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You'll find all animals & nature emojis in WhatsApp and Facebook as well as a. You'll find all eat & drink emojis in WhatsApp and Facebook as well as a. Names and meanings of all the emojis in WhatsApp for iPhone, Web, Android and Windows and new WhatsApp emojis for Android. Browse the list of WhatsApp.

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You'll find all current WhatsApp and Facebook Emojis as well as a description of their meaning. 👍 Have fun with diving into the colorful world of WhatsApp. You'll find all current smileys and people emojis in Whatsapp and Facebook as. You'll find all symbols emojis in WhatsApp and Facebook as well as a.

We are going on holiday: Upside-Down Face Don't take me seriously! Fried Prawn The prawn fritter ebi furai is a popular food in Japan. What is the meaning of emoji smiley with mouth zip? Can also mean: Cats have a reputation for being very choosy and tend to show affection rather reluctantly.

Snow White is poisoned by the queen with a red apple. Is also used in its direct meaning or for a healthy lifestyle. Pear The healthy pear is one of the most popular fruits. The shape of the pear reminds us of the female figure and was the eponym for the pear case.

It is popularly associated with being blessed with children. Tangerine Tangerines sweeten the winter time. The popular citrus fruit has its own holiday on January 4th.

Reminds us of the sun and symbolizes the Chinese New Year as well as abundance and happiness. Banana Someone goes bananas or has a banana problem. For many cultures, the banana is a delicacy and part of a healthy diet. Can also be a sign for fertility or a phallic symbol. Watermelon The juicy fruit stands for hot summer days, stone spitting contests, healthy eating and holidays. The emoticon of the watermelon promises bliss of love.

Meanings of WhatsApp Symbols, Icons, Emoticons

It is also said to have a positive effect on potency. Grapes The grapes are hanging too high, wishes are unattainable or goals unreachable. The grape is traditionally interpreted as a sign of good health. Christian symbol and raw material for wine.

Strawberry Something or someone is extremely sweet! The strawberry stands for sunny days and summer holidays. Together with champagne, flowers and chocolate symbol of sensuality as well as romance and wonderful hours for a couple. Melon The juicy melon is considered a symbol for eroticism and lucky love. Can also be interpreted as a bad omen. Cherries She is always cherry-picking. You are the cherry on the cake! The summer fruit can also stand for love because of the heart shape.

People often see it as a symbol of full lips and the kiss. Cherries are also known as the forbidden fruit. In Japan, they are a symbol for self-discovery. Peach Soft skin, juicy and sweet pulp, aromatic smell: Due to the characteristic shape, the most commonly used emoji for the female butt.

Mango I love Indian food! Ripe fruit of a tropical mango. The exotic fruit is sweet, juicy, delicious and is seen as one of the superfoods. In Indian legends the food of the gods. Pineapple Queen of fruits. Cultivated as a fruit plant in the tropics near the equator. The juicy and sweet pineapple stands for joie de vivre and enjoyment. Avocado Is either hated or loved because of the special taste. You eat healthy or vegan.

Stands for a special lifestyle; super-food is totally hip. Be it diet, vegetarian nutrition or side dish with a steak. With this type of vegetables you eat both stem and leaf.

Can be used for salad, chard, spinach, or Chinese cabbage. Tomato I like BLT sandwiches bacon, lettuce and tomato! Often connected with Italy and Italian cuisine. The tomato is a love symbol. It can be understood as a subtle message of a secret new love. Eggplant The eggplant is associated with the male sex. It is one of the sex symbols. Is hated and loved on Instagram freetheeggplant. Carrot The carrot stands for healthy food. Can also be used in connection with rabbits or vegetarians.

Capricorn As the tenth zodiac sign, the Capricorn lies in the period between 22 December and 20 January. People in this star sign only believe what they can see. Therefore you should not fool a Capricorn! Aquarius The symbol of the star sign Aquarius.

People born between the 21st of January and the 19th of February are inventive contemporaries, open to new ideas and they love the variety. Used in schools in Japan as a stamp for very good achievements. The player wins the game who first has all the stones with figures and a pair. The red dragon is one of these figures.

Acceptable That's OK for me! Roughly means: Vibration Mode Emoji shows a smartphone, which is muted and merely vibrates. This could be the request not to disturb, or a demand to respond. Subject To Fees This is not free! Emoji shows a Japanese and Chinese phrase. Without Fees Emoji is known as the symbol for the free broadcasting service in Japan. Stands for an offer without liability to charges.

Opposite emoji: Open We are open! Japanese symbol shows that a business is operable and open, or a service is offered. Application Emoji is used in Japan for the identification marking of requests and forms. In the Chinese zodiac, it can also refer to the monkey. For instance, people are reminded of a monthly due amount with it. Eight-Pointed Star The eight-pointed star is usually utilized as a decorative element. It is meant to express joy, breeziness, and exuberance.

For example, hamburger vs. Bargain You can grab a bargain here! In Japan, the symbol indicates special offers and discounts.

