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Read and Download Online Unlimited eBooks, PDF Book, Audio Book or Epub Continual improvement of technique is a crucial part of a kickboxing fighter s. PDF | Aim: the purpose of this study was to examine the effect of kickboxing Methods: 30 subjects were randomized into a kickboxing-group (n=15) VELOCITY OF THE OFFENSIVE TECHNIQUE OF THE KARATE FOR. PDF | Aim: the purpose of this study was to examine the effect of kickboxing striking combat sports, specific kickboxing activities include basic techniques.

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kickboxing. The step by step illustration and guidance will help the beginners to build the essential techniques of this game successfully. Prerequisites. Monitor proper form and basic mechanics of kickboxing, martial arts and/or self- defense. Design a proper routine based on martial art/kickboxing techniques. Manual topics include:». Coaching, training, and teaching methodologies.» Techniques, tactics and strategies.» Athlete motivation.» Competition preparation.

Your lead hand should protect your jaw and face. The Dance. You should always be blocking your head with your gloved fist always ready to block a punch. Can you close in and perform a strike? Usually these will be people who wish to learn how to defend themselves.

What is it? Over many millennia many different peoples and societies have developed many forms of karate. This was more than a simple walking sick. Traveling about the countryside They would a target for robbers. As The English language is just as different between England. But the way we defend ourselves from danger changes over the years. Groups of Chinese and even the Japanese have a history or world travel! And even migrating to foreign lands and starting over. Karate as it is now known.

Kung fu what is it? Kung-fu is a relatively modern term for gong-fu. Karate is as old as mankind itself. As with such man has learned when confronted with an adversary armed with a stick to raise his arm between his head and the stick to deflect the blow.

Then as his younger children came of age. Chinese Karate is also much different from Japanese Karate. Ireland and America. Peddlers and tradesmen use gong-fu to protect themselves. Eventually the shaolin monks carried the traditions of karate wherever they traveled.

Gong-fu is just as different between each village as the people of each village. Page 8 Thai-Karate The history of the martial arts and karate Karate! Since the beginning of history mankind has sought and refined techniques to defend himself with weapons.

Pdf kickboxing techniques

The people of china were not a wealthy people. Since then the stick has gave way to the club and then a spear. But because of language barriers and local social customs. A traditional oriental form of exercise and body development. Who would come down from the mountains and seek to rob them. As such they were often times preyed upon by vicious bandits.

In short! What is the purest form of karate? Gong-fu is karate that differs from all different ethnic groups and regions of the world. There is no Single form of gong-fu. And created the Chinese tradition of shaolin kung fu. Began on the Japanese island of Okinawa. So bodhidharma created a set of exercises to enhance the abilities of the shaolin monks. Older to younger sibling. All the time the older brother was still learning karate more complex form of karate from his father. This was also a club or a blunt spear when the need would arise.

The large seashell was replaced with a metal groin protector and weight divisions for fighters were created. This kickboxing quickly entered the maritime world of explorers and traders alike.

Huge Yankee clipper ships set sail for the orient for the first time in American history. When it went under serious changes following many tragically lethal outcomes during the contests. Page 9 Thai-Karate The history of the martial arts and karate Kickboxing!

Earlier you have learned that martial arts like gong-fu and kickboxing started at the shaolin temple in Okinawa. One student at a time. Perhaps the most outrageous version of kickboxing comes from Thailand. The American form of kickboxing does not allow for kickboxing strikes or blows to the legs of an opponent While the European. American merchant marines and sailors were long accustomed to boxing and as a form of exercise and self-defense. Kickboxing is after all a form of karate.

Suppose you took traditional Chinese kickboxing and brought it into a modern sport Modern kickboxing came out of the need for full contact karate. To protect their hands against skin abrasions. The earliest references of muay-thai hand-to-hand combat were recorded in AD. And boxer Joe Louis. One of the first proponents of kickboxing was the martial arts film star Bruce Lee. We try to instill good sportsmanship in each and every student.

