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Read Sweet Persuasion read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Sweet Persuasion is a Romance novel by Maya Banks. Maya Banks is the New York Times and. USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels, including Hidden Away,. No Place to Run, The. Maya Banks. Sweet Persuasion (Sweet Series Book 2) Maya Banks. FROM NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE BREATHLESS TRILOGY.

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Sweet Persuasion. Home · Sweet Persuasion Author: Banks Maya. 33 downloads Views KB Sweet Persuasion · Read more · Sweet Persuasion. Sweet Persuasion. Book 2 in the Sweet Series. For five years, Serena has run Fantasy Incorporated and has devoted her time to fulfilling her clients' fantasies. Sweet Persuasion Pdf is available here. You can easily download Sweet Persuasion Pdf by Maya Banks, Sweet Persuasion Pdf by.

Some are sexy, which makes it even more disappointing when you happen across a bad one. It has some scenes that are quite powerful but the emotional connection between the main characters, and the extent to which I empathised with them, made them all the more powerful and not in the least tacky. Read more Read less. I knew Damon would be special from the first book, Sweet Surrender. Granted this book is written very well and tastefully executed, there were some "cringe worthy" moments that I personally wouldn't be comfortable participating in myself.

Her skirt clipped the top of her knee, so she had plenty to show. To her surprise, Damon was striding toward the door of the office complex. She smiled in greeting as he entered. He was dressed casually, as casual as a man could look in expensive slacks and polo shirt. He reached with his other hand and enfolded her fingers in his firm grip before tucking it securely under his elbow.

They walked into the warm air, and she looked around for the Bentley. Instead, he guided her toward a sleek, black BMW parked in front of the entrance. As he slid in beside her, she glanced appreciatively at the interior.

He grimaced. He pulled into traffic and maneuvered down the busy street. Serena nodded. I love steak. I love meat. What is it with women always ordering salads, anyway? They drove into the parking lot, and when Serena reached to open the door, Damon stopped her with a hand to her arm.

He got out and walked around to open her door. Then he extended his hand down to her. Tiny little sparks shot up her arm when she slid her fingers across his palm. He pulled gently, and she stepped out to stand beside him. Again, he tucked her hand under his arm and walked her toward the entrance. When they walked inside, the hostess greeted them, and Damon leaned in to murmur quietly to the young woman.

She smiled immediately and nodded. Then she motioned for him and Serena to follow her. They were seated across the room from the bustle of the lunch crowd.

Serena settled in and raised an eyebrow as the hostess left. Her heart slammed against her chest when he slid an envelope across the table toward her. Like how damn good he looked. With trembling fingers, she opened the envelope. Before opening the folded pages, she looked up at him in question. He shrugged.

She stared down at the paper then slowly opened it. Age, address, physical details, appearance, characteristics were all listed first. Her eyes flickered over the sheet as she tried to take in as much of the information as she could at once. No criminal record, stable job and income. Her gaze shot back up the page, and it was then she saw the name staring boldly back at her. Damon Roche. She gasped sharply, and she yanked her head up to stare at Damon.

She was so rattled that her hands were shaking, and sweat beaded her forehead. If we had not met as we did, if someone else had set up our meeting, would you object to my being the man who controls your fantasy? I wanted you from the moment you walked into the restaurant.

After I read your eloquent letter and saw who had written it, there was never any question as to whether I would step forward.

No other man will have you. Warmth sizzled through her abdomen, burning a path to her groin. Her clit pulsed and throbbed, and her nipples hardened until they ached. His vow whispered through her ears until it rebounded and echoed, seductive and alluring.

There was raw arrogance in his expression. More than that, there was knowledge. She craved it with her entire being. Do you want my possession? Do you lie awake at night wanting a man strong enough to harness your sexuality, stroke it until the fire rages and then unleash it, set you free? As he said the last, he reached over and trailed a finger down her cheek and then pushed a tendril of her hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear.

Heat surged to her cheeks, and she leaned into his touch before she could think better of it. He reached across the table once more and captured her hand in his. His thumb rubbed absently over the top of her knuckles, sensual and distracting. He picked her hand up and brought it slowly to his lips. Her breath caught in her throat and refused to slip from her lips as she anticipated the touch of his mouth. A brush of electricity sparked along her veins.

Currents, warm and vibrant raced up her arm and sent prickles of awareness up the base of her neck until the tiny little hairs at her nape stood on end. Sterile perhaps, but necessary. He reached for a sheet of paper underneath the others and handed it to her. Carefully, she pulled her hand from his and regretted the loss of his warmth. She picked up the paper and scanned the contents. He smiled gently. Just nervous and wanting to forge ahead before you lost your courage.

You would have thought of it, I have no doubt, and you would have demanded what I have just given you. She took in a steadying breath as she stared at the handsome man sitting across from her. Yes, he was gorgeous. Plus there were others that had me going, "Eww www. Spoilers ahead!!!!!! I looooooooooooove having my hair brushed so whenever I read about it in a book it instantly gets a thumbs up from me.

Damon likes to keep her naked and he enjoys having her naked in front of other people as well. But only in front of servants who never bat an eyelash over it or only in front of people who either live or know the lifestyle.

He repeatedly tells her his aim is not to embarrass her and indeed, no one bats an eyelash over it. One man prepares Serena for a night of fun and games at The House. He toys with her nipples before applying nipple clamps and then hands her off to Damon.

Other then that, the closest we got to multiple partners was the first anal scene. Damon had two men hold Serena down while he was having rough anal sex with her. Later, while he was coming inside her, the two men come on top of her. I could have done without the mention that some of the stuff landed on her face, but other then that, I found that scene to be damn hot.

Damon has a comfy cozy pallet made up for Serena that he places at the foot of his super masculine chair before a roaring fire. I ain't gonna mention the absurdity of having both the fire and the air conditioning on.

Ain't gonna mention it - though it was this type of pretension that rubbed me the wrong way with Damon It's the infamous dog reposing before it's master scene. I kinda found it cute. Damon is working and he occasionally rubs his toes along her back. I couldn't help myself and had to let out a big, "Aw www. She hit subspace with a bang and I thought it was very erotic. The second whipping scene was not as erotic as Maya Banks could have written - which was appropriate since it was created to be a scene of endurance and atonement, and ultimately about submitting with grace.

Damon stands there before her and demands her eyes never leave his face. Micah is actually the one who administers this corporeal punishment.

What happens to bring about this scene is that Serena does not call Damon when she knows she's going to be late. She's actually avoiding him and does this on purpose, knowing he will be worried. He's understandably pissed off. He's going to get her back later for it but in the meantime they have guests so he wants her to get dressed and come back to him. She's playing games and unsure of whether or not she wants this to be real.

She decides she doesn't want this to be real and instead of changing her clothes, she comes down naked as a jaybird. As a slave. Since the party is full of men and women who live the lifestyle, they all know exactly what she is doing, and what message she is conveying.

A big F U to all of them. So Damon punishes her publicly for her defiance of him and her shaming him in front of them. End spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!! After finishing this book I still felt no closer in knowing what made him tick and while I can now envision him as the implacable master who desired instant obedience and devotion, it didn't mean I particularly enjoyed it.

He was too GQ for my tastes. I like a man with a harder edge. A rougher refinement. Truthfully, he reminded me of Phury from J. Ward's BDB series. Try imagining that wet dishrag as a powerful dom and see if you can keep a straight face. It's kind of a drastic comparison and not a particularly fair one, but it's an image that kept popping in my head regardless. Neither Serena or Damon were personable enough to keep me centered in this story and neither were the BDSM scenes hardcore enough to keep my interest alive either.

For a mass market produced book this a very hardcore book. So read at your own risk. Julia, a character that Maya Banks is sequel baiting with irritated the holy crap out of me. I wanted to take a pair of scissors and cut her out of this book. Her idea of catching a man consisted of batting her eyelashes and showing off her cleavage. Since she was constantly saying that she was not a submissive woman, I was pretty disgusted by her "roll over play dead" attitude whenever the object of her lust walked by.

