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Advanced Fighting Fantasy (AFF), or the Advanced Fighting Fantasy System, is the name given to a role-playing game based on, but substantially expanding. Welcome to the world of Advanced Fighting Fantasy. This book contains all you need to start playing one of the most exciting games you have ever played. Graham Bottley has spent a LONG time emailing the other people involved in Advanced Fighting Fantasy, trying to get them to agree to letting.

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Items 1 - 49 of 49 Advanced Fighting Fantasy Remove Search Term . Although we are unable to offer a pdf version of the full rulebook, we are now able to offer. AFF Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd Ed - A complete Roleplaying Game in the classic Fighting Fantasy World. PDF + Softcover B&W Book. Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd Ed - A complete Roleplaying Game in the PDF . $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (10 ratings). A complete.

Nyzem Nasir. Advanced Fighting Fantasy is perfect for those completely new to gaming and veterans alike, and will provide many hours of fun! Bri Leinon. The target may test for LUCK to avoid the effects. This book contains all you need to start playing one of the most exciting games you have ever played, where you can be almost anything you desire and where you can encounter great Dragons and find vast treasures. The very best fantasy movies and books are wonderful excuses for letting the imagination run riot on an awesome scale. Affiliate System.

Fabrizio V November 20, 9: I would be interested in buying all the products of this collection Advanced Fighting Fantasy , but only with a POD option.

Is there any hope in that regard? Graham B November 23, 9: Contact me using the link in the sidebar to the right and i can explain the options at the moment! Fabrizio V November 25, Luc B April 11, 1: Darren M October 21, 8: I bought this as I have good memory's of the original and wanted a simple system to introduce my sons to roleplaying.

My sons 16 and 12 played they way thought the included demo Adventure and are now asking for more. Soon they will begin the campaign Crown of kings. Great fun had by all: Highly recommended.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy

Todor P July 15, 8: Incredibly excited about a 'print-on-demand' option for this! I grew up with the solo books and I think this will be the perfect system to introduce to my little kid.

Chances are, I will be primarily be running the game solo for my son. Andrew S July 17, 2: It can work quite well.

Characters start out competent and progress quickly. Advice is given for creating more powerful heroes should the need arise. Beware outnumbering the character too much in battle though, multiple opponent rules are brutal!

Jan Egil B July 11, 3: Will this title be available as a POD? I would enjoy that very much: Darren M July 04, I hope out of the Pit gets a PDF soon. Buying this also lead me to back the "Stellar Adventures" as well lol I cant wait to run starwars using this system: Chris M July 04, 9: What is the artwork like in the book?

Luke W July 05, Its all old FF art. In fact, the same is true of most of the AFF2 titles. Samuel B June 30, 9: Cameron M. Simple system, yet plays really well, and covers all the stuff any good fantasy games do. Really feels like an old school fantasy game for all the right reasons!

Advanced Fighting Fantasy Quickstart

The Fighting Fantasy gamebooks were my gateway into the world of roleplaying, altho [ Todor P. A great introductory system for younger players and a superb rulebook for returning long-time FF fans.

It allows for [ Frank M. Diogo N. I began my journey through the RPG hobby with those little green books where you chose where to go next, which action to take and what would you say. The Fighting Fantasy books were a great introduction to fantasy gaming, and when I found out about Adv [ See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale. Rule System. Apocalypse World Engine. BRP Basic Roleplaying. Cypher System. Eclipse Phase.

Savage Worlds. Product Type. Core Rulebooks. Non-Core Books. Other Tabletop Games. Gift Certificates. Publisher Resources. Family Gaming. Virtual Tabletops. STL 3D Model. Arion Games. Pay What You Want. Follow Your Favorites! Sign in to get custom notifications of new products! Recent History. Product Information. Copy Link Tweet This. Graham Bottley. Russ Nicholson , John Sibbick. Original electronic Scanned image These products were created by scanning an original printed edition.