The first American kickboxing championship match was held in Los Angeles California in In this school of study we practice the North American Rules version of kickboxing. Yes kickboxing found its way into Europe well before the 18th. Traditional Muay-thai boxing was taught in public schools in Thailand up until The Tiger King of Siam Entered Muay-thai fighting contests disguised as a simple pheasant and defeated all comers.

It is our belief that character builds strength! Strength does not build character. King Rama the 4th Began giving land titles to Muay Thai winners. Kickboxing is considered to be practical kung-fu. In March America began sending its first trading envoys to china.

Kickboxing had its beginnings as an ancient sport. In Japan Kickboxing is known as shoot fighting. But during their stay in china. Japan China and Thailand have their own form of kickboxing and organizations.

And in the following months many a drunken sailor ended a bar room brawl with a punch and a swift kick. Page 10 Chapter 1 Basic Kick Boxing Basic kick boxing training Basic sparring strategy Ringmanship Page Releasing the energy within you Basic class exercise Timing exercises 20 Training with a punching bag Training with a speed bag 23 Training theory 24 Stance clinic Blocking and parrying clinic 27 Bobbing and weaving clinic 28 Punching clinic Kicking clinic 31 The Mi an-Ju To westerners the game face 32 Kickboxing Seminar Knock out techniques 33 Course curriculum And the skill is in the training.

When you sense your opponent is wresting for an instant. If your opponent seems more skilled or lucky than you are. Never attack with only one technique. Close in and attack!

Kickboxing Exercise.pdf

Page 11 The School of Kickboxing Kickboxing sparring strategy. Being aware of the situation enables you to plan your next move. A feint kick can make your opponent move faster and burn up more energy. Can you find an opening in your opponent to strike? The art in sparring is the intuition of the fighter. And you will almost always be certain to win. Continued on page Or draw attention away from an area you are planning to attack.

Your legs should always be slightly bent at the knees. Can you wear down your opponent. When your opponent is depleted of energy or slows down. Can you strike your opponent with a punch? Can you block any punch from your opponent? A proper punch comes from the toes and the lower legs. Then follow up with a real strike to the head.

Keep a sideways stance to your opponent and make less target areas available to punch or kick. Always keep your lead hand ready to make a jab. Does your opponent force you to retreat across the ring? And you should standing on the front balls of your feet. Then you can close in and make either a punch or a short-range kick. In a contest match. Can you force your opponent to retreat backwards across the ring? Ringmanship There is an art and a science to sparring.

And coming back up and performing some punches of your own. They cannot be planed for ahead of time. Then Punch!!! Do you have more stamina than your opponent does? Can you close in and perform a strike?

Staying sideways keeps less target area available for an opponent to attack. Now is the time access your opponent during the kickboxing match. Also a sideways stance makes it easier to defend with a single arm. Can you strike your opponent with a kick? Can your opponent keep you at bay with a kick? During a kickboxing match always be aware of your opponent.

Does your opponent have more stamina than you do? Can you fend off your opponent while you recuperate?

Pdf kickboxing techniques

If an opponent is especially good with his or her punching technique. Have a second technique ready when you have completed the first technique. So you must be aware of your opponent at all times and be prepared for whatever comes just as it is happening.

These are the questions that can only be answered during the kickboxing match. Whenever possible. The science in sparring is of course the techniques used in fighting. Keep your chin tucked in and keep your eyes trained on your opponent at all times. A good way to wear down an opponent is to make some feint punches to the head. If your sparring opponent is faster than you are: A slashing attack like a knife hand strike is always more powerful but takes time.

Kicking to be done with a strait technique This always is a fast move and this attack may confuse and disorient your opponent.

Also you may be able to take your opponent by surprise. And back off fast! Circle your opponent and attack again. Or unsteady your opponent. If your sparring opponent is lighter than you are: Since you are heavier than your opponent. Travel on the front balls of the feet. If your sparring opponent is slower than you are: Get close to the opponent and use some fast techniques. If your sparring opponent is shorter than you are: Use your size advantage.

If your sparring opponent is heavier than you are: Since you are lighter than your opponent. Then strike your opponent and try to score some points with some quick techniques. If you made a proper cross punch. Look for an opening to make a strike. If your opponent sees you making circles around him he may panic and make mistakes. Close in on your opponent and strike first When you come in close.