And speaking of sequel baiting - I'm still waiting impatiently for Micah's book. I also did not like the way Maya Banks brought about the end of this book.

Serena's reasons for leaving Damon seemed pretty pathetic. She was hurting and it appeared to me as if she wanted to prolong the bleeding. This type of relationship needed to be worked through on the daily and having them ride off into the sunset would not have been honest. Every relationship has problems that need to be worked through but their problems would not be about him leaving his socks on the floor in front of the laundry basket. So theirs was a relationship that needed to be lived through one day at a time.

So while the abrupt ending and ambiguous HEA didn't bother me, I wish there could have been more of them talking. The initial buildup of their relationship started off with a lot of communication and I wish it could have ended that way too.

All in all I would rate this book as a 3. Does that make sense? View all 19 comments. Apr 07, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: First off, this story was incredible and HOT!

Second, Damon owns me and third, this is one of two books in that literally brought tears to my eyes! I knew Damon would be special from the first book, Sweet Surrender. He is the ever well to do gentleman, exceptionally tentative, respectful, deeply caring and I was immediately drawn to him because he was such a giving person in spite of the fact that he was missing a deep fulfillment in his own life.

Damon oozes charisma, charm, grace, tendern First off, this story was incredible and HOT! Damon oozes charisma, charm, grace, tenderness and style and he's not the type of man to settle for second best so he pretty much has ruled out finding the type of relationship he longs for.

Sweet Persuasion

In steps Serena, and damn does his world turn upside down. Something I don't relate to but can appreciate the appeal, to a point. Slave and master aside, what is truly evident is Serena wants to be "owned". Not in a beat me, slap me, treat me like a dog kind of way but to give and feel true reverence and adoration to a person, body, mind and soul.

Yes there were "kink" moments but Damon never degraded, forced or hurt Serena in any way. He gave her exactly what she asked for. I told you he was a giving man! While a written agreement was made between the two, Damon and Serena had no idea this "fantasy" would evoke more "real" raw emotion, feeling, and desire that they both could ever fathom. I could write all day about this book but I won't because I can't stand crazy long book reviews and I want people to experience this book and the deep quality of writing that Maya Banks brings to these two characters.

You so have to look beyond what brought Damon and Serena together to experience the full capacity of their relationship. I leave you with one of my many favorite quotes from Damon which captures his total reverence for their relationship. I, on the other hand will call you beautiful, lover, mine. I'll call you mine. View all 13 comments. Sep 26, Marion rated it liked it Shelves: Serena James runs her own business fulfilling her clients fantasies.

She has supressed her own fantasy of being a sex slave. She discusses her fantasy with her friend Faith who tells her to contact Damon who runs a sex club and is a Dom. While talking to Damon about the fanaties she pretends they are that of one of her clients. Once Damon realizes that it's Serena who wants to be the sex slave he volunteers himself to fulfill her fantasies. Damon has been looking for a permanent sex slave and he Serena James runs her own business fulfilling her clients fantasies.

Damon has been looking for a permanent sex slave and he hopes to have found her in Serena. She however insists it's only fantasy and she has no intentions living this life style. Both are very attracted to each other and Serena is torn. She is starting to fall in love but is afraid that once she gives Damon total control of herself she will loose her own idenity.

The sex in this book was HOT. While Damon is a likable character, sweet and considerate at times there were also times he seemed very spoiled and arrogant. Some of the things he did to her were a total turn off for me.

There were times when I thought "Why does he not get a dog"? Also one of the punishment sessions was a little over the top. If you like BDSM stories you will love this book. For me it pushed the envelope a little too much but putting my own personal feelings aside I still liked the book.

I even cried at the end when Serena was torn and confused and had to make a decision. Nov 14, Tilly Slaton rated it it was amazing Shelves: The emotional rollercoaster in this book left my heart pounding as I read and read and.. Serena, a business owner specializing in fantasy fulfillment, finds herself empty. She spends her time helping others smile as they live a moment they have always dreamed of. Being a chef at a fancy restaurant. A princess on a cruise ship. But what about her own fantasies?

