Cmd commands pdf for xp

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Windows Xp Run Command List is useful to launch any chkdsk; Clipboard Viewer – clipbrd; Command Prompt – cmd; Component Services –. If we are unable to resolve your Windows 9x//XP/Vista issue, you may be The command prompt allows Windows users to issue DOS. The command prompt is still a powerful Windows tool. Here are the most useful CMD commands every Windows user needs to know.

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Change colors of the CMD window•. COMP. Compare the contents of two files or sets of files. COMPACT Compress files or folders on an NTFS partition. Almost Windows XP commands are available in the Command Prompt. See a complete list of Windows XP commands, commonly referred. Use this PDF to find the documentation resources and other technical information that you Open a Command prompt window, click the upper-left corner of the.

Very useful list? Keep posting such useful info. Perhaps someone else on this list can. Other than that though, highly useful piece, like I said. The edlin command is not available in bit versions of Windows XP. The exe2bin command is not available in bit versions of Windows XP.

Thank you! Then you have to find a setup file. You have to download program for this issue. Here two program, which can help you: You can set from 0 to per cent of sound volume by: Key shortcuts: I recommend to create three shortcuts with targets: You can also try another way for mutting sound volume by using a script.

The method is described at the bottom of page pcreview. The feature allows to you wake up when a computer is in hibernate state or power on when a computer is power off via LAN. You have to download a WOL software for control the computers. There are many free WOL software on the Internet. You can open window with path by writting a path to the run area in start menu or by writting command: Problem is, that it works only on your local computer.

You have to download the program for remote program execution. You will need the same admin accounts on remote computers with simple password. The admin users may not be logged in remote computers when you will want to run applications remotely. You have to cheat a little bit, because when you will run explorer with path, no window will appeared. You have to run Internet Explorer with path. Here is command, which you have to write to command line: Here is an example you can use: You can use Windows encryption tool to protect your data.

Encryption tool uses key, which is generated based on your account information. This method is very useful only in multi-user environment as you will never be asked to enter password. You can use Compressed folder by either Windows tool or third party archiving programs.

In this case you will be always requested to enter password. If you want file names encryption, you should use third party archive program e.

You can use special software for access control to files and directories e. Folder Password Expert or Protect Folder.

Windows XP Run Commands and Shortcuts

This is very use for me. You will find more information about that command on this page. If you want to know more about network command you can look here. But could you help me? I need to run Firefox with known url, and then I need to export data from firebug I think that I will use NetExport extension in this case.

For xp cmd commands pdf

Is it possible at all? Probably my question is too complex, but I really need your help. A good utilization of time, reading this.. I believe it would help me save time while working with my PC…. I wanted to disable many unwanted process to be loaded at booting time. But I forgot the command I used to execute. You helped me to find that..

Keep posting such useful info.

Hi, I am new to using the cmd terminal. In any case, I tried some of the commands I have seen on this page. But some do. Also, the command wmic someone mentioned what is that takes me to a different prompt. Why is this? For simplicity, sometimes when you run a command through CMD e. Try to use help when you are not sure.

If you want to copy some text from command promt just do rightclick and choose Mark from menu, then highlight text which you want to copy and press ENTER key. Then you will have your text in clipboard. If you want to paste some text, choose paste from rightclick menu.

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Great set of commands. Every now and again I have to look up a run command or something else. This site has proved invaluable. Kudos — and keep up the good work. Now is there any way to set a short cut icon directly for that command?

I understand that we can set a short cut icon for cmd prompt, but I dont know how to set a shortcut directly for a specific command.. When I open a shortcut, say to run eclipse, Windows always opens a cmd window to launch the app, and the window always hangs around.

But it would be nice if the shortcut window would immediately close after it launches the app. Is this something I can control? I was always waiting for windows to prompt me to clean up my temp files, etc. That one simple command in your list:. Do you know of a way to have your run history go with you to another pc? Im a network tech and I use a variety of commands all the time, I hate having to retype them each time on a computer I have never been to or that has had the history erased.

