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Collocations are groups of words which often go together. For example, take a A good general dictionary will be very helpful, providing pronunciation guides. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | This study separately examined a token spoken corpus and a His collocation dictionary contains a large number of . The collocations were found by searching in two collections of modern English text. This study presents a list of the highest frequency collocations of spoken manual analysis involved in separating different senses of an identical . Dictionary () was used to distinguish the senses so that this could.

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To download the PDF file (i.e. Oxford Collocation click on the following address (or the download link above); you can take a. file:///C|/TEMP/htm/OXFORD_PHRASEBUILDER_HTML/files/ OXFORD Collocations | dictionary for students of English. ○ A level noun. ○ abandon. Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English. Home · Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students Views 29MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF.

Correct the w r o n g collocations using adverbs from the b o x. I could make dinner for you at my place. I was in good s a year ago but then I became a bit lazy. I feel so hungry! Are you a good team player1?

Im looking for this dictionary would you please send it to my email address? Thanks a million. Hi my dear colleague! The more I search, the less I find. My hopes for this will be shattered without your assistance. Strongly believe you love all of those who live their English lives with heart and soul. I desperately need that. Please bring me back to life! Here is my Email Address: I keep my finger crossed for getting that in a flash.

Thanks again for letting me pour my heart out to you, colleagues. You must be logged in to post a comment. Patterns and Examples. Open the PDF file provided in this post C: Please Note: Log in to Reply donya May 13, 9: But for me it is the family landscape of my childhood and I am happy that the government has decided to guard this environment.

It is a dramatic set which is a lot worth visiting for anyone who likes spectacle views. From the top of the tower, you get a view which allows you to see a very wide stretch of the surrounding area.

The city skyline is a wonderful mix of old and new, and the city itself has a lot of busy, narrow cobbled1 streets. The old town is a conservation area and it has a lot of quaint2 old buildings dating back to the city's foundation in the s.

Behind it, the streets are full of lively bars and fashionable clubs. The pavement cafes and shops of Luna Square are pleasant but very expensive. As you drive into the city, the tree-lined avenues of the residential areas are soon replaced by the high-rise flats of the inner city5.

Then come the imposing buildings of the Parliament and government departments. Some of the inner-city areas are an urban wasteland 1 and are somewhat dangerous for visitors. In fact some streets have become no-go 2 areas, with high crime. Many streets are strewn with litter and there are numerous run-down 3 buildings. There are some deprived 4 areas round the city centre with huge social problems. The industrial zones which lie on the edge of the city are grey and polluted.

The exhaust fumes can be a nightmare. The volume of traffic has increased in recent years and the incessant roar 7 of trucks and buses makes the city centre an extremely noisy place. The comfortable suburbs 8 away from the city centre contrast sharply with the poor shanty towns 9 one sees on the way to the airport. Find a description in an encyclopaedia, tourist brochure or guide book of a city that you know 1 well or are interested in.

Make a note of any interesting collocations that you find there. I You have an outgoing personality and a good sense of humour. July Although you can be painfully shy in social situations, at work you give the impression of being supremely confident. You have a tendency to make I You have a vivid imagination, but August snap decisions4.

You have a strong sense of September responsibility and always keep You are highly intelligent with a your word5. You are good at keeping secrets ; You set high standards for yourself October and never bear a grudge6. You find it hard to keep your November temper7 if you think someone is June I The best aspect of your personality making a fool out of you8. December You can be brutally honest9 and sometimes hurt others' feelings.

You are sometimes given the first letter. She is not very something bad a friend did to me recently. She always care sometimes how much she promises not to tell other people, but I'm my feelings.

I am finding it increasingly not sure she always her w o r d. Jan H. But perhaps it might be better to I my temper and let her know 5 My boyfriend has a really friendly, how I really feel?

He's intelligent and has a -sharp mind. We've been together now first and not to think of myself. I believe for a year, and I like him a lot, but don't you should not lose your p with love him any more. Should I be b your friends, but if someone seems to honest with htm and tell him?

