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Monument Sky on Fire. by Emmy Laybourne. After watching their world slowly destruct before them, teenage brothers Dean and Alex. Monument 14 has 10 entries in the series. Monument Monument 14 (Series ). Book 1. Emmy Laybourne Author (). cover image of Sky on Fire. Trapped in a superstore by a series of escalating disasters, including a monster hailstorm and terrifying chemical weapons spill, brothers Dean and Alex lear.

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Here's a sneak peek at Monument 14's sequel—Monument Sky on Fire by Emmy Laybourne, out on May Trapped in a superstore by a. Monument Sky on Fire (Monument 14 Series) By Emmy Laybourne PDF, Epub, Mobi Download. Download book. Monument Sky on Fire (Monument Read "Monument Sky on Fire" by Emmy Laybourne available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Trapped in a superstore.

Since we're at it, let me tell you what I mean about the writing. This time we see more of the rotting world and how truly desperate humans are to survive. The Testing. I stayed up all night reading. Salvation is surrounded, monste

She's also thirteen. The younger ones serve no purpose to the plot. Oh, there's another girl who's used as a hostage. And another one who does save the group on the bus a couple of times, but then always runs off crying and I'm pretty sure gets left behind entirely, though they're going to go get her in book three. Still, they freaking fly off to fucking Canada and leave her.

This is how much women matter. The writing drove me bonkers. It's repetitive and redundant, like my description. The sentences are simple, especially in Alex's sections. The narration is split between brothers Dean and Alex, as they group has split into two. Alex's notes are monotonous. I don't know how something non-verbal can be monotonous, but this is. Simple sentences with few two or more syllable words. We did that. Both brothers seem to be writing journals of some sort, but it's unclear when they're writing them.

The bottoms of each page indicate the time or location of the entry, but they sometimes reference things the characters don't know yet, like they're being compiled much later. For example, Dean mentions that the smoke kept the toxins in the air from affecting them though they didn't know that yet. That's something they couldn't have learned until at least the last few chapters, but that was in the middle of the book.

Speaking of smoking, that plot element may have disgusted me more than the sexism. Apparently cigarette smoke clears the air of the dangerous elements. Children, cigarettes are good for you. Was this book endorsed by Marlboro or something?

There are so many other things that could have been used to clear the air, like incense or candles. It really had to be fucking cigarettes? This sends an awesome message to children. In no way can I endorse this book. It's certainly not a good choice for a reader like me. I suspect Laybourne is trying to target reluctant readers, but easy-to-read writing can be better than this. However, if you can look past flat, unlikable characters and questionable messages, then maybe you'll like this series.

Sky on Fire

Every book works for someone, right? All I know is that no force in the 'verse could make me read any more. View all 9 comments.

Dec 13, Cynn rated it it was amazing. De verdad que el final fue Feb 07, Caru rated it really liked it. Definitely better than the first book! Guys, I basically hated the first book, but I decided to give this series another chance. In one sitting. I haven't finished a book in one sit Rating: I haven't finished a book in one sitting since agos ago!

This book was so intense, I literally could not put it down at all. To say the least, this book was awesome. I wasn't expecting such greatness. View all 4 comments. Apr 28, Victor Almeida rated it liked it Shelves: Malditas expectativas.

O segundo livro de Monument 14 me deixou um pouco insatisfeito, no geral. Falando nisso, alguns deles passaram a me irritar. Acredito que tenha sido um livro que me divertiu, me entreteve, mas Sep 16, Macarena Yannelli rated it liked it Shelves: Oct 12, Justin rated it really liked it Shelves: Stay safe…or get to Denver.

Alex, Niko, Sahalia, Josie, and Brayden, along with Max, Ulysses, and Batiste, have taken their old school bus to Denver Intl Airport to try to get rescued, while Dean, Astrid, Chloe, and the twins Henry and Caroline stay behind in the store, knowing that they will become O monsters once exposed to the chemicals.

While Dean and the others at the store have some gang pro [Rating: While Dean and the others at the store have some gang problems, along the way, Alex and the kids on the bus will have to deal with crazy soldiers, old gangs, and domineering kids.