I want to make it where it comes with me to whatever PC i am on in the network. I know that I can export the reg file for RunMRU and i can merge it successfully to another pc but I want a logon script or something that does it for me.

Pdf xp commands cmd for

I would appreciate any help in this matter, btw matej this is a wonderful thing you have done here and I for one appreciate it a lot. I use many of these cmds but i use WMIC cmds most often. You can try to write your own script. Here are some examples how can you work with registry items through VBScript language. You can also try to import your exported RunMRU key via network.

Thanks matej I will look into the connect network reg option but I will probably have to do this manually for each PC i log into since I dont know from moment to moment which PC i will be working on. Thanks for the response.

Do you know the command to put at the end of a shortcut I create so that it automatically enters the password without stopping for me to do it. Try to execute the program from commandline by following way: If you find password parameter then you can execute the program with it and your password.

Thank you very much I have got big help and this is very userful for me……thans for lot. When we delete any data from the recycle bin it can be revered by data recovery, I want to delete it permanent using run command. Hi,very good and useful shortcuts.

And i have a small question, shall all these shortcuts work in windows7? Use following syntax to remove file permanently in commandline: Dear matej sir, In windows XP Turn off option sometimes gets changed like shutdown. The login window asking you to fill administrator password is probably fake. I would run antivirus software in your place.

Re Riyazul on 14th September. I get that box on resuming from hibernation, telling me my user name is locked and to put the password in. But I have no start-up passwords and clicking OK lets the computer continue.

I just put up with it. One more hit on the Enter key is bearable! One more thing i just want to ask is… How to run remote windows xp system, any excutable file through another windows xp system both system are in network.

With Netsh. It was like I had 3 separate desktops on my screen. Do you know the shortcut keystrokes that might make this happen. Thanks in advance. Try again. If 'thinking' is 'stressful' to you and you can't do anything without a GUI, I feel pity for you. I have used it in 2 ways: You won't be sorry.. I love it. I can't live without them, as I often process large amounts of data. I use to set up BATch files with the configuration commands, and run them with a click on a shortcut icon.

Remember to end each batch file with a "pause" command, that will leave the command window open until you press a key, so you can see any error messages. Works great on a PC disconnected from the network, but sometimes you need a boot disk to fix issues that the admins at the broad level just knee-cap you on.

Most of the caommand lines are great. Also, you can do a answer response for general users if you need some regular tasks done. Powershell pays back big time. I tried cipher w.

I can ping Matt this is a great list of commands! Thanks for the write up. In my opinion it's always good to get ordinary everyday users to use command line functions more often.

Checks your C: This command requires you to reboot your computer, but has helped me repair my clients computers many times when they won't boot. Can be useful to see which devices are connected to a network. Very useful for getting info on system specs when you trying to quickly troubleshoot a problem. Also the netsh winsock reset catalog and netsh int ip reset reset.

I've been using "net use" to map drives of networked CNC machines for easier access the local storage. Shutdown has been around since at least XP.

There are some different switches now, but it remains a darned handy command. I really cant do wtout command prompt even in win 8. More powerful commands like diskpart was not mentioned. You probably don't want people playing around with diskpart unless they know what they are doing.

Or maybe I should say that you shouldn't play around with diskpart if you don't know most of the commands on this list already. I'll share one tip: If it's something like explorer.

You mean Windows has a command line!? You have a pile of functions but if the app in question doesn't have something to click on for what you need you can't do it at all but I guess that's shielded from you because it's to complicated. For example - using the standard windows explorer I copy a pile of files and it's no option to just skip file that already exist, for that I need to run the "cursed" robocopy command.

Switch to Powershell if you want to get even more use out of the Windows Command prompt if you're using Windows 8 it should already be available. It does everything the normal command prompt does, but it comes with a complete scripting environment.

Windows XP Command Prompt Commands

This makes it easier to create tasks, but also means that everything a commmand returns is an Object in stead of just a string. This may sound like a nice gimmick, but it has made my job as a web developer so much easier parsing giant log files, check every x minutes if a website is running, stuff like that. I use powershell every day, but it's not something I'd recommend to non-technical users.

