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The Demigod Files contains three of Percy Jackson's most dangerous adventures never before .. Now, I'd like to tell you that I did something heroic, like stand up against a raging team of choice that would save or destroy Mount Olympus. Heroes of Olympus Extra - The Demigod Diaries - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. extra of percy jackson series. The Demigod Diaries - Rick Riordan - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or routine can be interrupted at a moment's notice by a crisis on Mount Olympus. Martha. the story happens bet ween The Last Olympian and The Lost Hero.

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and The Lost Hero, in the days when Percy and Annabeth had just started dating, I hope The Demigod Diaries will help prepare you for your own adventures. The Heroes of Olympus The Demigod Diaries. Home · The Heroes of Olympus The The Son of Neptune - The Heroes of Olympus Book 2 · Read more. Scion Demigod (Scion RPG) · Read more · The Heroes of Olympus The Demigod Diaries. Read more Case Files: Neuroscience (Case Files). Read more.

Thalia almost backed up into the drapes. Eventually Zeus dumped her. When Thalia gets an idea in her head. A lot of those are really old. We boarded the Staten Island Ferry at three thirty, along with a bunch of tourists, who crowded the railings of the top deck, snappingpictures as we passed the Statue of Liberty. I tried to think.

Your life is about to get much more dangerous. By now, you have probably realized that you are not a mortal. This book is meant to serve as an inside look at the world of demigods that no regular human child would be allowed to see. As senior scribe at Camp Half-Blood, I hope the top-secret information within will give you some tips and insights that may keep you alive during your training. You will learn how he encountered the immortal and terrible sons of Ares.

You will find out the truth about the bronze dragon,long considered to be only a Camp Half-Blood legend. And you will discover how Hades gained a new secret weapon, as well as how Percy was forced to play an unwitting part in its creation.

These stories are not meant to terrify you, but it is important that you realize just how perilous the life of a hero can be. Chiron has also given me clearance to share confidential interviews with some of our most important campers, including Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood.

Please keep in mind that these interviews were given in strictestconfidence. Share this information with any non-demigod and you may find Clarisse coming after you with her electric spear. Believe me, you do not want that. Study these pages well, for your own adventures have only just begun. May the gods be with you, young demigod! Really, I hate her. Like, really, really old, man!

The same Titan who wants to kill ME! Body type: From the waist up he looks like a regular middle-aged guy: Scraggly beard, check. San FranciscoQuote: Always, always have a plan. About Annabeth: She ran away from home when she was seven because her dad got remarried and then shehung around with Luke and Thalia for a while before coming to camp. Why does everybody think Annabeth and I are a couple? Best feature: He has shaggy legs and hooves.

His top half is… um, very buff. Yes, very…About the G-man: Huge, bulky and yeah, oh right, he only has one eye. About Tyson: As the child of a nature spirit and a god okay, my dad, Poseidon , he was cast out and tossedaside. Tyson had to grow up on the streets, until I found him, that is.

Female ish Age: Hey, Prissy aka Percy , get ready to be pulverized! Big and ugly and real mean-looking. About Clarisse: All you need to know about Clarisse is that her father is Ares. Nobody else seemed tonotice the commotion. Sure enough, there was a girl in the alley with her sword drawn. She was tall and muscular like a basketball player, with stringy brownhair and jeans, combat boots and a denim jacket.

She was hacking at a flock of black birds the size of ravens. Feathers stuck out of herclothes in several places. A cut was bleeding over her left eye. As I watched, one of the birds shot a feather like an arrow, and it lodged inher shoulder. She cursed and sliced at the bird, but it flew away.

Unfortunately, I recognized the girl. It was Clarisse, my old enemy from demigod camp. Clarisse usually lived at Camp Half-Blood year-round. I had no idea what she was doing on the Upper East Side in the middle of a school day, but she was obviously in trouble. I did the only the thing I could. The magic word is puke. It will get you out of class faster thananything else. I ran out the door, stripping off my safety goggles, gloves and lab apron.

I got out my weapon — a ballpoint pen called Riptide. Nobody stopped me in the halls. I exited by the gym. I got to the alley just in time to see Clarisse smack a devil bird with the flat of hersword like she was hitting a home run. The bird squawked and spiralled away, slamming against the brick wall and sliding into a trashcan. That still left a dozen more swarming around her.

