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Note on the Digital Editions: In addition to the PDF version of Anarchs Unbound, there is also an ePub version for people interested in reading. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download Vampire the Masquerade - V20 Anarchs Unbound Free in pdf format. Or at least it's different than the Anarch logo in the V20 core-book (which I've read as a sort of cross between the Camarilla logo and the.

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Anarchs Unbound preview (public) (1).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Anarchs Unbound. Print fourth expansion for Vampire: the Eternal Struggle is Anarchs Unbound, The expansion is released in PDF format. Geist the Sin-Eaters, V20, Anarchs Unbound, Storyteller System, and Storytelling System are .. The unbound Anarchs saw all Cainites as either loyal.

Such unfortunates are left with no choice but to conclude that the Masquerade is morally unsustainable and should be brought down. This was the spark that ignited the powder keg. Many regard the assumption that a Baron must have control over the mortals he associates with. Most are lucky to keep hide and bones knit from night to night. In these territories. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. The Soviet Union had been quietly supporting Anarch-based revolutionary activities around the world for over 70 years.

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Average Rating 22 ratings. Tear down the tyrants! Paint the streets with the blood of Princes and Archbishops! Anarchs Unbound includes: An updated look at Anarch culture, which has come into its own during the Internet Age. Anarch history and tactics, revealing how the Movement shatters the praxis of other sects and converts domains to Anarch ideology.

New Disciplines and combination powers, which quickly propagate among the disparate domains of the Movement. Note on the Digital Editions: Bundles containing this product: Fire it up! Los Angeles by Night WW Laws of the Night: Anarch Guide. Guide to the Anarchs. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.

Reviews 5. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Megan R. Some vampires have no time for the traditions that have built up night by night amongst their kind. Some do not want to wait to gain seniority and status within vampire society but want to grab it now, even if to others it seems that they haven't earne [ Darryl J. This book adds more information to a group we need nothing from. A fairly narrow tome, this book is solid for what it has,and it does a good job of moving the Anarch Movement forward into the 21st century.

The artwork is interesting and thematic with whatever is being discussed on the page. The short stories and flu [ Don't get me wrong; I like this book. I really do, but This book continues that trend, and for e [ Tom D. See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale. Rule System. Apocalypse World Engine. BRP Basic Roleplaying. They had no desire to begin an open conflict when the world had suddenly become so much larger. Many Anarchs headed west toward land as yet unclaimed while others moved to Canada.

Inspired by a weakened Camarilla. Jack believed that if the New World maintained its ties to the Old. Kindred across Europe saw that moment of weakness and did not forget. Anarchs — both individually and collectively — put up minimal resistance. The Anarchs saw their chance. On the east Canadian coast. Some Kindred even made the transition from pre-Revolution aristocracy to post-Revolution aristocracy.

Casualties on both sides of the conflict between the Red Bolsheviks and every Russian who opposed them numbered in the millions. The boomtowns of the Old West became hunting grounds integral to wider Anarch territories. Monarchy and aristocracy ceased to have any meaning save in the most backwater corners of the planet.

All promptly returned and discouraged any attempt to head to the Far East. By the time the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was officially named. The sun finally showed signs of setting on the British Empire.

For the Russian Kindred. Long after the rest of Europe had embraced modernization and made at least a pretense of trying to create a functional middle class. As always. Anarchs on the West Coast finally came to rest in what would eventually become known as Los Angeles. But even as capitalism swept the globe.

They exploited a growing belief in Manifest Destiny and rode in the wake of the Gold Rush. By the middle of the 19th century. Only a handful of Anarchs tried to cross the great expanse of the Pacific. The few Russian nobles to survive fled westward. The expansion of settlement by Europeans that they themselves had contributed to in order to escape the Camarilla led to their being segregated into isolated domains.

Capitalizing on the newly obtained wealth of the kine under their control. Several Anarchs took it upon themselves to expedite pioneer expansion. Russian gentry still held their peasants in a state of deliberate ignorance and deprivation.

When these Anarchs ruthlessly pushed further westward at the cost of the indigenous population. For the Kindred. Andropov and Chernenko. The Tsarist Kindred. Kremlinologists among the Camarilla know something happened to the Council during the 's. The defining characteristic of Soviet-style Kindred politics was a total rejection of the traditional. Russia was only one state within the larger USSR.

For its own part. A sizeable coterie of Brujah ancillae enamored of the theories of Karl Marx had infiltrated Russian society just after the turn of the century. They were also able to locate the resting places of many Russian Tzimisce and steal away the soil upon which they depended for sleep. By happy coincidence. Within a few years. While the Council had permitted Leonid Brezhnev to rule for nearly twenty years.

Mikhail Gorbachev took charge and immediately initiated a number of economic and democratic reforms. The revolutionaries spent years identifying the feeding restrictions of several of the most important Ventrue nobles.

The Brujah never directly controlled Stalin or his successors or at least not to the very end. Kropotkin and many others. But so far as the Camarilla was concerned. Los Angeles.

The same fate befell the second. Masquerade-threatening level. Clan Tremere reported to the Inner Council that all of its supernatural mechanisms for spying on the USSR had been rendered inoperative. While the Council expressed no interest in formally rejoining the Camarilla. The L. Within weeks. If that is the case. Within the space of a few years they simply turned their backs on communism and adopted Western-style free market principles and nominally democratic political systems.

The Soviet Union had been quietly supporting Anarch-based revolutionary activities around the world for over 70 years. In the summer of Don Sebastian might have had good breeding and powerful blood. Since the turn of the century. The largest metropolis of the region. While the destroyer of the Brujah Council does not appear to be a threat to the Camarilla. Thus far. Every effort to communicate with the Brujah leadership failed. That said. He was competent at maintaining the Traditions.

By the end of the year. Within hours of their arrival. Since then. That is. Don Sebastian was strangely ignorant in many facets of Kindred existence and history for someone of such pedigree. For his part. Throughout the 's. MacNeil petitioned Don Sebastian for an audience and asked for justice on behalf of a group of black and Hispanic Anarchs who had been assaulted by a coterie of violent Toreador for no reason save racial animosity.

And when. Among other character flaws. While Garcia and others immediately demanded retribution. No few Harpies speculated that these unpleasantries happened because some cruel Setite introduced Sebastian to the pleasures of vitae taken from vessels on a cocaine binge. MacNeil had just enough strength pull the lid shut himself and then spend the next day covered in stinking filth. The Anarchs spent months identifying. He habitually fed in public restaurants. A more complicated man than his history would suggest.

Tales spread by the Anarchs of L. The next night. Salvador Garcia.

Anarchs Unbound | VTES ONE

In May of Masquerade breach after it had already occurred. Others believe that he discovered that pleasure on his own.

Unbound pdf anarchs

All of that is true except for the last. MacNeil made his way to the haven of his ally. He spread word among the Anarchs that this would be an opportunity for the Primogen to stand up to the Prince and show whether or not the Camarilla was worthy of support. He was not necessarily opposed to the Camarilla. What happened next would change the course of Anarch history. Only then.

Don Sebastian used his crushingly powerful Dominate and Majesty to force MacNeil to abase himself for the amusement of the Prince and his courtiers and then to bash his own face against the stone floor until it was a bloody mess. In truth. Europe was a shambles.

The Ventrue Princes of London. To the amazement of MacNeil and his Anarchs. Anarchs seemed bent on repeating the feat. None of the Princes with domains near L. Everyone seemed to know about the heroism of dashing Salvador. The Birth of the Anarch Free States Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Anarch Revolt of is not the fact that it happened or even that it succeeded.

Compared to all that. The Anarchs used these riots as cover for targeted assaults against the Prince and all of his allies in the city. The Manifesto soon spread across the West Coast and later around the world. Salvador Garcia himself slew the Prince after a heated battle — or so Garcia would claim. It was time the Anarchs would spend well. And everywhere. At the time. Having taken the Revolt as far as they could. Only the Prince of San Francisco was strong enough and. MacNeil and his allies ceased their expansion and took time to regroup and retrench in anticipation of an overwhelming Camarilla response that never came.

Everyone seemed to know that a Camarilla Prince could be brought down. When the time was right.

Pdf anarchs unbound

With astounding speed. MacNeil also put forth a declaration of principles called the Status Perfectus. Within a year. The Camarilla was desperate to conceal the horrific Masquerade breaches that Kindred affiliated with the Third Reich had committed in Nazi concentration camps.

Anarch cells in Third World domains often recruit from disaffected mortals who struggle to survive under the yoke of capitalism. Increased poverty among mortals often made it easier both to feed and preserve the Masquerade. Within 10 years.

Anarchs across the Pacific Northwest used the protests as cover for an attempted coup against the Camarilla Prince. The Free States were able to repel a full-blown Sabbat crusade in The 's were marked by three global phenomena that would have seismic impacts on both Kindred and kine: The Anarch Movement.

But the removal of communism as an alternative to capitalism has. The mortal population certainly felt the effects of these events more acutely than the Kindred. Anarchs across the world cheered the.

The fall of communism was initially viewed as an unalloyed good in Western mortal society. But as soon as each crisis abated. The riots themselves caused millions of dollars in property damage. Although the coup was ultimately unsuccessful. For the Free State Anarchs. Modern Nights Present Many elder Kindred were astonished at the speed with which the world changed both socially and technologically throughout the 20th century.

Of course. It went about as well as anyone with a basic understanding of Kindred nature might have expected. He succeeded to an extent. In fact. And heaven help any Anarchs who were found to be engaged in any of their off-the-grid moneymaking enterprises such as drug-dealing or gun-running.

Just as quickly. Within months. By far the worst terrorist incident to ever strike on American soil. With anarchocommunism having failed.

Where Anarchs were found. A fourth crashed in Pennsylvania before it could reach its intended target. No Kindred was particularly aware of the proto-Internet until several tech-savvy Nosferatu began to study the issue in the late 's. The result. If the Anarchs could not take to the streets. Between the fall of communism and the rise of the new police state. City governments in Camarilla domains soon applied for federal Homeland Security grants supposedly for anti-terrorism programs or to improve First Response.

Although annoyed that the presumptuous Hurricane was actually a Ventrue neonate. Other vampires would also gain access to ShreckNet throughout the 's thiugh probably never more than a dozen or so.

Those Kindred abandoned to their fates in San Francisco amid the ruins of the dot-com bubble quickly came together for mutual protection. A world-renowned hacker known as Hurricane was the first non-Nosferatu to post something on ShreckNet.

After months of cyber-dueling. Hurricane finally grew bored with the proceedings and formally introduced himself to Khalid. The Tech Boom and Bust The tech boom started in earnest in Weatherbottom then offered Khalid his services as a hacker and programmer in exchange for membership in the SchreckNet community.

Hurricane quickly demonstrated Anarch sympathies and made it plain that he bore absolutely no loyalty to the Ventrue who had inflicted the Embrace upon him. The actual dangers of a global disaster resulting from Y2K were always overstated.

Either way. At that point. Radicalized by their experiences and intimately aware of how. The result was a coterie of brilliant. Despite his heritage.

Pdf anarchs unbound

It ended in a bust at the end of the millennium. Many childer selected to manage Kindred dot-coms were either forced to abandon their companies to join their sires in preparation for the end of the world or were simply abandoned themselves. By the mid's. They were young and angry vampires who chafed under oppressive sires and who were particularly responsive to the four-word question repeated throughout the tract: A much longer and more politically sophisticated document than the original Anarch Manifesto to which it was plainly intended as a response.

Less than six months later. Kindred philosophers could debate how coherently the author or authors. One important early target was a coterie of Tremere from Washington D.

We can see you and hear you and talk with you in ways that your elders will never comprehend. After all.

The Red Question instead chose vampires known for personal charisma. Anarchs Unbound By the turn of the millennium.

Anarchs Unbound attempted to synthesize a wide variety of philosophical theories about individualism. For all their diligent work to develop the new technology-based Path for Clan Tremere. For these Tremere. But most of the recipients were not philosophers. The group also became more aggressively contemptuous of the other vampire sects and their anachronistic dogmas.

The vampires of the Red Question knew from firsthand experience what their elders were like. This tone was deliberate and carefully practiced. In early The Tremere Regent of London executed three Tremere fledglings simply for practicing Technomancy rituals disseminated through Red Question mailings.

Bobby Weatherbottom was threatened with a blood hunt for his vocal support for the Red Question. The Bloodspot program automatically identified readers as Kindred or not. For the first several years of its semi-public existence. Nor were Camarilla elders the sole object of mockery. Two separate Justicars sent out missives to Princes across the world denouncing Anarchs Unbound as sedition to be suppressed by any means necessary.

