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THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SERIAL KILLERS Second Edition Michael Newton. almost Entries A–Z A Police were not finished with their suspect, however. .. take Pills for ED (important) □□□ The A To Z Encyclopedia Of Serial Killers Pdf by Study Group is just one of the most effective seller books on the planet? Have you had. Michael Newton - The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers - dokument [*.pdf] 1 Wesleyan University The Honors College Killer Personalities: Serial.

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The a to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The a to Z Encyclopedia of Serial. The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Harold Schechter - Bestselling true- crime writer Harold Schechter, a leading authority on serial killers, and. ajnd74hKN - Read and download Harold Schechter's book The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers in PDF, EPub online. Free The A to Z Encyclopedia of.

Seattle Sullivans 4 Contemporary Romance: Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre: My aim is to provide readers with an explanation of how this individual came to be, how he was made a threat to American society, and the consequences of focusing on this kind of person. The missing year-old had been employed with Ball before she dropped from sight, but under questioning the tavern keeper said that she had left to take another job. Elissa Kastin, a year-old Hollywood waitress, was abducted and slain November 5, her body discovered the next morning on a highway embankment in Glendale.

The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers

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The a to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers

Hard Time: Het dagboek van Marie: Het geheim van een moeder: Het jaar na jou: Een vader. Zijn kinderen. En het jaar dat alles veranderde.

Pdf z the to a serial killers encyclopedia of

Seattle Sullivans 4 Contemporary Romance: I Only Have Eyes for You: The Sullivans, Book 4: If You Were Mine: Ik tel tot tien -: Insecurity and a Bottle of Merlot Like Sisters 2: Inside Alcatraz: Intrigue and a Bottle of Merlot: It Must Be Your Love: Seattle Sullivans 2 The Sullivans, Book Kerri On: Kerried Away: Killers of the Flower Moon: Kissing Under The Mistletoe: L'affaire Snowden: Les crimes de Monsieur Kissinger: Les plus grands assassinats de l'Histoire: Les plus grands cannibales: Les Somber Jann: Let Me Be the One: Lethal Marriage: Little Fires Everywhere: Lost Girls: Lune bleue - Roman court: Man V.

Manhattan in Reverse: Marching Powder: Mated on the Moon: Mr Nice: Nearest Night: Nightmare At 20, Feet: No Angel: Nora Roberts e-bundel Nu even niet: On the Yankee Station: On Your Doorstep: Once Upon a Time in Russia: One of Us: Pablo Escobar: Party Time: People Who Eat Darkness: Pluk de dag: Pogingen iets van het leven te maken: Prodigal Father, Pagan Son: Redeemed By Rilic: Serial Killers: Smoke and Mirrors: I hated the decay and the dissection. There was no sadistic pleasure in the killing.

I killed them as I would like to be killed myself, enjoying the extremity of the death act itself. If I did it to myself I could only experience it once. If I did it to others, I could experience the death act over and over again. Solo Killers Appendix B: Team Killers Appendix C: Unresolved Cases Bibliography Index 6. In time, older cases will no doubt emerge. With so much new material from which to choose, a volume many times the size of the original might easily have been prepared.

The new edition differs from its predecessor in three ways: In short, the revised Encyclopedia of Serial Killers represents the most complete source on the subject presently available. First and foremost, I owe thanks to David Frasier at Indiana University—friend and fellow author, researcher par excellence—for his continuing assistance and support. The work in hand would literally not exist without his generous help.

As in the first edition, every effort has been made to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of this work. Readers possessing additional data on any aspect of serial murder are invited to contact the author via the publisher, or at his Web site http: It is the purpose of this volume to demystify, as far as possible, those predators in human form who have been with us since the dawn of history, their numbers multiplying exponentially within the past four decades.

The entries in this work are alphabetically arranged, including both case histories of individual serial killers and essays on general topics e.

The large number of serial killers on record—more than 1, at this writing—renders comprehensive coverage of each and every case unfeasible in any single volume.

The remainder of cases known at this writing are presented in a detailed appendix, further subdivided into sections for solo killers, those who murder with accomplices, and cases presently unsolved. Many people have assisted in the preparation of this work, particularly with the details of lesser-known cases. They include: Barmer, at the Jacksonville Fla.