List whatsapp pdf meaning smiley

Secret Keep this for you! In Japan and China, the symbol is used to point to a secret. Congratulations I wish you luck! Sign for best wishes and blessings. Also used on national holidays. Passed This is an agreement! This Japanese emoji can stand for a union, such as in a partnership. It can also hint at a meeting. The symbol is also used when an exam or a test has been passed. Full A Japanese character in white with a red background. It stands for full absorption capability and capacity.

In the event of discount campaigns, it is hanged in front of the shop door, so that the customer can spot the opportunity. Prohibition Caution, prohibited! This Japanese symbol indicates a prohibition or restriction. A certain action or behavior is not desired.

Can also be a sign of multiplication or kissing. At the children's festival two large carps are suspended for the parents and small ones for the children.

No Entry So far and no further! Is also used if your chat partner is angry.

Meaning pdf list smiley whatsapp

Name Badge Name badge emoji is used for identification, e. The tulip-shaped design is typical of Japanese kindergartens.

Pdf meaning whatsapp smiley list

No Admittance So far and no further! The admittance to buildings or rooms is prohibited. Similar to a prohibition sign, e. The chat partner is very angry. Emoticon is a warning sign: Beware, you have gone too far. Hot Springs A hot thermal spring with rising steam. Symbol on Japanese cards. I want to relax with you, or let's go swimming! Question Mark Ornament I beg your pardon?

A bright-red question mark, which underlines the high importance of the question asked.

❤ Symbols Emojis in WhatsApp and their meaning - List

Chat partner expects an immediate response. White Question Mark A question must be answered! The more question marks, the more urgent. However, the white question mark is less punchy than the red question mark.

Exclamation Mark Thick red symbol for an exclamation mark. Is used to express a concern or to yell a desire for something. White Exclamation Mark The white exclamation mark shall draw attention to something.

Due to the light color, it is less dramatic than the red exclamation mark. Double Exclamation Mark The signal color red and the double number of exclamation marks clarify the meaning of a statement. May also emphasize the urgency. You attach particular importance to what has been said or you are shocked by a message. Hundred Points Symbol Number in red, double underlined. Can mean: I'm proud, everything is perfect. I got full score in the exam. Trident Emblem The trident is used for attack, defense or as a hunting weapon.

Often seen in the hands of statues of gods. Can be a warning sign. Fleur-De-Lis Stylized blossom of the iris, usually in the colors gold or yellow, is considered chivalrous.

Symbol from the French coat of arms art heraldry. The decorative symbol can be found in many logos or in the emblem of the world organization of the scout movement. Part Alternation Mark The curved M is a Japanese punctuation mark that indicates the singer's start in a song.

Also used as a symbol for McDonald's. Warning Take this as a warning! The black exclamation mark in the yellow triangle is a universal warning symbol. Is symbolic for potential danger or someone is entering dangerous grounds. Caution Children Sign for motorists to drive with particular care and to watch out for children who might suddenly run onto the road.

Near schools or on the way to school. Recycling Symbol Green recycling symbol consisting of three counterclockwise arrows. Indicates that something can be reused. Can often be found on packages. Stands for a finger or a toe, which is pointing at a certain place or in a direction. Globe With Meridians The planet earth with latitude and longitude meridian. Symbol for internationalization, such as global movements or the worldwide web.

On iOS devices, icon for changing the keyboard language. Translated, it means lovable, sweet, cute, adorable. A lifestyle that puts the childish and cute side in the foreground.

Resembles a flower in its shape. Cyclone Symbol for a cyclone violent hurricane in the tropics. Might mean: Beware, you are in for something.

The spiral shape can also be used in a decorative way. In its original meaning the symbol for dizziness I feel dizzy.

Water Closet I'm going to the toilet! The abbreviation comes from the English water closet. In some countries, this symbol points to the toilet in public buildings. Vacancy There is something still available here. Japanese emoji for vacancy or availability. Among other things, it is used to indicate free parking spaces and hotel rooms. Free Of Charge Emoji indicates a free offer, mostly in connection with a service.

In Japan, it calls attention to e. Baggage Room Sign pointing to luggage lockers where luggage can be safely stored for a fee. Can be found, for example, at airports or at bus stations in Japan. The symbol explains to gentlemen which toilet door is the right one. Men spend more time in the bathroom than women, but they do not go there as often. Ladies' Washroom The female stick figure often points to the ladies' room. It is still a popular mystery why women go to the bathroom together.

Can generally be used as a symbol for the female gender. Caterpillars hatch from an egg, eat their way through all groceries, pupate and become a butterfly. As a larva usually thick and hairy, therefore also used to express aversion: That is disgusting and fulsome! Butterfly Symbol of a positive transformation: You are in love, have butterflies in your stomach.

Summer is here! Sea Shell During vacation, the shell can be found on the beach. If we hold a spiral shell to the ear, we can hear the sound of the sea. Refers to the coast or the ocean. Ox I'm as strong as an ox! Powerful, tame working animal. Represents agriculture and rural areas. We're going to the Oktoberfest! Pig One of the twelve zodiac signs in the Chinese horoscope. Represents pork on menus. Llama We are going to Peru! Llamas live in the South American Andes and belong to the animal family of camels.