Working at the command prompt is probably asking a lot from people these days. Truthfully, there are gobs and gobs of great ways to handle scripting on Windows if that's something someone needs to do, but if it's an itch you need to scratch, you're probably a developer, IT guy or some sort of engineer and at that point there's no reason to advocate for it. Great article! There were several commands that I hadn't heard of before.

In order to get that information you must plugin the assigned "filetype" of the extension in question into the "ftype" command:. Is that not what you see? Or are we just thinking of different things? Unless you use Linux, then it's far superior and cutting edge.

According to linux geeks. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's referring just to Windows here, otherwise this is some hardcore bait. As a compsci student I've seen a lot of guys come into my program with that same sentiment towards the commandline -- I didn't see them around for long. Powershell doesn't exist without a reason.

If we go by the masses that only use the desktop for email, some documents and internet browsing then cli isn't needed and they can replace their desktop with a tablet but as soon as you need a little more than basic usage you need CLI, like on servers where powershell is used for a lot of repetitive task, configurations, setups, cleanup, management.

You are mistaken. There is a whole plethora of commands and switches just under one particular command - netsh - which I use very frequently and everyday to automatically configure my dual NIC system. But then that is the problem with most of the current crop of users who have probably never heard of DOS. Well I have been using it since version 3. I use the nbtstat command for looking up names of computers on your network. Comes in handy and goes hand and hand for me when using ping more than half the time.

Another big one that gives tons of great uses is the wmic command that will allow A TON of functionality as long as you get the proper command down to do what you need to. The first one you mentioned, ASSOC, you can really just use within windows already which I find way easier than command line.

I love tasklist and taskkill for use with remote PC's. Especially when you take control of a users computer and see they may be watching a youtube video or on facebook. Instead of informing them that they shouldn't be there I kill the process remotely and they have no idea what just happened. Dan Price. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter.

This will sign you up to our newsletter Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. The cacls command is used to display or change access control lists of files. The cd command is the shorthand version of the chdir command. The chcp command displays or configures the active code page number. The cls command clears the screen of all previously entered commands and other text.

The cmd command starts a new instance of the command interpreter. The cmstp command installs or uninstalls a Connection Manager service profile.

The command command starts a new instance of the command. The command command is not available in bit versions of Windows XP. The comp command is used to compare the contents of two files or sets of files. The copy command does simply that - it copies one or more files from one location to another.

The cscript command is used to execute scripts via Microsoft Script Host. Other popular scripts include eventquery. The date command is used to show or change the current date. The debug command starts Debug, a command line application used to test and edit programs. The debug command is not available in bit versions of Windows XP.

The diantz command is the same as the makecab command. The diskcomp command is used to compare the contents of two floppy disks. The diskcopy command is used to copy the entire contents of one floppy disk to another. The diskpart command is used to create, manage, and delete hard drive partitions. The diskperf command is used to manage disk performance counters remotely. The dosx command is not available in bit versions of Windows XP. The driverquery command is used to show a list of all installed drivers.

The edit command is not available in bit versions of Windows XP. The edlin command is not available in bit versions of Windows XP. The esentutl command is used to manage Extensible Storage Engine databases. The eventcreate command is used to create a custom event in an event log. The eventtriggers command is used to configure and display event triggers. The exe2bin command is not available in bit versions of Windows XP. The exit command is used to end the Command Prompt session that you're currently working in.

The expand command is used to extract a single file or a group of files from a compressed file. The expand command is not available in bit versions of Windows XP.

The find command is used to search for a specified text string in one or more files. The findstr command is used to find text string patterns in one or more files. The fltmc command is used to load, unload, list, and otherwise manage Filter drivers. The gpresult command is used to display Group Policy settings. The gpupdate command is used to update Group Policy settings.

The graftabl command is not available in bit versions of Windows XP. The graphics command is used to load a program that can print graphics.

The graphics command is not available in bit versions of Windows XP. The help command provides more detailed information on other Command Prompt commands. The hostname command displays the name of the current host. The if command is used to perform conditional functions in a batch file.