is talking about them. He will leave no stone unturned in an attempt to discredit and shipwreck every man of God who is determined to stay true. They will give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. We face an hour of gospel extremes. Not a single true minister of the gospel will be immune.

Pdf vision david wilkerson

They will crowd around teachers who will give "new thoughts and revelations. Legions of lying spirits have been turned loose upon the world with the single purpose of accusing Christians through gossip and slander. A fear of demon possession will grip many sincere. It will be a supernatural demonstration of de- monic powers. The wives of ministers who are married will also come under attack. The new doctrines will use the name of Jesus freely and will be ornamented with trappings of asceticism.

This gossip war will not only be aimed against ministers of the gospel—but against all true believers of Jesus Christ. But among them are false prophets who have never surrendered all to Christ. I have seen. The Bible predicts that many of these false Jesus people will stand before God's throne saying— Lord.

They are workers of iniquity who are tools of Satan to discredit the true Jesus movement. They are those who preach love in His name. They will turn to teachers who speak more often of the power of Satan than they do of the power of God.

They will be involved in feeding the poor and preaching great love. They will claim to heal the sick and do apparent wonders. Matthew 7: A Phony Jesus Movement —17 There will arise a movement of false "Jesus peo- ple" who will emphasize the casting out of devils. Those who continue in an em- phasis of Satanic possession of Christians will re- turn to the old law and a life of works.

Devil worshippers will be in open conflict. They were joy-popping and tripping on Jesus. Only those liv- ing by true faith will be able to discern the "spiritu- al wickedness" in high places.

Rebirth of the True Jesus Movement —18 Suffering persecution and aware of the signs of the times. They whitewashed their sins and added Jesus on top of it all. They will be a part of an underground church that will be found preaching the return of Christ and the end of the age! They will be like a thorn in the side of the har- lot church.

1973 Prophecy The Vision by David Wilkerson

Only those fully surrendered to Jesus Christ and cleansed by His blood will survive. When the hour of persecution comes. A teen-ager's big- gest problem will be how to live with his parents. Teen-agers who are forced to live with hypocritical parents are learning to hate them. The world is soon going to be shocked by thousands upon thousands of teen- agers who confess. It is no longer an innocent kind of bitterness that can be "outgrown.

But legalized marijuana will lead to boredom.

Vision pdf wilkerson david

We are going to face a critical drinking problem with teen-agers between thirteen and sixteen years of age. There will be more dissatisfied adults smoking pot than teen-agers looking for a thrill. At the same time. Marijuana will be legalized. Outside of this sex drug that I predict is coming. Pot will be an adult problem in the future. It will break down moral restraint and lead thousands of teen-agers into promiscuous sex activity.

I see a tremendous change coming to the entire drug culture. I predict that students will be going more toward spiritual highs rather than chemical highs.

Anything we can't handle. It is. We will always have a drug problem in this nation. Teen-age Alcoholism Will Increase — 3 While so much attention is being given to drug abuse. I am also convinced that it will not be nearly as big a problem as bitter- ness toward parents.

The revolution has tempo- rarily quieted down. In the past. We have succeeded in fright- ening pre-teeners away from hard drugs.

But watch out! The anger that led students to riot in the streets is still seething beneath the sur- face. Conse- quently. It is now being directed toward hypocritical parents who preach one thing to their teen-agers while they themselves live something else. Hating politicians and despising government leaders. Teen-agers of the future will not even begin to understand their parents' point of view.

It will be a hatred and bitterness that will stagger and frighten parents. This hatred and bit- terness will be so widespread that I believe it will be the nation's number one problem in the very near future.

Parents are going to feel be- trayed. Hatred is going to spread. Even ministers of the gospel will not be able to escape this coming problem. Bitterness and rebel- lion from teen-agers will strike the best of homes in this nation.

Hassle Over Fashions — 5 Changing fashions will continue to be one of the major factors causing this breakdown in communi- cation. As parents provoke their children to anger by poor examples and harsh attitudes. Hair styles. One thing is certain. Many will not un- derstand how to cope with it. In an honest effort to maintain old- fashioned standards. A Reaction Against Spiritual Emptiness — 6 The bitterness and rebellion that I see coming among teen-agers will be caused. On the other hand. They will go too far too fast and will.

But the pressures among their own peers will be so strong that it will cause many sincere teen-agers to accept the ideas of their own friends and to reject the rules of their parents. Overly strict parents are going to be the hardest- hit of all. Spiritually void parents have lately been discouraging their children from getting involved with "Jesus fanatics.

Parents will find it increasingly difficult to know how to deal with changing moods and fashions. It will take su- pernatural and divine guidance. They are going to be living in a world that is shaken to its very foundation.

The home that has had no God. There will be wars. Many of these radicals will be pre-teeners who will speak out in their own underground newspa- pers against the hypocrisy of parents. Teen-agers are going to resent parents who have robbed them of this experience. Within this next decade. I predict that teen-agers raised in such homes are going to turn on their parents with venom.

There will be calamities. I am prophesying. We are about to reap a tragic harvest as a result of recent years of parental neglect. The teen gangs of the future in our major cities. Parents who have neglected to provide spiritual guidance and eternal hope are going to face a pay- day.

I am not preaching now. These "baby gangs. The homes of some of the most "ideal" couples are now breaking up. While di- vorce has become epidemic. Pay day Is Coming for Divorce — 8 The life and death battle for survival for millions of innocent children will be lost because of divorce. Picture an army of millions of little children. TV dinners. They have been taught to hate one or both of their parents because there was no middle ground left.

Many of these young children already feel like total strang- ers to their fathers and mothers. One out of every two and a half marriages now ends in divorce. It will be easy for them to hate because they have known so little about real love.

It is a revolution that has moved off the streets into the homes. They've become so involved with their own prob- lems and hang-ups that they have had little or no time to deal with their children about problems that bother them.

Kids have been left to handle their own problems and they can't manage them.