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Being able to export from an application to Word or PDF opens up new NET. Having the ability to create a new Word document from code. Hi, I need to display a pdf document inside a web form. I know how to do so using an hyperlink control (NavigateUrl property), but in this case I. NET PDF library used to create, read, and edit PDF documents. Using this library, you can create a PDF document in MVC.

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Let's imagine that we have Core Web API project in which we need to generate a PDF report. Even though it shouldn't suppose to be. In this article, I will explain how to open a PDF file in a web browser using ASP. NET. You can find full source code of this sample in ExamplesAdvanced folder of Bytescout BarCode Reader SDK installation. Web Barcode Reader Tester (C#) Click browse button to upload a PDF document.

Include the following namespaces in that HomeController. Getting started with Visual C. Starting with v Add a new action method named CreateDocument in HomeController. Could you assist with this requirement or point me to an article on how to add a second page to the pdf?

Thank you Alvaro. in pdf document

About the page count, I think there is no possibility to know that or at least not that I know. Hello, can you help me in my project need qr code in pdf file. Need dinamic create in pdf qr code. To create qr code, you can look at this link https: This library creates image qr code, so you can save it to disk.

Once you have it created and saved you can transfer it to the pdf document by following this article. Just in your html code add the and all should be just fine. Have to add below code and CustomAssemblyLoadContext. Thanks You should move this libwkhtmltox.

Great Article. It works ideal for me.

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I now have been tasked with adding a second page to each. Could you assist with this requirement or point me to an article on how to add a second page to the pdf? Great Article using it. Doing Great. Would you be willing to assist with how to create a second page — It is fixed data on the second page? Hello Byron.

First of all, thank you for commendation it is always nice to read that kind of comments from the reader. About your task, I am not sure that I got it quite right. Do you have the content on the first page and more space to fill on that page but now you want to start another page and to leave the first one as it is? Another question: Marinko — Thanks for your response.

This they want so they can print the a 2 sided document. I hope this clarifies your question. Are there any known issues with using POST instead? But when I return the file or stream back to the front-end, I will receive a blank but correct number of pages PDF file with a corrupted title.

Took a while since one issue just led to another , but I got it. Tried this and it works just fine, but this may be a dumb question… , why is it that if I type in the address bar in the browser localhost: The reason is: I would like to call the action and possibly create different actions in the same controller as well and provide parameters to them in order to generate different reports and formatting depending on the parameters.

What would be the proper way of dealing with this scenario?

5 Ways to Export from ASP.NET to Word and PDF Files

Helo Joe. Thank you for reading this article. Let me answer your question. To enable such a route you need to create a proper [HttpGet] attribute for another action. So the current action CreatePDF is on the localhost: But if you want another one you must write something like this:. If you are not so familiar with routing and Actions in. NET Core, I recommend you reading our. NET Core tutorial, it will help you a lot for sure: Hi, if I will deploy in a linux ec2 instance which runs on ubuntu, do I need to add this CustomAssemblyLoadContext and in the configure services?

I am trying to deploy this code in cloud PCF and getting dll not found error. The problem was not in the code, but on the server. This post illustrates the solution that worked for me. The dependencies were part of this distribution. Hello and thank you for a great article!

I did follow your tutorial but I get the following error: Could not initialize OLE error This happens while executing converter. I see alot of people with the same error regarding generating PDFs and I could use your help.

Thanks in advance. Hello David. I would suggest to look at our source code and to compare it. This has to work, it is tested by many users, as you can see from the comments, but we can check it. Thank you for a fast reply.

How to Easily Create a PDF Document in ASP.NET Core Web API

I choose to save the generated PDF on disk and it actually works. However, the project console contains the before mentioned error. I am currently testing different PDF generation options and have not tested it in live environment. This is actually my concern. The solution that you posted is pretty simple and straightforward and I think I implemented it ok.

But those should be the only 2 differences. Hi David. Once I registered it as a singleton inside the IOC, the error message disappeared. Hmm, yeah, I read through the comments and I see most people made that mistake.

Although, I do have a slight difference: Could that be the problem? Should I register it in some other way? I already tried to copy the Dink files in both WebApi and Business roots, but still the same. Well now, it is really strange. Have you tried, just for example sake, to create a test ptoject and to implement pdf logic, just to see whether the error is going to repeat.

But when i run on my local it work as well, but i deploy on azure, it throw error: The specified CGI application encountered an error and the server terminated the process. Please help to resolve it. This is my site: But maybe any of our readers did it, and they could help you. Please check my site: This code looks fine. But I see your result is not. So maybe if you can share your code with us, then I can have a better look.

If you have a good result on your local machine, then it is maybe something on the azure side. I have an issue tho: Hello Mika. Maybe that will work. Do you know how it works under the blackbox of dinkto? My most basic css commands like background-color are executed, so I know the file is read, but apparently it has issue generating the template as it should. I am sorry, but I am not familiar with that at all. Never gone that deep into the dll.

But I can only tell, related to CSS complexity, that css flex is not complex at all, in other words it is pretty easy to use, so you can try it for sure. Your email address will not be published.

Want to make the best API possible? Subscribe and get most out of your API with our latest guide. Download FREE guide: This guide will help you get an edge over your competition. Global Error Handling in. SetCompatibilityVersion CompatibilityVersion. Models ;. Generic ;. Text ;. GetAllEmployess ;. Append ". Name , emp. LastName , emp.

How to Open PDF Files in Web Brower Using

Age , emp. Gender ;. ToString ;. Contracts ;. Mvc ;. Utility ;. Color ,. Portrait ,. GetCurrentDirectory , "assets" , "styles. Convert pdf ;. GetCurrentDirectory , "libwkhtmltox. Related Posts.

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Hope you enjoy our other articles as well.

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Web; using System. UI; using System. WebControls; using iTextSharp. View demo Download http: If you enjoyed this article, get email updates it's free. Please enter Email-ID Invalid email-id. Related Articles. This is one of my favourites, of course. Aside from this blog, there are dozens of great blogs on writing about create PDF document using iTextSharp. I like to read about what works for others — it inspires me to write these series of articles about iTextSharp.

Other articles related to iTextSharp. I have already written an article about bind ASP. NET Chart control from database. You could refer this article by following this below link. Bind ASP. NET chart control from database using C. If you are not aware to include iTextSharp. First we need to make sure that how we can extract HTML Table from entire source code and how we can get conten Thanks for downloading..!! Recent Post. Remote desktop to Azure Service Fabric virtual machines.

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