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Vikramathithan Stories. Publisher: Sura Books; Released: ; Language: Tamil; Format: Paperback; Availability: In Stock. Rs. Qty + -. Buy Now. This book had ten stories about the friendship, eaquality etc. ARAM VALARPPOM VAARUNGKAL. soundofheaven.inforangkan. Chennai: Meena Kopal Pathippagam. Read Vikramathithan Kathaigal book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on Vikramathithan Kathaigal (Tamil) Hardcover –

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VBiklramathithyan kathaigal pages by api Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Download. save. விக்கிரமாதித்தன் வேதாளம் கதைகள். Read more. Collapse. Reviews. Review Policy. total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Hello Jarvis. 13 ஜூலை Vikramathithan Stories Tamil - புகழ் பெற்ற பாரத தேசத்தில் படிக்கப் படிக.

Also we should destroy the churches of the false christian cults. Standard Shipping Time:. We cannot be split anymore interms of caste or religion. You know my mail ID and mobile number. Sura Books. For that purpose they will use all kind of tactics. Religions Stories For Children Rs.

In fact, they are the only community which can help us to overcome the problem.

வேதாளம் சொன்ன கதை: குமரி மாவட்டத்தில் ஒரு பிள்ளையார் கோவில்

Another question is, just by communicating through blogs and mails, how it will serve the purpose? Somebody has to take the cause and do it.

Dear Sri Aravindan, What is the latest situation? I would like to visit the place and sit in fast infront of the Taluk Office.

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We can make it a news by doing so. Please contact Sri Pon. Sri Aravindan, Thanks for the info. You know my mail ID and mobile number. Kindly give some other suitable suggestion as you are the person on the spot.

Sir, I write this copmplete empathy to the troubled indians in KK Dist. I am a christian from KK Dist. I feel ashamed that such an incident has happened in this beautiful district. I have to tell you that my great grand fathers has followed Hinduism with fervour. So the extended family of indians cannot be alienated based on any incidents. Any effort to disturb peace between the communities should not be encouraged. I call upon my christian brothers to have empathy with the 85 villagers and help them build their temple and use this incident to create harmony among indians in KK Dist.

He should also write to his parish requesting the parish to talk to the parish under which that particular village falls and ask the Christians of that village to support the construction of Temple. We worship one true God. We can not allow false gods in our area. The two families are brave. They done correct thing. False gods will run away. Why Dalits worship false gods who make them slaves? Let them worship our Lord God and be free.

So such steps are necessary.

Vikramathithan Stories Tamil Free Download

Well said Daniel, Actually the Tamil language has to be buried too. We should all start speaking in English which is the language of the Lord. False language called tamil that is supposed to have come from the drums of false god of Shiva has to be avoided too. Thangappan is such a name. It should be changed like the names of our brethren fisherman who changed the names completely to the portugese names.

We should destroy all the temples and mosques. Also we should destroy the churches of the false christian cults. Only CSI christian churches are the true churches. If we do not destroy temples and mosques, these people would be killed and their towns would be utterly destroyed by Lord Jesus. So we are helping these people. But he can be tough and unforgiving too.

In vikramaditya pdf stories tamil

If you dont love Him and accept Him as your savior, he will destroy you. Lord Jesus is the loving savior. Please do not follow Christianity. Please follow Glorious Quran. Otherwise you would not be saved during the last judgement day. Jesus would come but would submit to Prophet Mohammad Pbuh and Allah swt. Allah swt did not get any son. Allah told that to Prophet Mohammad pubh. You can check the truth of it in Quran. Dear friends when u use words use proper words.

Jesus is loving god so that he given his life in the cross for the sinners like us.

விக்கரமாதித்தன் கதைகள்

He took all our sin upon him. I am from kk dist oly. I know wat hindu extremists r doing here they r trying to make a religious clash between christians and innocent people. Add to Cart. The story of rama,Son of Dasaratha 0. Stories of Mullah, a turkish Fakir 0. Stories on Rayar Appaji 0.

VikramAthithan KathaigaL - 200 Pages

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In vikramaditya pdf stories tamil

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