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Apr 20, You can now Download High School DxD Light Novel volumes in .epub) Format ​. DOWNLOAD LINKS High School DxD BELOW. VOLUME 1. Volume 24 – Grim Reaper of the Off-Campus Learning [PDF] .. Zxzxzx can you tell me the info about this Shin Highschool DXD light novel like many people. Sep 24, Author Topic: [Light Novel][English] Highschool DXD (Read times) High School DxD - Volume 6 - Holy behind the Gymnasium.

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High School D×D (ハイスクールD×D, Haisukūru Di Di) is a Japanese light novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero, published PDF ); Volume 4 - Vampire of the Suspended Classroom (Full Text - ePub - PDF). Download the Light Novel "High School DxD" by Ichiei Ishibumi in epub and pdf. Place the [News] tag in the title for posts regarding or relating to light novel news such as licenses and anime adaptation announcements.

December 7, at Set in a flashback setting five hundred years into the past before the present timeline. March 27, at 1: The manga adaptation has been licensed by Yen Press and concluded with 11 volumes. November 12, at 4:

If you are going to licence the series, will Shin DXD also get licensed? Your work was great! Just asking cause the only pdf I see is for Precious of Asia.

High School DxD

If anyone wants to make them, they can go ahead. Wow Okay sorry to ask. Luckily I found it on Justlightnovels instead. But thanks for the Hard work and Translations so far. Be waiting for the updates on Seikoku by email then.

The blog to Leo site is the top of the homepage. There are NO English translations yet for anybody to read. I hope you succeed in your life while bringing smiles to others faces.

Have you heard of it? I asked him about if he would translate the whole thing and he replied eventually someday. Would Leo be interested in Translating it before he starts Shin? Should I ask Leo on his Blog instead. Maybe you guys could do a Joint translation if you decide too have a go it. In short, the entire volume has very little new content and is really just meant to be a special commemorative book. Will I translate it?

A definite maybe at this stage. Why this particular chapter is not translated. Sorry for my terrible english. The first translated chapter is indeed the first chapter in the book. Anything on Baka-Tsuki os automatically available via the app. The app is really just a browser that downloads and saves the pages off Baka-Tsuki.

You may also need to hit the refresh button in the top right corner of the app the reload new chapters. If not do you know who will be? If the Progress Z is making at his own pace is too slow for anyone to deal with by all means please make a blog to post, Buy the Raws, Learn Japanese, and translate it yourselves then for faster results otherwise be patient and wait for it to be posted whenever it gets done.

Have a nice day! So bro until she removes it from my Cornhole there it will remain. Hello zxzxzx-san. Are you interested translating DX4? You know, your work for High School DxD, as if you are not its translator but more like you are its author.

Good work. Daniel Yang is currently translating DX4, and you can find the beginning of it over on his blog.

Also, thanks for the tips on learning how to read Japanese. Nope, strangely not. Hi there zxzxzx, I really love your translation work so much.

Thank you for translating these novels for us all. I may have to wait for who knows how long until the next chapter posted, but I will wait patiently just for you. Keep up the good work mate! It is forever possible that we may never get to finish the story of ise. I for one am truly heartbroken. Your work is immortalized in not only the fans minds but in the internet itself.

Now for you xzxzxz. I will not be so fast to begin a story you have started, for the fear of you not finishing the journey you have started leaves holes in ones imagination the size of planets. Hey z, so sorry to bring to bring this up but if you are going to stop translating dxd is there anyone you can recommend to continue on with your wonderful work over the years.

I was going to not comment but I seen this dumb question. Code-Zero the old translator only Helps out now and then when Z needs extra help and he has refused to pick up the series fully ever again.

Now i appreciate what he has done over the years also I never rush him to finish translating and i never EVER nag him to get it done, i just patiently wait for him to finish just like you and everybody else who uses this site. You come across as tryhard and kiss-ass-ish. If you want to actually make a difference, learn Japanese Or something else that makes his work easier.

If you know the TL world so well, make yourself actually useful and help Z with his workload. I always like coming here and see you get swatted on the nose. Funny as hell. Especially with the grammar. Do a grammar check or a spell check before you post dude. I love his work as do most if not all of his readers. There are enough of those out there. If you actually want to make a difference you could learn Japanese yourself if you wish and want to read more before Z can complete his translations.

Nobody is Stopping you to do so. So asking is not a Complement but a stressful discouragement and a waste of his time to answer peoples concerns about the next update. If you want to show support then just leave him alone and he will update when possible. Peace Z. Z stated he Prefer not to translate the next series of Dxd witch is Shin aka the Continuation after v25 is complete. Prefer is boarder-line for not Sure. I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into each volume.

Thanks again, and I wish you good luck in life. Zxzxzx can you tell me the info about this Shin Highschool DXD light novel like many people been talking about this but is it true or fake? But yes, it does exist. I am sorry for bothering you. Maurice was right, i should have tried to look for the answer before bothering you by asking the same question that you have been getting over and over again.

If so i am also sorry for everyone else as well for ruined the DxD series for zxzxzx and everyone else.

I hope you guys can forgive me. There is nothing to forgive. You Lady or Mister have single handed doomed the Shin Highschool DXD series before it ever got 1 line of word Translated all because you could not stop and take time to read prior comments. Just like the Ones asked for life 0 ETA. I am extremely grateful. I again i am super extremely sorry that i made zxzxzx not want to translate the Shin High School DxD series.

How knows only the future will tell but, we can only hope for our wishes to come true. There you go again not reading the entire comment.

Because they have no clue how much time and effored it takes to translate a single line of the Raw Z is working from. He went from having a Monthly Update to bimonthly to 1 volume a year then just Quit. If not, and you just stay here and post stuff, dude, get a life. Certainly not for the money. People are people. Some people are more patient and attentive and some less so. Go get some Spoted-dick and call it a day will yeah.

Seriously though, dude, get yourself checked for Dyslexia and also go to the urologist to get your Spoted-dick checked out. Normal ones are Spotted.

Douchebag did Z not just say a couple of days ago that the flaming was unnecessary. Lol, learning disability Wow you have me mistaken with you. You as the Reader are not Entitled to know when the next release will be. Z will have it done in time. Only get this big surprise. Hope you can continue translating I look love your translations as they have almost no language errors and still keeps and perfectly delivers the comedic theme of it.

HighSchool DxD

I just hope this month goes by fast. Vol 25 is the end of the 1st series called dxd. Dxd is continuing in the new series this summer. New light novel called Shin High chool Dxd. There is no confirmation yet beyond the current hero season. You know Mr.

Z, you should set a Patreon page as a joke so that impatient people can commission you to translate the light novels. Anyway, good job mate. So all i want to say is glad your back translating and hope you did really well on your exams. I believe that many Crunchyroll members that are DxD fans do like season 4 because it follows the true LN story directly with less fillers than the previous seasons.

Most negative comments posted at the CR pages are related to the animation and faces. I like the new faces because they are more like the original illustrations of the LN.

I see little reason not to like the new season. Thank you for all your translation work, and I do hope to read volume 25 and the next volumes translated this year. This new season, while follows the LN more, feels completely rushed. However I am glad to see it get more airtime. I am lying if I say that myself and others are not impatient for Volume Yet, we are also very grateful for you taking your time and effort to translate the novels.

Cheers man. I have a question how have viewers seen season 4 Hero compared to the light novel now that the season is about to end? I hope that is not the end of the light novel adaptations and season 5 comes in or I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to translate this LN for free, I know many appreciate it. And try to not get pressured if people start getting impatient, take all the time you need, just knowing that someone is doing this, is highly appreciated.

Well, Rias and Issei are basically settled until the wedding or her finally taking the role of the legal wife less she be usurped by Ravel and setting the sex schedule. The author is trying to get all the other girls settled and official before this main DxD line is finished in a few volumes. And I like that the author is giving some screen time to every heroine, but sadly this DxD finished in this volume. Take your time and do your translations according to your convenience.

We are just lucky that you are taking your time off work to do it for us. Thank you very much. Hi zxzxzx can I know when volume 25 will be start translating as it is in hold? You just did not ask for a ETA on V25 did you. So asking someone who gives this to us for Free is like slapping them in the face when you wine for a ETA on the next Installment.

Just asking for the ETA for V25 is beyond rude to begin with. My guess would be end of June b4 he starts the translation and will be done with v25 by Mid August or Early September.

Asking for when He will start v25 right after he finished v24 was beyond rude. Thirdly — All announcements about status updates can be found on the Home Page on the right hand side of the screen where Z is currently on each translations when he gives his monthly update. People like Z have personal Lives outside Fan Translations that take priority over anything else. Be grateful there is still someone like Z who is still actively translating this series without asking for any type of Donations or turning it into a Paid TL like many other groups do.

People come from all walks of life and not all have the same sense of decorum you believe you have. Please check my comment above before giving me that holier-than-thou shpiel. Just be thankful we have him and those like him who give a shit about others. For those of us who cant read in kanji he is a god send. It takes time to translate so be patient. You hit the nail on the head about begin lucky there is someone willing to take time and Resources to translate the series.

Just be respectful and dont ask ever. Hey guys I have read up to volume 24 completely. Can anyone tell me when volume 25 will be updated to this site. Check the sticky post on my home page. Thank you very much for your hard work for us.

Pdf highschool dxd light novel

It was nice reading and i am like it was been finished before June. Is there only volume 25 for now. You gonna translate it too right? Them good luck. One more times thank you. Is there any source where I can read dx 4? And I would like to support you finical. How can I donated to your bog? DX4 has not been translated, though I believe daniel Yang will be starting on it soon, once he gets the book.

You can donate to me via my About page. Will you be updating with a pdf by Monday.

Pdf highschool novel dxd light

Thank you so much for translating this. Thought I have to wait for another Half year or so read then I found your site, Thank you so much for translating for us, really appreciate. As Zxzxzx has stated before He translates as he reads so v25 will be translated while he reads it.

But fyi he already said he will start DX4 as soon as he buys it next month. This part was wery emotional including reconciliation between shirone a kuroka. I was even much surprised when Kuroka confessed that she loves Issei. But One thing is definitely clear.

What exactly are these Dragon magazine short stories. Are you ever gonna translate them?? If yes then when? Pls reply if read zxzxzx. No timescale in mind for these. Hahaha btw thank you for translating HSDxD! I really appreciate your works! Alright so first time commenting on here but after reading that volume 25 isnt gonna be the end of the series, and that the author plans on another series Shin Highschool DxD? Supposedly i had to ask. To go a long with that question, i would also like to expeess my sincere gratitude for the hard work put into translating these volumes.

After learning that the series doesnt end with that 25th volume, i had to ask if there were plans for its translations or not, because i truly look forward to the continuation of the story, but that aside, my appreciation and admiration for whats already been translated i felt needed to be spoken, so once again, regardless of what your response is toward the new series translations, i sincerely thank you one more time!

His reply was He is undecided until he is finished reading vol 25 because he reads as he Translates. When volume 25 is Complete he will decide but we all hope that is decsion will be Favorable to us the readers of his Translations.

Read High School DxD Novel - Read High School DxD novel online at

Ah, i see! I think someone before said people could use some site to get copies of the original and Google Translate them and they probably would get the gist of whats happening, but i will say from my experience with GT in the past, its not as reliable as Zxzxzx has been throughout this endeavor. Again, appreciate the response! Originally the Raws are Japanese and Zxzxzx translates them from Chinese.

Learning Japanese is not a easy task if you choose to TL yourself. Sure there are many sites claiming they can teach you the language but having someone who Speaks the native language as your tutor would be a better way to learn it correctly. Fyi DX 4 is not out yet and DX 3 is only half done.

When did he Finish it. Dude enough with asking when next part will be Uploaded. You know that Translations is a hobby he does in his spare time apart from his Job and School right?

Like the Side bar to the right on the Home pages saids Next part will be Soon. Only suggetion i can make is just wait on these Translations to be done and read them then. I just want to say thank you for your continued efforts to translate this great work! We are highly indebted to you and can only hope that we can assist you.

I just want to say thank you to you from now for every update. I know it may be too much to ask you now but translating DX. But do you have any future plans to translate that work?

Of course, you are still trying to finish this volume and you have another volume to go as well so yeah… never mind. Other similar anime like Freezing, In another world with my smartphone and Date Alive all seem to not reach the level of DxD anime. Comparing LN and Anime actually foolish reason.

Industry of anime saw how well their products sell not the how much LN copy is selling. If it success then we will see another couple or more season. Even if it is fail in market I am hoping that we will see at least one season more. Light novel and anime are related to each other very much. Also due to this reason anime does not caught up lightnovel. Most of time anime success is determined how much LN sale increase.

Just think that if DXD anime has not stop at that time and season come out every year then most of us would not be hear. Dont get me wrong, I am not saying that all anime are made for LN sale boost.

In the case of passion studio dxd. Would you please take your dissussion somewhere else besides Zxzxzx blog. Your both right and wrong. We Yes LN and Anime are connected in most ways but are also apart in the same ways.

If you or anyone wish to carry on the topic outside the LN please do so somewhere else like a discord channel where they welcome it.

I know it has nothing to do with the Light Novels updates, but I just you all to know these infos about the pre-screening of DxD Hero:. Ishibumi going to spoil LN reader fans. Hate new Character design for Hero. Makes it look less Sexy more Cartoony. Art designer and Author must have been smoking something very Strong if they both think it looks good. He already kicked the bucket, unlike Albion and Ddraig who are sealed therefore mentioned in top And ishibumi even forgot to put the god of the bible in the top ten even if he died it seems like he was quit the existence to the other gods.

And one more question sirzechs and ajuka are said to be in the top ten strongest in the world, if u had to rate them what number would you give them. If you go by old rank list they were on 6 position but since after Issei and Vali powerup they could be ranked on either 8 or 9 position. Same answer as the other question you asked. Ishibumi might have answered this though, or at least I seem to recall that he did. I just like to enjoy the novel for what it is.

Thanks for answering if you can. When did you start translating again? I leave the date at the end of each chapter I do. I suppose there was a break between V23 Life. I finished V23 Life. Hey zxzxzx I just wanted to say thanks for translating hs dxd man and I wish that you can continue doing it with even shin is dxd as well and if I could even help out with translation I would. But sadly I just speak pure English language.

I found it some time ago on shinmai masou translation project but I forgot when. And I think it will be on baka tsuki. So that way zx u can focus on translating dxd novels more.

Baka-Tsuki already post who is translating Shinmai Series and there only 1 Active translator shown. Guess Who? There is another site that is translating it, but they have hired someone to do it so you have to contribute a donation to get access to the translations. What Sites? Do they Offer pdf and epub downloads after this so called Donation to get it.

How far are these other site. Are they above or below where Zxzxzx is now. This is why I mostly ignore comments here. I get bossy because your just spouting nonsense. Have you ever used that site.

High School DxD Light Novel Ebooks

There is no way to tell if there on the level that Zxzxzx is and if they will even attempted to finish the novels to the End. Well, I appreciate the thought, but the other translation team has been commissioned to do the work, and that prevents them from putting their translation on Baka-Tsuki, even if they wanted to do that. Baka-Tsuki does not allow paid translations. Who plains to translate Shinmai Vol 8. Is it only volume 8 or are they planing to translate the rest of the volumes all the way last volume Please zx say that you will not translate after volume If the proof you provide is none english can you translate or less sum it up.

Ignore prior post OD. Publishing issue as ichei ichibumi wants more volume than 30 as publishers restricted to publish beyond Thanks for the Info. Like Zxzxzx said No spoilers please. But do you know in what Month the change will happen. But this is just me and wishful thinking on my part. I have no clue what Zxzxzx will do or when. Thanks cumming soon ohh!! I have all volume of deadman wonderland manga , accel world light novel and much more manga.

I want to know why you people show this level of foolishness. Well I try really hard to just Ignore dumb comments. Compared to last year where I said my 2 cents worth on every disrespectful post asking Zxzxzx about the next Chapter or Volume would be done. Where if you went and Paid for a single novel to be translated by a Paid TL person it would cost up to Translating is not Easy and very time consuming.

Fool write back again rambling. Not sure but think they might be a mentally disturbed person.

Novel pdf highschool dxd light

I think the character introduction needs an upgrade now like adding new character change in the peerage etc. Hey before you go on to translating V24, could you please translate this short, short story? I may guess that zxzxzx will not translate dx4 rather it could be done by Daniel Yang. He is the only one who is translating dx3. Do you have raw of volume 24, is there a way to get volume 24 raw for free?

Novel highschool dxd pdf light

Thanks as always for the translation. Here is my epub version of v23 on Mediafire. Latest Updates [] — zxzxzx's blog. Thanks for the Announcement about Season 4 of Highschool Dxd. Most of the time the story is chopped to shorten the time frame to fit Tv time slots. In January, it only listed the month of April, not the exact date, which was just announced last week.

I hate to tell you but it was not official announced just last week. And it would be defined better to stick to novel otherwise it could be like season3 shit happening all over. You might be able to get a better idea of that by checking the job ads that they post. Is it just me, or does Volume 23 seem much longer than the others?

Maybe not in actual content, but it looks like it has a lot more chapters than usual. V23 is around twenty percent longer than V22, and roughly the same length as V It does have more chapters, though many of the upcoming ones are quite brief.

Oh I see! Thanks for all your hard work zx, we all appreciate it so much! Daniel yang translates those. Stop putting pressure on him n go read manga or watch anime. U might see it as being an enthusiastic DxD fan but it also feels like u rushing him for next update. We all wanna read not just u guys. Real Life and Real Life Problems are top priority over any hobby and if every ungrateful person keeps asking it will turn him away from doing them for Us all the enjoy.

She remains in Kuoh Academy as a teacher. She is Xenovia's partner and Issei's childhood friend. After finding out that the God in the Bible is dead, she still follows the teaching and is under the direct command of Michael. She was shocked to find out that Issei turned into a Devil.

They are still friends despite that flaw. Fourth child and only daughter of the Phoenix house, she started as her brother Riser's bishop, but after the duel between him and Issei, she fell in love and was traded to her mother, who doesn't participate in Rating Games, with the hope of one day becoming Issei's servant. She is currently his manager. She has transferred to Kuou Academy, where she got into Koneko and Gasper's class, as well as becoming a member of the Occult Research Club and living at the Hyoudou residence.

She started with a body type like Koneko's, but has grown since. One of the two most powerful dragons, along with Great Red, born in the dimensional gap. After losing to him, it was banished and has since tried to find a way to win over and return. Neither male nor female, it has currently taken the form of a little girl in goth clothes and has been recognized as female. Currently it has lost most of its powers due to being stolen using Samael's venom, being reduced to only twice the power of the Heavenly Dragons at their prime, and lives at the Hyodou residence as a kind of pet or mascot.

Translators are asked to register for chapters they want to work on. All edited translations are to be in British English. Also, the translation has to follow the same paragraph structure as the Japanese version.

Some of these chapters are translations of the Chinese edition of the novels, which are known to have some minor mistakes compared to the original Japanese text. If you have access to the originals and you spot an error, please feel free to make the corrections yourself. If you enjoyed the series, why don't you tell us in this forum.

Takes place a few years before the main series. This translation is based on the original web novel release. New readers are advised to start with Volume 1 see below. Set in a time-travel setting between post-Volume 14 present timeline and thirty years into the future.

Set in a flashback setting five hundred years into the past before the present timeline. These short stories may be compiled into the DX volumes in the future Hence the reason for their low priority in terms of translation. Inquiries about any particular volume should be directed towards the corresponding translator s as recorded on the Registration Page. Jump to: Project Status: Retrieved from " https: Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Baka-Tsuki Discord server.

New Testament Unlimited Fafnir. This page was last edited on 12 April , at Privacy policy About Baka-Tsuki Disclaimers. Pawn 8 Pieces, later in volume 23 it is revealed that all 8 of them transformed into Mutation Pieces Species: Boosted Gear Longinus Weapon: Ascalon Power: High-class Devil Role: King Species: Does anyone know when the next chapter or volume comes out?

If so plz do share the date. Everytime he calls himself a half-baked chef I die a little inside. Martial God AsuraCh. Tales of Demons and GodsCh. Battle Through the HeavensCh.

Heavenly Jewel ChangeCh. The Desolate EraVol. Toggle navigation. Username Password. High School DxD. Subscribe Add to favorites. Rate this novel! Ishibumi Ichiei. Are there no Gods in this World!?

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