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ON FORCE) BY AMBUSH ALLEY GAMES PDF well as downloading and install guide entitle Cold War Gone Hot: World War III (Force. The United States and the Origins of the Cold War, – .. hot war nor a cold war.7 Whether he would be skillful enough to avoid these alternatives, however, .. Churchill had gone along with this in by accepting the Atlantic. Cold War Gone Hot, the latest companion volume for Force on Force, looks at the year history of the Cold War and asks: "what if?" With the orders of battle.

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Force on Force - Cold War Gone Hot - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The 1st official supplement for Force on Force, the. Cold War Gone Hot, the fourth Companion Book for Force on Force, looks at the year history of the Cold War and asks: "what if?" With the orders of battle. Cold War Gone Hot, the latest companion volume for Force on Force, looks at the year history of the Cold War and asks: "what if?” With the.

The civilians will i. There was a grim protection against shrapnel or light, low velocity rounds, but offered very little protection from rifle rounds. Each Humvee may carry up to five passengers 84 Osprey Publishing www. Light Machine Gun AK A spotter for artillery fires SAW: AFM Vol. Soviet Motor Rifleman.

Biographical Note. Publishers of the best-selling Ambush Alley rules for modern counterinsurgency warfare. Johnny Shumate works as a freelance illustrator living in Nashville, Tennessee. He began his career in after graduating from Austin Peay State University. Most of his work is rendered in Adobe Photoshop using a Cintiq monitor.

His interests include karate, running, Bible reading, history, and making English longbows. You may also be interested in the following product s. By the mids, the vague principles of Socialist Realism had been enforced in all areas of creative activity. In architecture, it meant that each building or planning solution had to convey a correct political message. In , Nikolaj Miljutin, the author of the Linear City concept and a former collaborator of constructivist Moisej Ginzburg, was already warning architects of Architecture of Great Expositions — The chaotic, luid, destructive and highly creative period was over.

A diferent climate had taken over the country. In practical terms, the new slogan would lead to purges and show trials. The oicial reason for constructing the subway was solving transportation problems. The other, a secret one, was creating a mass bomb shelter.

One of the most obvious and immediate threats was the German rearmament. On June 26 , a day after the closing of the First Congress of Soviet Architects in Moscow, a select group of Soviet architects was invited to a top- secret meeting with a high-ranking military engineer Utkin from the Air Defense headquarters.

In addition to published articles, laws and decrees, there existed an invisible network of distributing comments to published texts instructing the party members to interpret these texts properly. The gap between what the oicial texts seemed to be saying and how they were supposed to be understood was widening. Marxism remained the oicial ideology both externally and internally but internally Marxist way of thinking was consistently attacked.

Behind all political chatter, the process of restoration of symbols and attributes of the Russian empire was going slowly but steadily. Homosexuality, abortions and pornography were Architecture of Great Expositions — Consequently, a new set of topics appeared in governmental decrees.

Hot pdf war gone cold

Stalin went further by replacing suppression with liquidation. The program for the exhibition kept evolving following the changing political landscape. In addition to the abundance of food, it also had to show military might of the USSR.

Architecture of Great Expositions — However, construction works in Moscow were proceeding slowly. The opening date had to be moved to August 1, The new date also turned out unrealistic, mostly because of the Great Purge. The very first version looked like a cross between signed, Architecton-like shapes were repeated Fig. The idea of creating non-canonical images of hammer and sickle usually ended badly in those days: The ornamental relief on arches was based on the drawings of the architect himself, but for thematic reliefs, Poljakov invited Architecture of Great Expositions — Tracing paper, color pencils, charcoal, signed, The idea of a triumphal arch reached its climax when the exhibition opened in Fig.

The whole structure appeared pinned down by a heavy entablature, with yet another couple of Worker and Collective Farm Woman—this time with a sheaf. The original day term was changed to ive years and later extended indeinitely. Other pavilions were preserved but remodeled to make 4.

At VSXV, the main emphasis was, if not on things, still on products related to agriculture—pumpkins, pigs, ploughs. Externally, in Paris, the emphasis was on an idea. Only in the late s after beating the US in space exploration, the USSR would feel conident enough to challenge the West in a competition for things.

Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, 11, Stalinism seemed to be over. On July 10, Pravda announced that the all-powerful head of the secret police Lavrentij Berija was arrested. On December 23, he was executed. The US has initiative on the first 2 turns.