Turn around on your heel as your opponent circles you. Use as much strength as possible Always perform a jab punch with the arm. Always lead with stabbing attacks. Circle your opponent constantly. Keep as far a distance as possible. If you strike first you are reducing the amount of reaction time for your opponent to choose a defense option.

Then get in even closer and punch first. Always keep your position or stance in mind during a fight. This will give you greater speed and mobility while sparring. This is the fastest way to attack and destabilize your opponent. When in a boxing ring always observe good footwork techniques. This will also reduce the amount of reaction time for your opponent to plan a defense.

And use your leg techniques as much as possible Stay far away and fight effectively with kicking. Get as close as possible to your opponent. And your opponent can guess What your next move will be and defend against it. Always perform a cross punch with the muscles in your leg.

This will deplete the energy if you receive a blow. Stay in close. Use as much speed as possible. And while firing off a punch. The Dance. This is how you train to quicken your reflexes. You must stand in front of a punching bag In this set of exercises you will discover that you have both physical and mental energies that can be released when Called upon.

This is called kinetic linking. And you can tap these physical and mental energies for use in kickboxing and in life Your body naturally contains and releases energy. In short the mind is your thoughts! Your brain is a tangible and physical organ. When you eat a meal you convert your food into energy Any unused energy is stored away as fat to be used as energy later. Your body needs energy to live and to function Your brain is part of your body too.

That is the kinetic energy in your feet and legs can travel upward forming momentum Linking the movement in your feet and legs into your arms and fists and this momentum is very powerful Kinetic linking enables you to create the momentum your body develops during any rapid movement Did you ever notice when you are running that you cannot come to a sudden stop without falling down?

Your legs should be slightly bent at the knees One foot should be in front of the other keeping a sideways stance to your opponent You should tilt your chest over your front knee. This is how you train your body to overcome your slower reflexes and develop blinding speed.

Page 13 The School of Kickboxing Releasing the energy from within you! Gathering and releasing the energy from within you To begin this exercise in gathering and releasing energy from within you.

The mind is intangible and mysterious. Now you will learn to release this energy! You are not imagining things! Page 14 The School of Kickboxing Releasing the energy from within you! Gathering and releasing the energy from within you Prepare to Strike! To do this you begin your day by running. Remember a kickboxing match lasts for exactly three minutes.

It should one free of people or auto traffic. This is the hallmark of the martial arts. And for stretching your muscles so they will be able to perform properly while exercising. Then you simply begin running.

Sit-ups 3. Running develops the muscles in your legs and builds the breathing capacity of your lungs. And strong abdominal muscles enable you to take a punch in your mid-section without receiving much damage. Before doing any sit-ups you may want to do some toe touches first. And if you can last those three minutes without tiring you have a decided advantage in the boxing ring. Jump rope is important because is develops the muscles in your legs. Also it is a good way to get your heart rate up and loosen your muscles up for a good workout.

Jump rope 4.

These are to get the blood flowing through your muscles. You might want to keep a steady pace. Push-ups 2. And develops the stamina you will need in a kickboxing match. Callisthenic exercise is one of the most important things you can do in kickboxing school! If you do some warm up exercises before starting your work out you can reduce the chance you will be harmed by heavy training or even fighting in the ring.

But stretching exercises Allows your muscles and your tendons to stretch and move more freely and deliver the explosive kicks. You begin your running by picking a route close to your gymnasium. You do this by doing some deep knee bends. Push-ups are important because they develop the muscles in your arms and shoulders. All kick boxers the world over use four basic exercises to warm up for class. You start by doing some warm-up exercises to get the blood flowing in your legs.

And of course running. The idea would be to be able to run around the block without tiring. And a strong well developed mid-section is the mark of finish for any good body builder. Most students of kickboxing or any other martial arts are only able to kick so high. Sit-ups are important because they develop the muscles in your Abdomen. Leg stretching exercises enable you to kick your legs properly at an opponent. Kicking and stretching exercises And these are done before any weight lifting or boxing of any kind.

