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Passages is a two-level, multi-skills course that takes students of English from the high-intermediate to the advanced level. Passages Student s Book 2 is. Mar 3, Books Type PDF Passages Level 2 Student s Book (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Jack C. Richards Books Online for Read. Jack C. Richards,Chuck Sandy: Passages Level 2 Student's Book with The Worst Years of My Life: *FREE* The Lies That Bind pdf, epub.

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Cambridge - Passages 2 Students Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Passages is a two-level multi-skills course for upper-intermediate. Passages [Medienkombination]. 2, Student's book by Jack C Richards · Passages [Medienkombination]. 2, Student's book. by Jack C Richards; Chuck Sandy;. PDF | Passages 2 is the second and last book in the Passages series. It is aimed at B2-level students and teaches American English. Revised in , the new.

Seoul is well known The place where for its spicy food most tourists go and its shopping first in Sydney is areas. How much sleep does Neil Stanley think a person needs? That's a disadvantage. Beijing has many for museums. Bobcat screams.

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WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. I should have. Can you find other examples of past modals and phrasal modals of obligation? What does each one mean? B Choose the answer that is true for each sentence. I didn't have to go with my friends.

Jane wasn't rude to me. I thought this was necessary. Then compare answers w ith a partner. I didn't invite them. We were forced to do this. I thought I needed to have more clothes. I should have stayed home and studied! It was a good idea. I invited them. After I started high school. I wasted a lot of money once because I thought I needed to. O e n joye d doing something you weren't supposed to do?

O not done something you s hould have done? O done something fo olish that you didn't need to do? O had t o enforce a rule you didn't like? B Pair work Discuss your answers. At my old job. Jane was rude to me. We forgot to study. That was a secret! You weren't supposed 4. I was supposed to be studying this weekend.

When I had the opportunity. We didn't have to study for the test. I wasn't supposed to take a long lunch. It was expected.

I made someone angry once because I wasn't supposed to. J Past experiences A Look at the survey and choose the items that are true for you. We were prepared for the test. Ruby always follows the recipe closely to prevent problems when she cooks. B Pair work Tell your partner about people you know w ho are similar to the people in the sentences in part A Maria can look at a broken bicycle and find the problem right away.

Use the verbs to replace the boldfaced words and phrases in the sentences. Al is the kind of student who always makes problems for teachers. Felipe F.. My friend always ignores his problems. Her car is always making strange noises. Michael always unexpectedly encounters problems when he tries to fix things Carla is great at completely fixing any kind of problem at work..

My friend never does anything about his problems What did each person finally do about the problem? Write the correct letter Dan always makes his problems worse.. My sister is never afraid to try to take care of a difficult problem. Briefly describe each person's problem Do you have any questions about your partner's paragraph? Is there anything you disagree with? D Pair work Exchange brainstorming lists and paragraphs with a partner.

If you take your time.. Can you think of a gooq t itle for your partner's paragraph? Explain your choice. Brainstorming Brainstorming means making a list of ideas about a topic. If there are no sales right now. Then you can use this list to come up with a topic sentence and ideas to support it. First of all. You can check in the newspaper or on line to find what you're looking for Write your ideas..

Then write a topic sentence and a similar paragraph about your topic using your ideas. A Group work Brainstorm as many ideas as you can to add to the dos and don'ts for living on a budget. How many brainstorming ideas did your partner use? Do you think he or she chose the best ones? Then answer the questions.. You need to check at least a few other stores and go on line to compare prices.. It's not clear who was behind the hoax. Whose comments do you agree with? Banksy is a British graffiti artist who has become famous around the world for two things: Any clues to his identity always make the news.

Banksy has managed to keep his identity secret and both his fans and detractors alert. Readers hoping to finally see his face must have been pretty disappointed when they saw the picture of Banksy.

