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PDF - The Last Best Kiss. Anna Eliot is tired of worrying about what other people think. After all, that was how she lost the only guy she ever really liked, Finn. The Last Best Kiss by Claire LaZebnik is Fiction Jane Austen comes to modern- day Los Angeles in Claire LaZebnik's imaginative take on. afford, after the last good kiss by james crumley (review) - the last good kiss f scott fitzgerald epub download ebook is likely one of the most.

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The Last Best Kiss book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Anna Eliot is tired of worrying about what other people think. Jane Austen comes to modern-day Los Angeles in Claire LaZebnik's imaginative take on Persuasion, where seventeen-year-old Anna Eliot finds out whether. Get Free Read & Download Files The Last Best Kiss Claire Lazebnik PDF. THE LAST BEST KISS CLAIRE LAZEBNIK. Download: The Last Best Kiss Claire.

To view it, click here. No explanation why her sister did that or how she knew him. Finn was the weird scrawny kid that everybody dismissed. Anna and Finn are cute characters, but I confess that I never felt an overwhelming connection to them. Lily kisses Finn right there in front of them all and Finn kisses her back.

Guys, we're all book nerds and we're hot af ; In my opinion, it's so attractive when someone is passionate about something other than their physical appearance. I love Finn. I want a Finn. Where can I get a Finn? A moment of silence for Lily's endless stupidity Speaking of Lily, there is also a Lucy in the same friend group.

I kept mixing them up and had to read the sentences that contained their names carefully in order to know who was doing what. I wasn't the only one. Claire LaZebnik also mixed them up at one point, and it was actually pretty funny! Anna's dad and sister Lizzie. So annoying!!

And freaking Ginny!! I loved this book! I would recommend it if you're in the mood for a light read. View all 6 comments. Nov 01, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: Persuasion is probably the Austen that I'm pickiest about with adaptations, mostly because it's my favorite but also because I think it tells the most human story.

I was a little apprehensive about the high school setting despite my fondness for the other works, because Persuasion is such an adult story of second chances and I wasn't sure how that would translate. As it turns out, I shouldn't have worried. And really, if you're going to retell the story, high school is a GREAT place to do it, bec Persuasion is probably the Austen that I'm pickiest about with adaptations, mostly because it's my favorite but also because I think it tells the most human story.

The Last Best Kiss by Claire LaZebnik

And really, if you're going to retell the story, high school is a GREAT place to do it, because so much of those four years are about learning who you are and how not to let your friends influence you and doing things you wish you could take back later. And beyond that, I just really liked the way that the book is much more explicitly about a circle of friends and how their messed up family lives can effect that.

I liked this a lot. So which book is next? View all 11 comments. When you like someone, it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks about him right? That was Anna Elliot's first mistake. She cared to much. Liking Finn Westbrook was easy to Anna. They had an instant connection in 9th grade carpooling to school and eventually they started to date, but Anna wasn't quite ready to share him with her friends yet since he wasn't on the social radar and would be defined as your typical nerd, so Anna kept him her little secret, that is till the dance where she humilia When you like someone, it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks about him right?

They had an instant connection in 9th grade carpooling to school and eventually they started to date, but Anna wasn't quite ready to share him with her friends yet since he wasn't on the social radar and would be defined as your typical nerd, so Anna kept him her little secret, that is till the dance where she humiliated Finn in front of all her friends.

Fast forward three years later and guess whose back in town? But Finn also hasn't forgotten what Anna did to him, no matter how sorry she was for treating him like an embarrassment. Or has the damage already been done? The plot was really cute and very realistically portrayed.

I liked that she owned up to her mistakes and tried to make things right and it was good to see her morals strengthen through her experiences. Finn was super cute back in 9th grade. He was thoughtful and funny and smart and I really couldn't blame him for being hurt and for how he treated Anna when he came back to school. This was his little way of getting back at Anna and even though he wasn't exactly mean, he was still pretty cold and somehow that makes it even worse.

Anna and Finn are really quite adorable together, they bring out the best in each other and I really enjoyed their moments throughout the entire novel. So, I liked the storyline, the writing was strong and the pace and flow was smooth. I liked Anna and I liked Finn, but I had a really hard time liking or connecting with everyone else. Family and friends in any story usually compliments the plot or leaves some sort of impression or impact for the leading characters.

Besides her one sister Molly, I found her parents and her other sister Lizzie to be a very negative part of her life. As for her friends, I didn't find any of them to be very likeable either. They all felt fake and into their own drama. It just seemed that Anna didn't really have any stable or solid figure to depend on and yet she was still able to grow and mature enough to own up to her mistakes and change into the person she wants to be. With that said, this may not be a favorite, but I still thought this was a cute and sweet book.

Claire LaZebnik delivers a strong message about peer pressure, self discovery, regrets, forgiveness and second chances with strong voices and a heartwarming plot that a lot of readers will be able to relate to.

All in all, a decent read. Apr 14, Katy rated it really liked it. I've always really like LaZebnik's works, mainly because of her "signature wit and expertly authentic teen voice," and this one is another that I can add to that pile. At first glimpse, you may think it's another one of those those plots that have been overdone, and in a way, maybe it is. But I liked how LaZebnik didn't try to make it more than what it was.

Pdf kiss last the best

Anna is a down-to-earth person who just wants to fit in, and as a somewhat nerdy awkward teen, you don't always know where that is. I liked he I've always really like LaZebnik's works, mainly because of her "signature wit and expertly authentic teen voice," and this one is another that I can add to that pile. I liked her character because she never tried to be someone she wasn't.

She never acted like one of the mean girls or try to pretend to be someone. No, she didn't really stand up for Finn either, but at least she didn't try to fake her way around.

It was more of omitting things because of insecurities, and while I'm not condoning, it's very understandable for those years. I hate when authors try to make characters overcompensate, like laughing along with their friends, but that wasn't Anna. I also really liked Finn. No, he hadn't forgotten that Anna had rejected him, but I also liked the fact that she never threw it back in her face either.

Sure, he didn't really help with the Lily situation, but I don't think he ever used Lily either, which made him so much more admirable. All in all, it was a nice, cute, fun read - one that wasn't over the top and was just a good afternoon read.

View all 3 comments. Oct 31, Katie rated it really liked it Shelves: So this made for uncomfortable reading at times.

I knew what I was getting myself into, but the way the initial relationship fell apart hurt and. I don't know if I particularly like that about myself, but the relevance here is it can make reunion stories really hard for me. I guess sometimes I have a hard time both forgiving and being forgiven.

So with that particular prejudice in mind, the romantic relationship did So this made for uncomfortable reading at times. So with that particular prejudice in mind, the romantic relationship didn't entirely work for me, even though I liked both characters and understood why both of them did what they did back then.

And these books are just such good friendship books. And I like their portrayal of teen life, even though it's not much like my teen life was.

I wasn't social. May 09, Rahmi rated it really liked it Shelves: Omg it was so cute, even after finishing this book I'm still smiling. Actual rating: That book is a mess and changes only improve it. Not so Actual rating: This retelling fails to capture the emotional resonances of the original.

The biggest problem with The Last Best Kiss is how the modernization is done. What The Lizzie Bennet Diaries understood, as Gillian Writer of Wrongs has very wisely told me, is that a marriage proposal in the past is very akin to a job offer now. Agreeing to marry was more of a business deal with wives chosen by what they could bring to their husbands. In Persuasion, Anne Elliot accepts an offer of a marriage from Frederick Wentworth, then a poor naval officer.

However, Anne then caves to peer pressure from her father, sister, and friend, which leads her to break the engagement. She was persuaded not to marry him. This is not, however, an illogical decision for Anne. She would be taking a step down in station and would have been pretty promptly left alone while he went off to sail the seas in the navy, probably with a kid and without much money. Anna fears everyone will judge her for dating a short, weedy boy with glasses, so she keeps their relationship hidden.

Everything culminates in her dissing him publicly at the school dance. While I can see how LaZebnik went for this, the emotional impact is so incredibly different. What Anne did to Wentworth was fail to trust him and to give in to an understandable societal fear; what Anna did to Finn was to treat him like shit. This change in motivations makes Anna an entirely different sort of girl.

Louisa becomes Lily, a manicpixiedreamgirl. Louisa is a flirt and not especially likable, but she was standard. Lily on the other hand is a total special snowflake. She brings a ukelele to class and teachers let her play it whenever she wants to. She does whatever she want, damn the consequences.

The shade-throwing at John Green did ultimately make this an interesting choice, but I also feel like LaZebnik had to make Lily completely insufferable in order to make Anna look better in comparison, since Anna is a lot less likable than Anne.

Finn, on the other hand, is a pretty great guy. Wentworth definitely acts like a bastard sometimes, especially given the fact that Anne did have some legitimate concerns. They both took the blame in Persuasion, where Finn really just comes off as forgiving. Finn is the victim in this situation.

There are, however, some great aspects to The Last Best Kiss. Despite those comments, they really have no issue. Rarely do coming out stories in YA go down so well and I applaud LaZebnik for this casual acceptance.

Anna also makes a number of casual, healthy comments about weight. She, though judgmental in general, has a sense that certain people look better at different weights.

She comments on some women looking better while carrying some extra weight. Her mother, for instance, put on weight after the divorce because she not longer had a husband pressuring her to fit his ideal and Anna thinks she looks better. YA novels often put a really subtle pressure on fitting the societal ideal aka super thin , so this was refreshing.

Pdf best kiss the last

Buchgestaltung Ich mag beide Cover eigentlich gleich gerne. Das englische Cover spiegelt genau dasselbe wie das deutsche wieder: Liebesgeschichte im Anflug. Egal, welche Ausgabe man sich also zulegt, sie sind beide auf den Roman angepasst und sehen nach dem richtigen Genre und der Zielgruppe aus.

Obwohl ich die sommerlichen Farben vom cbj Cover Buchgestaltung Ich mag beide Cover eigentlich gleich gerne. Obwohl ich die sommerlichen Farben vom cbj Cover vielleicht einen kleinen Ticken ansprechender finde. Ich hab das Buch so, so, so gerne gelesen, weil ich immer wissen wollte, wie es nun weitergeht. Finden Anna und Finn wieder zusammen? Was ist mit Finn und Lilly? Und Lillys Schwester? Wie steht es um die Romanze zwischen Annas anderen Freunden? Und und und Dabei ist das Buch zu keinem Zeitpunkt zu einer Geschichte geworden, die ich nicht mehr mochte.

Ich fand es einfach wundervoll, wie die Autorin hier Freundschaft noch mehr als die Liebesgeschichte in den Vordergrund gestellt hat. Ich konnte nachvollziehen, wieso diese Gruppe so eng zusammengehangen hat. Anna war vielleicht selbst nicht der vielschichtigste Charakter im Buch, aber ich mochte sie einfach. Man darf sich vom Buch auch nicht erhoffen, dass Anna und Finn schnell wieder zueinander finden.

Gegen Ende wird das Buch dann auch noch einen Ticken ernster. Ich hab mit gehibbelt und die Anna-Finn-Momente immer total bejubelt. Finn war auch einfach so ein netter und interessanter Mensch.

Seine Einstellung und deine Eigenarten fand ich mega sympathisch, weil er etwas von einem Nerd hatte und sich nie etwas draus gemacht hat, was andere von einem denken oder halten. Dec 02, Jaime Arkin rated it liked it Shelves: Remember back to the days when all you were worried about was fitting in and not making a fool of yourself and making sure your friends accepted you?

Lezebnik takes you back to those days with The Last Best Kiss. We first meet Anna Eliot as a freshman… not completely sure of herself and worried about doing the wrong thing, the thing that will make her an outcast amongst her friends, and so she tries not to stand out.

But she meets Finn Westbrook when her sister offers him a ride to school in the Remember back to the days when all you were worried about was fitting in and not making a fool of yourself and making sure your friends accepted you? But she meets Finn Westbrook when her sister offers him a ride to school in the morning. He could be your pocket boyfriend, and you could take him out whenever you felt like it and then stuff him back in when you got bored.

Fast forward to senior year. Her mother is non-existent having left them and her father is more concerned with work and spending time with his middle daughter Lizzie for some strange and somewhat odd reason that is never really explained fully. The only family member that had some kind of impact on her was her sister Molly who helped her make sense of the situation she had with Finn.