Experience and exercise will enable your arms to punch with speed and regularity. It is important to store massive amounts of energy before you even go into the match. The ability to have your body move rapidly and your heart pump huge amounts of blood without tiring is of the utmost Importance in a boxing match.

All good workouts begin with simple stretching exercises. And the ability to store and use huge amounts of energy cannot be underestimated. Running enables your body to store huge amounts of energy. This is done by training your body to store and deliver huge amounts of energy. Before doing any push ups you should do some circling motions with your outstretched arms.

But we will delve into that later. Push your arms downward to the floor. As always before doing any callisthenic exercises you should do some stretching first. You should be rocking backward on your knees.

Fully extend your arms downward. Do not let your chest touch the floor. You should be forcing your torso into the air.

And repeat the process try to work up to Most people can only do 2 to 3 push-ups when they first begin an exercise program But slowly you will develop the endurance to do more As you muscles and stamina develop you can do other more extreme exercises to get yourself.

But instead of using your toes as a fulcrum. E-Z Cals are probably the most easily learned form of exercise you can do. Start by doing only 3-knee push-ups daily. Slowly lower your torso to the floor. Your legs should be bent at the knees upwards. Always start by doing a few push-ups and working your way up to higher numbers as time goes on. They are low impact meaning that they will do little wear and tear on your body as you exercise. Until then start on these and work your way up.

To loosen up your muscles and get them ready for your workout. Simply stated you are doing a standard every day push up. Your arms should be directly underneath your shoulders. The entire program can be learned within hours. The Knee Push-Up This beginning exercise is called the knee push up. Lay face down comfortably on the floor.

And as your abdominal muscles develop you can do the more intense sit-ups later. This is the very same sit up you did in grade school This is not as good as doing a sit up with strait legs. These in itself shall exercise your abdominal muscles. Start by doing only 5-knee sit-ups daily. Lift your torso into the air with the muscles in your abdomen With your hands behind your head. Lay flat on your back with your knees up.

Lift your shoulders off the floor for a moment And slowly lower your torso back to the floor. Always start by doing a few sit-ups and working your way up to higher numbers as time goes on.

And your feet flat on the floor. Place both hand behind your neck. It is not necessary to completely sit up doing these easy calisthenics exercises You can simply raise your torso up so your shoulders and upper back are no longer touching the floor And slowly lower yourself back down. Over your head to in front of you When you see the rope in front of your eyes jump up and allow the rope To travel under your feet Twirl the rope back over your head and repeat.

Step forward over the rope so the rope is behind your feet. Hold the jump rope evenly in both hands with the loop touching the floor In front of your feet. This is done by alternating legs 2 jumps or cycles on each leg. Start by doing only 10 jump rope cycles daily. It builds stamina for your body This is the ability to move fast for long periods of time without getting tired. Always start by doing a few jumps and working your way up to higher numbers as time goes on.

You may want to wear shoes and socks for protection. One of the healthiest aerobic exercises is jumping rope. Now twirl the rope from behind you. A more complicated form of jumping rope involves Standing on one leg and jumping rope. And its great as a warm up exercise The only materials needed are a 7-foot rope or cord.

Kickboxing | Physical Fitness | Aerobic Exercise

Three Minutes a day or cycles is all it takes to develop The stamina of a champion Start by doing as many as you can and gradually work up to more. And limber legs means accurate and fast kicks. Rock back and forth if you have to so you can stretch those hamstrings. Exercise builds up muscles and stretching builds up all the rest of your body.

Leg Stretches For explosive kicks you cannot underestimate the value of leg stretches. You really have to stretch the muscles in your legs to get the proper kicking motion And strong legs mean powerful kicks. Its better to balance out your exercises so your body can receive the full benefit of bodybuilding and exercise. But you must work with the tendons and the ligaments so they will have the elasticity to move sharply and kick Explosively. Out stretch your left leg as far as it will go.

This is done by stretching the muscles in your legs so they can stretch in the direction of a kick. What good are strong legs if your feet are too weak to handle all the extra weight of your muscles. The tendons are fibrous material that holds muscles to the bones. Sit on the floor with your legs spread out as far as they will go. Rock back and forth if you have to so you can stretch those hamstrings One of the most wondered about part of the martial arts.

Outstretch your arms and rock your torso forward and try to go forward By placing your hands all the way in front of your feet. Rock back and forth if you have to but drive your torso forward And as close to the floor as possible Left Forward Leg Stretch. Right Forward Leg Stretch. Page 19 Leg Stretching Exercises. Out stretch your right leg as far as it will go.

You must not only stretch the muscles to build up to successful kicks. Lean your torso over your right thigh and try to touch your right toes. Lean your torso over your right thigh and try to touch your left toes.

The Forward Leg Stretch. Do this exercise while traveling forward along the length of the rope until it becomes second nature to you. Fire off a cross left cross punch while stepping forward with your left front foot and twisting your torso forward. You may add kicks and punches tool. Page 20 Timing Exercises Ducking and bobbing Coordinate your punches. Duck 2. The faster the fighter is. Strength is fine. While ducking low underneath the cord. Stand close to the beginning of the cord.

Timing is when you perform more than one technique at a time.

Now duck under the rope to the other side of the room. Step forward diagonally under the cord with your gloves in the home position protecting your face. Now straighten up so you are in the boxer position and the cord is at eye level. Stand beside the cord. Now once more from this side of the room. Ducking and bobbing Divide a room in half with a rope or cord.

Rise up 6. Block with left hand 7. Now bend your knees slightly. Now straighten up and place your gloves in the home position in the basic fighting stance. Rise up 3. The ability to have and maintain speed. Not fully crouching. Not crouching but underneath the rope. Fire off a right cross punch while stepping forward with your right front foot and twisting your torso forward You may use this exercise to any variation to improve your timing and performance.

Timing is a rhythm of two or more actions in kickboxing techniques to achieve a single desired action. Speed is one of the most important elements in kickboxing.

Duck 5. No matter how huge or skilled be might be is has been scientifically proven that stamina will always win the fight.

You may use this exercise to any variation to improve your timing and performance. Step forward with left foot and punch with left hand 4.

Block with right hand 4. You can only do it by properly as an unconscious habit. If you can develop sufficient speed then you are already formidable in any fight. And when an opponent has run out of speed or energy he is totally powerless against the fighter who still has speed. A timing exercise to improve your block. Step forward with right foot and punch with right hand Speed and Timing. This is when you walk on the front balls of your feet.

Make your arms pound for 3 minutes. If you practice constantly with a punching bag for 3 minutes a day your arms will become both strong and fast.

Always stand on the front balls of your feet while on the punching bag like you are in the ring. Speed is king in the ring. His arms will get too fatigued and you can confidently close in Get in Close to your opponent.

The punching bag is the most important part of kick boxing training. Always remember! Page 21 Training with a punching bag. Spring Upwards! This will deliver a knock down blow. Also when it comes time to punch. When practicing with a punching bag your knees should already be slightly bent so you can absorb a blow.

Then day-by-day the pounding shall get easier and easier. Well your gloved fists Hopefully you shall meet an opponent that has not exercised with a punching bag. An opponent who is sufficiently fatigued cannot block a punch or kick properly. After your opponent has made only a few punches made in your direction.

Within weeks. Before you even get into a kickboxing ring you must spend much more time in the gymnasium Building up the muscles in your arms and legs for that day when you enter the ring for a bout. And the more punches or kicks you make add up to victory. Then finish him off with your fists or kicks. Always circle your bag when practicing! Also this will help to psychologically unnerve an opponent. First strike the bag with your fists for a moment to build up speed.

Case in point. Until punching the bag is as easy as picking up a feather. Days later!

Kickboxing Guidebook Free Download

Really thrust your back and shoulders into the punch without sacrificing speed And really build up your punching. All kickboxing and muay-thai matches are fought in the ring.

Duck 9. Right Jab Twice 5. Left Cross Punch. Duck Left Jab Twice 2. Right Cross Punch. Duck 8. Right Jab Twice 6. Page 22 Training with a punching bag. Left Front Kick. And your knees should be slightly bent. Once Advanced punching and kicking combinations 1.