From the Turn 3 onward, roll for initiative each turn Fog of War: In order to Elements of the 1st Battalion, th Parachute Infantry regain the strategic initiative, must attack, seize, and hold the Raszyn radio NATO Command decides to transmission facility. They must prevent any Polish or launch a large airborne operation Soviet platoon from re-taking the radio station.

They against Poland. It is hoped that this must also attempt to avoid civilian casualties in fact, will draw Poland away from its they may try to turn any civilians they encounter into alliance with the Soviets.

Perhaps friendly partisans. As part of this operation, elements of the US Armys 1st Battalion, th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division have landed near the long-range radio transmitter at Raszyn. Radio Broadcast Building 3. D10 1 x Dragon Team Confidence Level: If the partisans: Polish and possibly Soviet Prior to the beginning of the game, the Polish may deploy reinforcements have been ordered in to assist.

The radio the 2 squads anywhere in the red box labeled Polish station and transmitter must not be allowed to fall into Set-up Area. The squads can be divided into two the hands of the Americans. When a unit appears, simply roll a D6, and they appear at the appropriate numbered point. On a 6, the owning player may choose at which point the unit arrives. Civilians Three civilian mobs should be placed on the board one in or near each building.

The Partisans rule in this book applies to this scenario. The US platoon leader may attempt to direct them to safety or convert them into friendly partisans. To replicate the questionable loyalties of the Polish Army Special Rules toward the Soviets, at the beginning of each turn, all Terrain Polish Units must roll a special morale check.

The other two buildings are classed as against their Polish brothers and the Soviets. If a unit average 6D8. The transmission tower B is a tall makes a Morale Check in which no successes are rolled, tower, and cannot be damaged in the course of the game. No reinforcements. Polish squad organized as above. Polish TA important crossroads. The Poles and the Soviets now want it back.

Soviet TA Duration of Game: From Turn 4 onward, roll for initiative each turn. Unit Entry Points Fog of War: Special Assets: D8 Warsaw by holding the buildings that overlook it. They Confidence Level: Confident must prevent any Polish or Soviet units from taking it. Normal They must also attempt to avoid civilian casualties, but Body Armor: Platoon HQ AP: These units may be deployed as whole squads, or may be 2 x Squads, each of: These units set up Fireteam anywhere in the US set-up zone.

Polish units may set up in any building in the village, including the outbuilding near the southern wood line. Polish and Soviet units have been ordered to retake the village and its important crossroads.

Cold War Gone Hot - Osprey Publishing

D8 in or near each building. The Partisans rule in this book Confidence Level: Confident applies to this scenario.

The US platoon leader may Supply Level: Normal attempt to direct them to safety or convert them into Body Armor: If they fail, 3 x Squads, each of: The tank Romanian Mountain appears at point 1 Infantryman. Unit Entry Points Soviets want to destroy the units from the 82nd. The Soviets and their Polish Allies have seized until they are relieved.

They must also attempt to initiative on Turn 1. From Turn 2 onward, roll for avoid civilian casualties. D8 Understrength and depleted from losses made on the Confidence Level: Normal to attempt to relieve the beleaguered Airborne troops. Roll a d6 for location. It arrives as follows: If the test fails, the unit is out of LAWs. A Centurion Mk. Soviet Rifle squad organized paratroopers. They are Wounded: D8 point.

A 6 is players choice.


Confidence Level: Normal Terrain Body Armor: The Partisans rule in this book Afghanistan, applies to this scenario. The US platoon leader may If the Cold War broke out in the mids, more than attempt to direct them to safety or convert them into likely the Soviets would have been still engaged in friendly partisans. This To replicate the questionable loyalties of the Polish Army scenario supposes that the US decided to take a more toward the Soviets, at the beginning of each turn, all direct role in Afghanistan and features a Soviet Polish Units must roll a special morale check.

If a unit Special Forces. Average Support Team Table Size: The villages of Gharband and Bamian are in 2nd Platoon the way. Destroy any insurgents encountered, secure 3 x Squads, each of: Gharband and push on toward Bamian. Low Unit 5 Body Armor: Special Rules AP: For the purposes. The actual strike is conducted by West Germany, a fixed wing aircraft which may conduct a Strafing Run The long feared Soviet invasion of West Germany has only.

