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To overlay that with a doomed romance between a handsome priest and a prepubescent girl is heady stuff, then further layered with themes of the demonic and the insane, and yet it simply failed to enliven my senses. Maybe p It seems this is one you either love or are indifferent to. Maybe presenting such powerful melodrama in such a bland and tame manner is the book's triumph but it left me wanting to feel more, especially of the priest's multifarious challenges. It's a gentle, passive work, with a dangerous, explosive plot which completely fails to ignite.

It may well be lost in translation but even if the author craftily intends for the reader to feel disturbed almost subliminally by the extreme physcology at work, then he doesn't do enough to provoke a reaction from this reader.

I have seen this book given as a gift to represent an improbable, impossible love, so I hope the giver and receiver are on the same wavelength as I remember the book more for its interesting story and scenes than for any emotions aroused or intellectual confrontation. View all 8 comments.

I recently watched the movie version of this book, and I did not love it, mostly because I only understand the most rudimentary of Spanish and the movie's English subtitles were horrible. Regardless, I still bawled like a baby, because Of Love and Other Demons is one of the most, if not the most, tragic story I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Of Love and Other Demons is the story of a pre-teen girl Sierva Maria, her affliction which is mistaken as demon possession and her days with Father Ca I recently watched the movie version of this book, and I did not love it, mostly because I only understand the most rudimentary of Spanish and the movie's English subtitles were horrible.

Of Love and Other Demons is the story of a pre-teen girl Sierva Maria, her affliction which is mistaken as demon possession and her days with Father Cayetano Delaura. It is, at its core, a love story. I'll end it there as I don't want any spoilers in this review, because too many people haven't read this gem.

As is common in a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel, Of Love and other Demons is atmospheric it truly gave me the feel of the humid seaport town, the sweltering jungle and the musty confines of an 18th century convent, and like any GGM novel, the writing is almost lyrical and unhurried.

I really mean it when I say unhurried, what with his one sentence paragraphs and one page paragraphs, with minimal dialogue. Lastly, like any GGM, it has magic realism. Combine all of these and the unique premise, we have the last Gabriel Garcia Marquez masterpiece.

View all 5 comments. This was only a very short book but every sentence was really beautiful and I just took my time to savour every word. I'm not sure what magical realism is but it this is magical realism then I love it!!!! Not only did Marques write amazing prose but he was also a great storyteller. Have read a good few of his books but now must read them all! View all 30 comments. My favorite Gabo book so far and Ive read more than one or two.

I was just going to leave it at that, but since I just finished it, I may as well write down why it merits space on my favoritesshelf while I still have the taste of black beans and rice in my mouth and the smell of the ocean in my hair Her assimilation to the Other, especially a subjugated Other, is what sets the ball in motion for the novel, the excuse needed for her exorcism. The reader is never allowed a free and complete pass into her head. There are indeed moments see my updates when the reader will feel the chill that her mother feels when she turns around and finds the child staring at her silently.

When she awakens to a touch, and sees her at the foot of the bed. The newspaper story that Gabo was covering as retold in the prologue was interesting, bordering on Gothic, even more so as it provides insight into where Gabo pulls his stories from.

Oh, for the days when the opening of a crypt was the biggest news covered in a Colombian newspaper! Anyway, this richness of the images, what this book made me feel, is the reason why it will go on my list of favorites and be my favorite Gabo book, at least for now. I'm removing half a star. On this reading, I felt the ending was too abrupt. With an abundance of detail in the rest of the novel, wrapping up two lives previously entwined in three or four pages just doesn't work for me.

As a friend said, "Well, I already know what the ending will be from the prologue. It will still be my favorite Gabo book. View all 13 comments. May 12, K. Marquez begins his story with a note. In this note, he describes arriving at a convent in the process of being emptied and turned into a luxury hotel. Laborers unearthed "three generations of bishops and abbesses and other eminent personages" until, at last, they came to a niche of the high altar where they found the tomb of a twelve-year old girl called Sierva Maria de Todos Los Angeles.

She had hair the color of copper and it flowed out of her head twenty-two metres long. And so a story is bor Marquez begins his story with a note. And so a story is born. Marquez imagines a life for a two hundred year old corpse.

He replenishes her flesh and restores her bones and puts her through a time that can only be received with a heavy heart: Sierva Maria is born and neglected, then bitten by a dog, thought to have caught rabies, put through tumultuous medical examinations which include drinking her own urine , then thought to be possessed, locked up in a convent presided over by a stern and irrational abbess, is then introduced to a priest, falls in love, and Love, here, is equated to illness Marquez is an author of magic realism and the lines between the realms are effectively fogged.

The complexities of this question is impressively elicited in readers. Church and science are reflected in two astute and interesting characters. But that is not truly the epitome of this story.

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For it is about love and the turmoil of it that surrounds these characters. Sierva Maria is a young girl born to the Marquis. She is dismissed as a baby and left to fend for herself. It is a slave, the housekeeper of slaves, named Dominga de Adviento who takes the child into her care. Waking, sleeping and everything in between, Sierva does with the slaves; she learns their languages, their dance, their songs and traditions, rituals and beliefs.

She is a feral child who slits the throats of goats and eats their organs. And it is the cruelest of actions to take her away from it all, only to be abused, misunderstood, rejected, and perceived as a demonic being. But she is a child, with an altered imagination because she was not raised with her people. She does not conform to general etiquette, she does not act, think, or speak like her color.

She is different because she was orphaned by her living parents. And when one of them decides to extend his heart, it is much too late. Sierva represents the abandoned in all of us; the part left alone for so long it's forgotten to wish. She has no concept of love or truth, and when she finally does receive it, it is from a source forbidden with no future.

Perhaps, however, the storyline I found most gripping, with an almost all-consuming fear, was that of the Marquis. He grows up just as discarded as Sierva, with the exception that he had social, familial, and political obligations to fulfill.

Having grown up in disappointment and inadequacy, he is turned numb by the sudden loss of his wife; numb just as he was learning to feel. He becomes a widower and this defines him for much too long of his life. He grows complacent, laxed and forgets to live.

He lets life and its glory slip through his fingers without a single taste. Near the end, when he searches for his estranged second wife, if only "so they might at least each have someone to die with" -- the absolute desperation and loneliness of the image and the words and the intent and the deeply-rooted truth behind it was enough to make my heart constrict in sympathy, empathy, and panic.

It made me hesitate in turning the page, made my eyes linger on the period, wanting but scared to read the coming passage. Would this bend my heart anymore than it already has? I was in a battle There is a light that never goes out. I told him about the helplessness of people in India Sometimes their senses are so raped by the 'Disbelief is more resistant than faith because it is sustained by the senses. Sometimes their senses are so raped by the misery or misshaping around them that they loss touch with realities and go into the pangs of blind-faith and people under such circumstances are ready to do anything that they were told The overall gist was people can do anything when they situations are very unforgiving and unfavorable My room-mate handed me a para from this book and he requested me to read the para: He was, in reality referring to the poor Christians of every color, in the slums and in the countryside, who had the courage to poison the food of their rabid kin in order to spare them ghastly death the book is on backdrop of endemic of rabbis so people are killing the victim so that this contagious disease would not spread further And I shut my mouth after reading this.

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