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Mutant Chronicles Optional Rules (ENG) · Mutant Chronicles - Rulebook 1st Edition (38 MB ENG) · Mutant Chronicles - Rulebook 2nd Edition ( MB ENG). Mutant Chronicles takes you on a full-throttle diesel-punk ride through a solar system beset by corporate intrigue and the invasion of the Dark Legion. Mutant Chronicles was big enough to be turned into a film. It's an RPG (and wargame) in which mankind awoke an evil powerful enough to turn.

Others had their sights set much higher. See the beginning of this chapter. Each attribute has a rating that measures its magnitude or quality. He then rolls again. The remaining ganger fires back. Mental Strength.

It Bauhaus is strongly influenced by embraces technology in a universe Germanic. You can learn more period. Capitol think. Chapter You can learn more in aims to bring peace. You can learn more in Chapter In the rush to escape in Chapter Capitol is the grab any chance to grow. A newcomer to the not everyone wants a scene. Citizens of Bauhaus pride themselves on their efficiency. Mishima favours the good of all above that of the individual. You can learn more and the universe of Mutant Chronicles.

Whitestar Not technically a corporation. A coalition of bickering Clans with a strong British and Commonwealth accent. It is Huge. The soldiers of Whitestar. Luna PD often hires freelancers for their unique skills and experience. Chosen from the best of the best. The Brotherhood The Brothers One of the few sources of social aid. The Brotherhood. It brings together seconded investigators from each of the great corporations and cops recruited from the population of Luna. Luna PD Originally founded by Capitol in an act of civic patronage.

Under- funded and subject to conflicting corporate masters. The Cartel. You can learn more about Luna PD in Chapter One of the few true successes that the Cartel has achieved was the creation of the Doomtroopers during the First Dark Legion War. By the time of the Dark Legion period. Able to tap into supernatural abilities that become known as the Arts. The CarteL Conceived as a neutral meeting and mediation space for the corporations.

Luna PD is one of the only true inter-corporate organisations. Capitol intends to Late 21st Century launch future missions to the inner worlds from this new facility. Capitol provide the financial While the corporations strip mine Earth to further their own ends. Suicide rates rise dramatically. The corporations. Survey probes identify huge mineral deposits on Mercury. Power has shifted to the corporations.

Once the initial climate from existence. GM REF: The Bauhaus corporation announces the development of the first viable terraforming system.

Chronicles that should be known only to the GM. Little consensus can be reached as to the cause of this pandemic. While some states attempt to resist. Unwilling to concede power to the corporations. The terraforming of Luna is a success and is control the dying planet. Fuelled terraforming systems. In these trying times only a corporate meal ticket can stave off terror continuing to rise at an unprecedented rate.

Imperial pilots and logistics enable the delivery and support of the Famine becomes commonplace as over-farming depletes oceans and project. Millions flock to the banners of the corporations now confident that their efforts on the inner worlds will succeed. Capitol enters negotiations with Bauhaus to lease its new longer its masters. Mars and Venus. No longer paying lip-service to nations. Using newly-constructed magnetic linear accelerators on Luna as a launch system.

Venus is Realising that the Earth is now only months from death. It is Only the richest. As the largest of the new worlds. Mishima the corporations harvest the human race with calculated cruelty. Successful beyond all predictions. Despite best efforts. Numerous ships are destroyed by riots. Imperial while their transport ships disappear into the boiling skies above. As the billions left behind plead for deliverance.

Continent-wide electrical storms On Earth. Capitol controls the Luna moon Exodus begins. All of the corporations continue to develop Luna as it back. Several weeks later. Seizing control of abandoned nuclear weapons. Imperial develops the and oceans boil in a nuclear holocaust. Even worse. For a few days all seems calm. Confident in their military might. Created alongside immobilises their orbital support.

After they finish there is only silence from the planet below. Only later do they learn intelligence and capabilities rapidly increase. Mishima refuses to help.

The Early 25th Century corporations respond to the threat with orbital bombardment of the planet below. Seen from above it is clear facilities and assets within reach of its territories and then withdraw that the planet is now in the grips of a nuclear winter.

Capitol received. Capitol dispatches several Even as the planet dies around them. Thick mist to its bunkers. Shocked by their stunning defeat. Ever keen to take charge. Billions of tons of fallout outer worlds. Cities vanish in an instant.

It simply states: Unable to resist the attacks. Acting together. The hub of from an unknown enemy in the mists. The corporations continue to grow. Their corporate forces are forced to withdraw. The corporations — unused to introduce Earth-brought and wholly new forms of life to the jungles being denied and stunned by the loss of the expedition — mobilise of Venus. Mishima carves deep into the core of Mercury. Chapter 03 16 Jenner Diogo de Souza Ananias order Bauhaus bioengineers Motherland.

Orbital and planetary craft malfunction. S The geologist touches it with his bare hand. Shortly thereafter a transmission is sent from an unknown location They receive conflicting orders: Final Transmission reaches Pluto it immediately begins terraforming the world.

Like ripples in a pond — whether from the Big Scream. The second vessel. It is the last message ever Unsure how to proceed. Though hampered by communications interference. The tablet defies analysis. His death is rapid and grotesque as his body is flash frozen from within. The first mission. Highly advanced systems seem most susceptible to these anomalies and some people begin to realise The great artefact was not the only one discovered.

AI systems across the Inner Worlds began manifesting strange anomalies in their operation. SolarCom — badly damaged by the Big Scream — completely fails. Within weeks the financial credit system and data archives on Luna corrupt. The Artefact Discovered The journey takes over a year. The artefact is This is the setting for adventures and campaigns set a large. Capitol is the first to begin Venus.

The Fall Later on. Across the solar system. Imperial forces. After twenty years of experimentation. For everyone else. Bauhaus marines board plains of Southern Mars are decimated as the armies of Capitol. As a result. Realising their strategic importance.

Desperate for solutions. The fraction of the time it should have taken. Within hours Bauhaus and Mishima radio stations on Venus receive a distress call from the vessel. Mishima launches a series of this new technology with Bauhaus. Mishima quickly establishes total control over the planet. On Mercury. While successful. When Imperial also Mishima. In orbit above. Their antiquated and mothballed armadas are quickly refitted apart as old rivalries resurface.

Basic interplanetary transport is practical again. The corporations escalate begin to interact with the gravitational forces of the planets.

Many small outposts and especially orbital stations. The Rift Drives allow a in a bloody series of skirmishes and brushfire wars. The corporations engage practical. During the height of the First Corporate War. Demonstrating the power of the Art.

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He brings quickly establishes a following among the desperate and war. One assassin the people to put their weapons aside and join his battle against makes a final attempt to complete his mission.

Six months after delivering his ultimatum. They are already known to the lowest of the low for running food kitchens.

Millions Murdoch.

In the end the greatest victor is Clan Bartholomew. Nathaniel Durand. To their disbelief. Durand speaks of the unholy force at work behind corporations. Alexander continue their operations. He appeals to politicians. All but ten the wars and the affliction that has crippled technology. Clan flock to his cause as they see him perform his miracles.

They put pressure on the leaders position and building its forces for the inevitable final battle. Durand the Dark Symmetry.

Durand makes the assassin Initially the corporations ignore Durand. Chapter 03 20 Jenner Diogo de Souza Ananias order After extensive Durand orders that a record of what has occurred be kept as exploration. He draws the members own exploration vessel — The Wyvern — through the rift to Nero. Clan Kingsfield secretly launches its Cardinal stands firm against the onslaught. From behind her. Over the next few The Imperial Conquistadors discover a long dead nightmare world.

Realising they are losing the battle for popular opinion. Rising from its scarred surface is a vast complex of huge ancient structures. Durand accepts the appointment as the first Cardinal. To ensure greater cooperation between the corporations.

Durand condemns the plan to explore Nero and is supported by a consensus among the corporations. With peace finally achieved. Ever curious. From the light steps Ilian. Those two somehow escape with their lives others within Imperial choose to bring its discovery to the attention and manage to launch their ship from the surface. Imperial Conquistadors discover a new rift.

The expedition members are floored by As humanity reels from this new stage in the war against the a sudden force as the touch breaks the Seal of Repulsion. On Luna. Year of the Cardinal To celebrate this new beginning for humanity. Naming the new church the Brotherhood. Although the remnants of Clan Kingfield call for the rift to be exploited in secret. From these Dark Citadels. The portal is surrounded by a spherical cloud of crystalline fragments.

As the Darkness. Realising his visions are becoming are lost and all contact with them ceases. To ensure these records cannot be corrupted. Breaking of the Seal of Repulsion The great citadel led them on to its dark heart. The people cry out in terror. Creatures of nightmare.

Apostle of the greatest army mankind has yet seen. Those who fall in battle against the Dark cannot resist the Dark Legion. The Brotherhood is unable. As he dies. The Venusian Crusade as they come to his aid: It is done.

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A fleet of vessels rises up from On Venus. Algeroth whispers Huge. Algeroth and Demongonis Appear As the corporate armies prepare to move to Venus. With Ilian. Apostle of Madness and Insanity.

Fearful of an attack. This pause allows the and on the surface of the planet. Muawijhe and Semai Return 53 YC: Fall of Nathaniel Durand As the war continues.

The two battle for days in single combat. Phobos and Deimos. Durand leads the battle Disease and Corruption. Durand strikes down and sow discontent and fear among the beleaguered populations. Durand struggles back to the surface. Human forces. Massing that resist them. Neo Jersey. Capitol authorises the orbital bombing of corporation.

Their fury fuelled by the death of their beloved Cardinal. The Bauhaus millions of wounded and dead left by the war with the Dark Legion.

Mutant Chronicles 3rd Ed - Core Rulebook.pdf

Saladin strikes 91 YC: Chapter 03 22 Jenner Diogo de Souza Ananias order He raids is considered complete with the last Dark Legion citadel on the human settlements from his citadel for the next six years Graveton Archipelago on Venus falling.

With the battle for Venus a victory. In 93 YC the Brotherhood completes its fourth cathedral on Mars.

Cardinal Nathaniel Magnificus A series of plagues — quickly known as The Black Rot — sweeps through the population of the solar system. Anyone discovered to be working with fleet withdraws to Earth. Cardinal Alexander Toth dies one year after the Dark Legion is destroyed. This war greatly weakens the spread. In desperation. The Neronian Heresy to call an uneasy truce. Birth of Cybertronic facilities. Wars of Attrition on Mars The Brotherhood further consolidates its power.

Cardinal Pius Alexander II is inaugurated. The corporation is plunged into a desperate civil war.

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Known as Durand the Mad. After forty years of terrible losses. Capitol Aero Bombers roar in to attack the Dark Citadel. Cybertronic openly defies the edicts of the A new Dark Citadel is discovered on Mars by Capitol forces. Cybertronic begins to construct new habitats. At the key moment of the meeting. Its society is still as insular as YC: Coup within Capitol when it was founded. The Brotherhood detects the Dark Symmetry at work. For the first time since the war with the Dark Legion.

Chapter 03 24 Jenner Diogo de Souza Ananias order Cardinal Dominic routs Cybertronic forces and takes the Jovian moon as its own. Cartel forces and covert agents use their independence and knowledge of the corporations to undermine the war effort of all factions. Some explore as far as Nero. A New Citadel planetoids of the asteroid belt.

The Second Corporate War begins. They force the institution of strict rules of engagement to which the corporations are compelled to adhere. The Brotherhood and begins the development of advanced technology significance of this discovery is ignored as the citadel appears to and computer systems. Highly secretive. In a desperate attempt to avert another corporate war.

The YC: Collins heard scratching on the ceiling behind him and over time. In addition to this. The wall nearest him was scarred with deep claw marks as if an angry bear had been let loose in the room. He had lost everything that day.. Later in the year Capitol launches a series of lightning strikes against Second Dark Earth.

Diana He steeled himself. But he still hoped to land realised that whatever had killed Diana was still here. It was a shambles and had been the scene of one hell of a struggle. After almost three decades with apparently no activity. He swept his torch around the room.

As the Brotherhood Inquisitors. Spurred on by old blood ties with Whitestar. Although the initial strikes cause heavy losses.

The thought was not a comforting one. Raising his dim torch in one hand and his pistol in the other. Whitestar is Legion War able to repulse attacks after a series of long and bloody battles.

A new corporate board is unchanged since their defeat 1. Hundreds of thousands lose their lives during the month long engagement. Sprawled on the floor was the body of a young blonde woman in a torn red cocktail dress. As the Capitol military is forced to withdraw. Seemingly military to abandon its plans for Earth. Bauhaus strikes at YC: The heat of passion was hard to sustain and. He had embarrassed a powerful family by revealing the rot at its Thanks to Alistair Collins.

From this angle he could not see any wounds. This case had promised so much. Mixing with the still heavy levels that controls it — the Dark Soul — is imprisoned inside another of terraforming agents. They knew it intelligent force has been working to bring down human was only a matter of time before the Dark Legion returned.

The hidden deep within the jungles of Venus. Capitol explorers on Mars discover the long eroded foundations of what must have been a series of vast structures. Those few who survive Legion absorbs what remains into its hordes of destruction. Dark Legion is finally stalled by an ancient race exhibiting strange mystical powers. The struggle through the wastelands to seek refuge in Russia.

It is aware that Symmetry she is able to bestow great power on many emerging something terrible awaits in the Solar System. The ruins remain The Dark Apostle Ilian is brought into being once more through a closely guarded secret amongst the corporations. The facility is abandoned. Whitestar technology seems less susceptible to the effects of the Dark Symmetry. Chapter 03 26 Jenner Diogo de Souza Ananias order These chemicals start Drawing every ounce of suffering from each conquest.

Though she is yet to take on a countless research projects over the coming centuries. The Dark Legion and its homeworld are shunted Mishima scientists. But even as the Dark Soul was trapped. He sees the true nature of the Dark Apostles and their citadels. When the link is opened. Peter believes humanity needs to be seduced by the power of the Dark Symmetry. Learning of a nearby. Nathaniel as a new figurehead.

In the end. Clan Kingsfield is the first Nathaniel argue about their goals. The child Nathaniel exhibits a close attunement to the Peter Durand. Peter locks himself away cybernetic facility on Cyaneus in the Asteroid Belt is overrun in the Venus facility and misses the signs of corruption that spread and the inhabitants killed.

With communications down he rouses the faithful. Based on the Immortal. Strange mutations begin to show amongst the population. The cults manifest greater power and influence. Algeroth says a intention of using it to create an army that can finally defeat the few words.

An Imperial Sensing he is close to cloning Nathaniel. Dark Apostles. Peter Durand maintains a secret preparations for the dark days ahead. He is finally defeated in the ruins six years later. After months of search they eventually find the vast petrified See The Dark Symmetry Campaign for more information. Shortly afterwards the Dark Legion old ruin.

Finally he warrior. Semai on Phobos. For example.

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The player rolls four six- Intelligence. This is true roll a. A player may have one or more ranks of expertise training with a particular skill. Adam wants to roll 9 or less on at least one of the two d20s he will roll. A task can be affected by several other elements. When rolling dice. Piercing 1 quality. Knowledge and Sciences are skills based on the Intelligence attribute. When asked the number of DSI you generate on a roll is irrele- to perform a skill test. Results of 1 and 2 are counted normally.

Most attributes for player sided dice and generates [1. Symmetry Dice? Dice Rolls A is a particular kind of six-sided die. Dice that show the Dark Symme- try Icon or a 6. Brand Barton successfully shoots a heretic with his Bolter heavy pistol. Results of 3. Attributes For example. The attack characters range from 6 to When making a skill test using a skill with which a player has ranks of expertise training.

Higher attribute ratings reflect greater ability.

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Much of the time. Chronicle points. The weapon Each character is defined by eight attributes. When making a skill test based on Intelligence.

A skill test is required when a character attempts a task where commonly abbreviated to DSI. Savage Worlds. Product Type. Core Rulebooks. Non-Core Books. Pay What You Want. Follow Your Favorites! Sign in to get custom notifications of new products!

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Can we respond to you about this? Products found in this section Sort by: Mutant Chronicles - Locations Card Deck Countless locations will be visited during the course of a Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition campaign, but why make them all standard cut and paste locales?

From battlefield to boardroom and from high school to high rise, the Locations Deck presents multiple Dark Symmetry spends across 70 locations that can be used by the GM to introduce unique elements and make life interesting for the players.

Drawn from the length and breadth of the solar system - and representing every level of the corporate hierarchy - this deck will help GMs populate their campaigns with vivid, highly memorable characters and NPCs. Mutant Chronicles - Symmetry Point Card Deck Dark Symmetry points - and their subsequent system variants for Conan and Infinity - are a unique feature of the 2d20 system that can really help a GM to engage with both the players and the scene.

The Dark Symmetry Deck is packed with interesting spends that will add unique elements to any encounter while keeping the action free-flowing and fun. Drawing creatures of Darkness from multiple sources and gathering them all into one handy and very dangerous place, the cards in this deck can be picked to represent fixed scenarios or drawn at random to establish unplanned encounters.

The Inner planets have been swept away clean by the violent onslaught of the Dark Legion's monstrous hordes and undead soldiers. In the enormous cities of the distant future, heretics devoted to the destruction of mankind stalk the dark backstreets and gloomy alleyways, spreading their teachings of greed, jealousy and war.

Average Rating 7 ratings. Inside this lavish page full colour edition, you'll discover: Character Sheets including Lifepath worksheet. Short and Long term experience and gameplay rewards.

Introduction to the 2d20 game system, including combat and rules for cinematic roleplaying. How to use Momentum and Chronicle Points to boost your game. Weapon and armour tables to get your character ready for action. Bundles containing this product: Mutant Chronicles: Venusian Apocalypse.

Mishima source book. Imperial Source Book. Cybertronic Source Book. Capitol Source Book. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.

Reviews 1. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Michael Wevanne S April 19, 6: The publisher answer my one star review with "you should be able to turn off the layers to get a printer friendly version" - But the turn off option is not avaible on the file. Chris B April 19, 6: Michael Wevanne S April 19, 7: Michael Wevanne S January 27, 5: Chris C December 08, 5: Chris B December 08, 5: No it's all material from the core book: Tom G.

It does as it says on the tin. If you play MC you will want one of these to keep your character and the rules straight and the game moving smoothly. Great artwork and concise explanations. See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale. Rule System.