In Banksy's secret was still safe. Time magazine featured Banksy as one of the most influential people of the year. At that time. It may have been Banksy documenting his own work. People thought he could have been trying to get publicity for the movie.. B Pair work Compare your reactions to the article.

That website hoax might have been planned by Banksy himself. Do you agree? I don't know. Do not use must not have for obligations. Your boss promised to promote you. Banksy shouldn't have painted on other people's property He might have been busy at work. You and your friend planned to meet.

You loaned your classmate a lot of money To express obligation. I'm certain Banksy must have wanted to win that Oscar.

You haven't received any phone calls or text should have called to tell me.. You receive flowers from a secret admirer.. You feel sick after a big fish dinner. Some people rushed to save a bottle of the colored water. Disagreeing B Group work Discuss your explanations Engla nd. J What's t h e explanation? A Read these headlines about strange events. People thought he could have been trying to get publicity for the movie. Farmers say the honey is unsellable.

What does each modal express? Wh ich one is used in the passive? B Use medals to w rite reactions to these situations. I think someone may have been making the sound I know what you mean.

How would you explain them? A person can break a glass using just his or her voice. How did Sheila think that cell phones could cause fires?

Why do giraffes have long necks? Choose the ones discovered to be true. What color is an insect's blood? Yawning is contagious. Talking to plants for a short time will help them grow better. Why did Adam doubt that talking to plants could help them grow? Why do some people fall in love at first sight? Discuss your answers with a partner. Can anyone in the group explain the mysteries? Using a cell phone can cause a fire at a gas station.

Why doesn't a haircut hurt? I bet that's the reason why. Why do some buildings not have a thirteenth floor? What ideas did Sheila and Adam originally have? Answer the questions. Why didn't Adam believe that yawning could be contagious?

C Group work Brainstorm other mysteries you might like to have Solving Mysteries investigate for you. Why did Sheila have trouble believing voices could break a glass? Is t here life on other planets? True False 1. Amy had to give him W hat if the person you married forgot who you were? For one Texas couple. Sean could not day before their first anniversary.

A Group work What does amnesia mean? What are some things that might cause amnesia? The or who Amy was. D D C Group work Discuss these questions. He said to Amy. He his life. Although he had a room devoted to music.

Amy and Sean McNulty's wedding day started well. He was but you can't find it. Brown explained that amnesia was like Amy contacted the police. According to Dr. When Sean got out of the hospital. What would you have done if you had been in Amy's position?

Sean realized he'd left his wallet in personal memories or autobiographical memories their car. I couldn't plenty of shared memories. Daniel Brown says Sean's amnesia might ended with a shock. Sean shoved cake in Amy's face when he remembered who she was.

Sean and Amy didn't know each other well before they got married. Sean's remember any personal details from memories flooded back in an instant. How is our re lationship to confirm he picked the right bride. He still has the file. The amnesia might have been caused by stress. Sean's amnesia began after he was in a car accident.. He had no idea who he was Fortunately. One of Sean's good friends was in have been caused by a series of stressful moments. Amy and Sean decided to Sean's brain didn't connect with his identity anymore.

What would be some of the problems you'd face if you ever forgot everything? It's got the ocean on one side and mountains on the other. B Pair work Tell your partner about a city you know. Seoul is well known The place where for its spicy food most tourists go and its shopping first in Sydney is areas.

Most restaurants here stay open until here for the first time are amazed by the crowds. Who mentions these topics. The spring and fall are the shops that sell the latest fashions.

2 book passages pdf students

Which city would you most like to visit? Beijing has many for museums. Cities of the w orld A Read about these cities.

Who is talking about Athens and who is talking about Seoul? Diana 0 or Matt M? Write the correct letter. The Myeong-dong area has dozens of and museums.

It's really beautiful. You can see fabulous sculptures there. Aden is an ancient port city that is located in southern Yemen. C Join the sentences using non-defining relative clauses. Sao Paulo which is the biggest city in Brazil is one of the world's most populated cities. It is the world's largest public square. Most restaurants here stay open until midnight. They were originally from Great Britain. Gaudf designed Barcelona's Park Guell. This is when Koreans celebrate the Chuseok festival.