Will they find hope in Denver? Or will they find that their situation is worse than they could ever think of? Sky on Fire ramped up everything: On both ends of the story, despite the brothers getting separated, the plot was fast paced. The plot, however, raises some questions.

How is she the way that she is?

She just left his character hanging! See what I did here? It was a good thing too; it helped me get right back into the story. Some new adult characters were introduced too, and it was an interesting look into the grimy world of Monument, Colorado.

Also, view spoiler [ the scenes at the airport and the reunions hide spoiler ] were so touching. I was actually really scared for their lives! It relates back to a past event that has the kids ready to go…where? It was great how she ramped up the action. Hopefully she answers all the questions and more in the final book of this trilogy, Savage Drift!

View all 17 comments. Jul 07, Jenn rated it it was ok Shelves: I enjoyed Monument I was extremely interested in reading the sequel because I wanted to know how everything turned out. Would the kids be saved? Would they make it to Denver? Would they find their families? Maybe it was me. I was sickened by the behavior of some throughout this book. So that part was on me. Looking at the book as a whole, I was disappointed.

The writing felt very basic to me. There was no emotional attachment between me and the characters. Most of them, I just wanted to go away. I felt there was no real development with them. Douche Chloe: Max, Ulysses, Batiste: Everything just left a bitter aftertaste to me. This review can also be found here on my blog. In Sky of Fire , our small group of young survivors split into two groups.

The larger group, lead by Nico, decided to try to reach Denver International Airport by bus. The second group stayed behind, mostly because of their blood type and the danger they can easily become to others. Things did not get easier for our group in this installment. If anything, Sky on Fire is darker and more violent than its predecessor — not that Laybourne ever shied away from harsh realities of a world in shambles.

They are ready to threaten, drug or kill people in order to save themselves and their friends. In other words, they have adapted, even if they hate themselves for it. Emmy Laybourne still excels at building characters, but her skill is somewhat less pronounced in this sequel, probably because of the rapid pacing. Sky on Fire has a nice, satisfactory ending with just enough issues left open to make me more than interested in reading the next book. Oct 25, Vixen rated it really liked it.

Okay, this book was pretty crazy! Though, I have to admit it wasn't as crazy as the first one. And while I'm admitting, I'll go ahead and say that I honestly didn't understand the series being title Monument 14, until in this book when Alex had called them the survivors the Monument That was met with a face palm and an outspoke "No Shit! Easily reading through and being able to remember and Wow! Easily reading through and being able to remember and pick off where we left off with the help of a summary of previous events.

Which by the way wasn't at all annoying as they sometimes can be in certain books. In this book it was more serious toned than the first of the series. The whole survival and fighting for life is more real, as well as how their world has changed durastically. Before it was just news and speculation, but now its reading into it and hearing what the characters have to face and how they react to the dire situations.

Another refreshing difference is that there are two POV. We not only get Dean once again and his familiar train of thoughts --though, once again he changes throughout with book even more-- we also get his little brother Alex.

We get insight into what was happening inside the market, where the survivors that stayed behind were at, As well as get to see what happened with the others that went for help.

Above all, ignoring the fact that the grammar being used in the book is a bit too It's a good book, great story line. Fantasic beginning, middle, and of course the ever existant cliffhanger ending. Something to read, especially if you're continuing from the first book in the series. Jan 10, Giselle rated it liked it Shelves: When we left off in Monument 14 , half of the kids left on a bus to get help and the other stayed behind in the Greenway.

This time we see more of the rotting world and how truly desperate humans are to survive. Reading this felt so real. That something as horrible as the end of the world could happen. What these characters went through are too realistic. Especially when they encounter other groups of people who want nothing but their resources and will leave them for dead.

Monument Sky on Fire | Teenreads

Not only did Emmy Laybo When we left off in Monument 14 , half of the kids left on a bus to get help and the other stayed behind in the Greenway. Not only did Emmy Laybourne show a different but violent side but also wrote with an emotional intensity that could only be found when people have lost hope. I also found it incredibly sad that the characters were just kids. There were bright points in the book, such as the companionship of their little dog Luna who protected her family.

