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Candidates winning top-tier victories do so in the range of 15 million to 20 million votes, well within the power of the poor vote. You never seem to get tired of ordering the same drinks and practicing your galawang breezy moves. Votes cast through these means will not be honored in the official tally. Either way, were not going to look pretty. I love that meme! I have a tendency to get jealous and possessive, ha ha! Just waking up, galit na sa kin.

And because its our lifes joy to become king of the court, we sought the help of The Prince Vince Hizon, former PBA player and commissioner of the community-based basketball league Filsports Basketball Association. He was the floor director of the recently concluded Red Bull King of the Rock, an international one-on-one basketball tournament.

Terrence Romeo sizes up his opponent and strikes with a crossover pull-up jumper some thought romeo would have a hard time translating his collegiate game to the pros, but his unrivalled isolation play has left doubters in the dust.

Ask him if hes going to stay with the cleveland cavaliers. Also, him shooting foul shots 74 percent is better than an easy deuce, says hizon. DeMarcus Cousins shows off the big man handles and barrels down the lane how do you defend a big man who possesses the strength to bully his way to the rack while still being able to knock down perimeter shots?

Also try to get inside his head and have him ejected. LeBron James gets away with another almost-travel with the crab-dribble drive that he had already mastered. Stephen Curry has released the ball before you even know it there are times in life when you have to admit that your skills are just not enough.

Kevin Durant pulls out The 62 stutter step then pull-up from his big bag of offensive tricks durantulas consummate mix of length, ball handling, and speed constitutes his extensive offensive arsenal. The world has just cleansed itself of humanity. It was bound to happen. Mother Nature has always found a way to rid itself of unwanted guests, after all. Shes always stood by the same promise that dishwashing liquids also make: But the human species is a resilient bunch. Even if only a fraction of a percent remains, you can expect we wont go down that easily.

How exactly will humanity survive, much less thrive, in harsher environments? Lets take a cue from Charles Darwin and analyze this apocalyptic evolution through natural selection. According to Darwin, its the strong thatll be able to adapt to their environment. Desert everywhere The world is like the Sahara water is scarce, theres sand everywhere, and the heat is making you sweat your balls off.

Hirsutism, or the excessive presence of human skin, will be a favorable trait here as well, but this time for protection against the sun.

Humans will have very efficient excretory organs kidneys, intestines, and sweat glands that can draw out most of the moisture from whatever it is we will be excreting. Think of salt crystals for tears and sweat, dry pellets for feces, and super concentrated urine or ammonia pellets,, says Romeo Dizon, associate professor of Biology in UP Baguio.

Passing stones through pee? Wed rather live in a nuclear winter. Dizon says hirsutism will be the sexiest trait. Feet will be broader to tread on snow and thicker skinned to insulate the body from the cold, he says. We will develop a hormone that counteracts brain freeze the same way insulin regulates blood sugar. Your ideal partner in this world would be a sexy yeti.

Imagine living in the North or South Pole where sunlight lasts only for a couple of hours, followed by total darkness for the rest of the day. It would be an interesting change in routine, right? Now imagine living like that for the rest of your life. Dizon likens this lifestyle to that body clock mutation known as the Call Center Way, complete with call center agent-issued eyes like headlights, to absorb as much daylight as possible and ears larger, to help navigate through darkness.

Coffee and cigarettes will still be essentials, we reckon. An animal-less world Ever played The Last of Us? Its a survival horror video game set in a postapocalyptic United States where you fight, among others, cannibals infected with some kind of fungus. An-an and alipunga to the rescue! They turn savior, in this world, by taking on the role of plant or fungal symbionts.

Our waste products will not be excreted but will be directed to watch over these plants [that will be growing on our skin] for their nutrition, says Dizon.

These plants will be photosynthesizing or degrading our wastes into simple molecules in the case of fungi and providing our food. All we need to do is get as much sun as possible. Question is, will we look more like the Swamp Monster or Groot? Either way, were not going to look pretty. Contrary to what you might think, we wont develop gills, although our features would have to become aquatic. Dizon says we would most likely be closer to dolphins and whales in terms of appearance.

Expect fused legs that end [in] a tail and arms that end in webbed fingers. Hair will most likely go out of fashion as it increases drag [in] water. Dizon says. Well end up with streamlined skin, and probably a bit of fat for insulation.

Sorry, Waterworld fans, it looks like Kevin Costner got the look of the Mariner wrong. What would we look like? To sum it up, imagine mole rats the size of a regular humanblind, naked, and crawling on all fours instead of walking upright.

Dizon thinks developing wildly flared nostrils will help us better smell our fellow mutants and possibly be instrumental in picking our possible mate. Love is truly blind, but probably not pleasant-smelling. One, we will develop wide nostrils with thick, bushy nose hair that produce boogers the size of baseballs. The other possibility would be to grow an additional organ to filter the air.

Expect highly toxic and lethal farts, Dizon warns. Go get a turntable Because youre a legit audiophile or some hipster dude who loves music. Anyone who was born before understands that some of what falls under nostalgia could also simply fall under the category of common sense. Maybe I am just old, or old-fashioned, but I forever adore the experience of holding an album in my hands, perusing lyrics or album details as if they were clues to some other magic place, relishing with certitude, Mine.

With the file-sharing boom, prescients with their nose on the money predicted the eventual death of the compact disc, the sheer abundance of convenience for nothing and art for free would demolish the music industry.

And they were right. But only in the sense that it would be demolished as it existed then, as happens in every revolution, a change in the status quo creates another. Bad things happened: Good things also happened: But probably nobody imagined that there would be a whole segment of the market that would now long for all the other things that died in that post-millennial revolution of convenience and instant gratification.

These people now long for the experience of holding something tangible in. It turns out that not everybody loves convenience. Jann Angara of Dub Temple Records says: The vinyl covers look so cool and you have to sit and listen to the whole thing.

You get to experience the albums as a whole thing, in the order that the artists intended. Some people want to earn their experience of a work of art.

We enjoy holding something that somebody crafted with their hands. We adore the fact that we found it through some cunning, some effort and a lot of love. And they are willing to pay good money for this experience. In hindsight, we go back to a simple marketing principle: In this case, the vinyl experience trumps other products because of its very. Its claim to the market is precisely because it isnt free and it isnt digital. Any true fan of music would go back to that purer, snugger vinyl experience because that is half the fun of it.

Technologies will evolve, and what was unimaginable then can be speculated as probable now. Someday in the not-too-distant future, they will come up with a way to bottle music in an innovative way. Its no longer science fiction to think that in the future, a record could exist in capsule form, to dissolve in drink, and respond to microchips in our bodies that will be turned on.

But then there will always be people who will prefer the original experience, that irreplaceable, purer sort of fun. Manhattans distractingly floppy penis in blue CGI keeps anyone from taking this Alan Moore classic seriously. Orwells post-apocalyptic world, where the state watches you from behind a glowing screen, words are foreshortened to limit critical thought, political talk is powered by outrage, the great majority of people are kept willfully ignorant, and power, wellWe are interested solely in power, says OBrien, the highly effective stooge of the novels ruling party.

