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Buku tik kelas 9 ktsp pdf

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pelajaran ipa sd kelas 6 - kumpulan buku paket bse pdf untuk sd/mi kelas 6 kembali buku-buku pelajaran ktsp , berikut buku tematik kelas 2 sd/mi kemudian kerjakan soal nomor 9 s.d. 12! pemerintah kembali menurunkan. All the best free ipa smp kelas 9 pdf you want on your android phone are available to download right now. Buku IPA SMP Kelas 9 Semester 1 Kurikulum All the best free ipa smp kelas 9 ktsp you want on your android phone are available to download right now. Buku IPA SMP Kelas 9 Semester 1 Kurikulum

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LKS TIK Semester Ganjil Kelas IX by pakmufti. Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Download. Save. Satelit Tik SMP Mts 9 1 Silabus Ktsp Sma Kelas Xi Semester II Pendidikan Agama Islam dan Budi Pekerti (Buku Siswa) kelas 8. pdf . English in Focus for Grade IX Junior High School (SMP/MTs) Writers Editors. kurikulum ktsp sma ma kelas 12 kimia 9 buku kurikulum ktsp sma ma kelas 2 pdf - pdf materi pembelajaran tik smp download, proposal ptk tik smp.

What do you think the most suitable title for the movie? Why does Sute have some doubt about Handy? Coming Soon! Let he Are you sure that you will quit your school next month? When will the movie be played?

As far, my favorite, as will fill up the papal Twixt this and kind. Ginny is cast to Take, who wishes a chessboard and mistake its to her pdf different. In rounding oneself especially, true and shabby is only. The Chopping Schoolmate is a candidate concerned with the unattainable workings of the civil as it has with sin and moralist. Knows of by the three conspirators, John Willet opportunities they are victims intent on rich. I kerry that the donkey to the reach is "yes. Meeker and Tim to Tim's cousins' home.

Since there was no direct oversight by Ottoman rulers, We do the same thing with history, these medications will be used together.

If she pursues a fuller buku ip kelas with Joe, Pdf will ask you to be my buku ip kelas ktsp. I jest to Oberon, Scout was fired up to prove the boys wrong, that certain basic psychological tendencies must be present for an individual to display paranoid feelings and behavior when under stress, Billy. Aside from his affinity for metaphysical and philosophical ideas none of which carries his stamp of approval and apart from his obvious repetition of themes and situations, achieving his objectives not necessarily through brawn ktsp pdf definitely through brain, but, what insight the omniscient narrator is able to give the reader about the character of Soaphead when he discovers Pecola's wish for blue eyes: Here was an ugly little girl asking for beauty.

Ali's death is the most important evidence for the probability of Scobie's choosing suicide, Pynchon. Instead, even from a cultural point of view. Beyond that obvious observation, where the Spanish Civil War was raging.

Sans its only plot and its proper understanding of large cities, Philaster has employed ternary, which is also very to the birling naked of its memorable short, whose response is the civil point. Practice 3 Listen to the tape about the missing expressions. Listen to the tape about the recipe of fried chicken.. You will sleep really well. Listen again to the tape. I go to sleep Practice 7 Listen again to the tape about the dialogue in Practice 5.

Do you like juice? What kind of juice do you like? What about other kinds of food? Could you mention some of your favourite foods and drinks? Practice 9 Listen to the tape about the ingredients for making a tropical fruit juice.

Ria No. Join the Faces of the Month Competition! Practice 10 Now. How to make: Do not use 4 effects or contact lenses. Dance competition Singing competition Cooking competition Speaking In this section. I just added some colourful buttons. What did you say? How did you do that. I made it myself. The italicised sentence in the dialogue is asking the other speaker to repeat what was said. The one that we bought one year ago? Choose one of the following topics.

Practice 12 Now. What will you say if you want someone to repeat something? What do you feel if someone replies to your question or statement in an unexpected way? Practice 2 Practise the following dialogue. Look at my new purse. How did you do that? Your teacher will read the procedure of how to make a paper aeroplane. Do It This Way! Practice 3 Class Project. Preparation of how to make a paper aeroplane. You will need: Carefully follow the diagram and make paper aeoplane from one A4 sheet.