The book is told in dual perspectives of Dean and Alex. Each story ends up fused together in the end and I enjoyed how everything was unraveled in the end. And it was also a fast read. Plot Definitely a realistic plot! Overall, the ending kept me excited for the next book!

Aug 12, Anne rated it it was ok Shelves: I had the same problems with this book as I had with the previous one. There is an overall lack of emotion, everyone seems a bit too calm, no build-up to emotional or important scenes and I just cannot connect with the characters.

The sentences are kept short often too short and read more like a bad journal than a book. This makes the story feel flat, even though the plot in itself is fantastic. During the last pages, I often had to shake my head at how ridiciously easy some things were resol I had the same problems with this book as I had with the previous one.

During the last pages, I often had to shake my head at how ridiciously easy some things were resolved and at how many coincidences seem to take place in this universe. View 2 comments. Most of them are on the school bus, heading for the Denver International Airport—a place they were told would offer help to an injured friend and help organize a rescue party for those left behind. Among those on the Denver-bound bus is Alex, brother of Dean—our narrator and main character for book one.

Dean is among those left behind at the Greenway department store in Monument. Along with him is Astrid, who we found out was pregnant at the end of book one. The group on the bus comes across many obstacles along the way, some expected and some not. The group at Greenway is dangerous all on their own. Most of them have type O blood.

Type Os, when exposed to the chemical compounds in the air, become enraged, violent, and completely homicidal. Will either group be able to overcome all of the obstacles that stand in their way? Will they find their families? Find out how to beat the compounds? This book is more focused on action and danger than the first.

The first book sort of irritated me because there was too much focus on sexual predators and sex in general. It wasn't really something that I feel had a place in the book.

This book impressed me! I enjoy reading from male POVs. This book is told in duel viewpoints by Alex and Dean. Alex is with the group on the bus; Dean with the group at Greenway. This was smart of the author to do. It gave the series a fresh voice Alex , and let us see what was happening at all times in both places. Each brother has a distinctive voice, and each of their strengths and weaknesses shine through in their words.

New dangers are introduced to us in this novel. The compounds remain a threat, but there are also other threats to consider. Looters, type Os who've been exposed to the compounds, running out of food and water, and gangs. One such gang becomes a problem for both of our groups.

Sky on fire pdf 14 monument

He's definitely a dictator. This group is where my problems came in Mainly, these guys were overly crude and military-like. It seemed overly done, and too fake—like some bully on the playground putting on his big boy pants; playing a part more than actually being a badass villain. As with the first book, I was thoroughly impressed with the uniqueness the compounds bring to the story. Incase you missed it: In the first book these chemical compounds were released into the air.

They react with blood types. When exposed to the compounds, type Os become violent and full of rage. Another type I don't remember specifics aside from type O will literally become paranoid and insane. Another will immediately blister and bleed when exposed, and die pretty quickly. The last group becomes sterile; unable to reproduce. We learn some details on the why of it, as well as what the government plans to do about the issue.

A lot of emphasis is put on how bloodthirsty the type Os get when they are exposed to the compounds. I really liked how the Os used their weakness to their advantage. Throughout the book, they purposely expose themselves to save those they care for. It was pretty awesome. For lack of better word, LOL, it was badass!

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I loved the violence and gore. Who doesn't like a side of horror with their apocalypse? Emmy Laybourne kept the pace up to a nice level. There was more action in this book than the first. There was a lot going on in just the span of a few pages. I am impressed with how much she fit into just over pages. All of these action-packed events lead up to quite the remarkable climax!

It was emotional and surprising, as well as cliffhanger-y, but not too cliffhanger-y. It seems to me that there will be a third book, and I hope so! If there is, I definitely plan to continue the series. Overall, this was a fantastic sequel to Monument Laybourne stepped up her game as far as excitement and pacing, as well as character interaction and development.

She gave us a ton of answers to questions posed in the previous book. There is a thread of romance woven into the story, and while it's a bit of a love triangle, it's done well and gives readers a little something extra to root for.

There are deaths. There is violence. There is love and hate. There is action and science. There are reunions and promises. It's really an amazing follow-up and I hope to see more in the series. I definitely plan to continue it if this is the case! NetGalley Publisher: Oct 17, Shawna rated it it was amazing Shelves: It's not very often that a sequel is just as if not better than the first book.

But this one totally delivered! Half of the kids have left the safety of the Greenway to seek help at the Denver Airport. The bus is running and stocked. Faced with unimaginable obstacles, the kids slowly make their way through what are now nothing but wastelands. Will they make it? The other half are still insi It's not very often that a sequel is just as if not better than the first book.

The other half are still inside the Greenway waiting for rescue. But trouble comes knocking, and of course being kids, they let it in. Now Dean and the others must outsmart these intruders before it's too late. This sequel is action packed from beginning to end. I still think the kids are unnaturally mature for their ages especially the 5 and 6 year olds but fortunately the story moved at such a fast pace, that I couldn't dwell on it for long.

The best part?? There is going to be a book 3!!!! Let the countdown begin May 11, Jenny rated it really liked it. This was a fantastic follow up to Monument 14! Full of non stop action and suspense. I read it all in one sitting! Sep 24, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: A nice continuation to the series. Jan 09, Anne Fadzil rated it really liked it Shelves: I like it.

This second book doesn't have that 2nd-book-bad-luck to me. Most of all, because I got to know what happen to them. They survived! Alex and Niko lived!

Dean too! But Josie tho.

Next book is gonna be all about her. Somebody has to rescue her.

14 on pdf fire sky monument

After all she has done and Mario too! They would not have made it if it weren't for them both. Brayden died tho. The stupid cadet gang killed him. It was so tense when Alex was coming to rescue Dean. Godd thank God they made it.

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You see, in I like it. You see, in this second book, it shows to reader like me that having those kids around paid off. I meant like dealing with their whining and whatnot paid off cos Max's Aunty Jean saved them and then the twins' dad saved the kids left in Greenway. I'm so so happy that Batiste found her mom and Uleyss too. And the scene where the twins met their mom almost got me teared up. I suppose the rest will find their parents in the next book.

The book is just how I like it, fast-pace. No wasting time thinking and wondering and playing love or other stupid things. That's how it should be when everyone is in survival mode. Really, hands down to Niko.

He's the man. It's like they're a same person only one is older. But in actual fact, they have a totally different characters like an opposite kind of different but you can't see that in their thoughts. That's where I feel the author could improve on. And then towards the end, Alex was no longer writing to Dean and just had his POV straight out like that..

His POV supposed to be his letters to Dean right? There's no way he could jot that down first hand. He's a genius I give him that but not with that kind of memory. Intrappolati in un supermercato, i fratelli Dean e Alex hanno dovuto imparare a sopravvivere. Insieme ad altri dodici ragazzi hanno costruito un rifugio sicuro, lontano dal caos circostante.

Ho iniziato questo libro non sapendo che fosse il secondo di una trilogia.

Pdf monument on 14 sky fire

Entrambi i pov sono stati molto interessanti e bilanciati correttamente: Non ho mai vissuto momenti di noia ma anzi ero sempre sul filo del rasoio, rischiavo di scattare sul divano ad ogni minimo rumore tanta era la tensione provata.

Jan 30, Bayram F. Monument Sky on Fire by Emmy Laybourne is the sequel to Monument 14 and the second book in the trilogy. I bought my copy of Monument Sky on Fire about a week after buying Monument 14 and read it one or two weeks after. It had a good amount of improvements over the previous book and I enjoyed it even more than I did the other one.

Emmy Laybourne continued the story of Dean and the kids stuck in the Greenway with Monument Of course, we were all wearing five layers of clothing to protect Emmy lives outside New York City with her husband, two kids, and a flock of 8 nifty chickens. Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website. To withdraw your consent, see Your Choices.

Monument Sky on Fire is the second installment Emmy Laybourne's thrilling series. Praise for Monument Sky on Fire: Reviews Praise for Monument About the author. Kit Laybourne. Related Links. From the Publisher Square Fish. Latest on Facebook Facebook. X Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website.