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Macmillan. English Campus. Course Guide Preparation Course. • Cambridge English: Proficiency Preparation Course. • TOEIC Preparation Course. TOEIC Form ST Read the directions on the back cover. Do not break the seal until you are told to do so. This test book and the answer sheet must be handed. Macmillan Practice Online is published by Macmillan English Campus This syllabus item helps you prepare for the Listening section of the TOEIC 'Listening .

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Campus - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. CAMPUS TOEIC Jim Lee ISandy Cho. Introduction. 6. Listeni ng Comprehension Lesson 01 Part 1. The man is looking at the woman. Part 2. Longlong Campus. Power ESL. Power Speaking Intensive Pre TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL. Martin Campus. Elite ESL /. Speaking Intensive.

What is the closest place to eat around here? Select the best response to each question and mark answer A , B , C , or D. The Aqua Jog, Master's Workout, Hydrofit, and Water Exercise classes on those days have been cancelled, and instructors will notify participants when the classes will be rescheduled. I all those people. When to the?

Possible Answers The people are boarding the train. I The train has arrived at the station. I There are many people standing on the bus. I The passengers are riding on a bus. Is there a way to get to the station quicker? Were t here any calls for me? Do you have time to go over th is report with me? Did you complete the project? Wi ll you help me load these onto my truck? Would you like to-V [be able to-V] -? Would you like to look over the report? What does Rick suggest? A To buy a new pair of glasses 8 To check her desk drawers C To look under the magazines.

A Use a consulting company , 8 Pick up a new cell phone C Get ideas from their customers 0 Meet with the consu lting company. Have you by any chance seen a blue file in the room?

I'm sure that I left it here in the corner. I need to call it a day and visit my family doctor. You look rather pale. Are you going to be okay? Why don't you ask the receptionist to see if anyone has turned it in?

Cou ld you do me a favor and call them to arrange a meeting soon? I'll go and ask her right away. I'll call them right now. We'll be back with more updates in one hour. A To leave early to avoid traffic 8 To take another road C To use public transportation.

Now, to our local traffic report in the city. Thank you for tuning in. This is Ralph Morris with the traffic report around the cny. The road conditions in the city are bad today. The heavy snowfall last night is creating traffic jams all around the city. A major collision involving 4 vehicles at the intersection of Main and Collage streets is causing havoc around that area.

The police have just arrived at the accident scene to direct traffic, but the. Commuters are advised to use public transportation today as more snow is. If you are thinking of going out today. A The man should give the work to her. C The man should shorten the pages. What does the man mention about Jane? A She is busy with her project. C She is busy helping the woman. D She pays attention to details. Part 4 Short Talk "'J. What has caused the traffic jams on the roads? A Accidents 8 The weather.

When is the next weather update? The men are transporting a piece of wood. I They are moving a wooden plank. I Two men are carrying a piece of wood.

I They are transporting a cart. J They are pulling a cart. Do you want to see the picture now or later? Should we have dinner before or after watch ing the movie? Do you want to stay inside or go out? Would you rather organize these or sort through that pile over there? Should I take these down, or will you do it yourself? Have you sent out the contract, or is it still being drafted? Have you hired someone for the job, or are you still looking?

Do you want to recommend someone? What will Tom probably do? I'm meeting Mr. Rashid in his office at 11 this morning. W Go and ask Ralph, the assistant sales manager.

M Thank you. What will Ron do next? A Call Mr. Rashid on the phone 8 Talk to one of his co-workers C Ask Mr. Rashid to visit his office. I'm going to sort the boxes in the backroom for the inventory check. I have to take off in five minutes to meet Mr. Lee at the head office this. Do you want me to do anything to help? I'm not very busy right now. It will take all day if you do that by yourself.

You'd better ask someone else for a hand. Okay, but don't forget that you have a meeting with Ms. Keller at three today. I saw Mr. Singh taking them with him. Do you want me to call him on the.

Sure, you could start by taking down the boxes that are on the top shelf. Thanks, I had almost forgotten about that. I'll make sure to be back by then. I'll just drop by his office to get them,.

I'd like to thank you for -. I'm honored to-V -. I'd like to mention -. I'd like to mention that th is you all did in the past year. Now, to. This morning. Dear attendees, it is w ith great pleasure that I get to introduce ou r keynote speaker for today's talk, Dr.

Linda Smith. As you know, we have been enjoying the success our company has been going through during the last two years. I'd like to mention t hat t his wo ul d n ot have b een po ssible w ithout t he complete dedication of our researchers. The hard work you have been dOing is going to payoff at the end o f t he year.

Let's all keep our heads up and work toward that goal. I'd like for all of you to continue your great w ork , and I hope that we will break even more records this year. Part 3 Short Conversation "'fliuIU Who did the woman hear of the news from? A The president 8 A worker at their branch office.

C A client 0 A friend Why does the woman advise the man to hurry? A Many want to work at the new branch office. C He is known for leaving things till the last minute. What will Jim do? A Open a new branch store 8 Ask to be moved. Part 4 Short Talk IlI. What will the listeners do today? A Stop the construction from happening. When is construction expected to begin? The items have been sorted in the display.

Possible Answers Some goods have been placed ou1doors. I Some clothes have been arranged outdoors. Some items have been displayed in front of the store. Merchandise is being arranged on t he shelves. Why don't you take it with you? Why don't we go to a movie tonight? Can you take this down to the post office for me? Could you give me a hand with these boxes? Will you happen to have an extra pen handy? Wou ld you happen to know who Mr. Lee is? Let's invite John Reed to give the training seminar.

Sounds like an idea. He's definitely qualified. Can you e-mail the client for me? I'd be glad to. Could you lend me a hand with these boxes? I'll be right there. Would you mind taking this to Mr. Wong's office? No, but I don't know where his office is. M Yes, that's right. Thank you. Where will the man most likely do his shopping?

A At the hotel gift shop B At a department store. Would you happen to know if t here's a gift shop around here? This is really good.

Where did you learn to cook like this? Would you happen to know where the shuttle bus leaves? Excuse me. Sorry to bother you, but do you know if there's an ATM around here? There is one two blocks north of here. I took a cooking class a while back. It was a bit difficult, but I think my husband is really happy with it.

You can catch the bus at the west exit, but it's not scheduled to leave for. Just around the comer, but the machine is out of cash. You might want to use the one on the next block. I think I will go and check it out right now. Wow, I should get my wife to take the class as well. If you are not sure, please ask before you use it. What is the purpose of the talk?

A To ask the staff members always to keep the liquid in the nefrigerator B To provide an explanation of how to use the product safely.

C To let the staff members know that they are prohibited from entering the lab D To make sure to reserve the use of the. I've asked you to gather here today to let you know that we are going to have a new manager starting with us next week. As you all know, we will be moving into our new facility at the begin ning of the next week. Would you please welcome him and make him fee! Would everyone kindly give a warm hand of welcome for Mr. C Join a fitness club D Travel overseas Where did they meet?

Where is the conversation taking place? Who most likely is giving t he talk?

Campus TOEIC.pdf

What does the speaker mention about t he chel's special? A It is on special. D It includes vegetables.

Toeic pdf campus

Who would most likely choose the second meal recommended by the speaker? Possible Answers There are tables and chairs set up outside. I Some of the tables have parasols. I The tables and chairs have been set up outdoors. Possible Answers The waiter is serving the customers.

I The customers are seated al a table. I T he man standing is pouring a drink for the woman. This is your new bag, isn't it? That was a great presentation, wasn't it? We're running a bit late, aren't we? You 're thinking of staying home today, aren 't you? Our new office looks nice, doesn't it? You want to go there , don't you? John said he'd take care of the problem, didn't he?

Stock prices will go up, won 't they? You 've looked at the sales figures, haven't you? This is not your seat, is it? John never keeps his word, does he? You're not staying here longer, are you? You didn't happen to find my keys around here, did you? You wouldn't have any money on you, would you?

You haven't taken the videos back, have you? My wife boug ht a shirt here the other day, but it's a bit too small for me. Do you think I can exchange it for a bigger size? Hi, I just tried on this jacket, bu t it's a bit tight for me. Do you think I could try on a bigger size? Could you let me know when t he shuttle bus starts running in the moming? Our service starts at 4 a. What time is your associate coming? Yes, 1 have it here somewhere. Okay, then show me some T-shirts , please.

Where are they? Cou ld you tell me where I can get some money exchanged as to. Do you think I can have a wakeup call at five thirty? What is a characteristic of the new machine? A It has a larger memory than the old one. Let me briefly explain some of the most useful functions for you. You made a good purchase here because this phone is the latest phone on the market.

Whenever a customer wishes to exchange an item, you must ask yourself some questions before you formally accept the exchange. Make sure the battery completely runs out before you recharge it for the first time.

This adapter is very sensitive, so you must be very careful when you put it into the socket. Do not force it in because it can damage your phone. First, is there a receipt that proves the customer has actually purchased the item? Second, is there any evidence indicating the use of the returned item? This button here allows you to record your conversation.

This phone comes with a built-in television that you can watch anywhere in. If the returned item fits the above requirements, then the exchange is officially acceptable by our head office regulations. Part 3 Short Conversation '. What does the woman say will happen in the company? A The CEO will be fired. B A lot of people will be let go. C All of the executives will be retiring. Who is going to leave the company? A The president B The vice president. Jackson 0 Mr.

King Why does the woman think Mr. King is going to get promoted? A He has been with the company the longest. B He has a close relationship with the new president. C He did an excellent job on his last project. Part 4 Short Talk '''. When will the old furniture be moved?

What are the employees asked to do as they leave? Possible Answers The garage door has been left open. I The cars are facing the same direction. I The vehicles have been left in the garage. Possible Answers The road is not very busy today.

I There are trees on both sides of the road. I A street lamp is standing on the sidewalk. A window has been left open. The house is surrounded by a fence.

The street is lined with trees. Some people are waiting to cross the road. A vehicle is parked in the driveway. A man is relaxing on the porch. Two women are having a conversation on the porch. A Negative Questions Isn't Peter ng to the meeting today? Aren't we scheduled to have a meeting today? Weren't you supposed to leave early today? Wasn't the conference held last montll? I Weren't the schedules changed?

Doesn't Mr. Lee know that you are here? I Didn't we solve the problem? Don't you want to-V -? Don't you want to come over tonight? Hasn't John left yet? I Haven't they sent the shipment yet? Won't you be meeting Mr. Smith today? I Wouldn't you prefer to take your car? I wonder if Peter is still working in his office. I I can't believe I have to work overtime tonight.

What does Mr. White want? A To take a trip somewhere 6 To get a job at the bank. C To borrow some money D To make a payment on his loan Question 2 refers to the following conversation. We're short of paper. Ah , he is the guy who called this morning about a loan. I'm sorry, but we sold the last one th is morning. The next delivery will be. Can you check back with us after 2 o'clock?

Okay, but don't forget that you have a meeting in 20 minutes. I'll swing by after I get off work today. D By giving them their money back 2. What does the speaker mention about th e Sky Hotel? A It is fully booked today. B It is very close by. C It only has double beds. My name is Jeff Wills, and I will be your guide today. Today, we will be going on a kilometer hike up the mountain.

Good afternoon, and welcome to Peter's historic cabin. Good morning, everyone. My name is Richard Benson, and I'm your assigned tour guide for today.

On our trip, we will make three stops along the way. The first part of our trip is the local museum. The first part of our trip is probably the most difficult part. However, once you get through it, the rest will be smooth sailing. This cabin was originally built in but has gone through many refurbishings over the years. Also, don 't forget to pack your video or digital cameras. C She took a computer course. What does Sandy say about her new job? A She can't wait until he starts.

C She is not used t o the system. What will the woman most likely ask Peter to do? A Give her a few days off from work 8 Move her to another department C Refer her to a job that has opened up D Teach her about the use of the computer system. What will the listeners see first? A A video 8 The Korean pavilion. C Japanese cu lture 0 A ceramic display How many types of masks are displayed in the museum? A It is being held in the biggest room.

C It is displaying ancient clothes at the moment. Nouns refer to people. They are the largest class of English words. X lflkfffflB00fI8 - information. They will start construction next week. X sfioprxr -- shoppers. Part 5 Incomplete Sentences Questions Choose the word that best completes each sentence.

A grows. Part 6 Text Completion Questions refer to the following e-mail. Thu, Aug 9, Departmental lunch on August 16 Date: Looking at our schedules, with various people taking vacation time, I'd like to set it up for Thursday, August 16, which seems to be a day when everyone should be here, , as I will be on 2, A Also 8 Lately C Only D Then.

Dear Mr. I am Iris Gall. You have made a great choice with Midtown Mini-Storage. We can also assist you I1y arranging a Professional Moving Service. Just let us know. Your Reservation is due June Please feel free to call me anytime with your questions. We look forward to serving you. A To confirm the arrangement of a service B To make a reservation at a storage company C To announce a revised working-hour policy D To take care of a problem at a storage space 2.