In Chicago. The Crash of Aside from what some orthodox Sabbat elders considered seditious libel against Caine. As one. The Camarilla investigators believe that the Red Question must have spent years prepping for the financial panic they triggered. With some difficulty. Here and Now At present. But at every step. Its investigation shows that the crash. On August 8. Red Question post put it: The organization if that is the right term for an. The members of the Red Question were merely a coterie of roguish malcontents whose ravings could be safely ignored.

Operational control of ShreckNet was returned to Clan Nosferatu. Individual Princes were still free to judge Anarchs as they saw fit. The Camarilla sent word to the major Princes that it had proven its point to the truculent Anarchs and that further reprisals were unnecessary and counterproductive.

BNP Paribas. By September of The Camarilla knows better. Terrified of losing the vast wealth that made their prominence in the Camarilla possible. To the kine. This arms race may lead to advantage or even victory for one side or the other. San Diego: The Red Question is even more accurate in its assessment of Tara. Looking to the Future Readers will notice that this history of the Anarch Movement omits some events detailed in other Vampire: The Masquerade titles.

One widely quoted posting describes L. Both are routinely mocked for betraying their Anarch principles in Red Question mass-mailings. Free States is essentially accurate. For Storytellers who wish to address possible outcomes for those books regardless of whether those outcomes ever occur.

The Fall of L. The Anarch Free States: He insists that by the time he turned the battle was already hopeless and he merely wished to prevent further bloodshed. This is deliberate.

Their techniques range from targeted denial-of-service attacks against websites run by known Anarchs to occasionally successful efforts to infiltrate Red Question message boards for purposes of espionage and disinformation. Feel free to incorporate or ignore them as you wish. As such. The books in question. Perhaps a different border or background texture?

Justicar Petrodon of Clan Nosferatu: The Justicar most openly hostile to the Anarch Movement is assassinated in his Seattle haven not long before the fall of the Free States. About all of it. The below is a letter from an Anarch to her estranged childe. By the time you return to read this. When Gehenna comes. And already the swell of relief — the sense of peace.

You were right. San Diego to be a Camarilla domain. That is the first thing I want to say to you now. Burn it if you like. The City Upon the Hill Ye are the light of the world. The rest is yours to do with as you wish. I should be many miles away.

Your beautiful face. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. The Camarilla. Cock Robin. The death of one of the greatest monsters of both folktale and fact passes almost without comment among the understandably distracted Western Kindred. But her betrayal ultimately avails her nothing. No one ever claims responsibility. Baba Yaga: The ancient Nosferatu hag. His childe and lead archon. A proponent of a new misrule who has failed to establish it. My childe. In any case. For all my brave words and deeds.

I took you because I believed your soul was akin to mine. Perhaps too strong. In your new solitude. You are free. He is ever paranoid on the subject. You may feel the time has come to introduce yourself to your colleagues in other Anarch domains. I press on regardless. I still feel with all my being that what we share is profound. The conservatism of to-morrow injected into the affairs of today.

I see now that envy has poisoned the love between us. Those of a more devout bent must still respect. I do know how to find a browser history. Undeath was supposed to be my escape from all that. You shrug them off your shoulders like a demi-goddess.

I will try very hard not to succumb to the temptation to advise. We fiercely prize idiosyncrasies. Many of us long ago dispensed with notions of God or Caine.

I suppose this is a mark of our victory. Yet there I stood a bare year later. For you. I formally release you. Certainly many of us hew to these old methods without even a twinge of conscience — the doctrine that Kindred owe no more to kine than mortals do to their own livestock has its adherents. And the dirty little secret is that the results. Masquerade Fortunately. In the Movement. We generally agree to treat as universally true only those principles that are factually observable and susceptible to Reason.

Are threats and blackmail any better? Mesmerism and enthrallment? And why do we even bother with this argument when we all warm our veins with stolen blood? There are various paths out of the dilemma.

Anarchs Unbound preview (public) (1).pdf

Even our cultists concede that religion is a frequent tool of elder control. In the Camarilla. Noddists may be few among us. Reason is a malleable thing. Full stop. Sweep away all of these. And yet. In the Sabbat. For all these reasons.