Most older books are in scanned image format because original digital layout files never existed or were no longer available from the publisher.

The result of this OCR process is placed invisibly behind the picture of each scanned page, to allow for text searching. However, any text in a given book set on a graphical background or in handwritten fonts would most likely not be picked up by the OCR software, and is therefore not searchable.

Also, a few larger books may be resampled to fit into the system, and may not have this searchable text background. For printed books, we have performed high-resolution scans of an original hardcopy of the book. We essentially digitally re-master the book.

Unfortunately, the resulting quality of these books is not as high. It's the problem of making a copy of a copy. We mark clearly which print titles come from scanned image books so that you can make an informed purchase decision about the quality of what you will receive. Original electronic format These ebooks were created from the original electronic layout files, and therefore are fully text searchable. Once spotted. Within the chest can be found gold pieces.

A success means that the door is found. The far side of the room has a narrow stone shelf in the centre. If the active pick is taken away. There appears to be no other furniture or ornament in this room.

Pdf fantasy advanced fighting

There is a hidden trapdoor directly in front of the chest. There is also a secret door in the western wall of this room. The broken tools on the floor are in that state due to the fading of the enchantment. The room does smell due to the rotting corpses of the Zombies.

None 7 8 Bites 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 3 5 3 6 3 Diego Buldrighini order 1. The Chest itself is locked. These Zombies have been commanded to attack any intruders into the room. This corridor stretches for only ten metres or so. The three corpses on the floor are actually Zombies. The Necromancer left one day to raid a nearby village.

The Zombies have no will or intelligence of their own and will attack until they are beaten down. As you open this door. Once the Zombies have been re-killed. A success indicates that the Hero has narrowly avoided falling into the pit. Any that succeed will see the webs suspended overhead. The floor of this room is dusty. Littered across the floor are several broken picks.

Although this room appears empty. Composed of small stones and fine stand. When a Spider inflicts a blow with its bite. The restored LUCK may not be raised above the initial level. As you proceed down the short corridor. A similar small beach can be seen on the far side with a tunnel leading away into darkness.

Although there are no monsters living in the river. The cooks enjoy what they serve. Will wake after 10 minutes and suffer the effects of [] above. They have several items on the menu. Within a few metres. If any of the Heroes decide or drunkenly attack the Dwarfs. The Heroes will have to work out a safe way of crossing. As with room 6. Two Dwarfs stand behind the counter. This door opens to reveal a surprisingly well-lit and warm room. The spiders have the desiccated corpses of 2 previous adventurers suspended in their web.

There is only one other exit. The taste is so foul. The two Dwarfs have lived here for many years. Pookie only has 2 portions of Gloister. It will be over the head of any Dwarf Hero!

Pdf fantasy advanced fighting

The river flows quite quickly. A Hero drinking the Orc ale must roll one dice to find out the effect: There is also a secret door in the eastern wall which opens into a corridor leading to room 6. Leather Cuirass Roll 1 2 Protection 0 0 3 0 4 0 5 1 6 1 The board reads: If the Dwarfs are defeated. The river is nearly 1. Another similar walkway protrudes from the northern wall.

Fighting fantasy pdf advanced

If affected. There is no floor in front of the door. A failure means that the Hero falls into the pit…. The victim may be woken by loud noises. The room itself is hexagonal in shape and contains a bed with obligatory black sheets! If the corpse is incomplete. The target may test for LUCK to avoid the effects. The Necromancer has several spells at his disposal.

The Director should try to target the strongest Hero first with Diego Buldrighini order 1. Weakness 1 This spell may be cast against one target within 5m who may test for LUCK to avoid the detrimental effects.

As you edge closer. The darkness can be cancelled with a Light spell or a counterspell. Darkness 1 When cast. The spell itself takes a whole hour to cast. This corridor can be used to add on a new room.

The Necromancer will do his utmost to kill the Heroes. The distance between the ends of the walkways is about 1.

The chest is locked. The area of darkness will not move. He has returned from his travels. This will be repeated until his co-adventurers find some way of rescuing him from his never ending fall. This corridor leads away into the gloom. Only darkness can be seen below. The spells known to the Necromancer are given here. Inside can be found gold pieces. Sleep 2 This spell will put one victim to sleep for 5 minutes. How the Heroes deal with this is up to them.

Raise Skeleton 6 A favourite with Necromancers. This is a disturbing room. There is nothing of any value in the room. This large square room has doors in the north. They will find. The Chalice has a deep red liquid in it that smells like red wine. Dark residues coat the tools and the floor. If this test is failed.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy

This room houses an Ogre. You can see a large and crudely smoothed natural cave. The table has a lit candle in a wooden candlestick. This room was and indeed is a torture chamber. The Ogre himself is a creature of chaos. This will explode. The book has thick vellum pages and.

There is another heavily barred door on the far side of this awful room. The floors are covered with stinking furs and the only furniture is a large tree stump. As the door opens further you can see a ragged figure. As you ease open this heavy door. Unless the Hero is stopped within a minute or so. Sat upon the tree stump is one of the ugliest humanoids you have ever seen.

The Ogre eats. As you unlock and open this door.. This door is locked. There are 4 draughts in the chalice and each drinker must roll one die: The candle. They will also find a pouch with 17 silver pieces and a small red gem. A person may drink as many times as they like. It is wine. If any Hero attempts to read the writing. The figure leaps towards you with an incoherent scream. Three metres tall. Apart from the infestation of rats. The Ghoul will attempt to kill and eat the first Hero that approaches it.

Aftermath If any of the Heroes survive the adventure. The figure is actually a Ghoul. He has been kept as a pet by the Ogre and occasionally tortured. A failed test indicates that the Hero is paralysed for 1D6 combat rounds and may not act at all. This quick start section does not cover character improvement or provide price lists for the Heroes to spend their loot on.

Any Hero who approaches to hear the figures last words will however receive a nast surprise. As this door opens. If the Heroes search. This door opens to reveal an emaciated and broken figure chained to the far wall. He cannot be reasoned with or calmed. A Ghoul is actually a type of undead. As the door opens. There is nothing of worth in the room. The straw underneath is foul-smelling. The figure chained to the wall appears to be an emaciated human. He is totally and irreversibly insane.

The full rulebook contains: Full Hero creation rules allowing you to create almost any character you can think of. The full Advanced Fighting Fantasy rulebook will give you much. Fully illustrated and with game statistics for each one. And once you start really exploring the world of Advanced Fighting Fantasy. Magical and mundane treasures. Out of the Pit brings you monsters that are found on Titan. Also includes a guide to creating your own playable races.

There are also more Advanced Fighting Fantasy books planned. Out of the Pit will provide a surprise around every corner! This quickstart guide is designed to give you a taster of both the game system and the adventures you can have in the world of Titan. The Advanced Fighting Fantasy books are available direct from Cubicle 7: Advanced Fighting Fantasy is a classic for the modern age.

Maps and illustrations bring the world to life. A guide to the world of Titan. Designed to be easy to learn.

Fighting pdf advanced fantasy

The Fighting Fantasy books published by Wizard books and available in any good bookshop are also perfect for inspiration and are. Complete game rules covering most adventuring situations.

Sorcery and Priestly magic rules. Monsters and other enemies. Titan is a complete guide to the world of Advanced Fighting Fantasy. There are more books you can use to expand your adventures. Fast dungeon generation system. Comprehensive but fast combat system. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Diego Buldrighini order 1 co. Cesare Taglini. Julius Adams. Von Wittgenstein. Fernando Rodriguez. Popular in War. Southern Maryland Online. Nyzem Nasir.

Mike Russell. Philippine Collegian. The Atlantic Council. Andreea Anghel-Dissanayaka. San Mateo Daily Journal. Lisa Truttman.