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GOOD HUSBAND, GREAT MARRIAGE is a hard-hitting, no-nonsense guidebook for men and women to help them fix their marriages. Robert Alter's central. Good Husband, Great Marriage book. Read 15 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. For men, and the women who love them, this is a highly. Good Husband, Great Marriage: Finding the Good Husband in the Man You . Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read, good books to read, cheap.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Alter is a practicing psychologists. Good Husband, Great Marriage: Finding the Good Husband in the Man You Married. Good Husband, Great Marriage [Robert Mark Alter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For men, and the women who love them, this is a. In the bestselling tradition of "The Rules" and "The Surrendered Wife" comes a controversial, empowering guide that says what women know already—that men .

I let my wife sleep in on the weekend while I quietly took the kids downstairs. One recent morning he wanted a cup of cocoa, but I was busy and didn't get it for him, so he went without. I definitely liked the idea in the book about basing all my decisions on my own happiness [pp. I read your book and thought it was wonderful; it has given me the tools that I was in need of to change. Anyway, instead of turning on the TV and sitting in front of the television and our laptops, I offered to read aloud to him while he ate his dinner, and we got through Chapter Four. We are both 70 and have had a great 32 year marriage of equals. I am going to buy a copy of your book and give one to every married woman I know.

As something of a collector of self-help books I can pay this one the compliment of saying that I'd put it right at the top of my sadly short list of self help books which have actually made a real difference in my life.

May 13, Douglas rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Married people. Everybody knows that a good relationship centers on communication, but this book does a great job about focusing on ways that the man can 'connect' more effectively with the woman.

Some great examples about a lot of great topics I can't explain them all. The author also briefly talks about connecting with your kids.

A very worthwhile read and arguably the best book on relationships I have read this year. View 1 comment. Apr 02, Kate rated it it was amazing. I have only browsed through this one- it's my husbands- but it is going to be great. EASY read. He really speaks to the guy and is realistic and slaps him in the face with the obvious. My husband liked it a lot. And for guy that doesn't read, that means a lot. Feb 10, Jeffrey rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is one of the best books on being a good husband that is out there.

Good husband, great marriage : finding the good husband in the man you married

My marriage wasn't in trouble at all, but I wanted to find ways to improve as a husband. Each chapter explains a simple idea that us as men can do to connect more with our wives. I think it is a great book to have and constantly check up how your doing as a great husband. Excellent book. Nov 19, Camilla rated it did not like it Shelves: My book club read this book I have a totally great husband, thats what I thought after reading this book.

Hopefully alot of other women can say the same after reading this. Feb 19, Berdine rated it it was amazing. Both men and women should read this book, and follow its advice! I'm convinced there would be many more happy marriages if they did. Mar 18, Rexanna Ipock-Brown rated it it was amazing.

If you can get your husband to read it, great. If not, it is a great guide for women into a man's mind. Mar 19, Rosalinda rated it really liked it. A book every couple should read.

Dec 09, Dale Anderson rated it it was amazing. For any man wanting a better marriage this is a must read.

Jul 19, Jan Pliler rated it liked it. Felisa rated it really liked it Aug 02, Brian Hawkins rated it did not like it Jan 02, Joel Selby rated it it was amazing Mar 10, Jan 25, Mike Sayed added it.

I think he bought it because he had been on some type of men's convention with a church group and they were selling it there. I was quite pleased that he was making an effort although I don't know if he ever actually read it. I read the book and was mortified. I found it insulting in its condescension toward women and its patronizing solutions for marital strife. I told my husband to ignore any advice he may have gleaned from the book because I am not the woman referred to in that book.

I married a good man, and I consider us to have a very good marriage. He is not selfish, so many of your chapters didn't apply to him. But Chapter 14, Be Prepared to Process, explained a lot. I found myself validated in my frustration, and wanted to thank you for that. I found myself urging my husband to read just Chapter 14, if nothing else. He took the book on a hunting trip, and read Chapter 14 while he sat in a tree stand one peaceful, quiet morning.

I wish I could say that everything changed immediately, but it didn't. I can tell he's trying though. He lets me process at least. And sometimes months after I've "processed" something, I can tell he heard me, because he will reference it. I know he's listening, and if he is not acting on what I've said, I no longer accuse him of being indifferent. I've realized we both have limitations. We both are unable to meet every need of the other. That's okay. Our strength is in admiring the person we fell in love with, apart from our "assigned" roles as each other's "need meeter.

Thank you so much for your book. I do not exaggerate when I say that reading it constituted a changing point in my life. I expected another book teaching the woman how to change; and instead I found an eye-opener that gave me the confidence I needed to look out for myself.

I started questioning long-held assumptions of what love meant, stopped putting up with daily verbal and emotional abuse with the occasional physical intimidation , and found the courage to create a bottom line. I gave an ultimatum to my husband, and we have started couples therapy. His behavior has somewhat changed, but more needs to happen for me to be happy in this marriage. In any case, whatever happens in this relationship, I am so much better now.

Hansville, Washington. I gave the book to my husband to take with him on his flight this morning. I am so moved by this book and feel so fortunate to have found it when I did. It encapsulates everything that is wrong with our marriage.

I can only hope tht my husband returns from his business trip a changing man. In as a sophomore in college, I discovered it unread on my best friend's bookshelf. Immediately I felt it was an absolute treasure. The compassion and wisdom of your words has comforted me throughout the darkest moments of my life and shaped my heart and mind forever. Over and over I turn to it: I have given it as wedding presents and breakup presents.

I have consulted it with boyfriends and family when we find ourselves at an impasse. I have read excerpts to friends in their times of need. I quote it often. I think of it more often.

It is so much a part of me that I cannot imagine myself without it. Every page in your book has the power to take me from lost to love, from depression to compassion, from fear to hope.

It fills me with peace, and patience, strength, and self-love. It centers me. My mother passed away when I was young, but I know that these are the lessons she would have taught me had we more time together. I am sorry that I waited so long to tell you how important your work has been to someone. I have a degree in psychology, have read tons of self-help books, and have been through my share of therapy. I have explored many books on Buddhism and meditation.

So I consider myself somewhat of an expert when I say that this is the best book ever written of its kind. The most concisely, beautifully crafted guide to being human I ever expect to come across. So thank you both, from the bottom of my soul, which I am still and will forever be working on getting right. Thank you for saving my life.

A complete bum, negative, arrogant, ignorant, angry, selfish, and so on. I just finished the book. I have acknowledged all of my faults and have changed extremely fast. You have opened my eyes to my own immaturity. Thank you very much. I first wrote to you in March of , and since then my husband has made his way to Chapter 11, "Talk to Her. I guess he is not one of the ones who gets it quickly, or should I say, wants to acknowledge all his ungentleness quickly.

He is doing this slowly, but that is okay, he is still changing slowly, so I am pleased. He asked me to give him a list of the things that bother me about him. He couldn't bring himself to ask me to tell him of the ways he was immature. So you think I'm immature? You are probably more mature in a lot of ways than the average man out there, but I guess there are a few things, dear. When he came back in, he said, "I read two chapters," and I said, "Wow, that is great.

Marriage great good pdf husband

Any Moves? When I made the list of things that annoy me, the top two were: Please make the effort to reach your arm a little further and throw the tissues in the garbage can instead of on the floor right next to it. I clean all day and it would be helpful if you would pick up after yourself. Please wipe up your coffee spills and stains on the the table, washing machine, sink, etc. So I am trying to be gentle when reminding him. I hope I am doing things right on my end.

Patience is the big factor, but I figured I've been with him and his ungentleness for 25 years, I can wait a year to get the man I need him to be. We were swinging out on the front porch today as the weather here in Colorado was perfect. A nice breeze, not many people in sight, and we were talking, sharing, cuddling, and he mentioned that he was kind of in a funk today, so I said, "I know what will get you right out of your funk: Do you know what the next chapter is called?

Then he said, "I always listen to you, you don't listen to me. He will start on that chapter tomorrow, but I can't wait for him to get to the chapter about apologizing. I've been waiting for 25 years for a sincere apology for a few things. I told him, "You can't get away with a two minute apology after all the hurt, and be done with it while my wounds are still open.

I think that chapter will heal years of heartache and bring down some serious walls between us. Thank you again, Robert, for this awesome book, and to you, Jane, for being the reason he wrote it. God bless you both. I am a single male, but I have found a very quality and intelligent female whose name is Katerina. I have known her for three years, she is a very superior, strong, and elegant lady. Katerina does think that I am a very talented and energetic good male who strives hard toward my challenges, and thinks I am also a good chef!

Since I have finished reading your book, I have had new understandings in my mind, and I want to change and corrrect my bad habits: I should stop walking into toy and video game stores. I should stop watching cartoons on DVDs and on Youtube. I should spend less time on Facebook. I should stop talking about other females in front of Katerina. I should talk about things I am planning to do instead of the past.

I should stop watching porn videos. I feel that my bad habits covered me, and it's not the way I am. My bad habits are not healthy for my mindset; they are immature.

In May, I will be taking a ten week course about image and lifestyle. I want to commit myself to study hard enough in order to be a more attractive male. What was his incentive? And there is no way any of his treatment towards me has anything to do with feeling, caring, empathy, let alone love. So without that, there is no incentive for him to even care if I can stand to be around him ever. I shall BEG him to pay attention.

Change first! The counselor was not necessarily in the spirit of the book, as he took every opportunity to put into question my credibility. So ours is not a success story, the books have been tossed into waste baskets or drawers, and now I have to make that decision, what do I do now?

Your book WAS my last hope, so I want to say thank you, thank you, for your brilliant yet so simple insight on how to save marriages. Laura and I have been married almost 25 years. Second marriages for both--for reasons so well outlined in your book. For the past few weeks she had a difficult time first recovering from a simple surgery, and then a rush decorating job she had taken on. I was very supportive and helpful. She told me often how she appreciated all I did. Finally, it was over, and I felt it would be nice to just drop everything and go out and celebrate.

She said she was really too tired, perhaps tomorrow night.

Great pdf marriage husband good

She gave me a hug, and started doing laundry, cleaning the house, picking up her sewing room, and talking with her sister on the phone. I went into a pouty, closed-off funk.

South Dakota Badlands. Doing something nice together after all the support I was felt to me to be less important to her than all that other stuff in her mind. She asked me what was wrong, and I finally said that I felt like "we" were on the bottom of the list and that she wasn't too tired to clean the house, etc.

She hugged me again and said, "I am just tired," and I have to get the house back in order before my upcoming trip in three days. In the next few days we did have time, and the house got cleaned so it would be nice for me while she was away.

And I don't know how or why. That actually, tired as she was, she was thinking of me! Well, I didn't deserve her love by acting that way. I realized what a wonderful person I married.

How lucky I am to have her gentle, steady, and wise love in my life. And I knew I never want to be that "twit" again. She deserved my "better person," and I want to be that for her. I apologized, and we talked about my misunderstanding of it all. I became more grateful of her being and wisdom than ever before. The next day I talked with a friend superficially about what had happened.

He referred me to your Good Husband book. Funny how the "universe" makes the right things appear when we are ready for it. I don't open up to my tennis partner like that, but he was the messenger for what I needed. It is exactly what I have needed in my life for a long time. I am having a problem about how we give ourselves to the service of another without losing our "authentic" self. I have dreams and desires that seem to be an integral part of who and what I am.

That without them, I cease to be the true "me. I wonder if in the real world that such a surrender and devotion would often lead to being used or taken advantage of. There is old pain in us all.

We all have demons. So, I proceed with caution and the hope that love can truly conquer all. I continue to learn. I will give Laura the book to read. Then we will talk! My wife got the book and read a tiny bit of it before telling me about it and where it was in the house.

We have had a tough time over the last few years, what with one thing or another, so I got the book and read a few chapters. I put the book down, looked at my wife, and the look of expectation on her face was something to behold. We just fell about laughing. Within hours of my first read, my view of life, marriage, and my wife had changed--a mere twist of my cognition and the world is a different place. Yes, at times I am an asshole, BUT I am listening, we are talking, and we went away and had a glorious couple of days celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary.

I will always be grateful for the book, and I haven't even finished it yet! This really is a husband writing this!

Life is just great. My father told me about this book. He used to be a diffciult man--very difficult--no wonder my mother drank. He did not realize that he was mostly at fault for the problems in my mother and father's relationship until he filled out a checklist and realized what an asshole he had been all those years!! Anyway, many years later, I have done the same thing my mother did--married a diffcult man--a very difficult man--an angry, sad, hurt, and depressed man--a wonderful, loving, athletic, intelligent man--my best friend--my best friend who I hardly know.

This book gives me hope, and I only pray and pray that he does not continue to mock the book and wonder if a 'homosexual' has written it. I feel that he can change, but don't know that he has the motivation or realizes what he will lose if he does not start digging deeply within himself.

Not only will he possibly lose me and the ability to see our son every day, but will continue to lose himself. Thank you for pointing out that I am entitled to my anger and pain and loneliness. Thank you for this book. It was a gift from my parents for my birthday.

The best gift ever received. Thank you for your book. I have never give up my dream to build a real relationship, and I do so!!! Your book is wonderful, simple, real, practicle, not "une prise de tete," as we say in French you know, those beautiful theories but impossible to live.

Every evening I read a few pages to my wonderful companion. It is like a translator of women thoughts in men's words. That's it! So I just thank you and your woman and I continue the travel. Last night my husband confessed that he hadn't had much time to read during the day at work perfectly understandable , and he was a little put off by the hardback title, It's Mostly His Fault.

I had explained to him about the unfortunate title, and I had included in the book a bookmark in the form of a love letter telling him how much I loved him and that if he needed something from me in our relationship to please tell me, but he still found the title off-putting. Ironically, I picked up the book because I thought the title was funny and ironic. Anyway, instead of turning on the TV and sitting in front of the television and our laptops, I offered to read aloud to him while he ate his dinner, and we got through Chapter Four.

Then we spent three hours talking. I noticed and pointed out to him that every time I asked him what he thought wasn't right in our relationship, he went straight to talking about money and his job and his frustration about money and his job.

When I said that I thought the reason we weren't feeling very sexual was because we had no intimacy, he got a funny look like that had never occured to him, but when I said it he suddenly saw how that could be. Neither one of us is into casual sex with strangers--which is what we have been: We're going to keep reading to each other in the evenings.

I am a writer, and he confessed he hasn't even started reading my latest novel-in-progress, so we'll be reading that out loud while exchanging foot-rubs as well as reading about how it's mostly his fault I do get a laught out of that title--I've spent so many years reading all about how it's all MY fault, and if I can only be sweet and loving and appreciative enough, he will look up from the computer screen and notice me.

One thing that struck me is that all the time I was feeling unloved and abandoned and convinced that he resented me for not making as much money as he does, he had no idea there was anything wrong with our relationship at all.

Not a clue. I am not a screamer or a complainer, so he figured as long as I was there and available, there wasn't a problem. When he does see a problem, it is always extremely concrete and specific: I left my table saw outside in the rain. We don't have sex. His brain just can't process the idea that I feel tired and stressed and frazzled in part because I feel like I am asbolutely alone in this relationship. Thanks for pointing that out in your book.

And thank you for explaining it to him in man-words because when I say that I need something, that sounds like crazy talk to him, he just really doesn't take it in or know what to do about it.

Your book helped him to hear me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh, my lord! Good for you for not retaliating when she struck you. That shows tremendous class and self-control, but she has no more right to strike you than you do her. No hitting. That's the rule. Same rule for everybody. A good therapist could help you figure out ways to talk with her about the no-hitting rule at a time when tempers aren't high and also what to do when the situation is getting unruly.

I have an issue. I have been abusive toward my girlfriend, and I am seeking counseling for this issue. However, a trigger is when she slaps me. I haven't seen it in the book, but my girlfriend has read the whole book and says that she is within her rights to slap me when I am insolent.

I accept and acknowledge that I am responsible for her anger, and I am trying to use the tools you present to fix that, even though it is sometimes hard to do effectively with a long distance relationship.

And as I said, my violence is inexcusable, I have no defense for those actions, but am I really supposed to accept slapping as a legitimate action from my sweetheart any time I anger her or she needs to teach me a lesson? I know your accounting of your wife's overturning the dining room table [p. I have had things thrown at me, and been slapped.

I have been bruised and had a bloody lip. I deserve her anger, but do I really deserve these angry actions? While my own violence is inexcusable, I have calmly put up with being slapped several times. My only regret is the two times I did respond in an effort to get her to stop, once trying to physically drag her out of my apartment.

How many times must I be slapped without responding before she needs to stop? I never want to touch her in anger again, so I am not looking for a countdown to allow me to respond. I have never used violence to intimidate her other than in response to slapping, and I know I shouldn't have done so then, but when can I expect to not be slapped? When is it reasonable for me to ask to not be slapped?

I am an abuser for ever touching her in anger--this is my shame. Thank you for the tools you have provided to work toward harmony with her. She is the love of my life, and I thank you for giving me the tools to try to show her that this is the case. I shouldn't laugh. I really shouldn't. My husband and I have essentially the same dog problem you do, and it is something we need to work on.

Good Husband, Great Marriage

He wanted puppies, so we got a mate for our little boy dog Scooter, and we now have five precious pug-chihuahua mix darlings who run amuck.

I work hard to train and discipline them, build fences to keep them in the yard, read books about dog training, clean up after them, walk them, etc.

He complains about how badly behaved they are, and that, as he sees it, is where his responsibility ends. I have been repeatedly telling my husband that he can either stop complaining about the dogs' behavior or take responsibility for it. He can choose one or the other. He can even have both. The whole "take responsibility" concept is seriously straining his considerable intelligence. If your husband wants the dogs--which he clearly does--then it is his obligation to read about dog training or enroll the dogs in obedience school on the weekend you could go with him and spend time every day reaching them acceptable behavior.

Anything less than that is childish. It will help a lot if you are both on the same page vis-a-vis taining methods and expectations: Thank you for your letter. Seeing someone else in the same predicament as myself really helps me see where I let my husband get away with being irresponsible and immature. I have read your book and am wondering how my situation would fit your philosophy. My husband was nicer to me before we were married, but I still believe he is a good man; he has baggage just as I do from poor parental role models to major depression.

But the most insurmountable issue between us is our dogs. We adopted our first dog from the pound a year ago, he was seven months old, a large dog, very hyper, out of control.

Pdf marriage husband good great

I was unsure it was a good idea, but my husband insisted he could handle him. We brought the dog home and he was a nightmare. Tore up everything in the house every day for months when we left him to go to work. We didn't leave him in his crate because my husband insisted he needed to learn to behave out of the crate. I arrived home before my husband, so I was the one who had to clean up the messes and punish the dog.

It really started to get me down; I admit I am sensitive, and I really would prefer peace in my home note: After the dog tore up every outdoor cushion and continued to chew on us not drawing blood, but still biting , I dared to suggest we might give him away not to the pound, but a good home , and try another dog.

My husband went ballistic!! He said that we had adopted this dog so we had to be responsible and keep him forever. That he loved the dog and if I ever got rid of the dog he would never forgive me. That the dog would outgrow the behavior one day, and I needed to just put up with it. That, "Why didn't I just shoot the dog now?! Every time I had taken all I could stand and tried to bring the subject up, my husband would shut down, refuse to discuss it, and insult me.

I started to feel he loved the dog more than me, but when I mentioned how I felt, he denied it and got even more angry.

Six months ago, we took in my mother-in-law's dog because she was chewing up the furniture, and my husband felt he could train her and give her a better home than his parents could.

She has fewer behavior problems, but the two dogs have played and fought loudly and violently all the time. Then, a few months ago, a rescue organization was showing their dogs, and my husband talked me into getting a third dog!

This one was only four months old, not hyper, and large enough to be a match for the first dog. However, she has her own issues, like digging up our trees and ripping off all their bark and branches. I thought I might be a dog person, but this experience has shown me I probably do not have the patience. No matter how I explain, try to be reasonable, beg, or cry, my husband will absolutely not budge on this subject. I know he has control issues, but it seems unfathomable that these dogs could mean so much to him he is willing to scream at me and risk me leaving him.

I am desperate; no one I have talked to has any useful advice.

If you post this on your website, I pray someone will have some comment that will help me. We haven't been to counseling because we have financial problems which are less of an issue than dogs! He has not read the book yet, as he got a new job recently and just left for a six week training program. I have just finished reading your book Good Husband, Great Marriage for what seems like the fourth time, possibly more.

I also read the comments from readers, including some men who chose to dump on Robert for being a "sellout" to men. As I am sure you are aware, recently Tiger Woods was involved in what I can only call a pathological attempt to remain a toddler in his marriage by attempting to create some sort of human golf course holes of golf, 18 cocktail waitresses. I feel that certain parallels can be made here.

First of all, I never had a sense that the book was a sellout to men. Actually, the book hints at the very core of damaging male behavior. It forces men if they grasp it to view woman not as objects, but rather worthwhile, unique individuals who are very much worth loving and knowing.

The danger of the Tiger Woods fiasco, as well as the incident in Los Angeles where a 15 year old girl was gang-raped while spectators watched and filmed it with their cellphones, is that the objectification of women is a dangerous trend. To a demented male mind, we are nothing more than one of 18 cocktail waitresses on the side, or merely a bag of parts. I don't think the responsibility for this condition can be blamed solely on men, however.

Women would be better served if we remained dignified, with the knowledge that God put us on the planet to nurture, not titillate. That is, in my opinion, unless we are speaking of an adult monogamous sexual relationship.

While I continue to struggle in my own marriage, infidelity, lies, etc. I hope much more for my daughters. I do believe with all my heart that a man will treat you in exactly the same manner that you demand. Or, as Mrs. Roosevelt put it, no one takes advantage of you without your permission. This letter will probably elicit a hostile response from some people, but I sincerely hope, like your book, that people will at least contemplate an opinion outside their box. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for writing Good Husband, Great Marriage.

A good friend of mine suggested that I get self-help books to work on the problems in my marriage. I went to the bookstore and picked yours up. Based on the title, I thought it would be about the wife adjusting the way she looks at the things her husband does. I thought that was what we needed. Boy, was I wrong!

I just finished reading your book from cover to cover and feel so validated. I have been married for four years. I am 26 and my husband is We have a beautiful two year old daughter. I have been so miserable and lonely for the past two years--the only thing that has kept me going is our daughter. Everything my husband does that upsets me is in your book--from being a workaholic, to infidelity, to not talking with me.

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After him saying so many times, "What is your problem?! He even went so far as to say that I am manic-depressive or that there must be something else if not that, that I am just "screwed-up. I moved out of our house last week after he grabbed me by the shoulders and got in my face, saying he wants to kill me. I am not sure what to do now. My daughter and I are at my parent's house. Something keeps me wanting to go back to him. I want to demand change in him. I believe there is a good man in there.

I married him when he was a good man. Your book has helped me make a decision. We are going to meet at a friend's house tonight for a discussion. I am going to ask him what he thinks I need to change. And I will listen. Then I am going to tell him that he will change or he will lose his wife and daughter.

I am going to demand that he go to anger management and that we go to couples counseling. Your book gave me the power to demand what I know is the right thing to do.

Pdf marriage husband good great

I am going to buy a copy of your book and give one to every married woman I know. I will ask her to read it and do everything in her power to get her husband to do so as well. He really appreciated hearing this from me, instead of just another bitter round of tears and "I'm so unhappy. Any time he said something casually disrespectful, I would calmly say, "I need an apology, or else we need to talk about this. I have always said, "You are a great husband, you are a great father, you are a great guy," etc.

Occasionally I would hesitate before speaking up, thinking, "Can he deal with yet another of my demands for change?

It is a two-steps-forward, 1-step-backward process, but we are happier than we have ever been in our marriage. I am so grateful to the book for helping me appreciate the good man I am married to, and for encouraging me to speak up and insist on respect and kindness at all times.

I drew so much from the book the first time that I read it, I gave my first copy to my marriage counselor. It supports to much of what he has been talking to me about. He has already recommended it to others. My situation may be a little bit different than most in that my wife and I have been separated for a year now.

Because of previous behavior on my part, I have created a fear in my wife which has limited my interaction with her to emails only. Because of the reality I have created for her, I am very limited in my ability to show any of the Moves or my character changes to her. I try to do as much as I possibly can, and hope that there will be some miracle to bring us together again. I have not given up hope, but recognize that if things do not work out for us, this book will help me both in my future interactions with her, as well as another future relationship with someone else.

Ironically, I am beginning a Masters counseling program and want to focus on men suffering from anger and depression and how it affects their relationship with their wives. I do not want other men to go through what I have gone through, and do not want other wives to go through what I have put my wife through. I expect your book will be highly recommended often, as it is becoming a resource for my own life.

Good Husband, Great Marriage: Robert Mark Alter: Books

I have been able to implement many of the iterms discussed in my interactions with co-workers who have mentioned they have recognized a noticeable change within me.

I only wish I could I could share this with my wife. Thank you for writing a book that is straightforward and tells it like it is. As I read the book, I am reminded of conversations I have had with my counselor about the same topics.

It has helped to reinforce what I have already learned, as well as given me greater insight into how my past behavior has screwed up my relationship and how I would treat my wife differently if I ever get the chance. He also seemed to connect to it because it was written by a man. There were times when I'd say, "Robert nailed it.

That's exactly what I've been trying to tell you for years. He's a work in progress But at least he's working on it and that's reason enough to buy this book! Great - should be a prerequisite for getting married! This book is an eye opener. It really helped me understand my husband better. Gave me insight into what a man really wants.

And it's dead on. Although it is hard to get an egocentric man to read a book like this and apply what he learns from it, the book was still good for me. Amazing book will always recommend. I cried when I started reading it. It was such a relief to finally read something that showed men a better way to treat women and in particular their wives. See all 50 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. This item: Good Husband, Great Marriage. Set up a giveaway. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. What Radical Husbands Do: Regi Campbell. A real man's guide to being a better husband and father. How to Be a Good Husband. Pages with related products. See and discover other items: There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products.

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