The number of air strikes is limited to three for the taken places in the spring of Failures to call in air strikes or aborts do forces have made great progress and NATO has been not count against this total. As part of that counter-thrust, air in a variety of previously anticipated missions.

The CP is they can striking at their leadership. Attack the Command Duration of Game: The SAS have the initiative for the first 2 antennae farm, before leaving as quickly as possible and turns.

From Turn 3 onward, roll for initiative each turn. Determined normally by Reaction Test rolls Special Assets: MTLB Destroyed: Air Defence Vehicle Confidence Level: Antennae Farm Body Armor: SAS troops have night vision equipment and are Stealthy.

At this point in mine, fighting knife and demolition material. Protect the Divisional Mountain Troop will undertake the assault phase of the Forward HQ, allowing the Command staff to carry out mission. They are organized as follows: Mobility Troop will provide security for the hidden Once unpinned, they can vehicles, interdiction of enemy assets along the escape spend a turn stationary to arm route and Indirect Fire Support 81mm Mortar with HE and Smoke.

They are not placed on the table. Soviet Motor Rifleman. Soviet Air Defence Vehicle. They are Pinned. He is Pinned. One team may be in a BMP and Pinned. Escaping General Officers General Officers must remain in their starting positions until either troops from their Force Protection unit or other armed reinforcements arrive to escort them off the board in armored vehicles.

For the General Officers to escape, the armored vehicle carrying them must exit any board edge, not interdicted by the SAS Mobility Troop using the normal vehicle rules. Reinforcements enter the table randomly. Roll 1d6. On a roll Special Rules of 14 they enter the edge indicated on Crewing Vehicles the map. The next turn the vehicle must remain in place as will arrive at the beginning of it powers up. Vehicles cannot move or fire major weapon the next turn regardless of systems while powering up, but they can fire their MGs.

Once powered up, the vehicle may function as normal. Repeat the process outlined above the Night Fighting next turn. This mission takes place at night and uses the Night Fighting rules. Roll a D6, and consult the chart below: Mechanized Rifle Squad consisting of: Rifle and does not make it into the battle. Rifle Team 2 x 7D6. Schoolhouse provides cover and counts as Average Woods. Whether it was the Twilight: It is an buildup of forces in Europe; the proxy confrontations exercise in time travel and speculation.

Somewhere near Madison, Occupied Wisconsin, Its hardly surprising that, at the time, it dominated Following the combined SinoSoviet invasion of the the entertainment industry, and continues to influence United States, small cells of resistance remained active todays movies. Their goals were varied. Still others simply nuclear fears; other films, such as On the Beach, invented wanted to steal enough a new category of storytelling: This is the story apocalypse.

Czechoslovak Border In fact, the Cold War also accounted for a Guard considerable amount of ink in the wargaming world during the s and 80s. It is quite interesting to go. Restaurant Gas Station. Scenario Information Soviet mission Duration of Game: Soviets for the entire scenario Toward that end, they must control sources of supplies Special Conditions: Snow; see special scenario rules for the insurgents, especially the settlements gas station Fog of War: Generated as normal by Reaction Tests and two restaurants.

Confident in good order Supply Level: Normal Unit 1 Body Armor: Snow using captured US uniforms and equipment to take over Badger infantry are unaffected by the snow. Soviet the base. This scenario depicts an unfortunate blue-on- infantry are reduced to Cautious movement only. To do so requires breaching the perimeter and in the US, getting to the command center. Hostilities in Europe have bogged down into a brutal slugfest with no clear National Guard Victory Points victor in sight.

Not everyone is possession of the Command Center at the end of in agreement with this decision. D8 against the Soviet Union. Normal is taking no Body Armor: High Supply Level: Air Base Patrol Teams 2 x Patrols, each of: Failure means they are still cutting.

Germany, the United States has activated several covert An M may attempt to run over the security fence by operations teams to bring the war to the enemys passing a TQ check. While the vehicle is actually moving homelands. A crack US team of special operatives, led at Tactical speed, it is considered to be moving at Rapid by Lt.

Hank Cobra Pigskin, is inserted by glider into speed for this purpose. Success indicates a vehicle-sized Leningrad to disrupt Soviet logistics and draw troops breach. Failure indicates the vehicle is immobilized until away from the main front.

