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Livro De Repente, O Desejo, de Susan Fox Até ver de perto as maravilhas que as irmãs estão passando e que ela nunca viveu, nunca sentiu. É por isso que. De repente, o amor nos conta a história de Kat Fallon, uma mulher de 31 anos, .. I recently stumbled across Susan Fox as an author while reviewing Love. De repente, o desejo. By: Susan Fox. "Eu queria aquilo que minhas irmãs tinham: um amor enorme, romântico, maior do que a vida. Havia.

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21 out. Nome: De Repente, o amor. Autor: Susan Fox Editora: Unica Coleção: Irmãs Fallon Sinopse: Aos trinta e um anos, a sorte de Kat Fallon com os. De Repente, O Amor (Em Portugues do Brasil) [Susan Fox] on Aos trinta e um anos, a sorte de Kat Fallon com os homens ja se mostrou longe de ser algo Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Buy De repente, o amor: E não vá misturar seus sentimentos pelo Nav. Ele é seu amigo mas, espere De repente (Portuguese Edition): Read Kindle Store.

This was a very thinly disguised erotica trying to pose as a mainstream romance. Even Again, not my typical read, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Not overdone. However, Merilee starts having doubts about their relationship. The purpose of the book may be more about erotic sex scenes than story, but somehow the story detracted from the sex. I rolled my eyes at so many of the parts, but it's not as bad as it could have been. Although the dialogue was just bad and it had obligatory steamy scenes, it was just not an enjoyable read.

I loved the scenery. The idea for a train ride across Canada was original and romantic. Nav was a hot Indian gentleman who was not only handsome, but sensitive as well. I must admit I was hot and cold regarding Kat. There were points about her that I enjoyed, but on a whole I sort of didn't like her as a person. The train trip was a growth experience for both characters and I ended up liking her in the end.

The sex scenes wer A friend handed me this book and said I'd like it. The sex scenes were heated and Nav was all about Kat's pleasure. I loved the emotional depth of the book and the focus that love is for a lifetime, lust if for a right now. The story was fresh and the writer was knowledgeable about the content. I recommend this book for any die-hard romantic.

View 1 comment. Feb 12, J. Hart rated it liked it. Again, not my typical read, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I'd give it 2. I liked the story - it was well written and flowed, though initially I got a jolt when it jumped from third to first person. Once I adjusted to the structure of the book his chapter in third, hers in first, alternating it was a quick read. I think it's confirmed for me though that I am simply not that into erotica!

Even Again, not my typical read, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Even though those scenes were well written, I did find myself skipping through chunks of them to get to the story. The male lead, Nav, was great, the female lead, Kat was Honestly, I kept expecting this book to suddenly turn into an erotic novel.

It's not the best book I've ever read, but for a free Kindle book, I can't complain too much. It helped pass the time when I couldn't sleep. I rolled my eyes at so many of the parts, but it's not as bad as it could have been. View 2 comments. Nov 12, Kristi Lewis rated it it was amazing. Merilee and Matt's relationship has become routine. Merilee and Matt are scheduled to get married. However, Merilee starts having doubts about their relationship. This book was seductive, romantic, and impossible to put down.

A little more explicit than what I usually read, but still an enjoyable story. A great read! In Love, Unexpectedly , she takes us on an exhilarating ride on the train of love. Her compelling love stories will tug at your heartstrings and make you root for an HEA for the characters. Kat Fallon is the second child in the family, insecure and overshadowed by her brainy sister. To find a 4. To find a niche for herself, she became Ms.

Sociability, cultivating lots of friendships, only to find out later on that her friendships were all shallow and she never let anyone gets too close to her. In her relationships with men, she ran at the first sight of trouble, not staying long enough to work things out with the guy. The longest relationship she has is her friendship with Nav Bharani, her neighbor, and consequently, she treasured their friendship very much and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize it.

Nav, on the other hand, had slowly been falling in love with Kat over the two-year period of their friendship, yet each time he mentioned them dating, Kat brushed him off. When Kat asked him to stand in as her boyfriend at her sister's wedding, Nav was hit by an idea so crazy that if he could pull it off, he just might get his heart's desire. Fox excels in characterization and character development.

As I read, I could see that Kat is so different from Theresa the heroine in Sex Drive , and I like how we learn to know about Kat at the same time that she discovers things about herself and her family. Kat and her sisters are close as siblings could be, with the usual squabbles, and it was fun to see this family dynamic in their interactions and even better to see them move past their misconceptions about each other and develop a more mature relationship.

It reminds me of me and my own siblings, and coincidentally [perhaps not?: Sociability, the one with the most number of friends among the three of us. As for Nav, I love the hope that burns bright in his heart and the persistence with which he pursued Kat, never giving up despite the numerous brush-offs she'd given him.

I like that in a man, one who knows what he wants and goes after it, but of course, he shouldn't bulldoze her into accepting him. Which Nav doesn't.

He just opens her eyes and mind to possibilities and waits for her to come to her own conclusions.

Sexy traits in a man, and even sexier is his confidence, especially when there was no encouragement or whatever from Kat. Nav, end of Chapter 1: Screw that. He was going to be the sexy guy on the train. Nav is certainly unpredictable and one never knows what one would get when with him.

I'm sure that was now Kat came to see him--exciting, stimulating yet safe. I don't believe for one moment that Kat failed to remember that he was Nav, in whatever guise he put on. And we can see this in the way she sometimes lapsed into thinking of him as Nav and the desperate way she convinced herself that he was Pritam or Dhiraj. I think she recognized subconsciously that he was giving her a reason to indulge in their attraction and she seized upon it, because she wanted it as well.

The set up disturbed me a bit, because Kat comes across as someone who wants to have her cake and eat it and not have to own up to the responsiblity. A bit cowardly and not as likeable as Theresa Sex Drive. However, I like the way we get to see what happens after the end of events in Sex Drive and how Kat's family interacted with Nav.

Yours, Unexpectedly (Wild Ride To Love #4) by Susan Fox

Love, Unexpectedly is a great read in itself and as part of the series. I anxiously await the third in the series, flaky sister Jenna's story. I know I've labeled her as flaky, and may I say I "borrowed" the term from the books, but we all know that things aren't always what they seem. Plus, as I've said, Susan Fox aka Susan Lyons, is great at character development and characterization. Thus, it would be interesting to see Jenna as seen from Jenna's eyes.

Like I said, it didn't bother me, however, I find myself being more interested to read Nav's chapters than Kat. What can I say? I'm a girl. Of course, I'm more fascinated by the sexy hunk. Reviewed by Shana Mar 21, Bookaholics rated it really liked it. The first book, Sex Drive was actually printed under a different name, Susan Lyons. In the first installment the oldest sister Theresa finds love on a plane trip. Theresa was a serious academic type who was unsure of her sensuality and sociability.

In the second book, Love, Unexpectedly her sister Kat takes center stage. Kat is a totally different personality, a free spirited sister who is the social butterfly of the family.

But with a long history of failed relationships with men. Kat has been looking for love but doesn't realize she goes for men with flash and style but unfortunately, no substance. The only person who is really stable in her life besides her family is her best friend Nav.

And while she finds Nav attractive, he isn't really her 'type' and she doesn't want to ruin their friendship with her lousy track record. But what Kat doesn't know is that her best friend Nav is perfect. He loves her and he intends to make her see it, too! Tired of not being 'seen' Nav dresses up like one of her old boyfriends and surprises Kat on the train to her sister's wedding.

At first Kat doesn't recognize him in his expensive clothes but does see an resemblance to her neighbor Nav. She is drawn to this compelling and 'new' Nav and before she knows it they are having the hottest sex of her life! Conflicted, Nav promises Kat whatever happens on the train, it will not affect their friendship after this 'fling. Will she finally give him a chance past their train trip? There were 2 things I really enjoyed about this story.

The first is that Nav is a beta hero although he has his moments of being alpha! He determinedly pursues Kat but he is a genuinely nice guy. Not a He-man, who tries to take over and overwhelm Kat.

A normal guy that ANY woman would love to chase after her! I fell in love with Nav, sometimes he seemed too good to be true. The other thing I found original about this story is that Nav is a few years younger than Kat and although the author doesn't put too much emphasis on it he is East Indian so this couple is mixed. Nav is very westernized but it was interesting to see glimpses of his less westernized family and conflict and how it has shaped him.

The book fluctuates between Nav's and Kat's point of views. I really enjoyed seeing Nav's point of view and intermediately liked him. The strange thing was it took me a bit longer to like Kat. Because I really loved Nav I soon became frustrated with Kat's refusal to see him as a potential boyfriend instead of just a friend. I kept wishing that Kat had succumbed to Nav's charms earlier. Although I understood why she was so hesitant take their relationship to the next level.

