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PDF - Plato, not Prozac! If one is to believe this New Age self-help book, the answers to most of life's problems can be found by applying lessons learned from . By Lou Marinoff. If you're dealing with a drawback -- even if it's dealing with a courting, residing ethically, facing a profession switch. It is to solve some of the problems of life, not theoretically, but practically. — HENRY . Plato, Not Prozac! offers you some of the fruits of philosophical practice.

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Plato not Prozac Plato not Prozac! Applying Philosophy to Everyday Problems by Lou Marinoff, Ph.D., HarperCollins Publishers, Reviewed by Tudor B. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. If one is to believe this New Age self-help book, the answers to most of life's problems can be found by applying lessons. If you're facing a dilemma -- whether it's handling a relationship, living ethically, dealing with a career change, or finding meaning in life -- the world's most.

Some practitioners specialize in one type of practice; others branch into more than one type. Lou Marinoff's advice to your own needs, this is an intelligent, effective, and persuasive prescription for self-healing therapy that is giving psychotherapy a run for its money. The metaphor of a chess game inspired by my philosophical counseling colleague Ran Lahav illustrates the differences between psychological, psychoanalytic, psychiatric, and philosophical approaches to counseling. Since some strange views have been put forward, by error or with some ulterior motives … philosophers have been compelled to assert the truth of the manifest or to deny the existence of things wrongly imagined. Each of the chapters in Part II focuses on one of the more common problems brought to philosophical counselors, shows how philosophy addresses them, and guides you in applying philosophical thinking to your own particular situations. Here in Part I, I introduce philosophical practice, ways of using philosophy to help yourself, and the limits of self-help.

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