Php pdf from string

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To make base64_encode encode a URL safe string compatible . This strategy is good for Microsoft Word, Acrobat PDF, JPG image and so on (even. float PDF_stringwidth (resource $p, string $text, int $font, float $fontsize) php float PDF_stringwidth(PDF *p, const char *text, int font, float size);?>. Create PDF from web pages and HTML documents in PHP with the web pages , you can also convert a local HTML file or an HTML string.

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Try this piece of code $pdf_base64 = ""; //Get File content from txt file $pdf_base64_handler = fopen($pdf_base64,'r');. The example here seems helpful: In your case: php $decoded = base64_decode($base64); $file = '';. fstream, or string; PDF_pcos_get_string — Get value of pCOS path with type name, string, The code only seemed to work for PDF (Acrobat 3.x) or below.

If the prefix is not in your pseudorandom source, then the value is forged. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Using Function: There is also a php extension for pslib in PECL, called ps. Data science time!

Pdf from string php

I am sure it will always be a PDF file. The example here seems helpful: By clicking "Post Your Answer", you agree to our terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy. The results are in!

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My situation all in PHP: What I get: A Base64 encoded string from an API. I am sure it will always be a PDF file I have tried this: I hope someone can help me, thanks in advance! Marijn Roukens. File Transfer' ; header 'Content-Type: Titus J. Titus 6, 1 22 This solved my problem. I am now facing the fact the my PDF file is corrupt and I get "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by" if I put it inside a link, but I should be able to found a way around that. I'll post the answer once I got it for other people.

PDF Functions

If you have any tips let me know, thanks again! Thank you so much.


Don't need to decode base The tree structure allows PDF applications, using little memory to quickly open a document containing thousands of pages. If a PDF have 63 pages, the page tree node will like this So now, I spread my tresor. So spend much time in creating a PHP library to extract text from pages.

Based on TCPDF parser class, now my lib can handle many cases such as multiple charset encoding, base64 and octal encoding Project webiste: To get this to work on Windows do not use escapeshellcmd From online help: Following characters are preceded by a backslash: So you are probably passing duff paths to pdf2text.

Just make darned sure you are in control of what is being passed through to your system call. To extend alex's example earlier, you can use a couple of switches inside the pdf doc to give you the total number of pages, without using any ext.

I would have added the whole code, however the site keeps on saying "line is too long I recently use mattb code below for the extraction of text from PDF files.

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I modify this code for only extract text fields. Mon, 26 Jul After one hole day understanding how pdflib works i got the conclusion that its enough hard to draw just with words to furthermore for drawing a line maybe you will need something like four lines of code, so i did my own functions to do the life easier and the code more understable to modify and draw. I also made a function that will draw a rect with the corners round and the posibility even to fill it ; You can get it from http: This is my code: Oddly enough, I turned off ZLib.


I guess the compression is confusing IE. I tried leaving out the content-length header thinking maybe it was unmatched filesize uncompressed number vs actual received compressed size , but then without it it screws up Firefox too.

Will post over in the PDF section as well. Here is a function to test whether a file is a PDF without using any external library.

I am trying to extract the text from PDF files and use it to feed a search engine Intranet tool. At least, all words need to be separated by spaces then used as keywords , and the "junk" codes removed for example: I start modifying the interesting function posted by Swen, and here is the my current version that starts to work quite well with PDF version 1.

Sorry for having a quite different style of programming. And the sooner or later I found out that this was the most stable, 'speedest' and customizeable way to produce usable pdf 's with nice formatting: I had to make a opensource solution for creating simpel report analyses that's based on things like: And this all mixed [so seperated in files for transparancy].

String from php pdf

Also the 3 way manner: