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Download PDFView Online. Lesson Download PDFView Online. Lesson 02 Quarter 3. Currently unavailable. Lessons are generally available two weeks before the start of the new quarter. .. This is the official website for the Adult Bible Study Guides of the Seventh-day Adventist® Church. Trademark and . The chart below lists the known Sabbath School topics covered each quarter from to Whenever possible, the title of the quarterly leads to a PDF of . SSpdf. Sabbath School Quarterly for - No. 03, , 03 . SS KB. SSpdf. Sabbath School Quarterly for.

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· · · · · Apr-June · Luke. [ Download PDF Complete Quarterly Lesson (Teachers Edition) - Mb ]. Q1: Discipleship You may also discuss each day's lesson with other Sabbath School lesson students on our blog. Print Friendly, PDF & Email. Formerly called Sabbath School lesson quarterlies, these come out every three You can also download PDF files for each week's lesson at the Adult Bible.

Agencies of the Plan of Salvation. Christ-Centered Doctrines Job's eyes show him pondering what has happened, and trying to understand why God has allowed it. Wellman 3rd Old Testament Experiences S. Love you and God bless.

William Warren Prescott ii. Acts of the Apostles. Book of Genesis. Life of Christ. Book of Galatians. Galatians and Malachi. The Sanctuary. Parables of Jesus 5. Parables of Jesus.

Lorena Florence Fait Plummer iii. Studies in the Gospel Message 6. Studies in the Gospel Message 7. Studies in the Gospel Message. Studies in the Psalms. First and Second Thessalonians. Milton Charles Wilcox iv.

Quarterly pdf sda 2014

God's Kingdom in this World. The Prophecies of Daniel 8. Outline Studies in the Revelation. The Great Threefold Message. Religious Liberty, Health, and Temperance. Topical Studies on the Message. A Study of the Book of Esther. Topical Studies. Practical Religion in the Home. Agencies of the Plan of Salvation.


A Study of the Book of Ezra. Stephen N. Haskell v. Studies on Bible Election. God's Everlasting Covenant. Roderick Sterling Owen vi. A Synopsis of Present Truth. William Covert. Great Reform Movements. Book of Nehemiah. Epistle to the Ephesians. Asa Theron Robinson vii. Life of Christ 9. Milton Earl Kern viii. Tyler Edwin Bowen.

Adult Sabbath School Lesson Topics

The Book of Acts. Hetty Hurd Haskell. Lessons on the Book of Acts. George B. The Mediation of Christ. Studies on Joel and the Book of Titus.

Frank Dixon Starr. Epistle to the Romans. Epistle of James. Life and Teachings of Jesus.

Book of Acts Book of Acts. Nora Amanda Johnson Spicer x. Topical Bible Studies. William Henry Wakeham xi. Studies in the Book of Daniel. Studies in the Revelation. Psalms of Trust. Fundamentals of the Christian Life. The Church: Its Work and Financial Support.

Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly

The Ministry of Angels. Benjamin E. Beddoe xiii. Christian Education. Bible Studies on Creation. George McCready Price xiv. Our Personal Savior Jesus Christ. The Work of Christ. Union with Christ. The Kingdom of Christ. With the Great Teacher Christian Service.

Hallie Leach. A Study of Bible Characters. The Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit. Edward James Urquhart 1. Christian Missions. Love to God and Love to Man.

The Victorious Life. The Christian Life. Millan Lauritz Andreasen. The Life of Christ. Judson S. The Acts of the Apostles. Henry Franz Schuberth. Julius Christensen Raft. The Book of Ephesians. The Life of David. Cora Thurber. The Book of Isaiah. Responsibilities and Blessings of Stewardship.

Sterrie Austin Wellman. God Revealed in the Natural World. Fannie Dickerson Chase. Old Testament Experiences. Epistle to the Romans Character Building. The Teachings of Jesus. The Science of Salvation. Taylor G.

The Stewardship of Life.

James Adams Stevens. The Lord's Prayer. Lynn Harper Wood. The Epistles of John. The Bible. Ministry of Angels Bible Health and Temperance. The Holy Spirit. The Epistles of Paul to Timothy. Exodus and the Advent Movement. God's Greatest Gift. Bible Doctrines. Books of Ruth and Esther. Plan of Salvation. Ministry of Healing. Responsibilities and Privileges of Church Fellowship.

God in Nature: Fundamental Principles in Creation and Revelation. Captivity and Restoration of Israel. Studies on the Home. Agnes Elvira Lewis Caviness. God's Infinite Love. The Sure Word of Prophecy. Guiding Principles of Life. Christian Experience and Growth. Our Lord Shall Come. Our Spiritual Relationships. Matilda Erickson Andross. Epistle of James Steps in the Christian Walk.

Lessons From Days of Patriarchs and Prophets. Lessons From the Minor Prophets. The Remnant Church. Ephesians 15 , The Way to Christ. Thessalonians and Philemon. Bulwarks of Faith. Book of Hebrews.

Studies on the Decalogue. The Messages of Daniel the Prophet. Our Lord's Prayer. Christian Stewardship The Victorious Life Proverbs and Ecclesiastes Last-Day Events. The Finishing of the Work. Studies on Creation and Redemption. The Apostle Peter and His Epistles. Lessons From the Experiences of Israel. Three Avenues of Divine Witness.

Lessons From the Lives of the Patriarchs. The Power of the Blood of Jesus. Christian Life and Service. Studies in Doctrine. Triumphant in Suffering. The Miracles of Jesus. Its Struggles and Victories. Redeeming Grace. Lessons From the Gospel Prophet. Christian Virtues.

Lessons From the Acts of the Apostles. Studies in Revelation. Christian Ideals. New Testament Biographies. Studies on the Epistle to the Romans.

Our Wonderful God. Great Themes of the New Testament. Stewardship in Its Broader Aspects. The Blessed Hope. Studies on the Law of God Christ-Centered Doctrines Signs of the Times. Righteousness by Faith In Christ. Lessons From the Gospel of John. Character Studies of Bible Youth. The Christian and His Neighbors. The Gift of Prophecy. Women of the Bible. Prayer and Victorious Living. Dynamics of Christian Witnessing. Lessons for Today From the Minor Prophets.

Encouragements and Warnings for the Church Today. Christ in All the Scriptures. Selected Lessons From the Psalms.

2014 Q1: Discipleship

The Christian Home and Healthful Living. The Epistle to the Galatians. Fundamentals of Christian Living. When The World Was Young. Facing Last-Day Deceptions. The Church in the Christian Era. Lessons From the Epistles to the Corinthians. The People of Promise.

Quarterly 2014 pdf sda

The Spirit-Filled Life. Selected Lessons on the Life of Christ. The Joys and Obligations of Christian Stewardship. Studies in the Book of Acts, No. Faith and the Promises of God. Studies in the Book of James.

The Crises of the Christ. Divine Commands and Promises. Keys of the Kingdom. The Way to Life Eternal. Stories of the Master Teacher. Christ, the Incomparable. To Make Man Whole.

Pdf 2014 sda quarterly

Christian Social Behavior. Studies in the Epistle to the Ephesians. The Church and Its World Mission. Home Relations. We Worship God. God's Way of Setting Men Right. Christ and the Sabbath. Awaiting the Advent. The Christian and Communication. A Holy Life in Hard Times. Jesus and His People. Managing God's Goods. Christ Our Righteousness. News From Jesus, Part 1.

News From Jesus, Part 2. A Gift From Jesus. God Is Like This In The Image of God. Faith in Action. Jeremiah--A Message for Our Time. Love Challenged and Vindicated. God Is Not Silent. Nurturing Faith in Jesus.

Worship--A Bible Doctrine. Give Glory to God. Jesus the Model Man. God's Chosen People. The Time of the End. God the Creator. The Path of Faith. Education for Eternity. The Christian Life and Work. The Last Hour. Be Ready! Redemption in Romans. Witness of Jesus. Job, Pain, and Healing.

The Church--Servant to the World. The Church--Home At Last. This We Believe I. This We Believe II. Law, Love, and Life. Seeking the Glory of God. The Christian in the World. Christ's All-Atoning Sacrifice. These Were Victors. Themes in Faith and Salvation. Songs of Experience.

Some Were Obedient. Knowing That We Know God. God's Forgiveness and Love's Response. Jesus Our Mediator. How Christ Meets Human Needs. Christ Our Hope. Beginnings and Belongings. Ideals for Christians.

One Lord, One Faith. In Full Assurance. Heaven Came Down. Total Commitment Now. God and Our Destiny. Christ and His Infant Church. Christ and His Growing Church. Ordinary People; Extraordinary Lives. Bound for the Promised Land. Love Never Fails.

Leviticus and Life. Visions of Victory. Call for the Kingdom. Christ the Only Way. Singing with the Psalmist. The Letter to the Romans. Crisis, Change, and Challenge. Rainbow in the Rain. Living for His Coming. Wisdom to Live By. No Time to Lose. From Gloom to Glory. A Living Hope. A Song of Love. Look Up and Live. Consider My Servant. God's Builders. So Send I You: Biblical Models of Soul Winning. A Place in His Plans. His Mind In You. Three Angels' Messages: A Last Call for Heaven.

Great Chapters of the Bible. Entering God's Rest. Enlightened by the Spirit. Incarnation of Grace: Christ Has Come. How to Study Your Bible. Deterioration and Deliverance.

End-Time Landmarks: Good News for Our Day. God's Family: The Church. Spiritual Gifts: Keys to Ministry. God is Love: Parables of Jesus: Stories of Love and Grace. Healing and Restoration: The Master's Touch. The Gospel on the Street. And there's reason for its beauty - the translators were charged with creating a translation with beauty of language. When they had a choice of how to translate a text and those choices do happen in translation , they chose beauty of language over accuracy.

That said, the KJV is still a good translation for the many people who love it. But we should not insist on using only the KJV because it presents a real hurdle to younger people we want to reach with the gospel - the hurdle of learning a new language, since the KJV is not written in the language of today.

The writings of Ellen White are a blessing for those who believe and are not intended to be used to persuade others to believe as we do. That said, however, some of her writings are quite suitable to share with those who do not believe as we do - books like Christ's Object Lessons , Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings , Steps to Christ and every book of the Conflict of the Ages series.

We need to pray for wisdom to match the literature to the needs of people we meet, remembering it is not our job to convict, but only to share. I appreciate the way you say, "it is not our job to convict, but only to share. May God give us all eyes to see the opportunities that we have for sharing, with the words to express His will in attractive ways.

Hi there, There is this Adult lesson study guide titled Daniel, a fourth quarter study guide. I'm currently living in Korea. Check out the first link on our International Page.

I can't read Korean, so I can't tell whether it includes such a link. I'm a greeter for the Adventist world church and love to study the bible, but I'm looking for any more ideas for preaching biblical hermeneutics. I'm an avid spirit of prophecy person who enjoys reading the deeper truths in SOP including diet reform purity and last day events. I also tell children's story and do special music on piano for the Hazelton B. Seventh-day Adventist church.

I've been doing Music ministry at my church for a long time now and would love to know more about preaching bible based messages. Thanks a million Blessings love and prayers Andrew Whitaker.

We're happy to hear that you enjoy studying the Bible. The object of Bible study is to get to know Jesus better, and if you ask Him to speak to you through His Word at the beginning of your study, He will speak to you. As for where there are preaching opportunities, I gather you mean other than in your community.

If so, I suggest you contact ShareHim. The best place to practice preaching is in your home church. Usually people go to college and the seminary to study under that big word, but the Holy Spirit is quite willing to interpret His Word to anyone who asks. So ask that the Spirit will speak to you as you read and study. It's no good preaching to others what you have not experienced yourself. If you want a little taste of biblical hermeneutics, you can go to Biblical Hermeneutics: The Interpretation of Scripture on our site and study through the material referenced there.

Quite encoraging comments. Praying God to open opportunities for you to reach us here with God's richness-His word. Thank you so much my sister. Im one of the teachers i will use the format. After that pray to God that he will help to deliver to our fellow brethren.

For it is not wise to go day by day. To get the Daily Lessons by email, please select go to http: Thanks Bro Mbuso for the comments. I believe we can liaise with the webmaster of this website to have a translation based website that can switch accordingly to swahili and all the other languages.

Let's pray that God makes a way. I am having a lecturer that is an atheist I would like to get some innovative ways I can reach him.

Any Ideas out there saints? Thank you. Love you and God bless. I have had many Atheist lecturers in my career, and have developed strong friendships with some of them. My best advice is that if you live your life as a Christian should, sooner or later lecturers who have become your friends will ask you questions about your lifestyle and beliefs. There are a few things to keep in mind. Many of my atheistic friends have thought long and hard about what they believe and come by their beliefs quite honestly.

Telling them that their beliefs are wrong and that you have the truth is a fairly sure fire way to end any discussion of spiritual values. If you show them respect for what they believe, they will show you respect. It is no use using christian "terminology" to explain what you believe as the vocabulary you would use is like a foreign language to them. You will need to be quite innovative in thinking of ways to communicate your ideas to them.

My PhD supervisor had relationship issues. At our weekly research meetings I would often spend as much time listening to him unburden himself about the issues with his wife, and later, girlfriend, as we did discussing research. He appreciated the fact that I would listen and not lecture him on what he should or should not be doing. We do not mail out PDF files.

SSQ - All Documents

You will have to download them from the link above. You can have daily lessons emailed to you from http: I enjoy these lessons but i also need the Bible class lessons for my fiance who is about to be baptised. How do i get them? Click on this link for the main resource page. And go to AdventistBookCenter. Go to Amazon. You don't need a Kindle for these, but can read them on a computer or mobile device.

There's a link to the Kindle app further up on this page, but you can just click here for a free download. Hi everyone, I would like to know what does this quarter Sabbath school book's cover page paining mean. All i could understand was it a the pic of Job. Nothing more to it. Can someone help me.

What was the artiest real trying to express by that cover picture. Every cover I paint is, of course, a reflection of that quarter's content, Ben. Some covers are more symbolic, some more interpretive, and some are simply representative of the lessons. In the case of The Book of Job cover , I have painted a close up of Job's face showing the boils that tormented him, illustrating the bewilderment he felt at the horrors that He believed God had inflicted on him in such quick succession.

Job's eyes show him pondering what has happened, and trying to understand why God has allowed it. The body language of his three friends illustrates that they are concerned, but are puzzled as well, initially unsure themselves why their friend seems to be cursed of God. The Book of Job is one of the most plainly written answers to the basic questions of life and suffering that we have in Scripture. It gives us a very straight forward revelation of Satan, the battle between good and evil, and the invisible world that we are connected to.

Our existential questions are answered directly. And I like that. The Daily Lessons are published on our site every day right on the home page. You can also have the lessons sent to you by subscribing on the Email Options page. Dear Brethren, I want to thank the Lord for the good work pursued and may He bless thee.

It is in this vain that I would love to know whether I can access a soft-copy of a "bible study guide".

If yes, I humbly need to be helped. I think you mean a paper copy of the Bible Study Guide? Where in the world are you located? Wherever it is, we suggest you find the nearest Seventh-day Adventist Church and ask there. Peter, we would love to have you join the conversation around the daily lesson segments. You can find this by going to http: You will find the most recent lesson at the top, and previous daily lessons below that.

I think you are asking for the PDF lesson files. You can find them under the link at the top of the page: Lessons in PDF Format. This appears to be a link to the Spanish version of the Sabbath School Study guide. Perhaps some of our Spanish speaking readers can check this out for us. In fact, during different quarters from to , Minor Prophets were covered in the Bible Study Guides before, but Obadiah and Nahum were not covered then either. Yes, you have come to the right place. If you look near the top of this page you will find a link to Amazon.

Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Lots of anecdotes. Hope this helps Amen! Dear Arop, We do not send out lessons weekly. Which is the best bible version to study? Please help I did some study on this topic and have published my findings here: A copy of the Manual in PDF format is available: Thank you for your comment.

If someone will tell us where such a version is available online, we'll link to it. Thank you very much for this useful site. Is it possible to get the lesson in Powerpoint? If anyone would like to offer a PowerPoint version, they can let us know. Dear Sugi, If you will check our front page , you will see that we already feature one video every week, and there are more in our Audio-visual section. Hie there, what about the Spirity of prophets? Thanks a million Blessings love and prayers Andrew Whitaker Amen!

Dear Andrew, We're happy to hear that you enjoy studying the Bible. May God bless you as you study. Praying God to open opportunities for you to reach us here with God's richness-His word Amen! For the HTML lessons, see the link on the left to the topic of the quarter.

For it is not wise to go day by day Amen!