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Project Gutenberg's English Synonyms and Antonyms, by James Champlin fine shades of meaning the author has bestowed upon the words he discusses. Minor typographical errors have been corrected without note, whilst a list of. Word List of Synonyms and - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File Containing hidden meaning - a cryptic message, difficult to decipher. English vocabulary with bengali meanings, one thousand synonyms, in the list 90) EXCLUSIVE ➫ (বজজনকর) Antonym: Inclusive Example: .

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List of Synonyms | Download Available From synonyms/. Page 1 of 5. List of Synonyms. A list of synonyms & antonyms for the. Synonyms and Antonyms - Volume 1 Synonym and Antonym Worksheets .. Write a sentence with the opposite meaning by using a word in the word box. communication, study of synonyms is more beneficial. WORD. SYNONYMS. ANTONYMS. LEVEL. RESOURCE LIST SYNONYMS & ANTONYMS.

Alliance; merging of various units into one unit - three parties forming a coalition to rule the country. To accuse falsely or maliciously in order to injure another's reputation; slander - calumniated his political opponent by spreading false rumors. Display or wave boastfully - flaunted the excellent report before his delighted parents. Antonym impious. Demonstrating originality, skill, or resourcefulness - an ingenious device. Pertaining to spring-an array of vernal flowers. To belittle or speak slightingly of - depreciated John's acting ability.

Genuine -proved to be an authentic document. Despotic - feared by the masses as an autocratic ruler. Excessive greed - a fortune accumulated by avarice and miserliness. Unsymmetrical; not straight - the picture, hanging awry on the wall.

Lacking in freshness, originality, or vigor-bored by his banal remarks. Destructive, poisonous - a baneful effect, causing serious injury. Good-natured teasing or ridicule-The two wits I exchanged banter, to the amusement of the audience. A stick or staff - The conductor wielded his baton gracefully. To give a false idea of - His gracious manner belled his evil purpose.

Engaged in war - two belligerent nations warring fiercely. Kindly; charitable - like a benevolent monarch, bestowing many favors. To deprive or leave desolate by loss - a widow just bereaved of her husband.

To soil or dirty - besmirched his opponent's good name with vile epithets. Prejudiced - misled by a biased point of view. A lover of books - The bibliophile fingered the old book fondly.

Queer; unusual in appearance- bizarre clothes, outlandish in the extreme. Gentle; polite; agreeable - a bland diet, without irritating foods. A flattering speech or act - attracted people by his blandishments. To scar or spoil - Bad associates blemished his character; noun: A disfigurement, defect - a character without a blemish. To ruin or decay - the rotting wheat, blighted by incessant rain. Gay and light-hearted in spirit or mood - spread cheer with her blithe spirit.

A swamp - sank into the spongy bog.

Pdf with list meaning antonyms and synonyms

High-sounding; pretentious in language - a bombastic speech, inflated with meaningless high-flown words. Unrefined in speech or manners - exhibited the boorish manners of a backwoodsman. Pertaining to the country - a bucolic poem - the joys of the shepherd. A clown - acting like a buffoon, full of ludicrous tricks.

Obnoxiously conceited or self-assertive - a bumptious monitor, puffed up with his own importance. A small group of persons engaged in plotting - a cabal of prominent persons united to overthrow the government. Unharmonious sounding - a cacophonous blare of trumpets, noisy and discordant. Corpselike; hence, haggard, pale -His face appeared cadaverous from long imprisonment.

Unfeeling or insensitive - made callous by long suffering. To accuse falsely or maliciously in order to injure another's reputation; slander - calumniated his political opponent by spreading false rumors. Frank, outspoken; impartial a candid reply that could hardly be more forthright.

Ill-natured; quarrelsome — showed a cantankerous and sullen disposition. Inclined, through some whim or fancy change the mind, purpose, or actions suddenly - a capricious person, undependable in mood or temper.

Quick to find fault about trifles- a captious critic pouncing on slight laws.

Examples of Antonyms, Synonyms, and Homonyms

A picture or other description of a person which exaggerates ludicrously one or more of his distinctive features - not a realistic portrait but a malicious caricature. To punish or criticize severely - castigated for using improper language. Pertaining to the sky; heavenly-a celestial pageant of bright stars.

An extreme patriot-a chauvinist with most pride in his country. Trickery, deception,- practised chicanery all his shady dealings. Continuing a long time; habitual-a. Cautious - looked about him circumspectly. To gain an advantage by the use of trick to evade by the use of deception; to go around - circumvented the law by evasive practices. Loud and noisy - a clamorous outburst the crowd outside.

Secret; stealthy - a clandestine meeting known only to a few. Merciful; gentle - a clement judge who tempered justice with leniency. Alliance; merging of various units into one unit - three parties forming a coalition to rule the country.

Compelling a person by physical force or other means to do something against his will - rendered his services without the slightest coercion. Having the force to compel, usually by appealing to reason - persuaded by cogent arguments. Working together secretly for an evil purpose - acted in collusion to overthrow the government.

