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Hot English Magazine - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The number one magazine for learning and teaching English No in Learn Hot English magazine do not necessarily represent the views of Hot English Publishing SL. 3 English for exams! learn Hot english helps prepare. Free download hot english magazine - magazine, book reading online without registration!.

Survivor is an American rock band from Chicago. He recovered shortly afterwards. Think about it Have any famous people from your country died recently? What is Jenny wearing? Here are a few. I think I saw you. What did you eat or drink there?

Hang on. I want to show you the sort of inspired business acumen that makes me a winner. Arthur often gets into trouble. And you see in some of the booths they have little plastic bags with goldfish in which they give away as prizes. Put them in little plastic bags.

Place the saucepan onto a medium heat and add the white wine. Try this delicious Swiss fondue recipe. Come over here. Recipe by Heidi Mostafa tv script Minder Fondue! In this scene. What are you talking about? Video Watch the clip from the TV series Minder. When the wine starts Video simmering. Now look.

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Very droll. Arthur is explaining one of his latest moneymaking schemes to Terry. How big an earner? Arthur Daley and Terry. But worse was to follow. The year-old employee. Roy Dufek thinks the cat. But some mistakes are clearly more spectacular than others!

The gorilla A zoo worker in a gorilla suit was accidentally shot with a tranquiliser dart. Fearing that there was a gorilla on the loose. Why is searching for the cat so complicated? The bed belonged to his girlfriend Hayley. Who was hurt when the crane fell onto the house? What do you think the mistakes in each story involved? Dutch media reported that despite the fiasco. Roy helped the buyer strap the bed onto the top of his car so he could take it to his home almost 40 kilometres away.

When does the cat go there? The employee from a zoo in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Why not subscribe at our shop www. He recovered shortly afterwards. Why did the vet shoot him? Google Play or the App Store and enjoy some big discounts! Why was the zoo worker dressed in a gorilla suit?

Think about it Have you made any mistakes lately? What were they? How serious were they? Have you ever made a mistake at work? Answers on page 44 1 Pre-reading Look at the paragraph titles.

On a happier note.

Roy was helping her get rid of her extra furniture. Why was the Dutchman happy in the end? Where was the cat hiding? In a message he posted on Craigslist. When the dart hits you. The crane A young man managed to completely destroy a house. What was the Dutchman planning to do? Spain was taking part in a drill to ensure zoo staff knew how to respond if a gorilla escaped.

In an attempt to stop the practice. There are lots of photos of man-spreaders on Tumblr. Homewreckers has more than Colin Porter started it after becoming frustrated with late payers in his own business. Shawn Kathleen has been a flight attendant since One of the photos showed a passenger picking his nose. As they say on the website. Who are they aimed at? Would you like to set up one of these sites? Who would your targets be?

What do you think of the idea of naming and shaming websites in general? How different is it to bullying? Who deserves to be named and shamed in your country?

Hundreds of businesses have signed up for it. Did you think of anything similar to these websites? What could you do to prevent them being like this again? This is particularly annoying when they do it on public transport. With more than The photos capture fellow passengers in unusual sleeping positions.

The aim is to highlight some of the unusual. One entry features a photograph of an Iowa-based woman described as a home wrecker.

Answers on page 44 1 Pre-reading Look at the list of people below. Homewreckers Website Shesahomewrecker is a place where wives can name and shame their partners' mistresses. Tumblr n a social networking website Dude exp US man.

PassengerShaming was created by Shawn Kathleen. Passengers Facebook page PassengerShaming is full of photos taken by flight attendants and passengers from all over the world. Here are four famous ones. One Tumblr site hosts photos of manspreaders in an attempt to shame the culprits. Access credit reports for any company in Australia to determine what sort of risk they represent to your business. Profiles also include the details surrounding each affair. An accompanying caption reads. One of the adverts reads.

The key to being patient is to wait and observe. Start developing your people skills now. In order to persuade someone to do something. The being patient is to wait and observe. Why not subscribe or get the interactive version from the App Store or Google Play?

Understanding body language might tell you what someone else is or feeling. Empathy can help what you someone might do. Think about it How good are you at listening? In what way are you a good listener? How much do you know about body language? How important is it? How would you rate your sense of humour? What does it mean to have a sense of humour? How important is empathy in relationships? Give examples. Here are a few you need to develop.

Empathy allows you to create relationships. Patience No one likes a hothead. Humour can be used a tense to situation. What does each skill involve? Which ones are the most important? You need them! Give an example of a time when you were flexible about something.

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And being able to see the funny side of things can often help make the environment more pleasant and relaxed. Active listening involves listening without someone. A sense of humour Humour is a great way of diffusing a tense situation. When the situation transforms. H aving good people skills is essential for success at work and in life. This will allow you to focus on any potential benefits for them.

For each of the situations below. How long has Jessica been there? About three weeks now. I went trekking there. Nice to meet you. Did they say any of the things you thought of? About a month. Audio files Think about it When was the last time you had to introduce yourself? Who were you talking to? What are some polite ways to introduce yourself to people in your language? What do you usually say to friends when you see them after a short period of time?

How do you greet them? What do you say or do? About six years. We were at school together. Do you 2 you passed? I hope so..

What did Alex do in the north? Conversation III 5. And you? Just 1 an exam. How long is it since they last saw each other? Tell me about it.. Listen once to compare your ideas from the Pre-listening activity. I 10 with John for about three years in a company in London. We 11 in about six months ago. Nice to meet you too. Have you been to the north? Something like that. What does Ben suggest doing? Conversation II 3.

When did John and Mark first meet? What has Sandra just done? Conversation IV 7. Fancy 5 you here! Not too bad! Just great. Great country.

Objective To improve your listening skills. How long did Jane work with John for in London? Hi Jane. Come on then. Fancy going to the pub? All right? Conversation I 1. I 4 there last week. How did it go? Not too bad I think. The beaches are incredible. So did I! Start learning English NOW. Your complete. My English is so much better now Improve your listening skills!

Booklets come with listening files! Booklets come with Get your Phrasal verbs booklets from. Booklets come with images and audio files. Get your Idioms booklets from. Learning guaranteed! Thanks Hot English! Now available online! Get your Idioms books from. Idioms booklets Learn hundreds of idioms. Germany Perfect your pronunciation! Develop your reading skills! Learn when and where you want!

Native English teachers! Fantastic material! Book your classes from. TOEFL… and life! Over pages divided into 8 units! Videos with exercises! A variety of English accents! Read and listen to this product on an iPad. Daniel K Cologne.

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Check out book II of English Unlocked! Skype-Phone English courses Really improve your English speaking.. Fo booklet ish. People usually just say the first part of the phrase.

I had it at about 3pm. I usually have lunch at about 1pm. Princess Diana was a typical English Rose.. Get an idioms booklet! Useful Idioms Over Lea 15 visit: Get ucts. Which websites do you use regularly? Listen once.. Objective To improve your advanced listening skills by listening to several speakers chatting in an informal setting.

As is I think everyone now. I love reading food blogs. Such as? What does one of the female speakers like about the food blog she follows? I love. What does the other female speaker like to follow? Smitten Kitchen? It does! Yeah for sure. Answers all of my questions. I hardly know what Twitter is! Alright well. No matter what website you go to.

What does one of the speakers say is wrong with Wikipedia? But what else do you guys use the internet for. Knowing the context and topic of the conversation will help with this. See for me as well. Do you? Food blogs? What does he then go on to say that contradicts what he said previously? Or Wikipedia. Think about it What are some of your favourite websites?

Which websites do you regularly visit? Have you Track What can you find there? What type of websites do you use most? Which social networking sites do you use? Which news websites do you visit regularly? Group Talk What are your favourite websites? Were any of your websites mentioned? What other websites. I feel like most of the articles are pretty legit. Google always solves all of my problems. What does one of the female speakers say about social networking? I know. Contact us now for a free.

I flogged my stereo to Greg. What a mug! Me too! I guess we could go and grab a bite to eat then come back for the next session. I just got a text from Leon. Objective To teach you some slang words and expressions.

Ticket seller: Write out a version of them in Standard English: Warning Many of the words and expressions from this section are used in informal situations.

What a bummer! I was really looking forward to it. Dialogue Pete: How much did you get for it? Two hundred. Interpreting services. Come on — you know you want to. What do they decide to do in the end? The Dog and Duck? That place is a rip-off. But he lives miles away. I can lend you something. Think about it When was the last time you made plans to go out at night?

What did you want to do? What did you all decide to do in the end? All right.

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All languages translated. It was only worth about Experienced team of professional translators. You dress like a slob. Those shoes are so unstylish. Get ready to respond to those back-handed compliments! I thought you were a complete moron. In what way are they insulting? What do you think they really mean? Think about it What other back-handed compliments do you know of? Has anyone ever given you a back-handed compliment? Have you ever given someone a back-handed compliment?

Why do you think people give back-handed compliments? How often do you give genuine compliments? How important is it to compliment people?

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You look a lot better in pictures than in person. You look beautiful! When you started here. Reading II Compliment: You normally look like a tramp. I was under the impression that you were an ignorant.

See if you can remember the corresponding back-handed compliments without referring back to the article. How to give a back-handed compliment! These hidden snubs are known as backhanded compliments. You come across as too stupid to be a professional. Objective To improve your listening and reading skills.

After spending six months in hospital. It was often sung by soldiers as they marched off to the horrors of World War I On a positive note. At the time. How did Clement manage to shoot himself? He shot himself with his own rifle. Which death is the most ironic? Comprehension Now. How are Segways steered? Here are the stories of four people who had ironic deaths.

In what way was his death ironic? Jimi owned an estate in the English countryside. What strange. Answers on page 44 1 Reading I An ironic situation is a strange. Felix committed suicide in at the age of What was different about the Segway that Jimi was riding? Why was it ironic that he committed suicide? What was the man that Clement was defending accused of? Felix and his brother George who wrote the lyrics. That metre stunt left him with a fractured jaw and broken knee-caps.

Clement showed them how he would demonstrate this to the jury. Think about it Have any famous people from your country died recently? How did they die? In what way can a death be ironic? Using a pistol he thought was unloaded. And the upbeat lyrics helped convince many others to go and fight for their country. How ironic! Clement wanted to demonstrate to the jury that the dead man had accidentally shot himself when he pulled his pistol out from a pocket. Think of at least three more ironic situations.

Smile published in A multi-millionaire. While discussing this with fellow attorneys in his hotel room. In one episode. Here are three famous lovable rogues. Which rogue is the most "lovable"? What most people find fascinating about Flashman is the way he uses his wit. As he says. Arthur has a garage full of garden gnomes. Think about it How many baddies from literature. In another book. Which ones have redeeming features? Does the concept of the lovable rogue exist in your country?

What does it mean exactly? Are there any famous lovable rogues from your country? Who are they? In what way are they rogues? In what way are they lovable? Add more words to the list below: He even has a sense of morality. In one scene. Why we love a scoundrel! L Answers on page 44 1 Pre-reading Think of as many negative adjectives as you can.

What had really happened? What does Captain Jack Sparrow rely on to help him survive? Arthur usually ends up losing out. Why did he charge into an entire Russian regiment? Played by actor George Cole. What does Arthur Daley say he likes to sell to his unsuspecting customers?

Flashman arrived at the fort by accident. Why did he return to help his crew while they were being attacked by the Kraken? This Flashman is a notorious bully at Rugby School who is expelled for drunkenness. In one story. Good talk. Taking forever. I thought we were going to be here all day. I think I saw you. Think about it Have you ever been stuck in a lift?

Was there anyone else with you? When was the last time you went to a conference? What was it about? Who did you meet? Not yet. Where are you staying? The Happy Star Hotel. Why does Beth get out of the lift? How to start a conversation! Pleased to meet you.

Lucky her. Very interesting. Listen once to check your ideas from the Pre-listening activity. Why does Beth accept the invitation to have a cup of coffee? Call II 5. Call I 1. Audio script In a lift Beth and Jack are stuck in a lift. Good idea. Who does Jack work with and on which floor? Just as well. No wonder 8 Great hotel though. What positive things do they mention about the hotel? At a conference Justin and Keith are at a conference.

Have you been down to the pool? You were just in front of us — 7 there was a problem with the booking?

Who does Beth work with and on which floor? Me too. The 23rd. Did they discuss any of the topics you thought of? Keith Carter. They both work in the same office. Answers on page 44 1 Pre-listening For each of the situations below.

You certainly will. Get a phrasal verbs booklet! Complete the sentences 1 to 8 with the words from below. Indicate the level you require: Your complete self-study solution for learning English at home. Hot English para Profesores. Upper Intermediate.

For lots more material. Hot English for Teachers. Oficina 1A. Web School. Post code: Phone number: Por favor. Spain www. Hot English for Students. Niveles disponibles: Please tick this box if you do not want to receive our weekly free Newsletter.

Incluye audios en formato MP3. Cheque a Hot English Publishing S. Option 3: App versions available fo 12 months r a year! Hot English para Estudiantes. Indica el nivel que desea: With audio MP3s and video MP4s! Choose from 4 levels: Because he was found clutching the flag.

He went trekking. By moving your body in the direction you want to travel. They were easier to catch. Sky Bar. That was lucky. November 2. Because he thought there was a gorilla on the loose. The Rooftop Film Club. In the base of a bed. Yankee Dictation III 1. No one. I sold. Hot Tub Cinema. E for Edward. Something they could do without. For about three years. The Roof Gardens. T for Tom and H for Henry 2. Because his girlfriend accepted the proposal.

He was re-enacting the events when a loaded gun got caught on his clothing and went off. How to start a conversation page 37 3 Listening II 1. El Colacho. Ironic deaths page 35 1.

Because he felt duty-bound to do so. Lovable rogues page 36 1. A fractured jaw. Smitten Kitchen a food blog. He says that it has lost its credibility because anyone can edit it. He did it accidentally as he was fleeing in panic from the fighting. What a nightmare People skills page 26 1. Sierra 3. The breakfast buffet. It was a special rugged. Phone call I: Abbie Halliday Phone call II: Windmaster Road Rooftop page 14 1.

La Tomatina. They had his name down as Kenneth Clarke. The Rooftop Film Club Videos page 15 1. What a nightmare. She took a couple of days off work Phrasal verbs page 38 1. Slang conversation page 33 First listening: They s eventually decide to pick up Leon.

He suggests going to the pub. Facebook and Twitter. The Monkey Buffet Festival. Because she had some holiday time she had to use up before the end of the year. The defendant was accused of shooting a man during a bar fight. What an idiot! E for Edward and Y for Young.

Because it helped to boost the morale of soldiers going to fight in WWI. Propose to his girlfriend. He was famous for a spectacular metre fall. His wit and negotiation skills. C for Charles and E for Edward 3. When they were at school. R for Robert. Dictation II 1. Over 30 articles on up-to-date business topics! Business videos and audio files to improve your listening skills!

Missing a few copies of Hot English magazine? For some great deals on back issues. Comprehension exercises so you can check your understanding. This book for intermediate. Glossaries in English so you can learn the meaning of new words. It includes: A selection of poems by George Szirtes.

A wide variety of topics and themes related to English-language culture. Activities to increase your range of vocabulary. Learn over useful words and expressions! Improve your listening skills! Increase your range of vocabulary!

Perfect your pronunciation and spoken English! This book is perfect for learners of all ages. Pronunciation activities to perfect your speaking skills. Check out our Poetry in English book! Learn lots of English with these fantastic poems. Visit our website for a FREE sample: Audio files to improve your listening skills. A monthly magazine for improving your English.

Where is your house? If I tell you. Next to my house. Madrid Paseo de Extremadura. Just tell me. Helpful glossaries. Piekarowicz proof reading Laurent Guiard French depart. Hot English magazine is a leading English resource. Its fun and colourful approach to teaching real English as it's spoken by native speakers is popular around the world.

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Loved by both students and teachers, there's something for everyone and all levels in Hot English magazine. Hot English January Hot English January audio.

Hot English audio. Anzhelika , https: December Hot English November Hot English October Hot English Learn Hot English Magazine N Uhh, it's exactly will be interesting!! Although sometimes nice colored pictures are boring inside. That's cool!. Patrizia Cerra. Learn Hot English is a monthly magazine for teachers and learners of English.