Once 6. Left Front Kick Once 9. Once 4. Left Jab Twice Duck 7. Right Jab Twice 2. Right Jab Twice 7. Duck 3. Left Side Kick. Once 3. Right Hook Kick. Left Cross Punch Once 8. Stand with one hand protecting your face and standing on the front balls of your feet. Right Jab Twice Right Front Round Kick. Right Cross Punch Once Once 9. Left Cross Punch Once Punching and kicking combinations 1.

Punching Combinations 1. For added striking power! While standing on the front balls of both feet. Continued from page 21 Punching Bag Combinations While in the fighter stance. This movement shall force you at a greater side angle to your opponent and as you do so Twist your upper torso in the direction of your opponent while you make a punch This ads real knock down power to your punch and may even cause a knock out.

Left Jab 2. Repeat as desired 1. Duck 1. Left cross punch 1. Speed Bag Routines and Combinations 1. This is a simple round ball suspended from the ceiling and the floor by an elastic cord. Left Jab 3. The speed bag is also a great way to practicing ducking punches as well. Right Jab 2. Right slip 1. The Speed Bag Another important part of kickboxing training is the speed bag or headache bag.

Left slip 1. When practicing the slip with a speed bag you simply make a jab with your left or right hand. This exercise is great to learn how to punch and avoid being hit. Repeat as desired 2. Right Jab 3. Right Jab. Right cross punch. You simply make a jab at the bag then you duck down to avoid the bag returning and hitting you.

The speed bag builds up your punching speed All kickboxing and muay-thai matches are fought in the ring.

Punching the speed bag builds up speed for jabs. And when the bag returns or bounces back in your direction you slip back to the left or right. Page 23 Training with a speed bag. When the speed bag returns your way make a left slip by twisting your torso backwards and to the left Allowing the bag to pass by your head to avoid being struck by the speed bag and supposedly a punch.

Left Jab. Suppose you hit the speed bag with a right jab. Boxers of the last century would not be able to reasonably compete with the fighters or boxers of today. Kickboxing training almost always concerns itself around the kickboxing contest. A kickboxing competitor will be trying to kick and punch at you in the ring. Only a properly executed technique will be of any help. But the understanding is that the student will be exercised into good condition.

Deliver as much force as you can during a technique. Kickboxing is also a form of self-defense. Timing There is an old training adage that says. And properly executing a technique begins in the classroom. In the sport karate they will teach you how to kick but they will not require you to develop the strength And dexterity that a sparring match requires. And a tiny foot dragging karate technique will only exasperate the situation for you.

A tiny swishing kick will not help you. And these karate students would have to be in top physical shape for the difficult tasks that awaited them in the future. It is in the utmost importance that when in class you are instructed to make a kick that you follow the kick true to form And perform a proper kick. It does not matter what condition the student is in. All kick boxers are trained to fight and win. Such as anti-knife techniques. Speed is king in the kickboxing ring.

Such as when making a kick you must raise your leg to belt level before performing the kick. In kickboxing. Each student is paying the master. Only a proper kicking technique well executed will be able to help you in this situation.

And proper execution of a technique begins in the classroom. Always follow through a kick or a punch. Not with any token punches or half attempted kicks may a battle be won. Thousands of years ago. The student is not trying to protect a landlord but the student is learning to protect himself. Theories on kickboxing preparedness. Just lifting your leg and dragging it on target is not going to help you when the time comes. Any short cuts just will not do. And the time probably will come when you have to perform a kick in the ring.

So it would not be at all unusual to be doing some un-orthodox training in kick boxing class. If a student is weak in a particular area the student will be brought up to the standards of kickboxing. If you allow yourself to get into the habit of shortcuts then all of your training will be for naught. Page 25 Stance clinic The Stance is the very foundation of all your kickboxing training The Stance A stance is the foundation of your kickboxing training.

Always keep your chin back and facing your opponent in any stance. Springing Springing is when you bend your knees slightly. You should always be standing on the front ball of your feet while performing a technique or sparring.

