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Oxford Business English for Human Resources . I 4 Applicants shou ld have either a qualification in human resources management or a university degree. 5 English is not important for the job. benefits an employee gets: package 2 the series of jobs or the professions people spend most of their life Download pdf. Downlodad Ebook English for Human Resources. Download english course by Download english for express series by Oxford. Oxfor business english free. Express Series: English for Human Resources by Pat Pledger, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Book details Author: Pat Pledger Pages: 80 pages Publisher: Oxford University Press ELT Language: English ISBN ISBN Description this book Express Series: English for Human Resources Student s Book and MultiROM An expanding series. Express Series: the fast route to English for work. English for Human Resources is part of the Express Series. It is an ideal Our discounted price list ( PDF). English for Human Resources is part of the Express Series. Our discounted price list (PDF) Practise your business English with Express Series online.

After a few minutes. Discuss the answers with the class. Students work alone to complete the matching exercise. Listen, we'd downturn in the indu stry and t he transfer of work like to put our cards on t he tab le. Sexuality race, ethnic origin, nationality sexua l orientation gender disability age trade union membership marital orfamily status religion or religious be lief How does this differ from 'managing diversity'? If something is cross functional.

Why do you want to leave your present job? What do you know about Why did you deal with the situation in that way? What experience have you had of '"? OR How I'd like you to tell me How do you go about dealing with Could you give me an example of How would you handle What else do you Then exchange your list with a partner and practise asking and answering the questions in an interview situation.

Try to use the Useful Language in the box below for establishing rapport and asking follow-up questions. I interview. Wh at exactly do you mean by I I Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I'm going to start by Finally, Could you en large on that? Complete the following sentences with words related lothe keywords. UNIT 2 Selection I 23 select 4 As we had a lot of candidates for the advertised position, we were ab le to be very 5 We offer a of benefits to our personnel in addition to salary.

How important is age in the selection of candidates? Listen to the five speakers and complete the phrases. Older people are not as 5, they expect higher 6 and they get sick a lot. And they have trouble fitting into a young team. Companies want younger employees who can bring in fresh ideas and are not so expensive! You need to retain older managers to train the younger ones and you have to organize effective succession planning in a company.

There should be capacity for a broad age 8 and diverse experience in all areas of the business. Why should the government be able to tell us who to hire? The government shouldn't tell us how to run our business. Which opinions do you agree with? How would you feel if, after 20 years in your profession, you were considered too old for the job?

Do you think legislation on age discrimination will help the situation? What kind of policies does your company have on age discrimination?

Complete the words and then match them with the definitions on the right. S She hasn't told her employer in Marseille she's leaving yet.


AUDIO Complete the sentences giving information about employment terms and conditions, by matching the two halves of the sentences.

Listen to the extract again and fill in the missing words in each sentence the first letter and a clue at the end are given. Across 6 the opposite of tem porary 2 3 7 ways of doing thi ngs 4 5 8 instead of sth else 9 to get officia l perm ission: Complete the following sentences with words related to the key word flex. Match them to the extracts from some model contracts a-j.

From time to to your bank or building society. Details can be obtained from the g You may be required to work on personnel department. If so, you are entitled to time off in lieu. You must i n form the o f fice by 1 0 am on the first d ay of absence. Fa i lure to do so Your current job title and responsibilities are may rend er you subject to detailed in Schedule 1 and may be amended disciplina r y action and may from time to time.

Any changes will be also bar you from sick pay. How are contracts similar or different in your country? What points must be mentioned? Some examples are given below. Fixed phrases Use of passive will be notified in writing employees are asked Use of formal vocabuLary to render to make Use offuture to amend instead of to change your place of work will be Look at the paragraphs a-j on the opposite page.

Offer letter Rejection letter d-c. During your first week you will participate in an inducti on seminar to familiarize you fully with the com pany.

Full detai ls of this will be sent to you nearer the time. It was very nice meetin g yo u. We will then take up refe rences. We hope you wi ll join us an d very much look forward to hearing from you. Basic hours of work are normally 9 a. Monday to Friday, in cludi ng an hour for lunch. It will be necessary for you to work overti me as and when req uire d.

Ho liday entitlement is 2 0 days per ann um, rising to 25 after two years' service. Norma lly holid ay cannot be taken during the probationary period.

All terms, co nditions, and benefits are detai led in th e handbook and contract enclosed. We will ho ld your details pending and let you know if a su itab le opening occurs in the future.

Partner A is the personnel officer and Partner B is the interviewee. Use some of the Useful Language below. Could you tell me Please ask about anything you are not sure of. Will you honour this? I I'm sure that's not a problem Would it be possible to As well behaviour. Wha t role, if any, does the trade un ion play?

In pairs decide what you think they refer to and t hen discuss your answers with the whole group. How did you deal with them? Work with a partner to add items to the list. I' What do the figures represent in the following article about workplace injuries? Read the article to find out, then discuss the questions which follow.

She tations. She has still kept the employees out of work for over three been unable to return to work since. Whi le there is a growing awareness among She is unable to drive or sit down for long periods employers about the prevention of serious and is awaiting an operation.

Lifting loads that are too heavy. Safety Executive. Finally, a rapidly growing area of ill health the u. The relates to mental health problems such as stress and rcport went on to say that the amount of time and anxiety, of which there were , s ufferers in money lost because of employee injury is probably the U.

In fact, work-related stress has actually much higher, as the law requires th at only doubled over the past ten ycars and is becoming fatal i. HR professionals today. How do you think these figures relate to statistics from your country? Wh at procedure do you have in your company for reporting workplace accidents and injuries?

What training or assistance do you offer employees to prevent back pain in their dai ly work? I 33 HR development Discuss the statements below with a partner.

Do you agree or disagree with them? What aspects of HR development do you think the statements refer to?

Human pdf express resources series english for

Are they key HR concepts? Which do you think are the most effective? Then discuss 3 with a partner what solution you would recommend for each problem. You know, I only started here four months ago but I'm already thinking about leaving. He never gives me any real help. I just don't know how much longer I can cope. I don't feel in control of the 2 Natasha: Shop floor team leader 2 Listen, I'm having 3 with a major project.

The problem is that nobody 4 the meetings and progress is slow. Several members have already asked to leave the project.

Pdf human series express resources for english

Marketing director 3 I need help with a problem employee. He's making a lot of mistakes and is argumentative with 5. What's more, he's taken 20 days' sick leave in the last year and other employees are complaining about it. Several clients have also recently 6 about his attitude.

I'm now coordinating an international project and it's embarrassing that I know almost nothing about E. My bass tells me we're too busy for training 8, but it's essential that I'm totally up to date. What do you recommend? Can you talk to my boss? Project manager Now listen again and match the problem with the most appropriate solution below.

Development solutions a We are so global in our business approaches, I recommend that we introduce tea m development training for our managers and staff generally. My proposal is to put it on the agenda for the internatio nal managers meeting in three weeks' time.

We'll lose staff if we continue to expect them to muddle through without investing in their - and our - future! It's high time we introduced a staff appraisal scheme. Th is is long overdue and will focus managers' minds on the development and eva luation of their em ployees and hopefully avoi d a lot of communication problems like this one.

Maybe we should look in to the benefits of a mentoring scheme too. II Maybe we should also look into It's high time that we introduced Discuss with a partner what HR development you would recommend for these staff problems.

She was promoted to the job five years ago, is very well qualified, and has been with the company longer than one of the two men. There is currently no flexitime, very few part-time jobs, and only one male employee has taken paternity leave to look after his child due to the negative feeling about such practices.

The sales manager suspects it is because the engineers find it difficult to commu nicate their ideas in presentations in English.

Their written English is good and they do not have a lot of time to study. He finds his workstation inappropriate and wants new furniture. He is working on a very important project and it would not be good for him to take time off at this stage.

Match the correct heading a-d with the sentences. Listen to their conversation. Put the problems and solutions they discuss below the appropriate appraisal goal.

Decide on the last two action points yourself and then compare them with a partner. Peter Grahame Job title: Team Leader bottling Appraiser: Gaby Meyer Location: Vienna Date: Date of last appraisal: Attention 1, excellent. Accuracy, good. Questions should always be formulated carefully to avoid upsetting the appraisee during the interview.

Being diplomatic and using language to soften disagreement also helps to create a 'positive' environment. Being di plomatic When did you realize that Iat is. Is there anything else we should talk about? Iat's a teFFieie aWtI: Instead With respect, I think That's not a To be quite frank, 5ven, I don't think Frankly, we should deal with that differently Appraisal questions I respect your opinion, but Could you tell me how things are going with How do you see your team developing in You have a point there, but Would you like to give me more details about To a certain extent I agree, but Find more diplomatic equivalents in the appraisal dialogue in exercise 6.

UNIT 4 HR deve lopment I 39 10 Now work with a partner to practise an appraisal interview with a member of staff who is unhappy in his or her job. Either use the profiles in the Partner Files or think of a situation of your own. Fi Ie 04, p. There seems to be a person ality problem between Has there been anyt hing you have foun d difficu lt myself and som eone in th e department. I J to co pe with? Well, actually, so meone is making life rather How are thi ngs with the rest of the department?

What do you like most about your wo rk? I did n't feel able t o talk to you about it ea rlier. Assertive leadership skills Leadership and team. G ct more done in the ir supeliors. Discuss with a partner. The first one has been done for you. Write an introduction as in the examples on page 39 and a short list of the contents.

Try to use a few of the word partnerships in exercise Present your results and compare with others in the group. Complete the following sentences with words related to the key words. Do you find similar statements in your company or other companies in your country? What is your reaction to them? We are working the city we serve. Disability Companies in the U. Sexuality race, ethnic origin, nationality sexua l orientation gender disability age trade union membership marital orfamily status religion or religious be lief How does this differ from 'managing diversity'?

Managing diversity is about respecting people and helping them to maximize their potential. Unlike 'equal opportunities', it does not focus on specific groups of people, nor does it only address situations where direct discrimination may occur.

Diversity acknowledges that the differences I'm sure we ca n find you a people bring to a job may enhance the position in our sorting office. According to the article, what is the reason for publishing equal opportun ity state ments? Do you think such statements add value to the reputation of a compa ny?

How many companies that you know of are actively involved in diversity? How is it dealt with in your organization? Add as many different fringe benefits to this mind map as you can. Discuss with your colleagues. On your bike a The Cycle to Work Scheme allows employers to reclaim the VAT value added tax and capital tax allowances and loan bikes and equipment to their employees for journeys to work.

Alternatively the employee can pay back the cost of the bike and equipment by monthly salary deductions. It can be dea lt with in one of two ways. Match the person with the benefit they mention. Another term for payor salary is remuneration or compensation.

A remuneration package is the total of all financial and non-financial benefits an employee receives i. Listen again if necessary. Yes, I think we need Could I have some feedback?

Cambridge English for HR Teacher Book | Strategic Management | Offshoring

Label the descriptions of benefits with items a-l. Which package do you find more attractive? You might need to add prefixes or sufflxes and change the form. Either refer to the role cards in the Partner files or think of your own situation. Partner A File PartnerB File oS, p. Could I just say that I'm inclined to agree with you on that. I'd like to add a point here. Yes, but have you considered Excuse me, can I just come in here? I'm afra id I can't go along with that.

Sorry, but may I just clarify a point Sorry, but I really can't agree. Choose the correct words in each sentence, then put the sentences in the right order. Then complete what they say by matching the two halves of the sentences. Listen again to check your corrections. Canyou reme mber the Words Sophie and Tim use to talk about trends?

Enter them below. Then listen again or read the transcript to check. The following abbreviations are commonly used in writing: Say them or write them out in full.

Match the salaries or wages 12 below with the extracts from job adverts a-f. How do these salaries and hourly rates compare to those in your country? Pay previous cllstomer service experience. Ideal candidate must have Thc job invo lves dealing with our own car, hold a full driving licence Now recruiting bus drivers One of the oldest police forces in the country l You will benefit from 4 wceks' with ca. AI lea sl fivp. Productivity bonus, 40 hours per week, vehicle supplied.

Wage was traditionally used for the money paid regularly to a worker usually in cash on a weekly basis and salary for mont hly pay. However wage is still used as an alternative to salary when talking about pay in genera l, e. At a time of strong competition in the recruitment market, it's essential that money is spent on relevant benefits and that they are appreciated by the staff.

There is a move towards more flexible benefits where employees can choose their package, the report stated. A number of initiatives are currently being piloted by companies. One such company recently decided to introduce a new benefits package in stages and then issued all staff with an employee benefits statement, so they Is this being too democratic? As long as budgets could see exactly what they were getting. Now they are not exceeded, what could be better than to are running focus groups on the scheme, before consult with employees on what benefits they introducing fully flexible benefits.

Express Series: English for Human Resources

These focus prefer? You could have a more contented and groups allow staff and employers to examine the fu ll motivated workforce at the end of the day. Are new employees ever asked what benefits they would prefer to have? P1Ui' How much do you know about trade unions?

Discuss the following statements with a partner and correct any that you think are false. Do others in the group agree with you? I - Closed shop means a company can engage only employees who I belong to the union. What do you think the following headlines are about? France hit by massive job protests Finance workers in Denmark Flights disrupted following anxious over bank security industrial action by Spanish air traHic controllers Now read the summaries of the three stories behind the headlines to see if you were right.

Find words or phrases which mean the following: A A nationwide strike in France over First Employment Contracts CPE , allowing employers to terminate job contracts for the unders at any time during a 2-year trial period without givin g a reason, caused over 1 million people to take to the streets across France.

Large parts of France's transport networks ground to a halt and airport authorities warned of delays and disruption. B The leader of the finance workers' union has called for national and European actio n to make workplaces more secure. Thousands of bank staff have been victims of bank robberies an average of one a day in Denmark , with many requiring post traumatic stress treatment. He encouraged unions and employers to work together in a global in iti ative for safer workplaces.

Last nigh t Spain's airport authority and the air traffic controllers' union were in what were described as 'tense negotiations'. Then use them to complete the sentences. Non-union companies in U. Unionize d compan ies have shop stewards or union representatives who have been elected by union members to represent them to management.

Which statements in each group below best describes the situation they are discussing? Then use the information in the dialogue to answer the questions. It looks as if there could be a long and difficult negotiation with the union representing the workers at the British plant. How can companies avoid situations like this?

Cambridge English for HR Teacher Book

Work with a partner to rank the tips below from 1 being the most important. Can you add any more tips to the list? D Always listen carefully to the other person. English for Human Resources can be used as a stand-alone course, for self-study using the interactive MultiROM, or alongside a coursebook such as International Express. Other books in this series. English for Logistics Marion Grussendorf.

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