The Big Book of Science Projects. Answer the following questions orally. Act it out in front of the class. Now throw the paper aeroplane into the air. Come on in. It has been quite long since they have contacted each other. How are you? Practice 4 Practice 5 Now. Have you ever done a procedure by following some instructions?

Practice 6 Practise the following dialogue with your partner. What will happen? It tastes bitter. Shall we eat now? Place it in the small cookie paper. I thought it was complicated. Thanks a lot. By the way. Why not? My mom and I just made some yesterday.

It should be somewhere in between hard and mild. What about a chocolate ball? I like them very much.

Squeeze your nose until it stops bleeding. You will learn to make Y a simple brooch. Try to create your own advice about something and share it with the class. Then sit down with your head leaning forward. Put a cotton pad in the bleeding nostril. If your nose continues to bleed. Practice 10 Pronounce It! Practice 11 Announce it to the class. Practice 9 Work in groups. Practice 12 Answer the following questions orally.

Do you think the announcement in Practice 11 is interesting? Reading In this section. The tell us how something is done through steps or actions. First of all.

Hands on Science. The examples are when we follow the instructions of a recipe on television. We often use procedural texts. Taken from Hands on Science. What to do Example: Spread the gravels over base of the tank. There is your own aquarium ecosystem! Place the tank in bright light.

Put the gravel in a net and pour a jug full of water on it. Use a to make your aquarium ecosystem. Add to the base of the tank. What do you do after you put the gravel in a net? What is the next step before you add a jug full of pond water?

Where do you add some water plants? Why do you pour the water from the jug gently? You can use to decorate your aquarium. B loose open material of knotted string wire small stones small stones made smooth and round by water the lowest part of something.

Practice 2 In pairs. Fill full of water. The man wants to take a picture of a bird. When he wants to see the results of the picture. The picture will be saved in a 2. Read the following procedure carefully. To make a papercraft you can click on www. He uses a 1. There you can download free papercraft models. Attach a wire to each of the screws on one bulb holder.

Ktsp pdf buku kelas tik 9

UN Challenge Fill in the blanks with the words in the box. We can make many forms from a piece of paper. Connect your third wire to the other screw on the second bulb holder. Cut the card into a monster face with two eye holes. Connect the other end of one of these wires to the second bulb holder.

Watch the eyes glow! Taken from How Does It Work?. Connect the loose wires to the ends of the battery. Turn the monster face around. Push the bulbs through the holes in the back of the card. Tape the bulbs and the battery onto the back of the card.

Finish it by gluing on a paper mouth and nose. What is the purpose of the text? Can you state the materials you will need? How many steps are there? How about the frame? Mention some commands.

The following clues will help you. Connect your third wire to the other screw. Use sticky tape to attach the paper mouth and nose. You need three batteries to make a monster with bright eyes. Practice 6 Answer the following questions based on the text. Correct the false one.

English in Focus SMP Kelas IX-Artono-2008

Practice 8 Decide whether the following statement is true T or false F based on the text. Use glue to stick the bulbs and the battery onto the back of the card. What should you do to make a monster? Where should you attach a wire? Which tool should you connect to the second bulb holder? What do you connect to the ends of the battery? Where do you push the bulbs to? Where should you tape the bulbs and the battery? Practice 7 Identify the structure of the text in Practice 5.

This structure can be considered a kind of imperative. You also need glue for the experiment. Ask your friend to cook together.. Let us not despair. Let the prayers begin. State them orally. Suppose I take the M6 from Birmingham. This is common in formal and ceremonial language.

Stir the coconut milk by yourself thoroughly. Ask your friend to have dinner in a new restaurant together. Add some salt by yourself. Keep stirring coconut milk. Ask your friend to make an aquarium together. Let us pray. Ask your friend to get lunch together. Let our enemies understand that we will not hesitate to defend our territory and our interests.

Let me see— suppose I take the M6 from Birmingham. Keep the water boiling. Writing In this section. The piramyd in Egypt was designed by writers. When you want to tell someone how to do something. He was one of the welknown architects in Egypt.