I feel a of responsibility towards him. He has always been 3 I'm a little shy, though not p f loyal to me in good and bad shy, but sometimes I think I the times, which is a wonderful a of impression that I'm unfriendly. How can I his personality.

I feel I ought to contact convince people that I'm good c the police or social services, but I don't and worth getting to know? Gary J. Bob's found it hard to accept psychologically the fact that he's n o w divorced.

Yes, he's found it hard with his new situation. Kevin's problem is he can't laugh when people play jokes on him. N o , it's true. He just can't , can he?

Well, Sara's behaviour last night certainly showed the truth a b o u t her. Yes, it certainly 4 A: She always has very high expectations of both herself and her children.

Yes, she always 5 A: Sam started screaming and stamping his feet when I tried to put him to bed. Well, two-year-olds often I 7. Can you find any other collocations My father has a round face, with chubby 1 cheeks and a droopy 2 moustache.

My mother has a more pointed face and a straight nose. My younger sister is more like my father. My older sister is like a model. She has a slim figure and a slender 4 waist. She has a lovely complexion and beautiful sleek 6 , shoulder- length hair, and she's always immaculately groomed. My mother's side of the family mostly have d a r k hair — in fact my m o t h e r had j e t - b l a c k hair 1 2 w h e n she was younger, before she w e n t g r e y - but on my father's side some have fair h a i r and some have ginger 1 3 hair.

I wouldn't like people to see me with dishevelled hair and dirty clothes, [very untidy; used of people's hair and appearance He bears a striking resemblance to his father, [looks remarkably like The lady w h o entered the room had a very striking appearance, [unusual appearance, in a positive, attractive sense] Sometimes words are very restricted in what they can collocate with. The colour adjectives blonde, I ginger and auburn are only used of people's hair not, for example, their clothes or other objects.

When a word has restricted collocations, make a special note in your vocabulary notebook. Then match the adjectives in the first box below with the nouns in the second box.

You are sometimes given the first letter s. D a d has 10 very grey. Find a description of the hero or heroine in an English novel or short story. N o t e down any I interesting collocations that you find there. A nuclear family is just parents and children. An extended family is a wider network including grandparents, cousins, etc.

Close relatives are those like parents, children, brothers or sisters. Distant relatives are people like second cousins [the children of a cousin of your mother or father] or distant cousins. She's a distant cousin of mine; she's not a blood relative. Close can also be used to mean that the relationship is a very strong one: We are a very close family, or We are a very close-knit family.

These adjectives also collocate with family: They may be having a trial separation and may eventually decide to get a divorce. Children whose parents have separated or divorced are said to come from a broken home. If their family is a strong, loving one it can be called a stable home. If it is a poor o n e , not having the things that are necessary for a pleasant life, such as enough money, food or good living conditions, it can be called a deprived h o m e.

A confirmed bachelor is a man w h o seems to have no intention of ever marrying. Parents and children collocation example comment start a family They are hoping to start a family soon. N O T begin a family have children I'd like to have three children. N O T wait for a baby have a baby Jill had h e r baby yesterday. N O T get a baby the baby is due The baby is due next week.

I grew up in an 1 family as my grandparents and a couple of aunts and an uncle, w h o was a 2 bachelor, lived with us. We saw a lot of our 3 relatives as well as our close ones. I think that families tended to be much more 4 then - we talked to each other more and did things together more. I'm sure there are far more 5 families now than there used to be - you know, where parents hardly spend any time with their children, or with each other - and a lot of parents w h o are divorced.

My 6 wife, w h o died t w o years ago, used to say that it is not fair on children to let them grow up in 7 homes. Correct Charles and I are hoping to begin a family the six collocation soon. We both w a n t to get lots of children.

My sister is waiting a the future. It's coming next m o n t h. She's going to be a sole parent and it'll be hard for her to grow up a child on her o w n. If so, when? They love doing things someone together. M o r e t h a n just good friends A love story I fell madly in love with Anton from the moment I met him. It was certainly love at first sight. I knew at once that he was the love of my life but at first I was not sure if my love was returned or not.

