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For the purposes of this disclaimer ABN AMRO. Group N.V. and its consolidated subsidiaries are referred to as "ABN AMRO“. This document . Banco ABN AMRO S.A.. Financial Results. June ​ (PDF KB). Banco ABN AMRO S.A.. Risk Management Reports. 1st Quarter ​ (PDF KB). through its wholly-owned subsidiary ABN AMRO Bank N.V. or this company's .. / 0/f46e57d1c4fcffeb/$FILE/MOOS%20Newsletter%pdf.

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Conditions and Definitions a. The General Conditions ABN AMRO Bank N.V. apply to the relationship between you and the bank. Is there something on the. The first-quarter results are good, with net profit coming to EUR million. We have been able to offset the low and negative interest rate. ABN AMRO Sustainability highlights. 2. 3. OUR REPORTS. We communicate about our sustainability performance through several channels, targeting.

The companies excluded are listed in the profiles of the financial institutions as a resource. About PAX PAX works together with committed citizens and partners to protect civilians against acts of war, to end armed violence, and to build a just peace. This closed its doors in The archives of the following predecessors have already been deposited elsewhere:. Exclude all nuclear weapon associated companies. Pierson Heldring Pierson Besides a banker, Jan Lodewijk Pierson was also an author and the founder of the Allard Pierson archaeological museum in Amsterdam, named after his father. He played an important part in rebuilding the Netherlands after as the Minister of Economic Affairs.

ABN Amro was also found to have several below the threshold investments in nuclear weapon producing companies identified by this report.

Annual reports

We commend ABN Amro for adopting a public policy on nuclear weapons. As the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons categorically prohibits all nuclear weapons- regardless of country of origin, we recommend ABN Amro extend its policy to include companies producing nuclear weapons in France, UK and US.

In addition, ABN Amro should apply its policy to cover all financial products the bank offers, including passively managed funds. We look forward to engaging with ABN Amro, so a strong and comprehensively applied policy may be listed in the Hall of Fame in a future update of this report.

Amro pdf en abn

Policies are analysed to assess whether they: Exclude all nuclear weapon associated companies. Policies that meet all of the above criteria also undergo an implementation check to make sure there are no financial relationships whatsoever with any of the identified nuclear weapon producers.

To identify financial institutions with a policy on nuclear weapons, we research a variety of sources: NGO reports, screening-agency information, financial institution reports and websites, information from campaigners and other public sources.

For practical reasons, the scope of this report is limited to those financial institutions that have an investment policy or a summary of that policy in English.

The list of institutions in the Hall of Fame is not exhaustive. We welcome additions from those able to provide them. In advance of this report, all financial institutions not previously reported on were asked to fill in a standardised questionnaire with detailed questions on the scope and content of their policies.

Financial institutions that did not respond are not included. The companies excluded are listed in the profiles of the financial institutions as a resource.

Pdf en amro abn

Permission is granted for non-commercial reproduction, copying, distribution, and transmission of this publication or parts thereof so long as full credit is given to the coordinating project organization PAX , editor Snyder , and relevant authors Beenes Snyder ; the text is not altered, transformed, or built upon; and for any reuse or distribution, these terms are made clear to others.

In , he made the switch to banking and from to he was on the Board of Amsterdamsche Bank and Amro. Amro Bank relocated from the city centre to its new head office in southeast Amsterdam in The head office of Amsterdamsche Bank was built from under supervision of Hendrik Berlage.

Amsterdamsche Bank acquired Incasso-Bank in , vastly expanding its network in the Netherlands.

In later years the office was located at Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. As everyone knew that the bank resided at this address, a sign with the name of the company was considered unnecessary.

For a long time the trading and plantation business in the Dutch East Indies was more important to Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij than its Dutch activities. From the East Indies branches turned to banking, followed around by its Dutch branches.

Don't Bank on the Bomb | ABN Amro

As a historic curiosity, the Shanghai agency issued its own dollar bills from to After nationalization of its plantation business in , NHM became a full-fledged bank. Nederlandse Overzee Bank was established in by a merger between the Netherlands Bank of South Africa and the Amsterdam Commodities Bank Amsterdamsche Goederenbank , both of which were established in The flag in the logo underscored the connection between the activities of these banks and the overseas trade in the time of the Dutch Republic.

Besides a banker, Jan Lodewijk Pierson was also an author and the founder of the Allard Pierson archaeological museum in Amsterdam, named after his father. As a sign of appreciation, a station on the Canadian Pacific Railway was named after Pierson.


Marten Mees was a member of the firm R. The head office of Rotterdamsche Bankvereeniging, later Rotterdamsche Bank, was housed at Coolsingel in Rotterdam. This closed its doors in With this forerunner of online banking, consumers conducted their banking business by telephone.

Willem Blijdenstein was the driving force behind Twentsche Bank, which had its head office at Spuistraat in Amsterdam and originally conducted banking business for the textile industry in the Dutch province of Twente.