Utilitarians can claim the disaster caused by destroying the Masquerade outweighs any evil committed against individual mortals. Which is to say: Even brash young vampires settle into habits and arrangements over time. Such unfortunates are left with no choice but to conclude that the Masquerade is morally unsustainable and should be brought down.

Anarchs Unbound

This is our right. Nor is even that the limit of the heresy. It requires no great feat of logic. We only know that two elders who claim to be its ambassadors attend summits in Santa Barbara regularly. The young have it even harder. Their friends and family still live. You and I have entertained no torch-bearing mobs. Is this place an island. Then there are the Cleavers…but to that later. To be fair. Where then should they turn? The Orthodox Ironically.

But we have a greater challenge in dealing with it. What would eternity be. Undead society. We cannot look at ourselves in the mirror after we force their will in some small matter. Although many of us are happy to subject the Tradition to vigorous scrutiny in Forum or Rant.

I recall hearing of a riot in a Canadian domain that makes the point. But what to replace it with? Some advocate the total abolishment of domain per se.

Contrary to what some Barons will tell you. Pity the administrators in these places. We almost all agree that the Kindred have a tragic propensity to provoke needless bloodshed over domain. The entire territory may be fair game for all resident Kindred. In most cases. Yet if they do nothing. As a result. Many regard the assumption that a Baron must have control over the mortals he associates with. He must settle any disputes directly. Domain Domain is. Some of them are willing to express their opinions on the matter with fire and rowan wood.

Free states with something like a peer jury trial have proven least likely to fall apart over such scandals. The Brujah had been the majority. The problem is unlikely to recur. Anarchs are particularly sensitized to the faintest whiff of selective enforcement. Forgive me. They might amuse themselves with tormenting a stranger. Many maintain active mortal identities as well.

I know an old Toreador who practices as a curandera. Most domain squabbles among Anarchs are actually about reputation and image. From her perspective. For instance. Anarch Mobility Add to this the fact that young Kindred of all sects are more nomadic than ever before. I know Gangrel and Caitiff motorcycle clubs that range freely over the rural counties of the Midwest. In other places. All of us must feed. However our cities may teem with. When they come into the Blood.

If you remember this — there I go. If one insists on remaining in the same neighborhood for decades. She moves from town to town.

I will restate that. Their domain is wherever they happen to be. In such places. Although their mortals may be inconveniently far-flung for elder tastes.

In much of the developed world. This is especially so when the reason for withholding the prize is petty. Perhaps less so than that of Domain. Favors like the right of siring are the currency of the realm in many domains. Yet finding an alternative is no easy task. Progeny The Tradition of Progeny has long been a source of burning resentment between the generations.

In too many other places. Order without Tradition Needless to say. It offends our idea of who we are. The peril to the Masquerade is enormous. In reality. The only happy consequence is that either way. So the population grows. Our loose systems of government work best on an intimate scale. And even that most leaders are wise enough to treat gingerly.

Such a tug-of-war can only end up in one of two places: Either the older inhabitants quietly allow the leadership to assume powers of summary execution and a Baron is born. Too many Kindred make us nervous on a primal level. In theory. Most often the matter is put to either a mass vote or an elected committee. In this method. How do you know when a neonate is ready to be released. These domains may soon be ripe for Sabbat invasion — especially if they bring in those captivating missionaries of theirs.

The compact cuts across gang ties. Your Primogen may butt in with an opinion as well. Kindred citizens — the more disparate the better — are bound at random to each other in a sort of group oath.

If that takes a century of servitude and bondage. We generally feel it unwise to give the power to the same vampires who adjudge domain disputes. I know a number of communities. Within this group. Accounting Fortunately. Those who defy the judgment and Embrace anyway are usually banished. Northern Ireland.

Clearly we cannot simply go back to the old. The randomness of their selection process is gravely suspect. Everyone else remembers those first nights under the lash of the Beast. There are also many domains that have instituted something like the frankpledge and tithing systems of medieval England. When this system works as intended.

Unbound pdf anarchs

At the least. If one wishes to Embrace. If one of them commits an offense. As a rule. Whether anyone else need be consulted varies from domain to domain. Learning the gifts of Blood and the ways of undead politics. The idea there. As you near Sabbat strongholds. Do you know it was originally a two-way obligation? In other words. These rights were fundamental enough that any Kindred should be able to earn them by the work of her own hands. In such domains.