I could understand her concern about ruining her relationship with Nav. Plus Kat insecurities have led her to look for the wrong type of men. But since she knew what a wonderful person Nav was I disliked how she prevented herself from truly caring for him but was jealous of other women. Her conflicted feeling really hurt Nav and their potential relationship.

Pdf amor repente susan de o fox

Susan Fox has the rare gift for making ordinary people extraordinary. She easily brings people together in a very romantic and sexy way that is guaranteed to be a fun and enjoyable read I always feel like her characters are people you would know and therefore easily care about.

This book was no exception. This series is sure to be a winner and I am already a devout follower! Jul 16, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: Fox held promise as an author. My suspicions were right, I enjoy Ms. But I digress. The theme of family expectations dominates the emotional underpinnings. Nav and Kat became fast friends when he moved into her apartment building.

She likes flash in her men, angling after charisma and material success in her long string of short term relationships. Unfortunately, her sister scheduled her wedding with two weeks notice, leaving Kat without a date after her latest — a NASCAR driver — broke up with her.

Impulsively she asks Nav to join her as her date and the moment he accepts she starts worrying about whether his shaggy starving artist look will put his family. After talking with him, she finally calls him out and it is indeed him. One thing leads to another leads to role playing in a hotel room. That character, Pritam, a purported Bollywood producer, disappears and Dhiraj, a successful business man appears. And that leads to fun and games in the train car over the next several days as they continue to Vancouver.

As crazy as the scheme sounds, it worked in this book. The author skillfully used the role play game to develop intimacy and emotional growth. During the ride, Kat also hears from her three sisters and experiences a few break throughs that help her understand herself and her family better.

Her professionally successful family had raised each girl with a role, which placed expectations of who they were and would become. The ending chapter felt unnecessary — I think the story could have ended as they left the train, but I still enjoyed the book. A really fun read. Dec 10, Dianne rated it did not like it. Nav has loved Kat since nearly the first day he moved into the same apartment building as Kat.

But he is fed up with being the best friend and wants to take it to the next level. Kat has asked him to pose as her boyfriend when she has to go back home for her sister's wedding.

Now Nav plans to try to move the relationship past the 'friend' stage when Kat decides to take the train back home, and Nav sneaks himself on the train into her life while attempting to pose as someone Kat would be intere Nav has loved Kat since nearly the first day he moved into the same apartment building as Kat. Now Nav plans to try to move the relationship past the 'friend' stage when Kat decides to take the train back home, and Nav sneaks himself on the train into her life while attempting to pose as someone Kat would be interested in sexually.

I agree with many of the other reviewers that feel Kat was selfish and shallow, but I will take it further and say that I found Nav to be manipulative, pushy and totally unpleasant. This was a very thinly disguised erotica trying to pose as a mainstream romance. The sex and the sexual innuendo is hot for this genre and some of Nav's ideas in how to trap Kat are very creative, but I found the whole thing to be too extreme and contrived.

They were both people I would never want as friends and in the long run they deserved each other. Feb 03, Katherine Coble rated it liked it. I quite honestly don't know what review to give this book.

On the one hand it's an excellent little fun story about unrequited love, family relationships and finding your best career. On the other hand, it's straight up porn.

I'd say thirty to forty percent of the book was graphic sex. Which, if you're wanting to read that, I'd say this was the best-case scenario for doing so. The characters were fleshed out hah and the romance had good legs. You cared about the people so the sex scenes weren' I quite honestly don't know what review to give this book.

You cared about the people so the sex scenes weren't just Penthouse Forum stuff. At the same time they were full on sex scenes, with slang words for body parts. That's a huge no-no for me.

It seems cheap and sleazy to say py instead of vagina, etc. It was free on the Kindle; I'm glad of that, but I do wish they would be more clear on the type of book it is.

Neither explicit sex nor explicit religiousity are well-marked.

Yours, Unexpectedly

Since I like to stay away from both in my reading it would help matters a lot. Dec 03, Paula Mendo rated it it was ok. It has too many sex scenes and one after another like if Nav is somewhat of a machine that he can climax twice within like 15 min. The story was ok but Kat was being like stupid about the whole love and Nav thing Like if she can not love him that way even though she had sex with him more then once. I was not too crazy about the chemistry, I expected a little more of a almost real story that made sense in a relationship of friends and lovers.

I like the concept of friends taking their relationship to the next level. However, I thought Kat was a brat and Nav was very patient in dealing with her misconceptions, attitude, etc. It was Nav's character that kept me reading but as the story developed, I began to understand and like Kat more. I enjoyed reading this book because it entertained and took me on a wonderful train ride across Canada. Jul 02, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: I liked Nav as a person, at least the way the novel started out, but it was uncomfortable that he always smelled like sandalwood and knew everything about the Kama Sutra Other than that, it wasn't super realistic, more PWP than anything, but there were glimpses of goodness, like when he takes photos of the grandmotherly lady on the train, or when he and Kat talk about their plans for the future.

Sep 24, thistle added it. Another free Kindle book. Not bad for what it is: Skims surface of cultural issues white Canadian woman, Indo-Canadian man but gets a point for not ignoring them outright, I suppose. I cringed less than I'd anticipated but will be glad if I never again see the phrase "chocolate skin. Different from all the supernatural stuff I've been reading lately, but it didn't disappoint.

Nav is this really hot Indian guy who has been crushing on his best friend Kat. She refuses to see him as mate potential because he has fallen in the "buddy trap". So to win her, he agrees to go with her as her date to her sisters wedding and comes up with sexy "strangers on a train" fantasy!

Soooo freaking hot! Feb 18, Heather rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book, and I do not generally read regular romance books, they are generally a form of paranormal romance. It's hard to keep track sometimes because the author jumps back and forth between his and her point of view, usually at chapter breaks, but sometimes from paragraph to paragraph towards the end.

It was a very quick read and I didn't want to put it down. Apr 30, LC rated it liked it Shelves: Kat was such an idiot the whole book that I couldn't love it. She refused to consider Nav as a possible love interest based on false perceptions. She didn't really listen, constantly competed with her sisters and was just really hard to like.

The storyline would have gotten 5 stars if the heroine wasn't such a brat. The whole time I was thinking Nav deserved so much better than her!

May 29, Mournfulbliss rated it it was amazing. OMG this book was amazing.

Fox de pdf repente o susan amor

Every chapter the point of view changed from the female protagonist to the male protagonist and left me with a delightful third person point of view overall. This book was witty, smart, sexy, and intelligent. A must read! Nov 21, Linda added it. I was excited about the idea of a Desi hero, there being so few interracial romances in this genre, but this was just awful.

I did not care for either the hero or the heroine and could not finish the book. They were both so irritating I guess they deserved each other. Feb 01, Rainey rated it liked it. I liked the characters and felt they were authentic.

The relationship between the sisters was believable as well. I also liked the full circle with the sisters and mother. While I still felt the author put too much emphasis on the parents' mistakes, it did seem as if everyone was trying to take their fair share of the responsibility. Just not sure that THIS is the book that should have ended the series. In some ways, each book after book 1 went a little downhill.

E ele conseguiu me surpreender. O que isso queria dizer? E tinha acabado de provar esse fato fugindo. Nem um deles sabia ou entendia o que o outro queria, e a viagem foi a oportunidade perfeita para que um dissesse isso ao outro. Eu dei 4,5 estrelas para o livro, e depois desse, eu mal posso esperar para ler outros livros da Susan Fox. Jan 15, Addictive rated it liked it. I was disappointed in Yours, Unexpectedly, the minute I hit chapter 2.

It seems Merilee Fallon and Matt Townsend have been joined at the hip since sixth grade and have been planning their marriage for just as long. The time has come at the beginning of the book for their long expected marriage, but why would a marriage start at the beginning of a romance novel you ask? Where was that spark that she and Matt used to have?

And could they ever get it back? And can she ever be that passionate with someone other than Matt? Yes, she still loves Matt and knows he is her soul mate, but their sex life is dull and uninspired.

In short, it is passionless. And it just would not be a story without communication problems. Matt figures he can calm down enough on a cruise ship so when he gets back, he can deal with Merilee without violence, not towards her of course which we are constantly reminded of throughout the book. We see Merilee getting jealous because Matt is talking to a woman that is not her, we see Matt doing the same. We see Merilee and Matt eventually get in on dressed up as two different people, and we eventually see Merilee getting pregnant and Matt wanting to marry her.

