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Perfect Sight Without Glasses Version PDF ( Mb). Bates original classic from , available in PDF format. The file is compressed so you will need. r Presbyopia Reduction Chart (PDF) -- helps you read fine print by training . q bates method and vision improvement, Nicholas Hill.

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This is an online copy of Dr. William Bates’s original book. The title on the inside title page was The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses. This book should not be confused with Better Eyesight Without Glasses, also titled The Bates Method for Better. "The Cure of Imperfect Sight without Glasses" by W. Bates (). Free PDF download - Bates Method Training Centre - Tours () France. Aileen Whiteford. It is a pleasure to welcome all of you who decided to try the unconventional methods of visual improvement. These methods were described as early as .

In any case, the original printing seems to be , and he may have done more publishing runs over the next few years. I will read it tomorrow as it getting late. David I hope we can communicate about reawakening global interest in better sight without glasses. The more straining exercises to your vision should be used in moderation. Good morning David.

The main assumptions of Bates theory are as follows: Recovery of good vision is possible One of the main assumptions of Dr. Bates was the ascertainment that just as a broken limb can be brought back to normal functioning as a result of rehabilitation exercises and treatment, the organ of vision can be brought back to the full functioning in terms of acuity in the same way, not having to use the glasses.

Abandoning artificial lenses and glasses According to the assumptions of Dr. Bates, the artificial lenses and glasses are the same thing for the eyes as crutches for a person whose broken leg has knitted.

Acuity is variable One of the assumptions of Dr. Bates was the thesis that the acuity varies from high to low and vice versa according to the physical and emotional state of a person.

Bates found that the vision does not stay permanently at one level of quality but changes all the time.

"The Cure of Imperfect Sight without Glasses"

Reeducation of vision, that is, the abandonment of bad habits Dr. Bates came to the conclusion that most visual defects are due to the incorrect use of the organ of vision. Bad habits related to the use of the eyes are always closely linked to their strain and stress. The stress affects the whole body in the same way. Bates found that with the adoption of good vision techniques including especially the relaxation techniques , the stress in our eyes and the whole body is lower.

Such was the effect of the adoption of methods of eyes and mind relaxation, which resulted directly in the improvement of sight and lower refraction error. Relax as the key to success In Bates method, the ability of passive and dynamic relaxation is the first and basic technique improving the vision.

By relaxation, I mean not only the general ability to relax the muscles, but also the relaxation of mind which is a condition for the process of vision to occur. In many cases, the relaxation techniques used by Bates turned out to be sufficient for the improvement of sight. The basic techniques used by Bates I am going to limit myself to give only the names of the basic techniques used by Bates among his patients, which gave good unexpectedly good results in the treatment of visual defects.

The techniques are specifically explained on this website in its appropriate sections. These are: You should visit the eye doctor for many reasons. First of all, he is able to identify your visual defect, which makes the choice of exercises easier and promises the improvement of vision. A visit at the specialist further allows to identify the abnormal changes in the eye, degeneration, cancer or other eye diseases that may be the contraindications to the exercises.

The portal BatesEyeExercises. In all cases, you should consult the eye doctor as to whether these exercises are safe for your health.

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You should know about the further visits for assessing the improvement of vision. The eye doctor should be consulted not earlier than after about one year.

To determine your progress, simply use a Snellen chart. Generally, I advise the following approach: The individuals wearing the contact lenses should abandon them since the lenses are not good for the efficient practice and buy the glasses see item a and b.

As an alternative, we can practice in the morning and evening when we have not put the contact lenses on yet, and perform mainly relaxation exercises during the day. The use of glasses of lower capacity than our defect will induce our eyes to work. At first, it is inevitably going to be a certain effort, but a week or two, and your eyes will be invigorated. You will then begin to see what was very blurred and practically invisible before.

It is a good question which has only one answer: If you can devote to your eyes only 5 minutes a day, then practice for 5 minutes per day, and if you can practice for 1. A detailed plan prepared according to your visual defect and amount of daily time available for the practice can be downloaded in the exercise plan generator section.

It is also important not to make too much exercises in the beginning. Start to increase gradually the time of practice bearing in mind the major importance of relaxation and devoting most of your time to relax.

The more straining exercises to your vision should be used in moderation. Observe your body and especially the eyes. They will tell you when you do too much and need to take a break. If you feel that you have strained the vision, use one of the relaxation exercises palming mainly. Vision exercises are not the same as weight room practice.

This is more concerned about relaxation of muscles rather than strengthening. Later on due to capillaries formation, at least ten times laser treatment was carried out. Resultant effect I have lost near vision, now I can not read with lt eye. In addon to this there is chromatic difference between rt and lt eye. Green Color looks to my eyes as it is, where as lt eye color is dull. Is there is any remedy to recover my vision.

Pdf bates method

Hi David April 9, at Pdf download not good to read which I have tried a couple of times. But your online is excellent presentation for me to read and I want to say how I appreciate your kindness for putting this online. === Basic information

I will read it tomorrow as it getting late. Looks very interesting. Did he find help for his cataract s? Did you end up getting the email? I also just changed it so that you get the download link on the confirmation page when you click the link in the email, instead of having to wait for another email. David I hope we can communicate about reawakening global interest in better sight without glasses. I have been at it for nearly 22 years in Cape Town with many weekend workshops in Durban and Johannesburg.

My website is about to get a major step up. Regards Christopher. Hi Christopher, that sounds great, send me an email! It really helps to convert the doc-s to the pdf and has other bonuses but also wants to analyse users behaviour and traffic.

Method pdf bates

I subscribed as instructed in order to download a copy of the book. Kitten, sorry to hear about the problem! Other people seem to be clicking to the right page without a problem. Anyoine able to help.

I use firefox. How do I down load this PDF file. I have adobe reader.

Perfect Sight Without Glasses, by W.H. Bates, M.D. – Bates Method Book – Online and PDF Download

It says check below…. Only 10 days without my glasses, doing Bates exercises, and I can now read without glasses for the first time in years! What a wonderful gift Dr. Bates gave us.

Our eyes can heal and do it very quickly.