What is a service offered at no additional charge? D Adjectives Adjectives describe the qualities, features, or states of people, things, places, etc, That is, they provide more information about nouns or pronouns. After nouns and verbs, adjectives are the third largest class of English words. Remember the following suffixes for adjectives. Adjectives have various meanings related to the qualities, features, or states of nouns. Adverbs Adverbs are used to say when, where, or how something happens.

Most of them are related! Analysts have correctly predicted the weak economy. The co nstruction project has been quite successful I successfulM. Competition is becoming Oncreasing I increasingly fierce these days. Job applications should be fi lled out complete I completely before submission. Part 5 Incomplete Sentences Questions 0 Choose the word that best completes each sentence. A happy. A remarks. A desire. A approaching. Part 6 Text Completion Questions t -3 refer to the following e-mail.

Ray Keating To: Part-timers Subject: If I'm mistaken, please write back to let me know. All part-timers are to go th rough this train ing even if you've been here for a whi le. I'll be holding 2. Please let me know as soon as possible if you will attend the session this Friday. Pizza and drinks will be. A requested 8 provided C retrieved D informed. After dinner, the Publishing Manager of McGraw Va lerie Keneman will share with us her experience in the publishing world.

If you want to know more about the world of publishing, want to mingle with colleagues you haven't met yet, and want some free food with stimulat ing conversation, then please.

Who is the event intended for? Who is invited as a guest at the event? What is NOT the purpose of the event? A To enjoy free food and drink 8 To provide cooking utensils C To meet the people they work with D To become fami liar with publishing-related knowledge.

It is always best to choose the singular verb , except where the idea of "plural " is strong ly. X wre - were. Use 1 Alan, every, each, another, many, several, and a few cannot modify a noncount noun. A new managers was hired for the construction project. X fflt3: Few equipment was damaged. X Few -. Little Each applicants for the job must provide a resume with full personal details. The bank offer I offers loans only to people with full-time jobs.

A wide variety of physical fitness program I programs are available. A repair shop specializing in sports cars has I have recently contacted us. Every athlete I athletes in the tournament is I are required to take a drug test. Few I Little information was provided on our safety regulations.

Most employee I employees must get regular check-ups. The change I changes proposed by the accounting team are effective. The directors regulate I regulates the use of company vehicles. This booklet contains a I more reliable information on energy saving. A change. A economy. Turton, We are pleased to offer you the position of an entry-level clerk at ActiveBase, Inc. Also, please complete the necessary personnel and payroll fonns.

Please carefully examine the enclosed Employment Acceptance Form, sign it, and then return it to our office as soon as possible as we cannot move on with any further procedures until we have received it. The other forms must be filled out, signed, and submitted within one week of the commencement of your employment. Shang wan Corp. Han, Re: Order No.

On March 7, , we requested an order for 20, long-lasting light bulbs. After receiving the shipment, we realized that only 2, of them had been shipped. This discrepancy has caused our company substantial trouble since we had to make an urgent purchase to fill the orders our own customers made.

Please satisfy the missing portion of the order immediately, and make sure that this type of mistake never happens again. Otherwise, we will have no other choice but to turn to other suppliers. I look forward to reading your response.

Yours sincerely,. What is the purpose of the letter? What is stated as a problem? A A delayed shipment B The wrong amount of an item C A complaint made by a customer 0 An inconvenience in shipping methods 3. What does T. Leung ask Evergreen Light Bulbs to do? A Contact the purchasing officer B Ensure future product quality C Send a new order immediately 0 Compensate his company. Personal pronouns are the most common type of pronoun.

They are used when it is not necessary I use or repeat more precise noun phrases. Unlike their name "personal" pronouns.

She likes her job. John took it. Demonstrative Pronouns Demonstrative pronouns are used to point to things. But when they are used as a9jectives, they can refer to either people or things.

Put this in the file cabinet. I bought these at a d iscount. Bring that to me. Use 1 Used as pronouns or adjectives This report is well written, but that is not. Please tell those people to wait for a while. Your bags look heavy.

Why don't you put those down? X - His own eXf: The products of E-Market are better than rival compan ies. X -- Ihe.. They can also be used as determiners. Form Indefinite pronouns , unlike personal pronouns , do not vary their form. Use 1 Frequent usage I have three books. One is mine, another is Tom's, and the other is yours. One is mine, and the others are Tom's.

There are 50 students in my class. Some are from Mexico, and others are from Japan. When you complete the form, please mail it I them to us. My employees and I would like to show our I their thanks for your cooperation. Jerry Demon will resign and start his I him own business. She took care of all legal matters by her I herself. Because Ms. Blaire's performance was remarkable, Mr. Tebbe gave her I herselD some incentives.

It I That is necessary to increase production to fu lfi ll orders. The two teams helped each another l ather to improve the quality of their work. I will cancel the previous check and send you another l ather. Companies are seeking ways to serve Ots I their customers more effectively. You should provide us with your I yours account information. A this. A ourselves. A affair 8 event C opening 0 happening. Then our quality control experts will perform a thorough examination and will decide what the source of this problem is.

If we determine that the unit is defective, we 3. A production 8 producing C produce 0 product. Again , we regret that you went through such an inconvenience and appreciate your patience and your purchase of our Magellan-Maestro GPS.

Toeic pdf campus

Part 7 Reading Comprehension Questions 1- 2 refer to the following invitation. We are pl eased to present Dr. Todd DeVries, the Dean 01 the Pullman. State University Business School, as our speaker at the reception. Attendance is open only to invited guests. To confirm your attendance, we ask that you complete and return the enclosed registration form to the Philippine American Business Association at Mission Street , Lansing, MI Alternatively, you may complete an online form at the web page www.

If you have any general questions, please contact the reception coordinator, Em ily Rioj as, at. Thank you , and we look forward to meeting with you. What is Dr. Todd DeVries scheduled to do at the reception? AI Give a talk 8 Present an award.

C Introduce Emily Riojas 0 Ask some general questions 2. According to the letter, what is a requirement for attending the reception? Comparatives Comparative forms of adjectives or adverbs are lIsed to say that two things are different in quality or quantity. You can take as many booklets as you need. Jim is the smarter of the two. Q to us more promptly than the other candidates. The new system is much better than the existing one. Our sales division works even more cooperatively than ever before.

The more experience you have, the higher salary you w il l get. The components arrived earl ier than scheduled. Full-timers are offered transportation as well as free meals. The Quiet I quieter the engine is, the more passengers feel comfortable while traveling.

Shea Stadium offers the more I most comprehensive exercise facilities of all the others. Nathan is the more most decicated employee that I have ever met. A charging 8 seeking C expressing D containing. I I Applicants must be available to teach in the summer and tall of I I Responsibilities will include participation in all curricu lum planning and testing activities e.

I interviewing and scoring placement tests. The schedule for Chinese classes may include morning,. I I evening, and weekend classes. Please indicate yo ur availability in your cover letter. Classes will be student demand. I offered I 2. A due to I 8 in spite of C on behalf of I D according to. A depend 8 depended C depending D dependant If you are interested, please e-mail a cover letter and C. For a limited time only! The ticket purchaser must be ovec 21 and is required to pa ' in full at the tim e of purchase.

Come out and enjoy the beautiful summer breeze at this fab uJous resort. As this special offer is valid only until. Excursions on Saturdays and Sundays are not offered, and the offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

What is being advertised? According to the advertisement, what is true about the advertised product? A Trips on weekends are also offered. C Two people can go on the trip with one ticket. D Gerunds Geru nds are derived from verb fo nns which end in -i ng. They are called verbal nou ns because they act like nouns. Seeing is believing. Verbs with only V-ing objects. We stopped talking. We stopped to talk to him. CD When a verb is used after a preposi tion Our company is interested in entering the European market.

Ised to using chopsticks. I'm looking forward tQ hearing from you. Major structures followed by V-i ng be accustomed to. Infinitives are verb fonns that show no person or tense. They usually refer to actions and events in a IllOI general way.

Basically, infinitives are used with the marker to. Without to, they are called "'bare infinitives. Infinitives are used to express future possibilities. They often refer to something that has not yet. The company discontinued to produce I producing the ali-terrain vehicle. We encourage our employees to study I studying foreign languages.

You are not permitted to take I taking pictures in the gallery. Applicants require I are required to possess at least five years of experience. The new cooling system performs a better job of regulation I regu lating temperatures. We are able to pay I paying you a substantial bonus in the com ing month. It is extremely urgent to solve I solving traffic congestion problems in the city area.

A adhere.

C Get driving directions C She gives him directions. D Leave the parking garage. D She calls for a doctor. A They are frequently ill. A At a meeting B They work at the hospital. B In a post office C They live near the hospital. C In a library D They will help the man in the future. D At an airport 69 What does the woman want to do?

You will hear several talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark answer A , B , C , or D. A It is unusually heavy. A Young women B It is flowing smoothly. B Students C It is unexpectedly light. C Commuters D It is normal for this time of day. D Chief executives 73 According to the speaker, how can listeners 72 What will happen on Main Street? A The road will get a new surface.

A By visiting City Hall. B All lanes will be closed. B By making a phone call. C It will get a new name. C By watching TV. D Drivers will be fined. D By sending an e-mail. D Accountant 81 What is the speaker mainly discussing? B A customer survey A They would buy a new computer. C Economic recovery B They would pay off bills. D Paying down debt C They would use more discretion.

D They would put it in the bank 85 What does the speaker say about the 86 What is being advertised? A A credit product A The recession has ended. B An annual sale B It will not improve for another year. C A grand opening C It is at its historic high point. D A financial service D People have confidence in it.

A A free gift A Make a phone call. B A special key B Get a new credit card. C A guarantee C Come to the store. D A discount D Check out a website. A It is being broadcast on Friday. A A business executive B It is not an accurate forecast. B A professor C It is being broadcast in the morning. C An actress D It was taped the night before. D A talk-show host 99 What did Neal Trapp do at age 22? B Wrote a novel A Critics did not like it.

C Became a father B It is selling surprisingly well. D Recorded his first song C It is very well-written. D He is planning to write a sequel. This is the end of the listening test. Please continue with the Reading Test. The entire Reading Test will last 75 minutes. There are three parts, and directions are given for each part. You are encouraged to answer as many questions as possible within the time allowed.

PART 5 Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. A must B should C can D have Mr. A in B at C on D along Mrs. A boring B bored C boredom D bores Mr. A locally B locals C local D locality Two delays, a thunderstorm and a missed connection combined to make Mr. A important B import C importance D importantly Mr.

Ruble's start-up company. A simply B simplify C simple D simplicity Ms. A definite B definition C definitely D definably Mrs. Hammersmith asked Ms. A his B her C its D himself Ms. A and B because C so D as Ms. Crowder and Ms. Brighton, the manager suggests that we hire the one with the most experience.

A otherwise B further C solely D less Mr. Read the texts that follow. A word or phrase is missing in some of the sentences. Four answer choices are given below each of the sentences. Select the best answer to complete the text by marking A , B , C , or D. Question You will read four passages of text. In each reading passage there will be three blanks to fill in.

You will read four possible choices for each blank. You should read the entire passage to make sure you choose the correct choice in context. Letter Office Junction Auburn Ave.

Seasons Greetings! The winner will receive a free double-occupancy stay in the penthouse suite, as well as a free dinner on the moonlit patio. Management A.

Campus | English Language | Verb

Flyer misprint This is to alert you to a misprint in an advertisement for our store in this week's local newspaper. The coupon can be given out even if the customer decides not to purchase any shoes, and can be applied to any purchase made in the store. These cases will be handled on an individual basis. It is now midmonth, and Microserve has still not received a March invoice from Autotech. Neither of these has been received; therefore, I assume the bill has not been issued.

A generally B never C rarely D almost Question It is particularly important that we sort out this error before May first. As the accountant of Microserve, it is my duty to submit all invoices related to spending to our head office by May 3rd at the latest. S, Denver, CO Tel: Based on your qualifications, we would like to schedule an interview with you the week of May 12th at our main office, Second Ave.

Interviews usually last about 30 minutes, and are scheduled between 8 and noon, and then 2 and 4. If you have any questions prior to your interview, please don't hesitate to ask Mr. In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, letters, and advertisements. Each text is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark A , B , C , or D. Questions refer to the following advertisement.

Put some excitement in your life.. A 10 percent B 15 percent C 20 percent D 25 percent How much would a 70 year-old person pay for a package that includes the Native American show?

Memorandum To: Supervisors From: Vacations As of January 1st we will institute a new vacation policy. All employees who have been working for the company two years or less will receive one week five working days of paid vacation per year. Employees who have been working here three to five years will receive two weeks ten working days of paid vacation per year.

Employees who have been with the company five to ten years will receive three weeks 15 working days of paid vacation per year. Employees who have been here more than 10 years will receive four weeks 20 working days of paid vacation per year. Please note that this does not effect current policies for sick days and personal leave.

All employees, regardless of experience, will still receive five days of paid sick leave per year, as well as two days of paid personal leave. Please post the new vacation policy in your departments as soon as possible. Also, employee handbooks are being revised to reflect the changes in vacation policy. These handbooks should be ready within the next two weeks.

When they are, you are responsible to distribute them to employees, and to send us verification that each employee has received the handbook and understands the new vacation policy. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions, please contact me at extension or the assistant HR director, Gladys Haynes, at extension A To inform all employees of sick-leave procedures B To extend staff members' vacation time C To introduce the PR department D To inform managers of a policy change When does the change take effect?

Dear Jean, I wanted to write you a note to thank you. I am sorry that you felt disappointed that your work responsibilities were not what you expected.

I have enjoyed having your assistance with my projects. Although the tasks we handled were not as varied as you would have liked, just think about what you and I have accomplished since September. We organized the annual small business conference, updated the association's web site, and answered scores of inquiries, many in great detail, from business owners who needed advice on a range of topics: I feel the year has been very productive for both of us.

You've been an congenial and conscientious assistant and all of us have the highest regard for your abilities. Please feel free to call upon me for a recommendation if you require one for future employment. Best of luck, Thomas What can be inferred about Jean? A She was unhappy in her job. B She asked for a promotion. C She started a new business. D She lent money to Thomas. A She is a skillful writer. B She is a diligent worker. C She is an excellent teacher. D She is an experienced supervisor.

Fill out and return this card today to keep up with the latest news and trends in business! Would you like to receive FREE offers and promotions from our partner companies via e-mail? Biz News Weekly is published once a week. Please allow weeks for delivery of first issue. For subscription questions, please call or visit or web site at www. A The company's mailing address B The amount of time before delivery begins C The names of partner companies D The cost of a multiple-year subscription Questions refer to the following advertisement.

Hotel Bella Madrid, Spain Find out what people are saying about us! Thank you for a great few days! Very, very nice. Don't change anything. The restaurant -- the dinner menu in particular -- was simply superb. We have stayed at numerous hotels, but this has to be the best!

I am going to tell all my family and friends to visit your hotel when they travel to Madrid. A History of Sports from Ancient Times to the Present covers everything from sporting events in ancient Rome to the origins of teams sports in North America, and it includes a section on sports played on contemporary university campuses. I highly recommend the chapter with detailed instructions on how to play games that had previously been lost over time. Porter's comprehensive introduction and bibliography, as well as the time line of dates and events, make this a reference work that should be purchased by all public libraries.

An online companion volume will be published next year. A It is not as good as Olympic Dreams. B It does not cover previous centuries in detail. C It is a well-written work. D It is currently available online. A Names of reference sources B A listing of historical dates C A thorough opening section D A schedule of local sporting events For what group is the book particularly recommended?

Baharn, I'd like to thank you for the time you spent with me discussing the marketing researcher position at Amarin, Ltd. After interviewing with you and touring the facility, I feel strongly that this company would be an ideal place for me to work. I now understand why Amarin, Ltd.

I am impressed by the fact that it as been listed as one of Thailand's ten most successful businesses since it was founded six years ago. The company's reputation for quality is also reflected in its outstanding record of employee retention.

I wanted to emphasize the fact that I attended a three-week intensive seminar on MarkTrends, the foremost marketing research software package. I know the job description mentions the ability to use MarkTrends, and I wanted to let you know that I am very comfortable using this software. Again, thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon concerning your hiring decision. A It was started six years ago. B It plans to expand its operations to other countries.

C It will be hiring several marketing researchers. D It has been successful because of its marketing strategies. A His degree in marketing B His overseas travel experience C His familiarity with a software program D His presentations at professional seminars What does the letter indicate is a sign that Amarin, Ltd. A Its large number of employees B Its international reputation C Its use of up-to-date computer technology D Its high ranking on a list of successful businesses Questions refer to the following minutes of a meeting.

Mary Erwin trustee , Max Johnson trustee Mr. Elder began the meeting at 6: All members present agreed. Building Repairs and Improvements Mr. Elder expressed concern about the recent electricity bills, which were quite high.

The issue will be discussed at the January 14 meeting after the year's budget has been reviewed. Miscellaneous Business Ms. Sprague noted that the library building should be kept locked when it is not officially open to the public, even if staff or cleaning crews are present inside the building.

Elder ended the meeting at 7: The next meeting will be on Thursday, December 18, at 5: Sprague make? A The performance of the cleaning crew is poor.