Bogota which is situated on a high plateau in central Colombia has frequently changing weather. Then compare answers. Australia's first European settlers came to Sydney in the late s.

Write three sentences explaining your reasons. Montreal is a sophisticated city where some of the best cuisine in Canada is found.. Beijing has many popular tourist attractions. Can you find more relative clauses? B Underline the relative clauses in the sentences and add commas where necessary.

The Myeong-dong area has dozens of shops that sell the latest fashions. Fast-food restaurants are already fairly common in China. B Pair work Tell your partner which city you'd like to visit and why. They are increasing in number each year. Over one million people come to Pamplona in July when the festival of San Fermin takes place in this Spanish city. Notice the use of commas.

The spring and fall are the seasons when most people come to visit. The center of Beijing is Tiananmen Square. A non-defining relative clause gives optional information about a noun and cannot begin with the pronoun that. A great time to visit Seoul is in the fall. Write D for a defining and ND for a non-defining relative clause. Use relative clauses where appropriate. It's a deep-fried cake that's made from mashed beans.

A Are these features of cities more important to tourists or to residents? Put the words in the correct columns. Add ideas of your ow n. Choose the city features that Carlos and Vicki mention. New York is I'm with you. I'm not sure I agree. Acaraje is one of the most popular foods. Who seems to like the city better? Perfect places A Answer the questions w ith your own ideas. Give examples and add extra information.

I know what you mean. Mind maps help you map out the supporting details about your topic. Underline the ideas from the mind map in the paragraph.

Choose the main idea and write it in the center of the mind map. A Look at the phrases in the box about Cuzco. Then write the supporting details around it. Be sure the main idea is general and the map contains several supporting ideas.

Cuzco has great markets where you can shop for local arts and crafts. Would you like to visit the place your partner wrote about?

Are there enough supporting details? Are there any details you'd like your partner to add? C Choose a place you know and make your own mind map. E Pair work Exchange paragraphs with a partner. D Write a paragraph based on the ideas in your mind map. Cuzco has many places to stay. Does the content of the paragraph reflect the ideas in the mind map? B Pair work Which of the terms best describes your hometown?

Which best describes t he town w here you'd like to live someday? How would you define each one? Despite the attractive location Then compare answers.. But there's not much action here at night.. There's something to do in all four seasons. B Pair work Which place do you think has more to offer.

Passages rd-Student | Clause | Phrase

Most evenings you can choose from a movie. On the other hand. But be careful. Alt hough it's fast.. There are not many I a lot of things I like about this town. Ask and answer follow-up questions. Can you find more sentences that have two or more modifiers? B Write descriptions of places you know.

Where would you move? Despite the high cost of living in this city. Then complete the sentences. I hope someplace cheaper. I'll have to move if rents 90 up. In spite of that. The spring I summer I fall I winter here is very nice. Although l would! I'll have to move if rents go up. Although I would like to live in this town forever. What words and phrases connect the contrasting ideas? B Choose the words that are true for you. C Pair work Discuss your answers. Even thoug h finding an apartment is easy I difficult in this town.

The areas around this town are mainly rural I suburban I urban. Most places in this town close early I late.

Passages 2 3rd Edition - Official

Can you add one more to the list? Explain why. I don't mind if it's a little boring. The rents are expensive. The restaurants are all expensive. I guess low crime rates are probably the most important. Which person has these opinions? Choose Maria. I want to live somewhere where I feel safe. Which issues were mentioned most often? It's a fun place to live.

It's easy to get around Sydney. But for me.

The beaches are great. Who seems to enjoy living there more? Life is better in a smaller town.