I remember talk of putting the release of childer. It may involve a duel. To be a full voting citizen. As for the others. But the elementals hardly make one an expert. Although we expect an unreleased childe to mind his sire. In some Free State domains it goes further. In the end. Many Princes and. Where you can find an Anarch consensus on this subject. If you think otherwise. In the SoCal domains of the Free State.

In Anarch country. Many Anarchs will welcome or at least decorously ignore other Kindred feeding in their territory. Deeds speak louder than words. Many domains likewise agree that while only residents can claim a part in local decision-making.

Kindred are used to being able to travel fairly freely. Certain of my fellow Anarchs are also history buffs. The offended domain-holder is generally forbidden to dispense justice himself. If you cause her to feel otherwise. Anarch travelers. In short. I must note that all this generosity has its limits.

The captured miscreant undergoes a multi-stage appeal before the leadership can pronounce Final Death. They make exceptions only for obvious non-Anarchs. Our instincts still are what they are. But this has led in some places to an admirable natural liberality. For Caitiff. Kindred who band into tight-knit groups feel much the same way about those groups. The Baron must order a detailed investigation to have any hope of legitimacy in her ruling.

When a Kindred goes into Wassail. People will take sides. Even those who benefit from a highhanded ruling will grow restive. Others of us come to the Movement from the Sword of Caine. If she tries. But if an enemy accuses you of a Masquerade breach. Break those rules. Even when the process is corrupt. So many of us come from places where simple dignity. Never again. Destruction is the most bitter of the Traditions among us. Destruction Many of us have also seen sires.

This is why our larger domains often institute a common-law. A local rule may govern the situation. On the other hand. I would rather no Kindred committed diablerie. And certainly we Anarchs resent the impenetrable web of secret obligations that binds our elders across all sects to each other. If you wish to make your home among Kindred rather than running off to become autarkis. In the largest cities.

The judges. Many of our diablerists move to the borderlands. But I am saying that we all dwell on the chessboard. All utopian ideals aside. Some of us resent it on principle. But both kinds oft share a taste for vitae that they developed in wartime. I am not saying you must play this game. Kindred require very little materially. The Diablerie I should also make mention here of the Anarch diablerie problem. Old wandering Gangrel are regarded as quasi-sages especially likely to judge without fear.

We move ourselves or we are moved. But my dear. In this way. Another eternal truth is that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Anarchs prefer an exchange that can be completed immediately. And what we want. Anarchs are also more likely than vampires of other sects to accept actual money as reward. Collecting on debts is difficult among us in any case. A wellspoken Kindred often enjoys good fortune among us. Some among us have tried to institute modern record-keeping systems to counter this problem: But in all other cases. This does have the happy effect of making it harder for even the wiliest Baron or most despotic cultist to amass power in the way the moldy elders do.

This can be a great inconvenience. Others gain clout by offering a vital service. I suspect all such attempts will fall prey to the same problems that plague mortal rating sites for nightclubs or whatnot — security flaws. By cultivating a reputation for attention to duty and equal treatment of all customers — Camarilla. Others of our Old Volunteers must rely on sympathetic gossip to spread their exploits.

I look forward to the influx of technologically-adept new converts this could bring us. When their neonates find people they like much better on the Internet. Tradition or the lack of it has never stopped Anarchs from forming their own opinions. I hear this causes great distress among the elders of non-Anarch cities. A Kindred who wanders into any Anarch town in the Americas while wearing one of their pins is almost assured a polite welcome.

An Anarch discovered forcing bonds on others will be doing very well not to find herself lynched by Anarch faithful and her fangs. Our Nosferatu have taken a particular fancy to the new social media. We tend to prefer the ones who long ago met their ends. Agents provocateurs. These nights. Other close collaborations or significant exchanges may be solemnized with a single drink. The Amaranth Diablerie is a matter of high emotion. The Vaulderie is likewise controversial.

The regnant is chosen by vote. Some curmudgeons. A relatively small number of Anarchs know how to officiate the rite. Anarch etiquette demands that these one-time exchanges of blood be mutual. On the one hand.