Within a few days, however, he had told me that he was desperately in love with me too. A couple of weeks later, we realised that we wanted to make a c o m m i t m e n t to each other and, when Anton asked me to marry him, I immediately accepted his proposal. I'm sure we will always love each o t h e r unconditionally 1. Neither of us would ever consider having an affair 2 with someone else. Choose an appropriate word to complete each sentence. Use each of the words once only.

Note the collocations in bold. I Dear Good Life, Dear Good Life, My grandmother died six months ago and I've I was bitterly1 disappointed recently when a friend felt desperately sad and deeply depressed let me down badly. How can I express my ever since. Is this normal for a year-old? I'm not very good at showing my feelings.

The farewell party was such a sad disappointment to me. Now I'm feeling increasingly occasion. What can I do? My life feels empty anxious that I'll fail the next one. In fact I'm without them. What should I do? Jo Hart David Wright 'deeply disappointed is also common A n g e r and e m o t i o n There is m o u n t i n g [growing] anger over the new tax, along with widespread condemnatioi of it [a lot of people in many different places have condemned it].

It has especially aroused feelings of resentment a m o n g professional people. I lost my temper and was seething with anger when she called me an idiot.

It's hard not to give a pure emotional response. The emotional involvement of both parties is intense, and the emotional impact on children is huge, [these are rather formal collocations] Jack was an emotional wreck [informal: Make a special note of them. Use them instead of very or extremely in these sentences. The issue has brought out strong feelings among the staff. I am personally becoming more and more anxious that the situation might get out of control, and ask you to act immediately.

I tried to show my disappointment over it to the Board, but they simply dismissed the issue and that just made me extremely angry. I feel very let down. I shall continue to do what I can. It's a very big disappointment. Will you be going to the funeral? It will be such a sad thing, won't it?

Then click on Look it up. If you cannot use the web, look up temper in a good dictionary. W h a t collocations can you find in addition to lose your temper7. Useful collocations are in bold. The Harmer Agency has a wide range of suitable accommodation. Spacious accommodation, fully-fitted kitchen3. Off-road parking. To let furnished or unfurnished. Would suit single academic or mature student. It's a You're so lucky! I'd love to move out of my awful one- big old four-storey house.

It's got a spacious living room flat.

It's in such a dilapidated building. You go into a room which has a wonderful view of the park, and a cosy draughty hall, down a chilly corridor and into this really study where we can both work.

Pdf filetype dictionary of oxford collocations

And there are some lovely cramped room. I want to buy a place of my own but light, airy bedrooms which overlook the garden. I'd love to see your into a granny flat for my mother. And if we want to add house.

I hope you'll invite me to your house-warming an extension' there's room for that too. Peter's back from a year abroad. His family are throwing a party to welcome him h o m e. To a guest who's just arrived Come in and make yourself at h o m e while I finish getting dinner ready, relax and make yourself comfortable I haven't lived in Oxford for long but I already feel at home there.

I'd like to buy a second home near the coast, [house used only for weekends, holidays, etc. Match the beginning of each sentence on the left with its ending on the right.

I haven't met them yet. Highdale Cottages. Ideal for anyone seeking a collocations f r o m C o p p o s i t e. Telephone for she s back. We should have a party to appointments to view. He'll finish university and then he'll probably 3 I've lived here almost a year now and I'm really beginning to 4 I'll leave the keys to my flat with the neighbour. Kids eat far t o o much junk food. Yeah, but it's hard to get them to eat nourishing meals 1.

They think they're boring. Have you tried the new supermarket yet? The fresh produce 2 is excellent, and they have a big organic food section. I actually think their ready meals 3 are good t o o.

I can't believe food additives 4 are good for our long-term health. N o , and I think processed foods 5 in general are probably bad for us, n o t to mention GM foods6! The restaurant was leaving perishable food 7 lying round outside the fridge, and some people got food poisoning so the authorities closed it d o w n. Oh dear. Enjoy good food in a pleasant setting. Let's find a cafe and have a quick snack. And I could really do with a refreshing drink. I'm dying of hunger!

