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The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF reader plug-in installed (for example, a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader). novel kesatu dari dwilogi “pertama & terakhir” - novel kesatu dari dwilogi tere liye penulis novel best seller hafalan shalat delisa & moga bunda disayang allah 1 teori dan tinjauan pustaka konsep - pendidikan dalam novel. air mata. feminisme dalam novel bidadari terakhir karya agnes davonar - 56 feminisme tere liye penulis novel best seller hafalan shalat delisa & moga bunda disayang allah landasan teori dan tinjauan pustaka konsep - novel. air mata terakhir.

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savita bhabhi hindi episode 30 pdf free download · elevayta extra boy pro cracked · deskproto v6 0 keygen download · The Conflicts in Kejora's Air Mata Terakhir Bunda. Literature Novel is a literary work that has a long story and embodied in a book, in which novel tells the. Text Doc 1 (Cover).pdf Doc 10 (Chapter I).pdf The writer chooses the novel Air Mata Terakhir Bunda by Kirana Kejora published in

Literary theory: The second result is the cause of conflicts. The writer chooses the novel Air Mata Terakhir Bunda by Kirana Kejora published in because it tells about the children who only raised by his mother who is a poor widow. Dosse , p. Teori yang dijadikan acuan dalam penelitian ini adalah teori sosiologi sastra yang Salah satu kegiatan yang paling menarik di minggu terakhir….

It means, if the values has a norm reason for conducting the research about the taste, the values can be considered for having values of family education relating to positive sides, including the family education.

It summarized by Syafrial , pp. It means that the fiction sides in education values were taught and analyzed. Beside known as fiction, assumes that the analysis of educational novels also can relate to realities.

Stanton values in novels examined by the students or , p. One of human experiences can value which directly contributes to literature have relation with the values of family teaching. Literature teaching will be able to be education. Lestari , pp. High diligent to worship, honest, respect, enthusiasm can be based on either students or unanimous, and having achievement.

In line college students who are taught to respect by with Lestari, Syamsi translated by Mujtahid their parents. Family education moral, mandate, brave, good in interaction, values are also carried by the authors, independent, proportional, take care of self, including Kirana Kejora, as can be found in fulfilling promises, honor, affection, prelude her novels entitled Bintang Anak Tuhan, Air other people, polite, and fair.

Those three novels might not were still children until they become adults. As for, Kirana Kejora is values of family education in Kirana familiar to family life.

novel air mata terakhir bunda pdf

Those three novels are also focused on parents Furthermore, the researcher uses and children. By the facts, the researcher literary structural approach and genetic decides to analyze the values of family structural approach. Dosse , p. It gives values of family education, relate to reality, anything have to do with signs a right to so it can be analyzed through genetic sentence.

Air pdf terakhir bunda novel mata

It means, with the literary structural structural approach. Endraswara , p. The Moreover, on genetic structural approach, as aspects are literature intrinsic, background what have been stated by Goldmann , p. Based linking literary works with social groups.

Terakhir mata pdf air novel bunda

Whereas, the intervention, thoughts, and feelings in literary secondary data consist of interview works Endraswara, , p. Regarding transcription and internet articles about the social background, Goldmann , p.

Data through: Genetic structural research table related to recapitulation numbers of data reviewed through novel intrinsic structure. Elements of novel intrinsic structure from a In this data analysis procedures, the unity until positive messages related to family researcher also makes comparison.

The education values are got.

novel air mata terakhir bunda pdf - PDF Files

The Intrinsic Structure plots of the stories show about the sincere In the three novels by Kirana Kejora, struggles between single parents and their thirteen family education values are firstly children in this life.

Table 1. From the reviews of those there are five author backgrounds identified backgrounds, the researcher gets six family by the researcher. The five author education values, including diligent to backgrounds are her early-age marriage worship, having achievement, brave, take status, having a daughter, having mother care of self, affection, and fair.

Pdf bunda terakhir air novel mata

Those six harmony in family. From the reviews of backgrounds are a mother who is a strong, a those backgrounds, the researcher identifies mother as a single parent whose ex-husband five family education values, involving has get married again, diligence to worship unanimous, mandate, brave, affection, and since she was a child, the existence of effort prelude other people. Genetic structural research Table 2. Here, Kejora was inspired by Bunga researcher.

Therefore, based of Lapindo. Then, in Ayah Menyayangi Tanpa He always spreads the happiness there. Kejora and the existence of men who have social manifests that condition on Juna character who carefulness. From those social backgrounds, suggests Mada to learn from a hawk until the researcher gets six family education Mada can be a strong figure.

Genetic structural research Table 3. The schooling. The effort the ones who are useless. They can also nation foundation, the single father who become a figure of mother for their children.

Jurnal Didascein Bahasa

By character who gives affection to Mada as well reviewing those viewpoints towards love, as a father and a mother give to their children. In this case, fathers can also teach their children to learn to live independently. Genetic structural research Table 4. The analysis views, and also 5 there are similarities and results of the three novels were then differences of family education values compared to each other.

It means that close a relationship between a single parent Kejora as the author wants to tell the readers with his or her childrenis. Specifically, that the families that only consist of a single family education value for affection is really parent and their children still have affection salient.

Therefore, it can be synthesized that like another complete families. Dosse, F. This study aims to determine the conflicts that exist in the novel Air Mata Terakhir Bunda by Kirana Kejora, the kind of conflict and the cause of the conflict experienced by the character s. The writer chooses the novel Air Mata Terakhir Bunda by Kirana Kejora published in because it tells about the children who only raised by his mother who is a poor widow.

The research method t hat used by the writer is qualitative method since the data is descriptive data and does not require any formulas or numbers in finding the results. The writer analyzes the conflict of 25 chapters in the novel. In chapter IV, t he writer gives a little summ ary of story of each chapter to make it easy to explain the data of conflicts and causes of conflict s.

According to the aim of the study, the results of this study indicate s the conflict s experienced by the characters in Kejora's Air Mata Terakhir Bunda. T he first result, kind of conflicts in the novel are ex ternal conflicts and in ternal conflicts. The number of conflicts that found are 4 1 conflicts.

There are 1 4 ex ternal conflicts and 27 for in ternal conflicts. The second result is the cause of conflicts. I t makes the main character respect and love his mother so much. Ke yword: