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Essential BULATS is for anyone preparing to take the BULATS test. It can be used at home, and Recording Scripts. Файл формата pdf; размером 57,47 МБ. ACUMEN BULATS Authorised Testing center, - 37 pages. The BULATS B2 Wordlist is a list of words to help teachers preparing students to achieve a. Essential BULATS | Short, self-study preparation material for BULATS (Business Language Testing Service). | Cambridge ESOL, Clark.

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Online Course - LinkedIn Learning · Achieve BULATS(with MP3). TAAZE 讀冊 生活 · Bulats Exam. English Teacher AMR · Bulats vocabulary list. Essential - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Essential BULATS - IsBN - Ver 2 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Essential BULATS ISBN

It's going to be a busy day tomorrow. One manufacturing business. Are multiple-choicequestions in the practice exercise they true. Do you want to change any of your answers? Questions accounts department D. You have a 1 in 4 chance of being Hi..

The aim of the test is to see how well you can understand spoken English and how well ' you can respond to it. The questions. I You will hear a mixture of people speaking: Sales of photo printers have a. Use this time carefully to read recordingscripts on page I think. The correct answer is A. Listen and complete the correct. Here is an example of the type of correct information from 3 options. And finally. B or C so tmen you will hear all t11e only 1 answer can be correct.

Underline the key word s in the question. This is what you will hear: Which is the platform number for the information from different listening texts. This train will be leaving from is wrong.

This is an announcement for all chance to check your answers the second time you 1 passengers waiting for the 12 o'clock train to listen and even to change your answer if you think it London Waterloo. I'm delighted to tell you that ' this year our sales have been very good. B or C launch? The recording script is also given. Only 1 is correct. If you don't know. Think about the question.

Question 2: Then answer each the question and the 3 options. We're going to. In this part of the test. You have a 1 in 3 chance of being Look at questions2 and 3. What's happened to the office? I couldn't Monday.

Only this option is talking find the photocopier this morning. Does she say A B c C give a presentation 'attend'.. C a colleague B Check your answers on page I noticed!

Now try these questions. What' Test practice picture questions B The flight will be delayed. What would a sales person reception.. B a customer.. A The plane has a technical problem. Listen carefully to the verbs B make some phone calls. They are like the ones you. Listening Part 1 3 lfD Which is the correct picture of the new office? Any plans? I enjoyed the financial management training.. So it's in the d room e. The recording scripts are also on page Which is the correct picture of the new selling sounds interesting.: Question 6: Which department will Steve's new job bein?

Think before you listen.. C a supplier. I What is the manager going to do tomorrow? C Financial management. B or C for the correct answer. He'll be back late today so I'll tell him to Man: The recording script is also given This is what you will see in Part 2 of the Listening Test: Please ring him 3.

You might have to complete: Can I help you? And what's the message? I asked for 50 packs of printer paper last week 1 or a number.. Write down arrive..

BULATS Vocabulary List B1

Think about the information you need 1 Zenith Industries. Don't change the grammar. Use this time carefully to read Man: I'll give him your message.

Pdf essential bulats

His order of 2 so packs. Call him on 4.

Clark David. Essential BULATS - With Answer Key and Recording Scripts [PDF] - Все для студента

Here is an example of the type of pieces of information from the conversations. In this part of the test.. Could you tell him Phillip Allen from the question. Contact details: Is the answer going to be a remember in your job name. Always check your answers. He's got my office number. I'm afraid he's not in today. Is it a verb? Is it a noun? Is it a number? I Woman: Client Services. John's or hyphens e. Check your answers on page Jim Carter Points to remember From: Phillip Allen.

Check youranswers on page When you think about a product. The recording I I scripts are on page They are like the ones you will see in the test. Who could bring product will visit you with some samples. I Check your answers on page I can check the amount for you. What other types of cost i What are the exact of the product?

Project meeting This word is important.. Fill in the numbered spaces on the forms. I What might affect company records? What information does an invoice have on it? Bill Tyson Postcode: SN2 8BY House number: Geographical area of interest: Franchise company prospectus request: Type of company interested in: Phone Message For: Emily Chung From: Sam Webster.