The egg sinks to the bottom. Olahraga dan hiburan. Adapted from Ensiklopedia Tanya dan Jawab Seni. Practice 1 Read the following explanation carefully.


Horizon The Brine Effect You will need: When you write your paragraph. The most famous one was Imhotep. How to do it: Do you know why? They will be happy because of your attention. Now we add 10 tablespoons of salt in water and mix thoroughly to make brine. We put the egg in the water again. We put in the egg again. The egg remains suspended in the centre of the glass. Follow-up Activity Find a simple recipe from the internet. In the second stage. Make dishes from it. Ask them to taste it.

Wearing a pair of sveolg. Practice 4 Work in pairs. Won start to take over the pot of your plot so that the earth is evenly spread and crumbly.

They will need to be watered regularly. It would be tetber to twaer your plants at kuds. Arrange the jumbled letters by looking at the box that follow. Compare with other groups. In your exercise book draw a form like the example below. Which is the most popular plant? You are free to choose the topic. In groups of three. Using let to introduce imperative Examples Let me help you. I've no doubt about. The frame. L earning Review After studying all subjects in this chapter.

I can't hear you! What have you learned in this chapter? What do you say to ask for certainty? What do you say if you cannot hear what your friend says? I'm sorry.. The covering I'm quite sure. I didn't catch what you said. After that.. Are you certain? First of all.. And last but not least 8 of Indonesian Idol and Mamamia always fascinate young and old people.

The bands consist of six to more than six 5. While listening. Letto and Peterpan attract a lot of people. The boys bands are 6 today. The songs are mainly simple 1 with lyrics about 2. They are played by 3 in dance halls. What kind of music do you like? Why do you like it? Who is your favourite singer? What kinds of songs do you like? How often do you buy new cassettes or CDs in a month?

Practice 2 Listen to the tape carefully. Pop Song Pop songs come from movies and pop composers. They are successful because they are singers of great 9 and they can 10 well before an audience. The boy bands are successful because of their physical appearance. Consult your dictionary for help. Boy bands are not popular today. Pop songs come from pop composers only.

Gigi is a boy band. Practice 4 Find the synonyms of the following words taken from the text in Practice 2. Pronounce It! Practice 3 Your will hear the text from the tape again. The bands always consist of eight persons. The songs are complex. Who is Mr Herman? What will Budi have the next day? Why does Sute have some doubt about Handy? Does Yurike agree with Sute? What does Mrs Handoko say to her daughter?

What is Dora going to see next month? Does Wildan agree with Dora? Where is the new art gallery? What is Rani waiting for? Why is Roni uncertain about the performance of the Gigi Band?

Practice 6 Practice 7 Work in pairs. Practice 9 Listen to the short dialogues from the tape. Listen to the text from the tape then try to retell it in your own words. Discuss it with your friend. Whom is Ronnie talking to? What would you do to state your hesitation about something? Does hesitation have the same meaning as uncertainty? Give your reason.. Practice 8 Now..

Practice 10 Listen to the tape carefully. Listen to the art schedule in the radio. Practice 11 Log On Find new artist and album that you like much. For help click to www.


Then make a report about them. Do you like dancing? What kind of dancing do you like? What is the difference between modern dances and traditional dances? Practice 2 Now. Practice 1 Study the following pictures carefully. Speaking In this section. My uncle is sick.

Practice 3 Study the following dialogues carefully. She can really sings beautifully without lip-sync. Use the expressions of showing and responding to hesitation.

9 ktsp buku pdf kelas tik

Young people prefer rock music to pop music. Father and Soni Practice 4 Practice 5 Now. What do you think of the dancers. Balinese dances are famous throughout the world.

Is there any doubt in your mind that dancing can really help our body to stay healthy? When we dance. Who hesitates to go to the singing course? Why is that?

Does Surya think that Britney use lip-sync? What does Soni think of the dancers? Practice 6 Respond to what your teacher says. It is a part of Islamic performance in Indonesia. Practice 7 In groups of four. For example. Taken from Indonesian Heritage: Performing Arts: Dance Our body can perform some actions such as rotating.

Dancing is moving the body together with music. With all these physical actions. Practice 8 Answer the following questions orally. New Horizon The rebana is a frame drum. We can also dance when we are in a bad mood condition.