Richards Jack, Sandy Chuck. Passages 2 Student's Book - Second Edition

Maria Ian Both 1. If you believe what Melbournians and Sydneysiders say.. Are there any cities in your country that have a rivalry? How are the cities similar and different? Is the rivalry based on stereotypes or on facts? Tell your partner Then read the article C Group work Discuss these questions..

It's true that Melbourne tends to have less rain than Sydney and that Sydney's average temperatures are higher. The rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne is a recent development.

Sydneysiders claim to live in the same kind of pla ce. Are these statements true T. Why do you think people in Melbourne and Sydney tend to focus on the differences between the two cities rather than on the similarities? Life in Sydney.. Residents of both of these world-class cities are rightly proud of where they live. Melbourne is just a qua int coastal ci t y with nothing to do unless you're into ind ie music festival s and a slow-paced lifestyle.

Write the correct letters B Read the article again.. It's hard to get anywhere in Melbourne or Sydney without a car. Nobody can agree. And while the cost-of-living is a little lower in Melbourne and salaries are higher in Sydney. In reality Both Melbourne and Sydney have fabulous restaurants featuring cuisine from just about anywhere in the world.. Sydney is a warm. And their excellent public transportation systems help you get around easily.

If you're not convinced. In addition.. If you believe the stereotypes that fuel this rivalry.. It costs slightly less to live in Melbourne than it does in Sydney. I don't really like going to galleries alone. I'm just the opposite. B Group work Compare your recommendations in groups. The city ought to. Was your assessment correct? It would be nice to be able to walk around without -- Useful expressions. Make a list of changes you think should be made.

Can you think of a personal example for each one? Likes and dislikes A Look at these items. That way I can spend as much time as I want.. Choose the best answer. It's nice to share the experience with someone. Wouldn't it be nice if. Choose the four most interesting recommendations and It would make a lot of sense to.

Gulf of Mexico S. The Ubertad Market is fantastic. I used to make up excuses so that I could avoid going to French class. Anna said she should have bought her brother a drum set.

Students passages book pdf 2

B Listen again. Anna buried her brother's harmonica in the desert. D D C Pair work Have you ever made a mistake like the ones on the radio show? Would you consider calling a show like Who's Sorry Now? A Listen to a radio show called Who's Sorry Now? What is the focus of the show? Luke didn't tell his roommate that he knew about the call. I really wish I could speak French now. Mark said he should feel terrible. What about you? I should have gone! Maybe it would be fun.

Explain w hy they are worth seeing. It's a market every tourist should see because. Luke thinks he should have told his roommate he knew about the call. Mark made the manager think that Luke didn't want the job.. I race off had trouble getting up it gets to be late afternoon..

Exercise between 4: A Read these statements. This is a to post more positive messages.. After I finish early. Whenever you have to work with People can be most creative when they are less focused. Whenever you need to study for a test.. I'm such a grouch. I head to the late riser.

I'd say I'm arrive I always get there coffee. Until I've had my at work. I suppose I'm a right after I wake up! I feel great the rest of a real night owl. B Pair work Do you prefer to do these things in the morning. I've I don't get much done until the morning.. Compare answers.

B Group work Which of the people in part A are you most similar to? I can concentrate office. I often sneak a energy. A Pair work Read this information. How would you define the boldfaced words? As soon as I get up in Ever since I was a kid.

Do you agree with the advice given? Get on social networking sites between Energy levels drop between 1: I head to the office. Ever since I was young. As soon as I get up in the morning. I can. While w orking on a really difficult task. I go for a bike ride to relax. How often do you sleep over at a friend 's? As soon as I start to feel sleepy in the evening. If the subject is the same in both clauses of the sentence.

After I finish I After finishing my workout.. I don't feel awake in the morning until. Whenever you have to work with numbers. I have to stretch every 30 minutes. While I take I While taking my lunch break at work.

How do you calm down after an argument? Do you ra ce off as soon as class is over? Do yo u ever doze off for a few mi nutes in public?