The original, biblical meaning of apocalypse is revelation, the lifting of the veil to some secret knowledge. And in a way, our current bookish obsession with after-apocalypsesin The Hunger Games, for example, or the Divergent seriesis the drawing back of curtains, over and over, on the techno-authoritarian Oz that seems to power the world.

The end times, intone these novels ominously, are our times. This month, we will elect a new leader who will take an oath, go behind the curtain, and pull the strings of the absurd, almost fictional world where we live. What would, we wonder, his or her first lines in power be?

It is much easier to begin a book rather than to end it. Thats why the first sentences of books stick like Bulldog superglue to your brain, upending your consciousness, forcing you to see the world from the novels own eyes. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, goes probably the most famous onea first sentence of such finality that it could contain all you need to know about what follows.

Heres another: It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. Bland until the very last word, s opening sentence is a queasy, unsettling introduction to George. In other words, theyre fanboys. When you allow an industry to churn out five comic book blockbusters a year, you lose the right to hate critics or rabid, diehard, opinionated, and above all else, unforgiving movie fans for ripping Zack Snyder a new asshole.

That person was entrusted with a mythology. As Spideys Uncle Bens homily goes: With great power comes great responsibility. Responsibility to elevate the genre. To add a dialogue to the canon that makes the comics storyline relevant. To make a good fucking movie, regardless of creative liberties taken. Once weve regressed into an audience content with mediocrity being shoved down our throats, icons like Batman, Superman, and the X-Men, fighters of injustice heralded for their phenomenal capabilities, will lose their power and relevance.

Then, we will all really need some saving. So Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in the past. It raked in some cash, got slammed by critics, and was enjoyed by the casual moviegoer. Time to move on. Next, please! Youve also probably already seen Marvels own versus outing, Captain America: Civil War. And this month, X-Men: Age of Apocalypse will showcase Hollywood hot properties brawling it out on the big screen.

With all these caped crusaders invading our theaters, have we finally reached a superhero saturation point? The comic book movie adaptation shouldnt have a definitive formula.

A good script and an equally talented director will suffice, just like any other novel-turned-flick venture. But unlike most film buffs, fans of comic book movie adaptations are rabid, diehard,. With Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter living in our phones, youd think were sharing just about enough.

But, apparently, you can share even more. Newcomer app Shorts allows you to publish your camera roll. Your entire camera roll. Though you ultimately pick and choose which photos to publish, this app reeks of overshare. It has been predicted that will be the year of FOLO. This new cultural trend emphasizes the pics or it didnt happen dogma that the world already lives by. While FOMO elicits fear of missing out on actual experiences, FOLO is all about that incompleteness we feel whenever we dont get to share our moments on social media.

You feel your social score plummet all the way down to full hermitage and you feel like the complete opposite of Steph Curry. Theres another app called Peeple that allows users to rate and review, well, people. Think about it, peopleif there was a like button there somewhere and you only get one. About to kill yourself yet? Theres a reason for this.

No other Pinoy is hovering in the boxing horizon to be even half of a big deal as Pacquiao yet. So what else can we do but immerse ourselves in the UFC? Boxing is as artsy and as fancy as any sport could get with millions of dollars for prize fighters. But without a Filipino bet throwing jabs in the ring, weve realized that we long for more action.

We want to see some blood on the face, flying mouthpieces or maybe someone hitting the canvas to sleep. Boxings punch-only aspect gives non-exciting boxers like Mayweather.

PH Magz: FHM PH Collections - FHM_PH 02 February

Sure, Mayweather may very well be the epitome of a boxer embracing the essence of boxing with his style; he is just not that entertaining. Think Rousey. These UFC fighters are as entertaining running their mouths at weigh-ins as fighting inside the Octagon. We dont witness dragging moments of opponents hugging; only nasty ground and pound for knockouts or submissions.

Now that is entertaining.

Philippines feb 2016 pdf fhm

We have found heroes in boxing, but with Pacquiao soon to hang his gloves for good, Pinoys will have to get their dose of ringed chaos from the UFC. We must admit that indoor cycling is surprisingly a lot more exciting and competitive for an activity where youre literally arent going anywhere. Beats the treadmill by a mile. Relive your secret fantasies of being Hawkeye with that bow and arrow.

Youre not yet sure when or where you'll need the skill set, but who knows. In a zombie outbreak maybe? Test your driving skills at City Karts m track and leave some badass skid marks for your friends to follow. Dont fret because the waves just keep on coming with that wavepool technology. Time to master this ancient Filipino martial art to properly embody your inner Machete stone-faced acting style not included.

Get them while supplies last! Available in selected leading outlets nationwide. Its a budding sociolect. Or a social dialect, which every social group uses, to pose exclusivity within the group, explains Prof. This could have started among a group of friends; its just that [in] social media, mas mabilis yung diffusion of variety and changes in language. The terms will probably never become part of our mainstream vocabulary in the long run. Hernandez explains, Ang problema is the difficulty in decoding the language if youre not yet part of the group.

How do these terms become part of everyday vocabulary? The formula is this: So to say these new terms will make it to the mainstream is too early. First, well all have to be cool enough to make up words that other people will consider as canon. Whats with all the buzz? Right now people are in the stage of having to decode and dissect the language before actually understanding its meaning, says Prof. Theyre still trying to figure out its meaning.

It became popular, because the complexity of it is fascinating. Is it a form of rebellion? Sociolects are made to veil conversations para hindi kayo maintindihan nung mga tao sa labas ng grupo ninyo, says Prof. It could be a form of veiling the context kaya layered yung processes na pinagdadaanan niya para it would take the older generation a while to decode the conversation.

Ask your grandparents about Pig Latin. That was their sociolect in the olden days. This just in: Ever found yourself overhearing a group of young uns out on their inuman sesh and thought, WTH are they talking about? Youre puzzled actually, totally lost with every mention of a term that sounds more like technical jargon to you. But the language perfectly fits the tech-savvy twentysomething kids of this generation.

So you take to Googling your questions. And you find out that there are indeed innovations in our means of communication. In fact, there are quite a few terms already circulating on social media see illustration. Should we keep up? Will these strange linguistic mutations make it to mainstream vocabulary? Or are we just bastardizing the languages? This is what we got:. Some things in life are just oddly superstars El Toro Loco, Zombie, satisfying.

Popping open a can Dragon, and Son-Uva Digger slayed of soda is one. Taking off your the battleground at the SM Mall of underwear after a long day is another. Asia Arena. And then theres hearing the The five-ton juggernauts served sound of objects crushingwhich, up a slew of tricks, particularly no doubt, ranks high up on the list of during the racing, freestyle, donut, inexplicably fun things to do.

The fact that the noise from the pummeling cars a third of its size to engines easily reached decibels sheets, now thats aural and visual or close to the noise level of a pla-pla bliss. Or maybe they havent invented fireworkwas reason enough to pay the word to describe the feeling yet.