An arrogant, strong-willed and stubborn woman wants to explore her fantasy of being a sex slave. Faith, a wonderful friend, introduces her to Damon, the owner of The House.

Damon, a handsome GQ man who refuses to settle for a woman, a relationship that is less than what he needs. His desires as intense as he, demanding and dominant, he feels as if he has lost all hope to find the woman who will fill his heart and shackles. Unlike a lot of books, I found myself very excited in anticipation of what would come next. I found throat burning as the book slipped me into a saddened state of disappointment.

Read Sweet Persuasion read free novels online by Maya Banks read free novels online

Nothing elates me more than a sling shot of emotional turmoil. This is an erotica book that focusses on relationships and scenes absorbed into a world of BDSM. Severely strong sexual content. Punishment and despair.

Jan 09, Amulya rated it did not like it. Ok, I love the books written by Maya Banks but I honestly didn't see the point to this. He says he doesn't share but he goes around parading her naked for everyone to see and he also lets random strangers touch and orgasm all over her. The scene when she was giving Damon an oral while two business associates of his watched and then they join in Ok, I love the books written by Maya Banks but I honestly didn't see the point to this.

The scene when she was giving Damon an oral while two business associates of his watched and then they join in If he really does love her, he would not be happy with letting that happen. Like really?!? I kinda felt like his personality does not really fit with the way Banks portrayed his dominance. How can one be soo "possessive" and yet be happy to let other men touch and coddle her? And also I didn't really feel that there was connection between Serena and Damon, even though they are supposed to be in "love.

Jun 16, Greta is Erikasbuddy rated it it was ok. The reason I gave this book 2 stars is because OMG!! IT was chock full of penis butter!! I am sooo OCD when it comes to bodily fluids lolz.

Banks maya pdf persuasion sweet

I guess I like my fictional porn like I like my soft core porn -- left to the imagination when it comes to the big guns firing. I thought I was going to go blind!! And yet I didn't stop reading lolz. I mean I know they exist in FF and all but really? Why would you want to get whipped for doing something wrong. Why would you W-A-N-T it? I would rather hold the whip then receive the strap.

But that's just me. Now, I'm not saying that I want all my broodys to be sensitive folk singers even though mamma does like that. I don't mind a bit of beast in them mmmm but I want the girly to be the one to tame them. I guess this just wasn't my thing. My eyes!! Get it off me!! View all 20 comments. Feb 07, Zury rated it it was ok.

This book should be called Sweet Humiliation. I am sorry; I did not enjoy this book at all. Maya Banks can spin some amazing stories, but this one was not one of them. View 1 comment. Apr 06, Tracy74 rated it really liked it Shelves: I knew this book was a series, but I didn't realize that this book would visit previous characters of the first book Damon Roche.

I loved them together, their journey to get to where they ultimately ended up was very emotional to say the least.

Pdf banks sweet maya persuasion

I am fairly new to erotica books and certainly very new to the BDSM exp I knew this book was a series, but I didn't realize that this book would visit previous characters of the first book I am fairly new to erotica books and certainly very new to the BDSM experiences of books.

Granted this book is written very well and tastefully executed, there were some "cringe worthy" moments that I personally wouldn't be comfortable participating in myself. So, I had to keep in mind that these are two consenting adults. Keeping that in mind, the journey of Serena and Damon was very beautiful and I look forward to reading more in this series. Jul 07, jenjn79 rated it liked it Recommended to jenjn79 by: This book definitely does that. Series Note: Second book in Banks's "Sweet" series You probably don't need to read the first book first.

Serena James runs a business that caters to people getting their fantasies But Serena has never delved into her own fantasies Her darkest desire is to be a man's slave, to cater to his every whim and be completely under his control. Enter Damon Roche, a man who has searched for a woman to be completely his. He's almost given up hope until Serena enters the picture. He volunteers to give her her fantasy, knowing it'll only be for a short time.