Roomy - a commodious apartment. Harmonious; able, to get along together parted company because they were not compatible. A brief summary of the main ideas of a larger work - a compendium of chemistry in a slim volume.

Payment for services - just compensation for his labor. Self-satisfied - looked on his own performance with a complacent smile.

Meaning pdf list antonyms and with synonyms

Regret for wrongdoing - displayed slight compunction for his misdeed. To yield; to admit as true; to grant - conceded victory to a superior force. Well-deserved applied chiefly to punishment - received condign punishment for his crime.

To express sympathy with another in sorrow, pain, or misfortune - condoled with each other in their grief. To forgive or overlook an offense - condoned the deed, in view of the offender's age. A person allied with others for a special purpose frequently a bad one - joined his confederate in secret enterprise. United or allied in a conspiracy - two confederate groups hurrying to their rendezvous. To guess - Without facts, we can only conjecture about his guilt.

Pdf antonyms meaning with synonyms and list

General agreement - The consensus of the committee was that no action should be taken. Amazement; lack of courage caused by fearful prospect - The threat struck deep consternation into John.

To interpret, explain the sense of, or analyze - construed the statement to his own advantage. Perfect or highly accomplished - achieved with consummate skill.

To complete, bring to perfection - consummated the deal without delay. Expressive of contempt an emotion involving anger and disgust - cast a contemptuous look at his subordinate. Festive; gay - a convivial party. Plentiful - shed copious tears at the bad news. Fat - corpulent due to excessive eating.

One who is at home in all countries - A cosmopolitan can feel at ease anywhere in the world. Free from local prejudices - a world-wide traveler, cosmopolitan in tastes and attitudes. A group of people joined by common interests a coterie of select friend. A face - His countenance expressed his complete disgust. To approve - refused to countenance disrespectful conduct.

Coarse and stupid - displayed crass ignorance. Coward - the deed of a craven, motivated by fear. Cowardly - a craven act which shocked the world. Trust or belief - gave little credence to the rumor.

Worthy of belief - a credible story, true to life. Deserving or reflecting Credit or honor - applauded for his creditable performance. Inclined to believe anything; easily imposed upon - a credulous fool whom anyone can dupe. To shrink in fear - cringing before superior force.

Decisive or critical; difficult - the crucial event that decided the outcome. Containing hidden meaning - a cryptic message, difficult to decipher. Deserving blame or censure - removed from office for culpable negligence. Burdensome and clumsy - a cumbrous knapsack, impeding his march.

To control, check, or restrain - forcibly curbed the people's protest. Hurried; hence, superficial - Time permitted only a cursory examination. Rudely abrupt -offended by the curt response. Sneeringly distrustful of the good motives or conduct of others - belittled the hero with a cynical remark. Scarcity - a dearth of news, brought about by censorship. Submitting to the wishes or judgment of another - yielded out of deference to the old man.

Antonym recalcitrance. A god -The sun was a deity to ancient peoples.

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Very pleasing - a delectable meal, tastefully prepared. To erase or cancel, take out or remove - deletedan offensive phrase.

To sketch or portray - striking features, delineated by a master artist. An offender - found to be a delinquent by the court. Failing to fulfill an obligation - too many people who are delinquent in meeting their civic duties. A great flood; downpour - a spring deluge which caused the river to overflow. A leader who tries to stir the passions of people for his own purposes - the mob roused by an unprincipled demagogue.

Behavior; bearing - carrying himself with a proud demeanor. Affectedly or falsely modest or prim; serious demure as a Victorian maiden. To speak against - denounced by the press as a traitor. To empty or to use up - depleted the public treasury by vast building programs. To express sorrow or grief over - a lamentable situation deplored by all parties.

Of low morals; corrupt - a depraved mind, devising evil. To plead or argue against a certain course of action - deprecated the proposal severely. To belittle or speak slightingly of - depreciated John's acting ability. Widespread ruin - the city left in utter devastation by war. Lacking in; not possessing - a speech devoid of even a trace of ill-will.

Devoted to religious observances - devout in his regularity of attendance at worship. Antonym impious. Art authoritative statement; a saying-an imperial dictum demanding instant compliance. Designed to teach, imparting a lesson - a poem with a didactic purpose. Lacking in self-confidence- too diffident to lead a group.

A situation calling for a choice between two equally difficult alternatives; hence, a difficult or perplexing situation - faced with a dilemma defying solution.

One who dabbles in the fine arts for amusement only and without concentrated study - a doctor by profession, a dilettante in art. To confuse; to embarrass - disconcerted by his suspicious stare. Depressed; without hope or possibility of consolation - made disconsolate by abject poverty. To converse or talk; to discuss - discoursed at length on the rise of political parties. Separate - two discrete issues, totally unrelated.