Monster Jam brought their big, This year, on June 18 and 19, menacing and deviously named Monster Jam is set to return for beasts to Manila last year for the another round of rip-roaring session countrys first-ever at the SM MOA Arena.

Ph madness as Monster Curse, and Scooby-Doo!. Focus on me MAgic Tove Lo. Debbie Then is the next It Girl. We say this because 1 she has the makings of a matinee idol-slash-online-sensation that girls would actually peg their lifestyle on, and 2 she has that spunky style that men are attracted to Look her up on Instagram: But youll get that within five minutes of meeting her. Spend some more time with Debbie and youll realize she goes deeper than her pretty face.

Im more than that, says Debbie.

But just exactly what more can she put on the table? Aside from being unexpectedly game www. I come on board Magic after Boys Night Out, so its really challenging to keep the listeners interest till the wee hours of the morning, Debbie says. Of course I easily relate to girls, but to reel in guys, it helps that Im into Star Wars, Back To The Future, comic booksyou know, just the geeky stuff.

Before landing her own radio show where she talks about lightsabers, superheroes, and timewarp all night long, Debbie went behind the mic with radio personalities like Jessica Mendoza, Andi Manzano, and Rikiflo as a Junior Jock in the same station. Im a Filipino-Chinese from facebook. Ive come from a flurry of cultures and I think that helped me achieve my dreams of making something of myself here in the Philippines.

It didnt happen for Debbie in an instant, though. Im actually new to the roster, but the wait was worth it, she says. You know when youre doing something you love, you just know that youll be [in it] for a very long time. Gulp coffee by the gallon. We are tuning in tonight! They fight all the timeover several yearsbecause of their different perspectives on sex and friendship. Until they become best friends. And one night, they have sex. Its confusing as hell the morning after so they grow apart.

But they eventually realize theyre in love with each other and make up on New Years Eve. The end. Theres also: Bad Boy goes out with Bad Girl.

Both of them hate the world but theres mutual attraction there. Bad Boy and Bad Girl fall in love. Then Bad Girl discovers Bad Boy only asked her out that first time because he made money out of it. Bad Girl becomes Man-hating Bad Girl. Bad Boy, who has fallen in love hard, gives Bad Girl a guitar as a peace offering. Apology obviously accepted.

Pdf fhm 2016 philippines feb

And another one: Regular Guy is in love with Popular Girl. But Regular Guy still asks out Popular Girl and she says yes. Popular Girl lets him go, tells him shed rather be alone for the right reasons. Its not that writers of rom-coms didnt have any imagination back then. And its not that these stories are awful.

Theyre actually beloved classics. Google these, kids: These writers just cashed in on peoples love for stories that made them feel happy about the emotional state of the world. And then in Manila, indie romcoms happened. A new crop of indie filmmakers began to take unconventional approaches to update the romantic comedy scene. For a younger, worldlier, more tech-savvy audience, these artists raised the bar of the Pinoy rom-com with beautifully shot cinematography, snappy dialogue, perfect soundtracks, and, best of all, characters who didnt fit inside a box.

Dan Villegas, an award-winning director and also a cinematographer , is one of those indie filmmakers blazing a trail. With his man bun and tattoos, Dan might look more like the drummer of an alternative rock band than a weaver of romantic tales. But he is a storyteller. Always be my Maybe, WalangForever, The Breakup Playlist, English Only Please, Mayohanthese are just five of his over 20 film credits, and each one is told in the voice of someone who obviously doesnt subscribe to the conventional way of thinking.

Well, mostly. Because sometimes, you do have to indulge the way of the kilig. Case in point: For someone who lives and breathes romantic comedies, youd think Dan has no problem figuring out women. Hes totally clueless, like the rest of the straight male population. Theres no formula on how to relate to women and understand them percent, Dan says.

He has no idea that with this simple statement, he has dashed the romantic hopes of half the men in the world. Dont worry. Women know youre confusedand they forgive you. Any MMK moments in your life that would be perfect for a movie plot? Lahat naman tayo may MMK moments sa buhay. Sino bang tao ang wala? But I had just one goal, anywayto become a cinematographer.

So kinaya ko lahat ng hirap. How difficult was it, exactly? Ang hirap sabihin sa magulang na ang gusto kong gawin, sa arts, which many people think doesnt pay well.

My mom was supportive from the start, but it was hard to convince my dad that it would work. Hes not a big fan of movies. Hes a civil structure engineer; he designs oil platforms. Sobrang talino sa math; unfortunately, I didnt inherit that. Neither did my sister, whos a successful photojournalist.

Pareho kaming bobo sa math. But despite that, you were able to make your first movieMayohanas its director and producer. Yes, pero nabaon ako sa utang for five years. I had to fund it myself since I didnt have a producer. So tipong lahat ng savings ko, nakuha ko na. Umutang na ko sa parents ko.

Pati sa mga titong minsan ko pa lang yata nakikita, yung mga halos hindi ko kilala. Tapos kulang pa rin. The film went super over-budget. When I finally computed the cost properlyfuck, ang laki! Para akong nagpaaral ng college student. I finished paying it all back just last year. All worth it, though, right? Oo naman. I just thought of all those loans I made as a five-year investment. So siya yung nagrecommend sa kin kay Direk Cathy [Garcia-Molina], and thats how I got my first break with mainstream [films].

I got the directing job for English Only Please because the producer liked Mayohan, too. You bounce between being a director and a cinematographer. Which one do you enjoy doing more? I like doing both, but cinematography is my first love. Which movies made you want to become a cinematographer?

Requiem for a Dream. In the Mood for Love. Grabe ang photography nung mga yun. So how did you break into the scene? The key is to find a couple of directors na ikaw ang priority.

FHM Philippines April 2014

Directors, writers, photographersyou can just make your movie, write your script, shoot your photos, then submit [your work] to festivals, writing contests, or magazines so more people can see your work.

But cinematographers have to wait for a text from a producer or director saying, May pelikula tayong gagawin. Kung walang trabaho ang director mo, wala ka ring trabaho.

Obviously, you found your director. Patanung-tanong ako, Paano ba gamitin yang ilaw na yan? And thats how I learned. Eventually, I figured, Sino ba yung director na ako yung first choice as director of photography? Di ba ako rin? So sabi ko, sige, ako na rin ang magiging director of photography sa sarili kong stuff. How was it having Direk Marilou Diaz-Abaya as one of your college professors? Shes one of my mentors.

I remember the first day of class. Pagpasok namin sa class niya, unang una niyang sinabi, Leave your ego at the door. Walang room ang kayabangan sa klaseng ito at sa industriya na to. Number two: Maraming magaling diyan. Impress me with discipline and passion, commitment and professionalism. Nag-stick sa kin yon.

Thats also how she runs a set everyones equal. Movie-critic wannabes usually describe indie films as intelligent and commercial films as low on IQ.

What do you say to that? Its a useless, old argument, and just a waste of time and energy. I dont see it as indie versus mainstream. For me, its more important to ask whether a film is ready for consumption [by audiences], and if it fulfills its goal. Is its goal to scare you or make you laugh? Napatili ka ba sa takot? Napaihi ka ba sa kilig? Hindi ka ba mapakali sa suspense? Ano ba yung goal ng pelikula? Thats what I look for. Magbuhat-bangko tayo.

What makes Filipino filmmakers world-class? We are sensitive people. Storytelling gives us catharsis. I remember sociology class in college. This Caucasian guy was wondering why, at wakes, the first thing we [Filipinos] say to the bereaved is, Ano nangyari? So the bereaved will have to tell the story [of their loss] over and over again.

Foreigners would say, Why ask? Why force them to relive the pain over and over again? Pero tayo, hindi na natin naiisip. For Filipinos, its cathartic to let out the pain by talking about it. Why do you think it matters to some people that a director is a woman and not a man? Hindi ko alam sa kanila. Eh ano naman kung babae siya o kahit gay? Whether youre a man or a woman, gay or straight, it shouldnt matter. What should matter is the movie that you make. Have you ever seen any discrimination happen on set?

Whats nice about the Philippine filmmaking industry is that there are more women filmmakers than there are men. When you talk to filmmakers in other countries, you realize ang lakas ng discrimination sa kanila. Dito, parang wala.

We are a matriarchal society, at least when it comes to producing TV and films. Do you ever use your friends as inspiration for the characters in your films? Of course, but with permission.

For example, one of the pick-up lines in Always Be My Maybe was inspired by my friend. I asked him, When youre trying to get laid, ano yung tawid na line mo from just getting coffee or a beer to actually getting laid?

Kasi lagi namang kailangan mo ng transition line na tipong, Lipat na tayo. Yung friend ko, ang style niya, sasabihin niya, Nagugutom ako, eh. His date will say, Sige, kain tayo. Ano gusto mong kainin? Gusto ko sisig. Sige, saang sisig place ang alam mo? Ang sisig place na alam ko, sa Victoria Court. And that works? One hundred percent batting average raw si gago doon sa line na yon. Yun nga tanong ko: How do you make it fucking work?

Its so pervy. Walang ka-finessefinesse. Sabi niya, hindi naman daw niya. Maghihintay muna siya ng signs na malamang on the same page sila. How do you create such realistic characters for your films? Before you make a film, you create a character map that shows the progression of the character in the film.

So you know the journey of the character from the start of the film to the end. What I do is, I base it on one person I know so I can more or less predict how the character will react to situations.

Yung approach namin ni Tonette [Jadaone], the experiences of our characters are really close to what our friends in real life are going through. Some people find it hard being in the same industry as their significant other. How do you and your girlfriend Tonette handle it, shooting That Thing Called Tadhana together, for example? With some arguments here and there. The bottom line for both of us, anyway, was to make a beautiful film. When Tonette was writing the script for Tadhana, may mga comments ako.

So she told me to do the Tadhana journey with her; shed be Mace and Id be Anthony. Sinimulan namin yung dialogue sa Manila; pagdating namin ng Baguio, magkaaway na kami. It seems like youve found your niche in making rom-coms.

Are you planning on playing with other genres? Im a fan of love stories. Ma-cheesefest akong tao. Pero gusto kong gumawa rin ng action. Gusto kong gumawa ng Pinoy 80s action film, pare. Yung tipong, Isang bala ka lang. Horror, too. As in, a movie so roller-coaster scary, like Exorcist. Yung paglabas mo hindi ka makakatulog ng isang buwan. So having made over 20 films, many of them rom-coms, can you say youre now an expert on how a womans mind works?

Wala pa rin akong alam sa babae, man. Mystery sila. Why do their periods get in sync whenever theyre together? Has science ever proven this? The effect of this weird thing is, pag mainit ang ulo ng isa, mainit ang ulo ng lahat. There was a time when my ex-girlfriend used to live with me. So that time, my mom was visiting from the US.

Tapos sister ko, kasama rin namin. Pagbaba ko pa lang sa umaga, ang init na ng ulo ng lahat, wala pa kong ginagawa. Aalis talaga ko; Id get my coffee somewhere else. Why am I always wrong and theyre always right? Sala sa init, sala sa lamig lagi.

Even if I grew up in a household full of women, I still havent figured this one out. For example, waking up in the morning. Just waking up, galit na sa kin. Buti sana kung the night before, umuwi ako ng lasing tapos winasak ko yung buong bahay.

Shed have the right to be mad at me. Pero hindi. Umuwi ako nang matino. Natulog lang. Paggising ko, ibang mundo na. Lahat ng gawin ko, mali. Why dont they say what they mean? Halimbawa, Ill say, Babe, lalabas ako with my friends mamaya, ha. Inuman lang. Guy bonding. Papayag siya, pero na-feel ko na ayaw niya talaga.

She just wont say it because she doesnt want to box me in. Eh, wala naman talaga akong planong pumunta sa girly bar or wherever. Iinom lang talaga ako kasama ng barkada ko. So because I get the feeling that she doesnt really like the idea of me going out, Ill just decide to stay home. Tapos magagalit siya, Bakit hindi ka tumuloy? Naramdaman ko na parang ayaw mong lumabas ako, eh. So dito na lang ako sa bahay. Magvi-video games na lang ako. Hindi, pumunta ka na.

Okay lang talaga. Masaya rin ako sa video games. Hindi, umalis ka na. Wala talaga akong panalo, pare. Why do they have to consider so many things when answering just simple questions? Like, are you hungry? Ang lalaki, simple lang. Oo, gutom ako. Saan mo gustong kumain? One is to one. Black and white. Ang babae, huhulaan mo pa kung ano talaga ang ibig nilang sabihin.

Kahit ano'ng isagot nila, kailangan mo pang isipin, Saan ba ito galing? Why should it sometimes matter whose fault it is?

Most of the time it shouldnt really matter whose fault it is. At the end of the day, kailangan lang may magsabi ng sorry. Kasi yung iba, nangyayari na, yung goal nila is to avoid fighting. For me, thats not normal. Tonette and I sometimes get into long debates about, for example, a movie we just watched. Hindi ko nagustuhan. Eh ako umiiyak na ko. Inantok nga ako eh. Minsan, tatawid pa sa ibang bagay. But year-old photographer rennell salumbre wagers that sensitivity goes over and beyond personal emotions.

Maging sensitibo ka sa mundo; react to it with empathy and compassion. But thats not all. Adds pr manager charisse Villez, if he doesnt make an effort to know and understand you, or if he doesnt know how to make the relationship work despite your differences, he is not sensitive.

But see, the resolve here is attractive: The admission of fears will make any girl want to take care of you! CheT FaKer For Gen-Xers the word love came to hold such gravitas, that they learned to avoid using it until it was absolutely necessary. Here, Chet Faker slowly sings about feeling love thats made with gold.

At one point, Faker admits defeat: Its gotta be love, I said it. Cody simpson Its like Jack Johnson but with a little more life and a little more groove. With its clear admiration for a cool and carefree woman, Free is almost a necessary inclusion. You like her style, and youre not afraid to say it. The romanticism of missed connections, of a shared kiss, and a cigarette, plus a nifty inclusion of snail mail in this slow and quiet song makes it sincere and sexy. On With You, Connelly provides a nice melodic contrast to Crwns rap.

There is uncertainty and longing on her part, and an admirable talk of The Future on his. Steadily brill. Hot tip: Play this late in the evening, when feelings, intoxication, and libido all hang tense in the air. JudiTh hill Cry, Cry, Cry is the first single off Judith Hills debut record and man oh man, its big, its bluesy, and its the bomb.

Wrapped in her powerhouse vocals and sexy blues progression is a little encouragement for the broken hearted, with the accompanying promise and assurance of better days ahead. But if your girl knows her music, shell immediately get onto Team You when she discovers youve got a thing for old Slowhands music.

Its the perfect song to drive to on a lazy Sunday morning on your way to brunch. Bon iver Ah, the sick sensitivity of Bon Iver is on full display on this song. Taken off the bands classic For Emma, Blindsided is slow, solitary, and reeking of so much wanting.

The entire record was written in a cabin after Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon went through a year of breakups and illness. Jason mraZ Well, okay, he begins this song by insulting his girls voice. But then, in the next breath, he promises unconditional love, effectively saving himself from hell. Just because Jason Mraz is stoned half the time hes singing doesnt mean hes not big on feelings. Besides, this. Valenzuela is in full display on All That You Are. Its almost an echo of the loneliness of that empty space in your bed, that spacious soundscape of the song.

In it, the young Filipino musician talks about adoring all of her beloved, wanting to hear the beloveds voice, and feel merciful love. It has killer lines that will showcase your sensitivity: But the promise of letting his guard down and laying his cards flat on the table is classic sensitive, in our humble opinion.

JusTin BieBer Bieber on the list? Yeah, we cant believe it, either.

But creating a playlist about sensitivity, how do we ignore a song that readily apologizes and asks for redemption? Sorry is the second single off the Biebs release Purpose, a record that totally knocked haters down us included, BTW.

After all, one mention of that word and most women would be planning your wedding 10 minutes later. So let Ed Sheeran say it for you. Im so in love, so in love, so in love, so in love. At least he said it, not you. Its not on you; its on him.

Somehow, we feel that Andi Eigenmann is so much more than what we see of her on TV and in the big screen. Turns out, Andi thought so, too Makeup. Special Thanks to Kyra Quilinguen and Ms. One look at any of Andi Eigenmanns social media accounts and youd know: Perfectly cropped selfies, a photo with a pineapple on her headAndis Instagram page scrolls down like a study on Generation Ys apparent fixation on the unconventional.

She captions her IG photos with such phrases as, Touch the earth and feel the earth touch you. She describes herself in different ways on social media: If Andi were born 30 years earlier, shed have been tagged as a flower child; a hippie.

Shed have walked barefoot with flowers in her long hair, flashing the peace sign at random strangers, taking impromptu road trips in a beat-up VW Combi, and sitting at the beach with her equally hippie friends watching the sun set. Oh wait. She still does that. On a whim, she recently went to Calaguas with friends not knowing it was 10 hours away from Manila.

But all the pagod was wiped away when we got there; the beauty of the island was breathtaking. Just conversing with her would show you that Andi takes pride in not being a member of conventional youth, Andi who considers herself as not so young anymore at 25 peppers our conversation with inspirational tidbits that all basically point to what sounds like her life philosophy: You only live once.

Mainstream is certainly not her cup of tea. If your bank statement could talk, it would say: Took note of how you wanted to be in a suit and not a barong, your choice of shoes, watch, and bridal car done right.

You make the most of the open bar and wake up the following morning with a hangover. Folded your arms and furrowed your brows during the ceremonial first dance, cutting of the cake, speeches, and clinking of glasses. Making out with your girlfriend in a stunning white dress. A clip of you and your best buds all suited up and goofing around. Actually, you may have more than a few details planned already. Plates and glasses being smashed. A wife sobbing in the bathroom. A perennially inebriated husband who sneaks out to the convenience door to grab drinks with friends.

Or not. Lots of married dudes have it anyway. An unnecessary ceremony. Stressful party planning. Just a socially accepted way of legalizing life-long exclusivity. Right at home. You never seem to get tired of ordering the same drinks and practicing your galawang breezy moves. Your comic book and action figure collection. The usual—random lunches out with officemates or a new pair of shoes. Sometimes, dates.

Will it involve a flash mob? An engagement ring wedged into a pastry? Angelo O. Subida, clinical psychotherapist, psychologist, book author, and speaker. When a man feels internally insecure or overly fearful to get married, it may be symptoms of low self-respect and intimacy dysfunction. Marriage marks a pinnacle—having achieved an ideal status in life. Subida says. A marriage may be perceived as unnecessary and restrictive by a person even in a loving, committed relationship due to religious aversion, career or business reasons, or some unresolved emotional trauma wound in the past.

Kung tanga siya, swerte mo, pero consider this a second lease, wag ka nang umulit. For me lang personally. Kasi trust is a big part of relationships. Kaya nga siya commitment. Pero kung may feelings na siya for the other person, mahirap na yun.

Kayo lang din ang may call for reconciliation when that happens. But he has to work for it. Kailangan tiyagain niya, kasi back to zero ulit kami. Or is it already? We list down a few… 1 Meet the folks Alden had to go through the eye of a needle—in the form of Lola Nidora—when he started wooing Yaya Dub. Finding out her favorites isaw or preparing something sentimental letters for her eyes only might actually have more bearing. Put some thought into it! From elaborate plans for your dates to simply deciding where to eat, your ability to be on top of things speaks so much about your sense of ownership.

To use or not to use? National anthem ka ba? Holdaper ka ba? Just like Alden and Maine in real life, you and your date still have so much to learn about one another, so invest in chit-chat. Just a thing: Pet names are a good start.

Alam mo ikaw, para kang joke na corny. Kasi last na kita… A: New year ka ba? Alam mo gusto kitang bigyan ng Donald Duck. Para may bibe baby na tayo… and gigil by overzealous fans. In your case, being able to stick up for her—if the going gets a little rough—is enough. The satisfying look of gasp and glee on her face that follows, the one that makes you heave a sigh of incomparable relief.

I took off my nightgown and got on top of him. He woke up and felt me up nude. I immediately felt his thing get happy. I rubbed the lips of my vagina on his thing, pushing my breasts into his face, trying to suffocate him with my love. I could feel his saliva dripping down my cleavage. I was out of breath and strength after riding him for so long but he was still very horny and really wanted to be satisfied.

He grabbed unto my waist and started pounding my pussy hard while all I could do was grab a hold of his back. I felt my fingertips dig into his skin with every thrust. I screamed after every one of his vicious pumps until he finally slowed down and laid me on the bed. He finished off facebook. Keep sending your escapades to fhmladiesconfessions gmail. Just after she made the bet, a scruffy guy who looked a bit like Russell Crowe walks in.

She gave him a lap dance and started removing his belt. She played with his thing and started from dry humping to full on riding him in front of all the other guys in the room. This got me hot and bothered. When the guy was done with her, he set his eyes on me next. I was being pakipot but eventually had my face inches away from his cock. I sucked on it eagerly, and he rammed his thing deep in my throat.

He turned me around and entered my wet pussy from behind, pounding me hard, and eventually coming on my ass. Then I snapped back to the party. Turns out my friend lost. Tough bet. I knew that he worked out and had a killer bod but I always wanted to confirm if he had enough stamina to handle me. My friends fell asleep and I sneaked outside to his tent only to find out that the bastard locked it! While I was stomping around, one of my friends overheard my frustrations. I rode him inside the tent, being careful not to move around too much just in case someone might see.

The next day, my crush approached me and said he forgot to leave his tent open, and asked what I wanted to do www. That bastard will never know what he missed that night. I hated him at first. He was so arrogant, narcissistic, selfserving, and he also smelled funny. I never paid any attention to him even though we were both part of the same college org.

With an over-the-nipple measurement of 70 inches—plotting her pups, by American bra sizing estimates, at 48V.

I got to know him a little better and my first impressions of him changed, and throughout the years he seemed to have finally figured out how to properly take a bath. One time while we were at the photocopy room, he suddenly took my hand, and at first I was like WTF? But he looked straight into my eyes and kissed me. My first instinct was to push him away, but it felt good so I let him reach into my blouse, exploring what was underneath my clothes.

No one has ever touched me so roughly down there, it all felt so exhilarating. I pulled down his pants and started guiding his penis into my skirt. He pumped into me vigorously, while I was sitting on a box of scratch papers.

I was careful to catch all of his cum with my hands, which I then wiped on some bond paper I lying around. We cleaned up and promised not to talk about it again, but a part of me really wants one more go soon, ha ha! In , Playboy and Penthouse magazines dug up nude photos of Madonna taken in , when she worked as a model.

Hits to secretly listen to: Still, she got awards and Billboard number one hits. By this time, she had also ditched the fishnets and sugar pop for a stronger, more sultry image and a more adult sound, practically ensuring the loyalty and love of all gay men, who must have clapped wildly when she won a Golden Globe for portrayal of the wife of a Chilean dictator Evita Peron in Evita. Will you come home and stop this pain tonight?

Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now Where did I go wrong? In addition to that, her film Swept Away directed by her new husband Guy Ritchie bombed at the box office. She released MDNA the same year and went on tour. In classic Madge fashion, her performances depicted her usual servings of sex, nudity, and political statements. She was named a top earner for the year by Forbes magazine.

Madonna has since been working with different artists of the Millennial generation such as Miley Cyrus and Macklemore. Her thirteenth album, Rebel Heart features collaborations with DJs and artists from electronica to hip-hop. You don't know me, and you don't even care, oh yeah Chasing Pavements Adele Killer one-liner: Fix You Coldplay Killer one-liner: She released her ninth album, Confessions on a Dance Floor, earning her a Grammy and another successful world tour that featured elaborate disco-themed props and well-choreographed performances.

In , she released her 11th album, Hard Candy. Four alien attacks have devastated the earth, and Cassie Sullivan Chloe Grace Moretz prepares for the fifth wave—the most destructive and crucial alien offense—with the aim of saving her younger brother, Sammy. Younger sis. The 5th Wave will take her juvenile mind off finding her dream boy and instead teach her a thing or two about responsibility, family, and surviving the apocalypse.

Kind of Eddie Redmayne stars as Einar Wegener, who undergoes a controversial and revolutionary gender reassignment operation to become Lili Elbe. But what's controversial and revolutionary about that?! The movie is set in the s, when it was exactly that. Your best gal pal. Stiller and Wilson are now afterthoughts of the modeling industry.

Your younger utol. Because the film is key to close that age gap. How to be Single celebrates the bright side of being unattached. At the center of this romcom are a group of bachelorettes seeking the perfect partners in between sextings, one-night stands, flings, and hook-ups. Your mother.

Because then she gets to revisit her youthful single days—but with you on watch. Uhm, we take that back The first Steve Jobs biopic was a dud; this might be the ticket. Prior to the launch of the iMac, Jobs had to battle his ego to solve internal conflicts in his company that resulted to his clashing with his confidant Steve Wozniak, his family, and his passion to innovate. Now let's see that ego at work! Because given the weight of the subject matter, the film will pave the way for you and your prospective lady love to discuss and perhaps debate a bit.

This tale of a relationship with a girl Emily AKA emerly35 is sure to take you back to the days when Internet chat was, well, exciting. Set in the aftermath of a Human-Monster war, you play a child who, in an Astroboy-esque manner, can talk to and befriend the surprisingly intelligent monsters, rather than killing them mindlessly. Have you ever wanted to play a teenage girl navigating high school? How about if you had the power to rewind time too?

Gone Home is about 21year old Kaitlin visiting her father's inherited mansion. The first thing she sees: You then explore for more answers in everday objects. Yes, the ones you see in movies. Nothing survives the vacuum in space.

Direct him at the sun to burn him to a crisp. Shonda Rimes will always find a way. Then you can go crazy with the ways you can kill him. The Undertaker. The odds will not favor Deadpool on this one. Remember to scatter the pieces after! Fury Road The male population adored the flick for its hot cast, but the Academy is an awardgiving body that favors tear-jerkers over testosterone.

Which film is most likely going to win? The Revenant leads with 12 nods. A clear indicator of favorability. It only seems appropriate that Joy, Sadness, Anger, Digust, and Fear get the recognition they deserve. Which film is most likely to upset this win? Sexy newcomer Alicia Vikander, who gets her heart stomped on when she realizes her husband is transgendered in The Danish Girl.

Kate Winslet in Steve Jobs facebook. Alejandro G. The Revenant was shot purely with natural lighting. Mind blown! They supposedly did real dancing, The kind of dance people go To arT school for. A few years after leaving the group, Dawn briefly stayed in Australia looking for her real father. That gave her the chance to showcase and share her talent outside the country. But the biggest break she got to showcase her moves in came unexpected: Now, Dawn has the dance floor all to herself.

She has fared well under the watchful eyes of Kuya and the whole viewing populace as a Housemate. Now we give her an entirely new stage to play in. We were the ones grimacing in pain while watching you execute those buwis-buhay poses. What parts of your body are most painful after the shoot? Yung paa ko actually, kasi toe shoes siya. The last time I wore those was five years ago, nung active pa akong mag-ballet.

Pero I guess as a dancer naman, as a ballerina, bumabalik lang yung feeling. Masakit, pero magaganda naman yung shots kaya happy naman ako. Could you give us a brief background on your dancing career? I actually started out with ballet. I had no idea about proper training, na may classes pala, kaya I said yes. Pero nung bata pa ako, mahilig talaga akong mag-perform sa school. As in kahit ano, basta performance sa school. Siyempre mainly dance, pero I also did acting and modeling.

Now you not only dance professionally, you also teach dance. When did you go from being a student of the craft to being the one at the helm? Nung halos kinupkop na ako ng dance teacher ko, I was dancing every single day, as in walang humpay. In two years, nahabol ko yung time na sana nag-start na ako.

Gumaling ako—naging flexible ako, gumanda yung form ko, nagkaroon ako ng linya. After two years, I became an assistant dance teacher, then after only a few months, I had my own class.

What do you think dancing has taught you? How significant was it in making who you are right now? Sa dance ako unang kumita ng pera—I was able to treat my family out, to give back to them. Because of it, I was able to do a lot of things: I was able to travel, and anywhere I go I can just dance, maghahanap lang ako ng studio o classes. Kadikit ko na talaga siya. Dancing is my bread and butter.

How would you com pare foreign da ncers with Filipinos? Westerners are very competitiv e. I guess Pinoys ka si are very hum ble, may pagkamah iyai and attended cla n.

Malaking difference ang nadadala ng confidence. That said, do you remember the biggest compliment a foreign dancer has given you? Back then, my former dance group [Provocative] was about to perform in Sydney. Biglang nagkaroon ako ng offer to be a brand ambassador of an airline. Lumambot talaga yung puso ko, pero ginamit ko yun para mas maging confident.

Di ko siya ginamit para magyabang or anything, kasi for me, there will always be someone better. But what do you think are the other pros of having a dancer as a partner?

Mas expressive kami, kasi nga we freely express ourselves through dance. Speaking for myself, aside from being very expressive, very affectionate din ako. May halo pang entertainment kung minsan, so, flavorsome! Most of your performances require sexy outfits, which you have been able to carry well. But have you always been comfortable showing off skin, not just in dancing? Siyempre nung bata-bata pa ako, hindi. Now, I appreciate my body because I work hard for it.

Hindi man ako ganun ka-strict mag-diet, pero sobra ako kung mag-workout. And of course the compliments you get from people Wag lang magmumukhang tacky. And siyempre, you still act like a lady. What do you think does that say about the local online community? Pero wag ka, ang daming gumagawa ng ganun, although maybe privately. And I fully respect people na ayaw gawin yun, or yung beliefs are against it.

But I also expect them to respect me, my choices, and my beliefs in life. Tao lang ang narar u le lang sig naha-hand. Masaya ako, kasi nung nasa Bahay ako sobrang dami kong bashers, as in mas marami kaysa sa fans. Not even a hint of pretension? Wala talaga akong panahon sa ganun. Tsaka siguro ako yung tipong hindi ko kayang itago kapag nabubwisit o naiirita ako. I never expected na ganun ako magiging ka-taray or ka-competitive. Hindi kasi talaga ako ganun. Every week may task, aside from the daily tasks, tapos ako lagi ang leader, so lahat talaga ng pressure nasa akin.

Pwede bang hindi naman ako para maka-relax naman ako nang kaunti? How difficult was it to adjust to suddenly living with strangers under one roof? Mahirap, kasi siyempre titimplahin mo sila, kailangan extra clean ka sa mga gamit mo. Actually kaya ako medyo na-pressure kasi first week pa lang wala akong gamit—isa ako dun sa mga hindi nabigyan. Tapos kailangan kong manghiram ng underwear sa taong hindi ko naman kilala!

As in, di ba?! All of us are wondering, despite the presence of cameras in every nook and cranny of the House, what does being in that situation do to a person? For me, ang laking personality development ang nagagawa ng pagtira sa Bahay ni Kuya. Dito sa outside world, ang dali mong i-divert yung attention mo to somewhere or something para makalimot. Cellphone, Internet, call a friend, go shopping, get a drink, whatever. Sa Bahay ni Kuya, wala yun lahat—you have to face it on your own.

Kahit ayaw mo o mahina ang loob mo, kailangan mo siyang harapin. And dun mo mare-rerealize na hindi ka naman pala mamamatay pag ginawa mo yun. Mas magiging strong ka pa at lalong lalawak yung pag-intindi mo.

Take Rogin-E daily. Spare no expense and pull out all the stops. Take Rogin-E, a male multivitamin with a unique combination of Ginseng for endurance, Deanol for potency, and Royal Jelly for vitality. AWB dawn chang a e b in Cook your bacon over medium heat. Pat off the excess oil using paper towels then set aside. Top with bite-sized bacon, almonds, corn, and drizzle with dressing.

Be generous, no judgments here. Dump into the middle of a kitchen towel, fold to enclose. Pull towel from both ends, spin, and open. Roasting in a toaster oven results in even cooking—without resulting to a smoky room. Just remember to preheat the oven until hot, and use a meat thermometer. Add oil, and swirl to coat. Once oil begins to simmer, add steaks and garlic. Remove garlic once golden brown. Continue cooking until at the desired doneness.

Top with butter, and let melt, basting until done. Brush with mustard, then sprinkle with almonds. Pat down as needed. Place on a microwaveable dish. Lightly cover salmon with wet paper towels. This will allow fast cooking time without burning the fish. Microwave on High for 1 minute.

Remove paper towels, and serve immediately. Stop cooking! Be generous with the Nutella and powdered sugar. Drop a teaspoon of Nutella in the middle. Top with half a strawberry. Wet edges of the wonton with water with your finger, then fold over wet edges of the wonton until closed. Repeat with remaining wonton wrappers.

Lightly fry the wontons until both sides are lightly golden brown, about 1 minute. Drain on paper towels. Sprinkle with powdered sugar before devouring. When the tube launched in , that need was confirmed by a lot of the early viral content—being things we wanted to see again after their fleeting half-lives on our televisions.

This type of viral has been relatively dormant lately, perhaps because YouTube is much more fussy about copyrighted content nowadays.

Kicking fish! The bright spot that can be gleaned from videos like these is that people are way more wary of being recorded nowadays, at least. Lo know you should never ask girls about their weight? This is where we got many versions of the same video—some end up as decent efforts, some are embarrassingly bad takes, and some versions are so well-made or bad that they transcend even the original source materials. The idea of viral videos being purposely-created content started becoming familiar with the advent of these copycat creations.

But when was the last time you saw someone playing around with the actual Vine app? What often happens instead is these Vine vids get recorded and transplanted into Facebook posts or YouTube compilations in a greatest hits manner. The lipsyncing Dubsmash service combines several types of content in one convenient clip: But the more lasting legacy is how viral video stars can now become more than Internet sensations and use that momentum to transition into mainstream media.

Go make some funny faces into your front camera today! Thus we would have been deprived of this had YT not existed. Have most of your carbs during the morning then, less and less as the day progresses. Two cups of rice in the morning, one at lunch, and just ulam during dinner. W OrK - OuT: Good fitting clothes are always a must to not look sloppy, droopy, or lazy.

A good pair of shoes will get you far. Let people take a second look and make a statement. Having little knowledge of the topic gives you chance to gain insights from other people. Value their opinion and show them that you are interested in what they think. Learn to listen. Mysterious smiles for angular faces, and different angles for selfies for rounder faces to make them skinnier.

You look up to see your crush smiling at you. Smile back. Try natural perfumes. No other way to sa y i t. There are letters and numbers inside rectangles and squares connected by meandering lines of blue, green, red, purple, gold, and eight other different colors, representing 13 lines and stations with a total track length of This is not even the sum of it—in all, Tokyo has interconnected railway stations serving a grand total of 40 million passengers, making the Tokyo urban railway network the most extensive and the most used in the world.

FHM - February 2016

Unlike the Tokyo subway, where you can get lost just by looking at the map, you can clearly see the origins and destinations of each line in the Hong Kong MRT. Still, it represents The differences are in the train sizes and passenger capacity.

Logically, heavy rail is bigger and serves more people. Eight more lines are either under construction or in the planning stages. Of the ones being constructed, the Circle Line is the most impressive—on the map it is, in fact, a perfect yellow circle underneath the city, with trains to go round and round through Harbourfront and Marina Bay. Meanwhile, Metro Manila has four lines.

On the map they look like cracks in the ground. Barely moving Running There are 20 stations along the line serving an average of , passengers daily. Stretching from Santolan, Pasig to Recto for a total length of It has 11 stations serving , passengers on average, mostly students enrolled in the University belt.

The trains on this line are of the heavy rail type, and by far the best we have. The eastern end of the network, which is currently Santolan station, is now being extended to Masinag, the gateway to Antipolo and Cogeo. Plans for the western end to extend from Recto to Pier 4 are in the works. No doubt the busiest, and infamously so, of the three is MRT 3, more popularly known as the Edsa line. Almost , passengers take the train every day, and yet its maximum capacity is only , The line is, in fact, a part of the currently unserviceable South Main Line, or the Bicol Express, because it runs all the way to Sorsogon in the Bicol Region.

In total, Metro Manila has On top of all that: The Manila tranvia route; a book illustration of the Plaza Goiti station; the present chaos of MRT 3, or the Edsa line; Edsa, depicted as a choked artery; the old locomotives of the Manila Railway Company, which once ran a Marikina and Antipolo line.

Your next immediate question would have to be: How did we end up with this? And the answer is: The Manila subway of our dreams Dr.

Jose Regin F. Regidor, engineer and professor at the UP College of Engineering, and fellow at the National Center for Transportation Studies, tells the back story of what became our urban railway network: A good map of Metro Manila would indicate where these are. There would have been common stations where lines would connect.

A genteel Binondo with the tranvia and carromata; the rush-hour queue at the LRT station; obviously, light rail no longer works for a booming population; the route map of the once mighty Manila Railroad Company, stretching north to La Union and to Bicol down south to build and the trend that time in Europe. It has been 39 years since the final plan was put in motion, and we only have three of the six to eight lines proposed.

There are proposed plans for new lines, and they more or less follow the original plan, but as these facts show, these should have already been in operation. Almost a century ago it was an even more different story. In the mode of the genteel A photo of Old Manila from the s: It is high noon and the tranvia station at Plaza Goiti in Binondo is abuzz with people, mostly men in white suits.

Two streetcars appear from opposite directions toward the station, which is really just a street platform. The tranvias—orange in color, say those who remember—look like the street cars in San Francisco.

Plaza Goiti with its buildings and shops and the tranvias and the station, joined by the procession of carretelas and the new moving sensation of the 20th century, the automobile, make for an image straight out of an Old World European city. But it is Manila. Fortunately, the Internet has been a repository of a wealth of photos of Old Manila, dug out by history and nostalgia buffs from libraries and personal collections, for others to see.

Snippets from the book: Receipts for the first day of operations exceeded P1, In all, there were Among the photographs he showcased, from the personal collection of Mr. From Plaza Goiti in Binondo you can practically take a tour of Manila.

Among the stops: City Hall-Paco-Sta. Nostalgia is sweetest if you take the time to view many of the old photos featuring the tranvia: You can see a Manila with wide tree-lined streets, great architecture, with a cosmopolitan yet genteel mood. Initiated in by the Spanish colonial government, by the time the Americans came to colonize the country and stepped up railway construction in the beginning of the 20th century, the MRC had succeeded twitter. It also branched out to Cavite and Batangas see map.

Traces of this line still exist in the narrow streets named Tramo and Daang Bakal that run the length of Rosario, crossing over to Marikina, to San Mateo up to Rodriguez. The Antipolo Line, constructed from , stretched 20 km. These trains really did serve as commuter trains. But you have to remember that in those days, places like Antipolo, Marikina, and Montalban were really far away.

They were well into the mountains. In effect, with the tranvia and the MRC trains, it was possible to commute to, say, Makati the way the majority of Metro Manilans do now without experiencing the daily apocalypse. Of course, Makati was still marshland then. Marikina looked like it was still part of an hacienda. Montalban was primarily a watershed for Wawa Dam. Antipolo was really a mountain, for tourists and religion. The end To get around, Filipinos made use of the trucks left behind by the American military.

There were a lot of jeeps left behind as well. We all know what happened after. The future? What should it be like for us in ? Right now there are problems with right-of-way, among others.

You should already be taking the train. And because this is organized, it means that there should be fewer buses on Edsa. Fewer means they travel faster and turnaround times are faster, therefore more people are served.

We actually asked the city of Antipolo if they were preparing for new Masinag station. They said they already have ample traffic personnel. But no plans for constructing parking facilities, which is what is needed. We are actually starting a study with the History Department of UP to look at the historical perspective of our urban rail systems.

One of the things we are looking at is that, had we built the subway system, we might have had less flooding. Because then we would have been aware that an efficient drainage system had to be built so that the underground network would not be flooded.

This is what has happened in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. Four lines. Eleven million people. In the book, The Colonial Iron Horse: Arturo G. In , there were cars registered in the entire country. By there were 27, Cars also quickly became status symbols. The motor industry also became a large contributor to the insular treasury. By the Antipolo line was already abandoned. In , the Marikina and Cavite lines were also abandoned because by then road building was at its peak and these places, previously hard to reach, were now easily accessible by cars and buses.

As for the tranvia, in Meralco decided that the street car system would not be expanded, but that autobuses would supplement its service. In the early years, revenue from the railway exceeded that of the electricity distribution service by a wide margin.

By , revenues from rail and electricity were equal. The Japanese were finally driven out of the city. In the aftermath: What it once was, its beauty and splendor, were destroyed in a month. Manila eventually recovered though not as it once was , but not the tranvia. After the Battle of Manila, all street cars and most of the track were destroyed.