But once she's his, Damon doesn't want to give her up. I've read a lot of erotic romances with a lot of different kinks in them. And I'm generally not bothered by them. I have a high kink tolerance and like I said in my review for book 1 in this series: So while I'm not going to say that the sexual element of this book is wrong, it definitely didn't do it for me and made me uncomfortable.

And yet, at the same time, I liked the characters, thought there was still a decent romance and in a general sense, I liked the book. The basis of this story is that Serena wants to be, for lack of better words, a slave to a man. I've read a lot of BDSM themed books before, but I think this is the first one that went full slave theme. And I can't say I liked it once I got into the story. Reading about a woman who is totally under a man's control - he told her when to dress, what to wear, how to act, etc - kinda skeeved me out.

I mean, Damon has Serena sit on the floor with her head in his lap while he petted her and did his work. He even had a pallet on the floor in his office for her and all that. It just did not work for me. It was too much. It crossed a line for me from hot erotic romance to I wasn't turned on by it at all. And I admit I have a hard time understanding why someone would want a relationship like that.

For me, it's one thing to want a take charge man, and another thing to be a man's slave. Somehow, I still liked Damon. I liked him in the first book, and despite his need to be a slave master in this book, I still liked him.

For the most part, he's a kind, generous, caring man. Who just happens to want a slave relationship with a woman. Then there's Serena I'm not sure I ever was able to understand why she wanted to be a slave. I think the lack of understanding there took something away from the story a bit. But overall I liked her and I think Banks's did a good job exploring her conflict over what she wanted.

And I liked the business she ran. Very unique Plus, you get more of the secondary characters who are all fascinating. I'm really looking forward to seeing how things play out with Julie and Nathan. Should be interesting.

If you are even remotely not a fan of BDSM you will not like this book. Oct 20, Michael Dunellen rated it really liked it Shelves: If you have the money and your fantasy is reasonable, she can try and make it happen. The problem is that she has a fantasy and it is a little outside the scope of her business. She wants to be delivered to an Auction where she can be put on display and sold. Forced to serve her new Master right there on the spot.

Taken to his home and be taught to fulfill his Note: Taken to his home and be taught to fulfill his every desire. For a Month. So when she decides to make her fantasy happened, she is put in touch with Damon, the owner of the hottest sex club - and I assume the only - in Houston and someone with the connections to make her Fantasy happen. And he chooses the perfect candidate - himself. The only thing is that Damon wants what she is fantasizing about at least mostly - only he wants it to be real.

Some quick observations Someone needs to do a study on the correlation between extreme submission and narcolepsy. This isn't the first story I have read where our heroine is getting like 20 hours of sleep a day and can't keep her eyes open. The structure was interesting - the first third set things up, the second got the Fantasy going, and all the actual impact play scenes which didn't look like they were going to happen for a while occur in the final.

The trip home to Mom - I love those every time. I guess they are there to show he isn't a psycho but they are always fun. I actually never worried about her after the first conversation between Damon and Micha - the fact that Micha expressed zero concern, made me think we had nothing to worry about. The safeword and collar thing - The reason that people use safewords is that sometimes it is fun to say "No" when you don't really mean it.

And slave collars aren't demeaning or even embarrassing. I could point out several stories where a simple necklace was used. But whatever. The subplots from the series - that got kind of annoying - it was one thing to have them dropped in during conversations with the main characters but when you had whole chapters it was distracting.

And finally - I really would have liked to see them get through the whole month. Instead, we got through the first week without an issue, her crisis on her first day out - planning a dinner party for that night was not the best idea, and her crisis on the second day.

I really liked the story but I didn't feel like it was over at the end. I am assuming you see more interwoven in the later novels. View 2 comments. Feb 01, Ana rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Recommended to Ana by: Oh my God. So bad. Sooo bad. This was so bad. One of my best friends had it on his shelves when I went at his place, and I just thought: I'm seriously ashamed of the fact that I read this. And I'm even more baffled of the fact that I thought Grey's obsession with food and possession was better than Damon's s Oh my God.

And I'm even more baffled of the fact that I thought Grey's obsession with food and possession was better than Damon's silly secret desire to have a slave, a woman he could protect and love and what-not.

I though Ana and her impossibly annoying inner goddess were manageable, compared to how much Serena annoyed me when she went on with her jokes and her "why do I like this pain? It's so awful that even a child could write better erotica than this, without ever have encountered a penis, a scrotum or a clitoris in his life. The writing is awful. Boring, boring and, how can I put it? I guess after Grey you cannot be surprised anymore of how badly a person can write and still be published.

And that's not even the most confusing thing about this. What is is that this trash actually sold. I mean, we all know humanity is obsessed with sex and secretly, deep within us, we are all perverts, just waiting for the right combination between dim lighting and vodka to get out and make a mess of things, rampaging through the bedroom, but still.

That's low. Even for humans. And the sex? I'd better not go there. I might never stop verbally abusing this work. Sep 21, Kathy Davie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Second in the Sweet very erotic romance series. The Story Serena has spent years fulfilling the fantasies for others through her business, Fantasy, Inc. A fantasy which, unbeknownst to Serena, her best friend, Faith Malone is uniquely qualified to help her with.

Faith's friendship with Damon Roche gets Serena's fantasy kickstarted and, along the way, fulfills a fantasy Damon has almost given up on. The Characters Serena, Faith, and Julie have a lovely friendship. Supportive, loving, and realistic with a strong dash of humor.

Any of us should be so lucky. My Take In some respects, Sweet Persuasion is light yet the overall impression is serious about owning your own desires, that acknowledging the truth about yourself and your wants is the only way to truly be happy in your life whether it's about the career you carve out or the sexual desires you accept as true.

As Damon says, "I won't allow you to degrade yourself for voicing your desires. That said, it gets pretty kinky with the bondage, discipline, and submission. It's more than I could handle but, as the title says, still sweet.

The Cover This deep pink cover is definitely one for the guys with Serena writhing on a bed, her breasts plumped up via a white lacy bra. The title is subtle as Damon does his best to work a Sweet Persuasion on Serena to willingly accept her role.

Well I liked it better than the first book. Serena and Damon have that intensity and spark since the beginning till the end. However, Damon calling Serena, Serena Mine was a lil but too much at times. I think I just puked in my mouth. Let me start by saying that the book had no plot whatsoever. I mean seriously? A sex arrangement for a month, friends going craaaazy that one of the two will get hurt, slam-bam-thank you ma'am, the "I am breaking up with you because you deserve better" speech and of course the knight in shining armour finally going to claim his one true love.

Yup, originality at its finest Okay, there were a couple of times that the sex was decent, but most I think I just puked in my mouth. Okay, there were a couple of times that the sex was decent, but most of the time? So fucking disgusting!

And so completely unreal! Damon doesn't share his slave but Damon alows everyone to see her naked, he punishes and fucks her mouth in public and he lets other men come all over her. Is it just me or these two cancel each other out? Oh, and there was this point in the book when I didn't know whether to start laughing because it was ridiculous, start crying for the same reason or just throw up.

With one hand, he shoved her arms down while he jerked at his cock with the other. She gasped when the first hot jet exploded onto her chest. He continued to pull as he leaned closer to direct his cum onto her breasts. Some landed at the hollow of her throat and slid downward, slithering between her breasts and down to her navel. One thick rope traveled to the tip of her breast, coated the rigid nipple and dangled precariously before dripping to the shower floor.

Oh wait! It gets better! With an arrogant look of satisfaction he gazed at the trail of cum covering her chest. And I have to mention that he kept coming all over her and letting other people do the same! I've read a lot of books about the lifestyle, but this has to be one of the worst! And then of course there is the fact that Serena and Damon are two of the most stupic, idiotic and self centered people I've ever met in a book.