Public Library; M. Collin, at the Santa Barbara Ca. Jones, reference librarian at the Public Library of Nashville Tenn. Johns County Fla. Petersburg Fla. Public Library.

Every effort has been made to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the work in hand. Inevitably, by the time it goes to press there will be more new cases in the media and fresh developments in some of those reported here.

The encyclopedia of serial killers

Readers possessing additional information on any aspect of the serial murder phenomenon are encouraged to write the author, in care of Facts On File.

Entries A—Z 9.

In early August, detectives announced that Allen was a prime suspect in eleven other cases, each involving robbery or assault of elderly victims in their homes around Indianapolis. In the spring of , Allen was convicted of burglary and felony battery in the May 18 assault, plus an additional count of habitual criminal behavior. He was sentenced to 88 years on those charges, but the worst was yet to come.

In August , at age 24, he invaded the home of 85year-old Opal Cooper, beating her to death in the course of a petty robbery. Convicted on a reduced charge of manslaughter, Allen received a term of two to 21 years in state prison. Paroled in January , he returned to Indianapolis and found work in a car wash, biding his time before he resumed the hunt. On May 18, , a year-old Indianapolis woman narrowly escaped death when a prowler choked and beat her in her home.

Two days later, Laverne Hale, 87, was attacked in a similar fashion, dying of her injuries on May This time, the tenant was absent.

She was pushing middle age, a widow by her own account, but no one seemed to know exactly what had happened to her husband. Between and , midwife Fazekas was jailed 10 times for performing illegal abortions, but sympathetic judges acquitted her in each case.

The rash of homicides is traceable to World War I, when able-bodied men from Nagyrev were drafted to 1 At the same time, rural Nagyrev was deemed an ideal site for camps containing Allied prisoners of war—a circumstance that catered to the wildest fantasies of women suddenly deprived of men.

The prisoners most likely enjoyed a limited freedom within the village, and it soon became a point of pride for lonely wives in Nagyrev to boast a foreign lover, sometimes three or four. As wives began to voice complaints of boredom and abuse, midwife Fazekas offered them relief: Ladislaus Szabo of serving him poisoned wine. In custody, seeking leniency for herself, Szabo fingered a friend, Mrs. Bukenoveski, as a fellow practitioner. Fazekas was hauled in for questioning and staunchly denied everything.

Without solid evidence, police were forced to release her, but they mounted a roving surveillance, trailing Fazekas around Nagyrev as she cautioned her various clients, arresting each woman in turn. Thirtyeight were jailed on suspicion of murder, and police descended on the Fazekas home to seize the ringleader.

Twenty-six of the Nagyrev suspects were held for trial at Szolnok, where eight were sentenced to death, seven to life imprisonment, and the rest to lesser prison terms. Pavilion 5 at Lainz is typically reserved for problem cases—patients in their seventies and older, many of them terminally ill. In such a setting, death is no surprise. If anything, it sometimes comes as a relief.

Beginning in the spring of and lasting through the early weeks of , Death got a helping hand at Lainz. It was too much fun to quit, too nice to keep from sharing with her special friends. Over time, Wagner recruited three accomplices, all working the night shift in Pavilion 5.

Maria Gruber, born in , was a nursing school dropout and unwed mother. Irene Leidolf, two years older than Gruber, had a husband at home but preferred hanging out with the girls. Soon they were running a concentration camp, not a hospital ward.

Even with four killers working the ward, it took some time for the deadly game to accelerate. Xavier Pesendorfer, in charge of the ward, was suspended in April for failure to launch a timely investigation. Ultimately negligence among the killers led to their downfall. We could decide whether these old fogies lived or died. Their ticket to God was long overdue in any case. Indeed, as the case progressed to trial, Wagner became increasingly reluctant to discuss her role in the murders.

Prosecutors failed to sell their case on 42 counts of murder, but they proved enough to do the job. Waltraud Wagner was convicted of 15 murders, 17 attempted murders, and two counts of aggravated assault, drawing a sentence of life imprisonment.