This scenario represents the it can pass a TQ check the following turn. The gate itself action where Lt. Pigskin won the first of his two cannot be breached by the forces at hand. Congressional Medals of Honor. Determined normally by Reaction Test rolls the base to surrender. Soviet mission The Soviet player must hunt down and neutralize the US Special Forces as quickly as possible to avoid the Private, Bulgarian destruction of infrastructure and civilian unrest.

Motor Rifles. DPolice i t Station. Soviet Victory Points Confidence Level: Not applicable for scenario. The teams have orders to blow up as many targets as possible, then exfiltrate to the coast Objective B Garrison Radio station for submarine extract.

High 1 x PKM Med. The figure setting the charge cannot perform any other actions. See Force on Force main rules Team 3 pp. More than AP: Charges are detonated 1 x Asst. Roll 1D6; reinforcements arrive on a roll of 4 or better. Reinforcements arrive at any road along the southern board edge. Roll 1D6 on the following chart to indicate what forces arrive:. Normal maintained a visible, tangible surface presence throughout Body Armor: None the Cold War.

Soviet Shore Party Occasionally, these mock skirmishes could result in Enter on Turn 1 from east map edge mishap. Soviets for Turn 1; roll Initiative on subsequent turns. Team Three Fog of War: Suspended for this scenario. All buildings are average buildings 6D8. Rockport mission Table Size: Hot Spots indicating that a Russian submarine may be in the vicinity and to be on the lookout for it. Soviet mission The Soviet player must get to the car parts store and make Rockport Victory Points off with enough car batteries to repower the submarine.

Murphys Murphy u s Bar a. Soviet Entry Edge 3. Rockport Forces Local law Body Armor: Confident 1 x Squad Car civilian softskin Supply Level: No forces are main rules p. All areas within the US Naval Station are acquiring car batteries, a Soviet team must move into the normal terrain. Areas outside the perimeter are Auto Parts store and exit again.

Once the store has been considered rough terrain and all movement is entered, that particular team is restricted to Patrol restricted to patrol movement movement 6 while carrying the car batteries. The Table Size: Cuban Infantry Platoon 1 dismounted 3 x Squads, each of: High Special Rules Body Armor: If they roll a 4 or Elements of the USMC Security Force set up south of higher, roll another D6 for reinforcements on the fence perimeter in prepared positions following chart: Three days previously, contact with the weather Cuban Sappers monitoring facility Ice Station Dolphin was Prior to the attack, Cuban engineers have managed abruptly lost.

Subsequent air reconnaissance of the area to clear two paths through the fences and minefield. The facility which monitors Cuban player places two markers on the table weather patterns across Europe is vital for NATOs perpendicular to the fence line 2 wide through the war effort. The station must either be re-captured minefield.

Units moving on these paths are not or destroyed. To make matters worse, one of the civilian personnel located at the facility is none other than the US Presidents Breaching the Fence niece. So far no word has come from the Soviets that she The security fence may be has been captured so it is likely they are unaware of her breached by Cuban units who family connections. An elite force of British and US spend an entire turn Special Forces has been dispatched to the area to either cutting the wire retake the facility or destroy its key buildings.

They must and pass a TQ also rescue all civilians still held there. Scenario Information Success means a breach Duration of Game: NATO on Turn 1, roll for initiative on for personnel is created.

Determined normally by Reaction Test rolls run over the security fence Special Conditions: See Below Success indicates a breach Table Size: Soviet mission Soviet VDV are currently holding the research facility.

It Hungarian Motor is unlikely that the enemy will attack so the troops are Rifleman fairly relaxed despite the bitter conditions. De lt aD ep loy A. Dee ow. Cov SAS.

Ridg loym. D8 1 x Two man crew Building 2 Confidence Level: D10 Med. Once dismounted, Snow-Trac has no Med. Each Humvee may carry up to five passengers. If one remains up at the end of the turn, he raises the alarm. Sentries move along the patrol route at cautious Team Yankee Sniper Team Weapons Team speed each turn until the alarm is raised.

Areas marked as Deep Snow may only be moved When the alarm is through at Cautious speed on foot and only by specialist raised they race to snow vehicles. Soviet BMD-1s may not exit the facility their vehicle. Once compound for fear of sinking into the snow.