I need a square meal. I k n o w you have a healthy appetite, but you had a hearty breakfast only three hours ago! Well, how a b o u t having a soft drink and a bag of crisps now, and a proper lunch later? Crisps will only spoil your appetite. Look, this restaurant looks good and the set menu is reasonably priced. Let's go in. I've got some cheese and milk. Is there a fridge here I could put them in?

I feel so hungry! I can't believe it! I've been sick and my stomach is aching. M u s t be something I ate. All these vegetables have been grown without any chemicals at all.

I always enjoy my food and look forward to it. They wanted to go for a very high quality meal but I said I'd prefer something more ordinary. Or would you prefer a meal prepared at home? I could make dinner for you at my place. We can say that a novel or film is based on a true story. If a lot of people have enjoyed it, it is highly recommended. I think historical dramas w o r k particularly well on the big screen 2 and I'd love to make a film a b o u t Vikings in Britain. There'd be plenty of opportunities to use special effects 3 during battle scenes.

I'd w a n t the male lead 4 to be played by Hugh Grant, while Nicole Kidman could have the female lead. I'm sure that, as always, she would give an excellent performance. My dream is to make a film that would be nominated for an Oscar 6. Of course, I'd also like it to be an immediate box-office hit 7 , playing to full houses 8 worldwide. I'm going to r e n e w my library book for another week. Critics r e v i e w books and films, N O T criticise them. Remember that you w a t c h television, N O T see television, but you can see or w a t c h a f i l m or p r o g r a m m e on television.

We usually say see a f i l m at the cinema. The conversation has no errors, but the changes will improve it. Have you read that new book that has just appeared a b o u t Ireland?

Oxford dictionary of collocations filetype pdf download

N o , I d o n ' t go to bookshops and I don't read articles discussing new books. What's it about? Well, it concerns the Irish War of Independence. It's very authentic and it manages to give the atmosphere of Ireland at the beginning of the 20th century. Is it just historical facts, then? N o , the main people are two brothers w h o have different opinions a b o u t the war and this divides their family.

In the first chapters they're happy and do everything together, but by the last chapter they have become enemies. M m , it sounds a bit depressing to me. Well, it certainly doesn't finish in a happy way, but I liked it, and it's recommended very much by all the critics. So, a book with a pleasant start and a sad finish.

N o t for me, I'm afraid. I prefer the opposite. Find a review of a book or film that you know and note d o w n any interesting collocations in it. Bloom Music from the Centre of the Earth The Oxbridge Symphonia British classics old Palm records and new Rotor Records New arrivals on t h e rock music scene, Bloom Haunting melodies a n d t h e occasional are already m a k i n g a big impact.

If you're virtuoso performance f r o m its t w o soloists looking f o r background music, t h e n this is not mark this collection of popular British classical for you, but if y o u w a n t music to blast out music, which aims to capture a wider audience from your hi-fi and annoy t h e neighbours, f o r t h e classics and to p r o m o t e Britain's musical t h e n Bloom's debut album, w i t h tracks f r o m heritage.

Roger Crow conducts the orchestra. Good birthday present for your uncle and aunt. In fact it's so relaxing you Presto m i g h t just fall asleep. MacRoy gives a Bust-out's n e w double CD features 6 Jofa V, a sentimental performance of these o l d love y o u n g rap artist f r o m M i a m i. Jola used to be songs. At 47, he's n o t exactly a pop idol but his w i t h Chicago hip-hop b a n d Frenzy, b u t went adoring fans will love it.

The band have remixed 8 four tracks f r o m earlier albums a n d Jola's up- tempo 9 numbers just add to t h e excitement. A f t e r t h e i r massive h i t in w i t h Megalith, their record company has released this CD hoping for another big hit.