Love, Unexpectedly

Ok, so their sex life was in a rut but to break up over it without even talking about it? He had changed his whole life just to suit you? Who has ever met a guy like Matt who is a total pushover not just for his girlfriend, but for everyone in his life? But in moderation, and sometimes not even that, once is enough for most people.

I hated it. Aug 02, Mary rated it really liked it. I loved this book. This is the second book I have read in this series and I will be reading the other two as well. It about a couple who has had a long relationship and has gotten into a rut. Through a lot of pain and changes they have come out the other side with an even better love for each other. Jan 27, Hiker rated it did not like it. Could not finish. H should run away from her as fast as he can.

Sorry I wasted my time and money on this book.

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Most immature set of characters I've ever tried to read about. View 1 comment.

Susan fox pdf repente amor o de

Apr 22, Wminbc rated it really liked it Shelves: My review is up at the link Tell me what you think? View 2 comments. Feb 16, Annalice rated it really liked it Shelves: I wanted to read this book for so long, in fact, I made it 1. Maybe I was a teeny bit disappointed, but it was still a good book. I'm glad they worked out their problems and I had a feeling Merilee got pregnant when she asked her friend if she felt okay after eating the restaurant food before the doctor confirmed it.

Sep 19, Caitlin rated it did not like it. Although the dialogue was just bad and it had obligatory steamy scenes, it was just not an enjoyable read. I will not be reading the previous books or any by this author.

Dec 23, Ellie rated it liked it. Yours, Unexpectedly by Susan Fox Grade: We need to be on our own. I guess we need to find out who Merilee and Matt are as individuals. They have always been together and thought that they were soul mates. On their trips back home each sister meets a man and falls madly in love. Matt is blindsided when the girl he has loved his entire life calls off their wedding just days before they were supposed to walk down the aisle.

Both are shocked when they meet at the airport but neither will back down and before they know it they are on their honeymoon together not as a couple. Matt and Merilee agree to do their own thing and by doing so find new sides to themselves that they never knew about. This book is a little different from the others in the series because it take place after the wedding is called off and takes place mostly on a cruise ship going around Mexico.

This book is also very different because the main characters have been a couple for fourteen years, have grown up together and have never been with anyone else.

Merilee has had some health problems in the last few months that have lead to her maybe never being able to have children and made her want to rush her marriage to Matt. I felt like it took forever for her to be honest with not only Matt but with herself about what she wanted out of her relationship and life with Matt. I found myself thinking that they way she acted proved that she was too young to get married and not mature enough.

She slowly redeemed herself by the end of the book but it took to long and made it very hard to feel sorry for her and to get into the story. I liked Matt but I also had issues with him. As soon as Matt finally starts to grow a backbone and standing up for himself is when I started to like him and the book but again it takes so long for this to happen. I liked the main characters but they were a little too goody-goody for me and I needed them to have a little more personality.

Originally posted at: It is the unexpected that makes the heart beat faster, the desire stir a little longer and the longing drive the emotional experience. It is when the expected becomes the unexpected that lives are changed forever. Now in college and preparing to finally get married, unexpected questions arise and fate throws a curve ball. A chance observation of her sis Originally posted at: Is it all too convenient, do they really want the same things, and are they really meant for each other?

He has never been without her and she has never known another man. Where do they go from here? Well… there is the non-refundable honeymoon cruise! Making concessions so the other can go, Matt and Merilee both find themselves on a luxury cruise to Mexico agreeing to share a cabin as friends. With time and a change of scenery, Merilee and Matt rediscover each other, their wants, their desires, their futures.

Merilee is solid, stoic, devoted while Matt simply is in love with Merilee. He wants nothing more in life that to be by her side forever. Her dreams are his dreams until he has time to rethink his dreams. What they took for granted now becomes a new experience, a new adventure and a new desire emotionally and physically. This is startling, sensual, sexy, passionate tale of two lovers finding their way back to each other as new people.

No one writes a love story like Susan Fox; it is gripping, entertaining, intelligent; the dialogue is so real you can hear it in your head. If you have not read the previous books, that is okay, this one stands alone as well but try and get the first three to see the culmination of the lives of four completely different sisters.

Nov 28, Toni rated it really liked it Shelves: Who says soul mates should get married and live happily ever after? Not Merilee! Merilee Fallon has always loved Matt Townsend and now days before her wedding she is rethinking forever with him.

As the days approach to her wedding, her sisters are showing up to be part of her happy day. The problem is so is their love lives. During their travels to the wedding all the sisters have found love. Determined to not settle for a mediocre life she calls off the wedding. Matt just got blindsided. The love of his life just broke his heart and now he is unsure what to do.

He thought they were happy and were always meant to be together. Now the other half of his soul has been taken away and he is stuck with a non-refundable honeymoon.

Go the Mexican Riviera and take some time to think. No longer lovers and barely friends, they are now taking their ex-honeymoon cruise together. Jealously and passion is ignited and with the new feelings come some unexpected and exhilarating results. This is one steamy and sexy cruise! This is book 4 in the Wild Ride to Love series, and more than likely the last one, since all the sisters have found love.

While I bet the series would be great read start to finish, I have only read this one.

This is very true. I absolutely enjoyed this book without having read the prior stories. Fox writes a believable novel of two people finding what was missing in their relationship. At times it had me looking at my own relationship with a different light. I enjoyed the play of emotions and the journey they took to reunite. This book is not to be missed. It is a lovely read with the perfect amount of sizzling heat.

A great book is one that draws you in and you experience the emotions right along with the characters. You will find that in Yours, Unexpectedly. Dec 21, Julie Barrett rated it it was amazing. Besides being next door neighbors growing up they liked each other. She's got 3 older sisters and parents. Matt only has his mom now and she's overbearing.

Merilee has all her family around her for her wedding weekend. Problem is she sees how her other sisters and their dates are acting and she does NOT feel the spark so she calls off the wedding. They are able to either cancel or rearrange the day for one of her other sisters to go ahead with their marriage.

The cruise can not be canceled so he decides he'll just get away from it all. She also can use the time to recoup and discover who she really is. They come to an agreement to both stay in the cabin just not be together. As they go on outings from the cruise ship they find themselves really finding out about the new person.

She's gone and changed not only her hair but things she never would've done otherwise. He's also changed his hair and dress and they can now listen to what the other is saying. Both of them accept drinks from others, dance with others and do things out of their comfort zone, very adventurous. And they discover a new kind of sex.

He had brought her to the doctors in the past cuz of her extreme pain. They found out she needed some surgery and chances are she'd never be able to conceive.

Merilee is staying in touch with her sisters to gain confidence and ask their opinions about how to discover her new self and Matt. Everything that is happening can be explained by the chaos theory. I love where they have been on the cruise-to places I'll never get to visit. Great details on what they find. Everything has changed, they no longer think they want to be just teachers anymore but something they've dreamed of forever when they were very young. Now a health problem, could that mean more problems for them getting back together?

I didn't realize this was a book with others associated with it. At the back of this book are excerpts of several other that go along with the series. Now I just have to go get them, the series is not going to disappoint by any means. Jan 23, Samantha March rated it liked it. I received a copy of Yours Unexpectedly by Susan Fox in exchange for an honest review.

This book focuses on Merilee and her upcoming to wedding to Matt. The couple, oft I received a copy of Yours Unexpectedly by Susan Fox in exchange for an honest review.

Merilee decides to call the wedding off, and while Matt is shocked and hurt, he understands the way she is feeling. He too, has been having second thoughts on their nuptials. The cruise helps them both discover new things about themselves and each other, and could be a major turning point in the floundering relationship. I thought the book was okay. Some things just got a bit too silly for me, like when Merilee and Matt kept mistaking the other for someone else.

After years and years of dating And it kept happening! That just got too strange for me. Overall I thought it was a decent story, but just too predictable and unreal for me to really get invested in. Feb 17, Romancing the Book rated it really liked it Shelves: That feeling you get way down in your gut that flips your stomach and sends it crashing down, as if you are experiencing the pain first-hand. As a result, I identified completely with the characters and found them to be heartbreakingly genuine.

The story was wonderfully written from two points of view — Merilee in a first-person narrative, and Matt in a second-person description. It seemed strange to keep going from one to the other.

Repente fox amor pdf de o susan

All in all, it was a very nice read. This is more of your typical romance story big on emotions with less sex than I think most of us have gotten used to reading. There are a couple of sex scenes, and they are fairly hot as Merilee and Matt try to spice up their vanilla lives, but this book is all about the passion of romance and love. Nov 09, Stacey Pagan rated it it was amazing.