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Harris M., Mower D. Pearson, страниц. Новое издание популярного учебника Challenges Challenges is the new course for teenagers which gives. Раздел: Для школьников / English for School Students → Challenges / New Challenges 2 Student Book Audio CDs #1/3 Michael Harris, David Mower, Anna . New Challenges is perfect if you like to challenge your students. Build your students' New Challenges Teacher's Book 2. • Teacher's Book with Multi-ROM.

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Challenges 2 Student's Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Challenges 2 Student's Book. 2 Student's Book. New Challenges 2 Workbook. New Challenges 2 Students' Book by Michael Harris, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. [PDF] New Challenges 2 Students Book. New Challenges 2 Students Book. Book Review. The ebook is fantastic and great. I am quite late in start reading this.

Youre late! The boys often wear baseball caps. It goes fairer in the sun. The group are at the shopping centre. Choose the correct answers, a , b or c. I got your text. Ella Yeah, it was great.

Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about your friends and family.

New Challenges

One A What does your sister look like? Two A What does your boyfriend look like? Three A What does your girlfriend look like? She wears braces.

Challenges 2. Test Book

Four A What does your brother look like? Five A What does your best friend look like? Six A What does your best friend look like? She always wears earrings and often borrows mine! Short of time: Exercises 6, 7 and 8 More time: Ella has got red and blond highlights in her hair. Lilly has got a new hairstyle.

Ella enjoyed the summer. The new computer room is ready. Danny has got long hair. Lilly Hi, Ella. Ella Yes, I have. Lilly Yeah, I did it last week. Do you like it? Lilly A new school year, a new look!

Did you have a good summer? Ella Yeah, it was great. Lilly Have you finished your project? Have you done it? Maybe we can go to the computer room at lunch time. Have they finished the new computer room? Lilly Hey, have you seen Danny Taylor? Ella No, why? Lilly He looks really different. Ella A lot? Has he shaved his head? It is the first day at school after the summer holidays. Two girls, Ella and Lilly, are talking at morning break.

Answers Regular: Extra Play the recording of the dialogue from Exercise 2 again for students to focus on pronunciation, stress and intonation patterns.

Students work in pairs, practising reading aloud the dialogue and changing parts. She lose a lot of weight. I not dye my hair! It goes fairer in the sun. My dad grow a beard. He looks older. She not put any make-up on today. She looks younger. He looks fatter. She not paint her nails today. The actor shave his head for a part in a film. It looks cool. Answers 2 She has dyed her hair. Look at the two pictures of Ella and Danny on pages 64 and What are the differences between then and now?

Explain these situations using the Present Perfect. Use the cues in brackets or your own ideas. Why are you happy? Which verbs in the table in Exercise 3 are regular and which are irregular?

Find more examples in the dialogue. Find sentences in the text to explain these situations. Then choose the correct alternative in the rule below. Why does she look different? Check that students understand that the third column Past Participle is the form used in the Present Perfect. Answers 1 3 5 7. Students work individually, writing their sentences. Suggested answers Ella has cut her hair. She has painted her nails red. Danny has cut his hair. He has lost weight.

Challenges pdf students new 2 book

Ella and Danny have grown up. Exercises 4 and 6 More time: Picture Dictionary page Look at the Key Words. Which clothes can you see in the photos?

Add more words to the list. Background The main text is about some of the major fashion styles students may be familiar with on the streets today. Depending on your teaching situation, students may be more or less familiar with the references in the text. Nike is an American company which manufactures both sports clothes and equipment. The company takes its name from the Greek goddess of victory. Burberry is a British fashion house, famous for clothes and accessories with characteristic tartan patterns.

New Challenges 2 Student's Book

It was founded in by Thomas Burberry. Marilyn Manson and Sisters of Mercy are both heavily influenced by Goth subculture. The former is from the United States and the latter from the UK.

2 new pdf book challenges students

Cajun Dance Party released only one album in before splitting up in They made numerous appearances at festivals and are a reference point for Indie subculture. What do you usually wear for these situations? They then feedback to the class. Skaters love skateboarding. They sometimes wear a woollen hat or a baseball cap back to front. We listen to music when we do skateboard tricks. Townies like clothes by Nike and Burberry. They wear tracksuits, hoodies and gold jewellery.

The boys often wear baseball caps. I love it. Both boys and girls have long, black hair and they usually have pale skin. Some Goths have face piercings. They listen to bands like Marilyn Manson and Sisters of Mercy. They have the latest mobile phone and laptop. The Internet is more important to them than fashion.

They find out everything they want to know from the Internet. I love YouTube. I download music and photos. Yesterday I sent about fifty files to my friends. They wear tight jeans, American trainers and T-shirts with the name of their favourite band. I also play my guitar all the time like an Indie kid. Please give your email address to me. I sent a text message to him. My sister bought a CD for me. We showed the holiday photos to our friends.

Mum made a cake for us. Read the article again. Write the names. What do you think the friends buy? The group are at the shopping centre. A Rory and Ethan go to a shop together. Assistant Can I help you?

New Challenges 2, Teacher's Book by Anna Olszewska - Issuu

Rory Yes. Assistant What size are you? Rory Medium. Assistant What colour would you like? Rory Grey, please. Ethan What about this one? Try it on. Rory Oh, all right. Can I try this one on, please? Assistant Sure, the changing room is over there.

B Grace and Lydia are trying on clothes in another shop. Grace Are you buying those jeans? Grace I like this top. What do you think? Does it look okay?

