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Editorial Reviews. Review. "I loved the Original Sinners series Her prose is quite beautiful, "Tiffany Reisz's The Original Sinners series is painful, prideful, brilliant, beautiful, hopeful, and heart-breaking. And that's just the first hundred pages. The Angel (The Original Sinners #2) by Tiffany Reisz - dokument [*.epub] No safe word can protect the heart in Book Two of Tiffany Reisz's. Tiffany Reisz is a multi-award winning and bestselling author. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Tiffany Reisz Author (). cover image of The Angel.

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The Angel book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. No safe word can protect the heartInfamous erotica author and accompl. . The Angel. The Original Sinners: Red Years Book II. No safe word can protect the heart. Infamous erotica author and accomplished dominatrix Nora Sutherlin is. Infamous erotica author and accomplished dominatrix Nora Sutherlin is doing something utterly out of character this summer: hiding. While her longtime lover,, .

This book is like a Jack-in-the-Box…page, page, page…shocker…page, page, page…shocker, over and over. This is a fabulous series! I like that there are more characters coming into the picture for me to bond with. She rarely bothered with underwear around Soren-counterproductive really. There is something sinfully beautiful about this masterful world Ms.

There was a certain casual meaning to the sex, if that makes sense. So I was surprised to like the short story. It touched on one of my hard limits, but Reisz made it work.

Plus picturing Alexander Skarsgard in any kind of sexual setting never hurts either ;. Oh I am sorry for the laate reply! You will definitely love it Decadence — Reisz writes brilliantly and Nora is a great character. After reading, i had download and gobble up the rest.. So fierce and yet so vulnerable for Soren…. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Yay or nay? Anyone who loved or immensely disliked or is allergic to the Fifty Shades Bandwagon Phenomenon Who might not enjoy it: Readers who want a more traditional romance, erotic or otherwise A review copy of this book was generously provided by Harlequin Australia.

Related posts. My Scandalous Viscount by Gaelen Foley. OMG Marg I know! One does try to refrain from gushing but I will be reviewing The Angel too: Harlequin Summit — Book Thingo. What do you think? Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I pushed through with help and I am happy to say that I did!

In the end I enjoyed the book very much actually and I am looking forward to the next book.

Tiffany Reisz

I needed to see it through Nora's eyes which meant stepping out of my bubble and pushing my boundaries, which I did. I can accept how bloodplay or cutting can be a fantasy to a lot of people, but it isn't one for this chic.

Everybody has a little kink in them, even the softest vanilla readers. I think people who enjoy the kinkier side of BDSM need to step into my softly padding french vanilla bubble and see where I am coming from as well. Call me naive, but I find it difficult to believe most people are okay with this. I'm sure the author had to have known that this is something of a controversial matter and it would get people talking. This is hardcore BDSM here. The cuts to the other body parts did bother me, but nothing like the labia one.

The blood and knife got to me. The slight sipping of blood? Yeah, I didn't like that either. I was quivering on the inside- and not from pleasure. I mean, is nothing sacred anymore? Apparently I have hard limits when it comes to reading now, but don't we all? Wouldn't you want to be aware of something like this if it isn't your cup of tea? The Angel is a dark and abrasive yet sensual read. It's eloquently written and will take you places you've never been. It will evoke many, many emotions from you.

I went from happy to pissed off, to hot and bothered to morally offended. It's a forbidden kind of read however you just cannot take your eyes away from it.

I can't even say Tiffany Reisz pushed the envelope with this one. There are no boundaries left to push, as Ms. Reisz has toppled them down long ago with The Siren! Nora is a trip. I would love to have a friend like her! Her wicked and warped sense of humor was some of the best parts of the story for me. She's outgoing and fun loving, but like most, she has deep seeded issues she's working to get the kink out of.

We watch Nora struggle with her love for Wesley in making herself believe she is over him, when she is clearly not. On top of that, there is a journalist out to uncover secrets about Soren who happens to be attracted to him at the same time. In addition, Nora is forced to stay away from Soren for the summer by living with Griffin and her charge, Michael. Aside from the problem previously stated above, I would say I enjoyed this book to a degree.

I found myself skimming over the long drawn out parts with the journalist. It did nothing for me and I feel as though it could be cut down a bit. The one part of the book I found so moving involved Michael's mother at the end. It brought tears to my eyes. I hated the way Michael's parents treated him. They made him feel like he was worthless. It hurt so bad on the inside not only for him, but for me as well!

But what the mother did was so gratifying in my eyes. The ending The ending made up for all everything! I almost wish I hadn't read this book until Prince is released.

It made my heart beat so hard and so fast! My mind was racing. I couldn't even think straight! Oh it's going to be Wesley's story! I cannot wait! On a side note- If you have any type of religious affiliation whatsoever, you will most likely find this book offensive. Priest was mentioned times in this book and in most instances it was said in sexual situations.

No, I did not go counting, the kindle did that for me. I felt as though the word was used heavily more so in this book than The Siren. We don't need to be reminded constantly Soren is a priest and obviously what he is partaking in is a sin.

This book was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review. View all 52 comments. Tricia Meyer Thank you for this review!

The Siren by Tiffany Reisz

I was about to give up at page 70 because the whole bloody business was just too much for me. But I am going to push ahead Thank you for this review! But I am going to push ahead and see how it goes thanks to your review. Taryn You're welcome! Just keep reading.

The bloody thing was eh, but overall a great book! Jul 26, This woman has become one of my favorite authors EVER so quickly, and has practically ruined me for all the other erotica books out there with her master writing skills. From the moment you read the first sentence on the first page, you get sucked into the story and all you can do is try to connect the dots…the tiny details here and there, seemingly unimportant but rather crucial for the backbone of the story.

Some of the clues I could catch, some of them I could notice only when the mystery was already uncovered, but I was left in awe every single time. Yes, he was my favorite thing about this book!

Most importantly though, I loved the way he silently and slowly fell in love with a certain broken Angel … I loved how fiercely he could love someone and how willing he was to fight for that person. Thank God for his presence in this story!

No, it has another, much deeper reason behind it. Now I know I do. He has reasons. He has scars, so deep.

Take off your glasses of judgement and look at him with naked eyes. I just want to say, I admire his naivety and his big heart, but I am absolutely disappointed with him. He is 20 years old now, but he was acting like a year-old who stumped his feet because he lost his favorite toy.

And lastly… Nora Sutherlin. The woman that I absolutely loathed while reading The Siren , not because of her wicked ways, but because of her selfishness. The woman that has loved a man that needs to hurt her, nearly twenty years. The woman that kept dreaming of a boy with big brown eyes with flecks of gold in them in every chapter of this book.

The woman that repeated times that she is still in love with her Priest and that she will always come back to him. The woman that climaxed with another man, but with the name of that boy who played Battleship with her, on her lips. In my mind, she is a woman that has fallen out of love with a man that, at some point, became just too much to handle, and she found love again in the arms of an innocent. You smell like summer. She needs to try summer now. And as much as it breaks my heart, I get it.

I even wish she never gets bored of summer. I wish she never craves winter again. Winter is better off without her anyway. And Nora didn't walk and she didn't crawl and she didn't fly. She ran. View all 47 comments. OMG I want all of them!!! Can I have them??????? It was amazing!!! Definately Tiffany Reisz became one of my favourite author!!! She manage to make me think Soren not so bad at all!! In this book not only do we have the chance to reconnect with the characters we fell in love in the first book but also we have the chance to get to know them all better!!

I love all the characters!! They feel so real to me!! Du er mit hjerte. You are my heart. He was the only character that I truly disliked after the first book! But now what can I say about him??? He was so freaking sweet and caring. Nora is devoted to him and that will never change To avoid being an even bigger liability,Nora goes into hiding and takes the young Michael with her to Griffin Fiske's estate So the three have a lovely summer holiday in which Nora undertakes to train Michael I love both guys!!

They are cute! Michael smiled and for the first time in his life knew exactly what to say and how to say it. We also see a little more of Kingsley. He is very intriguing! I have had a hard time trying to figure out Kingsley. He had a huge secret exposed in this book.. But we will learn more for him in the next book!

I can't wait to learn more about him!! Nora is still Nora and I love her! She's hilarious and sexy as hell!! This book was just plain amazing!! It's absolutely one of my favourite books!!! View all 83 comments.

Angel tiffany pdf the reisz

Anyway, I tweaked my original review a little, added some graphics and thoughts. Let's get this orgy started. In my opinion you have to be fairly open minded to read these books, even by erotica and dark read standards. I think I read a few more dark reads since I first wrote this LOL But once you commit to the characters and the world they live in there is no going back.

A lot of the unanswered questions from The Siren and some huge gaps in the timeline get filled in and man is that some story telling. So, to appease all minds That alone in my book deserves 6 Stars. As I said, warped priorities. The Angel picks up where The Siren ends Nora is finally back with the sadistic blond hunk of a man. No complains there. Wes is somewhere else. Major plus! Clue in a possible promotion for our favourite priest, a nosy reporter who by the way made me nervous like no one else in this book and a little Angel in search for love and acceptance.

And of course Griffin, Nora and Michael penned up in a mansion over the summer. Recipe for a masterpiece. And I'm doing happy dances around the house Some outer scars. Some inner. The way she plays with all of the chess pieces aka the men in her life and as seen above some of the women, is downright enviable. King is still such an enigma here. A few glimpses here and there, but nothing concrete. Speaking of our favourite priest.

We get a far better understanding about him in this second book. Quite a few questions about his upbringing and past are addressed. Some of it is quite shocking and heartbreaking, but one thing is for sure, he truly deserves his larger than life reputation.

Oh, Ms. Michael is such a precious little thing and thank god jailbait is finally legal He is wild and funny and just as unappoligetic as dear Nora. Nothing else needs to be said. Never forget the Butler Thank you for your time. On to the next one. Nov 12, Debra rated it it was amazing Shelves: All summer long, she would top Michael. She'd have the best of both worlds and no vanilla sex at all. This series is so unique, captivating and powerfully written that it easily deserves to be on favorite series -list.

And Tiffany Reisz has easily become on of my all time favorite writers. There just isn't "All summer long Griffin would top her. There just isn't anything out there that even resembles the original storylines of this series in the slightest.

She made Wesley leave her house and she hasn't heard from him in almost a year. He knows there will be a lot of extra attention to his personal life and he wants to avoiding, at all costs, that anyone would find out about his relationship with Nora. That way, he can concentrate on the intrusive reporter that's determined to unravel all of his well kept secrets, without having to worry about Nora getting involved.

Instead, Nora will be spending the summer months, together with "The Angel" Michael , in the presence of an old friend Griffin Fiske He's easygoing, funny and surprisingly caring and I liked him from the start. His fun personality was a nice and welcome distraction along the more heavy, dramatic moments throughout the story. Nora and Griffin have known each other for a long time and they have a a strong friendship. During the summer Nora will teach Michael how to become a good submissive.

Originally she's the one who will top Michael while Griffin tops her. But at the same time, Michael and Griffin start growing closer to each other too. From the moment they met, they both felt attracted to each other but neither of them was ready to admit their true feelings. As the summer progresses however, they both find it harder and harder to hide what they're feeling. I loved Griffin and Michael together! Although Griffin is a lot more experienced in the BDSM lifestyle than Michael, neither of them had ever been in a real relationship.

They both have a lot to learn but they obviously care about each other a lot and they're both willing to make an effort for each other. As for Nora, she finds herself often still thinking about Wesley, her former assistant, roommate and best friend. She finds herself comparing the two of them and it's obvious, the two of them could not be more different.

And if you live in the presence of winter, you never have summer. That's an amazing smell too. Wesley is like summer. Both of them have their own special meaning to Nora. Did such a thing even exist? Or will she give the lightness of summer and Wesley and a chance Song of Solomon 8: Another amazing book by Tiffany Reisz, this woman officially rocked my world! The characters TR creates are with absolute perfection and very realistic, you just wish to be like them, better yet to be with them.

Half-French, all pervert. I seriously hope his true love comes back to him. I love him, Nora. Everything about them, their innocence, bonding, affection, sexual tension and mostly their love was to die for!

Michael just like his name is a beautiful Angel, he learns to accept his desire and comes out of his shell to embrace the love he feels for Griffin. Oh boy! Never knew guy on guy action could be so damn HAWT!! Everything about them is perfect, did I say how much I love them?!

I think I Kinda Love him. I said it!!! Never knew I will stop hating him let alone adore him. Nora Dear Nora, Have you lost your fucking mind?! Will you for love of the god make up your mind about your true feelings! I will die in my collar. I know where I heard that! You almost said the same thing about Wes. You are still awesome minus being emotionally stupid! Rating Clarification: No pain no belts no whips no slaps no humiliation but a perfect lover!

Buddy read with insanely awesome Eda! Many waters cannot quench love, nor will rivers overflow it. There aren't many series out there where I have much desire to re-read them.

Pdf tiffany reisz the angel

I mean, I know the story and how it ends. What's really to gain? What did I gain rereading The Angel? An even deeper, profound respect for this author. I recently tried to explain the TOS phenomenon to a friend and I compared it to an episode of "Friends," where there's not one or two MCs, but a conglomerate of characters, all adding their piece to the puzzle, making it perfectly balanced in the end.

Typically, books with several characters tend to muck the story for me, almost confusing me, but Ms. Reisz carries her readers through their lives seamlessly. Each book moving us forward, all the while, giving us background at the same time. Happiness, sadness, pain, suffering, victory but never defeat.

The biggest highlight in this book for me Go buy yourself something pretty. To the nursery. It's Jamison, I think. My first crush on a dude was Batman.

OMG the guy is so stinking endearingly cute. A filthy rich trust-fund kid, he grabbed my attention from the minute he waltzed down his mansion stairs in a Scottish kilt and Doc Maartens.

Definitely a site to behold, I'm sure. Consummating that relationship even more so! Each character has their flaws, their crosses to bear, yet their combined bond and support for each other is unbreakable. God help anyone who messes with one "of them. Since then, I've delved into more MM reads and I found this book a lot more enjoyable. I feel like reviewing any Original Sinners book is futal since the plot thickens with each book and any details are serious spoilers.

Just know, there's a character for everyone to love in TOS. Ya like an intimidating, omnipresent, yet reserved persona in a hero? A sarcastic, smooth talking Frenchmen? A tough, snarky heroine? A sweet, virginal, beautiful yet scarred victim? A crazy, sarcastic, rich Bisexual Dom? You name it, TOS has it! God, I'm such a Frenchman whore View all 50 comments. May 27, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: All I can say at this late hour is "You lucky fucking bitch!

I can gather my thoughts on this one!!! What a fabulous story!!! Michael Dimir. First and foremost is Father Marcus Lennox Stearns The breathtakingly handsome and brilliant Catholic priest who also happens to be a sadist and The 8th Circle's lead and most feared Dominant. And oh my He is sexy and alluring.. He has a capacity to love that compares with no other.

I wouldn't have thought it possible I want more!!!! Finally, I understand his love for Nora and his relationship with Kingsley. Scar tissue, she'd once read, was the strongest of all tissues.

And I cannot fail to mention my latest crush Griffin Fucking Fiske!!!!! Incredibly hot, and gregarious, it is impossible to NOT fall in love with him!!!!!!

And that vision of him in that kilt It was also wonderful watching him fall in love with Mick!! Just perfect Tiff!!!! Loved every second of it!!!! Great witty banter! It was frequent and fabulous There were also many incredibly touching moments, tearful moments, moments of Nora making peace with herself and her life choices.

I also love how she described their smells.. I think Tiffany Reisz is a brilliant writer, and I will wait with bated breath for her next release The Prince Thanks Tiff for sharing your work with us!!!!!!!! View all 71 comments. That man both turns me on and makes me wet just like a Niagara falls but on the other side he is making me scare shitless. He is also a very complex man and it's really hard to understands him BUT in the end he did something for Nora and I'd never guessed that He loves her so much and he gave something to her just to make her happy And now God have mercy on my soul because of that gesture this sadistic son of a bitch owns my heart View all 3 comments.

Story picks up a year after the ending of. Nora moves on physically but her heart is still broken. She is in full denial and gets surprised when she finds tears in her eyes thinking about a certain Big Brown Eyes. This makes me wonder who exactly has the majority of her heart Soren or Wes? But since Nora compares him to "Eric" I will concede on this. But hey with this series I learned to each their own. Aside from heavy BDSM stuff and being a sadist he's a compassionate, intelligent, honorable, generous, and lovable man.

View all 88 comments. Jul 12, Karla rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Readers who think outside the box. If the unconventional is the solution in healing persons, who might otherwise not fare well with so-called accepted practices, what can it hurt, when they are hurting so much already?!?!

Their normal might not be yours, but if it permits them to feel whole and ultimately endure, who are we to judge? If it hurts no one other than themselves, but that hurt has the power to heal, and they give themselves to someone unconditionally, one who can give them what them so desire…who are we to criticize? I can't remember when a book turned my world upside down, had my heart in my throat, gave my brain a workout Somehow though, this one knocked me for a bigger loop, sucked the life out of me!

The Angel topped The Siren from the bottom. The second book had even more control and command over me than the first one did! This book is like a Jack-in-the-Box…page, page, page…shocker…page, page, page…shocker, over and over.

The story, the characters, their circumstances, how they deal and overcome, is fascinating, debatable and highly addictive! The book is very erotic and some of that eroticism is questionable, especially when it comes to Michael. It seemed incredibly painful, yet unbelievably intimate. Maybe, I can't deny that I'm curious. Soren is an imposing, arrogant, extraordinary presence!

I was drawn to him once again, he holds all the power, but uses it very carefully.

REVIEW: The Siren by Tiffany Reisz (The Original Sinners, Book 1)

Yes, honorable, and extremely protective, giving and loving!! Nora was Nora. Funny, sassy, flies by the seat of her pants and wants nothing more than to do right by Michael; albeit it will have you raising your eyebrows, as does her relationship with Griffin. Griffin stole my heart in this book for all he is and what he does…I love him and have a new found respect for him!! Oh my, Kingsley, do tell, what goes through that mind of yours.

It is sensual, passionate, humorous, heart-wrenching, but also has some unbelievably heart-warming moments. It messes with your mind, what you want to detest, abhor, and despise…starts to make sense. The dialogue is amazing and deliciously witty!! Just a warning… this read is not for everyone, and you have to have an open mind, open heart and understand the book for what it is.

Pretty amazing when The Siren held that spot until The Angel edged it out with its awesomeness! This amazing song, I'm not Jesus , is dedicated to all the Adams in the world, huge view spoiler [ and for Michael, Soren and Elizabeth who were hurt so bad at the hands of their fathers hide spoiler ] …your pain and suffering is unforgiveable!!

Dirty little secret, Dirty little lies. Say your prayers and comb your hair, Save your soul tonight. Drift among the faithful, Bury your desires. Aberrations fill your head, You need a place to hide And I am Do you remember me?

And the kid I used to be? When your world's come crashing down I want to relive. Your god ain't looking down on me! I'm not Jesus, Jesus wasn't there! You confess it all away, But it's only shit to me Your god ain't looking down on me! I'm not Jesus, I will not forgive! No I won't! No I won't. I thought you were a good man, I thought you talked to god. You hippocratic, messianic, And child abusing-turned-satanic. Do you remember? When your own world comes undone, Let me be the one to say: I'm not Jesus I will not forgive!

Oh, I will not forgive, No, I will not forgive! View all 98 comments. This book blew me away. This author is fantastic. She seriously has done her homework on the Catholic Church. As I speak, listening to the Radio, somebody else is on talking about the Magdelene Launderies, the Church, Catholicism.

Yes, I definitely think so. Did I like him? Not really. Did I want him? Most definitely. Nora, she is the best. Absolutely love her. I want to be her. The amount of cases that have been exposed, especially in Ireland about Priests being moved from Parish to fucking Parish! There was so much going on in this book. It seemed at the end of every chapter a new revelation was there for us to consider. We are introduced to Suzanne, a reporter, who has demons of her own.

She hates the Catholic Church and for very good reasons.

Reisz tiffany pdf angel the

Some Catholics, especially the older generation, considered suicide the most dire of all sins. I thinks the times are a changing in that regard.

At least now they are buried in consecrated ground. This review is probably going to be all over the place because the story was all over the place, in a totally good way. Yes, he was sexy, gorgeous, etc. No problem with him in this book. His character and personality was built up very well by the author.

Jesus, what a lonely life it is for a priest. Probably telling us that sex was for procreation and nothing more or some sort of shite like that. Suzanne shook her head. What on earth could a catholic priest know about sex or marriage or romantic relationships of any kind? Sorry, to get back to the plot. She is intrigued. Her brother, Adam, has recently died and she has absolutely no love of the Catholic Church.

Does he want the job? Does Nora want him to become Bishop. Do the people of his Parish want him to leave? Suzanne decides he needs to be investigated…. She automatically assumes that the conflict of interest is something to do with Paedophilia — is she correct? I wonder will Suzanne feature in future stories. There is definitely an attraction between them…. Father S signed. Twists and turns at every corner. Then another. Down the hall she ran as if the hounds of hell nipped at her heels. She ran as if God himself had ordered her to.

She ran as if her life depended on it and in that moment she might have sworn that it did. She only knew she had to get there as fast as she could and whoever it was, he was worth running to. I said to myself when I finished this book that I would not start the next one for a few days. I just find them very intense reading…. Not sure if I can keep my promise. I am dying to find out what happens next.

View all 63 comments. Dec 01, Christy rated it it was amazing. Love this book! This is a fabulous series! A year after The Siren ends They go to upstate NY to stay with Griffin Fiske. Once she gets to know the priest, her position on him changes a bit. Things with his sister, shocked the hell out of me! I hate to say this Nora and Michael get to upstate NY to stay with Griff. Big difference. Oh, and number three And terrible ideas. And terribly wonderful ideas. Love her! She rebuilt her life, re-created herself.

I did like him so much more in this book and I feel like I understand him more as well. Griffin is so funny, sexy,protective and playful and Michael is really a sweet and beautiful person. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop in this story. Many waters cannot quench love, Nor will rivers overflow it. Many waters. Thats true. You asked me if I, a virgin, could teach her what sex should be? No, course not. Hell no. But at least I can teach her what love should be like. And she knows it too.

We learned more about him as well Even Wesley had a secret. This story has a dark side, but it is also funny, sexy, it has love, religion, sex, bdsm, it is controversial, sensual, passionate and so well written.

It has some very sexy and erotic scenes. Tiffany Reisz is one talented author. Very rarely do I love a book as much as I loved The Siren, and end up enjoying the sequel even more! View all 17 comments. BDSM readers. Preliminary review-This book is amazing. Just amazing. Tiffany Reisz is so damn smart. She makes you think. She makes you feel. She makes you question yourself and your beliefs.

She's not afraid of the darknessthat resides in a character's soul and she's not afraid drag you along with her into that darkness.. Nothing is taboo with her, and she makes you feel like you should reconsider what you consider taboo. All of her characters are relatable. All are human, flawed and beautiful. I like him much more now. I understand him better.

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We get to see the complexity of all of these wonderful characters. The addition of Michael is a beautiful one. There's a lot of character growth and definitely more sex. Reisz's characters have layers upon layers that are rarely seen in literature. She's a gifted writer. No one can write a Switch like Ms.

Reisz, no one. If you like BDSM, this series cannot be missed. It will be a classic one day. Of this, I'm sure. As reviewed for Read Our Lips Blog: The Angel by Tiffany Reisz: The Angel picks up a year later after the ending of The Siren. We get to see some play scenes between the two of them, which we fans have been waiting to see for so long. Those two live up to the hype, let me tell you. And finally!

We get to see some love and tenderness between these two! But it was definitely worth the wait. Nora decides to go to upstate New York and visit Griffin. We all remember Griffin from The Siren, right? Sexy Dom with great muscles, hair, and smile? So it's just the three of them in Griffin's big house for the period of exile. With Griffin topping Nora, who's topping Michael, this equals to so much sexiness, it makes you squirm in the best possible sense.

The three of them together and all their debauchery for a summer were some of my favorite scenes. At one point, Griffin is wearing a kilt and nothing else. Be still my heart! Suzanne has demons of her own — namely a brother who committed suicide, the biggest triggering factor having been molested by a priest in childhood. Her faith is in question. She wants him. We get to see some of the bricks of his foundation and to say it's shocking is an understatement.

This is where TR shines. She can take a book that is so enjoyable and sexy and bring an abysmal darkness into it. All the while, she protects you from the deep despair that would normally accompany reading such a harsh subject matter. Usually, it would be hard for me to move to a lighter scene after such darkness is exposed, but TR is just so good at weaving the human conditions which plagues us all. You may take the fall, but she'll give you a soft place to land.

I have no idea how she does it. But it's one of the things that has always made her one of my favorite authors. Notably missing is Wesley, but not for long.

I'm not going to spoil you on this one. The Angel is not to be missed. You know — the ones who set up tens of thousands of dominoes; up stairs, around corners, then back down stairs, and it all starts with one. The Angel is brilliantly woven, with wonderfully sweet moments as well as incredibly disturbing revelations. I have the feeling we've only just begun our Original Sinners journey and I eagerly await the next installment - The Prince.

What I liked about The Angel: Tenderness included. Back story. Together and Separate. Hold onto your hats! I adore him. Sexiness aside, his playful nature and huge heart would have even the coldest reader swooning. He is a natural Dom, protective to the Nth degree and a smart-ass to boot. Love, love, love Griffin! Tattoo time and everything that went with it. Everyone should get their tats from a purple-haired, Scottish chick named Spike.

Boy's got cajones. Nora's big heart. She may be a switch, but she's also a nurturer. Michael, Nora's Angel. I love his sweetness, his bravery, his capacity for love. His submission is beautiful. He's very special and TR makes sure we know it. The ending. View all 13 comments. Oct 12, Lady Vigilante Feifei rated it it was amazing Shelves: Love this book even more than the first! Just wow. I finally understand now. How the chain of events are connected. How all these characters are connected.