Stephanija Mayer earned 15 years for a manslaughter conviction and seven counts of attempted murder, while Maria Gruber received an identical term for two murder attempts. The surprise casualty of was James Archer, his death ascribed to natural causes.

Amy waited three years before she remarried, to Michael Gilligan, and her second husband lasted a mere 12 months. The family physician, Dr. The number might have seemed excessive for a home with only 14 beds, but Dr. With Dr. King came out swinging, his shaky reputation on the line, describing Sister Amy as a victim of foul persecution. William Dale Archerd talks to journalists in court. The victims included his fourth wife, Zella, who collapsed two months after their marriage, on July 25, ; a teenaged nephew, Burney Archerd, dead at Long Beach on September 2, ; and wife number seven, author Mary Brinker Arden, who died on November 3, As charged in the indictment, Archerd was suspected of injecting each victim with an overdose of insulin, thereby producing lethal attacks of hypoglycemia.

At least three other victims were suspected in the murder series. Lacking the cash and self-discipline required for medical school, he sought work as a hospital attendant, learning what he could of drugs and their effects through practical experience. By October , he was free on parole. Married seven times in 15 years, he lost three wives to mysterious illnesses between and If that were not enough, his friends and relatives were also dying under unusual circumstances.

Extremist-motivated arson, in FBI parlance, is subdivided into arson as a tool of terrorism, discrimination, or riots and civil disturbance. It is also a crime unique in itself, and some serial killers pursue sidelines in arson throughout their adult lives.

The first category, vandalism-motivated arson, is most likely to be seen in children or adolescents, though adults are by no means immune to the urge. The next category, excitement-motivated arson, is subdivided by the FBI into groups labeled thrill seeker, attention seeker, recognition hero , and sexual perversion, all of which apply to known serial killers.

David Wayne Roberts killed three persons when he torched the home of a salesman who reported him for stealing auto tires. This fascination with felons in general—and serial killers in particular—is viewed by some critics as a symbol of societal decadence even imminent apocalypse , while others dismiss it as a passing fad.

On balance, given the apparent declining interest in such items since the mids, the latter view would seem to be correct. Serial killer art, as noted by authors Harold Schechter and David Everitt, may be conveniently 5 Nassau County, New York, legally banned the sale of one card set to minors; by the time that law was voided on appeal, the company in question had gone bankrupt.

Generally speaking, collectors of serial killer art are more interested in work produced by the murderers themselves, and there has been no shortage of product from the s onward. By , several mail-order catalogs offered a wide range of murderous memorabilia and accessories—fake skulls and severed limbs, etc.

In September , French authorities suggested that art might be a motivating factor in a series of unsolved murders around Perpignan. Police arrested Dr. The crimes in France remained unsolved when this work went to press.

Found dead in an abandoned school November 8, he had been manually strangled by a powerful assailant.

Killers to encyclopedia of the serial a pdf z

Reported missing on March 4, she was found six days later, tied to a tree with her hands bound behind her. On March 11, Jeffrey Mathis vanished on an errand to the store. Eleven months would pass before recovery of his skeletal remains, advanced decomposition ruling out a declaration on the cause of death. On May 18, year-old Eric Middlebrooks left home after receiving a telephone call from persons unknown. The terror escalated that summer.

On June 9, Christopher Richardson, 12, vanished en route to a neighborhood swimming pool. Latonya Wilson was abducted from her home on June 22, the night before her seventh birthday, bringing federal agents into the case. The following day, year-old Aaron Wyche was reported missing by his family. Searchers found his body on June 24, lying beneath a railroad trestle, his neck broken.

Anthony Carter, age nine, disappeared while playing near his home on July 6, ; recovered the following day, he was dead from multiple stab wounds. Earl Terrell joined the list on July 30, when he vanished from a public swimming pool. Skeletal remains discovered on January 9, , would yield no clues about the cause of death.

Next up on the list was year-old Clifford Jones, snatched off the street and strangled on August Darren Glass, an year-old, vanished near his home on September 14, That afternoon, a woman hunting empty cans and bottles in Atlanta stumbled on a pair of corpses, carelessly concealed in roadside undergrowth.

One victim, shot with a.