Can you find more time clauses? Which one can be reduced? B Pair work Complete the sentences with information about yourself. I'm not very approachable right after I wake up I right after waking up! Then discuss your answers with a partner. Ever since I was a kid I've been a night person from the moment I started college. What time do you turn in on the weekend? I often sneak a five-minute nap. Where do you like to ride?

How do you perk up when you feel sleepy? I race off to the gym. From the moment I wake up in the morning. Until I've had my coffee. Do yo u ever burn out from too much work? Whenever I have t rouble sleeping. How d o you chill out after a rough day? I've had trouble getting up early. B Pair work Imagine you have one of the problems in part A Select the things you do to cope with stress.

The next I get so nervous before I have day. I've been working a lot on this project.. Have you ever had problems like these? What other problems do people have with sleep and energy levels? I alw ays put off studying unt il the night before a t est. I and then I'm not at my best. I'm worried about my health.. I'm worried about my health. Can you add other suggestions to the list? Sean I'm so wom out.. What is the main cause of stress for each person?

I stay up all night st udying. Giving advice "I have a real problem. Take turns asking for and giving advice. Whenever my friend s call or text me late at night. Lisa What solution has each person found? I still don't do ver y well. It's going we ll. I can't keep m y eyes open! When I'm playing.. I feel relaxed.. Then write a paragraph with a topic sentence.

Playing sports.. Then choose the best topic sentence from the list. Night people get enough sleep even though they go to bed late. C Choose one of these topics or your own idea. Early morni ng is a bad time of day for most people.. I don't think about anyth ing but the ball. Night people.. A Read the paragraph. Morning people and night people live very different lives B Read the paragraph and complete the topic sentence.

I play soccer or basket ball.. I'm focused.. On the other hand.. Working at night is hard for morning people. Can you guess what your partner's topic sentence is? They often drag themselves through the day and reach their peak in the evening. Kicking a soccer ball around clears my head. They seem to get most of their work done before lunch I'm exhausted every morning.

I never have any trouble sleeping. Which statements are true for you? But let me ask you something. I end up sleeping until the next morning. I do the same thing. I only wake up early if I have somewhere to be in the morning. I can easily fall asleep at school.

Unless I get a good night's sleep. B Pair work Compare your answers. I'm a light sleeper. Whenever I try to take a nap. I replay everything that happened during the day. I can manage on five hours of sleep. I'm lucky I can get by on six hours of sleep. I can't help it. Choose the statements that are true for you. I always set two alarm clocks just in case one of them doesn't go off.

I sometimes lie awake at night. What do you do when you feel drowsy after lunch? I only leave a light on if. Even if I'm extremely stressed out. Just in case introduces an undesirable circumstance that needs to be taken into account. C Complete t he sentences with information about yourself. I always have a boring book on my night table just in case. Considering that introduces causes and reasons that explain the main clause. Can you find more clauses stating reasons and conditions? B Match the clauses to make sentences.

Power naps at work are a good idea. I fall asleep pretty quickly at night. I was surprisingly alert at work. As long as introduces a condition on which the main clause depends. I wake up early only if I have somewhere to be in the morning. Night owls hate to wake up early. Unless I have enough sleep at night. Unless introduces something that must happen in order to avoid a consequence.

I never. I usually wake up on time. I can't think very clearly in the morning. What do you think they mean? When Interpreting meaning I looked down.

What is each person's dream? What do they think the dreams mean? Complete the c hart. I was amazed to see hundreds of I think that means. Take turns adding sentences. The balloon probably stands for. Match the dreams with their possible meanings. I asked a man for help..

Whose dream do you th ink is scarier?

Kate Sergio C Pair work What do you think their dreams mean? Do you ever have similar dreams? J The meaning of dreams A Read the information.. B Pair w ork Read these accounts of unusual dreams.. Are we sleeping enough? Not if you believe in the old formula of eight hours of rest.