The stuff they did to each other and to the people around them Serena started out as a decent character, but as her relationship with Damon progressed, she changed into something that has to be killed with fire before it lays eggs. It's not the fact that she is a sub, or the fact that she submits completely to Damon. It's the fact that she allows herself to get lost in him at a point where she starts losing her identity!

But the of course she decides that she "is not good enough" and all this is a fantasy and blah blah blah, bottom line she just fucks everything up and rans.

I'm not saying that's it easy to stay, but really? I understand that she went through a lot, but what she did didn't make sense with her character, her personality and I think the only reason she did it was because the book needed a bit of "drama". And then there is Damon. He wears his heart on his sleeve, he gives a piece of his heart to every lover and he keeps thisattitude towards things that cancels out everything we know!

It is so un-Damon-like. In the first book, when we first met him with Faith, he was supposed to be this cool, collected Dom that knew what he wanted and who he was. Here, he was more like a lost, lovesick puppy and I don't think he really took care of Serena. Everyone can feed and bathe and clothe someone, but there was no real emotional connection between the two.

And of course he falls for her during the first week Let's just get real for a sec Anyway, even though there were a few good moments in the book and some very sweet lines, the book as a whole was not only a disappointment, but it just changed my opinion about some of the characters and it became just plain boring. The few intervations of Julie's story made things kinda interesting and I will continue reading the series only for that I know the review is very negative and maybe I was a little too harsh, but I really expected better than that View all 4 comments.

This will be a graphic rant, so be warned! NOT kidding. No, just no. I didn't get that. I'm not a prude person, but this "relationship" grossed me out and left me a little horrified.

Hey ladies, do you want a man to continually and randomly including in front of other men whip his dick out, hold your head forcibly and fuck your mouth while This will be a graphic rant, so be warned! Hey ladies, do you want a man to continually and randomly including in front of other men whip his dick out, hold your head forcibly and fuck your mouth while you're gagging? Telling you your mouth belongs to him?

There will be no return of the favor, either. Nothing in it for you but discomfort. He'll let you know that you're there for his pleasure only. This happened four or five times. How about being tied to the bed while you sleep, but he can mount you and start fucking away whenever he wants she was awoken this way a couple of times. Don't forget that he's doing this in a way for his own pleasure and could give a crap whether you get any pleasure or orgasm from it.

She didn't. Maybe you'd be more interested in being forced to lie on a pallet at his feet while he works?

Don't worry, he'll rest his feet on you so you know he cares about you. Or maybe you enjoy being tied in shackles and forcibly whipped.

Not the fun, pretend-like whipping of play. Once while also being sodomized. With nipple clamps that were apparently well past the point of "good pain. Tears streaming down your face from pain.

Welts left behind. Twice she was shackled and whipped way too violently in front of others. Oh, and about that sodomy thing What woman doesn't dream of her first time having anal sex as being taken by surprise while two strange men hold her down? Then they'll masturbate and cum all over your face and stuff as the tears of pain stream down.

Oh, goodie! That'll make you feel good about yourself! This book was full of dubious consent, too. She had signed a one month contract with this man to be his slave because she wanted to see if it was something she'd enjoy.

He told her there would be no safe word, but that he would simply respect the word "no. She regularly is screaming in her head that she wants to say "no" but is so scared to do it because she doesn't want to be forced to leave. So, she doesn't say it even when she really wants to. Don't think for a second that he didn't want it that way, too. Knowing she was too scared to say no because if she didn't go along with every little thing he wanted he would kick her to the curb.

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The bottom line is, if you like your erotica written in a way where the female in the story hardly ever experiences pleasure except for the mental pleasure she claims she got in pleasing him and you can keep from slapping her across the face when she repeatedly says "I know Damon would never hurt me" so those welts and injured nipples were from This read like something written for men angry men!

I normally say that what's between two consenting adults is cool by me even if it's not my thing, but like I said Not so comfortable with the "consent" in this one. I reserve one star reviews for books poorly written or full of plot holes, so that's why I'm giving this piece of shit a two star rating. Nov 11, Jane rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sweet Persuasion is a cracking, singe your fingers read.