Your left arm should be ready to jab. This is so you will be able to change stances and still have a firm footing to attack. Also if you are in the proper position with your knees bent. Your Head Your Forehead should be tilted downward. The Dance This is the foot movement that makes kickboxing a formidable sport. You should block with the right front hand.

Your Eyes should be looking over the top of your brow. It is desirable to go beneath your opponents shoulder height to bob correctly to more readily avoid the punch. Springing will give you incredible knock-down power in your punches and kicks.

This will add more energy to your punch. The Shuffle Shuffling is when you slide your feet across the mat and not directly walking or lifting your feet up to take a step. A stance puts you in a position to strike with the most power and helps you escape from a blow. You should block with the left front hand. The main idea of a stance is to control your balance during a kickboxing match. Your Chin should be tucked in to your neck. The dance ties is the footsteps and the shuffle together.

Your elbows should be touching your ribs. And block a strike to your body. The Neutral Stance The weight of your body is divided equally on both of your feet. When bobbing. Bobbing and Weaving Bobbing is when you bend down at the knees to avoid a strike from your opponent. Weaving is when you twist your torso in the direction of the blow you desire to make.

This is because if you take a blow. Your knees will act as shock absorbers depleting the energy of any blow you receive. Your right arm should be ready to jab. Walking and hopping this way makes your attack and defense more active and dynamic. So your feet will not easily cramp. Page 26 Stance clinic Continued from page 25 Walking on the front balls of your feet This enables you to turn and pivot easily.

This could break your hand or your arm You want to drive his hand away from your body with a Parry. This will put you in a good position to deliver a rapid blow. So you will be free with your front arm to jab While your opponent is punching at you.

And allow your hand to absorb the blow. Then you parry it away. If you parry by moving you hands outward only very little Your adversary will have to overly extend his arm to try to reach you. And not to completely block the blow like a wall. Used to block high kicks to the head. Re-enforced Block. A Parry should be thought of as a broom sweeping away a blow. The Thigh Block The thigh block is when you block a kick by raising your knee up high as you can And block a kick with your lower shin.

Even with the blocking hand.

Techniques pdf kickboxing

Better your hand than your head. Page 27 Blocking and parrying clinic A Block should be thought of as a breakwater. Double Block. Used to evade a sudden volley of arm techniques. Keep your eyes on this ball and when it comes close to you catch it with your rear hand. When the gloved hand of a punch comes close to your head you parry it away from you With a forward sweeping motion.

Cardio kickboxing is a combi- The Roundhouse Kick - Starting Keep in mind that many clubs may not offer nation of martial arts and aerobics, and employs dif- from a basic stance side of body classes that are based on progression.

Even if your ferent techniques from a pure martial arts class. For this experience or be properly certified by an organiza- and point it just to the right of your reason, an hour-long session may not be the wisest tion such as ACE.

Finally, once you understand the choice for someone who isnt used to this level of basics of this stress-relieving, total-body workout, target. Pivot on your left foot as concentrated activity.

Kick the target with the top of your foot. Remember, adequate warm-up and close atten- Put your name and logo in this area, stance, pull your right knee up then make handout copies. Classes toward your left shoulder.

Pivot on should begin with basic stretches and a light cardio- your left foot as you snap your right vascular warm-up such as pushups and jumping leg into your target. Strike with jacks. A typical aerobic kickboxing routine involves a series of repetitive punches alternating with hand either the outside edge of your strikes, kicks and then a combination of all three.

Reprinted with permission from the American Council on Exercise. The repetitions help participants focus on proper If you are interested in information on other health and fitness topics, contact: Kickboxing Exercise. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Documents Similar To Kickboxing Exercise. Syawal Anizam.

Lucian Nicolau. Bruno Fischer. Jaffar SadiqBaig. Anonymous cbc8Km. Ritesh Dubey. Claudi Fogues. Luciano Arrien. Simon Dainton. Swarna Khare. Special Considerations for Exercise Testing and.

Kastanias Theodoros. Viet Vo. More From babaoo. Guillermo Raul Reyes Aguirre. Jeff Radford. Alchemyst Leopold.