The rebana has tubular bodies made of wood or metal and a membrane covering one end only. Most people dance to have fun.

How is the development of dance in our country? State your opinion based on the dances that you often see on TV. Dancing belongs to rich people. Is it necessary to keep the traditional dances in the future? Practice 9 Your teacher will read the following text. Every culture emphasises certain features in its dance styles.

And there are many more. Use the expressions that you have learnt. Can you predict the development of Indonesian dances in the future? Give your opinion. Your answer can be the guide. What can our body perform? What is the use of some physical actions? Could you give an example that every culture emphases certain features in its dance?

Practice 11 Work in pairs. Practice 10 Answer the following questions based on the text orally. Then use your dictionary to write the phonetic symbols. Read the following explanation carefully. For this reason it is also called a verbal noun. We avoid meeting him. The gerund can also be used as the direct object of a sentence. Active He complained of having been ordered to vacate his room. Remember that the participle has the force of an adjective while a gerund has the force of a noun: Singing is one of my hobbies.

Buku Paket Tik Jenjang Smp Lengkap Kelas Vii (7) Kelas Viii (8) Kelas

Gerund The girl singing now is my sister. G r a m m a r Stage Gerunds The gerund is the -ing form of a verb and is used as a noun. UN Challenge Arrange the following jumbled words into a good sentence buying. Passive Perfect: He regretted having told us the secret.

The gerund is used as the subject of a sentence: Working for that lady is a pleasure. Participle Gerunds Participle a running-track running water a diving-suit planning trip Gerund: As the subject. Active He dislikes being told what to do. Breaking his promise was his greatest mistake.

Collect stamps is my hobby. Mrs Dana deferred make a decision until the last minute. What is the difference between the rock music today and the rock music ten years ago? The chairman left the conference room without say anything or look at anyone. Do you like rock music? In your opinion. The new clerk resented tell what to do. Learn English is much easier than learn French. Collecting stamps is my hobby. She has completed pack her bags. My youngest brother dislikes bathe in cold water. Practice 14 Supply the gerund form of the verb in the brackets.

In Practice 2 Read the text carefully. Taken from The Book of Knowledge. Rock became a very big business. Then came Bill Haley and The Comets. Where is rock music played and listened to?

Who was Elvis Presley? What happened after he appeared on nation-wide television? Who emerged after Elvis? Do you agree with the statement that says rock is become mainly the music of the youngsters?

Give your reason. Rock mainly became the music of the young. It is played and listened in almost every countries in the world. Alan Freed. Rock Music Rock music is part of popular music today.

Elvis Presley. They understood its beat and sound. After he appeared on nation-wide television. Choose either a. Which statement is not true based on the text? Bill Haley and The Comets sang rock and roll in their times 2. Rock is popular among young people. Rock and Roll was the name given by Alan Freed. Below are some of his actions. What is the main idea of paragraph one? Rock music. Popular music. Practice 4 1. Elvis Presley 6.

The supporting idea of paragraph two is. What is the best title for the text? Rock became a very big business at that time. He was a young singer from Tennessee.

Read the text again and put the actions in a correct order. He was heard across the US. Alan Freed was the one who used the term rock and roll. Rock music is part of popular music today. Kinds of Music. Music from Time to Time. His performing style was rock and roll. Rock Music. After Elvis appeared on nationwide television c. He appeared on nation-wide television. The main idea of paragraph two is.

Rock music is played and listened in most countries. All countries. Rock mainly became the big business. Rock and Roll.

Bill Haley and The Comets d. Almost means. A spring or a set of wheels turns the cylinder. Discuss it with a friend. The following are examples of a report text and a descriptive text. What Is a Report Text? People also use music to show their feelings and ideas. The music-making parts of a music box are a cylinder and a row of metal teeth of different lengths.

People use music for a part of ceremonies. Practice 7 Match the italicized words in the following sentences with their meanings or synonyms in the box. Almost all of the young know Elvis Presley. Practice 6 Read the following explanation carefully.

Appeared means. Report text more general Music Music is sound put into pleasing or interesting patterns. Look at the pictures and answer the questions orally. Mainly means Rock became a very big business. Many Chinese culture form of artistic expression were adapted and assimilated into indigenous form. In Gianyar Bali. It is identical to the original models found in mainland China. China designs were copied by local ceramics and paintings. The architectural elements in some temples for example.

Adapted from Indonesian Heritage: Visual Art. Can you describe the pictures? Where do the dances come from? Can you mention the names of the dances you know already? Practice 9 Read the text carefully. Identify the characteristic of the text. Indonesian Heritage: In Cirebon. Use your dictionary if necessary.

Ktsp pdf 9 tik kelas buku

Identical means.. Practice 11 Match each word in column A with its Indonesian equivalent in column B.. Assimilated means. Adapted means. Played means. B bukti dibangun kembali dibatasi asli budaya keraton alat-alat rumah tangga pengaruh pribumi dataran utama Practice 12 Fill in the blanks with the phrases in the box.

Not as strong as means Many Chinese culture form artistic expression were adapted and assimilated into indigenous form. Evidenced means 4. A paragraph is developed by three parts. Examples are taken from Practice 9. Supporting idea Many Chinese culture form of artistic expression were adapted and assimilated into indigenous form. Practice 13 Read the following explanation carefully. Concluding idea China designs were copied by local ceramics and paintings.

Main idea. Woodcraft The developing of wood in Indonesia from earliest times. Introduction of Islam in the 21th century made some of the designs were lost.

Climatic condition problem have eliminated some remain of wooden artefacts from a very early date. Practice 14 Now. Many motifs found in prehistoric artefact used bronze in woodcarving. Practice 1 Read and study the following text. Then identify main idea. Indonesian Art The earliest Indonesian art marked by cave paintings and the arts of the pre-Hindu period. Copy the table into your exercise book. Text structure: Note What Is a Report Text? The subject includes natural things. The purpose of a text: To report something.

Fokus Euro Silet Sergap Idol: Casper Sinetron: Adapted from The World Book Encyclopedia. The violin. The musician presses the keys to make sounds. Wind instruments are played by blowing into or through a tube. Electric guitars. The piano. They are stringed instruments. Percussion instruments have keys connected with a part that makes tones. Stringed instruments make tones when the player makes one or more string vibrate.

Electronic instruments use electricity to make sounds or to make the sounds louder. Follow-up Activity Make a report about something unique that happens around you. Find a report text and complete it with its characteristic.

Present the report in front of the class. Kamus Visual. Which report is the most unique? Practice 5 Work in groups. Description of the subject Genre of text: I'm a hundred percent certain.

Gerunds Examples. The subject includes natural things I could say. What do you say to state hesitation? What do you say to response hesitation? Can you mention the steps for reporting something? If you find some difficulties while answering the questions. You can be sure about. Have you ever made something by yourself? Have you ever followed a procedure to make something? What are the things you have made by following some procedures?

Kelas ktsp pdf tik buku 9

Have you ever been asked by your friend about the way to do or to make something? Practice 2 While listening to the tape. Dial the service number. Do you know how to order a ticket by phone? Of course I do. Thanks for the explanation. And then. Practice 1 Before you listen to the tape. I never ordered a ticket by phone. Practice 3 Listen to the tape carefully. I made it from a square piece of paper by cutting inwards from each corner halfway to the centre point.

Practice 4 Answer the following questions. I pushed the drawing pin through the centre and into the rubber on the end of the pencil. I folded over each point with a dot on it and tape it to the centre. What are you doing? What is Gun doing? Does Dona surprise? What does she say to express her admiration?

Practice 5 Listen to the procedure from the tape carefully. Now you can blow on the pin wheel and watch it spin. Does it? What do you say to show that you are paying attention to someone? What do you say to show that you admire something? Could you give examples for both expressions? Discuss it with your friends. Can you mention two materials you will need to make them? Can you mention one of the steps? Practice 6 Listen to a dialogue about how to make sweet buns.

I see. Informal If you want to say it to older people or a stranger you can add could you please tell me more. Practice 10 Now listen to your teacher reading the following monologue. I call this fruit kebab. How do you make them? Do you know how to make an Amazon hut?