Is it too long? Lydia It really suits you. Grace How much is it? They all meet later. Lydia Did you buy anything? Rory I got a T-shirt and Ethan bought a computer game. What about you?

Rory Oh! Which date? Grace Oh, stop it! Rory wants a new T-shirt. Lydia wants to buy the jeans. Grace and Lydia buy the same top. Now answer these questions. Use too or enough and the adjectives in brackets. Are the shoes comfortable? Do you like those trousers? Does the jacket look nice? Did you buy the dress? No, it was expensive. How about that T-shirt? Pronunciation Look at the words and underline the stressed syllables.

Act out a dialogue in a clothes shop. Decide what you want to buy. Take turns to be the customer and the shop assistant.

Students book pdf challenges 2 new

Use the Key Expressions. Lydia writes a diary or a blog about her life. What do you think she has written about this week? Work in groups of three. Follow the steps. Grace got a top. Older posts Sunday 8th April This morning, Grace and I went to do some research for the lunch, we met Ethan and Rory competition, and at Then … Grace got a phone call from Joe!

I think she was pleased — she went very red 4 the call! He told us a ghost story — it was scary and 6 I felt really cold! I was really angry with him. How did Kelly operate the sunbed? What happened to her skin?

Why did Matt dye his hair? What effects did the hair dye have? Why did he suffer these reactions? Look at the sentences from the texts 1—2 and match them with the meanings a—b. You must read hair dye instructions very carefully. They are very bad for your skin.

Parents must warn their children abo ut the dangers of sunbeds. The salons mus t check the age of customers. One day I lost control and the weight fell on my face.

It broke my nose. I went to the hairdresser on my bike. I fell off and hit my head. I woke up in hospital. I bought some hair dye and I changed my hair from brown to blond. I scratched it, and it started to bleed.

I washed my hair in cold water, but it got e — like a worse. The next day, my face was hug ed I was over disc balloon! I went to hospital, and allergic to the hair dye. A friend has pierced my ear. She said it was easy. I got a really bad infection. You 1. I think a suntan looks great, so I went to a sunbed salon. You operate the sunbed yourself — you just put money in. I got on the sunbed.

I went to sleep. When I woke up my skin was horrible and burnt. I had to go to hospital. My mum was really angry — not with me, with the salo n! You can borrow my belt for the party, but you lose it. We hurry! I buy a card. Riding your skateboard on the road was very stupid. You do it again! You buy a ticket first. Think of possible rules for these places. My sister wears a lot of m My grandmother thinks boys with h are scary.

Have you lost w? Complete the dialogue between the shop assistant SA and the customer C with the correct words. You 16 not make your bed and you 17 not put your clothes in the wardrobe.

I can see you 18 not do your homework — there are no books on your desk. I 19 have three exams this week and I 20 be in two big basketball games! Or 22 you win the lottery? No, I I 24 met this amazing girl. I think I 25 fall in love!

He 27 lose his mobile phone. And he 28 not finish his English project. No, I 30! SA Hello. Can I 11 you? C Yes, please. SA What 13 are you? C Medium. Where can I 14 them on? SA The 15 rooms are over there. C Thanks. Key Expressions. There are some great rides at Disneyland. My friend rides her bike every day.

The dog bit the man. New Challenges 2, Student's Book, sample pages. Verbs B Street Survey pp. Objects C Grammar: Question words Reading: Quiz show D My Area p.

My new area E Key Words: Rooms and Furniture Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives Listening: My room Get Ready pp. Hobbies and Interests Reading: London Quiz Listening: The Challenges characters Writing and Listening: Game 1 In Touch pp.

Communication Grammar: Letters to a magazine 2 Friends pp. Our Friends Reading Help: Predicting Speaking: Questionnaire 3 The Competition pp. Preferences Sentence Builder: Weak forms Reading: A shop dialogue Across Cultures 1 pp.

Adjectives Reading: Brochure about Scotland Project: Poster of your country Quiz Time p. Commas Writing: My home 1 Our World Study Corner 1 p. Describing places Study Help: Classroom language 1 2 Neighbours Get Ready p.

Jobs Listening: Neighbours 4 Londoners pp. An interview 5 Virtual Neighbours pp. Expressions with have Sentence Builder: Computer game review 6 Saturday Afternoon pp. Food and Drink Key Expressions: Weak forms Reading and Listening: Doing tasks Your Challenge p. A personal email Understanding Grammar p. Your neighbours Speaking: Computer games Study Help: Storing vocabulary 3 Life Stories Get Ready p.

Dates Listening: Boy talking about old photos Speaking: Personal memories 7 Early Days pp. Star profile of Penelope Cruz 8 Benjamin Button pp. Describing a photo Across Cultures 2 pp. American English Sentence Builder: Infinitive of purpose Prepositions: Timeline of Study Help: Classroom language 2 4 Mysteries 2 Get Ready p. Creatures 10 Special Powers pp. The senses 11 True Stories?

Possessive adjectives and pronouns Reading: Mystery creatures Reading and Listening: Dialogues Speaking: Telling stories Pronunciation: Dialogue Your Challenge p. A ghost story Understanding Grammar p.

Mysteries Grammar: Past Continuous Speaking: Fantasy creatures Reading: Amazing Animals! Writing in groups Study Help: David Mower. Michael Harris. Patricia Mugglestone. Naomi Sakr. Anna Sikorzynska. Cynthia A. Lindsay White. Cynthia A Boardman. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide.