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One of the cutest boys at Sweet Valley High, and he was calling to talk to Elizabeth! Todd Wilkins was cur- rently the basketball team's hottest star, and Jessica. You don't. Unless the author or the publisher has posted it on a free deal. Any other course of action to get free books is harmful to authors. Would you expect to . Francine Pascal, a native New Yorker, is an author best known for creating the Sweet Valley series of young adult novels. Sweet Valley High.

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Double Love. Sweet Valley High (Series). Book 1. Francine Pascal Author () . cover image of Double Love · Double Love. Sweet Valley High (Series). This is the complete list of Sweet Valley High books from start to finish with publication Any drafts of any unreleased Sweet Valley stories or books in the series. Sweet Valley High-- Super Editions-- Super Thrillers-- Super Stars-- Magna Editions-- TV EditionsFor other books involving Sweet Valley and its.

After analyzing the text of the Old English epic, researchers have concluded that Beowulf is the work of one author, the Boston Globe reports. Any tips? October 10, at 9: Also, wealthy Lila Fowler tries to get her absentee father's attention by shoplifting. In the end, Jessica and Lila get their comeuppance.

The nice convict gets shot and dies; his killer leaves the cave, telling the other convict to kill the kids. They take a path that goes deeper into the cave, and eventually they begin to walk through rapidly-rising water. They realize that the cave walls are shale, so they kick and punch the walls away until they come out near the rendezvous point and head back to Sweet Valley.

The kids are disappointed to learn the gold was pyrite, and the map and diary were fakes from a movie set. Once Upon a Time No. The Wakefield twins are very experienced babysitters, but who knew they were good enough to nanny for royalty? They travel to France for a month to be nannies for the de Saint-Maries. When Jessica wears an emerald he gave her—which was stolen from the countess whose daughter is promised to Prince Laurent—to a ball, the twins are thrown in a dungeon.

The twins run into the woods and hide out there. Meanwhile, Jacques finds the twins, and they convince him to confess to being the jewel thief. Jacques and his father go free, Elizabeth turns Laurent down, and the twins head back to Sweet Valley, where Liz reunites with Todd. Cover Girls No.

The twins get an internship at a fashion magazine called Flair. Hope the column idea was worth it, Leona. The twins are working at Sweet Valley News , where they learn that a man named Donald Redman has escaped from a psychiatric hospital.

Liz is assigned to find out about Donald; she discovers that he was a Sweet Valley High student who kidnapped a classmate he had a crush on. Liz wanders away from the guys and is grabbed by Donald. They call the police, then head to the football stadium. Bruce runs away with the ticking bomb. Jeffrey tells Liz to smash the remote and take out the wires, which she does. The timer stops. Disaster averted, right?

A few seconds later, they hear an explosion. Being prone to finding yourself in perilous situations must run in the Wakefield DNA. In this super thriller, which was published in , Momma Wakefield Alice wins a trip to a Paradise Spa. The owner, Tatiana, is disfigured, and there are no mirrors at the spa at all because inner beauty is all that matters, according to the spa's staff.

Then, Alice disappears. Liz goes looking for her, and gets pulled into a cave, where Tatiana is waiting. She spills her evil plan: To get plastic surgery to look like Alice, and then kill her.

When she was 23, she got plastic surgery, but the surgeon was so terrible that Tatiana was disfigured. She started the spa and took in runaways, hypnotizing them and practicing her plastic surgery techniques on them. But before she can pull off her dastardly plan, Enid, Lila, and Jessica show up and save the day with the help of some of the staff, who come out of their trances just in time. Tatiana is arrested, and the staff is free. What a happy ending!

12 of the Sweet Valley High Books' Most Ridiculous Plotlines

The poem has been read in classrooms around the world and has influenced countless works of literature, but the identity of the author of Beowulf remains unknown. Scholars can't agree on when exactly the anonymous poet wrote Beowulf , or on whether it was even a single person.

Now, a study published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour may finally put one part of that debate to rest. After analyzing the text of the Old English epic, researchers have concluded that Beowulf is the work of one author, the Boston Globe reports. Written a millennium ago, Beowulf follows a brave hero, the title character, as he slays beasts in Scandinavia, including a monster named Grendel and Grendel's mother.

The oldest surviving manuscript dates back to roughly CE, and there are many competing theories as to its origins. For their study, researchers from Harvard and other universities used computer algorithms to find patterns in the poem.

A type of literary statistic analysis called stylometry was able to break down Beowulf by a number of factors, including meter, breaks, word choice, and the prevalence of certain letter combinations. The team found that many of the distinguishing style elements of Beowulf are consistent throughout the poem, suggesting that every line came from the same source.

But who that one author might have been is still unknown. Scholars love to speculate on the true authorship of great works—even when there are famous names attached to them.

Series pdf sweet valley high

Some experts think that as many as nine writers are really responsible for William Shakespeare's body of work. National Library Week is a time to celebrate the most influential books in literary history.

Series sweet valley pdf high

John and Francine Pascal lived in Manhattan with Francine's three daughters from her first marriage: Jamie, Laurie, and Susan. John had a son from his first marriage, Matthew, who lived with his mother. After John died, Francine and her daughters remained in Manhattan, and Francine has been quoted as saying that much of the inspiration for her young adult novels came from watching her own three daughters grow up.

Valley series sweet pdf high

Sadly, in , Francine's oldest daughter Jamie died after a two-year battle with liver disease. Francine Pascal now divides her time between homes in New York and the south of France.

Valley series sweet pdf high

Since John died, she has never remarried. New Feature: You can now embed Open Library books on your website! Learn More. Last edited by Tom Morris. December 31, History. Website http: Francine Pascal Close. People Eddie , Gaia Moore , no. Will Jessica steal Todd from Elizabeth?

Francine Pascal

Elizabeth… More. Want to Read. Shelving menu. Shelve Double Love. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. Book 2. Secrets by Francine Pascal. Beautiful and ruthless, Jessica Wakefield is dete… More. Shelve Secrets. Book 3. Playing with Fire by Francine Pascal. Watch out, Sweet Valley High! Once again, Jessica… More. Shelve Playing with Fire.

List of Sweet Valley High books

Book Sweet Valley High: Three Novels: One twin is good. One is bad. And they're both Ca… More. Shelve Sweet Valley High: Book 4. Power Play by Francine Pascal.

Shelve Power Play. Book 5. All Night Long by Francine Pascal. Shelve All Night Long. Book 6. Dangerous Love by Francine Pascal. The end of the road for Todd and Elizabeth? One o… More. Shelve Dangerous Love. Book 7. Dear Sister by Francine Pascal.

Sweet Valley is stunned by the news: Beautiful yo… More. Shelve Dear Sister. Sweet Valley High Collection: Shelve Sweet Valley High Collection: Book 8. Heart Breaker by Francine Pascal. Catch a wave The surf's up in Sweet Valley, and… More. Shelve Heart Breaker. Book 9. Racing Hearts by Francine Pascal. Shelve Racing Hearts. Wrong Kind of Girl by Francine Pascal.

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Jessica's at it again! Jessica Wakefield has swor… More. Shelve Wrong Kind of Girl. Too Good to be True by Francine Pascal. At first Suzanne seems to be the most perfect gir… More. Shelve Too Good to be True. When Love Dies by Francine Pascal. The end of romance The Wakefield twins' older… More. Shelve When Love Dies.