The band themselves wrote the music. They have a huge following and are due to go on tour later this year. I've had three lessons so far. I saw Martin strumming a guitar the other day. I didn't That's great k n o w he could play.

I love live music. W h a t can He can't. He just likes people you play? He's got no musical talent whatsoever. Well, the first week was all a b o u t tuning the instrument. I've got to play a piece for my 54 English Collocations in Use teacher next week. Exercises T h e first one is done for you. He 3 is proud of the musical inheritance of his native Kentucky. Tracks 3 and 7 comprise his old friend W i z C a r t e r on guitar. W i t h this CD Coppin T says he hopes to control a w i d e r audience for folk music.

Now, for twenty thousand dollars, w h o wrote Beethoven's Fifth Symphony? Learners often make mistakes with some c o m m o n collocations connected w i t h sport.

N O T make or practise activities If you are a serious sportsperson, you will certainly practise your sport, but that has a specific meaning, which is to do something again and again in order to get better at it, in other words to t r a i n. If you are a footballer you might practise t a k i n g a penalty, for example. W i n n i n g and losing Sportsmen and sportswomen w a n t to win matches, not lose matches. But you can't win all the time!

Of course, a sportsperson's ultimate aim is to break the world record in their sport.

If they succeed, they set a new world record and become a world record holder. Sometimes they are satisfied if they just achieve a personal best. Some sports people so desperately w a n t to win that they take drugs to enhance their performance. This will be discovered when they fail a drugs test.

Oxford dictionary of collocations filetype pdf download

It might be a h o m e or an away match depending on whether you're playing on your team's home ground or not. The aim is to score a goal. Players may tackle an o p p o n e n t to try to take possession of the ball 1. If you tackle in an illegal way, you foul your opponent. This will lead to the referee blowing his whistle and an o p p o n e n t taking a penalty or taking a free kick. If someone isn't playing very well the manager may decide to d r o p the player from the team or bring on a substitute 2.

Both teams hope that they will have taken the lead 3 by half-time. Complete the sentences with doy play or go in the correct form. You can badminton! You can swimming! You can weight lifting! You can circuit training! You can table tennis! You can skateboarding! You can even darts! Vj In fact, you can almost any sport you can think of. So join now! Make ten collocations by matching a word from the box on the left with a word or phrase from the box on the right. Find and correct them.

It sounds great - would make a change from playing computer games. You can make lots of different activities. You could even do fishing, I think. You can't go skiing at this time of year but you can make water skiing, if you like. Everyone has to make general exercises first thing in the morning and then you can make whatever sport you like, more or less. I've never practised badminton so I think I'm going to do that. Then in the afternoon I'm looking forward to the chance to practise my tennis serve with their professional coach.

Please try to come! Giorgio Ld Cambridge were happy to 1 their last match 6: Oxford, the opposing team, put up a good 2 and some people thought they 3 to win. They were fearless in 4 their opponents, but every time they took 5 of the ball, Cambridge managed to win it back. Cambridge have now 6 a place in the next 7 of the competition. They will undoubtedly come up against some fierce 8 However, they have already managed to 9 an interesting world record by having four members of the same family in their winning team!

Find an English language website connected with that sport. Write down any useful collocations you notice there. Are you in good shape? She will die soon. Apparently it's an incurable illness that runs in her family. Paul annoys everyone at w o r k. It's a serious illness, but probably n o t life-threatening. Lorna was taken ill the other day. She's in hospital. They're not sure w h a t it is yet. I had a heavy cold and a splitting headache, so I wasn't in a good mood, the opposite of a heavy cold is a slight cold] In accidents, wars, etc.

M a t c h the verbs and expressions on the left with their collocations on the right. More than 50 passengers on Millions of people get Patients often get malaria each year in pneumonia while in hospital.

Medical poorer countries, and hospitals may be the worst officials suspect the in-flight drugs to treat it arc in place to be if you are sick catering was responsible. You are given the first letter of the missing w o r d s.

World General Knowledge

I hate going to the dentist's. I've got a s headache! Get something at the chemist's instead. I was in good s a year ago but then I became a bit lazy. Apparently, she was in e pain. Luckily she had travel insurance. It worked! It was nothing serious, just a s cold. If you have not already done it, complete the questionnaire at B opposite. Take more vigorous exercise! H o w do I go online? You're already connected to the Internet. Do you want to send e-mail? N o , I just want to browse the web for a while.

I can't access my company's website. Can you help?

Dictionary collocations pdf filetype of oxford

Have you put in the correct address? Yes, I'm sure I have. H o w do I reply to this e-mail? Sorry, I'm not very good with computers. That's O K. Just hit 'reply', then compose your message, then press 'send'. Then can I forward the message to myself at my h o m e address? M a k e sure you enter the right address, or the e-mail will bounce come back]. Let me k n o w if you would like a hard copy of your e-mail and I'll show you h o w to print o u t your work, [a copy on paper] Customer: You have to save it to a disk.

Can I send an attachment with this e-mail? Yes, you click here and then attach the file. I'd like to visit a chat r o o m. Is that OK? No problem. Select this option here. Then just ask if you need my help. This makes online shopping much easier. Mobile phone technology My new mobile's great. I love using predictive text now. T h e screen is small but it displays images brilliantly. I've got some fantastic ring tones. I can record short video clips and send them to my friends and I can access my e-mails on it.

I've downloaded some new games with great graphics on it. I use it all the time but I hardly ever make calls on it! M a t c h the words on the left with their collocations on the right. Go to the website of the make of computer or mobile phone that you use. Select a page that i interests you - perhaps something about a new product. Make a note of any interesting collocations that you see there. N o t e how the teacher uses more formal collocations to repeat w h a t each student says.

Do we have to go to all the lectures to do the course or just yours? You must attend all the lectures to complete the course. Excuse me. Where will next week's class be? In this room? When do we have to give you our essays? You have to h a n d in your essays on Friday. When do we have to send in our university applications? You have to submit your application by December 1st. If you w a n t to w i t h d r a w from the course, you have to go to the College Office.

M o r e collocations connected w i t h study and learning Do you keep a vocabulary notebook? It's a good way of recording new collocations. I did the first draft of my essay last week and the final draft this week. I have to hand it in tomorrow. Then the teacher gives us feedback after a b o u t a week. We don't have exams at my school.

We have continuous assessment, [system where the quality of a student's work is judged by pieces of course work and not by one final examination] T h e local technical college provides training for young people in a variety of professions. Does your government recognise foreign qualifications for school teachers? I have three daughters. The oldest one did a degree in economics at Birmingham University. She got her bachelore degree last year and is now doing some research on taxation laws In different countries.

The second one is doing a course at Newcastle University. She's doing history. She loves it, though she says she has to do far too many assignments. My youngest daughter is still at school. She's doing her school-leaving exams in t h e summer. She'll go to university next year if she gets good enough grades in her exams. She wants to do sociology and then get a social work qualification. My daughters are all getting a much better education than I ever had. Do you have experience in sales?

Are you a good team player1? At 2 0 , she got her first steady in a small regional theatre, but it was in that her really took off when she was offered a part in a TV series. R a n k them in order of suitability for the job, from 1 most suitable to 3 least suitable , and give your reasons. The Carlsson Group: Marketing Manager The Carlsson Group is looking for a M a r k e t i n g Manager w i t h relevant qualifications and at least five years' experience in sales and m a r k e t i n g.

A competitive salary and generous benefits are available f o r t h e right candidate. You must have a g o o d k n o w l e d g e of current markets, be available to start w o r k at short notice, and must be a g o o d team player. The company wishes to fill t h e vacancy immediately. Likes working in teams, wants a satisfying job. Unemployed at the moment. Nurdan Ozbek, 35, worked in international marketing for seven years. Degree in Business, used to working under stress and meeting deadlines.

Nuala Riley, 28, six years' experience as editor for a Extremely adaptable, excellent relations with col leagues. Three months' notice required. M a t c h the beginning of each sentence on the left with its ending on the right. Use a dictionary to help you. Kika started out in a dead-end job in a jam factory but she ended up with a glittering career on the stage, a career spanning five decades.

She is quoted as saying 'Stage acting may not be a particularly lucrative job but it has to be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. When did you first go into business? I set up a small business selling office supplies in , filing systems, office equipment, that sort of thing. In I went into partnership with my old friend, James Britten.

We made a loss for the first t w o years, but then things got better and we've m a d e a profit most years ever since. But there have been bad times t o o. Interviewer In w h a t way? Well, during the economic recession of the early s, a lot of small businesses were going u n d e r ' , and I thought our business would fold 2 , but we survived. All a r o u n d us, small firms were going bankrupt 3. But in we w o n a contract, despite stiff competition, to supply the local government offices, and that was an important m o m e n t for us.

We t o o k on staff and expanded. And we were p r o u d that we had created jobs for local people at a time when unemployment was high.

O u r sales figures improved steadily, and soon we had an annual turnover 4 of more than ten million p o u n d s. So what's the secret of your success? Well we're quite cautious. For instance, we always carry out 5 m a r k e t research before launching a new product.

But also, we set a high value on customer service, especially after-sales service. But at the end of the day, running a successful business is a combination of hard w o r k , luck and intuition. Finally, there are r u m o u r s that you may float the c o m p a n y 6 on the stock market.

At the m o m e n t we have no intention of going public 7 , and people shouldn't believe everything they read in the newspapers! There is cut-throat competition in the music industry these days, [very severe competition M a r k e t forces have caused many factories to close as businesses move overseas, [forces not influenced by government that decide price levels in an economy] O u r local dressmaker has gone out of business.

People buy ready-made clothes these days. Her clothes boutique is doing brisk business since the shopping centre was renovated. Business is b o o m i n g for Internet-based travel companies as more people book travel online. It's quite difficult sometimes to balance the budget because of increased costs. O u r c o m p a n y have p u t in a bid for the new leisure centre contract, [offered to do the work for a particular a m o u n t of money] Remember, the collocation is do business, N O T mo Ice business: Complete these collocations.

He set it centres. There was stiff 8 but Jan 2 t e n years ago to cater f o r 9 in a bid which was more students and he has done extremely well. He attractive t h a n anything t h a t 10 3 a lot of rental business w i t h t h e companies could offer. So, the deal was tourist trade at local hotels.

In his first year of 11 As a result Jan's company is operations he 4 a loss, but his planning to 12 20 new jobs. W h e n sales 5 f o r his second year showed asked to explain the 13 of his an u p t u r n and he has never looked back since. Make a note of any interesting collocations you find. Mr Daffy got very few customers after he decided to float his business. In , Lucas Georgescu published the results of In this latest book.

Marina Kass gives an his groundbreaking research on genetics. His account of Karl Marx's philosophy and latest paper also makes a significant contribution provides evidence to support the claim that to the field.

He sets out some powerful arguments Garpov seriously misinterpreted Marx. In which will shape1 our thinking for years to come. Strong expression s of o p i n i o n The invention of the steam engine was the key factor in the birth of the industrial revolution. T h e events of are a perfect example of how political leaders make misjudgements that have serious long-term effects. This is a clear illustration of the importance of a strong monetary policy. Less strong e x p r e s s i o n s o f o p i n i o n The figures offer a tentative explanation of the causes of acid rain pollution, [an explanation given by someone w h o is not totally certain that it is the correct explanation] The statistics broadly support the view that the economy is heading t o w a r d s recession.

O t h e r general a c a d e m i c collocations There is a strong tendency in the work of some linguists to suggest that spoken language is inferior to written language. We must first gather evidence, then carry out a detailed study of all the factors that play a part in social conditioning. You cannot expect your claim to be accepted if you cannot offer supporting evidence. Simon Hart challenges the theory of social change put forward by Professor Kemp. It is important in academic writing always to acknowledge your sources.

If you fail to do this, you will commit plagiarism, [use another person's idea or a part of their w o r k and pretend that it is your own] We do research or carry out research, NOT make research. COME Which collocations in the texts in A also express an opinion in a strong way?

W Kelly has written a fascinating study of how early people originally got to Australia. He presents some very 1 powerful I mighty arguments to support his theory. T h e first line is completed as an example. It also touches on issues such as pollution. Reinforcing a r g u m e n t s Look at these extracts from university lectures and note the collocations.

M a n y studies have. These statistics lend attempted to assess the Was to v lays emphasis on support to the view significance of diet in the examining the vital first that attitudes to prevention of cancer. Some economists hold firmly to the belief that a certain level of unemployment is inevitable. C M o r e collocations for referring to a r g u m e n t s The book The Eye of the Universe draws an analogy1 between the birth of the universe and a lottery.

It also draws parallels2 between the formation of new stars and the birth and death of flowers. It presents the case for a complete rethinking of how we understand space.

The author, Patrick Rivaux, puts forward the argument that the universe is as it is because we humans are here looking at it. He argues convincingly3 that the universe has a unique nature. He draws attention to new research which suggests that other universes may afso exist alongside ours. He briefly summarises4 the views of leading physicists and mathematicians, disagrees profoundly5 with some of them and draws the conclusion that science alone cannot solve the mystery of the universe.

Collocations in English 1 into a n u m b e r of different categories. In this article I should like to d r a w a 2 b e t w e e n ' o r d i n a r y ' collocations a n d those that are so fixed that they can be called idioms.

I plan to 4 a n u m b e r of q u e s t i o n s a b o u t learning collocations in a foreign or second language. My i n t e n t i o n is to m a k e a strong 6 for a m o r e intensive focus on collocation in the language learning process.

I shall also 7 on issues such as pronunciation. Kerr takes in a controversial position in his latest this. He pulls attention to recent research which, he article. He gets forward the argument that claims, makes support for his argument. However, differences in behaviour between the sexes can be he fails to draw a number of important factors into explained totally by the genes. He attempts to do a consideration.

He also gives no reference to the case for educating boys and girls separately in their important work of Potter and Sinclair in this field.

Filetype of collocations oxford pdf dictionary

I primary school years. He argues, occasionally am sure that I will not be alone in disagreeing highly persuadingly, that both sexes would benefit from with many of his conclusions. Make a note of any other interesting collocations that you find. Use each verb once only and put it in the correct form. In law-abiding societies ordinary citizens are usually h a p p y to 1 or 2 t h e law. ACTS 6 T h e rules prohibit eating and drinking in the classrooms.

The Judge, Mr Newell, said that Hickey was a The Justice Minister said that the men were hardened criminal 1 w h o had committed 12 not p o l i t i c a l p r i s o n e r s but were c o m m o n serious offences. He ordered that Hickey c r i m i n a l s 3 w h o had committed a c t s of should serve a sentence of at least 15 years terrorism. Charles appointed chairman of the company but that Amworth, 26, had served two years in a nobody knew this fact. Here are some extracts from recent ones.

That's why we're determined to tackle crime. The crime rate has come d o w n , and that is because we have put 10, more police officers on the streets and focused on juvenile crime 1 , because that is where the problem begins. We have all had some experience of the recent crime wave in our cities, whether it is petty crime 2 or more serious offences. We have had a spate 3 of burglaries in this p a r t of the city, vehicle theft, drug abuse and so on, and police have reported a staggering increase in the number of acts of mindless vandalism.

It is time the party in power did something. A person steals something, e. Steal is often used in the passive, e. My car was stolen. Police are concerned about the growing number of offences that are being 1 by young people in our town. They say that increasing numbers of youngsters are 2 into people's houses or 3 their cars. Indeed, police claim that it is probably young 4 who are to blame for the recent 5 of burglaries in our town.

Police are proposing a special campaign to 6 the problem and are asking for the public's support in this 7 against 8 crime. The police are doing all they can to tackle petty crime in the city centre.