It was all just kind of weird for me and I struggled to figure out their roles in this story. Second — pretty much every single character in this story. Oh… when that one thing happens they sort of all come together, but even then it all seemed so superficial to me.

I did like some things about this … the story itself is a cute take on a reimagined version of Persuasion.

The Last Best Kiss

The writing was wonderfully done and the pacing was good, there was definitely never a lack of things happening. I found that while she did some really mean things when she was younger to Finn, I liked that she took ownership of those actions and apologized and was really making an effort with Finn.

Even though he was still kind of mean to her. Thank you to HarperTeen and Edelweiss for the advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts.

Anna ist super witzig in ihrer Art gewesen, dass ich sie sofort ins Herz geschlossen habe. Sie hat sich anf Meinung: Nichtsdestotrotz habe ich ihre Geschichte gerne verfolgt. Finn war einfach nett und das meine ich nicht als langweilige Eigenschaft. Finn war als Nerd nett und er ist auch noch, als er sich ein wenig vom Aussehen gewandelt hat. Zum Ende des Buches wird die Handlung dann aber doch ein bisschen ernster, aber auch das hat ins Gesamtbild gepasst und wirkte nicht fehl am Platz.

Dec 04, Emma rated it really liked it Shelves: Anna provides such wonderful insight into the workings of the teenage mind capturing the need to fit in while struggling to find yourself and your individuality.

The insecurity a teen feels at standing out, it takes an emotionally strong person to have the confidence required to go against the norm — even if it is just wearing your hair differently. A large part of growing up is overcoming the fear of not being accepted for who you are; reflected poignantly within the narrative.

At times I wanted to shake Anna for being so cowardly and selfish but I could also empathize with her, the rawness of being an emotional hurricane as a teen still fresh in my mind even at my age: Regret is one of the most difficult and poignant of emotions to deal with, second chances happen so rarely they should be snatched up when the opportunity arises.

Nov 08, Fiona rated it really liked it Shelves: Claire LaZebnik has done an admirable job recreating high school in all of its drama-filled, angsty glory. Teenagers will love Anna and all of her friends; they are sure to see themselves in here somewhere.

Jan 15, Debbie Narh rated it did not like it Shelves: Nothing in this story is compelling or sweet or cute. It's boring and simple.

I don't care for it at all and the fact that all the characters are pretty whinny and one sided did not help this books case. I'm sorry but I cannot put myself through this mess.

Aug 20, Claire Ingram added it. Feb 05, Andrea rated it did not like it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I hate I ever came across this book and wish I'd never started reading it.

I was so mad I had to slam down a book that wasn't going to count on my reading challenge, but I could not suffer through this anymore. And after reading that Anna shows no growth as a character 0 stars I suffered thru pages of this atrocity and I wouldn't suffer through any more.

And after reading that Anna shows no growth as a character or independence and has no mind of her own but continued to follow the crowd and needed to be like everyone else, I refused to waste one more second on this. Hearing about the drug use that Anna indulges in turned me off so badly I felt my blood pressure rising. Any author that condones underage drinking, to the point where people are getting drunk and having all kinds of problems, to where they state that the main character would hook up with a guy--that is her distant cousin--if she was drunk, that smokes weed, in a school where it's normal where kids are in rehab for drug use I am so fed up with scantily-clad teenagers doing drugs and drinking alcohol.

It's such a stereotypical teenager, and though I know it does happen, I don't approve and will not read about a group of stoners and drunkards with no morals and values. Just once I'd like to read about wholesome teenagers that don't drink, do drugs or engage in all manner of sexual activity. They are out there, you know.

It's like everyone writes about teenagers like this because they think it's all teenagers do. As someone who doesn't drink and is so against drug use it isn't even funny, I won't read this trash any longer.

I went on to read if there was anything cute between Finn and Anna, because I read a lot of reviews where people loved Finn so I wanted to see if there was anything at all to get out of here.

I went on to read about Finn being alone in the kitchen with Lily while she made brownies. Another time Oscar made a comment about porn and Finn said he saved porn for special occasions. It made him not sweet, but just like another horny guy. Oscar—who is the other character that is gay I think—made a comment that manic pixie girls start to get annoying after a while.

Then cut the crap with Lily and all her strangeness and move on. I was so mad when Lily asked if anyone had condoms, and then Hilary said I guess she expects to have sex with Finn this weekend. Then someone brought weed to the festival they went to, and stupid ass Anna actually took a hit off of it.

Anna was the only one who noticed him and cared about him. And though she was ashamed of him at least she kissed him and was attracted to him. They did go out after all, even though she kept it a secret.

Lily kisses Finn right there in front of them all and Finn kisses her back. F this. He loved Anne the entire time and was true to what they had. Screw this. And stupid Anna takes a long hit from the joint, then starts kissing Wade. And Finn and Lily were still intertwined. God I should have dropped this piece of shit the first time and kept with it. This deserves this review. Neither one of them should be with anyone else. He said that they all let Lily down and Anna said she was the one that let them down, even tho she was afraid of her dad.

I thought Lily got what she deserved. She wanted to tease him and drag it out, make him think she was going to do it and drive him crazy trying to figure out how to handle it. What a fine pair they make. Finn was way too upset about her, pale and nervous and worried about her and texting her all the time, and going to visit her in the hospital, for my liking. Then he confides to Anna that he thought Lily was cool because she did what we wanted to and dated who she wanted to, but he got aggravated and was just tolerating her.

The summary definitely declined to mention that he got with her friend. Flirting with her friends implied that he said empty nothings to them to get back at Anna, not that he legitimately liked, kissed and was kind of dating. They kiss in the art room at school, Ginny, the art teacher or whoever, walked in on them and was teasing Anna about it, joking that she was busted and wanting to know how it was after Finn left.

Anna was so mean to her about it, Ginny was just joking, and there was no call for how she treated her. Yeah, who wants their dad dating someone only a little older than them, esp because her sister is friends with Ginny so that is so awkward, but still, Ginny was being nice in that moment.

Lily and Hilary. I skipped right over it all. The last page of the book was Finn showing her a picture on his phone and she told him to let her see it or something. Totally mundane ending. Not a good story in any way, shape or form. If you like reading about a bunch of irresponsible teenagers making poor choice after poor choice, everyone hooking up and doing drugs and drinking too much and cussing and being obsessed with partying, this is all it has to offer.

But hey, that was only because she got her weed from a stranger. Everyone else who had their weed from someone they knew was A-okay and came down from the high unscathed. I assumed Anna would realize what's more important and lose her friends.

But nope, she was friends with them until the end, as if they were nice people. She should've dumped Lucy, and Anna never even said anything to her about helping to ruin their relationship. When Anna had told Lucy that Finn asked her, Lucy totally ruined it and gave Anna reason to keep it a secret. Then towards the end Lucy had the gall to say she couldn't believe Anna hadn't danced with him That was a time to tell her off and say you made fun of him and so did everyone else, about his suit and the reason she didn't tell anyone was because of the way they treat ppl they think are losers.

Lucy even made the comment that a red-headed guy tried to dance with her at the music festival, like he had a chance with her.

And this is who Anna is friends with. Anna never once told her how mean that was. This was my review before I stopped caring. I wasn't so crazy about Anna and her life.

Her parents are divorced, she lives with her absentee, materialistic dad because her mom didn't want to raise her. She has two older sisters, her two nannies were fired. Just not my kind of thing. And I really loathed hearing about how Anna wore what everyone else wore, skinny jeans, leather boots and silky tops over tank tops, trying so hard to be popular.

I think it's pathetic to try to be like everyone else and fit in. She sounded desperate and like a total loser saying she was lucky to have her friends and didn't want to lose them. The real loser is the person laughing at things that aren't funny to go along with the crowd and going out and shopping for things your friends are wearing. I did not like that in a main character. I found her friends to be unrealistic, particularly when Lucy asked who he was when she saw her waving at him and said well he can't take up too much space in the car.

Like, I don't think anyone would say that. I wondered why her sister picked him up and it wasn't even explained. He was just another kid her sister carpooled. No explanation why her sister did that or how she knew him. He would sit in the back and the first day he introduced himself and imm showed her a pic on his phone.

That was their thing, looking at pictures and talking about them. I didn't like his looks, that the bridge of his nose was too big and his nose too thin. He wore ugly round glasses that kept slipping.

Pdf the last best kiss

She wished he would care about his looks a little, and I do understand that. Again, things just weren't that realistic. Her sister Lizzie said King Nerd liked Anna--why is she picking him up if she thinks he's a nerd?

Is the only thing people can say about him is his small size? I don't believe anyone would make fun of someone by saying these things. There are obvious things they could say.

I thought Lizzie was going to say something about him being an encyclopedia and telling her anything she wanted to know. I didn't like when she said his scrawny face lit up whenever he saw her and she knew he liked her. It was sweet though how she would catch him looking at her instead of the phone and when she caught him he would blush and look down.

I didn't believe the conversations. They weren't realistic or believable. Anna asked Finn if it was hard moving around because of his parents' jobs and he said he didn't know because he didn't have anything to compare it too.

Um, I think you would know whether something like that was hard without having a comparison. And moving around so much would be hard. I didn't like that Anna had kissed 3 other guys before Finn and that it was his first kiss and she thought his instincts to go slow were good ones.

I would have liked it better had they had their first kiss together. It was awful that after their kiss where he pulled her into an alley, she let go of his hand before they got to school. She definitely had a lot to make up for. And I felt so bad for him when she said she didn't understand ppl who were all over each other in public-which I agree with-and she liked it better being like this in private, and he didn't say anything. She's an idiot for not seeing that he thought she thought he wasn't good enough.

And strike three for the stupid conversations these teenagers had. And Lucy laughed and said, "And what if you start going out with some ninety-eight-pound nerdling now, and then he doesn't get all rich and famous? They would judge them for being a nerd.

PDF - The Last Best Kiss

Weight has nothing to do with it. This was really stupid. Talk to any teenagers lately? The glasses and his nose would have kept them busy enough.

No one would be shaming him for weighing less than lbs. As a 24 year old who has never weighed 98 lbs, no one at school ever made fun of me for that. About my size yeah, my height sure. My weight? Let's get real. I had no patience for this juvenile way of thing and Anna's desperation with having everyone's approval.

One day in freshman year Finn came and sat down at her table and she introduced him by saying he was in her carpool, not that they were dating. When he questioned her about it later she still didn't stop it. She went on to treat him like crap. He asked her to the semi-formal and she actually said she had to check with her friends first because it would be weird for her to go with him if her friends didn't have dates. Sometimes you can just tell when an author hasn't been a teenager in a while, because the things they write just aren't true.

Lucy thought they should go in a group with guys they were friendly with, no pairing up, just hanging out. Phoebe a guy asked her but Lucy insisted that was weird because the only couples were real boyfriend and girlfriend, bcuz to go with a guy meant "you're basically publicly committing to him for life.

Anyone gone to a dance with someone before, and stayed shackled to them until death did you part? Didn't think so. Who comes up with this nonsense? And to make it even more nauseatingly stupid, when Anna told Lucy that Finn asked her to the dance, Lucy insisted that Finn was mean for daring to put her in the awkward position of having to say no.

What a dumbass. This book really seemed old what with carpools and if you have four people in the car you get the best parking spot at school, never heard of that, and looking up people in a directory. It was incredibly weird that Anna told her sister Molly not to tell their dad and sister Lizzie that she was gay, to see how long it took them to figure it out, like it was a game or something. And Anna thinking it was great and practically bouncing with happiness as she thought of telling her friends.

Who does that? Would you call up your friends to tell them that your sister liked guys? Because they'd be like good for her, that has nothing to do with me. So why would you want to get on the phone tree and start calling all your friends to say your sister is home from college So dumb.

I couldn't believe the scene where Captain Wentworth picked her up after she fell of the log was changed to Finn grabbing the dog before she was bitten. So lame. The author seemed to think that any girl that liked bigger guys has a daddy complex. Anna shamed Lucy into thinking she had daddy issues because she liked big guys. Our price:. Reviews 0 Specifications Please sign in to review this product.

Copy From Text:. Other books by Claire LaZebnik. Griffith Moon Publishing, December List Price: HarperTeen, April Our price: Overcoming Autism: Penguin, March Recently Viewed Products. Claire LaZebnik. Growing Up on the Spectrum: Epic Fail.