Force on Force - Cold War Gone Hot

The wire fence in order to surrounding the compound is breached in several start the locations from the VDV attack. Entry may only be made via the two entrances or the breaches. Alternatively either of the Snow-Trac vehicles may crush a section of fencing. Inside the compound should be a variety of crates, oil drums and various supplies giving plenty of cover to defenders. Sentries Only Soviet sentries are moving in the area.

The rest of Sergeant, the Soviet forces, including the vehicle crews, are asleep Company G Ranger , in the buildings. The sentries follow the route indicated rd on the map.

Cold War Gone Hot

If one of the crew is killed or suffers a serious Demolition Charges wound, he may not be used to crew the vehicle. In this The NATO force has four demolition charges that may case the single crewman may elect to use either the be assigned to whichever units the player wishes.

A unit drivers or gunners position. The timed charge explodes at the force all Soviet first aid rolls to be made at -1 to the die end of the game so all buildings with a charge set at the roll to reflect the superior training and marksmanship end of the game count as destroyed for victory purposes.

Civilians All civilian personnel 4 in total are held Snow-Trac in building 1. They use off the table to a vehicle at the following stats; cautious speed and count as Vehicle Class: Light Dependents. Alternatively if Front Armor: It is not uncommon for commanders to beef up a fireteam with extra men or assets or reduce a squad or fireteam by a third or more if lacking in manpower.

In short, unit organizations are as fluid as the This force list and the battlefields they fight on. Dont get too caught up in organization descriptions it includes are not exhaustive.


If you dont have an They are tailored to reflect the assets and manpower that organization chart for the Third Royal Etruscan would be applied to a typical Force on Force mission, so Grenadiers, exercise a little common sense chances are they cut off at the Platoon or equivalent level. These changes make research both Cold War Gone Hot. While we strive to offer the correct organizations for the period, players may well find things that vary from their own research or experience.

If you do, please drop by the Ambush Alley Games forum and share your knowledge with the rest of the community. D8 to D10 Confidence Level: Confident to High Supply Level: The Gruppenfhrer Squad Leader , Driver and commanding the vehicle Gunner man the Marder or M unless damage or other effects forces them to leave their vehicle. They act as a separate Weapon Team in such an instance. A squad might also be equipped with Handflammpatronen one-shot, disposable flamethrowers.

Handflammpatronen have a firepower attack of AP: They are Intimidating Weapons. Earlier organizations featured the C1 Marders and two Panzerkompanien 13 Leopards each. D8 to D10 1 x Asst. Normal to Abundant Body Armor: Normal Infantry Section Body Armor: Gunner w. Confident to High 3 x Riflemen w. The vehicle Drivers and Commanders Mechanized Infantry are part of the squads but do not Platoon dismount.

Interior Defense forces. Sergeant, Norwegian Infantry. General field support came from mm M and mm Mechanized Infantry Company M and towed guns.

Hot cold pdf gone war

YP with. D8 to D10 reserve formations Confidence Level: Confident to High or Supply Level: Normal 4 x Leopard 2 from Body Armor: D8 to D12 Confidence Level: Typical Unit Attributes: The M16A1 was the standard infantry weapon in the US in the late s was not fitted to all weapons until the Army until , mids.

Ranger and Special Forces units had access to when the M16A2 other types of individual weapons, including submachine began to appear.

Pdf gone hot cold war

The M72A3 into the s at various recoilless rocket launcher was adopted in to replace levels, however. It too did not see issue to most units until well after introduced in , in that point.

The M47 Dragon soldiered on well into the a configuration visibly s, as did the M60 machine gun. Weapons specified different from its are representative, but can be substituted for other systems current guise. It within the appropriate time frames.

This reduces the dismounted fireteams to one Rifle Squad Rifleman each and a total of four Fireteam members. If mounted, the automatic rifleman reverts to his M SAW when the squad dismounts. The dismounted organization also has a five man machine gun section, with a section leader, two machine gunners with M60s Med.

When deployed, one scout can be equipped with the M For convenience sake, and in 1 x Platoon Headquarters Administrative only not adherence with the flavor of the period, this type encountered in play of weapon is referred to throughout these rules 6 x Surveillance Team as a CAR Intelligence Battalion in each Division. Confident to High 1 x Asst. Operations and Intelligence Sergeant Supply Level: They are often equipped with mission specific gear, such as CARs, and are trained to use Warsaw Pact weapons, which they may utilize if the mission requires or their own weapons are inoperable or depleted.