She glared at me in disbelief. I uncapped my pen, which grew into a metre-long bronze sword, and joined the battle, slashing at the birds and deflecting their feathersoff my blade.

Together, Clarisse and I sliced and hacked until all the birds were reduced to piles of feathers on the ground. We were both breathing hard. I had a few scratches, but nothing major. I pulled a feather arrow out of my arm. I took a bag of ambrosia out of my jacket, where I always kept it for emergencies,broke a piece in half and offered some to Clarisse. We swallowed a few bites — not too much, since the food of the gods can burn you to ashes if you overindulge.

Anyway, in a few seconds our cuts and bruises had disappeared. Clarisse sheathed her sword and brushed off her denim jacket.

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What are you doing away from camp? Why were those birds after you? I was too accustomed to her tricks. I just sidestepped and let her stumble past me. That makes it my business. I got the feeling she really wanted to punch me out, but at the same time there was a desperate look in her eyes,like she was in serious trouble.

Clarisse had lots of siblings at Camp Half-Blood. All of them picked on each other. I guess that was to beexpected since they were sons and daughters of the war god, Ares. Phobos and Deimos. Mrs White would justassume the nurse had sent me home, and sixth period was woodwork class.

Mr Bell never took attendance. And he told me to take it out. So they stole thechariot from me and chased me off with those stupid arrow-throwing birds. IfClarisse failed him, he would come down hard on her. Real hard. She scowled. He was dressed in ratty jeans, a black T-shirt and a leather jacket, with a bandannaover his hair. A knife was stuck in his belt. He had eyes the colour of flames.

Phobos appeared on the bench next to me. You haveto get help fighting your battles now? He looked surprised, maybe even nervous. The one who made Dadangry? Oh, this is too good, Clarisse. Clarisse screamed.

Olympus heroes demigod of files pdf the

She swatted the air as if she were being attacked by invisible bugs. Clarisse backed up into the street, swinging her sword wildly. I dug my sword a little deeper against his throat, but he simply vanished, reappearing back at the telephone pole. Clarisse collapsed, breathing hard. What do you fear? I always do. Well, let me tell you a little secret, half-blood.

I am fear. If you The way Phoboslaughed at me and made Clarisse collapse just by looking at her… I wanted to teach this guy a lesson. I helped Clarisse up. Her face was still beaded with sweat.

We took the subway, keeping a lookout for more attacks, but no one bothered us. As we rode, Clarisse told me about Phobos and Deimos. Deimos is terror. Phobos is more, like, personal. He can getinside your head. All those phobias named after him. The jerk. They hate me. The Intrepid. It probably had a bunch of guns and bombs and other dangerous toys.

Just the kind of place a war god would wantto hang out. That could be any direction! A zoo over the water could be the one in Brooklyn, or maybe… someplace harder to get to, with little wild animals. Someplace nobody would ever think to look for a war chariot. We boarded the Staten Island Ferry at three thirty, along with a bunch of tourists, who crowded the railings of the top deck, snappingpictures as we passed the Statue of Liberty.

Clarisse frowned at me. He was a son of Athena, and he designed it to look like his mom. Annabeth was my best friend and a huge nut when it came to architecture and monuments. I guess her eggheadfacts rubbed off on me sometimes. Tourists spilled forward, tumbling into each other.

Clarisse and I ran to the front of the boat. The water below us started to boil. Then the head of a sea serpent erupted from the bay. The monster was at least as big as the boat. It was grey and green with a head like a crocodile and razor-sharp teeth.

It smelled… well,like something that had just come up from the bottom of New York Harbor. Riding on its neck was a bulky guy in black Greek armour. His Tourists screamed and scattered. The Mist usually prevents mortals from seeingmonsters in their true form, but whatever they saw, they were terrified.

Besides, I love terror. I live on terror! Alarms blared. Passengers fell over each other trying toget away.

Deimos laughed with delight. I felt the power of the ocean surgingthrough me. I willed the water to swirl around me, building force until we burst out of the bay on top of a ten-metre-high waterspout. Isteered us straight towards the monster. Just as it bared its fangs, I swerved the waterspout to one side, and Clarisse jumped. She crashed intoDeimos, and both of them toppled into the sea.

The sea serpent came after me.

Demigod heroes files olympus the pdf of

I quickly turned the waterspout to face him, then summoned all my power and willed the water to evengreater heights. Fifty thousand litres of salt water crashed into the monster. The monster roared.

The Demigod Files - PDF Free Download

Green blood spouted from the wound, and the serpent sank beneath the waves. I dived underwater and watched as it retreated to the open sea. Clarisse surfaced near me, spluttering and coughing. I swam over and grabbed her. Clarisse shook her head. Phobos, too. In the west, the sun was going down over the Jersey shore. We were running out of time. The streets curvedaround confusingly, and everything seemed to be uphill.

I wished we had reinforcements.

The files of demigod pdf heroes olympus

Ikept remembering what Phobos had said: How about you, Percy Jackson? We turned a corner and followed this curvy street with some woods on one side until we came to the entrance. The lady at the ticket booth looked at us suspiciously, but thank the gods I had enough cash to get us inside. We walked around the reptile house, and Clarisse stopped in her tracks. The chariot was decorated with amazing detail.

Thehorses were breathing fire out of their nostrils. I concentrated on the horses. Usually I could talk to horses, since my dad had created them. I said, Hey. Nice fire-breathing horses. One of horses whinnied disdainfully. I could understand his thoughts, all right. Cover me. Shewalked around the horses, almost tiptoeing. She froze as a lady with a three-year-old girl passed by. Clarisse got closer to the chariot. Her hand hadalmost reached the rail when the horses reared up, whinnying and breathing flames.

Phobos and Deimos appeared in the chariot, both ofthem now dressed in pitch-black battle armour. Phobos grinned, his red eyes glowing. Clarisse stumbled back as he lashed the horses and charged the chariot straight towards me.

Thetruth is, I ran. I jumped over a trashcan and an exhibit fence, but there was no way I could outrun the chariot. It crashed through the fenceright behind me, ploughing down everything in its path. I jumped and landed on a rock island in the middle of the otter exhibit. I willed a column of water out of the pond and doused thehorses, temporarily extinguishing their flames and sending them into confusion.

I ran as Phobos cursed and tried to get his horses under control. Both of them went tumbling out of the chariot as it lurched forward. I sprinted towards the aquarium with the chariot right behind me. Thechariot refashioned itself into a black metal box with caterpillar tracks, a turret and a long gun barrel.

A tank. Phobos was grinning at me from the top of a World War II panzer. I rolled to one side as the gun fired. A souvenir kiosk exploded, sending fuzzy animals and plastic cups and disposable cameras in every direction.

As Phobosre-aimed his gun, I got to my feet and dived into the aquarium. I wanted to surround myself with water. That always increased my power. Cuttlefish, clown fish and eels all stared at me as I racedpast. I could hear their little minds whispering, Son of the sea god! Son of the sea god! I stopped at the back of the aquarium and listened.

I heard nothing. And then… Vroom, Vroom. A different kind of engine. I watched in disbelief as Phobos came riding through the aquarium on a Harley-Davidson.

Suddenly I was in a different place. I was at Camp Half-Blood, my favourite place in the world, and it was in flames. The woods were onfire.


The cabins were smoking. My friendswere on their knees pleading with me. Annabeth, Grover, all the other campers. Save us, Percy! Make the choice! I stood paralysed. This was the moment I had always dreaded: Now the moment was here, and I had no idea what to do.

The camp was burning. My friends looked at me, begging for help. My heartpounded. What if I did the wrong thing? Then I heard the voices of the aquarium fish: Suddenly I felt the power of the ocean all around me again, hundreds of litres of salt water, thousands of fish trying to get my attention. This was an illusion.

Phobos was showing me my deepest fear. I raised Riptide and blocked the blow just before it cut me in two.

The Heroes of Olympus The Demigod Diaries

I counterattacked and stabbed Phobos in the arm. Golden ichor, the blood of the gods, soaked through his shirt. Phobos growled and slashed at me. I parried easily. Without his power of fear, Phobos was nothing. Ipressed him back, swiped at his face, and gave him a cut across the cheek. The angrier he was, the clumsier he got. Hewas immortal. The fear god looked afraid. Finally I kicked him backwards against the water fountain.

His sword skittered into the ladies room. I grabbed the straps of his armourand pulled him up to face me. I turned towards the fish exhibits. Ihopped on, started the ignition, and rode out of the aquarium to help Clarisse. I had no trouble finding her.

I just followed the path of destruction. Fences were knocked down. Animals were running free. There is nothing to dislike. I recommend this book to people who are in love with action or to people who like Greek mythology. Riordan gives fans of his Greek and Roman series some great new material in the four stories presented here.

In the first, Luke and Thalia must find a way to escape from a trap set for demigods. Or else they will be dinner. And how did they get into this trap? Lured by a goat. A goat who can dispense ice and Pepsi products! Percy just wants to spend time with his girlfriend Annabeth. But he is coopted into finding Hermes' lost staff.

Stolen by a monster of course. A monster who is intent on making profits off of knock-offs rather than stealing originals. Hilarity ensues. At the center of the third tale is a table who ran away because he was polished with Windex rather than Lemon Pledge. And now maybe the entire laboratory will explode because the Argo II needs its syncopator. Unless Jason and Piper can help Leo find Buford, the run-away table - who happens to have the syncopator in one of its drawers.

Along the way they encounter drunk underage maenads intent on finding Lord Dionysus. More hilarity ensues.

Olympus the demigod heroes pdf of files

The final tale asks the question, what happened to the demigods who fought on the side of Kronos after the events of The Last Olympian? The story gives good answers about Mist and why monsters can smell heroes.

Written by Riordan's son 16yo son, it doesn't contain the same sense of humor or whimsy as the other stories. And while it's not a bad story, it doesn't make one smile like the other stories do. The tale is about an internecine battle between two children of Hecate. Still, it does not draw away from the awesomeness of the other three stories. Hardcover Verified Purchase.

The demigods are as diverse as us mere mortals, and so are their adventures. In this companion to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series' Riordan Riordan gives us a few sneak peaks back in time to fill in gaps around the other stories, and his son, Haley Riordan, takes the groundbreaking series his father started as his own bedtime stories and gives us his first story set in the world of demigods.

In this diary excerpt, we see Luke and Thalia fighting for their lives out in the world against the monsters who hunt them. What they don't expect is to find another kind of demigod who could be their very undoing. All Percy wants to do is spend time with Annabeth, his newly anointed girlfriend, but Hermes has another plan for their time, and of course, it involves one bizarre and cantankerous monster!

Unfortunately, by failing to properly care for a magical end table, he may have lost the key to stopping certain disaster Windex is NOT the same as Lemon Pledge!

Luckily, his friend would never let him fail. As the leading expert on death, Alabaster hopes Claymore can help him stop the evil woman who is coming after them, but he has no idea how dangerous it is to even know Alabaster. This was a cute selection of short stories separated by word jumbles and quizzes to test your knowledge of the Greek vs.

Roman gods. The short stories were not necessary for understanding the rest of the series', but they are certainly fun for the Olympus buff. Before the story, in a short note, he explains the Percy Jackson sagas began as bedtime stories to his son, and Haley was given the opportunity to write a story for this book. To be honest, that story has a very different tone from Rick's stories, which you have to be prepared for it is very dark! It is a different kind of story, but the idea that the original audience for these stories delivered this contribution at the age of 16 is pretty impressive!

Of course, he doesn't have the same abilities of his father, but if he keeps writing like this, he will get there some day! I enjoyed this second collection of short story in demigod diaries. You get some back story for Luke Castellan.

And some of these story are reference in Hero's of Olympus. I really liked Haley's Riordan short story Son of Magic. And full color illustration of some of the Hero's of Olympus. The interview with Hermes staff is in Demigod Diaries and not in Demigod files. So, this was a great book. The quest for Buford wasn't very action packed, just kinda meh. The first one, Luke's diary, I loved because we see Annabeth as a small and very cute little girl. The second one I adored, although Annabeth to me never seemed like the kind of person to plan anniversaries for every month of dating.

The last one, son of magic, yes, was well written for a 16 year old. It was, however, very dark and violent to be featured in this book, which is why it only has four stars. I love Hayley and his writing style, but I don't think that it belongs in a book like this. I think I won't be able to read The Last Olympian tomorrow since I have to study for our midterms next week But then again, we'll never know when the spirit of procrastination will come.