Rambling from one subject to another - a discursive letter, covering many topics. Inequality; difference in image, quantity, character, or rank - great disparity between promise and performance. Free from feeling or partiality - coldly dispassionate as the chairman of the meeting. Antonym partial. To do speedily; to send off - dispatched with remarkable promptness. A speedy performance; the sending off of something - done with all possible dispatch.

To drive away; to scatter - dispelled a doubt that had lingered. To disagree; to differ in opinion - He dissented violently, rejecting compromise. Living loosely; unrestrained in conduct or morals - his life wasted by dissolute conduct.

Mentally distressed; distracted - distraught by trials and tribulations. Varied; different - two diverse characters; one candid, the other insincere. Entertaining - a diverting one of the most amusing I've ever seen. To make public or reveal - refused to divulge his source of information. Positive in expressing an opinion; asserting an opinion as though it were an undisputed fact - spoken dogmatically, as if the speaker considered himself infallible. Sorrowful; mournful - a dolorous song full of sorrow for past joys.

Forceful - possessed dynamic energy, tireless and powerful. Pertaining to the clergy or the church - recognized as an authority in ecclesiastic matters. A clergyman - an ecclesiastic of liberal views. A public command or proclamation issued by an authority - proclaimed by royal edict.

To instruct or uplift, particularly in morals or religion - a story that edifies the reader, as well as entertains him. No longer productive; hence, lacking in or, worn out - powerful in ancient days, now an effete civilization. Conceited - an egotistic person, flourishing on praise.

Outstandingly bad an egregious mistake with serious implications. To exclaim or utter suddenly — ejaculated a cry of horror. To draw out — elicited no response from the audience. To make clear; to explain — elucidated his theory so that even a schoolboy could understand it. A person sent on an errand or mission - delegated his emissary to conclude a pact.

To cause, produce, or stir up-an act that engendered good will. Boredom; weariness of mind-fell asleep at the meeting from sheer ennui. To follow or result-Silence ensued when the leader arose to speak. To beg earnestly — entreated the judge to show mercy. Very short-lived - an ephemeral joy, lasting but a day.

A person devoted to luxurious living and pleasure - an epicurean, seeking to enjoy every meal.

Synonyms pdf and with meaning antonyms list

Pleasure-loving - His entire existence demonstrated his epicurean tastes. A brief pointed saying - a speech full of original epigrams. A tombstone inscription - an epitaph engraved on marble. A phrase that describes a quality good or bad in a person or thing - "Glaring" error is a commonly used epithet.

Evenness of temper or mind - suffered his cruel fate with equanimity. ERR noun: To be mistaken or go astray - To err is human, to forgive divine. Irresponsible, eccentric; lacking a fixed purpose erratic behavior, reflecting his queer ideas. Learned - an erudite person, an editor of many books.

Understood by only a select few - an esoteric subject, discussed only by scholars. Objectionable - exceptionable behavior, universally criticized. To free from blame - exculpated by a jury. Serving as a model; commendable - exemplary conduct approved by all. Departure, emigration - the pathetic exodus of refugees from their homeland. Strange and foreign - an exotic costume imported from Asia.

To speak or write at great length - He expatiated on the subject for two hours. To banish or exile; to withdraw from one's country - expatriated for treachery to his country. An expatriated person - expatriates who left the United States to live in Paris. Convenient in helping to attain some purpose - found it expedient to maintain silence at that moment. A means to accomplish something - tried all expedients to achieve a quick result.

Vocabulary with bengali meanings,synonyms & antonyms

To use for one's selfish purpose — refugees exploited by unscrupulous employers. A brilliant deed - lauded for his exploits in science. To set forth in detail; to explain - expounded his theory in a learned article. To purify usually a piece of writing of offensive material - expurgate all obscenities before the book could be sold. Done or spoken on the spur of the moment or without preparation - an extemporaneous speech. No longer existing or active - the extinct dinosaur, alive only in history.

To root out, destroy totally - extirpated the cause of trouble. Not essential; foreign; irrelevant - excluded material extraneous to the subject. Great rejoicing - received the good news with exultation. Front or face, especially of a building - a facade of marble. Given to joking or inappropriate gaiety; said in fun - brightened the evening with his facetious remarks.

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Why not share! Synonyms antonyms by das sir Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Monzurul Karim Shanchay Follow. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Antonyms , however, are words that have opposite meanings. Then, there's one other category of -nym words full of interest and intrigue. Homonyms are words that are pronounced and spelled the same, although they have different meanings.

Let's dive into an array of examples of antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms. Antonyms can be used to demonstrate contrast between two things or provide clues as to what is meant. Here is a list of antonyms for you to review:.

For more types of antonyms, including graded antonyms, complementary antonyms, and relational anonyms, feel free to enjoy Examples of Antonyms. Synonyms provide variety in our speech or writing. And, since there are endless arrays of synonyms, it's possible to avoid over-usage and repetition. Let's take a look at some examples of synonyms:. Test your knowledge with some added Examples of Synonyms. Homonyms are words that have the same spelling and pronunciation but different meanings.

Here are some common homonym examples:.