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Friday, April 12, 2019 admin Comments(0) August 5, | Author: wembleyne | Category: Nature. DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Download Book of Life. $ $ Bestseller. (). DEAL OF THE DAY. ENDS IN. The Book Thief. $ . This is the best book to use for real, applicable methods on making your interactions with girls effective in person. I don't get why it's not more popular on.

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He has almost zero friends. Their confidence gets shot to pieces. Back to top. We are lnvadlng personal space. Moke ftleoJs fot J0 mlootes wltb tbe wbole toom. A8C - always be closlng.

You will not even notice him there. By being cool you put the social pressure on them to be cool back to you. Social pressure has a paralysing effect on people. Open With Honest Opinion To do this drill you must think of something mundane, like fried chicken, and come up with an honest opinion on it no matter how retarded.

For best results, do it on the fly without much thought. Rule out insults, profanity and trying to get approval, and let your honest opinion be heard. The drill will not work unless you voiceyour honest opinion. Say whatever you feel like saying about anything. Guaranteed to succeed in making you confident, this powerful drill can go a long way in turning you authentic inyour interactions.

I call it "blaster" because it creates major epiphanies in students. Since they are under the impression that in order to have success with women, they must approach with crafty, well-thought-out opening lines, guys cannot believe they can start a conversation by saying something they feel like saying. But they can and it blows their mind. When you start, it's very important NOT to make your line into a Question.

It needs to be an assertive sentence. Don't set it up either like this: I think Coca Cola taste better in Newcastle. Just say how you Iccl about something: Let women fill in the gaps. Voice your honest opinion and wait. Never mind the awkward silence. Do it with several groups until you get the hang of it.

Don't be discouraged if you fail to get positive reactions inyour first attempts becauseyou will be a bit shaky with this for a while. After a couple of approaches, you will see yourself feeling more comfortable saying something authentic to people. The Zero Approval Opener Think of the very thing aboutyourself that would getyou the least approval from a girl.

Leave sex out for obvious reasons. Try and think of a thingyou would never say to a girl under any circumstance because it might embarrass you.

Let's say you dance inyour underwear at night when you can't sleep, or you hug a teddy bear when you go to bed. I want you to walk up to a girl and start a conversation about it.

Not only that, I want you to start talking to her hy saying out loud that very embarrassing piece of information. I don't wantyou to embellish it to make it more appealing to her hy turning it into a Question or a game or anything resembling entertainment or approval seeking. I wantyou to say as you approach: Or whatever; then shut up and let her fill in the blanks.

It rarely fails. It never ceases to amaze me how well women respond to a piece of honesty from a guy. In fact, with my clients, the very thing that they thought would not get any approval becomes their standard opening line. They love it. It blows their minds too that something they thought was embarrassing will get them so much approval. I keep reiterating to them not to approval seek and instead talk honestly.

This works because congruency, authenticity and being genuine attract women like honey. They don't meet a truly authentic man every day let alone in a club, where guys would say anything to get into a woman's pants. Use il as a tool. Zero Approval Seeking On the first night of my program, I always enforce the zero approval policy. I tell my clients I don't want them to seek any approval whatsoever. The zero spinning point must be reached by letting chips fall where they may in interactions.

You doyour best job whenyou pass what I call your threshold for approval. This zero approval zenith can be reached after a couple of hours of talking to people without caring about their opinion ofyou.

Saying whatyou mean and meaning whatyou say will make you travel faster because you don't carry the weight of duplicity. Without the extra load of entertaining, others guys become un-reactive after a while.

For some, it doesn't take long to stop caring. They arrive at their zero approval mark as little as half an hour into the night. I don't aim to make them jerks for one night, far from it.

However, trying to be liked will keep you from success. Trying to get positive regard from your girls every time will precipitate you into doom before you even start. You can get female approbation all night but not get a single girl to go home with you. Then make it a point to walk up to girls and, start a conversation with them. Your Good Energy Vibe I find this to be the golden state of mind.

I teach guys to express, not impress. I hammer this mantra throughout my program. I repeat this piece of knowledge over and over and I explain it in different ways as my students do approach after approach.

They invest in seeking approval, which turns them into entertainers. They are both controlling behaviours reQuiring a lot of energy on your side to keep up. You will feel drained and bummed out very early because you are focusing on things outside your control, like attention or approval. It is up to people to give you attention and approval not you. You will do better when you stay focused on things you can control likeyour attitude, approaching, having fun, etc. As our night progresses in the club and I keep repeating my mantra express, not impress , my students drop trying to impress and instead they start expressing themselves more and more.

Then, with further churning of the cream, they arrive at a point in the night where they are percent congruent with what they are saying. With no duplicity or manipulation in their interactions, they are percent indifferent to people's reactions.

I call this mental state, percent expression point. And you will know it when you get there because the Quality of your interactions will change. They will feel effortless.

It will seem like everybody wants to be aroundyou becauseyou are not emitting needy vibes or duplicity.

You are just being yourself around people - telling personal stories, your real passions in life, and at times embarrassing things about yourself like "I have a hairy back! You have courage, congruency, positivity and even kindness inyou. You become a people magnet without trying!

For some people, this takes two hours, for others just minutes. It depends on the person and how committed you are to getting to that point. There are some, a minority, for whom this takes days to understand. I start teaching this on Friday and they get it by Sunday. But they get it. Not at a logical level, but at an emotional level. They feel it in their body, They are congruent with who they are when interacting r-.

I hey have dropped a bit; load from their shoulders. They feel lighter, faster and effective. They have to impress no more. Though this might sound like a fairy talc story, and though you might be inclined to disbelieve, students go through this weekend-in, weekend-out in my programs.

Over theyears, it has become a huge part of what I do. Not incantations, but real-life, nose-to-thegrindstone work. Comfort Zone Blaster I have another range of drills I call comfort zone blasters. I designed them to get guys out of their comfort zones. Built to make guys break through their fear of stepping out of their ego- protecting cocoons, the radical nature of these drills will make you so uncomfortable everything else will look easy.

They are the equivalent of running stark naked in the middle of a football field on a Champions League Final. Maybe that's a little exaggerated, but it will be so uncomfortableyou won't worry about ridicule ever again. I use the following comfort zone blaster on my live program: Imagine you are having a conversation with her. Imagine she must guess whatyou are saying. Let's say you want to say to her: You must use your body to express this idea without using words.

Nothing works better than miming your way out ofyour head and putyou in a playful and amusing mind frame. Girls love it. Try it. I have given most of the material you need to open and start a conversation with a girl, which can be an ordeal foryour average male.

However, starting conversations alone will not get you laid. You need a stronger and far more powerful tool. You need Physical Game. It makes the difference between the winners and the losers in the Friday night marathon.

Now ifyou are ready, I will show you what Physical Game can do foryou and how it can change your sex life. So stay tuned for the mindblowing effects of these techniques, don't hang up now, read on Physical Can Save You Those favourable emotions can be exploited with the different closing tactics I am going to give you, in order to make you dangerous out there. Nothing speaks louder than leading a girl physically. It can be considered your bridge, your missing link, andyour key to tapping into a girl's emotions.

Its crushing power in breaking through a girl's defences compares to that of a nuclear weapon in warfare. Having such power leads to choice inyour sexual life. Power to come into a club and know deep insideyou can choose a girl you like and not get stuck with whatyou can get.

Ifyou apply Physical Game hard over the course of a night with every girl you run into, there will be a number of girls who will pop - meaning they will form a strong interest in you and you will stand a good chance to get laid with them.

Your "pop window" will not be open forever. When a girl pops, you have a limited time to close your deal. You need to make a decision fast about whetheryou want her or not. As an average - and I am not afraid to give numbers here -you will have two to three girls a night, provided you exert PG with all girls you meet. You need to make your choice. We call this scenario a master's problem. Masters have Quality problems or decisions to make that are very different from those of a newbie.

You want to have a master's headaches - such as dealing with extraction logistics, hot-or-not boyfriends. This can have a snowball effect on your game.

The more confidence you have, the more and harder you exert PG, the more girlsyou attract on any given night. The more pop windows to act on or choose from, the more girlsyou get. It sounds like a numbers game, but Quite the contrary you will find it comes down to self-confidence. How far are you willing to go with this? How many mistakes are you willing to make? Remember, you want to get through your rookie mistakes as soon as possible, soyou can move on to your master mistakes.

You want to fail all the time, large and deep, soyou can get as much experience as possible underyour belt. Repeated exposure to errors creates the fertile ground where self-reliance grows. Every time you employ PG,you play to the females mating brain chemistry.

You will see them giggling, attracted or telling you off. You need to get over the ones who don't like you and capitalize on those who pop. In doing this, you will have plenty to choose from every night. Soon enough, after intimate intercourse with multiple partners,you will cease to be horny and will start screening for sex. You will be on your master's Quest to meet with your ideal girl s. You will find this task, hard and reQuiring patience. Be that as it may, you want to be playing at this level, a master's level.

With no real immediate threat, we fear what the future might bring. Taking into account the fact that no one can predict the future, we can safely say we are frightened of the unknown- what might happen vs. This applies to the game at all levels of skill. But x, y, z never materialize.

For example, I have me I vrysh'tu seen guys on piogiam. Guys panic at the idea the guy in the group will detect and blow the whistle on his Pick Up agenda, or he will be pissed off and beat him up or tell him off. No such thing ever happens and Ihe student has an epiphany.

Of course, to have such a realization, ihe student needs to be willing to go through with the experience of approaching a mixed gender group, and not back down.

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Psychological irrational fear at more advanced levels can be seen when guys don't go for the kiss because of the risk of losing their girl. But, when they try and close every girl, and they end up making out with three or four girls a night, their fear of losing subsides. They open their eyes to a new world of possibilities. Furthermore, anxiety manifests itself as avoidance in advanced guys when they need a perfect situation for picking up a girl.

They end up selecting groups in the club, losing precious time, and their mental state in the process. Ridden by the fear of failure, they need assurance of an outcome to take the leap.

Yet with zero outcome dependenceyou must step into the unknown and approach every group. Instead of a futile memorization ofyour driving manual, you must get behind your wheel and face traffic.

It's scary at first, but after a little time you just don't even notice the dangers on the road. You have conquered the unknown in driving terms Bogus phone numbers happen when a guy talks to a girl and gets her number but she won't reciprocate attempts to contact her.

If that guy is you, you get frustrated and start thinking you suck, or you are not attractive, or cannot get hot women, etc. Most males, I must add, coming from an unsuccessful background with women, will rush to such conclusions without a blink.

They even refuse to look at cold hard facts and just assume they suck. I remember my first approach in this game when I got a number. I will never forget her - because I had to muster the courage to approach a huge group ol gn Is. Some way, somehow, I managed lo talk to her and using some line I got Irom the internet. I ti i ked hei into giving me hei email and phone number. Our interaction lasted less than 10 minutes I was on top of the world. It thought I was smooth and got excited.

Next day, we set up a meet in a coffee shop by text. She cancelled one hour before the meet. I was so frustrated and angry that I lashed back with some hate phone texting - telling her how she would not stick to her word and similar.

But complaining about a woman changing hei mind is as insane as complaining about the weather in London. However, look at the facts. It was a minute interaction. Othei than introducing ourselves, we talked of nothing in particular. I was invisible to her. In such a shallow interaction - as we call them in the dating industryshe couldn't get to know me.

Getting nothing comes at no surprise ifyou look at the cold hard facts. I had no time to tell her about myself, and she had no time to tell me about herself. Wc parted complete strangers.

It is only natural she would balk at seeing me again. Your other typical example is the "friend zone", as we call it. The guy approaches a girl and does nothing but friendly conversation. This goes on for a while until he runs out of things to say and exhausts her patience. For most guys, talking is their only tool. Since he is unable to stir anything sexual in a female your average oe ends up chatting. Without a sexual component to your interaction, she considers you another friendly guy, but not a potential suitor for sex.

She won't answer your calls. One thing women will not do is waste their time. Most women want to create a family or start a relationship because ol the ticking of their biological clock. A hot girl seeks somebody with breeding potential. You want to put plentiful and hardcore PG on all your interactions as a way of ensuring a sexual component to your exchanges. I want her to make a swift decision as to whether she wants me or not.

I want her to shit or get off the pot: I don't want to waste my precious time. I want to lose a lot of girls - but, for every girl I lose, I take a risk and my confidence grows. In the process I end up with lots of girls becausc of increased risk taking. More choices eouals better Quality of life. But the content of your conversation becomes secondary or irrelevant. As a direct conseQ. They have never met such a confident guy before so it stirs their interest.

So you stop worrying about what to say next. The power of PG will enableyou to circumventyour talking issue.

There's no need to say anything clever, interesting or even remotely impressive. The momentumyou carry whenyou apply physical game will propel you way past your opening sentence into your next 20 to 30 minutes without pushing it.

Pdf book physical the game

By utilizing what I call "Effortless Opening",you will avoid those try hard vibes most guys reek of when they start talking to a girl. In other words, you will glide into conversations. Women Submit, Men Assert Looking at pictures of guys being physical, you notice how women's body language changes.

It turns compliant, submissive, ifyou will.

Physical book pdf game the

They all seem to say: Women submit to a strong physical guy. But you must execute. Assertiveness has a way of communicating you are the type of guy who gets what he wants. PG tells your girl you are a potential sexual partner right off the bat. Women surrender to you ifyou are firm and confident enough. Most guys ask me if they should spell it out for a girl- as if they must verbalize, "I wantyou" or, "I like you'" to state their intentions and so avoid the ever dreaded friend zone.

No need ifyou don't feel like it. PG speaks for you with no mixed signals: I even have tried opening without a verbal component. Just being physical breaks groups wide open foryou. You must find a way to introduce yourself and shake hands and hug all the girls in the group straightaway and break the physical ice ifyou will I do this when I run my programs in places where I don't speak the language like Eastern Europe, Brazil, and the Middle East.

I know I cannot be witty or smart or funny. It won't work; they won't pick it up. So I always resort to physical game as a lifesaver. I've got laid in all the above places - and I relied on Physical Game every time.

Physical Game cuts like a knife through butter. It will blast through any verbal shortcomings you might have - like being shy or introverted. Ifyou make a habit of using it, you will see girls taking an interest in you. You won't have to talk so much after a girl likes you. That's the beauty of it. Talking becomes secondary. You won't think of having to think of something to say as an obstacle anymore. Prevent Drag-Aways As a bonusyou will see a significant reduction in those hated dragaways.

It happens countless times - and it bums you every time. It won't occur much after you get physical because you start to look like a part of her peer group. Sinceyou look likeyou are hitting it off with your girl, her group will not interfere. In fact, they might even encourageyour girl to stay with you if she happens to be single. It sounds too good to be true, I know. Well, it happens weekend in weekend out on my programs. However, I have kept you in the dark about yet another juicy side effect of PG on surrounding people- random guys won't come into your group.

They reckon that sinceyou and your girl look like a couple they don't have a chance; so they won't approach your girl or your group. Most guys would give up as soon as they see a stronger male presence.

That's exactly what you will be conveying. So muc h so lluil other guys won't risk coining in to try to steal your girl when it looks like she faneiesyou. I hey don't want to waste their time and will move on to easier prey. You want to look like you are the most dominant guy in the room. Not only will other guys back off, but also other girls you haven't touched yet will be looking forward to getting a piece of you.

When you start dominating on a physical level, it looks from the outside like you are hooked up with those girls oryou are at least part of the group. They thinkyou are super social and cool. Everybody will want to know you. You will be able to approach other groups in the same room and start a conversation without fear of being told off. How could they tell you off? They just saw you hitting it off with a group of girls.

Most guys would like to have you on their side to Pick Up girls or will admire you - to say the least. Most girls, who see you in action, will want to know ifyou are a potential suitor for sex or relationship. There is no down side. The more girlsyou lead physically, the betteryou get at it and as a resultyou will gain real confidence around females. Your leading skills will sharpen and you will be able to flip a girl's emotions faster. As a result, you will lose all your fear of being rejected.

Easier And Faster Isolation A decisive physical lead will yield easier and faster isolation. You will be one-on-one with many girls as a result of your leading skills. Girls won't object to following you around the club to the dance floor, to a Qiiiet spot, or similar Getting mano-a-mano will become your second nature.

You will have her peer group's approval too, since you look like you are hitting it off with her. In other words, women will find it hard to say no to you. Less Is More: Longer And f ewer Groups IVi Night I am used to getting guys on my program who have been working on their skills for some time, evenyears. They are in the habit of doing groups a night. Some of their usual sticking points are ejecting too early, reactiveness uneasy to the first signs of resistance, and a lack of solid internals.

However, we end up doing only three or four only on our first night We stay for an average of an hour per group. They end up hooking up with two of the four. On the second night of the program, we do some more groups, improving to the point that they look like they can extract girls from any of the groups they approach. Less activity with more yield indicates solid game. It means you are doing it without effort. You are on your way to becoming a natural as you align your inner self with the principles of the game.

Learning Physical Game will help you reduce and eliminate one ol your most annoying and frustrating bad habits in this area: Out of the bad habit of only applying verbal game without a sexual component most approaches have no depth, so guys just ping-pong off from group to group at the first sign of resistance.

They refuse to stick around. They end up doing a lot work with noyield. PG will go a long way towards helping to solve those issues. I endorse it. Apart from a strong handshake asyou walk into your group,you can also plantyour hand on a guys shoulder and you will see how guys turn friendly or passive. There are other more radical things you could do: Once they see how physical you are with your women, guys freeze. This paralyzing effect can be seen in my demo videos when I show them to my students the day after their first night on the program.

Unaware of eclipsing a guy, your average student doesn't believe it until I show the sneak video I made of him with my digital camera. Those videos show my students coming into a group, befriending everybody and then ignoring the guy while talking to his girls.

Guys have two default behaviours when they see a strong physical male presence. Either they stand there and do nothing the boyfriend just looks at you vindictively, but refuses to interfere as you chat with his girlfriend ; or they just go away and you don't see them again.

Standing their ground against a dominant presence doesn't appeal to them. They are guys your girls just met in the club. As soon as they seeyou coming in, they disappear in a hurry because they would rather move to a group with less competition. You may be tempted to think of the guy in the group as a boyfriend, but he might not be. But remember you also look like a boyfriend when you apply PG on girls.

For an outsider, asyou exert PG, it looks like you either know her really well oryou are her boyfriend. Mission Impossible There are girls who are going to give you an inordinate amount of resistance when you approach them. These are hard groups to crack.


So, by being physicalyou can open those seemingly impossible groups. Asyou go in with PG, you realize how their gloves go down asyou plough through. For example, I will teach you how to grab her hand and spin her in order to dissipate her bad emotions. Nol only lhal, you will learn how! When you pencil something down, it gets burned or tattooed in your subconscious.

I recommend penning affirmations down in the morning whenyou get up and before bedtime. Writeyou positive conviction down on a piece of paper 20 or 30 times. Do this for a month and check ifyour behaviour has changed. Repeat as needed. Alternatively, to make sure you don't forget, stick your beliefs on the wall above your toilet seat or on your mirror so you can re-read them every morning, before bedtime and whenyou go to pee. Furthermore, you can repeat your affirmations when you are in practice mode in the club.

For example, as you walk up to a girl, repeat to yourself: It turns effortless because you are having fun doing it. I also instruct that it is ok to make mistakes. Students repeat this as they approach a new group of people. By saying this to themselves, they help their performance anxiety drop to zero and they are able to do a better job. Things become effortless because mistakes stop being a threat. Other affirmations such as: The more you repeat this inyour head, the more people get friendly to you.

Your new belief finds evidence in the real woild to support itself. The more proofyou find of friendly people, the stronger the conviction grows, in a snow ball effect. Over timeyour behaviour will change around people and reality will follow in kind.

You will make more friends faster. Make friends for 30 minutes with the whole room. Do it as you arrive in a venue - whenyou don't know who is who yet. Despite the fact you might feel you are doing something lame when you talk to girls without an end in mind, keep doing it. Don't let bad reactions change your belief that people are always friendly.

Instead, focus on those who are friendly to you and make it evidence of your new belief. You might be pleasantly surprised whenyou are talking to some dude and he happens to be the leader of a big group and he introduces you to everybody in it, including the single girls.

By winning his seal of approval, you get your free pass to the group. Working the room for friends opens unexpected doors foryou and reinforces a key conviction in the game: For example, ifyou place too much importance to getting laid, chances are you will not get laid. You cannot solve the getting-laid problem with a scarcity mentality and thinking lhat beautiful girls are scarce and hard to get. In other words, ifyou have a faulty mapyou will never get to where you are going, no matter how hard you try.

You will end up in the wrong place. People with faulty head maps find themselves reaching unwanted destinations all the time. Bleeding will only stop for a while. Be like Ti er Woods or you et nothin ol lile" Me per3ect" fhr ""7G7"i y"": But this perfectionist dri!

NPml Bp lie! Z ihni? I Hcy arc runnin "! When you are with a girl on the dance floor you will find, it easier to stay in your comfort 4one and, not pull the trigger.

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I vh lous T? Dfter a rejection, -she is a bitch ,f thoughts can in! Pspecially ifyou are addicted to blaming people for your problems. V illln ymi i illiei tli"ui you controllin inter"u lions, tools loi yom rum lile el lin physic "!!

We implement a new beha! We thus find oursel! On a scale 3rom to!: His physical contact has been weak. He has trusted in his! Dny physical ad! Dpproach the first one you see.

Let's make 3riends 3or -: S in llic conation tli"it. We could 3uckA. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Alan Gee. Yernar Zhazylbekov. Anton Gabriel. Max Bateman. Filipe Rovarotto. Robby Frank. Monica Stone. James Wolfe.

The Physical Game has 25 It is the most comprehensive book on how to pickup girls using Physical Game ever created and you'll love reading it. The level of the games difficulty gradually increases over the course of the book. With a few exceptions, the games at the beginning are easy enough for firstgraders, while the ones at the end are more appropriate for nine or tenyearolds.

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