The recordingscripts are on pages Additions to basic salary: They apologise for the inconvenience. SW Packaging Supplies Re: Vacant post: If this causes any problems. In this example. Which subjects or about different parts of the same subject department is the person talking about? I is always the example. In this section. Use this time carefully. That's what we do. I training department: This is an example of what you will see in Part 3. This bullet tells might be one of the answers.

The answer to this is always I. It does not test how well you can F quality control understand individual words or numbers like Part 1 G production department. Questions accounts department D. Section 1 of the Listening Test: This part of the test has 2 sections. This bullet tells you what subject you will hear You hear words which sound like they Part Three people talking about.

Read the 1 We get a lot of people straight from university and question and think about what type of language or vocabulary you might hear for each part.

The recordingscripts are also are on page These words are distractors words or expressionsthat sound like possible answers. Now do the test on page The recordingscripts are also on page A delivery department. Write the fetter and the department name here. B customer services c sales and marketing D accounts department E research and development F quality control G production department H IT department I training department The second time you listen: OK I didn't 4.

We don't get that many 3 these days.

Essential Bulats.pdf

Listening Part 3 Look at the recordingscripts below and listen to speakers 1 and 2. The first time you listen: If a customer receives one of our products that doesn't work. We make sure that customers know our products exist. I Always check the contracts written by your own lawyers.

Pdf essential bulats

Read each section of the contract more than once. Always ask for changes if necessary. Be prepared to be flexible. F quality control G internal communication channels 26 Person 4. Ask another person to read it for you carefully. A Be clear about what you want from the contract before reading it. Never sign if you feel under pressure. Make notes to summarise each section. While you read the contract. Points to remember C Training doesn't attract young people. Those know. This is an important word.

This part of the test has 3 sections: Use this time carefully to read The correct answer is C. You have a 1 in 3 chance of being problems will always exist. Listening Test. Think about the information you need to find. If you don't with the right qualifications and experience. You can find out 3 important details here: There are 3 possible types of listening in this part: B or C so companies have when looking for new staff these days? Listening Part 4 Listening skills practice l! B They always take a long time to organise.

B the costs are low. Band C for each one. Which one is correct? C being prepared to change your mind. A your partner takes all the risk. A help companies do business abroad A They can help with contracts. Which method worked best for you: Use the method you liked best in the test. The recording scripts are on pages It is like the one you will see in the test. Listen to excerpts from the interview and try to answer the questions without looking at the options.

This time read the questions and the options before you listen. B being prepared to make decisions. A talk to your colleagues B think about customers.

Clark David. Essential BULATS - With Answer Key and Recording Scripts

C he had studied business. You will hear an extract from a presentation made by a woman about her company's services. B he knew someone at the company. C They can be ended by one partner. B offer financial help to companies B They help with the legal costs. Test practice l! Now do the test on pages Now listen again. C they are very profitable.

C give training to foreign workers C They find suitable partners. B how much time it took to move shoes through production. B separate from production itself. C The amount of stock was reduced. B Fewer suppliers were needed. C how far each worker needed to move during production. B ensuring that their products were consistently of high quality. C a continuous process. A Errors were less likely to be serious. B advertised the product more widely than their competitors.

C depended on customers telling each other about the product. B efficiency was increased. C setting up an effective distribution network. C space was saved. A the overall management of the company's finances B the control of purchasing of stock for retailing C the setting up of additional outlets 44 How does he feel about the possibility of retiring from business? A He enjoys the world of business too much to give it up. B He looks forward to spending more time doing leisure activities. C money from Jack Cartier.

B His position disappeared in a restructuring of the company. A clothing for a specialist market B top-of-the-range clothing for leisure C reduced price clothing 42 What advantage did previous experience in business give him when developing Massive Stores? A He knew who to turn to for advice on starting the business.

The Outfit. B Manufacturers were willing to take a risk by helping him. C The company was closed down. Massive Stores. A He was replaced by a new appointee. B his own savings. C A landlord let him have premises at a reduced rent. C Writing for internet sites was a more profitable use of her time. A It was time-consuming. A She identified the areas where there was a lack of specialists.

C in an area which has maintained its popularity. C present your skills in clear groups. A She advertised in industry publications. A She had to pretend to be confident when she started her consultancy. C She informed all the people she knew about it. B She examined what her career had taught her. B in areas likely to emerge in the future. C She has always had plenty of confidence with clients.

B She believes experience gave her sufficient confidence. C She took time to research potential clients. B She asked her first clients to recommend her. B list particular skills that you can provide. Part I There are 4 sections in this part of the test 24 questions in total: In general. The aim of this part is to test your skills in reading and your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

You must also write your answers on a separate Answer Sheet during this time. The Reading and Language Knowledge Test is divided into 2 parts. B or C details of a text story. Part2 There are 6 sections in this part of the test 36 questions in total: This is because some of the tasks in Part 2 are the same as the ones in Part 1.

C or D details of a text usually a newspaper including opinions or magazine article. In this Synonyms part of the test, you read 7 short texts and choose the. Recognising words or expressions with the same or similar meanings can be very helpful in this type of test You might read: Think about why the other 2 options are incorrect.

Section One Questions e We'll have to cancel our appointment, I'm afraid. Sornething's come up at the last minute. Example in the message. See attached price list for You do not need to details of our special offers. B You can find out more about special offers by looking at a separate document.

C You will find more information on special offers on another page. The price list is not separate, it is attached. The correct answer is C. Identifyingwhy a person is writing Test practice You might have to identify why someone is writing a Now try these questions.

They are like the ones you particular text. There are 2 answers for each reason. The Central Plaza Hotel offers Toronto's biggest fully-equipped business centre for meetings, 2 Offering to do something. Ideal for the business traveller. Why would you 4 Informing someone. The Central Plaza 5 Complaining about something B is only recommended for business people. C would suit large companies wishing b I'm afraid this is not acceptable. Please ignore this email if you have already received the goods you requested on 7th March, e If we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate otherwise contact us immediately by phone.

What does this email tell you? Can you explain this in g Due to a problem with our supplier, all deliveries will A You need to telephone the company your own words before be delayed. C You should email the company if you i I have to advise you that your payment is late.

We cannot make keywords in I We would be delighted to discuss this in more detail. What is this company's policy on discounts? What would you expect to buy from businessjiightfinder. A an agency for budget business travel.

B a low-cost business airline. C an online guide to using the internet for travel. Martin and Co. C consultants for those who want to set up in the property business. This is an advertisement for A a supplier of low cost office products. C give your opinion on their latest campaign. B find out more about the promotion.

B sales representatives for those who want to buy properties to rent. To reverse this. You should go to your account page at the website to A cancel an agreement to be sent publicity mail. C hadn't been able to understand the sellers correctly.

C decide which Jardine product suits them best. B weren't knowledgeable enough about current products. B pick out Jardine's products. B Central Europe. Jardine's has changed its packaging so that consumers can more easily A distinguish between different Jardine ranges. Firms bought the wrong IT products because they A didn't use outlets which provided expert guidance.

C Africa. Section 2 e. Reading and Language Knowledge Part 1. You have a 1 in 4 chance of being Hi.. A at Bon f This type of product is aimed at young people. C or D for each question. Which is correct. Questions a I'm not happy. Verbs with of the Reading and Language Knowledge Test: Some verbs in English are always used with a preposition Here is an example of a question from Part 1. Here are some suggestions for how to organise your vocabulary: Look at all the words Verbs: C shareholders.

All questions are independent. C with g When will you pay me by the work I did last week? D to h Time for questions is included to my presentation. It depends on the price. There are 4 options A. Check on page For each question you have to complete a combinations of words. It is also a good idea to write example sentences to help C improvements " you remember how to use new vocabulary They are like the ones you moJ:: Divide these verbs into three groups in the table.

Reading and Language Knowledge Part What Bon preposition colfocates with 'aimed'? C paying Complete the sentences with the correct form of the D spending verbs in the table above. C included D comprised Check your answers on page Section 2 3 You could record groups of words with the same or Test practice similar meaning: A benefits.

Ul construc. We've got to do something. D profits I obto. A involved Ifyou change the sentence to B contained 'I've the sales figures in my report'.

D share Check your answers on page The collocation here is with 'on'.. What tense is D deciding J formed with 'have' d German cars have. Which of these verbs does B talking. I 3 People are. C or D on your Answer Sheet. A complete B achieve C acquire D obtain 60 Orders for delivery the same day should be placed no later A but B and C as D than 61 Anyone involved the recruitment process should be trained for it. A in B by C for D over 62 The supplier is some very competitive prices.

A presenting B bidding C handing D offering ' 63 The landlord allowed him to pay rent in. A behind B afterwards C arrears D debt Check your answers on page If you have a situation where this doesn't workplace. Public Part One They tell you what you're reading praise is one of the most powerful ways to make people e. You read a text and answer 6 multiple-choice questions.

Many believe that money is the most Read these instructions carefully. What's the writer's main point in paragraph 1? Hire these people and or similar meaning.

How can we make work fun? Read the first paragraph of the text below and answer the question. Section 3 Finally.

Bulats pdf essential

Here is an example of a question from Part 1. Don't you? B or C and look One of the most successful ways of raising levels of fun for synonyms words or expressions with the same in a company is recruiting one of the many people who enjoy life and love being sociable. Almost everyone enjoys the Questions approval of their colleagues and friends. Clear leadership from the management will help. These can sometimes help you then train them to do a job.

B or C on your Answer Sheet. This unusual approach to identify the correct option. You might read: Do you want to change any of your answers? Then check your answers on page B orC have distractors in the text. Do A and B mean 3 results in C People with money tend to have the same thing?

Paragraph 2 more friends. B to give people more responsibility C Most people feel the same way when others say C to demonstrate you have confidence in your staff good things about them. Can you find all of these B It's hard to find the right kind of new staff.

They are like the ones you will 3 According to paragraph 3. B Employees need to know their employers can rely on them. Section 3 Read the rest of the text and answer these questions. Vocabulary Find words or expressionsin the text on page 34 One of these isn't mentioned in paragraph 3. A to change the management of the company B Financial rewards produce the best work. A Making people think differently takes time. Are multiple-choicequestions in the practice exercise they true.

B increases profits. C Teaching people to have fun at work is not easy. B hire the right kind of people. What's another word for 'confidence' in paragraph 2?

Not all the wrong options A. Paragraph 1 4 What is the writer's attitude to money in paragraph 4? Test practice Now try these questions about the text on fun in the C Customers are more important than staff. C creates loyalty. Which one? C find members of staff who can set a good example. After each campaign. They quickly realised that direct marketing would be a quicker and easier way to establish the brand. Dosh had to spend carefully. Dosh and Direct Marketing Dosh Software was set up by accountant Jonathan Van der Borgh to develop new accounting packages for financial services firms.

That is why direct marketing had so much appeal. Now that the group has been running for over two years and has built up its own database of customers.

One of their first promotions. Dosh has learnt from some bad experiences and all of its marketing is costed against the expected return. This has meant an investment in database technology to help Dosh keep up-to-date and accurate listings.

In addition. Dosh could mail to discrete groups. You know all the costs -the creative costs. But it was money well spent. As a new company. B or Con your Answer Sheet. Dosh placed an advertisement in the publication. The results of each campaign are tracked and within just one or two weeks.

As well as an invoice. Dosh was keen to get a retail presence. No opportunity is lost. B They enclose more of their literature with invoices.

C They record details of just those who respond. C Their finances were more efficiently used targeting defined groups. A They chase responses for one to two weeks after the campaign. A the B The big retailers refused to stock Dosh software. C They send out one invoice to cover several orders.

C He has a lot of experience of advising on marketing campaigns. B He runs campaigns efficiently because he can foresee expenses. A The accountant owner of Dosh had extensive customer lists.

A to record results of marketing campaigns B to replace unsuccessful customer lists C to keep track of current customers 68 What kind of money-saving scheme is detailed in the last paragraph? A They advertise other companies when they send invoices.