Cute facial expression, big eyes and cuddly fur. But beware: If danger threatens, it spits you in the face. Has replaced the unicorn as the new trend animal: Symbol for the cat lover or your own pet. The cat is said to have seven lives. Turkey Happy Thanksgiving! The turkey lives in North and South America. It is a symbol of emotional security and proximity to the earth.

Traditional food on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The turkey is easily irritable and then blurts out angry sounds. Dove Let's get rid of disputes and conflicts! White dove with olive branch in beak.

The dove is a symbol of peace all over the world. Peacock He is flouncing around like a peacock! In order to attract females, the peacock raises its feathers into a fan. Symbol of beauty, wealth and love. Also the epitome of vanity. The tropical bird with the bright colors is able to repeat words and even imitate telephone ringing. Swan From the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan.

The graceful bird with a long neck and brilliant white plumage appears in many myths and fairy tales. The swan commits itself to its partner for life. Symbolizes loyalty and purity. In addition, the bunny is in fourth place of the Chinese zodiac signs and is used to wish a happy New Year. The next year of the bunny is Raccoon There is a raccoon in the attic! Zorro on four paws. The cute, masked small bear with a striking black and white face originally comes from North America.

The loner is nocturnal, color-blind and a good climber. Badger You are smart and quick! The white stripe on its head is characteristic of the badger.

The nocturnal animal spends most of its time in underground caves, which it digs itself. Badgers are brave, live in packs and hibernate in winter.

Symbols emojis with their meaning

Mouse Poor as a church mouse or to play cat and mouse with someone. Can also refer to someone who is small, quiet and unobtrusive. Rat Easily confused with the mouse emoji. The rat is one of the twelve zodiac signs in the Chinese horoscope.

Chipmunk Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Animals and nature emojis with their meaning

The cute animals live in America and in contrast to the squirrel they have stripes. It can store its food in the thick cheeks to feed on it later unhurriedly. Let's go for a walk in the park! Hedgehog Small and cute, but can fight back!

Raises its quills if in danger. I want to coil up like a hedgehog! The hedgehog hibernates and perks up only at dusk. The most famous blue hedgehog from the Sonic video game runs as fast as the sound and collects rings.

Dragon This is terrible or fantastic! As the master of all elements of nature, the dragon is a mythical figure in the Japanese and Chinese traditions. Can also be found in company logos. Christmas Tree Happy and merry holidays! Decorating the tree with balls, tinsel and fairy lights is part of the traditional Christmas season. Represents the holidays and is often used in Christmas greetings.

The imprints can indicate an animal with paws such as dogs, cats, bears, lions, etc. The emoji is mostly used in conversations relating to animals. Evergreen Tree Evergreen coniferous trees do not lose their needles even in winter. In China and Japan bonsai is a form of artistic garden design. Symbol of strength and immortality. Deciduous Tree Represents the forest and nature in general. Can be used for the invitation for a walk. In autumn, the leaves change color before the tree loses its leaves.

Symbol for rebirth and the victory of life over death. Palm Tree Summer, sun, the sea Or something victorious, you win the palm. Seedling I love gardening! Most plants are dibbled in spring. The delicate plant needs to be nourished and cared for. Can symbolize growth or a fresh start.

Herbs Small twig with green leaves. Can represent nature or cooking with natural ingredients and flavors. Herbs are also found in medicines. Shamrock The green plant with the three heart-shaped leaves stands for Ireland and St. Patrick's Day. Symbol for the cross and the Trinity, nature and Ireland. Four Leaf Clover I wish you luck! The four-leaf clover was taken by Eve as a souvenir from paradise. Someone is keeping his fingers crossed for you.

Pine Decoration In Japan, house entrances are embellished with a pine decoration on Shogatsu New Year's Day to thank the gods for their protection. Tanabata Tree Traditional Japanese tanabata tree. It is utilized to attach written wishes to it.

On the day of the festival, two stars meet each other in the sky: Maple Leaf The maple leaf is the emblem of Canada. The autumnal colors of the leaf can also stand for the season and nature.

Ear Of Rice Emoji shows a rice panicle. It stands for solidarity and the commitment to a human being. It also symbolizes wealth, happiness and prosperity. Hibiscus Delicate, fragile beauty. Hibiscus is very colorful and extremely attractive for bees and butterflies. Symbolizes wealth and power in Asian countries. Tulip A tulip is the harbinger of spring. It is often posted as a courtesy. Worldwide, splendid tulip festivals are organized.

Can be understood as the awakening of nature. Rose You have won my heart! The red rose is a sign of love and romance. It is usually sent on Valentine's or Mother's Day. Every rose has its thorn! Withered Flower The flower has withered due to lack of water or sun.

Represents sorrow, disillusionment and hopelessness. Symbolizes the end of a love, faded feelings or the current depressive state of mind. It is meant to express congratulations and acknowledgement. Also used as a symbol of nature. Cherry Blossom The bright pink cherry blossom is deeply rooted in the Japanese tradition Hanami. It stands for beauty and transience. The blooming flower does not show a specific species, but stands for flowers in general, for spring and the awakening of nature.