Apr 10, StygianReader rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Percy Jackson fans. Oh my gods! This was hilarious! It kept me smiling or laughing at every page I turned! I totally loved the three short stories! In the first one I really liked that Percy and Clarisse were able to work together, and I also liked seeing a nicer side of Clarisse. The second story was awesome too, with some really cute moments.

And the third adventure was my favorite! I loved the concept of the children of the big three going on a quest together. And the interview part was so funny!

Plus I really e Oh my gods! Plus I really enjoyed knowing a bit more about the characters. I highly recommend reading this if you're already a fan of the Percy Jackson series. It's a super quick read and you'll have a great time and some good laughs! Mar 26, Maggie rated it liked it Recommends it for: YA fantasy lovers. There is a story in this book concerning the Big Three's children, Thalia, Nico, and Percy and their adventure in the Underworld that's my fave. Full of humor, danger, mythological power, and the annoying gods.

This is not a necessary read following Battle of the Labyrinth but it's a must-read if you're a huge fan. View all 3 comments. Jun 14, April rated it it was amazing Shelves: I swear, it is so hard? Our faces were, like, two inches apart.

My chest felt a little funny, like my heart was trying to do jumping jacks. May 15, Attack Salmon rated it it was ok. Recommended for age 4 - 10 because it has crossword puzzle in it. In this short story, we have Clarisse doing a test for her father, Ares. However, her brothers Deimos and Phobos are determined to have her fail, since they don't want a female driving Ares's Chariot.

Percy helps her to succeed in her mission and ensure that Clarisse doesn't anger Ares. It was an okay story, with not too much that interested me, but it wasn't bad. I never found Clarisse to be that great of a charac Rating: I never found Clarisse to be that great of a character, so I didn't really care about her perhaps getting into trouble. Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon - 2. During their game of Capture the Flag, Percy and Hephaestus's cabin leader come across the head of a Bronze Dragon, previous protector of Camp Half-Blood while trying to infiltrate Annabeth's team.

When he gets too close and gets captured by the creatures who discovered it, Percy and company must work to save him. I think this was the one that least interested me, but it wasn't that bad. I do feel like I've read it before though, and I'm not quite sure where. Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades - 4 stars: Percy, Thalia, and Nico are called into the Underworld by Persephone in order to stop an intruder from escaping with Hades's new sword, one that can free souls from the Underworld.

This was my favourite of all the short stories, for a few reasons. It had a good balance of dialogue and action, with some witty bits characteristic of Riordan. It brought together 3 of my favourite characters, especially Thalia.

I also thought it was the most fun of the stories, even though it seems to be the most serious. Additional content - 3. This part included a few page-long interviews with residents of Camp Half-Blood, as well as Annabeth's bag and a map of Camp Half-Blood. The interviews were cute and short, and I really liked seeing the map of Camp Half-Blood. I never thought about the layout when I was reading Percy Jackson years ago, so it was nice to see.

I don't think this is an essential read by any means, it's more of just a fun little book you can read if you miss the Percy Jackson universe. I am a little sad that my computer decided to delete my review.

So this will be an abbreviated version of my original review I bought this book for myself and myself only, with 0 regrets! Pretty frigging cool! An adventure with all three kids from the mighty Three: My magical, point form review of this wicked book. If you are a fan of Percy Jackson don't miss out on this. You will guarantee to have a blast reading it. Jan 09, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Actual rating: I really enjoyed it: Lemme just tell you: Ah, nostalgia This novella takes place between the fourth and fifth book of the original PJO series and tells three short stories surrounding Percy and his friends.

Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot I'm going to give this story 3 stars, it was fun, but the plot didn't really interest me. Stol Actual rating: Stolen chariot? I feel like we've seen that before The publishing dates confuse me okay!

I'm not really a big fan of Clarisse who accompanies Percy on that quest either, so yeah Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon I'm gonna give this one a solid four stars.

I really liked it and I also found the plot to be more intriguing than in the first story I loved that we got to see a little more of Beckendorf! Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades Loved. I love Lieutnant Thalia and you guys know I'm the biggest Nico girl! So happy to get another glimpse at these two. I also liked the story a lot in this one.

Especially one side plot concerning a adorably cute titan whoever read House of Hades knows who I'm talking about. That's -- nothing I just must've caught something in my eye or something.

So, in a nutshell: A must read for every PJO fan, I really enjoyed it.