B They contact all the targets of the campaign. J Don't write more than one Example: I use the laptop on business trips. They also supply 8 American aircraft She 0 born in Italy. Section Four company was founded in and it is one of Questions 3 biggest companies in its field. I'd like a bottle of milk. There are some words that do not Points to remember Use the with all types of noun follow this rule..

Reading business texts will help Here is some information about articles: If something sounds wrong to you. Priory Engineering Ltd is 1. Section 4 Complete the text with a. The photocopier isn't working or in the. You read tested in this part of the test. I have a laptop and a PC. Here is an example of a question from Part The texts used in the test are usually taken from sources like business Articles magazines and books. One of its biggest projects is 5. Answer Sheet.

Of course. Use a The things most commonly tested are: Is it a the second time e. This part of. The Excellence Programme was started eight people are interested. Read the text and complete each space with 1 word. We have received a substantial order a point in time in the past? Then call us today for more are quickly finding new work in the rapidly information.

J of word is 2 much many any ideas for managing yourself and your team. In five intensive days. In the past. We will be able The Excellence Programme to say how 2 work will be available depending on how What 6 days have gone. Section 4 some. It is like the one you will see in space.

We'd also like your views on some new developments at Johnson's. The questions are all online. He is very interested 0 computers. This will ensure that all data is passed on to Johnson's anonymously. The closing date for completion of the survey is 9th May. The survey data is being recorded 71 NSB Research. We look forward to hearing from you at www.

Johnson's won't even know which customers 72 taken part in the survey. Dear Customer We are writing to ask you to take part in Johnson's latest customer survey 70 that we can find out if you are happy with our service.

If there is a text 4 I ran out of space on the first one so I had to get the without an answer. In this exercise. Reading and Language Knowledge Part 2. C or D b I need something more sophisticated. This will make it easier to check your answers later. Section l 7 I send a lot of text messages. Check your answerson page C or D answer. Here is an example of a question from Part 2. These can help you to she uses: Think about takes too long to read the instructions They give someone's opinion used in the test practice exercise on the next page.

Match sentences definitions Modal verbs Vocabulary: Useful expressions Modal verbs often appear in this part of the test. This exercise will help you with some of the language look at sentences I think the quality of life is better. Sentences a-h express the 1 Match the words or expressions a-h with the same ideas but using modal verbs. I have to be there by It's an pen Write one have internet access too. I know how I'd do my job without it. C to underline here? It has wireless internet 0 beginning of the test.

I think it's the A B C D. This is the example. B Laptop Answer: I'm currently putting all my CD What kind of lifestyle collection onto this. Section 1.

Underline where the Test practice 1 A Personal organiser.. I ran out of space on the first does she have? Of course they are useful. C or D in the space. I've had three of these already. J feel without one? Basically it's just an In this exercise you are going to answer questions on electronic diary and address book.. She keeps buying new versions of this device. It is like the one you will see in. As I said. I'd be happier without one of these.

It was the promptness and professionalism of Worksnax that attracted me after I'd spent a lot of time researching various companies. My first call to their head office convinced me that these were the people I was looking for.

I'd always toyed with the idea of running my own business, and when rumours of redundancies emerged at work, I started looking seriously into the possibilities. By the time I had to leave, I'd chosen to invest in The Home Agency because it provided me with the opportunity to trade under a national and respected brand name. I was also able to benefit from their provision of tried and tested operating procedures, and from having a technical helpline and legal advice readily available once I was trading.

I was inspired by redundancy, when the company I'd been with for 23 years closed. I welcomed the new challenges of being self-employed, as I like working hard and relish the independence it gives me. The Food Machine franchise stood out because it was such an easy system to learn. Excellent training before I opened prepared me for most aspects of the business, including bookkeeping and marketing. You read a text. You have a choice A collocation is a combination of two or more words of 4 words for each space.

This can be one way to identify the correct option for the missing words in this section. Look at the example below: The correct option is made because investment You only have to choose the correct missing word.

An example of a collocation with Look carefully at the words both before and after to do is to do business, e. We're interested in doing the space. Published on Jun 18, SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads.

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